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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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the web and sponsored by cattle and. hello again welcome back what we have seen the off and on showers here across parts of turkey over the last few days mostly in the afternoon with the heating of the day and you can see that on the satellite image as those white clouds really pop up in the afternoon and as we go forward though it is going to be much of the same temperatures into the mid to high twenty's in many locations and that is going to continue as we go towards friday as well down here across much of the event though it is going to be very very dry but very very hot in many locations with baghdad seeing a high of 44 degrees and quite city at about $43.00 degrees for you well here across the gulf temperatures here in doha are expected to go up as well over the next few days $44.00 is going to be our expected high winds will be of the problem as we go towards friday as well temps are coming up to about $46.00 in those winds expected to go into saturday here across much of oman though it is going to be cloudy that is because we do have
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a cycle out in the arabian sea but for muscat expect to see winds a little bit lighter at $36.00 degrees and a mostly cloudy day for you and then here across much of the southeastern coast we are going to see rain for durban that rain could be heavy at times but by the time we get to friday the rain starts to make its way out here across the indian ocean up towards harare though it is going to be a mostly cloudy to partly cloudy day with a temperature a bank in. the west sponsored cateye always. brazil a bastion of economic development and the key player in is shifting global order a country that's become an increasingly and attractive destination for african migrant workers viewfinder in latin america follows an angolan migrant who turns to music once his brazilian dream encounters hardship and racism open arms and closed doors on al-jazeera.
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welcome back and top stories here the police and protesters face to face once again in hong kong as demonstrations continue over a controversial extradition and all that could see suspects for serious crimes sent to mainland china government offices in hong kong's financial district been closed after wednesday's protests. japan's prime minister has asked iran's leaders to abide by the 2050 nuclear deal and play a constructive role in securing peace in the middle east and so on but also warned of an accidental conflict in the region during his 2 day visit to tehran. and u.s. diplomats have joined mediation efforts to push for a peaceful transition to civilian rule in. washington's newly appointed envoy met
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with opposition leaders said the military must be held accountable for last week's violent crackdown on demonstrators. mollies prime minister has declared 3 days of national mourning for victims of monday's attack on a village which killed dozens of members of the doggone ethnic group violence between duggan farmers and the magic for lani herders has claimed hundreds of lives in recent months more attacks have been reported in the multi region raising fears of increasing violence reports in the capital bamako. barely visible mali and soldiers helicopters from the un peacekeeping force hovering over days after sunday's deadly attack in security forces are finally on the ground protecting what appears to be an empty ghost town to die we are angry and disappointed or toileted need to deploy more soldiers to secure this area. shortly after this interview mullion soldiers meant to protect the village chief
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beat him up for criticizing the government. i think tensions continue to be high between the doggone hunters and the philosophy herders both the communities are in mourning and see things for revenge on wednesday fall on the villagers were attacked a short while later doggone villages were stormed and response president abraham who got our key to removed the governor of the president's call for national unity have largely been ignored well both communities may be in disagreement accusing the other 4 of these attacks and killings they are in agreement over the lack of response of the 1000000 forces in the un peacekeeping force that are meant to protect them. as part of the un mission known as there are 14000 peacekeepers 4000 french soldiers and almost 20000000000 forces known as farmers. several battalions were just a few kilometers away when sunday's attack on the doggone village took place. never
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came to a moment you took those mollies to go on chief he says despite numerous calls for help no one came to protect the villagers being attacked. there is no protection. by the minute. there is nothing. it's very deplorable but that's an issue creation and so it is left to these villagers to make arrangements for their own security whether full on you or doggone they're arming themselves and taking justice in their own hands as the u.n. in the mali enforces watch from a safe distance. nicholas hawk al jazeera. the un special envoy for mali has told the security council the killing cannot be allowed to continue. to love your loss. this hellish vicious cycle of violence must be stopped at the risk that
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everyone will take justice into their own hands it's necessary to emphasize the importance of the fight against immunity the glimmer of hope on the horizon cannot be transformed into a true opportunity without an acceleration in the control of the security situation especially in the center of the country. the saudi erotic coalition fighting in yemen is promising to retaliate after a missile attack by who the rebels in a saudi airport the coalition says a projectile described by who things as a cruise missile at the arrivals hall of airport that's north of the yemeni border reports. these pictures a said to show the damage in alabama where flights were disrupted for several hours saudi state t.v. says the airport was back up and running soon after the attack carried out by hooty rebels in neighboring yemen the head of the saudi amorality coalition that's fighting the rebels called it a terrorist attack on
