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willing to make plans and i just want a better life from around the wilds has been offered to those who leave against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crime. an act of barbarism the un to pull was an attack in central money that's left at least $95.00 people dead. this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up in the program. 3 sudanese opposition leaders say they've been deported to south sudan by the military joined as a nationwide strike continues. a suspended italian man who transformed his town by welcoming refugees goes on trial accused of breaking migration rules.
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will meet the south koreans speaking up to save a language at risk extinction. so that the united nations says it horrified by i'm attacked on a village in central mali that's killed nearly $100.00 people mali's government says gunmen attacked a village of the local community and burned several houses in the multi region no one has claimed responsibility for the raid which happened on sunday but there's been violence between dog and hunters and rival for lonnie's in the past they've been fighting for access to land and resources. well the u.n. special representative for mali says he is shocked and outraged by what he called an act of unspeakable barbarism. and if who heads the u.n. peacekeeping mission in mali added the threshold of the unbearable is reached it is time for a nationwide outcry when he also called on mali to find those responsible and bring
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them to justice something the president has promised to do. at this moment a thought for those who once more have fallen under murderous bullets an unjust and cowardly act in-joke own country. ok well let's move on now to. what it's enough from algiers nicholas hacker tells us more from neighboring senegal. the attack took place in the early hours in the morning where villagers were still asleep when men on motorbikes carrying machetes and guns killed people indiscriminately at least 95 people had been killed in this village called. do go on a village that's about 50 kilometers away from mookie which is in the center of mali you know no one has claimed responsibility for this attack the 1000000 security forces are on the ground to try to secure the area to ensure that there are no more
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attacks in the air and try to apprehend those that may have been responsible for this it comes just months before there was another attack dog on fighters then attacking full lonny villagers and what seems to be really an increase of intercommunal violence between the semi nomadic herders group that are the philosophies and the local doggone fighters each trying to vying for control of the land the fall on these for their animals and the dog ran for agriculture in this is of course the increase of violence in mali it comes just days before the u.n. security council is supposed to renew the mind mandate of the un peacekeeping force there about 14000 men u.n. peacekeepers are supposed to bring back control of the country to the government of burma can but the situation have gone has gone from bad to worse with what seems to
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have started with armed groups fighting the government of burma who are now really hitting the very fabric of society where villagers are attacking each other's neighbors attacking each other along ethnic lines. in nigeria gunmen have raided villages in northwestern sokoto state killing at least 43 people police say they've arrested a number of suspects several communities have taken up arms to defend themselves against cattle theft and kidnapping i would address has more now from lake of us the latest attacks in such a state underlines how desperate the situation in northwest nigeria is becoming until a year ago suggested is considered one of the safest and years in the northwest of nigeria however within 6 months everything changed and now the violence is spreading to neighboring states out of the 7 states in north western nigeria more than 4 of them i desperately asking for federal government assistance to deal with
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the problem of punditry now despite the best efforts of what the nigerian security forces are saying they're making. becoming more and more precarious in northwest niger he tired religious up inside by these attackers considered to be bandits by security forces on the government of nigeria to sudan where the military has deported 3 opposition leaders to neighboring south sudan yes our men and the others were arrested last week they belong to one of the main rebel groups known as the sudan people's liberation movement north all the s.p.l. and meanwhile military leaders say they've arrested several members of security forces who were linked to attacks on protesters earlier this month still clear if members of the paramilitary group known as a rapid support forces were among them they were accused of the violent crackdown that killed more than 100 people meanwhile the united states is sending its top diplomats for africa to meet leaders of the june turn the opposition t.-bone is
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expected to ask the 2 sides to return to negotiations it's going to end this report . yes or armand says when he was released from detention on monday he didn't realize that he and 2 of his fellow opposition leaders were being forced into exile he says they were put onto a military helicopter and flown to juba the capital of south sudan against their will if. you like going in and then when we cross the border but of south sudan very. very good to us and we say the military council is not serious about saving the revolution and implementing its goals we are calling upon all international organizations to support us in resisting the deportations. monday was the 2nd day of a general strike in sudan intended to paralyze the country and force the transitional
