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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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in this part of central hong kong we saw some small small protests but again nothing like we saw on wednesday and everything very calm because there's a big question mark of what happens next you know we that meeting that was supposed to take place the debate for this controversial extradition bill again didn't take place on thursday we knew that early in the day but what happens next there's still a big question mark house. so what are the organizers and protest is planning then . well right now i guess there's kind of laying in wait there waiting to see what happens with the legislative council i would imagine the spark for all of this was this meeting that was supposed to take place on wednesday that's what sparked the protests the protest movement where we saw a 1000000 person marks back on sunday if the legislative council i would imagine announces that yes ok we're going to go forward with this 2nd tabling of this bill i would imagine you see a direct response from the protesters but over the weekend we were anticipating there to be some kind of movement some type maybe
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a march like we saw last week and there's been no indications of that just yet that's mainly because that's when the protest organizers can get more people out because there's no school and a lot of people don't work we haven't seen anything about that and nor has the legislative council announce when they're going to take their next step with this very controversial legislation that has brought tens of thousands of people out on the streets of hong kong houssam all right scott thanks very much. molly's prime minister has declared 3 days of national mourning for the victims of sunday's attack on a village dozens of people from doggoned the doggone ethnic group were killed in violence between the medics herders and doggone farmers has killed hundreds of people in recent months more attacks are reported in the multi region nicholas hawk reports from the capital bamako. barely visible mali and soldiers helicopters from the un peacekeeping force hovering over days after sunday's deadly attack in security forces are finally on the ground protecting what
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appears to be an empty ghost town and. we are angry and disappointed to alter to need to deploy most soldiers to a secure area. shortly after this interview mullion soldiers meant to protect the village chief beat him up for criticizing the government ethnic tensions continue to be high between the doggone hunters and the philosophy herders both the communities are in mourning and see things for revenge on wednesday fall on the villages were attacked a short while later villages were stormed and response president abraham who got our key to removed the governor of the president's call for national unity have largely been ignored well both communities may be in disagreement accusing the other 4 of these attacks and killings they are in agreement over the lack of response of the 1000000 forces in the un peacekeeping force that are meant to protect them. as part of the un mission known as been there are 14000 peacekeepers
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4000 french soldiers and almost 20000000000 forces known as farmers. several battalions were just a few kilometers away when sunday's attack on the doggone village took place. they never. have. to go on chief he says despite numerous calls for help no one came to protect the villagers being attacked. by the minister. and nothing by. its very deplorable but that's an issue creation and so it is left to these villagers to make arrangements for their own security whether full on you or doggone they're arming themselves and taking justice in their own hands as the un and the mali and forces watch from a safe distance. nicholas hawk. a step ahead on the
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warning to syrian refugees in lebanon dismantle the makeshift homes or risk having them destroyed. and another setback for fishermen in israel closing the waters. to west sponsored by cattle and ways. here it still is divided as an area of low pressure a slow revolving one covering a good part of the british isles france and scandinavia that's an area of low pressure in june but rather equally i suppose less typical for june is what's happening in central and eastern europe this captured area of hot air with temperatures in excess of thirty's the most part that means a heat wave warning from serbia through eastern poland to the baltic states today
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what we've become used to in june which is unreliable weather is still there in the british isles us looks like a storm ready 50 degrees wind and rain dance for us london paris is warmer enjoying better weather and study what we got through most of germany and france situation slightly better on friday as well for the british isles now in this warm bout woman areas hasn't changed but you get some pretty fishes storms as well that line of green represents that potential and there are quite a few around turkey and romania big tails come out of the sky in those storms and there are more to come. now north africa is wind driving the weather really is nothing in the sky speaker part of the case or showers in morocco keeping the temperature in a row but at least underneath the cloud $21.00 degrees was r.g.s. with the wind off the interior $35.00. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. is a dialogue reading about it for months. with
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skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we have really taken advantage just because we are small community without any network help join the global conversation announces iraq all they want to do is try to keep the same kind of debate that we have here in st . again you're watching as just a reminder of our top stories this hour to oil tankers have reportedly been attacked in the gulf of oman both vessels were evacuated and all crew are reported
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safe the u.s. navy's 5th fleet says its ships are in the area and assisting iranian media says they may distress calls to port authorities in oman and pakistan all prices have jumped by around 2 percent on the news and this is a month after 4 tankers were attacked in the gulf not far from the u.a.e. port of jaida. hong kong is in a shutdown a day after huge protests against plans for a new extradition rule government buildings in the financial district to close and riot police are blocking city streets on wednesday elise used tear gas pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse protesters surrounding hong kong's legislative council. which legal change could see suspects for serious crimes being sent to mainland china for trial. japan's prime minister is in iran urging leaders to play what he calls concern a constructive role on regional security. warned of the risk of an accidental conflict and he's called for iran to abide by the nuclear deal which the u.s.
