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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 12, 2019 7:00pm-7:33pm +03

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absent a set of weaponry where are they getting them from the selling them cruise missiles does not forget who these when they patrol they control most of the weapons that the yemeni army used to have and this not forget also there are a lot of yemenis who used to be part of the military they are and you have saudi arabia there's a lot of scenarios one of the scenario this is the controlling the i would say the . stories of the weapons which were yemenis military have used stuff and also there are people who are trained within the military of yemen and also there are capable to. operate and use those kind of missiles and i think this is very easy target to do because let's not forget who is not a state actor of course supported by state but they have a lot of this ability to move and buy their own stuff as long as they have the money as well ok we'll have to leave it there for now but thank you very much indeed my pleasure mushers reddy from qatar university well let's head to our other
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top story this hour hong kong police have moved in on a fire isn't of protesters who are surrounding the legislative karen so the police have used tear gas and pepper spray on demonstrators in the area in a bedsit to clear them but a protest as are opposed to a proposed extradition law that could see suspects sent to mainland china to stand trial well these were the scenes just a couple of hours earlier this large crowd of protesters were able to delay a debate on the proposed law by blocking politicians from entering the legislature building they say they represent the voice of hong kong's youth. oh yes i am. saying. what is happening from.
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russia. well hong kong's police commissioner has blamed protesters for the violence into media i want to condemn the irresponsible and violent behavior of the protesters and i want to urge other residents not to go near their protest area if we do not use appropriate force to protect ourselves then the protesters can use metal bars to attack us if the protesters don't try to pass our line of defense we would have to use any force i hope they can think about this and stop provoking the police welfare clark joins us now live from hong kong and sara very dramatic scenes earlier was the situation like at the moment. well i believe only in the last half
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an hour the police have still been firing canisters of tear gas on protesters with which we have dispersed further toward central i'm looking at you behind me as central home from where i am standing is where around 10000 protesters have been camped out for most of the day it was about 4 pm local time between 3 and 4 pm local time the police decided to move in clearly there under the instruction to clear the blockades the whole area has been pretty much paralyzed for much of the day with metal barricades blocking all access points to the government headquarters where the lives of council building which is directly behind me but when they moved in they come in those access points and the place right place and all of those points have moved in some with bannister's charge those are the students and the protests to clear the area but we're just in the last half an hour the some of thousands of protesters are still behind us in central so they've been dispersed backwards and again as i mentioned canisters of. tear gas rubber bullets as well as
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pepper spray has been fired on those protesters. as you mentioned rubber bullets tear gas and all sorts and so in the pictures that we've been showing this looks like a very violent way to break up a demonstration i have there been any counsel to is there any word on numbers of people who have been affected by this. we've had 2 reports of 2 people who've been hit by rubber bullets one was the believe the driver of one of the local media organizations here another was a protester we've seen a number of ambulances come through past here and we've seen stretchers taking these young very young people off on the stretchers and ambulances now i should say the demographics of this group here today where between 20 and 30 years of age it was very much our young group so they've been dispersed for now but as for the next move we're not sure of council building has now been reopened in the last hour but the council meeting was which was meant to happen today and has been adjourned hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb will forge ahead with this extradition plan the
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students had demanded if they withdraw and that was never going to happen she wants a vote by next thursday she wants a story a 2nd reading of this bill by next thursday and she wants a vote by the end of the month before parliament a hong kong's parliament adjourns for the summer ok sarah clarke for now thank you very much indeed for about what's the view from hong kong and brian has been following reaction from beijing. in spite of those dramatic pictures we've seen coming out of hong kong on wednesday not a single image of those protests has appeared on television screens here in china and that i think is a measure of the nervousness that the leadership feels right now it doesn't want the people in this country to see pictures of students battling police on the streets of hong kong on the streets of a chinese city where there were protests just 4 years ago now on wednesday we heard from gangs showing he's the foreign ministry spokesman here in beijing who briefs the likes of us the foreign media and he stressed once more that you know that the
