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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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so these attacks. pull the gone ethnic group people from the going to be group historically to be farmers to do some hunting if you will from the ethnic group are pastoralist herdsman they breed cattle they herd cattle and they move around seeking usable pastures and of for generations been mine a complex over the livestock belonging to the shalani trampling on the crops belonging so they're gone and also you know access and usage of land specially in the dry season where water becomes a scarce and precious resource but for generations these kind of conflicts to be solved with meetings between community leaders and it's only within the last 2 or 3 years if things have really escalated the key reasons for that are of the conflict in northern mali the presence of weapons and banditry spreading into the central region where these ethnic groups of people fighting in the last in recent months and also a lack of the presence of the state because of conflict that's happened there in
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the last few years many state officials have fled there's not much delivery of public services so grievances people feel aren't addressed injustices that maybe people feel have gone on for generations in the absence of a state in with the prevalence of arms now escalating into 2 of a kind of very lethal into communal violence that we're seeing now. still ahead on al-jazeera. credit is our critic arrested in moscow and so are hundreds of other is the latest from russia is on the way in just a moment. hello there for some of us in asia i really have been very wet recently for you look at the satellite picture we can see these bright white areas of cloud him most of them
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over the southeast and positron or across towards taiwan and is taiwan where we've seen some of the wettest of the weather taipei that has reported over $110.00 millimeters of rain just in 24 hours so very wet there recently a more rain still to come this whole region again looks particularly wet on thursday and friday so they could be a bit of flooding here over the next day or say even further towards the west and here we've been watching our tropical cycle is here just to the west of india tracking its way northward quite slowly but strengthening as it does so looks like it's going to be crucial route where we see the worst of the rains and those rains will also be training for the south as well so lots of wet weather across the western parts of india the worst of the storm over puzzle and to the north because the winds are going to be pushed in for midlands will see the temperatures really saw over parts of pakistan say karachi of to around 40 degrees all day by friday will be quite as high and that's due to a bit will cloud in the showers making their way towards this elsewhere largely
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hearts for many of us across the central region pretty hot in doha at the moment to all sorts of projects around 40 for. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of the lives. of the stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know if i have the data to prove. the witness on al-jazeera.
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hello again the top stories on al-jazeera this hour protests in hong kong are continuing over the government's controversial plan to change the extradition law demonstrators who want the bill scrapped have clashed with police who fired tear gas to break up the crowd. the saudi military coalition at war in yemen is promising retaliation after a 14 missile attack on an airport in saudi arabia coalition says at least $26.00 people were injured when the arrivals hall at the airport was. new attacks being reported in mali right now where ethnic tension is high mollies prime minister visited the village where at least 95 doggone farmers were killed on sunday. followed the massacre of 164 lani villagers in march. a 5 year old boy has died of the ebola virus in uganda the world health organization has confirmed 2
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other cases and convenes an emergency meeting there the 1st detected in uganda since last year's neighboring democratic republic of congo which killed hundreds of people victoria gate and he reports it's the news ugandans have been dreading for months confirmed by the minister of health to journalists or to media briefing in the capital kampala before the boy's death so the ministry of hills would like to inform the public. information. disease. in ca cissie district uganda. the confirmed kiss is a 5 year old boy who traveled from the democratic republic of congo with his mother yesterday the boy died in an isolation ward similar to this one at a hospital in western uganda close to the border with the democratic republic of congo his grandfather had been sick. the child's mother was congolese the
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family lives in uganda but had to come to d r c to be at the bedside of their mother's father who died of ebola on may 27th uganda has been on high alert for the last 10 months since the outbreak in the east india sea by 2000 congolese have contracted the virus and 1400 have died in the 2nd worst ebola epidemic on record. the last outbreak of ebola in uganda was 7 years ago then it's trained in already overstretched health care system this time the government wants to contain the virus much more quickly uganda have a long history of a bold outbreak but in knowledge there. so it will coordinate an intervention and a with funding and this should be possible to way to contain these virus the government's launching an
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emergency vaccination campaign to immunize doctors and health workers on the frontline as well as anyone who's come into contact with the infected boy the hope is to stop the virus spreading and prevent an already alarming situation becoming worse victoria gate and be out there nigeria's hari says he will repeat the successes of his 1st term during the next 4 years as president carter was speaking of democracy day celebrations which are traditionally held in may he changed the date this year to mark elections held in 1903 which has been held as they 1st free and fair vote there and the dress was a ceremonial. nigeria has always celebrated democracy day on may 29th when the president president's in this country being sworn in however the president said the choice of june 12th this year was deliberate it is to honor a man who struggled to establish democracy a man in 1938 the military does election as president of nigeria and that set the
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stage for a lot of crises in the political history of this country it was finally resolved in 1991 the 1st president since 1983 was sworn into office to take the mantle of leadership now in his address at this ceremony president talked about challenges still present this country issues of security issues of economy although he said these economies to grow as well as unemployment and that he promised to take over. in a way that the government is trying to. fashion out in terms of investing in agriculture investing in infrastructure investing in the economy generally and of course empowering people in nigeria how soon that will take effect in this country that is just really looking for such relief from insecurity about it can break out of that report to take you live to iran where the japanese a prime minister. and the iranian president hassan rouhani are holding
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a press conference right now let's listen in. accept the invitation to visit the comic republic of iran. today. lavabit to a cage the relations between the 2 countries. are historical had on going on for. a long time today is actually this year is the 9th here and the city of diplomatic relations between the 2 countries.