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a civilian target which could be considered a war crime the whole thing is targeting civilians on purpose on the blindly they want to put to. a player a week of the player a dirty player in the region because you know targeting civilian targets is very bad. but the who things insist they have the right to defend themselves saying by launched a cruise missile after years of bombings by the coalition and an air and sea blockade that tempted aid access. we've identified 300 enemy strategic targets every day we have a goal and we will not rush to bomb all the targets today we carried out how threat and promise. the who say say they hit and disable the airports tower the stepped up misawa and drawing attacks across the border in recent wakes and
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have made advances on strategic locations inside saudi arabia they can target easily a lot of headquarters you know airports important bases military bases so basically that is a changing dynamic of the this kind of growing war in yemen saudi arabia has been at war with the he's in yemen since 2015 the kingdom accuses iran of arming the rebels which iran denies the u.s. says the attack is another attempt by tehran to destabilize the region. these provocative actions mark a new evolution in the threat around poses to the region to our partners and to our own national security. the conflicts already course the dates of tens of thousands of people the u.n. spokesman says he's deeply concerned we urge all parties to prevent any further such further incidents which risk escalating the current situation pose a serious threat to the national and regional security and undermine the un led
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political process. but the saudis are already promising stern action with the who needs reporting bombing in civilian areas and except brian al jazeera. both democrats and republicans in the us are trying to block arms sales to saudi arabia last month the government declared a national security emergency citing growing threats from iran to justify an $8000000000.00 weapons sale helen fisher has the details very very well and donald trump has been keen to flaunt his big arms deal with saudi arabia but his reports emerged of u.s. made weapons being used by the saudi military in attacks on civilians in yemen members of congress to express their concern and alarm and it looked as if any seals would run into serious opposition and could be blocked so the state department declared it an emergency and authorized the sales anyway in a congressional hearing one of my top lieutenants insisted an increased threat from iran will justify the decision by providing a deterrent against hostile actions this transfer lowers the risk of
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a broader conflict among the weapons approved for sale precision guided missiles like those used in the attack on a school bus in yemen in august last year more than 40 children were killed so the planes fired american bombs one congressman claimed that seal wasn't about defense against regional rivals the vast majority arms the administration wants to sell with respect to this transaction are offensive weapons correct. it's not limit that there's a statement they didn't say limited the vast majority are offensive weapon there are offensive weapons there are sustainment package but that as baggage already are offensive isn't that correct sir a number of our offensive house republicans were measured in their response to the decision to sidestep congress but stopped short of criticizing the president for pushing through the sales but one democrat wanted to know how big a rule his advisor and son in law had played in the sales was he involved
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not in the emergency declaration it's very much when i am served only in the question i was at a tough question and it's not this ongoing in the in charge out of like little east peace process he's got a direct line to the saudi leadership us president donald trump has already vetoed congressional efforts to limit u.s. military support in yemen and refused to impose sanctions after the murder of washington post columnist jamal khashoggi in the city consulate in istanbul members of the house are to table for so-called resolutions of disappointment to try to stop the deal going ahead in the senate next week they'll consider $22.00 similar resolutions it's a sign of the growing cross party anger at the current state of u.s. so due to lay sions on the ongoing situation in yemen but that anger still is unlikely to be enough to stop the sale going ahead alan fischer al-jazeera washington india's disaster response teams are evacuating tens of thousands of
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people from the western state of gujarat ahead of what's expected to be the country's 2nd major santonio the season fishermen have been trying to save their boats from rough seas off the coastal town of port banda cyclon volume is expected to make landfall later on thursday. flooding in southern china has killed at least 49 people with 14 others missing more than a quarter of a 1000000 people have been forced to evacuate as rain in the floods damaged thousands of homes the storm also triggered landslides and cause losses worth almost one and a half $1000000000.00. now tourism a has committed britain to 0 carbon emissions by 2050 the prime minister called the commitment ambitious but essential for protecting the earth but in barber reports. on paper at least what we could be looking at is major changes to the u.k.'s climate policy in the coming decades with one eye on the stop wishing her legacy beyond the ongoing chaos to reason may's announced legislation committing britain to reaching 0 carbon
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emissions by 2050 this is about the long term climate targets we're proud of the world leading beating record we have but i absolutely agree that it is vital that we continue this work and make sure that we protect our planet for generations to come if passed it would make britain the 1st of the g. 7 group of major economies to put a net 0 target into law in other words balancing carbon dioxide emissions with carbon removal measures or simply eliminating emissions altogether because the leader of the opposition sounded skeptical government's record on supporting efforts to combat climate change was another sector that has been filed by the government is that of the renewables industry. solar installations a down by 94 percent onshore wind coming to a grinding halt. the government's advisory committee on climate change recommended the net 0 target last month saying if other countries followed suit there was
