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a texture similar to calum ari. and innovative production techniques i've seen a vertical far before but never in a restaurant have to say this is great earthrise feeding the 1000000000 on a just. 3 sudanese opposition leaders say they have been forcibly deported to south sudan by the military joined as a nationwide strike continues. they are watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back people are also coming up at least 95 people were killed in an attack on an ethnic group in central mali the u.n. calls it an act of barbarism. iran accuses the u.s.
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of waging an economic war and asks germany and european leaders to do more to revive the 2050 nuclear deal plus. i'm something in. it city where it's model system of migrant integration is now at risk. and singing to save a dying language how a korean island is trying to preserve a cherished part of its cultural heritage. sudan's military has deported 3 opposition leaders to neighboring south sudan yassir armaan and the others were arrested last week they belong to one of the main rebel groups known as the sudan people's liberation movements north or the s.p.l. m.n. meanwhile military leaders say they've arrested several members of security forces who were. linked to attacks on unarmed protesters earlier this month it's not clear
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if members of the pan military group known as the rapid support forces were among them they were accused of the violent crackdown that killed more than 100 people and the u.s. is sending its top diplomat for africa to meet leaders of the june and the opposition. is expected to ask the 2 sides siri turned to negotiations that name has a report yasser armaan says when he was released from detention on monday he didn't realize that he and 2 of his fellow opposition leaders were being forced into exile he says they were put onto a military helicopter and flown to juba the capital of south sudan against their will to the house of. girls right where you are going to and then when we cross report out of south sudan very . very good to yourself and we say the military council is not serious about
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saving the revolution and implementing its goals we are calling upon all international organizations to support us in resisting the deportations. monday was the 2nd day of a general strike in sudan intended to paralyze the country and force the transitional military council's hand you know i mean martyrs have died a lot of things have happened with the civil uprising and a lot of people have been affected for those who say the civil disobedience isn't successful i saw it with my own eyes and these are lies. talks between the opposition and the military ground to a halt after a crackdown on a sit in a week ago the central committee of sudan doctors says almost 120 people died the health ministry says the death toll is half that an investigation is underway.
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a plan was to disperse the area and clean it up without getting closer to the main sit in area but mistakes were made when the plan was carried out not to let the situation let's just take into consideration that our forces never go deep into the civil area ethiopian prime minister ahmed met with opposition members on friday he left a delegation behind in the hopes they can help negotiate an end to the crisis but the gulf between the protesters and the military remains why with no sign power will be handed to the people of sudan natasha going to does iraq. meanwhile the united nations is refusing to hand over the premises of its peacekeeping mission in darfur to sudan's military leadership the joint di's issued a decree that the joint un and african union peacekeeping force in darfur give up the facilities the transitional military council. has decreed to the african union un mission in darfur known as unit to hand over its present promises as part
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of our withdrawal next year in 2022 the rapid support forces but that is not in keeping with our existing agreement with the sudanese government and our insistence that the facilities be used solely for civilian purposes the latest special report of the chairperson of the african union commission and the secretary general makes clear that the end users of all u.n. installations should be civilians it is important that units premises once handed over are used for the benefit of all the people of darfur an act of unspeakable barbarism that's how the un has described an attack on a village in central mali that scales nearly $100.00 people the government has gotten men attacked a village of the community and burned several houses in the mopti region no one has claimed responsibility for sunday's attack but there's been violence between doggone hunters and rival for any herders in the past they've been fighting for access to land and resources women and children were among those killed and the government says it will hold those responsible to account. at this moment
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a thought for those who once more have fallen on the motorist bullets and just how to act in a country from neighboring senegal there is nicolas hock explains what this attack means for the people of mali. the attack took place in the early hours in the morning where villagers were still asleep when men on motorbikes carrying machetes and guns killed people indiscriminately at least 95 people had been killed in this village called. do go on a village that's about 50 kilometers away from mookie which is in the center of mali you know no one has claimed responsibility for this attack the 1000000 security forces are on the ground to try to secure the area to ensure that there are no more attacks in the air and try to apprehend those that may have been responsible for this it comes just months before there was another attack dog on fighters then attacking full lonny villagers and what seems to be really an
