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tv   The Stream 2019 Ep 93  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2019 11:32am-12:00pm +03

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around the world and if anybody tries to oppress them in this country they can seek justice from the american government the fundamental freedoms guaranteed under islamic law and not far from these american ideals and that's amazing when you realize the koran predates the constitution by a 1000 years and there is evidence in washington that suggests america knows it's indebted to islam for its own citizens inalienable rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. this is the supreme court in washington now we can't get into film because they're actually in session but what i wanted to show you is a freeman's which is in the room where the chief justice is actually sits and dispense justice. this frees pays homage to the ideas and principles that have inspired the american legal system and one of the foundation documents represented in this freeze is the koran. and in the nation's capital there are a few other references to islam largely unknown rarely seen the thomas jefferson
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building contains the library of congress the oldest cultural institution in washington which was completed in the 19th century around the dome of the reading room is a mural meant to represent the nations and ideas that contributed most to american civilization and it might come as a surprise to historians that amongst the ideas represented here is islam. beneath this great miracle i'm meeting congressman keith ellison who i came across at the start of my journey in minneapolis. so he tell me about when you took your oath of office because it was a copy of the koran and not just any copy but in fact was on this qur'an that we have right here before us and you know in fact this go on which is a 2 volume set has the initials t.j. inscribed right here thomas jefferson and so you know we said this was your reaction when you find them one of the founding fathers had his own copy of the koran i was gobsmacked. as i would say. huge had it was
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international. i didn't have much appreciation for why it would be a big deal that a muslim of the elected to the united states congress i thought the issue was going to be color. and i thought wow we've really made some great strides in terms of racial justice when people don't care that i'm black anymore they're just they're just exudes or dark about religion but do you think keith that for all the grassroots activism in the muslim community that at a national level the fact is that most americans are still afraid of islam americans i think are subject to fear just like any people in the world but i think this is deeply rooted tolerance in people and we've been to a moment a civil rights movement we've been through all kinds of social change movements all marching the country toward a greater level of equality and i think people are just not ready to try to cut anybody out of the deal but the fact is in the european context it's what it means to be a brit or
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a norwegians fairly tightly defined they would look like in what it means to be. yours you're certain colors certain cultures certain faith yes but in america cultures all colors our face even the most conservative american does not question my authenticity as an american you know we oppose social orthodox i mean hierarchies and economic iraqis we're not saying we have social justice have been here we don't but but the fact is we don't question our authenticity as americans. on this journey i've met muslims who made me rethink my prejudices about america muslims here realize something the rest of the world and possibly other americans have forgotten this country was born out of a revolutionary moment settlers 1st came here fleeing religious persecution they overthrew a colonial monarchy they based their constitution on the ideals of the french revolution and radical thinkers like tom paine john locke and yes the prophet
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mohammed. but there's a much more recent moment in american history that has come to define america's relationship with islam. they. look out over her. thinking about america's relationship with islam like everybody else i'm joined immediately it's a one city and one moment and the events of september the 11th 2001 in new york city change that relationship between america and islam forever.
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and it must also have had an impact on american muslims mohammad was with the new york city fire department on 911 will muslims like me then you know who died and some that died definitely. died there you know trying to help. james yee was the army's muslim chaplain at guantanamo prison. i was being accused of espionage spying and aiding the enemy now these are capital crimes in which military prosecutors even threaten me with the death penalty. they're a distinctly american from of islam is emerging in the off the mouth of 911 our backs going to believe something unique is happening here the force of the muslim woman has not been heard throughout the 1400 years of islamic history now we need to hear from the women and it's only when you live in america that you are
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empowered to go forward with your idea of. islam in america from 2008 as we know a lot has happened says globally with the rise of by. and in america itself where terrorism has returned to american soil and president trump has introduced a travel ban which seems to many to target muslims so 10 years on what is the position of islam in america realises the political analysts who lives and works in the united states and she joins us now rula thank you very much so you moved to the u.s. in 2009 during that time what as a muslim what have you seen that has changed for muslims in america and i realize it's a broad question that one of the things that stick out to you well a lot of things changed we see in major shifts in islamophobia and attacks against muslims in 20152016 it's not a coincidence that the f.b.i.