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military council's hand you know my. martyrs have died a lot of things have happened with the civil uprising and a lot of people have been affected for those who say the civil disobedience isn't successful i saw it with my own eyes and these are lies. talks between the opposition and the military ground to a halt after a crackdown on a sit in a week ago the central committee of sudan doctors says almost 120 people died the health ministry says the death toll is half that an investigation is under way if. you would a plan was to disperse the area and clean it up without getting closer to the main sit in area but mistakes were made when the plan was carried out not to let the situation let's just take into consideration that our forces never go deep into the city. ethiopian prime minister ahmed met with opposition members on friday
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he left a delegation behind in the hopes they can help negotiate an end to the crisis but the gulf between the protesters and the military remains why with no sign power will be handed to the people of sudan natasha going to aim. well from washington. and u.s. diplomatic efforts. tabler not she was the assistant secretary for african affairs is going to be meeting with both leaders of the military home currently in charge in khartoum as well as with leaders of the opposition to urge them to i get back to discussions in order to bring about a civilian led government the u.s. has been very concerned large frankly by the violence carried out by the especially of a week ago monday and it says that this is putting in jeopardy the chances for sudan to emerge from 30 years of military dictatorship the united nations is
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refusing to hand over the premises of its mission in darfur to the military joint there's been joint peacekeeping force with the african union in sudan since 2007 and some of the joneses leadership is suspected of being tied to violence and abuses in the region in the early 2000 is full of president bashir created the genuine militia to suppress an uprising in the western region of darfur that bipasha is close ally mohamad done to go also known as a mentee the judge of militia is believed to have killed at least 300000 people and displaced more than 2000000 others in the awful years later the january joined sudan's military as the rapid support forces of the best it was ousted in april the r s f join the transitional military council with him in its step to lead the r.s.s. fled the assault on protesters which resulted in the death of more than $100.00 people last week behind over the mission's facilities as part of a withdrawal plan drawn up last july but the u.n.
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says it can end up in the military's hands. the transitional military council. has decreed to the african union un mission in darfur known as unit to hand over its present promises as part of our withdrawal next year in 2022 the rapid support forces but that is not in keeping with our existing agreement with the sudanese government and our insistence that the facilities be used solely for civilian purposes the latest special report of the chairperson of the african union commission and the secretary general makes clear that the end users of all u.n. installations should be civilians it is important that units premises once handed over are used for the benefit of all the people of darfur dozens of companies and businesses in hong kong say they'll close on wednesday so their employees can join another protest against a controversial extradition bill hong kong's leaders meanwhile are warning people against what they describe as radical behavior standing by the bill which if approved is expected will allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china as many
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as a 1000000 marched against the proposed law on sunday. by food i'm urging schools parents organizations businesses and unions to seriously consider if they encourage such radical behavior what good does it do for hong kong society everybody should know there are consequences when you break the law these consequences have a huge impact on both adults and young people and hungry recovery teams brought out forebodings from the hall of a sunken to about these with these scenes moments ago from the capital to the past 28 people drowned including 2 crew members an apology of south korean tourists when the vessel was struck from behind by a cruise ship in the danube river in may the ship's captain is being detained as a suspect but his lawyers insist he did nothing wrong. well the weather's coming up ben. i'm in. it city where it's model system of migrant integration is now at risk. also more on the warning
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that plans are disappearing at a much faster rate than before the industrial revolution. heller the reports on monday of large hail anywhere from west in switzerland have 2 sons in germany in this line of cloud it doesn't look much i know that's what you've been reported as producing and that line goes up over night over western germany ends up during the day on tuesday summer of denmark 07 sweden so that could be interesting at the same time out to the west another area of low pressure developing remember is june and it is an ark it but this is what's happening keeping much of northwestern europe windy wet disappointing for the time of year that's happening in the west and will continue to happen in the bay of biscay
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hosting a developing low that's for wednesday further east it's just been settled in increasingly warm and vienna's temperatures 33 and despite what might have been happening in southern sweden even that's quite and that to some degree disappointing 14 for more sources was on occasional showers thunderstorms and that's true in turkey as well over the water well trendy and there's not much going on that streak of cloud is probably just that the temperature in tunis is come down a bit to 27 of course not really because the sun's been taken away still to turn ribot might be disappointing again the amount of sunshine but it remains hot of course he shipped. after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can now know on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior.
