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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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the ethiopian prime minister went on friday as he tried to mediate between the military joint and opposition well sudan's military has ordered more troops onto the streets as a general strike enters a 2nd day opposition activists have called for an indefinite campaign of civil disobedience until the gentle hands power to a civilian government the incident into governmental authority on development is an 8 nation block of african countries which include sudan and it is in the military join to to avoid more violence and resume talks with the opposition. calling upon. the. sudanese leadership right now and their military gentle. as much as possible. this sister of mine at the. violence anymore and of course. and provided. for to begin immediately. to aid in sudan researcher and. welcome to the program thank you for we just saw
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pictures of the streets of khartoum just deserted day 2 of this day of so-called civil disobedience how do you think it's coming out and where are we heading well i mean this is this coming after months of the crackdown on the sit ins in the streets. are told in other cities and the repressive measures taken by the transitional military have intensified people's anger especially with the killings of more than 100 people and the arrest. breaking news that the politicians have been released indeed i hope this is the beginning of easing these repressive measures remember also the banning the internet they banned media outlets to cover what is going on so there are a lot has to be done in order to. restore the trust was astri's otherwise this is going to be
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a continuous disappeared right we heard there was. a call for talks to resume do you think that's possible. until now i don't think with the with the forces for for freedom and change perhaps. if they responded positively to some of the conditions remember the force of. freedom and change they called for the transitional military council to acknowledge responsibility about the killing that happened last week they called for setting up an inquiry maybe a regional international inquiry into who are the people responsible for that they call for also lifting the bands or on internet and media and release of prisoners so if these conditions then that will allow. because it is not only for for the forces fortresses for freedom and change but also the anger on the street because the forces for freedom and change cannot risk going back to negotiations with the
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transitional military council why this situation remains as it is we see the troops from the. response forces still in the streets of khartoum they have done a lot of. repression against ordinary people so it's quite difficult to expect and then these conditions that the talks with the group will resume of course the military council talks about negotiating with other political forces as well and this is going also to create divisions within the political parties hopefully hopefully that. the release of of the detainees signs the beginning of response positive response to demands by the forces for freedom and change in the meantime the civil disobedience continues it seems like it may be a plan that has some power to work does it does remember the response from the
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street even came before the forces for. freedom and change and now says people the moment they heard about the crackdown on monday they walked the streets not only in the capital khartoum but in many other cities and towns that so the anger. is quite intense right now especially after people saw what happened and not only through the media they felt that industry they sow the malaysian and even intrusion into their homes so that created a quite intense environment hopefully this will stop and people move into after that negotiation that would result in an orange the situation we'll leave it there for now thanks very much indeed. still ahead here on al-jazeera why the word of god for one is noise pollution for another we take a look at the control the sea surrounding some of the gunman's church. everybody
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coming together around one game and one behind one flag actually with kind of his n.b.a. team on the brink of its 1st championship we'll look at how the raptors rise is already a win for us. hello again who are here across north asia we did see quite a bit of rain pushing across parts of japan over the last couple of days particularly down here towards a real islands and there is that weather system making its way towards the pacific but still we're going to be seeing some residual rain across much of japan over the next few days tokyo a high few with rain in the forecast at 20 and not really getting out of the rain by the time we get towards wednesday really lingering across much of the area now the temperatures do come up to about $24.00 degrees but rain could be a problem particular up here toward sendai was some winds at 1000 degrees and
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speaking of the rain it has been quite heavy across much of china over the last few days and you can easily see those rain showers here on the satellite image and it's going to be quite heavy particular across the southeast and the south we do expect to see higher temperatures here across much of hanoi with $38.00 degrees and that means of relative humidity is also a big player feeling more like 40 to 41 degrees as the heat index for hong kong the rain continues we do expect to see a time for there of 30 degrees and then very quickly across much of indonesia we're going to be seeing the rain lingering to the north down here across much of jakarta as well as over here towards bali things get a little better in terms of rain but up here towards manila we do expect to see rain in the forecast with a temperature of 33. in 2008 raggy omar traveled across the united states discovering what it was like to
