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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2019 12:00pm-12:34pm +03

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big shopping centers a performing arts complex i left the place you might see behind me they've also managed to block a number of roads in a standoff that's been going on since about 6 am this morning the current situation there is massive traffic congestion you heard matthew children who's the chief secretary of the government he stated that he wants the access to these public roads resumed this traffic congestion on my right side which is all the harbor front is a big fire phase that keep the city going but we'll see what happens next do you think the government's likely to heed the protests or gore heads with the bill and vote through next week. well i have said that that will forge ahead with this bill they have no plans to withdraw yes the the build a reading has been suspended today but they've said that they will push ahead and go ahead with this the rating at some stage it doesn't look like will happen today simply because these roads are blocked a number of politicians have been able to gain access a certain road access into the legislative council building they've said they want
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60 hours between now and the vote to have said initially the vote would be next thursday who knows if that's going to be delayed because of today's suspension but at the moment we have a city the central part of hong kong at a standstill and look it's reminiscent of the days that we saw in 24 tane for the occupy hong kong pro-democracy protests where this part of the city came to a standstill for about 2 and a half months ok you say record joining us live from hong kong thank you. well let's run through how things work in hong kong legally and politically since its hand over from british rule to china back in 1907 officially it's a semi autonomy us region and it's led by a chief executive who functions like a prime minister but is chosen by a 1200 member committee made up of mainly probe aging politicians and business leaders well china has described it as one country 2 systems hong kong has its own executive legislative and independent judicial powers under what's called the basic
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law but communist party leaders in beijing have the power to interpret any calls their own way or china correspondent asian brain tells us know how leaders in beijing are reacting to the latest developments. well not surprisingly the dramatic pictures coming out of hong kong are not being shown on the mainland no images have appeared on state t.v. or indeed in any of china's state controlled media outlets pictures of also being blocked online indeed any references to the protests in hong kong are also not appearing on social media and i think that blackout is going to remain in force for as long as these protests continue china's leaders don't want to see protesters on the streets of a chinese city particularly when it's a chinese city where there were protests just 4 years ago when of course the occupy movement took over the center of hong kong a protest that lasted for several months so china's leaders continue to insist that
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they support the embattled hong kong chief executive kerry lam they want this proposed extradition law to happen because of course china has extradition arrangements with more than 30 other countries and it doesn't see why hong kong should be any different but on choose day china did suffer a setback because a court in new zealand ruled against extraditing a man back to china where he's wanted for questioning over the murder of a woman in shanghai but lawyers here in china we've been speaking to say there are adequate safeguards in china's legal system and that hong kong and the people opposed to this new extradition law really have nothing to worry about the the the line the narrative coming from china is that there is nothing sensitive in this extradition law that china wants passed what is a problem is that perhaps it just simply hasn't been explained well enough. now
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molly's prime minister has described seeing the bodies of children shots in the back seat visited a village for almost 100 people killed in a massacre we will see say says the attack in the region of central mali simply reflect government also burned houses to the ground in an escalation of ethnic violence has been getting worse for months. between tragedy what happened here is a tragedy it's a tragedy for mali and a tragedy for humanity it was important for us to come in the name of the president to present our condolences and to show compassion to those who lost their loved ones but it is important that no one forgets this it is a horror that we have witnessed here. on the reports live from bamako just sides of the region and the warning his reports contains graphic images were the silence is deafening when the smell of dead bodies hangs low in the air.