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a $5050.00 chance of staying below the recommended temperature rise of no more than 1.5 degrees celsius by 2100 as agreed under the paris climate accords. it would almost certainly mean people eating less meat and dairy and taking fewer flights any remaining pollution would need to be offset through carbon cutting measures such as large scale tree planting. campaigners who've been pushing the government to declare a climate crisis are not impressed they want a net 0 target of 2025 un general secretary said if by the end of next year we don't start rightly cutting our carbon emissions humanity face extinction so that's our answer to them you can't gamble with our kids' futures and that's what a target 2050 does. so while some say the government's move is a bold one many question whether there's the political will to force through the huge changes needed to meet their targets. the u.k.'s conservative
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members of parliament will soon vote for a new party leader the 1st round of polling takes place on thursday and contenders have been setting out their agendas and that includes how to keep their party from falling apart and delivering on briggs it. reports from the. incoming here's the man who the bookmakers think is going to be the next prime minister crazy fun loving boris johnson former mayor of london and foreign secretary. and ladies' man short on attention to detail but long on ability to work a crowd. johnson's entire argument is that nigel farage is new bracks at party is so undermining the conservative that it isn't delivered as soon as possible then the tory party faces destruction. but does johnson do his rivals jeremy hunt the current foreign secretary or michael gove the eloquence environment secretary actually know how to do brett sits any better than to reason mated. for 3 years.
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now so. i think it's not necessarily intended to stand up to. the candidates in the leadership debate. and competing with each other. the conservative party membership want it badly and they are threatening to undermine their own m.p.'s if the u.k. isn't out of the european union by the end of october the current deadline but just as compelling is whether or not the new leader would be able to deliver that direct hits without the government collapsing and triggering a national election one recent poll suggested more than half of voters think. to make a bad prime minister several candidates of warn openly that not delivering bricks it could lead to the conservatives losing to labor in an election i think the onus
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is on the candidates to show how they will achieve brix it because it's all very well saying we'll go for no deal but that may not get through parliament you say renegotiate it well it may not get through the year so at the moment the kind of it's and not being adequately precise to convince even their own colleagues let alone the membership of the public an orange several rounds of voting by conservative m.p.'s will whittle the kind of this down to an ultimate choice of to the winner to be decided upon by the party membership their overwhelming favorites is boris johnson but will they support him if they think he can't beat jeremy corbin's labor party in an election which could follow. certainly the main preoccupation for the leading candidate seems to be whether it's easier to beat jeremy cole been in an election before or after delivering states and on top of that swearing that delaying it could risk the wrath of conservative voters
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deserving to nigel farage it all seems a long way away bricks it was supposed to be about. al-jazeera and. some sports news now because these and louis blues have been crowned n.h.l. champions for the 1st time after a big dinner the boston bruins for a one in a deciding game 7. early spring 2 golds in the opening period and $21.00 the 1st moves are vital records $51.00 seasons to claim their 1st stanley cup. as. part of a quick check of the headlines here al-jazeera police and protesters are face to face once again on kong as demonstrations continue over a controversial extradition law that could see suspects for serious crimes sent back to mainland china government offices in hong kong's financial district of unpleased after wednesday's protests turned violent.
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because that's when. it's expected. that. japan's prime minister has asked iran's leaders to abide by the 2015 nuclear deal and play a constructive role in securing peace in the middle east also warned of an accidental conflict in the region during his 2 day visit to tehran. u.s. diplomats have joined mediation efforts to find a solution to saddam's political crisis washington's newly appointed special envoy donald booth met with protest leaders in khartoum along with top u.s. diplomat to africa. the opposition told them the military council must be held accountable. and demonstrators also stressed the importance of a peaceful transfer to civilian rule assuming it's possible. the saudi led military
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coalition fighting in yemen is promising to retaliate after a missile attack by who the rebels on a saudi court the coalition says the projectile described by the who these as a cruise missile hit the arrivals hall of court injuring at least $26.00 people molly's prime minister has declared 3 days of national mourning for victims of monday's attack on a village which killed dozens of members of the dawn ethnic group violence between follows a nomadic herders has claimed hundreds of lives in recent months. india's disaster response teams are evacuating tens of thousands of people from the western state of goods about ahead of what's expected to be the country's 2nd major of the season. trying to save their boats from rough seas off the coastal town of porbandar value is expected to make landfall later own state. so those were the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera after the street and so much about. al-jazeera.
