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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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well come in then the 2 went in for a meeting that lasted for over 2 and a half hours they had a press briefing out afterwards in which the iranian president said that he was very happy to have the prime minister visit iran and he was hopeful that japan could play a role in trying to ease the tension that's escalated in the region the japanese prime minister said that his main goal in coming to iran is to try and help as much as he can to calm the tense situation that is taking place in this region between the united states and iran the japanese prime minister said that iranians must abide by the nuclear agreement they signed in 2015 and that he will do everything he can to try and mediate between iran and the united states to try and bridge the differences that they have and do so what what's next on the agenda then for the japanese prime minister there well hasn't
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he's already met with iran's highest authorities the supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei this morning we received word that the meeting has ended that to discuss various issues we are still waiting to get a communique of what was said between them he is now a wrapped up all the major business that he's had and he will leave tehran on friday we believe that he really wanted to be a key part in mediating the differences that exist between iran and the united states course the iranians say that they are under economic war imposed by the americans and the trumpet ministration is trying to put extreme pressure to get the iranians to the negotiating table but that is something the iranians say will never happen. so thanks for that dosage bar in rome. still ahead on al-jazeera russian opposition politician alexei navalny is among hundreds of protesters arrested during an antique corruption rally in moscow.
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hello here to welcome back to your international weather forecasts were here across europe over the last week we have seen plenty of stormy weather here across much of central europe we're talking about thunderstorms with hail as well as damaging winds across much of the area now the good news is as we go towards the rest of the week things are going to be looking much better and much calmer across much of this area a lot of the weather has now pushed up to the north but we are still dealing with an area of low pressure here across much of the u.k. and that will still bring some very wet and windy weather across much of that area as we go from thursday and into friday that system starts to make its way towards the north sea things get a little bit better across the area but watch the temperatures there on the rebound here across much of central europe berlin you're coming back to 30 degrees and plenty of sun in the forecast there here across much of northern africa it is going
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to be clear across much of the area temperatures into the low thirty's in many areas over towards kyra though we do expect to see a few of $35.00 degrees there as we go towards friday more clouds are going to be developing here across parts of tunisia maybe into tripoli as well as those clouds push through attempts there of about 29 degrees but over here towards morocco a little bit cool a few along the coast we do expect to see sun in your forecast with a temperature of 21 degrees in algiers at 25. again you're watching i do see a reminder of our top stories this hour before say to the oil tankers have been
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attacked in the gulf of oman both vessels have been evacuated and all crew are reportedly safe iranian media says the ship's made distress calls to port authorities in oman and pakistan. this is a month after 4 time kids were attacked in the gulf not far from the u.a.e. port. a crowds are gathering again in hong kong to protest against plans for a new extradition rule so far fewer people are turning out compared to wednesday when police used tear gas pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse protesters surrounding hong kong's legislative council. japan's prime minister has asked iran's leaders to abide by the 2050 nuclear deal and play a constructive role in securing peace in the middle east. in iran for a 2 day visit. are more on our breaking news this hour and it's being reported now that one of the tankers in distress in the gulf of oman is on fire the ship loaded
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oil in abu dhabi before setting off to sea joining me on set once again is modern couple and head of policy analysis at the center for research and policy studies so we're getting a little bit more information now about what happened here. and it's it's another reflection of the tensions in this region and how everything is just kind of on a hair trigger now absolutely i think this. this is a very serious development today i think this incident is more serious perhaps than the one that had to convince last month when for. have been attacked. are saying maybe a target b. 2 has been used. in attacking one of these of these tankers saw i think this is a certain very serious development this actually contributes to increase perhaps