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the attack on the doggone village of sudan who started at dusk and went on deep into the night a few survivors hiding as their loved ones were being killed you know at the turn they immediately circled the village and shut everything down moved so every were people who were screaming trudeau were screaming who tried to run were shot down the survivors believe they know who the killers are it is their full on the neighbors they say both communities have been fighting each other for control over land. armed groups have called on full on these to join their ranks accusing the government of backing doggone militias. ethnic tension is at breaking point with each community calling for revenge attacks in this spiral of violence both communities are fleeing their homes it is in this open air slaughter house on the
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outskirts of the capital that some philosophies have sought refuge. all of the people living under this tent share one bowl of rice and millet children show clear signs of malnutrition there's not enough water to go around so there's a threat of water borne diseases this is where they sleep eat and cook despite the calls for peace polani has continued to be the victims of violence president ibrahim burger king says the country's national unity is under threat. i would like to call on all our brothers to keep calm and stay rational more than ever while the 14000 u.n. soldiers in mali and forces on the ground failed to prevent these killings don't go on hunters call this latest attack on their community a declaration of war saying revenge will come nicholas hawk al jazeera mali one. now there are signs of a breakthrough in sudan after more than
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a week of violence destruction and deadlock if european mediators say the military jets and opposition groups have a greens to resume talks on the formation of a council to oversee the transition to civilian rule they've promised you on a previous agreements on issues such as the structure over a transitional government's the opposition is suspending its civil disobedience campaign and general strike for its part the military has agreed to release all political prisoners when we go see a sions collapse on june 3rd the starts over violence military crackdown on protesters which according to a doctor's group killed 129 people the un security council has unanimously condemned the violence and calls on both sides to find a solution that's a good name reports. this fire in darfur was retribution for allegiance to the
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protesters nationwide strike according to the sudanese professional association the group says on monday about 10 people were killed and stores and homes were torched by a peer a military group called the rapid support forces or r s f amnesty international says it has evidence proving the r.s.s. is committing war crimes in the region and internet blackout and reports of electricity outages in the capital mean information is slowly trickling out tuesday it was the 3rd day of a nationwide strike intended to show the transitional military council that protesters may not have weapons but they have power. protesters say last week's military crackdown that killed almost 130 people only fortified their resolve the good thing that the sunni community are going to buy anyways and neighboring here than they're. letting food providing water for or for the
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neighbors when needed with an ethiopian delegation mediating the 2 sides reached an agreement to return to negotiations or guarding a future government. confidence building measures including these when it's going to be. on its part. to call the. protest leaders are also demanding the transitional military council restore access to the internet lift restrictions on journalists and ultimately allow civilians to determine the next phase of governance in sudan experts say it won't be easy for the military to relinquish power after decades of dictatorship and they very much fear accountability thank the. control over election. corruption commission and they fear being
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told to get out of their war in yemen. or. people may return to work shops may reopen and cars may once again fill sudan's streets but protest leaders say life will not resume as usual and they reserve the right to return to their campaign of civil disobedience until their demands for civilian rule are met natasha going to name his era. so what is up next then. a russian journalist accused of dealing drugs houses charges drugs have been detained for 14 days. and we speak to those who say the promises of democracy are falling short it's 20 years after its effects in nigeria.
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hello again to welcome back we're here cross parts of northwestern europe we have been seeing a lot of wet and windy weather over the last few days and that trend is going to continue here on wednesday as well we have this area of low pressure just off the coast of parts of france and that is going to continue to spin and you can see here on our forecast map all the rain pushing up here towards the north as well as into parts of denmark as well we did have a lot of severe weather but that is going to start to edge way as we go towards the rest of the week the serve low pressure is going to be making its way towards north places across parts of france as well as another lens you will be improving but the u.k. is still going to be seeing some very heavy rain so localized flooding could be a problem here out towards the east it is those temperatures still into the low thirty's for many locations warsaw here at $32.00 degrees and over here towards vienna we do expect to see high temps are few of 30 degrees there well we did see some flooding here across parts of southwestern libya over the last few days where
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heavy rain caused that flooding we're starting to see the improvements there but you can see those clouds that we were dealing with temps as though across the coast quite hot here winds are coming out of the south so for tripoli we do expect to see a temperature there of 36 coming down to about 32 as we go towards thursday and over here towards cairo plenty of sunny day forecast with a temperature of $34.00 degrees.