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was actually a lot over the last previous years we have had constructive meetings with the prime minister. and today. a round of our meetings over the last 8 years so isn't a no no i'm not though one kamal cannot take the lecture that was i must. come in oh. oh. the fact that the government of japan and the prime minister himself are. resolved to. have to develop the relationships between the 2 countries and both economic diplomatic. and others areas affiliation ships.
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today both in private meetings and also and a meeting between the 2 delegations. we discussed the different issues. between the 2 countries including gay investments by japan in the southern region of the iran is specifically our. areas oh no no no. no no no no no. no no no. japan is interested. interested to continue buying oil from iran. and interested in resolving issues and. that have to do with scientific
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had to make and cultural relationships. at this is a point that can guarantee an expansion of lation ships between the 2 countries. about thinking no country no matter how you don't cut only gave you a kind you country oh no comment the day to you. know. us. in addition to issues. by law to relationships so we also discussed the security issues and also doing away with pensions and the region mando you. can kind of on there are no. quarter until tomorrow. hardly i'm.
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pleased that both countries. when it comes to establish. security after the general both countries attaching a lot of importance to these issues i have told the prime minister that we are not going to start any war in the region we will not be the start of a new war including any war with the us if anybody is going to start any war with us we will result of resolutely come up with our response. call. sheets you know until you see i'm not you're a critic of the security obama. since so has your motto. so if you. like it it was. american instrument but you don't want to censor what. you don't need since
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overnight image data on which. it touched on my house. yes mr prime minister. is. remarkably optimistic about the future and he was saying that i can see the positive changes are coming. at how secure taking on the cut i know what it actually because it was that i could and should i only to hang corba and that they couldn't undercut you. very pleased that mr prime minister. and his today's negotiations continue to support j c p o a. and and this agreement is important from the prime minister's viewpoint for the region and the world. needs
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a new one no. no. no. like it was our mascot i know this kind of credit card i'm also new. oh. man. i have said to mr prime minister that we are interested to continue jesse puree. and measures that will be taken by iran who are within the framework of just a and within that clause $36.00 are just a pure way. unemotional you know what i think that you look up to go oh if you stay if you must guard. against endemol took the resource you got cut to go you know sandra who joined me most was it was 82 so she did was i.
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requested mr prime minister. that meant comes to. nuclear cooperation between the 2 countries that we should try to have nuclear cooperation with them 2 countries because both countries are believing and peaceful use of. nuclear technology and we both countries are against the use of nuclear weapons. cuts though you have to lose i'm just going to come up with a demo. they can add to my. numbers are. in today's negotiations i emphasized upon the point that if we witness some tensions the root of these tensions goes back to the economic war of the united states against the nation of iran and whenever this war is
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a stopped we will witness very positive changes in the region and in the world. just stand on no. you don't ever look at it was i must be so no gave i'm going to kind of. sin so you know if it was i must discard i saw no. sense or got over the national. mall which must. as. prime establish and so i would like to thank you and your delegation. you came with goodwill. in the light of the cause is the noble cause is that both parties have to do away with tensions in the region and you came on this trip for this purpose. i hope that this trip is going to be the
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beginning of better relationships between day 2 countries and. more positive changes in the region. so cool calm guy you don't know moment. like it was a mask. what you don't. sort of daisy because then you know i'm not that i know until. teaching on to. the whole no. a no show combo skansen said to tom anything so much that you do you don't know home on saturday to like it was a. question i touched on shopworn case that it is he japan is a very important country. and japan has continuously. been taking good steps for peace and stability of the region. and today in our
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negotiations we talk about cooperation between the 2 countries and it comes to refugees content our contacts counterterrorism and also cooperation of the 2 countries and for the construction of syria. headed helping to end the crisis in yemen. because i got this kind of what they said that she mcconnell home on their own kind of a down home on the on osama's on of the you know the. like you that was their mascot you cannot remain monday. we are no children are not the total to cry tunnel. jodi oh cool. i thought it was i must come at that teaching on monday i could see that you're too cool. to talk i need and i said. was i much too can be an issue yeah.