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the escalation between iran and the united states. they are. properly it's very difficult to see who is really behind this incident but what we can we can push to say that some are trying to increase. parties i said i mean to increase the collusion between the united states and iran we already know that the americans they have actually. pretty presence in the in the gulf they sent the u.s.s. abraham lincoln last month actually in order as the americans said to run from and the reaction against the sanctions they have or at the end was on on iran and this also comes in the middle of a mediation efforts the japanese prime minister who's now in the hand trying actually to ease the tension between iran and the united states this incident will not make his actually job easy. i think it will actually make it much more
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difficult and this is of course has huge economic importance because so much of the world's oil goes through this area doesn't absolutely 20 percent of the oil that the world actually consumes. is exported from the god of the gulf is the largest oil reserve of oil and gas in the world and anything happens in this part of the world will affect the international market in our in a massive it will affect the world economy in a very significant way so this is why everybody will be watching closely these developments in the region. they will be actually trying to ease the tension which i. this is a said is that i think really high no ideas. thanks very much i'm sure we'll be talking about this again thanks. now molly's prime minister has declared 3 days of
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national mourning for the victims of monday's attack on a village dozens of members of the duggan ethnic group were killed in violence between nomadic herders and doggone farmers as killed hundreds of people in recent months more attacks were reported in the region raising fears of increasing violence nicholas harker ports from the capital bamako. barely visible mali and soldiers helicopters from the un peacekeeping force hovering over days after sunday's deadly attack in security forces are finally on the ground protecting what appears to be an empty ghost town into thought i we are angry and disappointed or tourer to need to deploy more soldiers to secure this area. shortly after this interview mullion soldiers meant to protect the village chief beat him up for criticizing the government ethnic tensions continue to be high between the doggone hunters and the from the herders both the communities are in
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mourning and see the for revenge on wednesday april on the villagers were attacked . a short while later villages were stormed and response president mubarak a to removed the governor of the president's call for national unity have largely been ignored well both communities may be in disagreement accusing the other 4 of these attacks and killings they are in agreement over the lack of response of the 1000000 forces in the un peacekeeping force that are meant to protect them. as part of the un mission known as there are 14000 peacekeepers 4000 french soldiers and almost 20000000000 forces known as farmers. several battalions were just a few kilometers away when sunday's attack on the doggone village took place. never . have nobody to go is mali's to go on chief he says despite numerous calls for
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help no one came to protect the villagers being attacked. no protection. by the minister. and nothing by. its very deplorable but that's an issue creation and so it is left to these villagers to make arrangements for their own security whether full on your job on their arming themselves and taking justice in their own hands as the un in the 1000000 forces watch from a safe distance. nicholas hawk al-jazeera. the u.n. special envoy for mali has told the security council of the attackers must be held accountable. the love your lands you support this hellish cycle of violence must be stopped at the risk that everyone will take justice into their own hands it's necessary to emphasize the importance of the fight against
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a beauty the glimmer of hope on the horizon cannot be transformed into a true opportunity without an acceleration in the control of the security situation especially in the center of the country. the u.s. diplomats of joint efforts to help find a solution to see dance of political crisis special envoy donald booth met protest leaders in khartoum along with senior american diplomat to africa neg the opposition says the military council must be held accountable for last week's violent crackdown on demonstrators they also stressed the importance of a peaceful transfer to civilian rule as soon as possible and israel has close garza's offshore waters to palestinian fishermen until further notice israel's defense ministry says the ban in response to the launching of incendiary balloons in kites across the border of gaza speak of fishing season runs from april to june and the industry directly supports around 50000 people gaza has been under any
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israeli and egyptian blockade since 2007 lebanese authorities have extended a deadline until july for thousands of syrian refugees to dismantle homes they built out of concrete or see them demolished lebanon hosts at least a 1000000 syrian refugees but it is trying to prevent a permanent settlements international aid agencies have criticized the move and harder reports many syrians see it as part of efforts to return them home. syrian refugees are forced to destroy what has been their home in exile lebanese authorities have given them a deadline to dismantle structures built with concrete they will have to live under plastic sheeting and rely on flimsy wooden planks in harsh winter and summer weather the decision is causing concern especially since lebanese officials are seen to be putting pressure on refugees to return to syria.