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withdrew from iran's president says the americans need to stop increasing sanctions pressure. israeli navy is banning palestinian fishermen in gaza from going to see until further notice israel's defense ministry says the ban is in response to launching incendiary balloons and kites across the border let's get more on us now from harry forsett in jerusalem so harry what does this mean then for any potential deal. well certainly this this deal looks to be stuttering what we saw at the beginning of may was a major escalation the biggest round of violence we've seen since the 2014 gaza war it ended with what appeared hadn't been publicly acknowledged by those or what appeared to be a fairly comprehensive deal which would see hamas prevents incendiary balloons and kites being launched from gaza restrict the activities of the protest
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on the border in return for israel facilitating the transfer of some $30000000.00 a month from qatar really relaxing some of the restrictions and indeed allowing the fishing zone to be extended to 15 nautical miles what we've seen in recent weeks has been occasional use of incendiary devices and sentry devices being flown over the border every time that has happened the restriction has been tightened on the fishing zone down to 10 nautical miles then relaxed again then tightened again and then what we saw yesterday was as far as the israelis were concerned too much of these incendiary devices being flown across the border they've restricted down to 0 the access to the waters by gaza's fishing fisherman and then in response to that it seems there was a rocket fired from gaza in towards israeli territory overnight the israeli air
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force launching strikes on gaza on hamas military wing the arca some brigades in response to that and so it does appear that tensions are ramping up once again i think. but behind all of this really are 2 things one is the the hamas led administration in gaza is concerned about the lack of progress in its view in terms of the various undertakings that it saw israel make in quelling the last round of violence coming to fruition so. so far the latest tranche of qatari money it isn't yet late but they're not according to what we're hearing seeing the kinds of preparations for that transfer being made so there is a concern on that front there is a concern on the fronts of the egyptian mediators not protect not seeing through what had been agreed to so there's a sense that the pressure is being ramped up again all right harry thanks for that
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harry forsett in west jerusalem albania's of prime minister eddie rama is defying calls from protesters to step down president had to cancel local elections because of an opposition boycott opposition groups have been holding weekly protests against prime minister rama since february they accuse him and other socialist party politicians of colluding with organized crime groups. johnson joins us live now from albanian capital tehran and john what is being discussed today in the albanian parliament. well what we thought was going to be discussed was going to be a motion to remove the president such a motion would have required a bipartisan majority of $94.00 members of parliament out of the 140 who sits in the chamber but what we've seen in the resolution passed down to lawmakers this morning by prime minister eddie roma socialist posy is that such
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a motion to remove the president is nowhere to be seen what this resolution instead pulls will is a censure of the president for him essentially to return to constitutional order it says that his decision to have the june 30th election was unprecedented and it denies the right of albanians elect their representatives the president the resolution says he has to be neutral and independent cannot take party political positions but president the resolution says has been using his office to play party politics it calls on him to return to constitutional order saying that the constitution and the election will don't allow the president cancel the election there's a problem with it of interpretation here the opinion the legal opinion 18 pages long which president. published on monday actually says that the president shall
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determine the date of elections for parliament the local government bodies and the conduct of referendum that is a quotation from the albanian constitution is not a null in the election he is simply determining asserting his right to determine the date and the president in making this decision not to have the june 30th local elections justified. by saying that only the socialist party has fielded mayoral m.p.'s for those local elections and it's possible he said this is a fictitious election i quote from his legal opinion to have only one having candidates for this election why are all albanians going to the polls if they are only delivering a vote for one party's candidate so that is the constitutional impasse albania finds itself in this morning my. opinion about this particular motion is that while it doesn't attempt to remove the president and could not because it
