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banned from beirut a lebanese businessman convicted of spying for the u.s. has released from an iranian prison. the whole rahman this is their life my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes concerns about ethnic tensions in mali as 95 people were killed in an attack. also another day of empty street clothes shops in sudan as a civil disobedience campaign continues against the military.
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the south korean speaking up to save a language at risk of extinction. welcome to the program a lebanese businessman who spent 4 years in a rainy and prison is almost back in beirut there's a scene here on the left is also a u.s. permanent resident he was detained in 2015 well visiting iran for a conference and sentenced to 10 years in jail on charges of spying for washington his release comes at a time of rocketing tensions between iran and the u.s. but iran's judiciary says this is purely a legal matter and has nothing to do with politics. we received a request from the zakah for his release because it is good behavior the president ministrations supported his release after the lebanese president has blasted ported mr zaka release short of that he would not commit any further criminal acts the
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court finally issued a conditional release order all these procedures are carried out according to the purely judicial procedure and the subject is not linked to any political file or exchange file dosage of ari has more than to iran. analysts are saying that nothing really is here is without all its own politics specifically at a time when iran is in a at a crossroads really in terms of what it holds in its future in terms of the deal it has with the international powers about its disputed nuclear program this although he's not an american citizen he is a green card holder this i.t. expert who was in tehran for a conference he's been released as a sign of good will gesture many here believe because we are expecting the japanese prime minister to make his 1st official state visit to the iranian capital on wednesday where he will be talking to a new president as well as the foreign minister so we believe that this was done at
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a time when things are really critical in the islamic republic and many here believe that this was a sign of good gesture to a certain extent bear in mind they did not release an american citizen but somebody who all the green card so it's not a complete good will gesture but something that is seen as a positive step of course over to say that he's following about force from the lebanese capital beirut when this plane loans what can we expect in terms of the timeline of what happens next. well ms are accompanied by the head of the general security about brahim when they land in bed with ms arias that karl will immediately head to the presidential palace he will be met by the president michel aoun and what we understand his brother and his sisters are also inside the palace we are also hearing word that he may issue a brief statement so we're waiting for news or is that going to arrive in beirut
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the timing of his release really raising a lot of questions because efforts to secure his freedom are not new they've been going on for months now and about the head of the general security the man who has been mediating he was last in the head on in august 2018 he actually met in in prison and so people are saying why now why has he been released now and many are linking this really to the rising tensions between the united states and iran and that this is some sort of a veiled message to the trumpet ministration from the iranian authorities that look we can make a deal this is a positive gesture we're hearing word from the state department that they're actually welcoming that release them saying and hoping that this is the 1st sign for other u.s. detainees to be released or for the moment that they will leave it there of course and come back to you once that plane lands thank you now the u.s. is welcome zikos release and praise the efforts all the lebanese leaders a state department spokesman said that mr zucker was unjustly detained in iran for
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almost 4 years we hope that mr zak his release is a positive sign for american detainees in the role can be tons more from washington d.c. . well the u.s. sees this as a positive sign in the statement from the u.s. state department it continues to call on iran to release what the united states says are other missing and wrongfully detained american citizens still in captivity now this of course comes at a time of tension escalating tension between the united states and iran the u.s. continuing to exert its so-called maximum pressure campaign not just tough economic sanctions but also the positioning of a carrier strike group in the persian gulf it is notable in all of this that is our zaka son met with the u.s. secretary of state mike pompei earlier this year urging him to secure his father's release we also know that the iranian foreign minister for his part earlier this year offered to discuss prisoner releases with the united states very much viewed
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as and signed by iran it wished to pursue diplomacy however the united states rejected that offer from iran so it is not clear at this time if the united states had any overt involvement in the release of news are zaka only that this is a time where the 2 countries continue to escalate tensions the united states continuing to pursue its maximum pressure campaign now the u.n. says it's horrified by the time consentual mali that's killed nearly $100.00 people only the government says gunmen the time to village of can community and burn several houses in the muck to reach and no one has claimed responsibility for the raid which happened on sunday but there's been violence between the duggan people and for lonnie rivals in the past they've been fighting for access to land and resources victoria be ripples. it was a surprise attack in the middle of the night men on motorbikes wielding machetes