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syrian refugees want to say one thing the army is basing its decision on the wrong promise syrians don't want to stay in lebanon permanently we won't give up our citizenship and our nation the decision could be a message to pressure refugees to return home in the border town of alone at least 25000 syrians are affected nearly a 1000000 refugees are registered with the u.n. in lebanon and officials here say they have been a burden for this small and cash strapped nation. announced this decision without giving any. reason for that it's a link. that. should be. international aid agencies have been calling on the authorities to provide refugees with suitable alternatives for the concrete walls allowed his large family to enjoy some privacy now 9 years of their lives have been erased the. moment we
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don't have money to buy other materials to put a roof over our heads isn't much. this is an unfair decision many of these syrians don't have homes to return to because they were destroyed in the war while others who escaped persecution when they left are demanding security guarantees there is fear among the refugees here that the decision to destroy any structure with some semblance of stability is part of efforts to force their return to syria. in recent weeks lebanese authorities have been cracking down on foreign labor in the country and closing down unregistered businesses syrians have been primarily affected by those measures officials here say they are regulating the market to protect the economy but syrians feel they are being singled out. here monoplane had been more we're not leaving derrius here under the rubble if they destroy our homes where we go and give us security and safety and we will leave
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lebanon doesn't want them and many of the refugees say they don't want to make lebanon their permanent home it's been 9 years of uncertainty and instability for the syrians who are faced with increasingly limited choices. because lebanon. russian media is reporting turkey and the kremlin have broken a ceasefire between government forces and rebels in syria. but on the ground fighting is continuing in neighboring hama province russian air strikes killed at least 27 civilians on tuesday most of the victims were women and children. india's government is evacuating hundreds of thousands of people from the state of gujarat before the expected arrival of a major cycle and on thursday fishermen have been trying to save their boats from rough seas it will be the 2nd major cyclon of the season meteorologists are warning high winds and water levels could destroy homes and flood escape routes. police
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in russia have detained hundreds of protesters including opposition politician alexina romney they were at a rally demanding the punishment of police officers who arrested journalist. he has since been freed steadfast and has more from moscow. one by one they were arrested randomly taken from the crowd thousands of people took part in the protest in the center of moscow despite government warning still really was illegal. police are detaining protesters one by one now and they bring them to the police truck bands of protesters have been arrested so far the protest has been called illegal because demonstrators didn't get approval in time takes time days at least here in russia to get the permission for a demonstration so the police has from the beginning ordered everyone to leave they said this is an awful rice protest but the protesters are defiant. girl not arrest
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last week white outcry even in russia's tightly controlled state media this surprising release on tuesday didn't stop people from taken to the street. despite the fact that ivan was released they haven't changed the legislation haven't reforms the police what is the difference even if one particular case something went well overall it doesn't change anything. because the issue hasn't been solved it's still here and tomorrow they can plant drugs the same way to my children relatives or colleagues. opposition leader alexei enough who was released from his latest detention only last october was arrested as well. who has been investigating and revealing corruption cases inside the moscow government was released on tuesday night because of a lack of evidence an unprecedented u. turn by authorities in a country with a nearly 100 percent conviction rate and the history of framing opponents in cases
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by these protesters fear that his release has not changed anything they say today's police crackdown shows just that and not all rally is expected at the end of the week stop fast and al-jazeera. of former u.s. president bill clinton has visited it costs about 20 years since the nato operation ended serbian control of its majority albanian province he was a key figure behind the nato bombing campaign to stop military action against ethnic albanians declared independence from serbia in 2008 but belgrade has never recognized it. this is al jazeera let's get a round up of the top stories 2 or oil tankers have reportedly been attacked in the gulf of oman both were evacuated and all crew are reportedly safe the u.s.
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navy's 5th fleet says its ships are in the area and assisting iranian media says the ships made distress calls to arm on and pakistan oil prices have jumped by around 2 percent on the news and this is a month after 4 tankers were attacked in the gulf not far from the u.a.e. port of jado fewer people have turned out in hong kong to protest plans for a new extradition law on wednesday police used tear gas pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse protesters surrounding hong kong's legislative council hong kong's leaders said the protests won't change the government's mind i can only say that i'm very upset. or be given this label that i'm betraying hong kong. i will not do anything that is not in the interest of hong kong i will not shy away from my responsibility in introducing a piece of legislation we are very convinced of the justification said causing this
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. public outcry and all these 30 the settlements in society but sometimes as a political leader you cannot shy away from difficult decisions or japan's prime minister has asked iran's leaders to abide by the 2015 nuclear deal and play a constructive role in securing peace in the middle east since there are these in iran for a 2 day visit. u.s. diplomats have joined efforts to help find a solution to sudan's political crisis u.s. special envoy donald booth met protest leaders in khartoum along with a top u.s. diplomat to africa keyboard and maggie the opposition says the military council must be held accountable for last week's violent crackdown on demonstrators. israel has closed the garza's offshore waters to palestinian fishermen until further notice israel's defense ministry made the announcement on wednesday saying it is in response to the launch of incendiary balloons and kites across the gaza israel
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border fence garza's peak fishing season runs from april to june. those are the headlines europe today we're back in half an hour right now in algeria it's inside story. for 30 years the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one i want to read through remarkable risking their lives to help the disabled inboard to afghanistan on al-jazeera. dozens of villagers are slaughtered in central mali just 3 months after a similar attack the cycle of violence is being blamed largely on tensions between ethnic rivals fighting for land a resort series of what's behind these attacks and why can't mali is government protect its people this is inside story.