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artificial intelligence can monitor ombudsman. and decide on a future the big picture because the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine. on al-jazeera. are going to what she does are a reminder about top stories this the united nations has described the deadly attack on a village in central mali that's killed nearly a 100 people. act of unspeakable barbarism government says gunmen raided a village of the building community and burned several houses in the multi region.
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gunmen in nigeria have attacked villages in northwestern sokoto states killing at least 43 people they say they've arrested a number of suspects. sudan's military gender has deported 3 opposition leaders in neighboring south sudan in general strike is entering its 3rd day as protesters demanding a transition to civilian rule. now then the trial of a suspended mayor of a small italian town is due to start later on tuesday domenico luciana known for his migration friendly policies was arrested last year last october accused of aiding illegal immigration which i know gained international fame for transforming his shrinking community by welcoming migrants while our correspondents want to go joins us live now from tell us more about why this is such a significant case. good morning nic yes so we have just seen in fact the former mayor dominical who can enter into
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the court quite emotional really he has come to symbolize exactly this very deeply divided debate that is taking place in the in this is really been taken up even more powerfully ever since the government the coalition government came into being march last year course imparts headed by the far right and see immigration lead party the leader of which method is also the country's interior minister has made in effect mr luker no almost a public enemy number one for crashing against his anti immigration rhetoric now mr lou cannon himself is by what he has done in riyadh share he remains very proud of the facts and just consider over the years that this model of integration has been existing there have been some 6000 migrants and asylum seekers
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that have gone through reaction pass through its system and it created an enabled a bustling village a dying village in effect of the dying population to come to life again where schools are reopened businesses were opened of course but that system of that model was suspended back in october and as a consequence the town has really gone back to a sort of sleepy type of nature again a lot of people who live there very saddened by how it's happened but mr mcconnell says himself that he is absolutely determined that he stands by what he's done and that he hopes that his hope is that this system of integration can continue. our new dawn says the new man with a new kind of message this says i'm going to be fully is. the rebirth of the southern italian village of a place that made its mark the becoming
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a model of integration for migrants and asylum seekers while the new mayor emerged from a list of independent candidates support also came from the far right anti immigration league party vehemently against the previous model of integration they say it's time for a change. in your reaction needs to develop not just by repopulating itself with seekers but also to reassert its identity and to stand strong on its own 2 feet. but there is little in the way of detail as to how that will be achieved. it will be a different welcome will have received people with. directions to our to resist the nation's growth coming down with a glass of wine and piece of salami or. where once the streets were full of life there's scarcely anyone around now the government has cut funds which sustained projects here migrants who settled here are locked in to talk to anyone
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about the situation that's also the case for its aging population or this since the arrest of its former mayor. who's integration model was praised all over the world was investigated for allegedly aiding illegal immigration among other charges. from a global village to a rapidly deserted one reaction is new league policy backed may has promised a renewal of its fortunes but the problem here is as with so many other places in italy's poorest south is that there is a dying population and there are few incentives to attract people to come here you can project was routinely criticized by italy's league party leader and deputy prime minister met they are still beenie immigration policies have divided the country those who. remain in office fearing the worst little game in which to enter
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and what created here should not be destroyed he created an economic system which works here and can work throughout the country the small towns here suffer from the population there are no young people here as they've all left. the promises of the new mayor will be a challenge in this remote area if yet she is to come back from the brink it faces many here believe it will require a complete overhaul if it is to avoid the fate of dying out altogether. some of the charges that mr mcconnell and $26.00 others have been facing have since been overturned by italy's supreme court but he still faces all the charges relating to allegations that occurred on to his administration nevertheless he is determined to fight on for the of course this doesn't make him any less of a symbol for people who believe in his cause not just in italy but also over the