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increase of intercommunal violence between the semi nomadic herders group that are the philosophies and the local doggone fighters each trying to vying for control of the land the fall on these for their animals and the dog ran for agriculture in this is of course the increase of violence in mali it comes just days before the u.n. security council is supposed to renew the mind mandate of the un peacekeeping force there are about 14000 men u.n. peacekeepers are supposed to bring back control of the country to the government of burma can but the situation have gone has gone from bad to worse with what seems to have started with armed groups fighting the government of burma who are now really hitting the very fabric of society where villagers are attacking each other's
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neighbors attacking each other along ethnic lines. in other world news germany's foreign minister is in iran looking for ways to save the 2050 nuclear deal heikal ma says a european financial system designed to avoid u.s. sanctions should be up and running soon the e.u. along with the rest of the signatories to the agreement are standing by its after the us with july. fairly. serious situation in the region as collusion of tension is becoming uncontrollable the military action wouldn't be in line with the interests of any party i have spoken with all the parties in my regional visit and no one has called for an escalation of tensions that's a message i'm convened from the region we had intensive talk today on the nuclear deal germany france and britain call for supporting and we are fulfilling our commitments we can't do any miracle in this regard but we are doing our utmost efforts to prevent the feeler of the deal in syria government in russian air
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strikes have killed at least 27 people in neighboring aleppo province's the attacks targeted dozens of towns and villages across the last rebel controlled territories in the north of the country the white helmets are syrian rescue groups says the majority of those killed were children president bashar assad's forces launch an offensive to recapture it laban parts of hama provinces in april more than $300000.00 people have been displaced and hospitals have been attacked since the beginning of the offensive hoofy media in yemen say they have carried out an attack on an ad base in southwestern saudi arabia claimed to have used drones to target the king holiday base in the town of hama shite it's roughly 100 kilometers away from the border with yemen. dozens of companies and businesses in hong kong say they will close on wednesday to let workers join another protest against a controversial extradition bill the city's leader is warning people against taking
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part in what she called a radical behavior carry law mistiming by the bill which facilitates extradition to mainland china after more than a 1000000 people marched against hits on sunday the u.s. says it's gravely concerned about the erosion of hong kong special legal status. u.s. president donald trump says he's open to the possibility of imposing further tariffs on chinese imports expected to meet chinese president xi jinping at the g 20 summit in japan this month earlier he threatened to raise tides if he couldn't reach a trade deal with she at the summit he's also repeated his claim that the a good for the us economy right now we're getting 25 percent or $250000000000.00 worth of goods a lot of money is pouring into our treasury we've never gotten $0.10 from china and that we're getting a lot of money from china and i think that's $1.00 of the reasons that g.d.p. was so high in the 1st quarter because of the tariffs that we've taken in from
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china we always have the option to raise it another 300000000000 to 25 percent and the 25 percent to be much. still ahead on the program the u.s. president makes more promises great guarding the mexico agreement to asylum seekers and the political and economic crises in venezuela take a toll on the sick and the vulnerable. hello we may have reached peak heat for a few days with little clouds in the sky for the most part with the exception being the high ground of iran and that of northern syria and turkey is a wind direction thing the changes he says 45 in baghdad is a forecast we've seen higher than that further south and clearly is cooler on the coast all this is normal and terran warming up to about 33 possibly helped if you
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near the coast of the caspian to cool things down a bit but then the wind brings in something a little bit cooler for baghdad down to 40 to 42 here it's all relative of course he's still going to be about 46 or 47 further south in basra for example shower still around in turkey probably increasing their frequency so maybe we'll see by the end the week something coming up the lebanese coast south of all this so well yes the winds might change things and frankly this is down the hot quiet time so 44 in doha about the same in mecca to get degrees if you like where waiting for the cloud to gather on the south coast of a mom of this is in a national moment is not persistent this mass here though is associated with a run off for developing soccer in the arabian sea probably heading for a good year out so if the arabian but instead to possibly sons to released in western yemen in western saudi it's dry.