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so i said sure. my game in london a hike it's nice in the street they're not too cool. or you know who she got. that are you know in a hospice you know. the prime minister on your delegation very enjoyable to stay in tehran. like i. always you don't know what you don't know you know. yeah the whole you. though comes down 93 and us are really of the dramatic relationship and i very much appreciate the well welcome by giving young people. thank you very much. but i mean john to be so that if the cut on his ass to get out of saudi king another means not to go to that
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house he said about it is up on what you know many of us up about his son but you don't suffer the program tonight is think about to get a moment about armies do that is about it in both the day i was and i doctored it on you guys is a remote that has emerged as i mean you don't buy me a lot of them out if you don't spend the money to support them and i have a mixture of just i think i need it's been a long journey the last time a japanese prime minister visited. and i have passed on the some of the nickels i kind of hang it on all meanwhile not to have many incidents internationally over there and both accidents both countries but you know that us have experienced some unspeakable things. to countries long histories and both both the best long and proud countries.
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that's not it but that's what i believe too that you know down by beings i don't see them in suffolk in john a bit jaded are you excited having suffered enough of us in fact is up oh my god so this fiction is going on to you anymore that hottie care and out of the mouths that you don't bomb out of the man's up won't put out the most out of him which he did being that immunity but how about this some more thought that he was a bit out of it. is somehow the getting got it of us that he must see that they did not stay by the hold up on their p.c. dida to see the all time i want to go down but you don't bail money just about how you feel i will tidy she well beyond monica's what i able to put on you get a bit tidy for the set it got the if the economy went on how do you get that a high amount of don't know much about about that out there it's so subtle and i might eat up between a fox they've been abducted by a pair of us their puppet in the truth that i made out they aren't. a i forgot how to handle hamas and not. deceitful my quest to visit to tehran in.
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back in those days said to 6 years ago i visited to have least my father that then . they would. then and. let them well welcome but i got iranian people and gave me a young at the time i was only very very young and if done very well mean permission for them and use most of it and be at the one of them and on your knees you'll see sort of peace you not to suffer to put out in johnny b. good being done about the don't know what is it boxed but you don't want and it and is on the humming sound a 100 he got about a movie in his own image of an empty side of it on. the dynamic months at a year bob will have decided that you don't care to do your tidy shift and that on the whole just buzzing to make money. out of the mountains the dumbass out of touch to toss it out ahead of time but has promised positively your arms are not up to him it is a home but i even john there that if i was not with the newest. and honey hey
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senator then i know what. i have been wanting to come back. to here and i kid i mean you saw the 50000 when a house that is the a seaside town a bit on how to be a summit in the south i'm a lot folks who don't do sun they got them young about it even if wanted to know about us got it on them today she's one of the authors of my book you need to give you so many seasons i watched some old like i have to say may not be nice to you is what i how about i would like to be obey him buffy how to find it means i need to introduce him that hundreds of hundreds of i'm out of them. and govt cyan to being messiah so moch was not us of the out by design mongers not us i'm not us i'm not so nice on it out is that out of the post of on your some of us on i'm with them to
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sort out the new out of. i mean that you've done your job now in the middle east that attentions could come and stay so that it's a possibility of maybe 30 conflict. by accident how made it to the conflict must be avoided by all means think like the peace in the middle east i think it's over the world that it is necessary nobody wants a conflict. like what you. would like to play i know as much as possible that's the reason i visited iran disc i'm. more conscious i have a house on the care they've come out of what we had out of you vehicles other feet is suddenly going out and now they must be how to game with you so they are going to so they don't you but we have got a d.d. in the us army get if this about sort of also about a month ago how many on enough to how but i knew when i got that you months i get
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out of here but i you know when i saw that autonomy going as i'd already asked he's just this not out of the zone if i could be if that ends up on his it out of it's out there caucus a punishment that i hope the cavani hold next a hot dog so you know if you follow my comment was about in the fifty's a fighting john a bit you know on some of this. you know i put that pressure take on the most iconic when you've got one sees what used to be code. it's been a major country in the middle east and the to continue to be continue to be serfs. how about if if you continue to be unstable and if there are some major conflict. when you look at that it's not the idea that iran must play a constructive role in the region having to do is just part of living in a month a good habit to me on a beautiful house but i am down so hard on the mount but i ain't care about what i
