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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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the web sponsored by cattle. hello again oh welcome back to international weather forecasts it is going to be a severe weather day here across parts of europe here on monday and into tuesday morning i want to show you what's been going on here across much of the area we have this area of low pressure with the associated funnel bodies here across western europe now the temperatures here towards the east are fairly high across much of that area in cooler back behind the system and with that this is where we do expect to see severe weather today we're talking about large hail as well as gusty winds and the possibility of tornadoes across the region so germany down across parts of switzerland and into northwestern italy could be a problem and we're talking anywhere between monday night and into tuesday morning notice attempters here berlin at $28.00 degrees paris at 16 degrees as we go
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towards tomorrow a lot of active weather here across much of the northwest and it stays quite wet windy across much of the area but temperature wise out here towards the east warsaw $33.00 degrees as your expected high there vienna at 31 and bucharest we do expect to see some thunderstorms as well with 29 degrees as your forecast high here across the northwestern part of africa we do expect to see some clouds rolling through parts of algeria as well as tunisia this could bring some rain as well tunis it is going to be a warm day for you at $33.00 degrees and gazi $28.00 degrees. the west sponsored cattle and ways. burn the read so that i could read every been a creator tweet tax returns to activism with a new mission i said ok i'm working with my job trying to build software which. can digital dissidents black within the technological free market it's a race against the kurds in the patients when they're steal from the capitalists to
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the rebel geek series on al-jazeera. how to get your watch out of her mind at the top stories this hour and organizers of hong kong's weekend protests are urging people to demonstrate again as the government presses ahead with a controversial new bill many have denounced legislation which would allow people to be extradited from hong kong to mainland china. accords in india has found 6 men guilty of the gang rape and murder of an 8 year old young man was 8 year old muslim go the case spot protests which intensified after some state ministers of the
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ruling hindu nationalist b.g.p. party initially defended the accused. sudan's military jointer has deployed more troops as a general strike and has its 2nd day 4 people died on sunday as opposition activists began a campaign of civil disobedience constituents as crackdown on protesters. police in kazakhstan have arrested hundreds of people during election day demonstrations opposition groups are wanted people to boycott a void they described as a false and a result show the longtime president's chosen successor has won easily robert frost a walker reports from the capital you know since. i was this was no it's the electoral turn outs the old thirty's wanted disorder in kazakh stones capital. and 2nd city. was the only court the vote protestors croyde because they do not believe this
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election office them a real choice. some said they supported the democratic choice of external and political party. with the reasons for it i'm not afraid because i've had enough i've been living without a home in temporary accommodation for 13 years i'm fed up of this said they wanted freedom to demonstrate because unsanctioned protests are illegal and hasn't started only just here nixon is unfair it's all been decided already it's not like attend choices and so they are all on its own like a circus was the cry police now are working their way down the centuries street the protesters in front of me they are trying to say heads of the police. in the future drugs are being seized. that it's really getting it's a could if the situation. was good that. this
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was the image the authorities wanted to project an orderly participation by the electorate in a peaceful transition of power. as a boy of the man who ran kazakstan for nearly 30 years has. stepped into retirement although he retained significant powers as chairman for the life of the country's security council his chosen successor. talk i have his own course to take over what is your specific message to those individuals who are campaigning for democracy and rights in this country those individuals you've been detained are advised all the law enforcement agencies to be tolerant. society restraint but any serious violations of our laws of course will not be tolerated but at the same time i urge all the young people.