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and natural resource that's gone untapped for more than 2 decades. of course. years before israel struck its. 0 world tells the untold story of gaza's un exploited gas fields gaza log in is it only made us of the palestinian it's so it's a lot of money and how this valuable resource could have transformed palestinian lives. because the gas deal on al-jazeera. hello again our top stories on al-jazeera sudan's military joined 43 opposition
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leaders to neighboring south sudan it happened on the 2nd day of a general strike called by protest leaders demanding a transition to civilian rule gunmen have killed nearly a 100 people in an attack on a village in central madi houses of the traditional doggone hunters were burned down during sunday's final and the un has described it as an act of unspeakable bob raised them and germany's foreign minister has visited iran looking for ways to save the 2015 nuclear deal heikal ma says a european financial system designed to avoid u.s. sanctions should be up and running so. u.s. president donald trump is promising to reveal more detail on last friday's agreement with mexico aimed at stemming the flow of asylum seekers across the border trump had threatened to mexico with tad of sun as a deal was reached a lot of good things are happening but i want to thank mexico and we do have one other thing that will be announced at the appropriate time but they have to get approval from their legislative body what is it why are the mexicans denying it. i
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don't think they'll be denying it it's all done from el paso at the us mexico border explains the. the deed on asylum seekers is there's a lot of confusion surrounding this so-called secret deal because the united states and mexico have very different versions of exactly what it amounts to president donald trump has tweeted that this is an agreement that has been signed and documented he called this an immigration security agreement with mexico but refuses to release further details however speaking with reporters mexico's foreign minister marcello broad this morning called it an agreement he said this is not a deal at all he did confirm that mexico has sent 6000 national guard troops throughout mexico to deter central american migrants from proceeding north he also said mexico is expanding this program of allowing central american asylum seekers to wait just south of the u.s. border as their cases wind through u.s.
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courts however both of those measures have been agreed upon months ago truncheon said is spinning this as a result of his hard line immigration measures that threatened by percent tariff which would have to take 10 to day and the result of fevered negotiations for mexico to avoid that threat to american conservatives have already many have supported trump saying that this was effective at his threats were in deed useful and having mexico capitulate however the real story is still to be revealed exactly what this agreement comes down to what is not in dispute is the fact that this border is under immense strain more than 130000 people were apprehended by border patrol they were asylum seekers in central america to cross the border illegally trying to seek a better life in the united states that was that 13 year high and here in el paso
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in this border behind me a few weeks ago more than a 1000 central american phylum seekers skirted this border fence. and surrender themselves to american authorities. in haiti opposition leaders have launched a 2 day strike amid protests demanding the resignation of president juvenile morey's government offices schools and businesses are closed protesters have put up roadblocks in the capital port au prince for a 2nd day or eases face months of demonstrations over allegations of the theft of billions of dollars from venezuelan oil subsidies and to venezuela now if thousands of people in need of medical care are suffering from the effects of the political and economic crisis health care workers holding the government responsible for medicine shortages and a decline in the health system the country had one of the best health care systems in south america just 25 years ago but u.s. sanctions and a collapsing economy have led to shortages of food and medicine the worsening conditions have taken their toll on the population as president nicolas maduro an
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opposition leader to continue their power struggle. but as well as once impressive medical system has dramatically declined over the decades the government hasn't released health care data in years making it difficult to know the full extent of the crisis but media reports research by n.g.o.s and people working in the sector paints a very bleak picture. of both how this exclusive report in february hostel in barcelona and venezuela released 14 children have died from contaminated water we were allowed to film because staff here say they want the world to see that they are unequipped to save children's lives you can see how desperate the situation is here there's several children on each one of business where people are telling us that there's no medicine for there are not enough syrian just among other things many of the children that are arriving here are dying from one day to another
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madeline in my teen years p.v. boy was one of them he was 2 months old on tuesday night he died he's 40 remains in the hospital because she hasn't been able to get together the money needed to buy a coffin in april human rights watch claim nicolas maduro is government for denying the humanitarian crisis blackouts and a lack of running water in public hospitals plus a major decline in immunization have caused a spike in mortality rates especially for infants some 3200000 children or one in 3 needs humanitarian assistance viruses and diseases have made a comeback according to human rights watch last year more than 9000 cases of measles were registered and at least 74 people died and more than 2500 suspected that feria cases have been reported since 201-6190 those are just from this year alone a malaria rose from 36000 cases in 2009 to 414000 in 2017
