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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2019 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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well nicholas i see you mentioned previously this is an ethnic dispute that has been going on for quite some time just why has there been this level of a not. on the part of the security forces well there's been this type of violence that has really increased in the last year on the border between mali and so certainly spilling over mali into other areas of this and this increase is due to the fact that this conflict in mali that started in 2012 with armed groups holding insurgency it against the government. well this insurgency is now seeping into the very fabric of mali in a society where where essentially people villagers are looking for people to protect them and in the absence of the money and state some are taking up arms on
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their own other armed groups are trying to lure lure them into into there are movement but the whole issue at the heart of all of this is the absence of the state deep in in this country that is it is a vast and big i mean we're talking about a country that's bigger than france and the united kingdom can bind so it's a bigger region to police there are $14000.00 u.n. peacekeeping troops on the ground and the u.n. united nations security council will meet later on today to renew their mandate hala. live for us there in bamako and i thank you. what's more so heads on al-jazeera including released and reunited its political prisoners in the car door back with their families but say they won't be silenced.
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the wedding sponsored by qatar. hello there we've had some violent thunderstorms over parts of europe recently in fact germany seen some of the worst of them look at the hail here absolutely bouncing off the floor no wonder it's caused a fair amount of damage there not only have we seen hail we've also seen very large amounts of rain that have given us a bit of flooding and some very strong winds as well now this area of cloud you can see still works its way up through parts of scandinavia so it is still with us and it's likely to give us more severe weather ahead of it staying hot so the temperatures the most of us here way over 30 degrees for the west staying cool so it took temperature in london just of 18 and a temperature in paris of 20 for the other side of the mediterranean we've seen some severe weather here recently as well some very heavy downpours in the southwest imposts of libya and that's because this damage obviously a lot of water has come out of the sky there now that was thanks to this system
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here which is being with us a for a while now but it is breaking up so i think by the time we get to thursday this should be more in the way of drawing weather normal weather for this time of reggae really the temperatures for many of us in this region over 40 degrees is not quite as hot for the north coast here for many of us the temperatures in the low thirty's but out here is will be that little bit higher at 36. the weather is sponsored by cattle and ways. this is a dialogue reading about it or not actually saying it on international media and on t.v. why should we stop its conversation with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my and everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community without any network just each helps join the global conversation on al-jazeera all they want to do is try to get the same kind of debate that we have here in st.
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this is al-jazeera we're covering breaking news tonight live from hong kong where police have used tear gas against protesters as pockets of violence breakouts again over a contentious plan to change the extradition laws demonstrators are outside the legislative council building demanding the bill be scrapped altogether to be schooled for the more change house spin julie it's well let's join steven vines now he's a political commentator and journalist and joins us now on the phone from hong kong and stevenson very distressing images that we're seeing from the process receipts
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here gas protesters are having milk ports in there are is this does seem to be quite a robust response there from the police what do you think is behind this change in tactic. well i think the police have been prepared for if they mobilized something like 5000 officers and it doesn't care that the government is now very very upset by the fact that the protest forfeit their plans to initiate the 2nd reading of this bill that you mentioned before and it also seems that they're very worried about the fact that the protesters are in a much angrier mood than they were on sunday when we see enormous demonstrations 1001000000 people took to the streets of hong kong. and sadly there does seem to be a lot more anger this time right to see these images of police moving in
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so soon after a demonstration rather than attempting any kind of mediation they just seem determined to press ahead with their plans what does this say about the state of politics in hong kong at the moment well what it says is that after the 1000000 strong demonstration which was not by any standards the government response was immediately to say this one change our plans so that increased anger on the side of the protesters and on the side of the administration i think they're no longer trying to win the battle of public opinion that basically saying look we're just not going to listen to you we're going to stop you from disrupting our plans if that means using tear gas water cannon in reserve that it means using that they're going to use it. in terms of a longer term message for the for the protest movement. could it be