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on the same level. to exercise restraint to be tolerant to the power to the government a rare acknowledgement because it's deserved more political freedom i know that didn't stop the tensions kazakstan has never seen an election day quite like this before robin for a steelworker al-jazeera though so to. whatever representative from because it stands council on international relations says the election results and sunday's protests reflect the changes happening in society. i understand why some observers from. countries or abroad have some questions the same time some of the people may disagree on the results and it's a totally understandable because. the process opinion is rising and it's normal so tell us on his entering into the new political stage where we are quite more open
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to the alternative source of information social networks accelerates those process and people are getting different type of nation from the government side so it kind of fits its normal process and we have some disagreements on that with our it's right to mention the protests which is that which were held to yesterday. the very fact that the social contract between the government site is changing very fast because the site is becoming more kind of active and social responsible and they're taking their own kind of voice speaking about different matters be it the social security economy or foreign policy at the same time so i believe it's normal process and government government garden bodies need to learn how to address those issues there and there are mainly maybe some mistakes done by the governmental side by the same time there were many some kind of extreme done by the protests the same time germany's foreign minister is in iran looking for ways to preserve the nuclear deal like i'm us says the european financial system to circumvent u.s. sanctions should be operational soon he's currently meeting his iranian counterpart
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behind closed doors germany and other european pounds while continuing to support the 2015 agreement despite the united states withdrawal last year washington has reinstated economic sanctions in a bid to make iran renegotiate the terms. fish are out that sadly has iran does not pay attention to statements by u.s. officials about dialogue what iran is currently seeing is the pressure the economic terrorism and the psychological warfare imposed by the us administration there is a deceptive policy pursued by the us by calling for dialogue while they are pushing economic pressure at the same time which is unacceptable to iran will be ready to reflect on such statements calling for dialogue and their company by practical measures a change in behavior of the american administration. moldova's interim leader has called for new elections after the constitutional court remove the sitting president on sunday of course a splendid i go did after he refused to dissolve parliament and i mean baba has this report as moldova's political crisis continued members of parliament convened
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on sunday with some declaring that state and legal institutions have been seized the woman who in theory heads a new coalition government called on officials to work with her new administration it was easy we address all the state employees and workers of the law enforcement institutions with a request to ignore illegal orders of those who try to power and stick to the side of the people and legitimate parliament and government mulled over is one of europe's poorest countries in the populations broadly split between people who favor ties with russia and supporters of european union it's witnessed several political crises in recent years on saturday parliament finally approved a new government a day after a court mandated deadline it's one based on an unprecedented alliance between sunday news pro european akam bloc and the pro russian socialist party of outgoing president don't want. people who live in moldova differ in their views identity and
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geo political views but what happened in parliament today proves that we can find that which unite us. the formation of a government was meant to end months of uncertainty following elections in february but failed to produce a majority for any party. but after dawn refused to dissolve parliament this weekend the constitutional court ordered fresh elections in september and appointed an interim president from the democratic party which is led by this man vladimir a highly controversial or legal he is one of the financier's and leading men of the democratic party and has been kind of the shadow ruler of mult over for quite a while now due to both his influence over the party's influence over the media he is the richest man in malta. he's for been from holding any of the senior official positions to elements of his past the gay sions of corruption criminality.
