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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm +03

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and i remember still may go violent things really june it's just gone through scandinavia knocking the temps in finland down by a good 10 degrees in fact western europe seeing more cloud develop and is still not particularly settled 103013 in london with more wind and rain not to the same degrees miguel but the list not to be pretty fruity june for central eastern europe temperatures hovering around the 30 mark and these green streaks here well they are thunderstorms there wandering around some pretty big ones too in a line anywhere from 3 remaining up towards russia russia at least moscow is fed persistent slow moving temperatures drop by about 3 degrees in most cases not huge and despite the fact that things are moving in the west in central and eastern europe it's looking fine and unchanging apart from those thunderstorms 31 degrees in vienna in the sunshine quite hot whereas western europe you wouldn't think it was june really would use not a reliable once i know but there's a lot of rain potential for the southern alps now it's all over land so the
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difference over the mediterranean north africa isn't great the wind direction tends to direct the temperature is still quite warm in carbonite exceptional 26 and that's when it 40 but the coasts of morocco and algeria is still quite cool middle to low twenty's. my.
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you're watching out to europe a reminder of our top stories this. is of hong kong's weekend protests are people to demonstrate again the government presses ahead with a controversial new bill and many have denounced legislation which would allow people to be extradited from hong kong mainland china. has deployed more troops as a general strike enters its 2nd day 4 people died on sunday as opposition activists began its campaign of civil disobedience against crackdown on protesters. have arrested at least $500.00 people during election day demonstrations opposition groups wanted people to boycott of which they describe as a false exit polls show the longtime president's chosen successor has won easily
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robin 1st year walker reports from the capital. i. don't see the electoral turnout the old thirty's one seat. in kazakstan capital. and 2nd city. when we put the vote protesters kreutzer because they do not believe this election office them a real choice. some said they supported the democratic choice of. a political party. i'm not afraid because i've had enough i've been living with alcoholism in temporary accommodation for 3 years i'm fed up of this said they wanted freedom to demonstrate because unsanctioned protests are illegal and hasn't started the election isn't fair it's all been decided already it's not choices they are all.
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it's a. circus. the right things now working their way down the centuries street the protesters in front of me they are trying to say ahead of the police. in the future crowds are being ceased. it's really getting it's a good if the situation. was good that. this was the image the authorities wanted to project an orderly participation by the electorate in a peaceful transition of power. as a boy of the man who ran kazakstan for nearly 30 years has stepped into retirement although he retains significant powers as chairman for the life of the country's security council his chosen successor. talk i have his own course to take over
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what is your specific message to those individuals who are campaigning for democracy and rights in this country those individuals you've been detained are advised all the law enforcement agencies to be tolerant. society restraint but any serious violations of our laws of course will not be tolerated but at the same time i urge all the young people. on the same level. to exercise restraint to be tolerant to the power through the government a rare acknowledgement that because it's deserved more political freedom i know that didn't stop the tensions as it stands has never seen an election day quite like this before where we're going to hear from robyn live now in. its latest.
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well the central election commission have given their preliminary electoral results election results with. tokai of winning in this 1st round so no need for a run off with 70.76 percent and 8 turnouts in excess of 75 percent i believe well plausible because in this country elections here have often been regarded by independent international observers or credible international service as troubling and not always free and fair or not often free and fair with me to talk about those issues now is dead killed by if he is from the kazakstan council on international relations is going to thank you for talking to al-jazeera what do you make of those election results fair accurate well
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i think the results i care enough about a same time i understand why some observers from the of the countries or abroad have some questions the same time so that people may disagree on the results and it's and totally understandable because. the process that been in is rising and it's normal so tell us one is entering into the new political stage where we are quite more open to the alternative source for the nation's social networks accelerates also for assess and people are getting different type of nation from the government side show it you see kind of its its normal process and we have some disagreements on that with our well indeed i mean i've seen video of myself of ballot stuffing women in a particular electoral precinct just going and stuffing papers into the boxes handfuls of papers into the boxes and i've also seen accounts done of course it's of a single polling station account being done where the result was quite quite different