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doesn't have the 94 m.p.'s in parliament to begin that process it is simply an attempt of the prime ministers to use the only tool at his disposal which is the legislature to deliver the cost a response to what has been a very serious blow to your surety of his office from the president. john thanks that i can so ruffle a smile from staring into. the lebanese authorities have extended the deadline until july for thousands of syrian refugees to dismantle homes they built out of concrete all see them demolished lebanon house a least a 1000000 syrian refugees but it's trying to prevent permanent settlements international aid agencies have criticised the move and as a know how to reports now many syrians see it as part of efforts to return them home. syrian refugees are forced to destroy what has been their home in exile
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lebanese authorities have given them a deadline to dismantle structures built with concrete they will have to live under plastic sheeting and rely on flimsy wooden planks in harsh winter and summer weather the decision is causing concern especially since lebanese officials are seen to be putting pressure on refugees to return to syria. and. syrian refugees want to say one thing the army is basing its decision on the wrong promise syrians don't want to stay in lebanon permanently we won't give up our citizenship and our nation the decision could be a message to pressure refugees to return home in the border town of ourselves alone at least 25000 syrians are affected nearly a 1000000 refugees are registered with the u.n. in lebanon and officials here say they have been a burden for this small and cash strapped nation the higher the fence council announced the decision without giving any official reason for that it's a link to
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a previous this is that illegal infrastructure or construction lebannon should be back to withstand international aid agencies have been calling on the authorities to provide refugees with suitable alternatives for the concrete walls allowed his large family to enjoy some privacy now 9 years of their lives have been erased the . moment we don't have money to buy other materials to put a roof over our heads isn't much we'll be praised this is an unfair decision many of these syrians don't have homes to return to because they were destroyed in the war while others who escaped persecution when they left are demanding security guarantees there is fear among the refugees here that the decision to destroy any structure with some semblance of stability is part of efforts to force their return to see. in recent weeks lebanese authorities have been cracking down on foreign
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labor in the country and closing down unregistered businesses syrians have been primarily affected by those measures officials here say they are regulating the market to protect the economy but syrians feel they are being singled out you know how do you monitor and had been more we're not leaving various here under the rubble if they destroy our homes where do we go and give us security and safety and we will leave lebanon doesn't want them and many of the refugees say they don't want to make lebanon their permanent home it's been 9 years of uncertainty and instability for the syrians who are faced with increasingly limited choices. because bally lebanon. a russian media is reporting turkey and the kremlin that broker a cease fire between government forces and rebels in syria province but on the ground fighting goes on in neighboring hammer province russian air strikes in italy killed at least 27 people on tuesday most of the victims were women and children.
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the u.s. diplomats have joined efforts to solve sudan's political crisis special envoy donald met protest leaders in khartoum along with the senior u.s. diplomat to africa maggie the opposition says the military council must be held accountable for last week's violent crackdown on demonstrators. last friday the ethiopian prime minister arrived in khartoum and presented a mediation project we told him that we reject any direct negotiations with the military council we don't think that direct negotiations with the military council is useful the only thing we can talk about is an agreement to hand over power to a civilian of already this is what the sudanese. this is get around for the top stories to oil tankers have reportedly been attacked in the gulf of oman both were evacuated and all crew are reported safe the u.s.