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and guns looking for people from the doggone ethnic group men women and children were killed and others injured in the attack is similar to another 3 months ago when suspected dog unarmed men killed 160 felony villages in august saguenay near the border with the kenya fassel. mali president abraham day because kater held a minute's silence for the victims during an official visit to switzerland and at this moment a thought for those who once more have fallen on the motorist bullets an unjust and cowardly act in the country felonies on a magic herders who move in search of fodder for their cattle villages resent them invading their farmland and those disagreements often turn violent. there are 13000 u.n. peacekeeping troops in mali to protect people from armed groups linked to al qaeda increasingly they're dealing with fighting between neighboring villages the united
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nations system in mali is mobilizing to provide humanitarian assistance to help people affected the mission also provided air support this morning in support of the mali a government to prevent future a further attacks there if it is the intercommunal conflict is escalating this year has seen some of the deadliest incidents of ethnic violence in mali in a generation everybody know that the government is missing in action it is not going to send its image to address the lack of presence of the states in places where they are coming out of strife between the for dummies the goals of. the attack in march led to several military commanders being sacked but many mali and say the government and u.n. forces need to do much more to stop the bloodshed victoria gate and be al jazeera. our correspondent allison joins me now from ali's couple bamako and he's on the phone nic obviously certain suspects in
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a region that is very volatile but no one has yet claimed responsibility. there's many. groups in the area. in march. on the villagers. the leader. calls on the. sides there. are. sponsored militia. there for targets or. active in the area of course the ongoing issues that we've seen between these groups really sent. land and food and it seems that the president himself now having commented in switzerland in victoria's report really is going to have to
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take control of the situation and try and find a long term solution to what really is a has been an ethnic conflict absolutely we've seen. the demonstrations. march following this attack on the population where people to the streets to protest. protest against the president for. progress that their. security. basic necessities like you say these areas where there's been attacks. the state is not. the root of the problem it's noted mediation effort if they're gone and there's no local mayor mayor or or feet authority that could retaliate you know the conflict that are at the heart of it conflict around as you mentioned and.
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having access to it. illyrian in the height of the drive where. oppression. i really felt free. and lack of. it for the moment we'll leave it there nic of course and follow events as and when we get more information from government sources thank you very much. now staying in staying on the african continent 19 people being killed in the tank in neighboring became a fan so it happened in the northern town of the identity of the attackers is still unknown groups have killed hundreds in recent months forcing $150000.00 people to flee their homes sudan's protest leaders have vowed to continue their general strike which is now in its 3rd day businesses are closed in a show defiance against the military genter after a crackdown on a protest camp last week that left dozens of people dead the military says it's
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arrested security forces personnel involved in the violence but opposition downs that it's being investigated properly. meanwhile amidst international says it has new evidence of rights abuses in sudan's darfur region the rights group says it has satellite pictures and testimonies of confirm government forces and armed groups attacked 45 villages between july 28th and february this year it also documented other abuses including unlawful killing sexual violence and false displacement u.n. peacekeepers also to withdraw from the region and amnesty is warning that this could put civilians at risk. still ahead here on al-jazeera a suspended italian who transformed his time by well to be refugees comes on trial accused of breaking immigration laws. celebrations of botswana's hard courts where judges have decriminalized homosexuality in a landmark ruling. hello
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there we've had relentless rain over parts of china recently take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud here that is normal at this time of year that does bring us wet weather at this time of year but it's been particularly heavy and these pictures are from asia and in the young she province and you can see the amount of water that's collected on the ground there we're expecting plenty more over the next few days as well you can see all the clouds here across the southern parts and that's where it's going to stay so plenty of rain then during the day on wednesday and on thursday if anything on thursday that system just pushes a little bit further towards the south so still this southeastern corner of china is going to see some very heavy downpours and there is likely to be more in the way of flooding over towards india and we're watching this area of cloud very closely because this has now developed into a tropical cycle and it's running its way towards the north so for some of us it's