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closer ties with the european union has been addressing supporters who set up tents in front of ministries and state institutions in the capital in recent years the e.u. has become increasingly critical of moldova's record on reforms in this latest down passes unlikely to reassure the outside world. al-jazeera india's prime minister has promised to work more closely with relying to to prevent future attacks like the easter sunday bombings earlier modi was briefly in colombo for talks on sunday and took a detour to honor those killed in april and often understand this report. a firsthand look at one of the main targets of the easter sunday bombings for indian prime minister narendra modi he's the 1st world leader to visit since the attacks and stopped at the nominees church in colombo on his way from the airport worshippers had packed this church for easter sunday service on the 21st of april the 1st of 7 suicide bombers launched his attack here. within minutes 3 churches and 3 hotels
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had been targeted killing more than 250 people and injuring hundreds more 10 indians were among the 45 tourists killed. it's a 3rd visit here for the indian leader who had a ceremony and welcomed including a $21.00 gun salute despite the reince indios probably probably going to take a more assertive role as far as its regional influence is concerned and this is part of more he has said his visit is to express india's solidarity with sri lanka's government and people in mind just be a force stop in sri lanka but analysts say prime minister narendra modi's visit sends an important message that things are getting back to normal 6 weeks after the easter sunday carnage politics is a different story present mighty by the city center and prime minister on a victim a singer may have come together for more this visit but they continue to disagree
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on a number of issues their latest battleground the special parliamentary select committee set up to investigate the easter bombings the president has sacked his intelligence chief and says he want to allow any serving officers to testify before the committee the indian prime minister highlighted what he calls a neighborhood 1st policy by choosing the maldives and sri lanka for his 1st foreign visit after his reelection observers say it's a policy that is likely to shape regional relations in future years when a fernandez jazeera colomba. at least 2 people have been killed during anti-government protests in haiti's capital port au prince demonstrators set up roadblocks and taught buildings and cars queues president driven ways of stealing money from an oil program oil a program and odds money he resign haiti has been struggling with high inflation and fuel shelters. us president all the trump is pushing back against media reports
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that his latest agree with mexico doesn't actually contain anything new the white house announced a deal on friday trying to threaten to impose tariffs on oil imports from it's going to be less it did more to stop asylum asylum seekers from crossing into the united states the report cinema that they deal mostly involves agreements that were reached months ago from washington d.c. an official explains what is different in the agreement. well there are some new elements to this 1st of all the idea that the national guard in mexico would be deployed to the southern border to stop people coming up through the country are partly in agreement was reached in december between the u.s. and mexico what we have now is a number around 5000 national guard troops will do that job and also a time scale mexico say they are moving on and they are moving on it quickly mexico is also going to make it easier for people to stay in mexico while the asylum claims are held in the united states know that whole thing is being challenged in
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the courts here in the u.s. so that might not become such a key issue donald trump has also said in a tweet on sunday that there is one big thing that wasn't unknowns when the news release about this went out on friday and that will become clear at the appropriate time no idea what that could possibly be and also he is saying that mexico has agreed to buy a great deal of agricultural produce from the united states but that has left both people here in the u.s. and in mexico scratching their heads saying there is no such agreement mexico has entered into nor agreement about agricultural products what supporters of donald trump are saying is that the threat of tariffs undoubtedly made mexico come to the table because within hours of him saying that this was a possibility that the foreign minister of mexico was in washington discussing a deal this also gives donald trump a convenient political out if the situation on the border does not improve that he
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can say this is not a problem this is mexico and he may well raise the issue of type of sigyn because the talents for the moment are only suspended not completely canceled whereas the u.s. and mexico hailed the deal as a huge success refugees and migrants see it very differently home and reports from . mexico southern border of course well. over her the united states and mexico a bunch celebrating the new agreement mexico's avoided the threatened us terrorists the us has the promise mexico will tighten its borders. it's been sold as a trial by both sides but there's bound to be a human cost and these people maybe it central americans trying to get through mexico to the us and cool it up in the crackdown the president trying to push pull in the couple of hours we spent at a mix can checkpoint 5 groups who are detained. many like honduran dudman well