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hello and welcome to the program i'm martin dennis now ethnic tension is threatening to further destabilize mali violence is worsening in the long running dispute between the doggone and the felony peoples and armed groups linked to al qaida are exploiting this village home to dog on farmers was attacked by men armed with machetes and guns at least 95 people were killed sunday's attack is remarkably similar to the ransacking of a full lonny village that was in march and where nearly 160 people died nicholas hart has more now from mali's capital bamako. what the silence is deafening and the smell of dead bodies hangs low in the air. the attack on the doggone village of sudan who started at dusk and went on deep into the night few survived hiding as
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their loved ones were being killed now that the 10 day images circled the village and shot everything done a move so every were people who were screaming trudel war screw me who tried to run were shot down the survivors believe they know who the killers are it is their full on the neighbors they say both communities have been fighting each other for control over land. armed groups have called on full on these to join their ranks accusing the government of backing doggone militias. ethnic tension is at breaking point with each community calling for revenge attacks in this spiral of violence both communities are fleeing their homes it is in this open air slaughter house on the outskirts of the capital that some philosophies have sought refuge. all of the people living under this tent share one bowl of rice and millet children show clear
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signs of malnutrition there's not enough water to go around so there's the threat of water borne diseases this is where they sleep eat and cook despite the calls for peace loni's continue to be the victims of violence president ibrahim burger king says the country's national unity is under threat. i would like to call on all our brothers to keep calm and stay rational more than ever. while the 14000 u.n. soldiers in mali and forces on the ground failed to prevent these killings don't go on hunters call this latest attack on their community a declaration of war saying revenge will come nicholas hawk al jazeera obama go my league. well there are many layers to this into ethnic conflicts the follow on ian a medic herders who mostly raise cattle while the dog and they are mainly farmers
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they've clashed for generations over grazing land and resources groups like torah obsessed protests al qaeda and i still have all exploited these tensions to expand their own influence into the 13 french and other african troops entered mali to try to restore stability around 4000 french soldiers remain and 14000 u.n. peacekeepers are in northern mali mali's government in the capital bamako has often been described as weak and ineffective now here's what the chief of the drug on people in mali told al-jazeera every community i could is the other community. because we really don't know. why these attacks are going on. and who attacks. if duggan is attacked he say that it's therefore only go if.
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it's a it is the dynamics that will double in hunters and the government is not capable of playing fully its role. thank you well let's introduce our panel now in the emmy the arion capital we have ibrahim yahya ibraheem he's a consulting analyst with the international crisis group in london paul mellie a consulting fellow at chatham house an international affairs think tank and in all slow the norwegian capital we have tall binyam incertain a professor of political ecology at the norwegian university of life sciences thank you to you all let me come to you 1st ibrahim in the m.e. this is a complex come conflict is that as we've just alluded to tensions between the different ethnic groups have been have been there for as long as there have been
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settlements why are we experiencing an upsurge in violence now in recent years. thank you very much this is a killer good question there are there have been tension between the gone thunder line is. since 1000 years ago the descent this. tension of world over time exacerbated because of. the tension over natural resources more control over natural resources but particularly in the last 5 to 6 years because of the upsurge of you had a sense urgency in the region. the doggone most of the jihadists are associated with pearl felonies and they had did that. all but they needed to protect themselves from islands perpetrated by that you had. some of them created or
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insurance or they use those militias in order to every game and that would have to go too far ahead in this i'm trying to go through this step by step because it is such a such a complex situation the trying to analyze let me now go to tour and also the toll give us an idea briefly if you will about the conditions in central mali that the various communities are experiencing abraham is referred to there being diminishing resources and that obviously exacerbating tensions between groups. actually sino including some tamale has been reentering during the last that i don't think there is a situation of general diminishing resources that's not good for some things it's the course the courses are political and the causes are related to the general crisis the general political crisis in mali it's true that there have been tensions between these foods for decades if not centuries but there have been cooperation as
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well and a situation that's never been a spot between these 2 groups ask me what we see now so this is related to the that just general political price assume all of us started in 2012 which house and i think because this are quite well known there are in my opinion there are at least 4 horses and there are the the general the governance and corruption that cost priests in mali during the last decade or 2. there is the the spillover effect from the the civil war and in the area that lent jihad distance the movement to do not in mali new really do thousands leading to. the hijacking op of the westerners the increase of drug trafficking in the sahara and there is the fallout of the nato bombing in libya in late 2011 which led to. a large number of. tourists soldiers and ploy being cut off his
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army right back mali heavily armed but the general background that we don't need to understand these are right it's look. let's come to you pull so torre's already flagged up what the contributing factors are to this conflict tell us about the pole government policies i mean development aid is critical isn't that for this region well for the whole country actually why has the government been so ineffective in delivering development aid. well the government has really not been able or not managed to restore effective state services in the center of mali ever since the crisis really reached its peak in 201112 with the jihadist takeover of the far north and although the area of central mali that we're talking about today is outside of the zone that