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to turnout of less than 60 percent which is kind of more perhaps in line with the way elections there. in some western countries whether there's more public up with the which we've also seen a lot of evidence over here and mr talk of not coming. first in fact i mean junko son of who is considered a political opinion political opponent in this race so a discrepancy that perhaps between the outcome and what we're seeing officially well there are different opinions on that and from what we think what he's saying that. as you say as you mentioned there is a kind of the deal where the woman is putting a different kind of couple of buttons dozens of papers to their bullet to the kind of ballot box but there was another opinion that it's kind of the fake news etc because if you look at the curtains at the scene the kind of the ground and according to the rules they should be until the until the ankles or needles because you see who is in that. in that the room who are making the science
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a little bit into too many details i mean that is also another but it's technical issues that it's going to mass media literacy if we are able to kind of distinguish fake news i'm not i don't say that there is some kind of mistakes done by in. places where there has been it was done but at same time we need to understand that that might be that mistakes from the both sides ok. as i understand it we may not have time for another question do we have time for another question because i wanted to put to you the issue of the protests and certainly that's not fake news we saw a lot of. of real troubling scenes on the streets not just of the capital of the 2nd city and hundreds of dozens hundreds and we know officially 500 but activists are telling us more there were people that i wanted to have on the show with us today and they are no answer their phones and i'm hearing that they are now in detention they've been taken outside of the capital city this is
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a problem isn't it you want more democratization going to that. it's right to mention the protests. that which was held yesterday. the very fact that the social contract between the government site is changing very fast because the site is becoming more kind of active and social responsible and they're taking their own kind of voice speaking about different matters be it the social security economy or foreign policy at the same time so i believe it's normal process and government government garden bodies need to learn how to address those issues there and there were maybe maybe some mistakes done by the government aside by the same time there were many some kind of extreme sort done by the protests the same time so it's also kind of learning for us for both sides and that the only solution is to die like a rotten monologue that we need to promote thank you very much thank you and that there you go there are legitimate grievances in kazakhstan and problems with the selection of the candidates themselves you had to be a member of government open in public administration for 5 years to even be able to
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qualify as a presidential candidate is raise a lot of just topics that we could discuss unfortunately we don't have time but we'll be watching out for further developments today here from the capital of kazakhstan newly renamed north sometimes they are robin thanks very much for a fascinating stuff from rome for us to work with you. the u.n. refugee agency says the risk of people dying while trying to get to europe is higher than ever the libyan coast guard has rescued more than 500 refugees and migrants trying to reach europe since the start of june most were brought ashore off the coast of the libyan capital tripoli and taken to government shelton's and some turn from doctors without borders says well fewer refugees are attempting to cross the mediterranean people are taking more risks. the absolute number of people who are fleeing across the central mediterranean is much lower this year than it has been in previous years but the key point of concern is that whilst over the same period last year the chance of dying in attempting to make that journey was
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one in 59 over the last 5 months the chance of death during the course of of that journey is now one in 15 there are many factors that drive people to take this desperate option one of those factors is the recent conflict in tripoli in northwest libya that has destabilized a large region had a massive impact on civilians in and around that city but it is also likely to be pushing people to take options that otherwise might not thought of including crossed in by sea syrian government forces say they've captured a village on the border between hama and provinces a government tanks and soldiers have moved into. president bashar al assad's forces launched an offensive to recapture it live in part of one province was in april at least 300000 people have been displaced and hospitals have been attacked since the beginning of the offensive. foreign ministers accuse saudi arabia of being the stabilizing force in the middle east and beyond haven't been. any says the saudis
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have undermined governments who don't have blockade of cutter he says libya and somalia are 2 countries that have faced blackmail and interference to get them onboard saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt have been blockading counter for more than 2 years accusing it of backing terrorists out of government and isis. u.s. president donald trump is pushing back against media reports that his latest agreement with mexico doesn't actually contain anything new the white house announced the deal on friday trump threatened to impose tariffs on all imports from mexico unless it did more to stop asylum seekers seekers from a crossing into the u.s. but reports soon emerged that the deal mostly involves agreements that were reached months ago from washington d.c. alan fischer explains what's different in the agreement. well there are some new elements to this 1st of all the idea that the national guard in mexico would be deployed to the southern border to stop people coming up through the country are