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world nic thanks very much indeed scientific of reporting there from. now lebanon says one of its citizens who has been jailed in iran is set to be released these are zarko was arrested in 2015 over accusations that he spied for the united states has u.s. residency and was visiting iran for a conference when he was determined never to internal security chief is set to oversee his release state media said he will be handed over to hezbollah as a share of respect to its leader hassan nasrallah the u.s. state department says it is unimpressed with the latest warnings coming from iran its foreign minister. zarif says the united states can expect to stay safe if it continues an economic war against his country donald trump has imposed sanctions since withdrawing from the 2015 iran nuclear deal and deploying more military assets to the gulf region. making threats using nuclear blackmail and terrorizing other nations is typical behavior for the revolutionary regime in
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tehran tomorrow they will probably threaten once again to close the strait of hormuz we aren't impressed iran faces a simple choice it can either behave like a normal nation or watch it's a kind of crumble when all the world the united nations has confirmed iran is increasing production of enriched uranium iran had warned it would be stopped but if there was no progress on lifting sanctions head of the u.n. nuclear agency said it's unclear whether the latest levels violate the agreement i prefer not to mention the specifics. due to frustration but i can say that piece of production increased. accordance with the latest measurement hillary mann leverett is a former white house national security official and she says while things look bad there's still hope that varistors amount of efforts will work out. i would put some hope and i would remain very cautious about this and i don't want to heighten expectations but i have some hope in the japanese prime minister aves visit to iran
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i think later this week or even perhaps even tomorrow at this point can someone regarded as a good friend of president trump and someone who is regarded as a as a neutral fair arbiter i think by many in iran japan also has vital energy security interests and vital economic interests both in its relationship with the us and with iran and has tried to really pursue a very careful approach to both countries i have some hope in that visit that that at least could defuse tensions for the european union for the european union it's a very difficult situation because president trump doesn't have very much regard i'm sorry to say for his german counterpart and germany is really the powerhouse of the european union so without a good relationship there there's no real u.s. support for the europeans to make good on their end of the iran nuclear agreement so i don't have a lot of hope in that channel but perhaps for perhaps for japan perhaps for qatar
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for iraq for oman those channels i would put a little bit more hope in to defuse the tension oh baby is governing such this policy is cool to vote of no cold through in the country's president your method it's a response to his decision to postpone municipal elections you know position has threatened to boycott the polls to sudan to go producers president says a vote would be undemocratic without the poultice. no validity but people are people going on will be reduced to read it evaluating the situation the country is going through and the language of hitcher it being used on all political sides as the president of the republic i know that there is a real danger that albania is moving towards an unpredictable escalation of social tension that may have uncontrollable consequences as the head of the stairs and representative of the people's unity i consider this moment to be a serious threat to public security to democratic stability calmness and social peace in the country. that implants are the basis of all life on earth providing
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the oxygen we breathe in the food that we new report warns that's all under threat because vegetation is disappearing much faster and species higher up the food chain these things and study found at least $570.00 plant species have been wiped out since the mid seventy's hundreds of this extinction rate is $500.00 times greater than before the industrial revolution ironically the quest for food is one of the main causes of the decline specifically the destruction of natural habitats as we've converted land for farming and agriculture or to mirror one stove is a plant taxonomists to the u.k.'s role botanic gardens which commission report as she explained how plant extensions will have a devastating cascade effect plants make the infrastructure of ecosystems plants built ecosystems as well as give everybody food and air so without plants everything else will go too and we don't even understand exactly how all life is dependent on one another we must stop taking plants for granted people walk plants
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every day without even noticing them but many many plants in tropical countries haven't been documented yet we don't know how many species that route. opposition leaders in haiti have announced a 2 day strike as protests go on against the president you have a number of these government offices schools and businesses are closed and demonstrators have roadblocks in a couple of friends for a 2nd day demanding more is resign over corruption. the language of jazz you is spoken by fewer than $10000.00 people it's not just a small population but an aging one that lives on an island off the korean peninsula bride went there to find out how speakers are trying to save their language one word at a time. preparing for a concert these children are singing in a language that dates back thousands of years but could have a future numbering just a few. parents who've been listening to them rehearse the lyrics