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the jihad ists actually occupied it's very close to it and it was highly destabilized by the aftereffects of that conflict and this tour mention the circulation of weapons. and also the influence of the jihad is groups some of them in the north linked up with i'm a dooku for a preacher actually in central mali and in that sort of climate it's been very insecure in the state has really struggled to reestablish effective services or even effective security for several years now military posts local police posts local officials providing public services have regularly been targeted with killings and and also with threats so that many people many officials have preferred to retreat to the main towns or even to balloch of feeling that it was
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too unsafe to remain in post so the state is go weak and that's left is a bit of a gap so the structures in which public services could be provided or justice for resolving disputes. the administration could sort out some of the longstanding competition over resources which is inevitable in any sallying country. that that state structure has just crumbled away and there's been quite weak political rush it ok from president cater all right at weak politike. leadership coming from president k. to abraham in near me but there are walks 14018000 international troops both u.n. and french stationed in in mali not to mention the the mali an army itself why can't they protect the people of this country. but well 1st of 4 the
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international forces are deployed mostly in the not so the ministry of forces the u.n. peacekeeping forces that operate there operate there largely operated to stabilize the northern part of the country that has been in crisis since 2012 now there is discussions in new york about expanding. operations or intensifying operations of the u.n. peacekeeping missions in the center but we have to wait and see how this would operate because there are a lot of other issues that need to be sorted out there are the french forces that are also operating in the region but also focusing on the not now they are called for them to engage in the central part of the region but there are reluctance about expanding the activities because all these forces have a limited capacity they cannot continue to stretch themselves over large territories. because there is a risk of them to not be attractive anywhere the mali an army also has
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a lot of logistics problems so we see that the tension is popping up in different places throughout the central part of the region and the focus of the international community is in the lot of tandem island government is an able to stabilize the center because of the logistical issues right i'm told would it be fair to say that resulting the situation in mali ok not an easy thing but would it be fair to say that it is being hindered by the fact that it's being viewed through the prism of the so-called war on terror the fight against extremism in that certainly have the french see the situation in mali isnt it. i think i think they certainly do see it in those terms as far as the situation in the far north is concerned but i think it britain is right to point out that these international forces up to now have been very heavily concentrated in the north and specifically on fighting jihad is groups
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it's quite a and and of course with minister the un peacekeeping force trying to maintain the balance between the former separatists the formants weyrich separatists and militias favorable to the mali and government and all of that was in the north shifting their emphasis to a much more hearts and minds civil engagement process of policing and stabilization in the center of the country which is more densely populated is it is a quite different quite different task i don't think it would be fair to say that. they've been trying to apply aggressive antiterrorism tactics in the center they haven't people are aware of that risk so it's not so much case of. a sort of simplistic war on terror probe since just that up to now the french focus has been on war on terror the un focus has been on what you would call post conflict
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peacekeeping and protecting its own forces against attacks for example roadside bombs and that kind of thing in the north and shifting to a much wider stabilisation and peace building mission in the center of the country is a very different ask a specially when you're trying to not undermine the or forests in the capacity of the over already very weak molly in state. they've been interviews for example with french forces in recent media coverage where they pointed out that they don't want to replace the money in state they don't want to create a situation where local communities assume that the government is unable to do anything and the only. international law says can provide security so it's a really difficult balance to strike right ok top it sounds very much as so from the year 2012 that the crisis in mali has moved to change and that the the response
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both both domestic both local and international has not responded with it and it's like being so far behind and it's civilians who are paying the price i just want to us that it's difficult to imagine and way out of this in all somali we are actually there being legacy asians between the government and the various rebel groups on the and then including all rebel groups also the various a jihad is from now as this is framed as a fight against terrorism there is a reluctance both within the maliki government although i have seen that the new. the new minister of foreign affairs now is in favor of action they want certain religions but the president and most of the government has been against their will certainly the jihadist muscles of the national community been my think that. even though it's painful i think probably need to change right. and most of these people
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joined this organization they are not some out of war you know now a lot there for religious reasons now for now for basically to sustain their livelihoods to see why it's it's leads to. a struggle for right and control of the resources lot of the religious right this is him coming back to you this is a scenario that we've seen in other parts of the region i'm thinking particularly of nigeria and recruitment to buckle her arm ranks this is about young men for the most part to whom who need a future basically you the international crisis group i think that you also support the idea of dialogue that think that the government needs to enter into some sort of dialogue but tell me if there is this reluctance to engage with some of the groups involved some of the groups who want to separate state and islamic state how on earth what on earth do they have to negotiate about. that's