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partly in agreement was reached in december between the u.s. and mexico what we have now is a number around 5000 national guard troops will do that job and also a time scale mexico say they are moving on and they are moving on it quickly mexico is also going to make it easier for people to stay in mexico while the asylum claims are held in the united states know that whole thing is being challenged in the courts here in the u.s. so that might not become such a key issue donald trump has also said in a tweet on sunday but there is one big thing that wasn't unknowns when the news release about this went out on friday and that will become clear at the appropriate time no idea what that could possibly be and also he is saying that mexico has agreed to buy a great deal of agricultural produce from the united states but that has left both people here in the u.s. and in mexico are scratching their heads saying there is no such agreement mexico has entered into nor agreement about agricultural products what supporters of
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donald trump are saying is that the threat of tariffs undoubtedly made mexico come to the table because within hours of him saying that this was a possibility that the foreign minister of mexico was in washington discussing a deal this also gives donald trump a convenient political out if the situation on the border does not improve that he can say this is not our problem this is mexico and he may well raise the issue of type of sigyn because the talents for the moment are only suspended not completely cancelled california will become the 1st u.s. state to pay for health benefits for some adults living there illegally the plan agreed by democrats will apply to almost 100000 low income adults aged between 19 and 25 california will start taxing people who don't have health insurance to help pay for the program the move revives a nationwide penalty that was imposed under former president barack obama's health
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care law. it is boscobel season and n.b.a. fans all over the world to brace themselves for the final championship game wrapped up 3 games to one over the injury plagued golden state warriors this road reynolds reports from toronto and the city is preparing to taste victory. toronto as got a raging case of raptors fever outside the team store in scotiabank arena fans lined up waiting to score gear in the raptor red silver and black in a country where hockey has long ruled right now basketball is key it's an unprecedented level of excitement the n.b.a. has always had its constituency here which is seeing is the popularity of the sport the popularity of this team from a spectator standpoint going beyond the core constituency and going to be mainstream with a diverse roster of many ethnicities the raptors mirror the city they play in freddy and mildred manila came to canada from the philippines having this kind of
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thing is that something that brought kind of that together kiran rodgers parents immigrated from india it's nice to see you know indians chinese people north americans europeans latinos everybody coming together around one game and we're behind one flag actually so of course if i find the fan can i get your name where you're calling from busy rob long host so popular sports radio call in show a lot of immigrants that come to this country they they take to the sport of basketball and it's such a global sport as well so i think that adds to it so it really speaks to the city of toronto because of how multicultural we are and it speaks to the country of canada as well because it's very much the same for people here just getting this close to victory has been a long time coming to rondo is a sports mad city but it hasn't had a championship in baseball basketball or hockey for over 20 years so the raptors wild ride has created a sense of euphoria here something ants have high hopes of. canada bt its giant
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southern name it was amazing to finally get one over the us if you want to feel as good a diverse city and country waiting for an elusive championship robert oulds al-jazeera toronto. kind of his prime minister is soon expected to announce a ban on single use plastics justin trudeau's plan follows a standoff which saw canada take back hundreds of tons from the philippines of garbage and the band should take effect by 2021. this is out there these are the top stories and hong kong's leaders are pressing ahead with a controversial new bill and there is a huge weekend protests are people to get back out onto the streets the organizers estimate more than a 1000000 munched on sunday denouncing the legislation which would allow people to be extradited from hong kong to mainland china it was largely peaceful but several
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100 protesters 4th with police in the early hours of monday morning. sudan's military gender has deployed more troops as a general strike enters its 2nd day 4 people died on sunday as opposition activists began a campaign of civil disobedience against a joint its crackdown on protesters preliminary results show that a consummate german to talk yet has won because it sounds presidential election with 70 percent of the vote but opponents say he was not free all fair at least 500 people were arrested in protests on sunday talk if succeeds former president is in a cell tonight as a bio of who ruled for almost 30 years the u.n. refugee agency says the risk of people dying while trying to get to europe is higher than ever the libyan coast guard has rescued more than 500 refugees and migrants trying to reach europe since the start of june most were brought ashore off the coast of the libyan capital tripoli and taken to government shelters. syrian government forces say they've captured a village on the border between hama and italy provinces government tanks and
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soldiers have moved into telling many president bashar al assad's forces launched an offensive to recapture if you have been parts of hama province is in april at least 300000 people have been displaced hospital safina tight since the beginning of the offensive cartoons of foreign ministers accuse saudi arabia of being a destabilizing force in the middle east and beyond haven't been tunney says the saudis have undermined governments who don't back their blockade of qatar he says libya and somalia the 2 countries are to face black man interference to get the month old saudi arabia u.a.e. bahrain and egypt have been blockading cuts of more than 2 years accusing it of backing terrorists cottons government denies this right you have to date with the headlines here on al-jazeera we've got more news coming right up in about half an hour right after inside story with mati tense life.