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enjoy about about soaping get out of house it and that if you talk with me on the honesty of ice me about some sort of about the habit of me and it up bit or i've got to just be the one in civil real and out of the fetal or big team so i did yes look at you done next a 1000 the if you find a mild. hey our priority that. separates peace and. benevolence i am impressed by the teaching. so that when the soup supreme leader how. often says. actions against the teaching of peace among teens on a 100 said was none of you out there and if saddam i don't bomb there i don't have a medical supply i need you on that i'll be behind it off just have to toss it out and you know injun if it's that if that i need to sell it it's the other guy has some but i think it was i mean what's the matter what he has of it i thought i mean
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the it's one didn't know about the taught us how they were fighting with on the mom anybody said ok for starters on many of them it is that i trust the as a house it's a pot honest if. iran continues to cooperate to create. and it continues do 8 i hope it will continue to comply with that i e s e s. ins. high about the if you don't be about it i mean i mean you get on with the most that i can about a jump in let me be the one i. want to 2nd and i come to try to ramp up the. so. my role the reason i am here is to seek ways to avoid fun pick off a big increase increase of pensions and how to seek peace and stability in the
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region we managed to exchange opinions in a very constructive way today. but more than good saving me the money and bought the other 50 a put it understood out on high speed i can but i'm 27 in need of a name that is for them by abuse of office within the month because they don't need each other day but i hear circles about it as a physical. side of my about it about and as i decide if we'll put a minute on the s.s. amp and now. you know and we received some. so. so we will continue to hate iran in casey's not joe does says such as floods. of someone at the market how your 40 of us out of this town in this state is either gonna achieve i'm going to find that it's i mean i you can just get out of money but in my thoughts and i have begun an editing i need if i am
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out of them you don't mock me but i would as an impulse and use it i mean i can. i caught them it's not iraq my. sofa. you're not how it there's no road in front of us he has a good view and rely on open so to that end we need both countries must make some effort it's not going to be easy i'm out of town to them and i had to don you know pay me down but they may be propaganda too don't you i'm not you did i did i say without him care how he get out of jail he just made my hoss ha ha ha can be nude how to conduct a buzz local so that we did but how would i feel forgive us the ones that have been setting us on these subjects but i thought. how to do it by a task when you but i'm past you can be going on and on there is such a psyche by you the idea of us it is so that now you're talking is nevertheless in the middle east for the peace of the middle east and for the peace of the lotus
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i mean we have to keep make make making efforts jeff good not to give up claudio i think we will. continue to play our role as much as we can actually i hope i trust today's music is going to make the 1st step to us that. soul i'd like to come back p.s. nobody not in a not so defense how do i see jackie but i use the company but yet it was a mommy don't you know how to buy out a. but i knew how tough it's up almost all my mascara. she's a fucked now me tonight about. how dockside eat out how to type on a quilt if i know my it i'm outta my house somethin we do it's a fighting god i'm doubting doc's asked him john if he did this thought i had about 4 or so salt and somehow the lot of even in my house some that are young do you not some don't do so now for the south but i'm hot so i don't have
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a staff officer get up. thank you very much. you were just listening to a press conference given by japan's prime minister as well as iran's president hassan rouhani in teheran japan's prime minister there is in iran on a 2 day visit to the country. essentially rising tension between the united states as well as iran which has become clear in the press conference and as you can see it. meets with president hassan rouhani in in iran and he's also expected to hold talks with iran's supreme leader ali how many on thursday let's cross over to dorset jabari she's joining us from tehran so doris up on the face of it and i suppose officially the 2 men are marking an anniversary off
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their sort of diplomatic relationship but what came out of that press conference is that based spoke about a wide range of issues and it was very clear when he said that he wants to play a role for easing the tension surrounding iran. yes certainly a very direct and specific statement from the japanese prime minister on his 1st official visit to these amec republic he was very clear about why he's here he reminisced about the fact that he was here 36 years ago with his father who was the japanese foreign minister then but his this is it now is for that reason too.


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