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a very good question and we just published a report last week about calling for government to engage in dialogue with this groups and the reason why we thought that dialogue and this is necessary because there are no any good options to do with and the situation is getting worse that attack of us obama. 2 days ago is good evidence of that so in the lack of good options with think that dialogue is a possible way to open up new opportunities because right now we are stuck there is we are in this situation of mutually help hurt and stamets between the government and the jihadists now what to dialogue about we think that 1st of all it's the idea of opening the dialogue and then thinking about ways of compromise between the position of the of the jihadists which is to consider the money and sisters to sions as an islamic to consider the relationship of the was in countries as also an
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islamic and need to to be changed and considered and muslims who do not agree with them on certain issues to not to be not muslim enough so they're calling to establish area will and to remind me and we know that the maliki government is deeply engaged is deeply engaged in democracy and protecting its constitution but we think that there are ways that on both side we can find compromises for example the idea of having an ugly. judge who will overturn issues which is already things that are ongoing in the ground what people today in what he referred to go to the traditional judge which is the abbey rather than go to the judge the government's judge we think that reform in the justice system that considered a cabbie in certain capacity to look over certain things is
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a good compromise that could be accepted or. we also consider about what i mixed school reform of what our next call in the in. can be something that is welcomed by both sides and both have could benefit from it but are only few ideas that will put forward in order to tick off those discussions every how have you have you had anybody that's sorry to interrupt have you had any response from the government yet yes we did. today was up of the publication of the report i'm a little government. in one of the ministers in the malian government came out and say that they've the government is ready to engage in dialogue of this and of course you didn't options in order to engage with them ok paul so a slight note of optimism perhaps coming from ibrahim in the international crisis group but underpinning all of this seems to be a profound disconnect if you like between the states and the people at the
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government itself has got to has got to connect reconnect with its population do you think that there is a an awareness and a capacity for the government in bamako to do this. i think there is certainly more capacity than there was because one of the things that was striking in the mali crisis back in 5 or 6 years ago when the jihadist took over the north was that although mali had been seen as a mobile democracy by the international community and in fact by the rest of west africa actually the state authority crumbled very easily in the north election turnouts in many parts of the country had been falling there was a sense that the if you like the political elite the administrative ily technocratic people in bamako had lost touch with the needs and concerns of people very much at local level and for several years after the french
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intervention when the jihad is were put pushed back in the north the mali in government didn't really seem to evolve very much there was a sense of a recognition of the need to really change the system but in the last year or so there has been more of a recognition and we've now just seen recently the formation of a of what is almost a national government with the main opposition parties agreeing the main opposition alliance agreeing to come into the government so the new foreign minister for example was one of the fiercest critics of president kate a the 2 and we have a prime minister a new prime minister who seems to grasp the need for a much more deep seated effort to try and get government properly engaged and that may because there was a notable lack of political leadership probably from about 2012 certainly from 2013 through to about 2016 the government seemed distant seemed to think that the
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northern crisis was really the affair of the international forces and didn't really seem to rise too much that there was a crisis in the center of mali that's now changed. talk coming to you now there does seem to have been a heavy dependence upon military responses to the various crises in mali do you think it's helpful to have the presence of so many foreign forces in the country i know that there the g. 5. combination is meant to deal with with the region not just mali but there are a lot of foreign forces in the country and does that help. i think the military foreign military intervention was probably necessary more to support a very weak mali an army. but the solution to the forces is not the military it's it's last night said it's negotiations between more groups and if you
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if you look out for instance the speeches if you listen to the speeches by a person like ahmed who fight is the probably the main jihad is the leader in the central mockumentary he talks are a little about establishing. an islamic state or talks very little about religion actually talks about them and the fight against corruption it talks about injustice you might say that that's their way of tapping into a lot will in the states discourse but in any way i think negotiations should be tried. and then you find out what's. what and what these organizations actually wants it's not not. necessarily what they actually. are you know going for an islamic states ok it's gentlemen thank you very much
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indeed tobin humans and talking to us from old les paul mel in london and everingham yeah abraham thank you all very much indeed and as ever thank you for watching the program you can see it again any time you like by going to the website al-jazeera dot com should you want more discussion you can go to our facebook page facebook dot com for slash a.j. inside story join us also on the twitter sphere a handle at a.j. inside story i'm at martine dennis for me and the whole team here in doha if i can . as governments fail to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people in power away use technological endeavors to counter the humanities pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment do you ever feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling i'm quite
4:47 pm
frankly makes me quite anxious. klein attackers on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for it is you know it's very challenging liberally particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are with the people we live to tell the real stories are just mended used to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. beatrice dilute the futuristic bullet train that 1st drew me to japan almost 2 decades ago trains reflecting the kind of things that occurring around it japan is aging the birth rate is falling and the lines and losing money having experienced both the rule railway and high speed i hope the one will not be neglected to the other
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off the rails a journey through japan on al-jazeera. we understand the differences and the similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al jazeera. reports of an attack on to oil tankers in the gulf of oman the ships have been evacuated no reports of cash.