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on the counting the cost the trump doctrine arabs 1st negotiate 2nd who benefits as the global economy slows. what was behind the it's attempt to merge with run out and the shipping line that's going green counting the cost on al-jazeera. this year's free for women's world cup has kicked off in front with more fanfare than ever before so is women's football finally being taken seriously and why is the top female player not taking part this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program i'm martin dennis the world's best footballers are in france to fight for their sport's biggest prize no we haven't confused it with
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the world cup in russia last year we're actually talking about the women's world cup the 8th edition of the tournament is being played in 9 cities over the next month football's world governing body pfieffer wants to reach a record $1000000000.00 television viewers and more international broadcasters a showing the matches live but the world's best female footballer won't be taking to the pitch norway's aid ahead is angry at the lack of support from her country's football association despite this the defending champions the united states hope the tournament will bring in new fans. i think this tournament in itself is going to. change so many things for women's football and and how we play and how the world sees us and how much knowledge people around the world. of us and of us as people as well and i think you know these big world stages is
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where like we can gain so much exposure from like even people that don't even know about soccer people come out and watch and get to know the players and get to know the team so i think just this tournament and self is going to bring so much knowledge to us into the game and what we're trying to do and what we're trying to do for women's football now when it comes to the football world cup there were huge differences between the men's and the women's tournament the women's world cup this year has $24.00 teams compare that to $32.00 in the men's the prize money is $30000000.00 that's a mere fraction of the men's prize on an individual level lionel messi of barcelona for example earns $320.00 times more than 8 a head about the world's top female player but beyond the pay disparity many argue that fall less is spent on promoting and marketing the women's game and with less
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publicists he comes fewer viewers last year an estimated 3500000000 people watched the men's world cup in russia while only 750000000 people watched the women's competition in 2015. all right let's introduce our panel now in the northwestern french city of ren we have tatiana handy she ran women's football at fee for and is now head of women's football in switzerland thanks for joining us in denise in the south of france who got brought to her as a football writer covering the tournament for the associated press news agency welcome to you. both rob let me start with you and ask you to compare the kind of facilities the kind of. preparation that's been made for this women's world cup is it better than say a men's well couple of the women's world cup so you've covered. whether they
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different facilities to some degree between the men's world cup in russia last year and here in france for the women's smaller stadium stages have been used to some degree for game on friday night in paris and i think 40000 seat. stadium rather than the start of france which is far bigger so they're not using that say the biggest stadiums in places also teams don't have fixed training bases like they do at the men's world cup and course there won't be as many fans this time as well and it's still a big challenge let's watch the bring more fans into the tournament to actually see the best women players but in comparison to other women's well cops is it better rains does it feel as though women's football has arrived. well it certainly seems that feat for is taking women's football far more seriously than many years ago that really is a ramping up of the structure around the for the moment and that's why you're
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seeing these clubs where the players come from the sea being compensation out for releasing the players like in the men's game and is increasing the amounts of money in prize money but not enough according to just many across the game and you know there are still holes well a lot more to be done but there are things like this is the 1st book with video system referees features and best in that it doesn't exist anywhere else in the women's day no witness league actually has the capability of financial or so to really put in things like video system every so plays with spirits in women's vocal here like many don't get to experience on a weekly basis around the world because there are still many players were playing only thing you don't even. ride tatiana in ren so it sounds from what rob is saying that there's been a lot more investment a bit more effort made by fee for for the women's game was it taken so long you
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were head of women's football a fee for something like 18 years until the year 26 i mean why wasn't more if it made before. well i can promise you that there were a lot of efforts made to change that within the women's football committee and was in our department we continuously proposed changes and some of them b. were lucky enough that they were applied and some others didn't and why did it and has of course a lot to do with the development of women's football worldwide there are huge differences between countries which we also able to see at this tournament there's very advanced countries very professional countries and other countries who are lacking behind so in in an effort to you know go step by step not everything was possible from one day to the other but then of course there was also a political decision and that is still true today it's a question of how much. or a confederation or any football association worldwide or any club how much do you want to invest in women's football and it has to be way more and what happens in
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right now is only kind of a step by step. too small steps basically on how much to improve the conditions right as it has still a long way to go for either but the policy the policy leaders got to come from the football's world governing body and would you say that your efforts to improve women's the women's game was paid by the sepp blatter regime of course which was maad in controversy and scandal for much of the time. it has nothing to do with race a blood disorder controversy and scandals i think that that's another part of issues in stories around football and worldwide football for women's football generally speaking and worldwide speaking there's not enough interest there's not enough i think seriousness there is not enough decision making power if you look at all these organizations and you look in detail on the expertise in women's football and the number of women in war in the decision making process then it's obvious to