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problems besides the instability is corruption we listen. the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. why are the u.s. and mexico cracking down on aid workers at the border authorities have detained hundreds of thousands of migrants but now humanitarian activists and volunteers are also being criminalized i femi oke a ministry and i'm ali could be allowed today we explore why people providing lifesaving help on both sides of the border are risking arrest and legal action to reduce your thoughts or leave them in the you tube chop.
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driving coast to a heavily patrolled border you see several people in need of water and a now do you help or not that is the decision that texas resident taught had to make earlier this year to reason notice 3 exhausted young migrants along the highway in west texas and offered to shelter them in her car soon after she was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy and was later arrested by u.s. border patrol she's come under investigation for human smuggling and people like to reason are not the only ones facing legal repercussions for their actions humanitarian organizations say they are also being penalized scott war in here for the charity group no more deaths was arrested last year after providing food water and shelter to to undocumented migrants he faces 2 counts of harboring and one count of conspiracy on tuesday his trial concluded with a hung jury this is what warren said after the judge declared
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a mistrial. today remains as necessary as ever for local residents and humanitarian aid volunteers to stand in solidarity with migrants and refugees and we must also stand for our families friends and neighbors and the very land itself most threatened by the militarization of our border land communities well to help us discuss the situation at the us mexico border in tucson arizona reverend john 5 is the co-founder of no more deaths or saying. a as a reporter covering the border for the as i know a public a usa today and the cold director of the board of rights project at. a nonprofit organization providing legal services to deportees migrants and refugees in tijuana mexico hello everybody good to have you here john for people watching around the welt and people actually north of the border in the u.s. who may not be aware of what is happening to humanitarian aid workers who are
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helping migrants who are helping refugees crossing the border why disco warren story why is it so important it's critical because this is not just what's happening in the southwest border of the united states this is what's happening look globally. not only here in the southwest border but on the southern border of mexico and the whole cross the nation of mexico it's happening in the mediterranean sea where the european union is criminalizing humanitarian aid workers and ships that are trying to save the lives of migrants and refugees in the mediterranean sea so this is a global matter. that demands the attention and care for all ethical analysis of all people of goodwill and compassion. scott is part of your guys' ation but at the time
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where he was assisting offering humanitarian aid were you aware of the risk was he aware of the risks that you could actually face charges and end up in prison. we've been aware of that risk for a long time. since the founding of no more deaths and samaritan's people were that our volunteers have been threatened. regular basis by border patrol agents with criminal charges and they have even brought those charges to the united states attorney in the past or or even to court. i think over the. 15 year span of no more deaths and samaritans here on the southwest border we. had charges filed against us or had to go to court to defend ourselves
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$37.00 different times before scott's case so so we have we have some experience with the threat of arrest or or even prison for providing you minute i see being humanitarian aid there in medicine or and so john you mentioned 37 different times that you guys have have been familiar with these kinds of the risks i want to give our audience an overview of what this area looks like and why someone might need water so this is gal who tweets and the bass desert for border states equals dr sandy dirt often rocky few roads rare plant life it's thorny cactus and buses so hot and bright it can make you dizzy there are sudden dust storms and quick clouds in their seasons if you're not from here it looks like the moon goes on to say i marvel that scott warns mistrial came down on
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the hottest day in southern arizona this year after prolonged mild temperatures this empathized the insane cruelty of denying another living being water in the desert sun rafael i'll direct this to you because you've been covering this issue for a while now and of course as you heard john mention this isn't the 1st time but what makes this case unique. well in years past when we did have some of these cases that were filed before prosecutors often times many of those cases were dismissed by a judge and in at least one instance where it made its accord and the law into your was convicted that conviction was overturned by the court of appeals and so what makes this case different is that it comes. as a wave is not the only us government not the only no more deaths volunteer who was prosecuted i'm just earlier this year we had 8 other volunteers who had to face
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court as well and 4 of them were convicted and 4 others have pled guilty to civil infractions so the government has had some success under the trump administration in prosecuting no more deaths volunteers but certainly the case of scott warren since it is a felony trial have the highest stakes of the 20 years of federal prison sneakily maybe just because a social media that i'm not seeing any kind border patrol as i'm only saying once they are acting with less than compassion but can you give us a sense of the way point of patrols actually treat people who are crossing the border can i generalise can you generalize all as everything child very different that i'm about to show but i'd like to hear your take on the border patrol. well i would say that we're controlled by and large treats migrants as subhuman and we saw some of the comments that came out in text messages in the trial referring to them