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going to bring us some very very wet weather behind it is going to pull plenty of showers along the west coast of india and then the center of that storm is likely to make landfall around. now still those showers will be falling to the south of it and to the north the winds will be pulled in from inland so the temperatures for many of us ahead of that storm will be rising for kharaj she will be all the way up to 40 degrees it will be incredibly hot for us on thursday. it was diluted the futuristic bullet train that 1st drew me to japan in those 2 decades ago trains reflecting the kind of things that occurring around it japan is aging the birth rate is falling and the lines and losing money having experienced both the rule railway and high speed i hope the one will not be neglected to the other off the rails
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a journey through japan on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching our deserves a whole runaround of our top stories lebanese business one journal that iran for years is about to be freed and is on the way to beirut and it's ours i can see here on the left has us residency and was detained in 2015 after visiting iran for a conference cyclist used to being an american spy and sentenced to 10 years in prison. the u.n. has described the attack in central mali that killed nearly $100.00 people as an act of unspeakable barbarism the government says government raided a village of the dough going community and burnt several houses in the mopti region
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. also sudan's protest leaders about to continue their general strike which is now in its 3rd day businesses are closed in a show of defiance against the militant after a crackdown on the protest camp. last week that left dozens of people that. another mass protest is planned in hong kong as politicians debate a controversial extradition bill for justice have already started. outside the legislative council now these are live pictures earlier pro-democracy leaders surrounded the legislative council president of the cherry not debate underland says that he's aiming to put the bill for a vote in 9 days an estimated 1000000 marchers took part in sunday's rally against the bill the city's leader has warned against companies and businesses encouraging employees to join wednesday's planned rally and build life for you i'm urging schools parents organizations businesses and unions to seriously consider if they encourage such radical behavior what good does it do for hong kong society
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everybody should know there are consequences when you break the law these consequences have a huge impact on both adults and young people. china's leaders continue to voice support for hong kong's and battling to carry law who you just heard a jim brown reports in beijing about where legal experts are defining the proposed law. china began aggressively pursuing chinese fugitives over seas 5 years ago that's when president xi jinping began an anti corruption campaign that continues in the words of state media some suspects were persuaded to return others were extradited from one of more than 30 countries that now have a treaty with china criminal lawyer junkie why represented 2 suspects who ended up on a plane back to china both receive suspended jail terms proof he says that the rights of suspects are being safeguarded in china. some people in hong kong
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oppose or warry about setting up an extradition system with china and i personally think is unnecessary because the positives ice way open right the negative side because he says it would ultimately help to reduce crime in both hong kong and china chinese officials say there's nothing sinister about hong kong needing a new expedition law they say the territory has become a haven from justice for hundreds of criminals who can't be prosecuted because of the legal loophole china's legal system is controlled by the communist party and say critics is biased towards a presumption of guilt especially in high profile or politically sensitive cases like those involving human rights lawyers government statistics report a 99 percent conviction rate in 2017 just a woman is one of a handful of activists still prepared to talk to the foreign media he says the hong
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kong protesters are right to resist the planned new extradition law sending certain war since i hong kong is the only place in their communist rule. people can take to the streets to express their opinions and i support them the last time we did that in mainland china was 30 years ago. china's state media says the violence after sunday's rally in hong kong was premeditated and planned. but concedes the protest was a reminder that more needs to be done to explain why the law change is necessary adrian brown al jazeera beijing. botswana's high court has ruled in favor of decriminalizing homosexuality. there were scenes of jubilation when the unanimous ruling was handed down in the capital got the judges said the colonial era legislation was discriminatory unconstitutional and against the public interest
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a similar case went the other way in kenya a month ago when the country's high court upheld anti homosexuality laws that is an advocacy director for the pan africa international lesbian gay bisexual trans and intersex o.c.a. she says the judgment could have widespread ramifications throughout africa for the l g b t q community. the judgment is very significant because it sets a precedent for the rest of the countries in africa especially those who form part of the commonwealth countries in africa and we are at a point now where we are repossessing the narrative and doing away with colonial laws which view homosexuality and clearness as pervasive or rather subversive in nature it is a very important judgment is also. the introduction of a turn of a new tide in africa where we are now having to be forced to actually see that