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see that there's a huge lack of know how and that of course resonates in priorities and in also political decisions and in this area men's football in the men's world cup and the elite level of women's football is still dominating which gives women's football only a little area to grow and this discrepancy has to change right and rob coming to you i mean the world's best female footballers not taking part 8 ahead i mean she said it's not about the money particularly although there is a huge disparity that we've discussed. but it's about the attitude she says that women's football is still not taken seriously specifically by our own her own football authorities in her home country of norway i mean it takes a lot more doesn't it than just giving giving the women players parity of pay. yeah i mean in some ways it's about the prominence as well and on the bigger picture
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i've been in paris before coming to nice and you go down the sands elisei you go on the paris metro and you don't see any sign really of the women's world cup what you do see around the metro is adverts for france games and then to france men's games taking place in 3 months time so the french federation is prioritized its advertising budget on trying to get people into saying it's meant to a several months down the line rather than advertising and some might say it's just about then what is branding really do but it's really about raising awareness across the entire city and it's high country to try to build up the players and to raise their status and that profile france is opening game for now when against south korea it did get an audience of i relented 1000000 in france that shows certainly is an appetite but i do referencing in norway they have introduced equal pay between the menus and women's national teams but it is about the sense of where do you fit in the priorities of the federation and the fact that you do not have
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the door when you're here at the world cup from norway at a big it means that we do actually have a significant issue it shines a light on that at the same time you've got the americans who have come into this woke up while. really old with the u.s. federation without a lawsuit discrimination get equal pay and equal conditions where they are but far more successful national team in the usa that men don't even look like the world cup and the men's world cup that is in russia last year. tatiana it seems very much as though the key to making women's football a more more commercially viable and therefore simulating more corporate interest. cut would come from the football governing bodies is that right they have to be persuaded somehow to invest more in the promotion of the game and indeed the marketing of the play is. i think everybody is very much responsible or decision
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makers i wouldn't put it only on fifi as of old governing body there are the confederations that a national associations and i think they all have a role to play for fever as it were counting bodies it's hard to influence really women's football structure in a country you know and i don't think it's their road to develop women's football in a specific country but it should be their road to put a governance in place and rules and regulations which have to be followed by by countries you see so many differences in terms of preparation if you compare maybe you know as a as an extreme example mike i mean the u.s. it's huge the message going into women's football in the u.s. and it's very hard for john mica to even build up their proper league and nationally and of course there's a huge gap and i think these things have to change and that's something i could make mandatory to federations to have a certain structure and to have a certain distribution of the money in terms of protect percentages or core quote or you know there's different ways how to do it but what we can see both by now is
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that this is just not women's football is not treated fairly in many associations and that i think should into remain then every federation should have as its own objective to be able to save you treating women's football as it is as a most popular growing because growth opportunities sport not only in terms of participation of adults in terms of commercial success and you can see it like you know now in in some countries and here at the women's world cup as some sponsors sponsoring great jobs so does has to go down to every federation and i really think there's a long way to go if you look at federations i have to say that as well in south america brazil argentina you know powerhouses in men's football and having so many difficulties in women's football and that is is something you cannot explain by no by no argument it's just a fact that the federations don't treat their remains footballers and their women's national teams not even equally far from equal not have. professionally all right let's talk about culture and just
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a minute or 2 rob we've talked about the organization if you like of women's football in particular but let's talk about the style of the game because many people i've spoken to just say women's football is just not interesting enough maybe it's not combative enough well i think one of the things that you have to look at with the women's game in particular particular when you get a lot of men trying to undermine the game or be disparaging about it women were banned from playing football for about 50 years in england game any sense of a rowing was stifled really they were getting big crowds around 1920 or 50000 a game in liverpool and that really showed where the game was then but the male ministre to up the game you know undermined it by actually banning the game and it really only took until the 1970 s. for its stance grow rather than finally only really see particularly in some of the england women simply have been best men in recent years which the loud the women's game to flourish with that you get that it coaching players coming through the
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system who are getting the right coach that allows them to the next scales and starts what should become a better product as well and also you start seeing sponsors come in again in england partly as bank sponsoring but winning super league next season with several 1000000 pounds a season commitment so with that it allows you to build up the structures around the game bring the players to see what a bigger talent and therefore we'll start to see a higher quality of play i mean a lot of it comes down to the media attention as well this grace of media attention than ever before here on all of the women's world cup right ok now we can talk to. who is a football right says he's joining us from the ugandan capital kampala thanks for joining us 1st of all tell us about the state of women's football in uganda. the state of football for women in uganda has improved over the last 5 years we didn't