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report about hate crimes islam a full big hate crimes in america skyrocketed in those years by far much more than in 2001 after 911 i just want to remind you that immediately after the election president trump banned 6 countries 6 muslim countries and it looked like a persecution religious based persecution of one group based on the actions of individuals that are carried in pakistan maybe afghanistan iraq and elsewhere he went on to attacking the 1st muslim mayor subject on immediately in the aftermath of a terrorist attack in london singling him out he didn't attack the mayor of barcelona after the attack or the mayor for any other city but he single outside the car because it is muslim and his brown this is the platform. on which he campaigned and
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his governing now so where are the voices of people that would traditionally be allies to push back against this type of dangerous rhetoric that sometimes also crosses over into violence where are those voices. i mean there are breyer voices we have some. muslim voices in america whether they are intellectuals like razor. and others but 3 day we are in minority we are underrepresented in the political arena and in the media i mean i am the only one that gets invited invited to c.n.n. and i'm b.c.m. to others to explain why this rhetoric is so dangerous and it was it was used before remember europe in the thirty's when you go through the holocaust museum it's clear if thouse you and it's written in the wall the holocaust did not start with the killing it started with words with violent words it started with politicians dividing people with them versus us it started with them and ising an
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entire group of people and criminalizing them and then that pave the way for the killing and for the gas gas chambers remember president bush after 911 pushed this narrative of them versus us either you are with us or them that means if you challenge his views or his policies and decision then you are a terrorist and your label as a terrorist and many liberals jumped on that vaga. just want to remind you that president obama and he was elected the 1st accusation the birth or movement that led and paved the way for trump to win the election what was he accused off of being a secret muslim that he is a crypto muslim and america is fighting a monster today that is called the country off white supremacy is basically the pure race and in the name of the pure race every minority is an enemy and that will
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be the final word rula jebreal thank you so much for joining us thank you for having me. that is it from us join us again next week and check the rewind page it's al jazeera dot com for more films from this series and michelle carey thank you for joining us. true confessions of mine no never been cleaned up many if not already cynical examples of communist propaganda and i wanted to put in the paper here one who was there all i want to do with the poll in 2010 al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate the alleged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets on al-jazeera.
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hello again and welcome back we are cross turkey we have been seeing plenty of thunderstorms over the last few days that's going to continue the temperatures are fairly warm for this time of year into the high twenty's low thirty's keeping the instability across much of the area to wise here in aleppo though a warm day for you at $32.00 degrees and as we go towards wednesday and into thursday things are going to relatively be the same across much of the area beirut a sunny day for you with the time to there of $26.00 degrees well here across the raven peninsula we're going to be seeing an increase of moisture particularly down here towards the south you notice out here in the arabian sea this is a cycle own and with that plenty of clouds are going to be pushing across much of the west not really seeing that here on wednesday but by the time we get towards thursday much of oman into yemen is going to be seeing some clouds and we can't rule out maybe some embedded showers across much of this area most got a cloudy day few with the tempter there of $36.00 degrees and then as we go down
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here towards the southern part of africa we are going to be seeing some showers make their way anywhere from the southern cape across much of the east and that front is going to be pushing up towards durban temperatures are going to be coming down to about 18 degrees but over here towards to hender spur it is going to be a partly cloudy day with a temperature of 17. talk to al jazeera. we ask problems and besides the instability is corruption we listen since i hadn't been so who are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter does iraq. another day of massive protests forces us to lay and contentious plans to change
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hong kong's extradition laws. hello i'm helena had seen this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the efforts on its part has agreed to call off the ceiling. signs of progress in sudan and the opposition suspends a general strike as the military agrees to free political prisoners. his prime minister visits the village all but white sites joining a massacre saying it's a tragedy for humanity also. there's the agreement there's a very simple agreement. mexico moves to stop more asylum seekers from reaching the u.s. under a deal to avoid a punishing tariffs. that's
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abates own controversial plans to change hong kong's extradition laws has been delayed i was. with the city's legislature and i was the decision. and after the building was surrounded by tens of thousands of protesters the last change would allow criminal suspects in hong kong to be sent for trial in mainland china opponents though the china is trying to take more control of the semi autonomy us territory and chip away at civil liberties well after delaying the debates hong kong's leaders have warns demonstrators tobacco. change literally hay for the hong kong government is calling on protesters who are blocking roads to return to the pedestrian sidewalks as soon as possible so traffic can resume i'm also urging protesters to stay calm disperse peacefully and not test the law i want to reiterate the proposed
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extradition bill only targets those commit serious crimes and not law abiding citizens we will protect the rights of hong kong people and the rule of law well sarah clarke joins us now live from hong kong and sarah the 2nd reason all that bill has not been delayed what's been the reaction from the protesters. well the protesters are still live had a number of rallies or press conferences since that the delay was announced they have actually given a couple of deadlines to the government they have said at 3 pm which is 3 pm hong kong time which is now they've said they want the bill withdrawn by that time if not they buy it some threats those threats including include storming ledge code which is the level of council building the government headquarters it's also another threat is blocking the m.t.o. which is the very efficient train system which by city keeps hong kong running so smoothly with regards to transport them so they'll block more roads from one child a central server hind me as one child in front of me essentially this is the
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central part of hong kong they've already made a number of blockades around directly around ledge turn around admiralty big shopping centers a performing arts complex i left the place you might see behind me they've also managed to block a number of roads in a standoff that's been going on since about 6 am this morning the current situation there is massive traffic congestion you heard matthew children who's the chief secretary of the government he stated that he wants the access to these public roads resumed this traffic congestion on my right side which is all the harbor front is a big fire phase that keep the city going but we'll see what happens next do you think the government's likely to heed the protests or gore heads with the bill and vote.


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