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as terms that are not used to describe humans out it's a hunting season for them it's a squirt otherwise we wouldn't have video release showing border patrol shooting holes in water jugs or trying to destroy other kinds of food supplies if you view someone as human and you don't take away the very tools that are left out for them to live and in terms of the asylum seekers that we have serviced we've heard numerous reports were patrol agents physically pushing asylum seekers back over the border wall threatening them with tasers with guns in order to prevent them from accessing me as i don't process and presenting themselves to authorities i want to show us some video and we're going to roll it right now so you can see it right now this video comes from no well desson organization that junko founded and he you can see some spots supplies it was set out just so that when life gets a crossing the border they don't dehydrate they don't die allow i want you to
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listen to the border patrol. you can track somebody left on a trail. not yours and i use your numbers and yours is not your. john there's no way that i can say it all of the border patrol behave like this but this is several instances of you capturing the lack of compassion on camera i'm also going to notice a note that i saw today so i saw 272-0131 before this current administration so this has been going on for a very long time john but that border patrol or along the border how do they behave to the migrants to the refugees are they partly to blame for humanitarian aid workers now being actually facing charges. what's
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fundamentally to blame is the whole border enforcement strategy that began in the 1990 s. where the border patrol said in order to secure the border this is our strategy we're going to seal off the urban areas where everyone had migrated up until that time for generations and then we're going to push the walls and the enforcement out and the number of border patrol agents and technology and we're going to push it out so bad that people have to cross through the deadliest areas of the desert and they said once we do that we know what's going to happen people are going to start to die in fact they used the number of deaths increasing dramatically as a benchmark as a marker for the success of their border enforcement strategy and then the whole strategy was called prevention through deterrence we're going to use the deaths of
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thousands of the poorest of the poor in this hemisphere as a deterrent to other people trying to cross now not only have the international courts but the united nations commission on human rights in the high commission on refugees said that's a violation of basic human rights and international law so when you're involved in that kind of border enforcement strategy and you know that that whole strategy in the success of it is dependent upon an increasing number of deaths in the desert then it's no accident that humanitarian aid workers get threatened and humanitarian aid is destroyed by the border patrol out there in the desert. nicole john explain the context behind this strategy and we've got a comment from someone who says maybe this strategy now maybe it's hit its breaking
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point. with the american people so this is a tweet from emily galvin on monday she says sought war and was on trial for offering food and water to migrants dying in the desert many of you are calling for jury nullification indeed this is why we have juries so that humans can say no when the law is wrong they said no so she sent us a video comment explaining some of what this means for the legal aspect of this case and what it means for the american people and what their views might look like have a listen which is that juries in the american legal system have the right to refuse to convict people if they feel that the charges unjust that the law is wrong that prosecutors should be going after in this case lifesaving humanitarian aid work now jury nullification isn't talked about very much but it is a unique right jurors have to shape the system in which they work it's a unique role that juries play as a check on laws that may be unjust or unfair so the question here is were those
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jurors using the principles of jury nullification to refuse to convict mr warren and does that mean that u.s. citizens on a broader level are rejecting the tire idea that people should be prosecuted for humanitarian aid work i think so what's your take do you think that this is an indication of at least some americans rejecting this strategy. absolutely and we need not look that far back in history tomorrow with their king who told us that we have a duty we have a moral obligation to disobey unjust laws 1st as a former federal defender i am puzzled by how the u.s. attorney's office could use finite federal resources to prosecute this as a harboring earth smuggling giving humanitarian aid but assuming that that comports with as the laws to be intended to be applied i think the fact that we had jurors refused to convict is
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a strong indication that the american people are not going to have these acts have our system be weaponized in our mean using our tax dollars against people who are merely trying to save the lives that our government is trying to extinguish and i feel i'm i'm just thinking the the pressure is both sides of the border pressure in the u.s. and also the mexico side and also humanitarian aid because on the mexico side also being arrested what's the legal ramifications that. well i think farther south of the border it's a more precarious situation for aid workers there because in addition to you know the threats from the government as we saw with 2 activists over the weekend you know you're also fell so you seem to react threats and violence from the cartel members of organized criminal groups so that's another element that they are constantly being exposed to and that has been the case for many years now but