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central government fully backs kerry and her efforts to introduce this extradition law he says that extradition law is needed to plug a legal loophole that has enabled he says mainland criminals to treat hong kong as a haven from justice the government here also points out that it in fact has extradition treaties with more than 30 other countries and hong kong should be no different there's nothing sinister in any of this. still to come on al-jazeera mollies prime minister visits the village all but white cites in a massacre saying it's a tragedy for humanity. hello there the rain is moving away from japan now the satellite picture shows the last
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remaining bits and pieces of that cloud as they gradually just their way eastwards so for most of us as we head through the next day or so they should be more in the way of sunshine to be warm to take you up to around $27.00 degrees there is another weather system that's heading its way eastwards that's this one over the far east in parts of russia and into parts of china that's a gradually working its way eastwards as i say behind it is staying whole so for beijing another hot day on friday with the top temperature of around 32 there for the south and it's certainly been wet for some of us here particularly in taiwan has been incredibly soggy here and that wet weather still grazing the southern coast of china as well so plenty more wet weather is expected on friday there is likely to be more in the way of flooding here to the north of that though should be fine for us in shanghai with a top temperature of around 27 degrees the southeastern parts of asia are very active weather wise currently lots of showers around particularly for lose on through parts of borneo and across into somalia think that's where some of the
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sharpest showers are but generally speaking for many of these places there will be some sunshine coming through in between unlike parts of me and here we've got a lot of cloud with this and a lot of rain and that is going nowhere over the next few days. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove it. witness on al-jazeera.
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the way of al-jazeera create a ride on the top stories for you know besides the m.r. arctic coalition fighting in yemen says at least 26 people have been wounded in an attack on saudi arabia's airport's missile used to hit and disabled the airport's tower yemen says he rebels have claimed responsibility. and they're happy scuffles in hong kong with the police and some protesters as tensions rise over a contentious plan to change the extradition. of the world health organization says a 5 year old boy has dies of the border virus in uganda it's also confirmed 2 more cases it's the 1st time of war has been detected in uganda since an outbreak in
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neighboring democratic republic of congo last year it's already getting reports. it's the news ugandans have been dreading for months confirmed by the minister of health to journalists at a media briefing in the capital kampala before the boy's death so the ministry of health. would like to inform the public of the confirmation of ebola virus disease in custis district uganda the confirmed cases a 5 year old boy who traveled from the democratic republic of congo with his mother yesterday the 5 year old boy was being treated in an isolation ward similar to this one at a hospital in western uganda close to the border with the democratic republic of congo uganda has been on high alert for the last 10 months since the outbreak in the east india sea where 2000 congolese have contracted the virus and 1400 have
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died in the 2nd worst ebola epidemic on record the last outbreak of ebola in uganda was 7 years ago then it strained an already overstretched health care system this time the government wants to contain the virus much more quickly the ministry of health the world organization and the center for disease control have dispatched a rapid response team took a system to support the teams on the ground to continue with the various activities including contact trace sing and kissed management the government's launching an emergency vaccination campaign to immunize doctors and health workers on the front line as well as anyone who's come into contact with the infected boy the hope is to stop the virus spreading and prevent an already alarming situation becoming worse victoria gate and be out there. molly's prime minister has described
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seeing the bodies of children shot in the bank and see visited a village where almost 100 people who are killed in a massacre to see sense the attack in the multi region of central mali simply prophetic and also burned homes is to the ground in an escalation of ethnic violence that's been getting worse for months so. what happened here is a tragedy it's a tragedy for mali and a tragedy for humanity it was important for us to come in the name of the president to present our condolences and to show compassion to those who lost their loved ones it is important that no one forgets this it is a horror that we have witnessed here today well just serious nicholas has more from . the prime minister offered its condolences on behalf of the president who has returned from his trip from switzerland he's in the presidential palace holding talks with his cabinet and different actors from the different ethnic groups that