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be both a patriotic american and a devout muslim can he be muslim and american you have to be american 1st i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim to be elected to the united states congress. rewind islam in america on al-jazeera. and again you watch the auditor or mind of our top stories a china says it firmly supports hong kong leaders plans to push ahead with a proposed that traditional and those who lead huge weekend protest should be able to get back on to the streets legislation would allow people to be extradited from
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hong kong to mainland china. germany's foreign minister is in iran looking for ways to preserve the new to deal like a mass says a european financial system to circumvent u.s. sanctions should be operational soon washington has reinstated economic sanctions in a bid to make iran we negotiate. sidney's state t.v. is reporting that 3 opposition leaders arrested over the weekend have been released to civil disobedience campaign against military and the 2nd day 2 of them were taken into custody after meeting the ethiopian prime minister. on friday. cut its foreign minister has accused saudi arabia of being a destabilizing force in the middle east and beyond wow. had been. and he says the saudis have undermined the governments who don't back their blockade of gaza he says libya and somalia are 2 countries that have faced black man and interference to get the money boat so to arabia the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt have been blockading counter for more than 2 years accusing it of
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backing terrorists his government denies it is. an international monitoring group which examines sunday's election in kazakhstan says it was tarnished by clear violations of fundamental freedoms the election commission says that custom germ talk if has one with around 70 percent of the ballots the organization for security and cooperation in europe says some procedures were disregarded on vote day casting doubt on and on his vote count. well some 500 protesters calling for a boycott of the elections were arrested they accuse the government of rigging the vote robin frosti a walker reports from the capital now. i was this was no it's the electoral turn outs the authorities wanted disorder and kazakh stones capital. and 2nd city almaty was the only court the votes protestors cried because they do not believe this
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election office them a real choice. some said they supported the democratic choice of as extern a banned political party. was for i'm not afraid because i've had enough i've been living without a home in temporary accommodation for 13 years i'm fed up others said they wanted freedom to demonstrate because unsanctioned protests are illegal in kazakhstan but only just here nixon is in fear it's all been decided already it's not like attend choices as they are all on its own like the circus was the bright police now working their way down to the central street the protesters in front of me they are trying to say hey it's all of the police. in the city drugs are being seized that it's really getting it's good
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if the situation. was good that there. was a switch the image the authorities wanted to project an orderly participation by the electorate in a peaceful transition of power. as a boy of the man who ran kazakstan for nearly 30 years has stepped into retirement although he retained significant powers as chairman for the life of the country secure. the council is chosen successor george takei of his own cause to take over what is your specific message to those individuals who are campaigning for more democracy and rights in this country don't need to because you've been detained are advised all the law enforcement agencies to be tolerant. society restraint but any serious violations of our laws of course
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will not be tolerated but at the same time i urge all the young people. on the same level. to exercise restraint to be tolerant to the part of the government a rare acknowledgement because it's deserved more political freedom i know that didn't stop the detentions kazakstan has never seen an election day quite like this before robin for a steelworker al-jazeera though so tied up a court in india has found 6 men guilty over the gang rape and murder of a muslim girl in india and minister to kashmir the case sparked national outrage which intensified when some state minister of the state ministers of the ruling hindu nationalists b j p initially defended the accused 3 were convicted of the rape and murder itself the prosecution is seeking the death penalty for them 3 others including 2 police officers were found guilty of destroying evidence. at
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least 2 people have been killed during anti-government protests in haiti's capital port au prince the demonstrators set up roadblocks and torch buildings in cars they say the president you have a known ways stole money from venezuela's oil a program and must resign and he's of course country the americas has been struggling with high inflation and fuel shortages. rescue is preparing to pull out the wreckage of a tour boat that sank in the river danube in hungary the body of another career interest was found downstream from the scene of the collision on sunday at least 20 people are now confirmed the boat collided with a cruise ship 2 weeks ago police say the search for the missing 8 people including the boat's captain continues. goanna is experiencing noise pollution from an unusual source churches where services are sometimes held long and some of watching reports of micro people have decided to bring the matter to court.