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while tuberculosis has hit an all time high and where hiv and aids medication was once given out for free venezuela is now the only country in the world where 9 out of 10 hiv registered patients are no longer receiving anti retroviral drugs. ken brown tells us something smashed is the name of a new op installation in colombia's capital its creator wants to highlight the killing of community leaders often by illegal mining companies criminal gangs militaries. went to see the work in. shattered glass or the lives shattered in a fragile peace process threatened activists from across colombia break pieces of glass then use them to write the names of community leaders killed for speaking up against illegal mining deforestation or drug trafficking. is usually not paris is one of the participants as
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a community leader defending women's rights she was tortured and left for dead by a paramilitary group for you know this is a please don't let my name could be among those written here and the saddest thing is the total impunity surrounding our cases we are remembering them we are telling them they cannot be forgotten or we are confronting the reality of hundreds of social leaders systematically killed in the lock on the policy to protect us. the piece called keep it and those are shattered is the brainchild of say the one of latin america's most influential artist who has done a number of works reflecting on colombia's conflict she calls the project undertaken in collaboration with colombia's truth commission volunteers and the national university a monumental act of mourning. beauty or. loss just like life is fragile and once broken it can't be fixed it can be restored this is a way to reflect on what's happening at an incredibly high rate and forces us to
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question what's causing it what's truly happening. $470.00 social leaders have been killed since the signing of the peace deal in 2016 as criminal gangs paramilitaries in this event rebels fight for control of territories once under fire influence and where the government has failed to intervene. in the last 13 youths more than 40 homes excluding valiantly that have been committed to the obvious people who were. working for the the new the old women for one day men tonight they did communities protecting the environment they were immensely for example the word democracy and the society gushing for. something the leaders fighting for their communities hope this artwork can help do the main being attention from those who live isolated from
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a conflict that is fractured to the country and for many continues unabated i listen to them. albania's governing socialist party has called a vote of no confidence in the country's president ilia mehta it's in response to his decision to postpone municipal elections the opposition has threatened to boycott the polls after leading months of anti-government protests the president says of all it would be undemocratic without their participation. now i was once seen as a symbol of integration a small town in southern italy where refugees and migrants were assured of a warm welcome now reaction has become a political battleground dentist the far right sets winning sonja gago has returned to the town to find out how it's changing. the new dawn says the new mayor with a new kind of message this says i'm going to 3 fully is the rebirth of the southern italian village. a place that made its mark to becoming
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a model of integration for my. and asylum seekers well then you may emerge from a list of independent candidates support also came from the far right and immigration league party vehemently against the previous model of integration they say it's time for a change. reaction needs to develop not just by repopulating itself with seekers but also to reassert its identity and to stand strong on its own 2 feet. but there is little in the way of detail as to how that will be achieved. or it will be a different welcome will have we will receive people were to go in brace directions to our to resist nations welcoming them with a glass of wine and piece of salami or. where once the streets were full of life there's scarcely anyone around now the government has cut funds which sustained projects here migrants who settled here are locked in to talk to anyone
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about the situation that's also the case for its aging population or this since the arrest of its former mayor. who's integration model was praised all over the world was investigated for allegedly aiding illegal immigration among other charges. from a global village to a rapidly deserted one the action is new league party backed mayor has promised a renewal of its fortunes but the problem here is as with so many other places in italy's poorest south is that there is a dying population and there are few incentives to attract people to come here you can project was routinely criticized by italy's league party leader and deputy prime minister met they are still beenie immigration policies have divided the country those who remain in riyadh share are fearing the worst. government which to
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enter and what look can are created here should not be destroyed he created an economic system which works here and can work throughout the country the small towns here suffer from the population there are no young people here as they've all left. the promises of the new mayor will be a challenge in this remote area if yet she is to come back from the brink it faces many here believe it will require a complete overhaul if it is to avoid the fate of dying out altogether sunny diagonal al-jazeera reaction southern italy. now the korean dialect. by fewer than $10000.00 people is not just a small population but also an aging one that inhabits an island off the korean peninsula and as rob mcbride reports and trying to save their language one word at a time. preparing for a concert these children are singing in