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navy's 5th fleet says its ships are in the area and assisting iranian media says the ships made distress calls to ports in armaan and pakistan or prices have jumped around 2 percent japan's prime minister has asked iran's leaders to abide by the 2050 nuclear deal and play a constructive role in securing peace in the middle east she is in iran for a 2 day visit. hong kong is in shutdown a day after huge protests against plans for a new extradition law government buildings in the financial district are closed and riot police are blocking city streets on wednesday police used tear gas pepper spray and rubber bullets to disperse protesters. on khan's leader said the protests won't change the government's mind. i can only say that i'm very upset. or be given this label that i'm betraying. i will not do anything that is not in the interest of hong kong i will not shy away from my responsibility in
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introducing a piece of legislation we are very convinced of the justification said causing this . public outcry and all of these 30 this it in this instance i-t. but sometimes as a political leader you cannot shy away from difficult decisions or u.s. diplomats of joint efforts to help find a solution to sudan's political crisis special envoy donald goose met protest leaders in khartoum along with the top u.s. diplomat to africa to board naggy the opposition says the military council must be held accountable for last week's violent crackdown on demonstrators. the israeli navy is banning palestinian fishermen in gaza from going to see until further notice israel's defense ministry says the ban is in response to the launching of incendiary balloons and kites across the border albania's prime minister eddie rama is defying calls by protesters to step down president earlier metter had to cancel
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local elections because of an opposition boycott opposition groups have been holding weekly protests against rama since february those are the headlines the stream is next. al-jazeera. problems are besides the instability is corruption we listen. are pushing the united states and president trump into conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter just 0. why are the u.s. and mexico cracking down on aid workers at the border authorities have detained hundreds of thousands of migrants but now humanitarian activists and volunteers are also being criminalized my family ok for history and i'm ali could be allowed today we explore why people providing lifesaving help on both sides of the border are
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risking arrest and legal action to reduce your thoughts or leave them in the you tube channel. driving coast to a heavily patrolled border you see several people in need of water and a now do you help or not that is the decision that texas resident to taught had to make earlier this year 2 reason notice 3 exhausted young migrants along the highway in west texas and offered to shelter them in her car soon after she was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy and was later arrested by u.s. border patrol she's come under investigation for human smuggling and people like to resign are not the only ones facing legal repercussions for their actions humanitarian organizations say they are also being penalized scott more in here for the charity group no more deaths was arrested last year after providing food water
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and shelter to 2 undocumented migrants he faces 2 counts of harboring and one count of conspiracy on tuesday his trial concluded with a hung jury this is what warren said after the judge declared a mistrial. today remains as necessary as ever for local residents and humanitarian aid volunteers to stand in solidarity with migrants and refugees. and we must also stand for our families friends and neighbors and the very land itself most threatened by the militarization of our border land communities well to help us discuss the situation at the us mexico border in tucson arizona reverend john 5 is the co-founder of no more deaths or saying tucson roughly a is a reporter covering the border for the hours i know a public a usa today and the cold is director of the border rights project at. a nonprofit organization providing legal services to deportees migrants and
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refugees in tijuana mexico hello everybody good to have you here john but people watching around the welt and for people actually north of the border in the u.s. who may not be aware of what is happening to humanitarian aid workers who are helping migrants who are helping refugees crossing the border why just scott warren story why is it so important it's critical because this is not just what's happening in the southwest border of the united states this is what's happening look globally. not only here in the southwest border but on the southern border of mexico and. cross the nation of mexico it's happening in the mediterranean sea where the european union is criminalizing humanitarian aid workers and ships that are trying to save the lives of migrants and refugees in the mediterranean sea so this is a global matter. that demands the
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attention and care for all ethical analysis of all people of goodwill and compassion. scott is part of your guys' ation but at the time where he was assisting offering humanitarian aid were you aware of the risk was he aware of the risks that you could actually face charges and end up in prison. we've been aware of that risk for a long time. since the founding of no more deaths and samaritan's people were that our volunteers have been threatened. regular basis by border patrol agents with criminal charges and they have even brought those charges to the united states attorney in the past or or even to court. i think over the.