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have league football organized for both 6 years ago but since the federation the new current administration decided to have a need which has regular competition and most of the girls that are actually playing a high school girls and also universities and also for the very fust time in the last one week we've had anybody. crowned as league champions and also as uganda kept happy and so it just goes to show that it's down to the grassroots it's the young girls that are being inspired to play football and also imagine the because they can get scholarships in schools and be able to study and you know have a good korea yet but usha i mean uganda is not there at the women's world cup in fact there are any street african countries nigeria south africa and cameroon what are the main obstacles i mean obviously resources really matter when it comes to talk about encouraging football but what are the cultural patso cultural obstacles
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that women in many african countries may face well i'm of course in africa it's a little bit complicated because you have issues where playing football as a guy you looked at as a mild it's a money thing to play football but also you know there's there's an hour a pack of the african continent where it's also about religion you know how do you approach that but mostly it's the fear type and also the little ship that does not understand that women should also get equal percentages you know just like the men . or me south africa. and kenya that i can comfortably say are paying their women players on the national team and equal allowance or born us just like the men so these kinds of problems are really in the ring the development of women's football on the african continent right attach on a firm from what to usher is saying it seems very much just says the manifestation
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of women's football no level of women's football is really an indication of the economic and social development of the country. yes totally women's football is quite often a mirror of the role of women in society and unfortunately as we know there is there are many many countries have had a role of women is really not equal to the one of the men there are stereotypes and we don't want to go to a point where it's really going to be sad in terms of sexual harassment and other issues which are really really a big big issue for women worldwide but also for women's football and again when we come back 2 rows of configurations and one covering bodies you know certain policies certain protection a certain a system in place to protect the women and the girls i do think are necessary still at that unfortunately at that time of the world we're living in which is luckily had one of one not likely but we saw one cases recently become very harsh decision and i hope this is a signal to all members to say sions and people involved in leadership roles within
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football in every country and in every club to treat women and girls fair and a safe environment right and how does the general attitude towards the women's game in african countries that you've covered compare with that of the men i mean yeah the uganda has a national team that's kind of doing quite well isn't it but how much how much support generally does it get from from government from the football governing body of course they have a very big problem in terms of funding and for me i look at it from the leadership point of view because you have a situation where the women's football team in uganda is going to play against kenya in an op women's couple mission qualifier and they're going by bus and this is 16 hours on the road and if they're going to run it to play in the 2nd women some concept they'll still go bye bye but the sentiment cannot be given to the you
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got the cranes which is the senior men's team so it is about this ship and i really . think that the federation of government officials need to come in and really extends their attitude towards women's football and i think that the ongoing women's well kept interest is changing the kind of attitude and how people look at women's football because even for the parents they'll tell you really do the women play football you know but those who are in following you know the league games will tell you that you know it's really interesting ringback and we have a situation in uganda where it's absolutely a male journalists that cover women's football more than the female journalists so that is encouraging for me from that point of the so right now rob in nice let's get to the difficult part of the show now and your favorite song where will you put your money in terms of the winners because we know of course the united states the world cup holder has had the u.s. got really strong potential this told again but look you know the french
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performance on friday night combined with the 1st domestically is really something that you cherish them to the title at this stadium champlain england in greeley our country that is carrying the possibility of winning it believes it really can win the tournament said it has been on a on a great surge finishing it 4 years ago we can it making the semifinals of your 2017 so certainly england one of the strong contenders as well but meant always the u.s. . must assess for women's football teams is really small you have to look at that try to defense being accomplished. in a month's time in leon all right and to you who would you put your money on. wow to be honest with you the usa looked very good and i think they're outright favorites to win this one again but i'll give it also to the horse they were very convincing on friday and they really do have really young team that is trying you know to
4:42 pm
prove a point and also it will be very huge for us if they can win the women's world cup just as the men are the reigning champions of the men's work at all right and tatiana i'm not i'm not sure if you're allowed to actually tell us who the favorite is given that you're part of one country's football governing body but i'll take a punt anyway who would you put your money on and i think that's an easy answer to my georgie of all big tournaments female terms have been won by teams with a female coach so that oversaw already reduces the number of potential winning team to quite a number and in that group usa france are 2 really really strong countries with female coaching and i think that will make the difference at the end oh right and rob so we've got we started a conversation by talking about the great amount of of interest this time around by sports broadcasters and that do you think that this represents a sea change in terms of women's football. yeah that's very much a change in attitude towards be interested in women's cricket as well as getting
4:43 pm
greater prominence across the world on many channels and that you least it's all about our feet well if they need to do more to commercialize it particularly things like sponsorships they're all lumped in together between the men's and women's world cup so if it doesn't really discover the final year of the women's world cup separately so the questions are now about whether the fief should start going forward to look at selling different sponsorships for the women's world cup and then we would get so now actually the final you have the women's game in particular in a place that also then be able to really on. that graph and as it is now which is all the big deals the lump together so we know that fee for a $6000000000.00 over 4 years it has $2600000000.00 in cash reserves but feet 1st priority now i think is to actually start to commercialize the game more and that certainly would then it's actually it's a great surprise parity i mean we are seeing more women at the top a fee for running the game enough that smaller the 1st female 2nd general and and