4:49 pm
why hasn't this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a day after violent clashes with police protestors in hong kong. well keep up the pressure to stop a new expedition all. day 2 of the japanese prime minister's visit to iran as he tries to bring down tensions between washington and tehran. troops patrol the scene of an attack in mali after reports of more violence. hello to all tankers have reportedly been attacked in the gulf of oman both vessels were evacuated and or crew are reportedly safe the u.s. navy's 5th fleet says its ships are in the area and assisting iranian media says the ships made distress calls to port authorities in armaan and pakistan or prices have already jumped by around 2 percent on the news and this comes
4:50 pm
a month after 4 tankers were attacked in the gulf not far from the u.a.e. port of jaida and this is what we know about the vessels one is the marshall islands flag tanker called front it is said to have a fire on board it reportedly picked up oil in abu dhabi and according to a maritime tracking website was bound for taiwan the other tanker is the panama flag kook a courageous according to its management the ship carrying a methanol sustained damaged to its hold 21 crew members fled on a lifeboat and have since been rescued by a nearby vessel the ship itself is in no danger of sinking it had left saudi arabia and was heading to singapore joining us now on set is mark one couple and head of policy analysis at the arab center for policy and research studies good to have you with us again so getting a little bit more information about this incident what do you think is going on
4:51 pm
here of course we don't know who was actually behind these attacks but. it comes in the middle of heightened tension between rising tension in fact between the united states and iran all saw. mediation a force me to bar the japanese government we know and. by mists of japanese prime minister is that right now in the han he's trying to ease the tension between the united states and iran and he says that he wants to prevent a confrontation military confrontation between the 2 countries i think everybody feels right now that the student is very serious and everybody is really concerned about a possible retaliation because right now this is the 2nd attacks on in a month and we have seen a skittish and also by the home against saudi arabia against all institutions
4:52 pm
against us that the appears that the airport saw the situation is is is very serious. that americans as they are playing actually to strangle iran but without actually allowing that to act in their many in any meaningful way i believe that is not going to happen. rising incidents in their last few actually days and weeks shows that it's very difficult actually to impose all these sorts of sanctions against iran while actually iran standing idle doing nothing while its economy is being severely damaged but the u.s. for its part are saying that they want to put to apply economic pressure. to change its behavior whether its change its behavior or not is is a different issue but it is having an effect on the iranian economy absolutely that
4:53 pm
americans i mean the strategy of the obama administration actually is to of live maximum pressure on iran in order to force the iranians to come back to the table of negotiations and talk about 3 issues that are that americans are concerned about number one is the nuclear program you know as nuclear program that. is not happy actually with the previous agreement because they feel that it actually frees the iranian nuclear program for for a few use. station one something like indefinite freeze of the. iranian nuclear program they want to talk about your iran missile program the ballistic missile program and wish that americans are very much concerned about and they want to talk about iran's influence the iranians actually are willing to talk about any of these issues because the deal of the 2015 was like we give our our nucular brought in exchange for our regional influence and not talking about our.