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a language that dates back thousands of years but could have a future numbering just a few. parents who've been listening to them rehearse the lyrics are mostly just memories from their own childhoods. when i was young i spoke at but after i started work i've rarely had opportunities to use the language with a cultural history that is probably as old as the rest of korea jeju has a unique language to match. but integration in more modern times combined with immigration and mass tourism have all taken their toll. but makes the language so endangered is that a low an estimated $10000.00 people still speak it nearly all of them are elderly and that unless something is done now within a few decades it could simply disappear. among the measures being taken by the island's government compulsory language classes in schools. and it's simle 10
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years use alongside standard korean in official documents to. the judge will languish on their pins the culture and spirit of the people it's part of the character of the island and we want to revive the people's culture identity through the languages tap i think another initiative a jew language hotline. language experts came soon just department undertook an ambitious exercise 15 years ago recording hundreds of hours of interviews with native jeju speakers. already she says many of the words and phrases in common use then have vanished it adds urgency to hold on to what's left on all that back hand rather than trying to resurrect the old language all goal is to extend the use of some of the more beautiful words and phrases into the modern
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language then the language will not disappear completely. to keep it alive at least in part for future generations rather than allowing it to slip away with the present generation of elderly islanders. macbride al-jazeera jeju south korea. force news now and the toronto raptors have blown their 1st chance to win the n.b.a. championships losing to the golden state warriors 106-2105 but the canadian steel canadian team still holds a 32 lead in the series rob reynolds has more from toronto. the mood here a drawn out tonight is one of disappointment but also of pride people here in the city gathered by the 10s of thousands in the streets outside the scotiabank arena to watch their beloved raptors play in game 5 of the n.b.a. series against the golden state warriors with the raptors 3 games to one people here were confident that their team would put the series where but it was not to be
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after following behind for most of the game the raptors surged ahead with moments to go only to lose by a single point now this team has united this diverse city like millen other and it has been our boma for basketball in the in this country in a day like none before this really for the raptors is not over game 6 of the n.b.a. final will be held in old clothes on june 13th. hello again i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera sudan's military jim to has reported 3 opposition leaders to neighboring south sudan it happened on the 2nd day of a general strike called by protest leaders demanding a transition to civilian rule the u.s.
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is sending a senior diplomat to try to restart talks between the 2 sides gunmen have killed nearly 100 people in an attack on a village in central mali houses of traditional doggone hunters were burned down during sunday's violence the un has described it as an act of unspeakable barbarism women and children. were among those killed and molly's government said it will hold those responsible to accounts. at this moment a thought for those who once more have fallen on the mudras bullets and just how to act in the country germany's foreign minister has visited iran looking for ways to save the 2050 nuclear deal says a european financial system designed to avoid u.s. sanctions should be up and running soon the e.u. and other signatories are standing by the agreement after the u.s. withdrawal from the deal last year. u.s. frozen donald trump says he's open to the possibility of imposing further tyrus on
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chinese imports trump's expected to meet chinese president xi jinping at the g. 20 summit in japan this month earlier he threatened to raise taxes if he couldn't reach a trade deal with she at the summit in haiti opposition leaders have launched a 2 day strike or made protests demanding the resignation of president. always has faced months of demonstrations over allegations of a theft of billions of dollars from venezuelan oil subsidies. and the toronto raptors of blown their 1st chance to win the n.b.a. championship losing to the golden state warriors 106105 the raptors to hold a 32 series lead in the finals they're aiming to make history on thursday by becoming the 1st canadian franchise to win the n.b.a. championship. those are the headlines on al-jazeera coming up next it's counting the costs stay with. stories generate thousands of headlines
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with different angles from different perspectives to separate the spin from the facts with the listening post on al-jazeera. elo on housing seeker this is counting the cost on your weekly look at the world of business and economics this week the trump doctrine a terrorist 1st negotiate 2nd who benefits the global economy slow. as mexico steps up security on its border with guatemala we find out how climate change is forcing many to seek opportunities abroad. and peak cars slumping vehicle sales on the rise of what was behind the attempt to merge with 10. so the direct impact of the u.s. china trade war has yet to materialize.


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