4:44 pm
and those women in management positions and that means that it's not just a male voice that has so many years in the past that's actually how the game around the world is wrong right ok coming to you i mean the numbers that rob was reeling off them a sound like a distant paradise to women footballers in in the part of the world that you're in but do you sense that there is a change in attitude at least the promise is a brighter future for women's football in africa. i think to be fair that there's been a positive outlets reading because you can see that caps the confederation of african football has now decided to have a women's football division in egypt so these people wake up every day to think about women's football on the african continent but when you look at the entire continent this is you know federations that have not come together to say look let's organized a proper professional women's league let's get into having grass with programs for
4:45 pm
young girls in schools it's not easy from that point of view but i would like to say that there is some hope and but also that said that i'm very disappointed in countries like nigeria that have been playing women's football for over 2 decades and they continue to not really treat the women in a good way because when you look at nigeria and how they prepared for this women woke up in france it's shot of you know for lack of a better word it's absurd you know but i hope really that with the work up a lot can go on and sent for the women's game on the african continent all right thank you all very much indeed. talking to us from kampala tatiana hennie talking to us from ren in france and also wrote paris looking to us from nice in france thank you very much indeed and as ever thank you for watching the program you can see the program again any time you like by going to the website al-jazeera dot com if you want more discussion let us know who your favorites are filling the women's
4:46 pm
world cup there's a facebook page at facebook dot com for such a j inside story you can join the conversation on twitter as well our handle is at a.j. inside story i'm at dennis should be in the home team here in doha i said now you are. it was. it was. capturing a moment in time there are snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know what i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. across the united states indigenous families are searching for their
4:47 pm
loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence that disproportionately impact indigenous communities most tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials give for declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that should be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see what went wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence isn't good enough and make sure that doesn't happen again. crickets
4:48 pm
biggest total it has come to think of the morals 6 weeks. 11 venues guns count australia the friend who tried for a will and good fun did win a world cup play with al-jazeera the lightest of the 29 so you cricket wild card. allow me miss spank to end up called the freedom self expression he also a spank every citizen to obey the law. is lead to violence to press on with an extradition law change despite a massive march of opposition. that are going to this is out there a live from doha polls are coming up staying away deserted streets in sudan's capital where people back to call to strike and disobey the military. early results
4:49 pm
point to a landslide win for the chosen successor of constanza longtime president after elections that triggered red publicolor also. moldova one of europe's poorest nations plunges into a new political crisis. so that hong kong as leader is pressing ahead with a controversial law change and those who lead huge weekend protests are urging people to get back out onto the streets the organizers estimate more than a 1000000 march to on sunday denouncing the legislation which would allow people to be extradited from hong kong to mainland china it was largely peaceful but several 100 protesters fought with police in the early hours of monday morning. we were told we received feedback that these additional matches highly effective in
4:50 pm
addressing the concerns of the stakeholders and we will continue to do something so there's no question of us they can already use expressed in society but hong kong has to move on there us to be absolutely deficiencies and gaps in our existing system to do with cross border crimes and transnational crimes. and there is sort of a very difficult area to understand why hong kong cannot have any legal assistance like criminal matters with our closest neighbors that is a mainland china taiwan and the cup. will go live to our ports or quark and home go shortly but 1st here's a report on sunday's extraordinary scene. it started as a peaceful city and around the city's polman building. it soon descended into chaos holding metal barricades protesters ran the police frontline by force back with veterans pepper spray and water guns. hundreds camped out on the streets near the
4:51 pm
government headquarters 3 hour standoff ensued but streets blocked in central home this was a this area by just me and my passion behind the minister confident. they came after more than $1000000.00 people marched in hong kong of the government's proposed extradition bill and to the planned fugitives all potential suspects in hong kong could be sent for trial on the chinese mainland that's angered some of the former british territory who say china will target political opponents well we want to protect our children want to protect. the next generation so we have to say well what we need to be it is how freedom so that's why we have to come here to protest this is how it was last time was to protest sharing those concerns a human rights group. he feels alone will be abused and will legalize political kidnappings the chinese government has a very poor track record of human rights that includes. the external they are
4:52 pm
forced confession culture and hobbit way out west pro-democracy groups say the proposed rules also threaten hong kong's free society and undermine civil liberties promised under the one country 2 systems deal agreed when the former british territory was handed back to china in $997.00 the city's chief executive however has refused to back down on this bill insisting that human rights will be protected and that the proposals were firmly grounded in the rule of law with the mass turnout at this rally is any indication it's clear many in hong kong i'm not convinced. so. despite the protests the mass protest the bill proceeds. it does the hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb has responded around lunchtime today in hong kong saying that they will forge ahead despite these mass protests the largest since the british handover back in $997.00