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certainly this is a new element now when we had you know these 2 individuals in opposite sides of the country keep in mind that the the the 2 organizers one of them was in the southern mexican border and then there was in the northern mexican border within that it states and so they were both arrested on the same day but you know that kind of speaks to some of the dish and all challenges that aid workers have to face now it's not just from the criminal and organized groups but also you know coming from threats from the government itself which as we have seen over many years also has reacted with relative impunity to many cases of the human rights abuses and certainly you know that's the journalists and a lot of other human rights abuses that are going on with addition to migrants of the country this is such an interesting debate among our community and i know it's a it's a broader debate as well so i want to take you into just a little a little taste of that this is marcus on twitter says and virtue ethics approach
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would say that parades compassion and solidarity require that we act in such a way that we can do what we can to help no more and no less but over on you tube we got a comment from george and he takes a view that a few other members in our community are also taking he says in this comment live crossing the border by other than legal means is against the law so it's against the law to assist nicole walk us through this gray area. illegal entry is a federal offense however it's a misdemeanor for which you can receive no more than 6 months in prison but if you have asylum law which is federal law as well as international law recognizes that asylum seekers i.e. refugees are going to sometimes be forced to enter a country through irregular means and because they are fleeing persecution i would also just note that while presenting oneself to
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a customs and border protection officer at a port of entry is the legal way to apply for asylum c.b.p. officers have been turning asylum seekers away from the ports of entry by the thousands for several years now and so an absence the federal government creates the illegality of which it complains about and then seeks to create inhumane policies to control that illegality if we could have a federal law enforcement that would take their oath seriously and up hold all federal law including the laws that they don't agree with such as processing asylum seekers then we might face less border crossings at irregular points i want to bring into the conversation the vice president mike pence he was speaking a week ago about illegal crossings on the u.s. border have a listen to him. as president troubles made clear we have a crisis on our southern border. and last week the president said decisive action.
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to the call of mexico to bore. the. american people and yesterday 144000 people were apprehended to get across our southern border. promised. for mexico to do for the. illegal immigrants that are making their way north from central america through mexico and coming into our drug. i am on show where the vice president pence got his fitness function but he's saying 144000 people crossed into the united states in the month of may. cat. of course everyone should care because the vast majority of those people cross the border in order to turn themselves into border patrol and to apply for political asylum
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that at that means they ask to make the case in court that they had every right to be protected under united states refugee law and say here they are to have their cases adjudicated and in the meantime to be protected. in their quest for political asylum that's the law and for the vice president of the united states to call those people illegals is simply. well it's it's a misstatement at best it's a law i. to tell you the truth what would you suggest to the current us administration rather than. penalizing humanitarian aid workers who are helping people across the board at what would you suggest that they do to tackle the. well the 1st thing they can't take back and that is the united states has for
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a century exploited. the people and the nation. of mexico and central america. not only. through economic exploitation of of those economies but also through actual invasion and overthrowing the cia overthrowing the democratically elected governments so we could dominate the economy and the end political life of those countries and the fact is that they're devastated as a result of that and most recently the united states has a direct role. in the market for the drug cartels that are now dominating mexico and and the northern triangle of central america. and and yeah i have to take that into
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account when you ask the question why are all those people fleeing from violence and drought and poverty and and a century of exploitation of their nation in their economies and so if you have to start there that i could see you trying to jump in there i want to play a video comment before you do because it's right in line with what john was saying this is alledged r.r.c. is the north american campaigner for amnesty international and here's her take. the trumpet ministration has created a crisis at the us mexico border border residents have stepped up to save the lives of migrants and asylum seekers travelling through the dangerous desert those who choose to provide humanitarian aid like food and water should not do so at the risk of prosecution harassment or intimidation but instead should be able to do their lifesaving and necessary work unhampered now if i would if you want to well i wanted to add that one of the common criticisms that we've heard is that despite
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this crackdown in immigration forcemeat and all these changes that the trump administration keeps making to or attempting to make the asylum immigration rules ready is that they have done very little to discourage people from leaving because they don't address the causes of problems so in other words you know it's actually in some of the reasons why people are leaving central america or southern mexico some of these other locations and it's important to note that you know the top administration has actually aid to some of these countries because he's an api with the situation but obviously that that also results in you know the situation may also be aggravating and more people leaving the you know the common criticism we hear not just from democrats but also from other advocates that until a solution or until the issue itself is addressed in the countries where people are fleeing from then that migration is going to continue you know and it's going to continue not just threw up mexico but also their attempts to reach the united