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argued starts they have a point speakers they are taking to the streets in the process and they aren't being listened see what sort of images this project sing to the winds or world of it the way things stand in hong kong. well i imagine that for any standard it's a very busy marriage and we've already heard from the speaker of the house. in the united states that the way the whole kong government has responded to these protests is causing them to rethink the special straits that the u.s. expose on hong kong that's which is very different from the mainland china and it's also for people who don't normally protest in hong kong like foreign trains of commerce very you know we're really worried now about the way things are moving the general line. that hong kong is moving in the toward having you're not one country
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2 systems which is what was promised but one country one system ok stephen vine so for now thank you very much in let's cross back to our reporter sarah clarke who is say to hong kong for a seder have there been any developments over the past few minutes. look we've still got a number of right place in front of the 5 to 6 road. they're standing already i believe ready to move in you've seen the police behind me they moved in about 5 to 10 minutes ago i. guess 5 from all fronts that's the protesters have surrounded the lives of council building it's a very big building and i believe the police have moved in on all sides to try and clear the roads and all of those entry points where we are on the one chai and look at the heart of front of my left on this mine area above on my left which is our
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faith through central they've cleared that area they've got another on my right hand side which is around what's called admiralty which is another very busy transport system that area and behind me back towards central the place of now moved in and cleared better area and if you take gas to make it effective and push those protesters back the protesters a pinch. chanting hong kong hong kong police hey stop but the police obviously run your instruction and they've moved in that fight a number of tear gas bullets if that's what you call it and certainly it's been successful with regards to clearing the crowds but where those protesters have gone we're still trying to determine but earlier they had the protesters had put a deadline on as 3 pm which is about an arid a bit ago what they wanted from the government they one of the government to shelve this bill clearly that was not going to happen the government turned around said we want these streets cleared and they've obviously achieved that in the last few minutes. they have had some success in clearing some of the streets but the live images were showing indicate that there are so large numbers of protesters who are
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determined not to move certainly from protesters that you've spoken to over the past few hours determines are the 2 to stand up. they are determined to the indications we've had from all the protesters we've been speaking to and i must state this is a younger group of protesters this is a group that will stay on they start doing protests like at night and they started lining up here early this morning in the indication we've got from them was that they are here to stay until that extradition bill is removed and of course it's not going to happen that extradition bill is being pushed through by the government the government has pushed for a vote which they have set down for next thursday clearly today the 2nd reading was suspended but there have said all along that they will move and i want this bill to be passed kerry lamb has put the deadline caroline being the chief executive she's put the deadline down the end of the month before parliament adjourned for the summer but certainly these protesters there are similar bunch to what we saw in the
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occupy hong kong protests back in 2014 and they stayed here for 78 days this whole area around central admiralty again the central part of the central business district in hong kong was shut down and clearly the government is taking a very different tactic is time they don't want this area shut down they don't want businesses stopped or stalled or closed due to the place being paralyzed and that's obviously what the instruction has been to the police to clear these areas and that they have done from all fronts from but 4 or 5 entry points into the government headquarters area. to syria this so seem to be a rather violent a robust 2 protests. are there any prior certainly to move the protests to other areas and if they do you how much of an impact will it have because it seems the protesters were already focused on a rather critical parts of the city if they are kept so it's of course of the city
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what sort of options to they have to make their points known. well we were here the other night about midnight when the violent clashes erupted after that big protest which triggered a attracted a 1000000 people on the streets and what the the police tactic seemed to be that night was they again they came in from all fronts and they cleared them out they pushed them out in a way from the government headquarters building i think what this action is what we've just seen are the tear gas being fired at the students and then the standoff that's been going on all day i think what we will see is potentially more confrontations because these students they are determined and these young activists these young pro-democracy groups they are determined and i have they have shown what they can do as i mentioned in the occupy protests and certainly everyone we spoke to today and one of the organizers of this rally they have said that they're prepared to stay for as long as it takes would have to see exactly what that tactic might be next and where they have gone posted here just as it looks like they've