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say that the endemic violence and chronic poverty in their homelands means there's little choice but to flee if you want to look at the fact that it's the situation here organized crime there's no work the americans the whole lot we can't do that but he and his family will now most likely be headed back home and this is just the beginning because national guard are being deployed to the border to. mexico is road out that kind of blanket security before and it's led to migrants taking even more dangerous and isolated routes. what the model until follow is still recovering from his own taste of the people smugglers squeezed him and some 50 others into a truck standing up and drove it through mexico's mountainous backroads it plunged into a ravine killing 25 people on medicare when i woke up and heard that 6 of my friends from the community had died 3 of whom i had gone to school with i was very sad the
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solution many would say is to simply stay at home and the new agreement does include a plan for development in central american countries so that people don't have to leave but the presidents of honduras el salvador and guatemala themselves have been virtually silent during this crisis and without their support their countrymen could be forgiven for thinking. in this new deal they've been left on their own john home and i'll just say that up but you've got mexico. so this is out there these are the top stories i'm hong kong's leader is pressing ahead with a controversial law change and those who lead to huge weekend protests are urging people to get back out onto the streets the organizers estimate more than a 1000000 marched on sunday denouncing the legislation which would allow people to be extradited from hong kong to mainland china it was largely peaceful but several
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100 protesters did fight with police in the early hours of monday morning a court in india has found 6 men guilty of the gang rape and murder of a muslim girl the case spots national outrage which intensified when some state ministers of the ruling hindu nationalist b j p party initially defended the accused 3 were convicted of the rape and murder itself they face the death penalty 3 others including 2 police officers from guilty of destroying evidence sudan's military judge has deployed more troops as a general strike enters its 2nd day 4 people died on sunday as all opposition activists began a campaign of civil disobedience against the joint is crackdown on protestors preliminary results show that they can see jamen talkative as one cause expands presidential election with 70 percent of the vote but opponents say it was not free all fair at least $500.00 people were arrested in protests on sunday talking of
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succeeds former president an assault on gaza by if he ruled for almost 30 years before stepping aside i can manage. germany's foreign minister is in iran seeking ways to preserve the nuclear deal like amass says a european financial system to circumvent u.s. sanctions should be operational soon he's currently meeting his iranian counterpart behind closed doors germany and other european powers are continuing to support the 2015 agreement despite the u.s. is withdrawal last year washington has reinstated economic sanctions in a bid to make iran renegotiate the terms u.s. president donald trump is pushing back against media reports that his latest agreement with mexico does not actually contain anything new the white house announced a deal on friday trump threatened to impose tariffs on all imports from mexico unless it did more to stop asylum seekers from crossing into the united states a report soon emerged that the deal mostly involves agreements that were reached months ago are you up to date with that lines here announcing we've got more news
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coming up right after rebel gates on c. unit about half an hour. talk to al jazeera. we ask problems and besides the instability is corruption we listen bin ziad and bin saddam on who are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. digital technology conference on its intimacy means mind and in a moment. even a teaching billions of calculations you know ok it seems simple stuff and internet age. in which everything in our lives he trains and tracked and intended. that is convenient for profit and surveillance he only needs the proper.
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thing is never easy this is going to challenge tech john. and enable a different technology. one rep people not one of. the the. i like the concept of the unwashed masses that no one respects or thinks they have good ideas coming from but it's also the people who rise up and overthrow tyranny. i'm a hacker and troublemaker activist. i politically dennis as a non ideological in a. league of let's say carol's account so we go out and find some cows we go over. to tell me more that you should learn to make books. these children belong to you kurt wallander we go.
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i started programming. when i was 5. i learned to read so that i could read programming manuals. i love about. this is a house that i built with my family and we built it out of paper which is like this recycled paper. what we did was we just built the wall straight up and then we chain saw it out the hole where the windows are going to be. it's completely off the grid which means that both the communications up and down go straight to a satellite and actually trying to figure how to get microwave internet which is going to ball playing in tennis on top of the mountains to to bounce signals back and forth to try to get a life so to be fair bit faster. living out here you have to know much more about what's going on with your property you have to know all the systems there's no
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passing it off in some ways that's very aligned with hacker culture you have to get in there and see how it works. programmers are like digital superheroes everybody else gets to use the technology in their reality which we play but the programmers we get to reshape the rules the physics of our digital universe. the values of hacker culture the values social movements exist more in startups than we ever think. capitalism is an astounding belief that the most we can just