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for sexual or big lives in a compound that shares a wall with the church she acknowledges the church was there before she moved in however she says the frequency of services sometimes all night and the noise is excessive is on bearable average careful over a year and. people that have come and have had asked her to leave because so much we have a new film and. we have a lot of kids in this compound the church didn't want to speak to us donna is a majority christian country and religion of all kinds plays a large part in society in the last 5 years alone an estimated $5000.00 new churches many of them known as charismatic churches have sprung up that brings a total of churches in the country to around $15000.00 charismatic congregations are generally known for their passionate sometimes loud expressions of their faith .
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there are 5 churches along this 500 meter stretch of road now one of the challenge for the authorities is how to find the right balance in developing areas like this between the number of churches coming up the noise and the rights of residents an officer from the environmental protection agency has come to monitor the sound levels of a church from the neighboring residential compound following complaints the agency's head says some have been fined up to $10000.00 and even been forced to close down. people are very you know your mission alabama just activities where we go out people who you know they chant against these are doubles who have been sent to promote. the council that represents charismatic churches this is not fair to blame judge. churches i think it's all as a result of poor planning in our communities in our cities town and country has in the west wrong to it we have people who have to degrees from my university to see become plan our cities to that kind of thing to that we desire the factual believes
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she's also speaking up for many others who are afraid of being demonized she plans to escalates her complaints in the hope of a positive outcome for all sides i'm about saying al-jazeera across. ice hockey is traditionally the biggest sporting event but the toronto raptors basketball team has not officially taken over that as the country's most valuable franchise but claim their 1st n.b.a. title later on monday if they win game 5 against the golden state warriors reynolds reports now from toronto. toronto is got a raging case of raptors fever outside the team store in scotiabank arena fans lined up waiting to school work here in the raptor red silver and black in a country where hockey has long ruled right now basketball is key it's an unprecedented level of excitement the n.b.a. has always had a constituency here what you're seeing is the popularity of the sport the popularity of this team from
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a spectator standpoint going beyond the core constituency and going to be mainstream with a diverse roster of many ethnicities the raptors mirror the city they play in freddy and mildred manila came to canada from the philippines having this kind of thing is something that brought canada together kiran rogers parents immigrated from india it's nice to see you know indians chinese people north americans europeans latinos everybody coming together around one game and we're behind one flag actually so a 5 minute fan can i get your name and where you're coming from rob hosts a popular sports radio call in show a lot of immigrants that come to this country they they take to the sport of basketball and it's a. global sport as well so i think that adds to it so it really speaks to the city of toronto because of how multicultural we are and it speaks to the country of canada as well because it's very much the same for people here just getting this close to victory has been a long time coming drano is
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a sports mad city but it hasn't had a championship in baseball basketball or hockey for over 20 years so the raptors wild ride has created a sense of euphoria here something else have high hopes of canada bt its giant southern neighbors it was amazing to finally get one over the us if you want to call it feels good a diverse city and country waiting for an elusive championship robert oulds al-jazeera toronto. this is out there these are the top stories and china says it family supports hong kong lead as its plans to push ahead with a proposed traditional and those who led huge weekend protests or people to get back on to the streets by the legislation would allow people to be extradited from hong kong to mainland china sunday's much was largely peaceful but several 100 protesters fought with police outside government offices. we were told we received
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feedback that these additional matches highly effective in addressing the concerns of the stakeholders and we will continue to do something so there is no functional nor it was expressed in society but hong kong has to move or they are asked to be absolutely deficiencies and gaps in our existing system to deal with cross border crimes and transnational crimes. there is sort of a very difficult area to understand why hong kong cannot have any mutual legal assistance like criminal matters without closest neighbors that is a mainland china taiwan and a couple. germany's foreign minister is in iran looking for ways to preserve the nuclear deal like a mass says a european financial system to circumvent u.s. sanctions should be operational soon germany and other e.u. leaders are continuing to support the 2015 agreement despite america's withdrawal
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last year washington is reinstated economic sanctions in a bid to make iran renegotiate the terms of sydney's state t.v. is reporting that 3 opposition leaders arrested over the weekend have been released 2 of them were taken into custody after meeting the ethiopian prime minister operated on friday it will sudan's military has ordered more troops onto the streets as a general strike enters a 2nd day opposition activists have called for an indefinite campaign of civil disobedience until the gentle hands power to a civilian government accord in india has found 6 men guilty of the gang rape and murder of a muslim girl in india and minutes of kashmir the case products national outrage which intensified when some state ministers of the routing hindu nationalist be j.p. initially defended the accused 3 were convicted of the rape and murder itself the prosecution is seeking the death penalty for them 3 others including 2 police officers were found guilty of to stroy evidence. you're up to date with the