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this is al jazeera quick to mind all the top stories for you night on pones leaders have delayed such a basal break proposed more than extradition to mainland china demonstrators are outside the lead just as of kinds of builds and demanding the building scraps altogether. while these prime minister has visited a village for almost 100 people trillions in a massacre who will see say describe the attack in the more subregion central mali as a tragedy for humanity. and ethiopian mediators say sudan's military and opposition groups have agreed to resume talks on transition to civilian rule process leaders
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have suspended a civil disobedience campaign and general strike. a serious state news agency is reporting the government's air defenses have intercepted an israeli missile attack that targeted the turned over al hurra it's considered a strategic look right points over the occupied golan heights and is in daraa province elsewhere the world food program is warning of a catastrophe in the northwest following weeks of a syrian government's offensive the un agency says it's been unable to reach at least 7000 people in the area of color. and there's been intense fighting. neighboring hama province syrian government and russian air strikes have killed at least 27 civilians most of them women and children. there is a catastrophe unfolding in the northwest region of syria as we speak constant
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bombardment has pushed hundreds of thousands of people to leave their homes from the northern parts of the southern part of it let we know that there is more than 300000 people who were displaced and those who are lucky enough to reach the holding camps and that have sought refuge there. there continues to be dozens and dozens of people who are able to take that area. the u.s. is imposing sanctions on one of syria's most prominent business men some air force is accused of profiting from the war by building luxury properties on land stolen from syrians who fled the u.s. treasury department's has blacklisted properties of photos and his a man holding company including the 4 seasons hotel that has stayed open during syria's long running civil war as you go ahead and tell us more now from washington . u.s. president donald trump hasn't been focused very much on syria so the sanctions
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announcement it was a bit surprising but the treasury department's come out and said 16 people and cities with a relationship with assad in syria are going to be sanctioned what this means is that americans are generally prohibited from doing business with them and if they have any assets in the united states those can be frozen this is a fairly big company in the middle east so what treasury says they're doing in one aspect is taking the property of syrians who fled the war syrians who are still there and converting that property into luxury buildings so there's been sanction for that and this is a company that has a broad reach as i mentioned they're involved in sugar refinery trading and grain they do a lot of transportation in the middle east so this could have a big impact if this company has a connection to american businesses it is the trump administration's i need a message that they are going to try and target those closest to bashar al assad.
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the u.s. is reportedly pushing saudi arabia to complete its investigation into the killing of said teacher in this jamal khashoggi before the 1st anniversary of his murder the u.s. government official told the voices news agency it's urging the saudis to show tangible progress towards holds and those responsible to account question gee was killed in the sinai the sanity consulate in istanbul last october donald trump continues to defend his latest migrants' agreements with mexico which is criticized for offering nothing new. there's the agreement there's a very simple agreement. the u.s. president shows what he says is the proof which compels the mexican government to control the flow of migrants north towards the border with the us mexico says it will send troops to southern border with bottom our own weapons they trump threaten tariffs on mexican exports for failure to comply with his demands meanwhile the
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u.s. government says the number of people caught crossing the southern border will likely reach a 1000000 this year heidi joe castro has more from the border town of el paso in texas. 60000 children are among the migrants who crossed into the u.s. in the last 40 days some came alone others with families fleeing violent homes in central america to walk thousands of kilometers north to now test whether the united states will receive them this is a place where you can historically. if you're feeling violence and persecution you come in you will get some kind of protection i mean people is coming with that mentality would that be from entirely that they're going to come in they're going to be embrace claudia's some old left want to mala with her 11 year old son 18 days ago. there was so much violence where we lived many games it became too dangerous but the u.s.
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government says this cannot continue president trump has pressed mexico to deploy troops to stop central americans from advancing toward the u.s. they're moving right now 6000 soldiers to their southern border whatever that you think we had that to weeks ago. got tell you what we had we had nothing but as migrants seek more remote routes to evade capture the danger increases here at the rio grande river that marks the boundary between the united states and mexico 5 bodies were recovered in 3 days those migrants who make it across the waters alive are then arrested and detained in squalid and overcrowded conditions 6 migrant children have died in u.s. custody is most children are the ones who suffer the most we can take it but they suffer more.


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