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are involved in the fighting now the villagers that we spoke to on the ground say they want more boots more security more of the mullion army to be present to stop this violence in the last 2 months of more than 448 people have been killed in intercommunal violence between the full unease and the dog on the un security council is holding talks today in will address the violence that is taking place in mali there are at least 14000 u.n. peacekeeping troops that are on the ground both them and a 1000000 forces failed to intervene and to stop the violence in the intercommunal violence that took place on saturday and on sunday so there's a lot of pressure on the u.n. but also on the 1000000 government and the president to stop this violence as this nation is still in shock and in mourning following the deadly intercommunal violence that took place on sunday. russian police have detained at least $100.00 people want to processed in moscow the group demanded punishments for officers
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involved in the alleged framing of journalist ivan go north he was released from jail on choose to after drug related charges against him were dropped that fast and has more now from the rally. police are detaining protesters one by one now and they bring them to the police truck bands of protesters have been arrested so far the protest has been called illegal because the demonstrators didn't get the approval in time takes time days at least here in russia to get the permission for a demonstration so the police has from the beginning ordered everyone to leave they said this isn't an authorized protest but the protesters are defiant they say they want to still demonstrate against a fact that journalist was arrested on drug charges last week also they want to show their anger against the oppression against the media and journalists in general and also they want to protest against
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a system that people can be arrested on these fake charges that easily here in russia so that the protests are basically split up in several areas right now police is blocking lots of roads here in moscow center but they still are going on they want to go to the police station but that it's also blocked off by police right now. if you can mediators says iran's military jones and opposition groups have agreed to resume talks on transition to civilian rule because as leaders have suspended a civil disobedience campaign in general strike the military says it will release all political prisoners. syria's state news agency is reporting the government's air defenses have intercepted an israeli missile attack the targeted the town of our hala it's considered a strategic point over the occupied golan heights and is in daraa province but elsewhere in syria the world food program is warning of a catastrophe in the northwest olwyn weeks of a government offensive the u.n.
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agency says has been unable to reach at least 7 people in the area of. where there have. been there's been intensive fighting well in a neighboring hama province syrian government and russian air strikes have killed at least 27 civilians most of them women and children. there is a catastrophe unfolding in the northwest region of syria as we speak constant bombardment has pushed hundreds of thousands of people their homes from the northern parts of the southern parts in that we know that there is more than 300000 people who are displaced and those who are lucky enough to reach the holding camps in that have so refuge there. there continues to be dozens and dozens of people who are only able to make that journey. and this disaster response teams are evacuating
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250000 people from the western state of gujarat spin for the arrival of cycle in volume for you is expected to make landfall on thursday could be india's 2nd major storm of the season with winds gusting up to 170 kilometers per hour in may over $1000000.00 people were evacuated ahead of cycling fun after 4 people died. dozens of ranger refugees have been fined on a boat so off the coast of southern thailand time police are investigating whether they've been trafficked $65.00 people including fun children were on board the vessel and 3 quarters of a 1000000 of the missile minority fled me and more humility cracked and 2 years ago . donald trump continues to defend his latest migrants agreements with mexico which is criticized for offering nothing new. every step of the u.s. president showed swartz he says is proof which compels the mexican government super
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control the floor migrants north towards the border with the us mexico says it will send troops through its southern border with gautam our own weapon state will trump threaten tariffs on mexican exports for failure to comply with his demands meanwhile the u.s. government says the number of people caught crossing the southern border will likely reach a 1000000 this year heidi joe castro has more from the border town of el paso. 60000 children are among the migrants who crossed into the u.s. in the last 40 days some came alone others with families fleeing violent homes in central america to walk thousands of kilometers north to now test whether the united states will receive them i mean this is a place where you warden and historically. if you're feeling violence and persecution you come in you will get some kind of protection i mean people is
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coming with that mentality would that be from entirely they're going to come in they're going to be embrace claudia's some old left one of mullah with her 11 year old son 18 days ago here in which new lives there was so much violence where we lived many games it became too dangerous but the u.s. government says this cannot continue president trump has pressed mexico to deploy troops to stop central americans from advancing toward the u.s. they're moving right now 6000 soldiers to their southern border whatever it is that you think we had that 2 weeks ago no way to go out tell you what we had we had nothing.


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