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headlines here announcer got more news coming right up of the inside story from. this year's free for women's world cup has kicked off in front with more fanfare than ever before so is women's football finally being taken seriously and why is the top female player not taking part this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm martin dennis now the world's best footballers are in france to fight for their sport's biggest prize no we haven't confused it with the world cup in russia last year we're actually talking about the women's world cup the 8th edition of the tournament is being played in 9 cities over the next month football's world governing body pfieffer wants to reach a record $1000000000.00 television viewers and more international broadcasters a showing the matches live but the world's best female footballer won't be taking to the pitch norway's aid ahead is angry at the lack of support from her country's football association despite this the defending champions the united states hope the tournament will bring in new fans. i think this surname and itself is going to. change so many things for women's football and and how we play
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and how the world sees us and how much knowledge people around the world. of us and of us as people as well and i think you know these big world stages is where like we can gain so much exposure from like even people that don't even know about soccer people come out and watch and get to know the players and get to know the team so i think just this tournament and self is going to bring so much knowledge to us into the game and what we're trying to do and what we're trying to do for women's football now when it comes to the football world cup there were huge differences between the men's and the women's tournament the women's world cup this year has $24.00 teams compare that to $32.00 in the men's the prize money is $30000000.00 that's a mere fraction of the men's prize on an individual level lionel messi of barcelona for example earns $320.00 times more than aid to head the world's top female
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player but beyond the pay disparity many argue that fall less is spent on promoting and marketing the women's game and with less publicized he comes fewer viewers last year an estimated 3500000000 people watched the men's world cup in russia while only 750000000 people watched the women's competition in 2015. all right let's introduce our panel now in the northwestern french city of ren we have tatiana handy she ran women's football at fee for and is now head of women's football in switzerland thanks for joining us in denise in the south of france who got brought to her as a football writer covering the tournament for the associated press news agency welcome to you. both rob let me start with you and ask you to compare the kind of
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facilities the kind of. preparation that's been made for this women's world cup is it better than say a men's well couple of the women's world cup so you've covered. whether they different facilities to some degree between the men's world cup in russia was last year and here in france for the women's smaller state stages have been used to some degree for game on friday night in paris and 40000 seat. stadium rather than the start of france which is far bigger so they're not using that say the biggest stadiums in places also teams don't have 6 training bases like they do at the men's world cup and course there won't be as many fans this time as well and still a big challenge let's watch the ring more fans in so the tournament to actually see the best women players but in comparison to other women's well cops is it better
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a range does it feel as though women's football has arrived. well it certainly seems that feat for is taking women's football far more seriously than many years ago there really is a ramping up of the structure around the for the moment and that's why you're seeing these clubs where the players come from the sebring compensation out for release in the players like in the men's game and is increasing the amounts of money in prize money but not enough according to just many across the game and you know there are still holes well a lot more to be done but there are things like this is the 1st book with video system referees chief is the best in that it doesn't exist anywhere else in the women's day no witness league actually has the capability of financially so to really put in things like video system every so plays with spirits in women's vocal hair like many don't get to experience on a weekly basis around the world because there are still many players were playing only thing we don't even. ride tatiana in ren so it sounds from what rob is saying
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that there's been a lot more investment a bit more effort made by fee for for the women's game was it taken so long you were head of women's football at fee for something like 18 years until the year 26 i mean why wasn't more if it made before. well i can promise you that there were a lot of efforts made to change that within the women's football committee and the reason our department continues the proposed changes and some of them be were lucky enough that they were applied and some others didn't and why did it and has of course a lot to do with the development of women's football worldwide there are huge differences between countries which we also able to see at this tournament there's very advanced countries very professional countries and other countries who are lacking behind so in in an effort to you know go step by step not everything was possible from one day to the other but then of course there was also