4:54 pm
defense the missile broke up so when the administration try actually to with this pressure on the iranians in order to. get all these 3 things actually was the iranians believe that this is the only deterrence defense that they are having i think this is very difficult for the iranians actually. to do this is why they are news have been talking about going back to the original deal rather than starting a new deal or trying to reach a new deal with the administration. talk to. a japanese prime minister's visit to iran. and what they can do to bring down the tensions why why japan what what's their investment well just on actually is a major part of iran because the japanese the them bought something like half a 1000000 barrels of iranian oil at the saw iran is
4:55 pm
a major oil partner for the japanese government on one hand and because. president from when he met the japanese but i missed a couple feeds ago. he actually seemed to have conveyed the message to him to convey to the iranians during his visit to to have our so that is why the japanese are going to be are all here and plus. is an acceptable mediator for the 2 parties for the iranians are for the americans they don't have i mean they don't they are trying to bully fear of how actually between the 2 between the 2 the 2 parties this is why i mean both iran and the united states feel like joe biden is an acceptable mediator in this conflict for the moment coming thanks very much and. so as we mentioned there japan's prime minister in iran urging leaders to play what he calls a constructive role in regional security on his 2 day visit they warned of the risk
4:56 pm
of accidental conflict in the gulf and his call for iran to abide by the 2015 nuclear deal which the u.s. withdrew from last year iran's president says the americans need to stop increasing sanctions pressure on the economy body has more from the capital tehran. japanese prime minister has wrapped up his final meeting that has been with the reigns supreme leader ayatollah ali khamenei early on thursday morning the 2 have met to discuss various issues the communique from that meeting is yet to be released but on the last day of his 2 day trip the japanese prime minister is still trying to maintain that he's here to try and ease the tension in the region on wednesday he was received at airports have by bringing in foreign minister zarif and then he traveled to meet the iranian president hassan rouhani at about palace and where he received an official welcome they then went in behind closed doors for over 2 and
4:57 pm
a half hour meeting following which they both issued statements in the rain the president said he was very happy to have the japanese prime minister on a historic visit to the islamic republic and that he was hopeful that the japanese prime minister could play a role in trying to mediate between iran and the united states the japanese prime minister shinzo abyei said that he would do his best and that nobody would like to see the tensions in this region escalate even further that any kind of military action would be not in the best interest of anyone and that japan was adamant that it wants to help trying. the tension in the region hong kong is in shutdown the day after huge protests against plans for a new extradition rule government buildings in the financial district are closed and riot police are blocking city streets on wednesday police used tear gas and pepper spray rubber bullets to disperse protests surrounding hong kong's
4:58 pm
legislative council the change in law would allow for people to be extradited to china which protesters fear could lead to the targeting of china's critics hong kong's leaders said the protests won't change the government's position. i can only say that i'm very set. or be given this label that i'm betraying. i will not do anything that is not in the interest of hong kong i will not shy away from my responsibility in introducing a piece of legislation we are very convinced of the justification said causing this . public outcry and all these 30 there's a difference in society but sometimes as a political leader. you cannot shy away from difficult decisions a school holiday is lifeless now in hong kong cisco brings up to date then what are you seeing now in these areas where the violence occurred yesterday.
4:59 pm
even right in the center part we saw most of the violence a lot of the tear gas was fired and pepper spray use today obvious you can see it's raining quite hard but today it's pretty calm you have pockets of protesters nothing like we saw in west wednesday you see pockets of protesters around in one case we came across a group of them there actually gary gathering material they used on wednesday on. zip ties and sailing solution to spray in people's eyes when their pepper sprayed or tear gas they were collecting that and they were trying to take it away police stopped them and question them we also saw some people getting their bags searched their bodies searched we've also seen situations where those of the protesters age were appeared to be protesters were actually put against the wall and photographed so big police presence is still here no real clash as we saw pockets of what i just described but also smaller protests on on some of the bridges going over some of the main arteries around this part of central hong kong we saw some small small
5:00 pm
protests but again nothing like we saw on wednesday and everything very calm because there's a big question mark of what happens next you know we that meeting that was supposed to take place the debate for this controversial extradition bill again didn't take place on thursday we knew that early in the day but what happens next there's still a big question mark house and diden so what are the organizers and protest is planning then. well right now i guess that there is kind of laying in wait waiting to see what happens with the legislative council i would imagine the spark for all of this was this meeting that was supposed to take place on wednesday that's what sparked the protests the protest movement where we saw 1000000 person marks back on sunday if the legislative council i would imagine announces that yes ok we're going to go forward with this 2nd tabling of this bill i would imagine you see a direct response from the protesters but over the weekend we were anticipating there to be some kind of movement some type.


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