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these colonial laws do not belong to africa and rather reclaiming our queer stories in africa i think the lessons that can be learned from south africa in particular are just a recognition of. you know our g.b.t. i rides being for human rights and also that it does not stop it decriminalization now they need to be recognition of queer people and they need to be protection of here right so for instance you're supposed to be able to adopt you're supposed to be able to marry you're supposed to be able to do everything that is an inherent right to any heterosexual person so i think those are important things that we do not only stop a decriminalization but we go further and introduce protections for specific individuals so that they can have access to health care so that they can have access to education and do not remain marginalized in the community to europe now
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will solve it cruisin hungry have lifted a sign saying broke from the river danube in budapest they recovered 4 bodies from the wreckage 2 weeks after it capsized with a group of south korean tourists on board the mermaid boat sank after a larger cruise ship hit from behind during heavy rain 19 south korean taurus and hungary increment were previously confirmed. the trial of 12 council and separatist leaders is coming to a close in spain they're accused of defying a court to help organize an independence referendum 2 years ago 9 of the 12 are charged with rebellion the defendants deny the session bid involved any violence. they suspended over a small italian town is standing trial accused of aiding illegal immigration when it's your look or no is known for transforming is shrinking community by welcoming refugees sonia reports of where immigration policy has become a highly divisive political issue he won praise for integrating migrants in the
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town he ran but dominical connell is a man in exile he's no longer allowed back to his hometown of riyadh chair even though he made the remote southern italian village well known for its welcome to outsiders now he's facing trial for allegedly aiding illegal immigration your friend to the show it was in the room i've made a choice as mayor to support people who have no voice pushing for that every day because i believe in a human society. this is the reaction is new mayor antonio 3 foot he made his inaugural speech on sunday promising a new dawn for the village with the help of the far right immigration league party vehemently against the previous mode of integration and they say it's time for change they threw their support behind the fully resawing your reaction needs to develop not just barely populating itself to phylum speakers but also by only
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a 3rd thing is identity and standing strong went on to feet where once the streets were full of life there's scarcely anyone around now the government has cut funds which sustained projects here migrants who settled here are locked in to talk to anyone about the situation that's also the case for its aging population while look at those integration model was praised all over the world there were plenty who didn't agree with him and he was investigated for allegedly abetting illegal immigration amongst other charges could even face time in prison from a global village to a rapidly deserted one reaction is new league policy backed may has promised a renewal of its fortunes but the problem here is as with so many other places in italy's poorest south is that there is a dying population and there are few incentives to attract people to come here mcconnell's project was routinely criticized by italy's leak party leader and
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deputy prime minister. whose anti immigration policies have divided the country those who remain in riyadh share are fearing the worst. moment was to end what is you cannot create it here should not be destroyed he created an economic system which works here and can work throughout the country the small towns here suffer from the population there are no young people here as they've all left the promises of the new mayor will be a challenge in this remote area if he actually is to come back from the brink it faces many here believe it will require a complete overhaul if it is to avoid the fate of dying out altogether so new diagonal al-jazeera reaction southern italy. now u.s. president donald trump is promising to reveal more details about last friday's agreement with mexico aimed at reducing the number of refugees and migrants coming across the border trump had threatened tariffs on mexican products unless
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a deal was reached a lot of good things are happening but i want to thank mexico and we do have one other thing that will be announced at the appropriate time but they have to get approval from their legislative body what is it why are the mexicans and i get there. i don't think they'll be denying it. emergency workers say they fear they they're relieved that a helicopter crash on top of a building in new york wasn't much more worse it came down on monday evening just north of manhattan's times square the pilot who was the only one on board was killed but no one in the building was hurt investigators say that he'd been trying to make an emergency landing. and in bolivia protesters opposing president evo morales his bid for a 4th term have marched in the capitol police removed protesters near the electoral headquarters in 201651 percent of voters rejected moralities proposal to end term limits now his decision to ignore the referendum is rallying the opposition against him they compare him to venezuela's president nicolas maduro he has been in power