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a political decision and that is still true today it's a question of how much. or a confederation or any football association worldwide or any club how much do you want to invest in women's football and it has to be way more and what happens in right now is only kind of a step by step. too small steps basically on how much to improve the conditions right there's a has still a long long way to go for either but the policy the policy leaders got to come from the football's world governing body and would you say that your efforts to improve women's the women's game were had by the sepp blatter regime of course which was maad in controversy and scandal for much of the time. it has nothing to do with race a blood disorder controversy and scandals i think that that's another part of issues in stories around football and worldwide football for women's football generally speaking and worldwide speaking there's not enough interest there's not
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enough i think seriousness there is not enough decision making power if you look at all these organizations and you look in detail on the expertise in women's football and the number of women in war in the decision making process then it's obvious to see that there's a huge lack of know how and that of course resonates in priorities and in also political decisions and in this area men's football in the men's world cup and the elite level of women's football is still dominating which gives women's football only a little area to grow and this discrepancy has to change right and rob coming to you i mean the world's best female footballers not taking part 8 ahead i mean she said it's not about the money particularly although there is a huge disparity that we've discussed. but it's about the attitude she says that women's football is still not taken seriously specifically by our own her own football authorities in her home country of norway i mean it takes
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a lot more doesn't it than just giving giving the women players parity of pay. yeah i mean in some ways it's about the prominence as well and on the bigger picture i've been in paris before coming to nice and you go down the sands elisei you go on the paris metro and you don't see any sign really of the women's world cup what you do see around the metro is adverts for france games and then to france men's games taking place in 3 months time so the french federation is prioritized its advertising budget on trying to get people into saying it's meant to a several months down the line rather than advertising and some might say is just about and what is branding really do but it's really about raising awareness across the entire city and it's high country to try to build up the players and to raise their status and that profile france is opening game for now when against south korea it did get an audience of i relented 1000000 in france that shows certainly is an appetite but i do referencing in norway they have introduced equal pay
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between the menus and women's national teams but it is about the sense of where do you fit in the priorities of the federation and the fact that you cannot have been bombed or when they're here after the world cup norway had a big means that we do actually have a significant issue it shines a light on that at the same time you've got the americans who have come into this woke up while. really old with the u.s. federation without a lawsuit discrimination get equal pay and equal conditions where they are the far more successful national team in the usa that men don't even qualify for the world cup and the men's world cup that is in russia last year. tatiana it seems very much as though the key to making women's football a more more commercially viable and therefore simulating more corporate interest. cut would come from the football governing bodies is that right they have to be
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persuaded somehow to invest more in the promotion of the game and indeed the marketing of the players. i think everybody is very much responsible or decision makers i wouldn't put it only on fifi as of old governing body they are the confederation said the national associations and i think they all have a role to play for fever as it were counting bodies it's hard to influence really women's football structure in a country you know and i don't think it's their road to develop women's football in a specific country but it should be their road to put a governance in place and rules and regulations which have to be followed by by countries you see so many differences in terms of preparation if you compare maybe you know as a as an extreme example to mike i mean the u.s. it's huge the message meant going into women's football in the u.s. and it's very hard for john mica to even build up their proper league and nationally and of course there's a huge gap and i think these things have to change and that's something i could
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make mandatory to federations to have a certain structure and to have a certain distribution of the money in terms of protect percentages or core quote or you know there's different ways how to do it but what we can see both by now is that this is just not women's football is not treated fairly in many associations and that i think should intervene then every federation should have as its own objective to be able to save you treating women's football as it is as a most popular growing biggest growth opportunities sport not only in terms of participation but also in terms of commercial success and you can see it lock in and now in in some countries and here at the women's world cup as some sponsors sponsoring great jobs so does has to go down to every federation and i really think there's a long way to go if you look at federations i have to say that as well in south america brazil argentina you know powerhouses in men's football and having so many difficulties in women's football and that is something you cannot explain.


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