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a minute will do the most we can just of things for the greatest good john maynard keynes. was a great. as it were my favorite shirt. on the back more world less bank. beats the less for the distance. the end of the number 1900 is a sin was going to negotiate a new round where companies could go in and overturn the country's laws and fight countries if their countries passed laws that hurt their profits. and so there was a very large protest maybe 50000 people. dead b.t.o. was supposed to be a shining moment for seattle but as we know it didn't turn out that way. demonstrators terming trade organization mainland it was a centralized thing. they created the narrative and the message so in the media had
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this radical concept that activists that anyone concerned about the world and social change should no longer focus on convincing journalists to cover their stories but they should make the media themselves. we have to find our own ways to get the message out revolution will not be televised by the corporate media the couple days before the protest i walked in and joined as a volunteer. at the whole protest inside just smelling the tear gas floating under the doors. building software that let people go online and publish their old. women take this stuff to crank and. that more places grassroots politics in the us they came from japan from from their head their downward tiang and very exciting thing is emerging here in seattle and people's opposition to the world trade organization we set it
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up so that people are doing live streaming video in the streets be have laptops with all sorts of complicated network equipment published photos published video in the late ninety's that was a very rare interview thing that trade agreement ended up not being passed. that moment proved to be a shift where i said ok i'm going to quit my job to try and build software for social change fold. and so i spent 4 years setting up computer labs and websites who are into globalization. so you missed the raspberry but are there still or for very good i can still run. my friends pat hurst he's been trying to figure out how to build technology for activism to. he had this text
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message alert system for protest it was something called text. books. ringback ringback in the summer of 2004 a researchers produced a text model a cell phone text message broadcasting system text mob allows activists who are distributed throughout a city term in who are going to rise to during chaotic street protests or public and convention in 2004 was in new york and bush was the president running for reelection on the campaign of continuing the occupation. so by this time we had any media sort of tweet like messages single said you know 150140 character long messages they were breaking news updates and we provide these every few minutes testers were able to bypass preemptive police tactics by sharing information on undercover officers and police techs mum was a bit of an improvised system but the basic idea was that users would have their
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cell phones. and they would send messages to a server. going online saying i want to sign up for text mob and these are the information i want i want to be a member of this group and we had this p.h.p. web server. and appears to have service a great what's your phone number and what's your email provider in there then it would send email providers emails to the company sprint 18 t.-t. mobile. and that would then send an e-mail message that became an s.m.s. and those would go back and forth. the problem was 18 t. very soon discovered this and said you can't do that give us lots of money being a bunch of activists who didn't have a lot of money. we decided that we were going to do that instead what we built was
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a sneaky system around that we built a what is called a peer to peer network. and we built a little java applet. and we put that applet in the in the media web page. and whenever we wanted to send an s.m.s. we send it out to all of these little applets running on many thousands of people's computers that uplift would then do the communication to the 18 t.'s of the world from a new ip address and it says oh you need person you're not doing this anymore in 1000 pieces happily i'll deliver a couple s.m.s. is for you but not a lot and it started working and so we built this system that let us send 425-0000 s.m.s. is an hour through text mob without well having to pay for any. text in the media on the other optimism or is a major precursor to what has become
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a media. i was a broke activist traveling around living in a v.w. bus that i bought for $200.00 and i saw this contract on craigslist listing the company trying to create a new media of communication and i was like i'm all for democratizing the media all do this this is the picture it's not a very good picture. but that's. that's the demo. of the original twitter and we videoed it in the video got lost. and this is the original team that got split up to work on twitter so when we divided up the teams internally who's florian jack and noah.
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it looks like the picture is taken in a club or something. the whole team said let's look at text messaging let's look at social networks let's look at building stuff. when we took text and looked at it we said well ok this is interesting but it doesn't have the social model busy that blogging has. and so the transition from twitter to text is that that reading relationship in the p.r.i. and the openness of the web. over the summer and it went on i actually personally after we launched twitter which. i didn't realize what i myself was doing by part of the team that i helped create and hire and partially that the way the technology worked
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and a part of its roots in text bob and other projects i didn't realize the values that went into it if you don't have to be conscious of the values that you're putting in things when you do it. this is one of those sort of the biggest commercially focused on open source conferences not since there's i.b.m. and there's a paper out in microsoft. they don't necessarily agree conducted by politics but there's none of this like you should be shunned because you want to overthrow capitalism. or you know the middle. near. the.


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