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are mostly just memories from their own childhoods. when i was young i spoke at but after i started work i've rarely had opportunities to use the language with a cultural history that is probably as old as the rest of korea jeju has a unique language to match. but integration in more modern times combined with immigration and mass tourism have all taken their toll. what makes the language so endangered is that so low an estimated $10000.00 people still speak it nearly all of them are elderly and that unless something is done now within a few decades it could simply disappear. among the measures being taken by the island's government compulsory language classes in schools. and it's similar taney it's use alongside standard korean in official documents. he is the judge
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will languish on their peons their culture and spirit of the people it's part of the character of the island and we want to revive the people culture. through the language of tap i think another initiative a jew language hotline. language expert kim soon just department undertook an ambitious exercise 15 years ago recording hundreds of hours of interviews with native jeju speakers already she says many of the words and phrases in common use then have vanished it adds urgency to hold on to what's left when all that. had been rather than trying to resurrect the old language our goal is to extend the use of some of the more beautiful words and phrases into the modern language then the language will not disappear completely. to keep it alive at least in part for future generations rather than allowing it to slip away with
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the present generation of elderly islanders. macbride al-jazeera jeju south korea. going to bring you some sports news now on the toronto raptors have blair in the fast chance to win the n.b.a. championship losing to the golden state warriors 106205 reynolds has more now from toronto. the mood here drawn out tonight is one of disappointment but also of pride the people here in this city gathered by the 10s of thousands in the streets outside the scotiabank arena to watch their beloved raptors play in game 5 of the n.b.a. series against the golden state warriors with the raptors up 3 games to one people here were confident that their team would win the series from way but it was not to be after falling behind for most of the game the raptors surged ahead with moments
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to go only to lose a single point now this team has united this diverse city like none other and it has been a moment for basketball in the in this country in canada like none before and the journey for the raptors is not over game 6 of the n.b.a. final will be held in the old plug on june 13th. so this is out 0 these are the top stories and the u.n. says it's horrified by an attack on a village in central mali that's killed nearly $100.00 people mali's government says gunman attacked a village of the dog and community and bent several houses in the multi region no one has claimed responsibility for the raid which happened on sunday but there's been violence between adult on the rival fernand is in the past they've been fighting for access to land and resources. in nigeria gunmen have raided villages
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in north west in sokoto state killing at least 43 people they say they've arrested a number of suspects several communities that have taken up arms to defend themselves against cattle theft looting and kidnapping sudan's military joined to has deported 3 opposition leaders to neighboring south sudan a general strike is entering its 3rd day as protesters demand a transition to civilian rule the united states is sending a senior diplomat to try to restart talks between the 2 sides dozens of companies and businesses in hong kong say they will close on wednesday so their employees can join another protest against a controversial extradition bill hong kong's leaders meanwhile are warning people against what they describe as radical behavior as standing by the bill which if approved as expected well allows suspects to be extradited to mainland china as many as a 1000000 marched against the proposed rule on sunday. in hungary rescue teams have brought out 4 bodies from the hull of a sunken to the boat these were the scenes not long ago in the capital budapest 28
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people drowned including 2 crew members and a party of south korean terse when the vessel was struck from behind by a cruise ship in the danube river on in may the ship's captain is being detained as a suspect but his lawyers insist he did nothing wrong lebanon says one of its citizens who's been jailed in iran is set to be released. zakhar was arrested in 2015 accusations that he spied for the united states zakhar has u.s. residency and was visiting iran for a conference when he was detained while lebanon's internal security chief is set to oversee his release radian state media said that he will be handed over to hezbollah as a show of respect to its leader hassan nasrallah all right up to date with headlines here another there coming next it is insights for life in the. with the 30 years the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled the one on one east meets the
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remarkable people risking their lives to help to decide to afghanistan on al-jazeera. the biggest protest since hong kong was handed back to china 22 years ago and many people are angry it's an extradition bill that could see suspects tried on the mainland so what could this mean for the city's future this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program on the dennis the controversial plan has provoked a hated debate about the future of hong kong the government has proposed a new law which would allow the suspects in serious crimes to be sent to countries
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where there's no extradition agreement that this is led to the biggest protests since the semi autonomous territory was returned to chinese rule that was in 1900.


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