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states off i feel is one of a number of journalists have been covering this story having a can my laptop on he says the ryan devereaux into set he's been covering this story for some time just going to skin you can see the rest of the headline i'm showing you this because i want to show you ryan's tweet he tweeted this out when the news of scott and him came out and sat talked about his hung jury he says hi and i think the $88.00 sets of human remains found in the desert since he's. rest of spoke with the migrants he was arrested with and how they sadly have not received the same attention and support that he has nicole let's to handle that humanitarian angle this whole show is about humanitarian aid work as the humanitarian and i go with the my quits who do not get the press and the coverage what do we need to know about that while we see thousands of asylum seekers at our clinic every year their stories are largely untold there is
1:45 pm
a focus now on the criminalization of aid workers but we have to look at the criminalization of migrants that has been happening for long before this period of criminalization of our work has begun we 1st you know saw it as we saw increased prosecutions very illegal entry in a legal entry the family separation surveillance of undocumented immigrant rights activists who as an advocacy community that they would be coming for us next and we didn't listen come out and so it's important for us to pay attention now thank you for reminding us. thank you for being part of this program going to end with a view from the community one says marquez who says how can it be that we have policies and laws that put someone like scott warren on trial we should all be more like scott warne keep sending us your comments to you chew. me out as a way dot com for sash the strain and you can i will see you next time thanks for
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al-jazeera. where every. a day off to mass protests hit hong kong government offices in the financial district to shop for the rest of the week. hello i'm daryn jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up japan's prime minister tries to deescalate tensions between the u.s. and iran she says conflict must be avoided at all costs. troops patrolling the
1:49 pm
scene of a deadly attack in mali but ethnic tension is high and the reports of more violence . we have signs big red marks and we wave it to the children. demonstrators are determined to shut down the u.s. detention center holding migrant children without their parents. tension is rising on the streets of hong kong once again as police and protesters face off violent clashes that forced the closure of government offices in hong kong's financial district several demonstrators were injured on wednesday when police fired tear gas pepper spray and rubber bullets into the crowd but the government down its opponents say they won't back down over a controversial extradition law which could see the suspects to serious crimes sent to mainland china for trial with sarah joins us live now from hong kong sara so with government headquarters now closed what happens next for this new exhibition
1:50 pm
you know. the government headquarters as well as the lives of the council building at the to key buildings behind me this side by side of the stuff i've been told not to come to work simply because of security reasons however we've spoken to some of the counsellors from both sides who are now in the building of council building and they suggesting that potentially to buy now. resume tomorrow so that hasn't been ruled out but to buy it has been canceled today and of course yesterday was meant to be the 2nd reading of that new extradition law that of course was suspended when the access to the whole area was blockaded and barricaded off you can see behind me this area is still barricaded off so the only access to this particular spot is are those 1 with the government stuff cards all the lawmakers so the other areas of the other protest sites they've been shut down but we could see some type of debate before next week should they allow the ledge to reopen but carrie lamb has been forced to defend her actions yesterday of certain police actions she's also going to force to defend accusations that she's trying to bulldoze this particular piece
1:51 pm
of legislation through the lips of council building this is what she had to say earlier i can only say that i'm very upset. given this label that i'm between hong kong i will not do anything that is not in the interest of hong kong i will not shy away from my responsibility in introducing a piece of legislation we are very convinced of the justification said causing this . public outcry and all of these 30 the sentiments in society but sometimes as a political leader you cannot shy away from difficult decisions and so rather like his be more protests on the streets before the bill is voted on. last but today it's highly unlikely they'll be any protests we've seen some protesters gather up behind us on the the grain popperian next to the legislative council chamber there are some others rallying in central which is the last spot where though pushed out
1:52 pm
last night now this it may look like they are gathering supplies and of course the last of the protesters would clear that at about 2 am this morning they were still firing tear gas canisters on those protests is but if there was a vote next week it's highly likely that they they protesters will resume still barricaded up a bit certainly if there is a vote next week which carried out does what that will for next week we will see those protesters gather again before that vote or just sort of clogged there in hong kong sara thank you for that. they join brown has more on the response from mainland china. state media here in china is finally acknowledging what the rest of the world already knew on thursday morning state t.v. began showing pictures of the protests in hong kong and of the methods used by police to suppress those protests the tear gas and the rubber bullets this is the global times newspaper a very popular tabloid read by a lot of chinese people and the story of hong kong dominates the back page the
1:53 pm