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since 2006 bolivia's constitution allows presidents serve to serve only 2 consecutive terms. through time baseball world series champion david ortiz has been transferred to a spittle in boston after being shot in his native dominican republic his former team the red sox sent an air ambulance to carry the 10 time all-star back to the u.s. for treatment ortiz is in a stable condition despite being shot at close range in the torso the 43 year old is one of boston's biggest sporting figures. well the language of james you been spoken by fewer than 10000 people and it's not just a small population but an aging one that lives off an island off the korean peninsula. when they're to find out how speakers are trying to save their language one word at a time. preparing for a concert these children are singing in a language that dates back thousands of years but could have
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a future numbering just a few. for parents who've been listening to them rehearse the lyrics are mostly just memories from their own childhoods. when i was young i spoke at but after i started work i've rarely had opportunities to use the language with a cultural history that is probably as old as the rest of korea jeju has a unique language to match. but integration in more modern times combined with immigration and mass tourism have all taken their toll. but makes the language so endangered is that a low an estimated $10000.00 people still speak it nearly all of them are elderly and that unless something is done now within a few decades it could simply disappear. among the measures being taken by the island's government compulsory language classes in schools. and it's simle 10
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years use alongside standard korean in official documents. he is the judge your language underpins the culture and spirit of the jesuit people it's part of the character of the island and we want to revive the people's culture identity through the language that i think another initiative a jew language hotline. language expert kim soon just department undertook an ambitious exercise 15 years ago recording hundreds of hours of interviews with native jeju speakers. already she says many of the words and phrases in common use then have. it adds urgency to hold on to what's left when all that. had and rather than trying to resurrect the old language our goal is to extend the use of some of the more beautiful words and phrases into the modern language then the language will not disappear completely. to keep it alive at least
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in part for future generations rather than allowing it to slip away with the present generation of elderly islanders. mcbride al-jazeera jeju south korea. is there i'm still robin these are all top news stories lebanese businessman as ours has just arrived in beirut zachary seen here on the left was jailed in iran for 4 years he worked or he has u.s. residency and was detained in 2015 while visiting iran for a conference i thought was accused of being an american spy and sentenced to 10 years in prison. we received a request from the zaka for his release because of his good behavior the president ministration supported his release after the lebanese president has blasted ported mr zucker to release his short is that he would not commit any further criminal
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acts the court finally issued a conditional release order all these procedures are carried out according to the purely judicial procedure and the subject is not linked to any political file or exchange file the u.n. says it's horrified by an attack in central mali that's killed nearly 100 people while his government says gunmen attacked a village of the dogan community and burned several houses in the region no one has claimed responsibility for the raid which happened on sunday but there's been violence between the dogan people and their philosophy rivals in the past they've been fighting for access to land and resources. $1000.00 people have been killed in the turk in neighboring bikini far so it happened in the northern town of india their dentity of the attackers is still unknown armed groups have killed hundreds in recent months forcing 150000 people to flee their homes. and to sudan's protest leaders have vowed to continue their general strike which is now in its 3rd day businesses are closed in a show of defiance against the military after a crackdown on a protest camp last week the left dozens of people dead the military says it's
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arrested security forces personnel involved in that violence but the opposition doubts that it's being investigated properly another mass protest is planned in hong kong as politicians debate a controversial extradition bill there are live pictures of protesters gathering outside the legislative council and earlier pro-democracy leaders surrounded the legislative council president will be chairing that debate and roland says that he's aiming to put the bill for a vote in 9 days time and estimated $1000000.00 marchers took part in sunday's rally against the bill the city's leader has warned companies and businesses against encouraging employees to join wednesday's planned rally those stories of course on our website at al-jazeera dot com to remember gaiters here with the al-jazeera news are in half an hour on al-jazeera now it's the stream to stay with us. al-jazeera.
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problems and besides the instability is corruption we listen. to the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. today is the air and only a silent killer. and here in the stream we'll take a look at why in 2018 india's capital had 0 good air quality days this is an important topic for our indian community and we want to hear from you share your thoughts tweet us or leave them at our live shot and you too can be in the stream. according to a report released this month by the center for science and vironment india's noxious air is responsible for 12.5 percent of all deaths.


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