4:53 pm
she said there are $48.00 they want to scrap it she's reassured hong kong saying that their human rights guards they will be protected hong kong does respect the rule of law she said no fugitive will be extradited unless those human rights are protected now this is angered some of the opposition camps or even the parent democrats or the pro-democracy groups in the legislative council including courtier mo who leads that camp and she's not she's not satisfied. leader with the right mind facing protests involving more than 1000000 people with metro really have to rethink over the issue in hand she would have the cheek to say i'm listening stu to with different opinions and my. officials explain further no there's nothing further to explain we didn't need any more
4:54 pm
verbal or even written safeguards in the law now it's a war of years we want this bill to be scrapped here. the bill will. the bill have a 2nd reading on wednesday in the legislative council it has been fast track which means it's by pass a lot of the scrutiny that normally would be undergone in the committee hearings kerry land wants a vote before the end of the month and parliament here it adjourns on june 27th now some protesters have camped out at the mine government headquarters a number were dispersed but a few are still there and they would no doubt be more protests on wednesday when there is a 2nd reading and a void is expected by the end of the month or so thanks very much will china for its part says it will support hong kong leaders as they push ahead with changes to the rules. also accusing outsiders whipping up the process and of course. well in the past china's leaders have regarded what happens in hong kong as being
4:55 pm
an internal issue but that hasn't stopped state controlled media waiting in a monday the china daily which often reflects the government thinking said that it believes foreign forces were behind what he called the chaos in hong kong saying hong kong people are being hoodwinked now china does want this extradition bill to happen it believes it's necessary and also reasonable china points out that hong kong has extradition arrangements with more than 20 other countries including the united states and so china should be no different but there is a danger perhaps that the leadership here in beijing might start to conflate what is happening in hong kong with its wider dispute with the united states because when china's leaders refer to foreign forces operating in hong kong they are of course referring to the united states according to india has found 6 men guilty over the gang rape and murder of a muslim girl the case spots national outrage which intensified when some state
4:56 pm
ministers of the really can do nationalist egypt the party initially defended the accused 3 were convicted of the rape and murder itself they face a death penalty 3 others including 2 police officers were found guilty of destroying evidence. sudan's military gender has defended its crackdown on protesters saying it's their job to ensure the safety of the country at least 4 more people were killed on sunday in the neighboring on women as well as shell has more on a day of civil disobedience. sunday marks the beginning of the we can sit down but rather than work commutes and traffic jams the streets of khartoum are empty these videos appear to show that the public has heated the calls by pro-democracy groups for civil disobedience and the general strike. and. the people cannot be governed by force and i'm not saying this neither as a member of the opposition nor someone who supports the government but the people do not want this government and as you can see the streets are empty shops are
4:57 pm
closed i personally want to civilian government and. the sudanese people also had a big role to play in order for the civil disobedience to be executed in the correct way and on its 1st day i think that it has been 300 percent successful. the movement for freedom and change together with the sudanese professionals union had announced sunday's action in response to the military gentle seizing of power and the continued crackdown on protesters. it's still not known how many people were killed by the security forces during last week's massacre when the main pro-democracy sits in was forcibly dispersed but a sudanese doctors group puts the toll in the past week at 117. you know me they me and we will protect the wealthier of the citizens especially when the citizens refused to acknowledge the call to civil disobedience and were determined to go to work this despite the difficulties and the barricades we have therm that the
4:58 pm
military council is not an enemy of the forces of change will freedom or any other political entity in the country and we a 3rd determination to achieve the aims of the revolution and in particular the desired democratic change the military forces and the rapid support forces are ensuring the security of the people and the country. despite an attempt by the if your pm prime minister to mediate between the trenta and pro-democracy groups being received well by both sides security forces arrested several of the group's leaders within hours of the if your pm pm departs in khartoum the man believed to be calling the shots in the military council is its vice presidents mohammed 100 on matty the former warlords and his notorious gender weed forces have been accused of committing war crimes during the darfur conflict that doesn't bode well for sudan's pro-democracy protesters added to that the military's leadership has held several meetings with saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon emeritus de facto leader
4:59 pm
mohammed bin zayed and egypt's cruelly their turn presidents are different the all of whom have been accused by human rights groups of cracking down on free speech. the main groups behind sudan's revolution have insisted they will remain peaceful and not to give up their demands for freedom despite their differences violence general strikes like sunday's are an example of peaceful resistance but in a country with a history of conflict in a region where revolutions have turned into civil wars there is genuine concern for sudan's future. or just iraq. coming up shortly the u.s. president is praising his migration deal with medicaid but some are questioning if anything's changed.
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the west and sponsored by cattle and. hello again a welcome back to international weather forecasts it is going to be a severe weather day here across parts of europe here on monday and into tuesday morning i want to show you what's been going on here across much of the area we have this area of low pressure with the associated funnel bodies here across western europe now the temperatures here towards the east are fairly high across much of that area in cooler back behind the system and with that this is what we do expect to see severe weather today we're talking about large hail as well as gusty winds and the possibility of tornadoes across the region so germany down across parts of switzerland and into northwestern italy could be a problem and we're talking anywhere between monday night and into tuesday morning notice attempters here berlin at 28 degrees paris at 16 degrees as.


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