garfunkel warns that the protests are hammering hong kong's economy and once more accuses the united states of interfering in hong kong's internal affairs and that's the refrain you also hear from chinese officials who believe that the united states is actively involved in trying to stir up these protests we haven't heard from president xi jinping so far he's currently in kurdistan attending a summit but the timing of these protests will be embarrassing because of course they come just a few months before celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's republic of china and of course the picture of chinese students on the street clashing with police in a city where there were protests just a few years ago is not the sort of look the president xi jinping wants right now japan's prime minister's urging iran's leaders to play a constructive role in securing peace in the middle east and to abide by the 2015
1:54 pm
nuclear deal since the r.b.a. has warned of an accidental conflict in the region during his 2 day trip to tehran is the 1st japanese prime minister to visit iran in more than 40 years and are their hopes to end the standoff between the u.s. and iran as they also jabari now reports. a historic visit at a critical time in the islamic republic japanese prime minister shinzo are they landed at mehrabad airport where he was greeted by iran's foreign minister chavalit serene officially this visit is to mark the 90th anniversary of the 2 countries diplomatic relations. the president has found rouhani was on hand at south about palace in tehran to greet the prime minister. following the 2 and a half hour meeting behind closed doors the 2 leaders emerged with strong words. jangan that we are not interested in starting a war with the united states but of anyone starts a war with us we will be resolute in our response and the japanese prime minister
1:55 pm
was very clear that his visit was not just to celebrate diplomatic relations. they want to serve on a much older president but i mean the reason i'm here is to avoid potential once iran must play a constructive role in the region and will not give up i hope today's visit will be a 1st step in achieving the goal of stability in this region japan has long been an ally of iran it bought over $2000000000.00 worth of oil from tehran last year but since u.s. sanctions were introduced it has stopped. and that is why hasn't our heinies asking the japanese prime minister to convey the message to the u.s. government that economic war will not help bring iran to the negotiating table the best thinking wrong expects from. egypt and his prime minister. to tell the americans that's. what he's you know as expectations. for any kind of you know possible to new talks between the 2 sides as
1:56 pm
a non signatory to the 2015 uclear agreement japan has a unique vantage point it is seen as an outside party that could try to deescalate tensions in this region with all the diplomatic activity that's been taking place here in the past week it is clear that the international community is on a mission to try and ease tensions between the united states and iran but none of the efforts by foreign powers have so far managed to make a difference and it is too early to tell us to visit by japan's prime minister will be more successful door so it's a party al jazeera to iraq and u.s. president donald trump says his strategy of keeping iran under pressure is working and jordan explains. u.s. officials were paying close attention to the high level meeting between the iranian president and his japanese counterpart in terror on wednesday but the u.s. special envoy for iran affairs brian hook told al-jazeera that the u.s. is not particularly alarmed by what they said during his visit the prime minister
1:57 pm
of a did land in iran today we've been highly coordinated with the prime minister he and the president spoken a few times and so he's there to try to do his part he did today call on iran to play a constructive role in the region which is not a role that it has played to date. so we are going to continue our campaign of maximum economic pressure because we want to iran to make better decisions and we have seen i think. very positive effect from our pressure campaign also on wednesday the us president donald trump said that pulling out of the iran nuclear deal was the right thing to do that the maximum pressure campaign on iran is having a negative impact on the iranian economy and may induce him to return to the negotiating table but if washington is serious about negotiating it doesn't appear at least publicly that much has been invested in preparations for any such talks
1:58 pm
molly's prime minister has declared 3 days of national mourning for victims of monday's attack on a village which killed dozens of members of the dugong ethnic group violence between the farmers and the magic phenomena heard as has claimed hundreds of lives in recent months more attacks have been reported in the region raising fears of increasing violence nicholas hogg reports in the capital bamako. barely visible soldiers helicopters from the un peacekeeping force hovering over days after sunday's deadly attack in security forces are finally on the ground protecting what appears to be an empty ghost town and. we are angry and disappointed to autoroute in need to deploy most soldiers to a secure area. shortly after this interview mullion soldiers meant to protect the village chief beat him up for criticizing the government ethnic tensions continue to be high between the doggone hunters and the philosophy herders both the
1:59 pm
communities are in mourning and seething for revenge on wednesday following the villagers were attacked. a short while later villages were stormed and response president abraham who got our key to removed the governor of the president's call for national unity have largely been ignored well both communities may be in disagreement accusing the other 4 of these attacks and killings they are in agreement over the lack of response of the 1000000 forces in the un peacekeeping force that are meant to protect them. as part of the un mission known as there are 14000 peacekeepers 4000 french soldiers and almost 20000000000 forces known as farmers. several battalions were just a few kilometers away when sunday's attack on the doggone village took place. never . have. gone chief he says despite numerous calls for help no one came
2:00 pm
to protect the villagers being attacked. there is no protection. by the minute. there is nothing. it's very deplorable but that's an issue creation and so it is left to these villagers to make arrangements for their own security whether full on you or doggone they're arming themselves and taking justice in their own hands as the u.n. and the 1000000 forces watch from a safe distance. nicholas hawk al jazeera. and the u.n. special envoy for mali has told the security council the killing cannot be allowed to continue. to love your.


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