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15 year span of no more deaths and samaritans here on the southwest border we. had charges filed against us or had to go to court to defend ourselves $37.00 different times before scott's case so so we have we have some experience with the threat of arrest or or even prison for providing you man it was saving humanitarian aid there in medicine or and so john you mentioned 37 different times that you guys have have been familiar with these kinds of the risks i want to give our audience an overview of what this area looks like and why someone might need water so this is gal who tweets in the bass desert for border states because dr sandy dirt often rocky few roads rare plant
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life it's thorny cactus and buses so hot and bright it can make you dizzy there are sudden dust storms and quick clouds in their seasons if you're not from here it looks like the moon goes on to say i marvel that scott warns mistrial came down on the hottest day in southern arizona this year after prolonged mild temperatures this empathized the insane cruelty of denying another living being water in the desert sun rafael i'll direct this to you because you've been covering this issue for a while now and of course as you heard john mention this isn't the 1st time but what makes this case unique. well in years past when we did have some of these cases that were filed before prosecutors often times many of those cases were dismissed by a judge and now you see one instance where it made it to court and the lawns here was convicted that conviction was overturned by the court of appeals and so what makes
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this case different is that it comes. as a wave is not the only us government not the only no more deaths volunteer who was prosecuted i'm just earlier this year we had 8 other volunteers who had faced court as well and 4 of them were convicted and 4 others have pled guilty to civil infractions so the government has have some success under the trump administration in prosecuting no more deaths volunteers but certainly the case of scott warren since it is a felony trial have the highest stakes up to 20 years of federal prison sneakily maybe just because a social media that i'm not seeing any kind border patrol as i'm only saying one thing about acting with less than compassion but can you give us a sense of the way point of patrols actually treat people who are crossing the border can i generalise can you generalize or is everything child very different as i'm about to show but i'd like to hear your take on the border patrol. well i would
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say that we're ritual by and large treats migrants as subhuman and we saw some of the comments that came out in text messages in the trial referring to them as terms that are not used to describe humans out it's a hunting season for them it's a sport otherwise we wouldn't have video release showing border patrol shooting holes in water jugs or trying to destroy other kinds of food supplies if you view someone as human and you don't take away the very tools that are left out for them to live and in terms of the asylum seekers that we have serviced we've heard numerous reports were patrol agents physically pushing asylum seekers back over the border wall threatening them with tasers with guns in order to prevent them from accessing as i don't process and presenting themselves to authorities i want to show some video to you and we're going to roll it right now so you can see it right
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now this video comes from no well desson organization that john co-founded and he you can see some supplies supplies it was sent out just so that when life gets a crossing the border they don't dehydrate they don't die allow i want you to listen to the border patrol. you can track somebody left on a trail. not yours is it not just your number is it yours. not yours. john there's no way that i can say it all both but the border patrol behave like this but this is several instances of you capturing the lack of compassion on camera i'm also going to notice a note that i saw today so i saw 272-0131 before this current administration so this has been going on for a very long time john but that border patrol or along the border how do
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they be hanged the migrants to the refugees are they partly to blame for humanitarian aid workers now being actually facing charges. what's fundamentally to blame is the whole border enforcement strategy that began in the 1990 s. where the border patrol said in order to secure the border this is our strategy we're going to seal off the urban areas where everyone had migrated up until that time for generations and then we're going to push the walls and the enforcement out and the number of border patrol agents and technology and we're going to push it out so bad that people have to cross through the deadliest areas of the desert and they said once we do that we know what's going to happen people are going to start to die in fact they used the number of deaths increasing dramatically as
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a benchmark as a marker for the success of their border enforcement strategy and then the whole strategy was called prevention through deterrence we're going to use the deaths of thousands of the poorest of the poor in this hemisphere as a deterrent to other people trying to cross now not only have the international courts but the united nations commission on human rights in the high commission on refugees said that's a violation of basic human rights and international law so when you're involved in that kind of border enforcement strategy and you know that that whole strategy in the success of it is dependent upon an increasing number of deaths in the desert then it's no accident that humanitarian aid workers get threatened and humanitarian aid is destroyed by the border patrol out there in the desert. nicole john explain
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the context behind this strategy and we've got a comment from someone who says maybe this strategy now maybe it's hit its breaking point. with the american people so this is a tweet from emily galvin she says scott warren was on trial for offering food and water to migrants dying in the desert many of you are calling for jury nullification indeed this is why we have juries so that humans can say no when the law is wrong they said no so she sent us a video comment explaining some of what this means for the legal aspect of this case and what it means for the american people and what their views might look like have a listen to what she said juries in the american legal system have the right to refuse to convict people if they feel that the charges unjust but the law is wrong that prosecutors should be going after in this case lifesaving humanitarian aid work now
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jury nullification isn't talked about very much but it is a unique right jurors have to shape the system in which they work it's a unique role that juries play as a check on laws maybe an.


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