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been cleared behind me again this building behind me the lives of council building that's the main government headquarters it looks like it's just police behind me a lot of rubbish and umbrellas but i believe that may have been dispersed on either side to clear out the main area and pick up these barricades to allow traffic to resume ok sarah clarke for now thank you very much indeed sara cook reporting there live from hong kong. now after a 3 day nationwide strike in sudan process leaders have reached an agreement with the military to suspend its and resume talks and with european envoys says in exchange the military has agreed to release political prisoners that's a good name reports. this fire in darfur was retribution for allegiance to the protesters nationwide strike according to the sudanese professional association the group says on monday about 10 people were killed and stores and homes were torched
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by a peer a military group called the rapid support forces or r s f amnesty international says it has evidence proving the r.s.s. is committing war crimes in the region and internet blackout and reports of electricity outages in the capital mean information is slowly trickling out tuesday it was the 3rd day of a nationwide strike intended to show the transitional military council that protesters may not have weapons but they have power. protesters say last week's military crackdown that killed almost 130 people only fortified their result the good thing that the sunni community is going to buy anyways. neighbor and then there will be mature the border food providing water for or for the neighbors when needed with an ethiopian delegation mediating the 2 sides reached an
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agreement to return to negotiations or guarding a future government. agreed to take confidence building measures including the one that's going. on it's far. to. protest leaders are also demanding the transitional military council restore access to the internet lift restrictions on journalists and ultimately allow civilians to determine the next phase of governance in sudan experts say it won't be easy for the military to relinquish power after decades of dictatorship and they very much fear accountability thank the. control over elections they fear onto corruption commission and they fear being told to get out of their war in yemen. or. people may return to work shops may reopen and cars may once again fill sudan streets but protest
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leaders say life will not resume as usual and they reserve the right to return to their campaign of civil disobedience until their demands for civilian rule are met natasha going to aim al-jazeera. syria's state news agency is reporting the government's air defenses have intercepted as an israeli missile attack its office at the time of al-hurra is considered a strategic look at points over the occupied golan heights and is in daraa province . elsewhere the world food program is warning of a catastrophe in the last 4 and weeks of a syrian government offensive the u.n. agency says it's been unable to reach at least 7000 people in the area of deep where there's been intense fighting in adlib and neighboring province 7 governments and russian air strikes have killed at least 27 civilians most of them women and
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children. this is al jazeera let's bring you the latest now on our breaking news from hong kong protests against a controversial extradition legislation have to send it into violence in hong kong police have used tear gas some of it to break up the mass protests which have brought downtown hong kong to a standstill demonstrators had surrounded the legislative council building demanding that the bill be scrapped altogether well a debate over the last change a has been delayed but authorities are keen to clear the area and move ahead as plans. you've seen. it from all fronts as the protesters have surrounded the lives of council building it's
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a very big building and i believe the police have moved in on all sides to try and clear the roads at all of those entry points where we are on the want to try and look at the heart of fun of my left so we've got police on this mine area up on to my left which is a mine carfare through central they've cleared that area they've got another on my right hand side which is around what's called admiralty which is another very busy transport m.t.r. system that area is being cleared and behind me back towards central the place have now moved in and cleared that area and they've used tear gas to make it effective and push those protesters back. mollie's prime minister has described seeing the bodies of children shot in the back visited a village almost a 100 people were killed in a massacre boosie say says the attack in the multi region of central mali was simply horrific gunmen also burned houses to the ground in an escalation of ethnic violence has been getting worse for months. what happened here is
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a tragedy it's a tragedy for mali and a tragedy for humanity it was important for us to come in the name of the president to present our condolences and to show compassion to those who lost their loved ones but it is important that no one forgets this it is a horror that we have witnessed here and we did and see the opie and mediators say sudan's military johnson's opposition groups have agreed to resume talks on transition to civilian rule process leaders have suspended a civil disobedience campaign in which he says it will release political prisoners that's you up to date the news continues here on al-jazeera after the street. newsstand the difference is.


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