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people had to grow fantastic from me. all right so we've done a harvest thing we've got a mushrooms back to a restaurant we're going to cook a lot. so what's the hand ready to go i already. know i'm going to take the crickets. high all my god what have you. got this salad greens and herb switching going over there we've got the crickets what's going up there and the mushrooms which are but oh wait yeah so i'm so it's a local it's about this little closing let's get you know. i mean i'm going to fish out one of these little guys yeah. i can place a prickly little legs if i tell you what. i think it's super sub base think it's really nice protein critic yeah yeah it is thank you say that you're so much as you
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say sure that. these ideas can go mainstream just what they want whether it's you know the circular economy or the hyper local production or just the general transparency of the operation could start to see it grow by species and that is feed in the world and reducing that environmental impact taps into. the world's growing demand for food is pushing ever increasing pressure on natural resistance. food waste campaign is believe our environments may be close to breaking point food is the single biggest impact that humans have on nature we all deforesting the earth to grow more food is by far the biggest user freshwater the single biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions and the biggest reason why we're in the middle of the mass species extinction event the 6th planet has faced at least a 3rd of the world's food is currently being wasted we're talking about ugly fruit
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and vegetables on farms being wasted because they don't comply with cosmetic standards we're talking about huge heaving shopping oils the food which is just going to end up in the supermarket bins and the reason why. is because the supermarkets know that's what triggers all response of taking and filling up even though week after week on average people wasting 20 percent of the groceries that they're buying in those stores it's a system with entrenched waste within it we do have the power as individuals to waste less shift away from most ecologically destructive practices should give us hope that we can flick this enormous problem into one of the most delicious tools to tackle compartment.
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with over 7500 kilometers of coastline its lee has relied on the bounty of the sea for thousands of years. but hidden beneath this is your waters an environmental catastrophe may be underway. i'm a super furry neo and i finish effen food writer for nearly 30 years. italian cuisine is one of my passions so when i heard it is fishing waters were under threat i just had to investigate and here in southern this they were italians are facing a rather stinging problem. jellyfish numbers are up by 400 percent in the last 13 years alone with the tentacle terrace swamping the coastline and damaging the delicate marine ecosystem. but sometimes one problem can solve another. i've come to let jane to find out how jellyfish could help alleviate the impending food crisis becoming an ingredient in the italian kitchen. first though
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i've met up with marine pilot just talk to stefano priorly who is researching the rise in jellyfish numbers there is scientific evidence that there are some increases it has particularly in cost alario subject to anthropogenic impact human impacts on the cause by produce an announcement of the frequency and the abundance of chalice fish. dr stefanos research suggests jellyfish numbers are booming due to a variety of manmade fact. artificial waterways like the suez canal which connects the red sea to the mediterranean are transporting new jellyfish species. changes enabling these new comers to survive with some of the temperatures in the mad rising by 1.15 degrees c. in the last 3 decades. about is the proper ecological impact of jellyfish is
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equivalent to 2 lions from this on and they are told purgatory so they can have an impact on the functioning of the marine ecosystem some cases so we have larger fish . to reach densities like up to 300 or 400. square kilometers along the coastline so this would affect particularly human activities life swimmy on the along the course or fishery and even our cultural plants may be affected because in some cases the venomous china fish can kill hundreds or thousands of fish in a few days these booms are using local fishing industries is estimated that in the north they cost italian fishing $8500000.00 euros here stephanus said we know to the aquarium of genoa to discover how the creek tends to make reproductive process is really compounding the problem the babies found when live near the village married early fish. curator soviet lover are no is breeding thousands of
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jellyfish. this little she doesn't know about these potent causing pretense. why are the jellyfish so efficient reproducing they are doing that relieve a huge a quantity of sperm and egg they fertilize in this that we have plenty of love all this can go on the bottom of this thing the 30 on the bottom and became a 4 leaf each fall if they relieved after divisional not a very big number of the fish live in the room or that their parents saying they feed. jelly fish a so prolific appraising to single adult can lead up 245000 eggs a day these ancient invertebrates existed since before the dinosaurs and they inhabit every ocean. jellyfish swarms have decimated ari salmon fisheries
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and hit the tourist industry of a stray 113000. in a single week. back in lead i've heard that a research project is close to a breakthrough it's called go jelly. this is our love of. the internet and her colleagues aim to show food saying to her. that jellyfish are a safe plentiful food source. but serving poisonous jellyfish makes me a little nervous are they all safe to eat not you know we're with the starving it just feels this because it just. a different docs a compound so each jellyfish you will measure yes we measure the way after the frog and liquid than a through our journey in order to extract different venoms of jellyfish that could be left out for your man and jellyfish that are really state took the internet less
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research shows that most mediterranean jellyfish are perfectly safe to eat with just a small number needing toxins removed through freezing or simply by washing it's giving me hope that this could be a genuine food for the future but if it has the challenges that you face in the year of jellyfish is considered noise then. this could be a change and if for our west starve them or stray that they are very powerful or a source of food could be important for local fisherman local restaurants or for local economy and. if jellyfish me goes mainstream here it could help rebalance marine ecosystems and read it. of this gelatinous menace. and with 80 percent protein and
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just 5 percent fat it could also become a highly priced and it is to me. farming knife stock is responsible for up to 14.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. so eating jellyfish as a substitute could help reduce the very global warming that causes our blooms. already popular in much of the far east. but right now they can't legally be sold as food anywhere in europe. so antebellum has provided some jelly fish and sent me to go chinese collaborating sharing fabriano viva. please can we cook with bass ok now call the no doubt i say i do yeah yeah. this is 2 different spaces of jellyfish this brothel is
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perfect too if it's a row over now. there's only hope to treat the most tender jelly fish and aims to cook it slowly but 1st we wash it in an ice bath facing the heaviest to ensure it doesn't lose the taste of the sea for piano avoids all seasoning no salt pepper only ok so looking this movie that is in the water about why did you decide to work with go jelly your will be good in all types of leg that. oh yes. when the jenny fish comes out of the suvi it's finished off in the oven the piano the vision for the future and for me that is truly truly exciting fusing traditional italian cooking with striking martin ingredients for piano man. the jellyfish with spears of campari gin and
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parsley on a bed of italian leaves we have a taste it looks like. it's time for me to taste for pianos creation on the go jenny team has joined us to see the results for themselves. it truly magnificent. i love it there like it i love it still it's just it really knows jellyfish is delicious with a very light seafood taste and the texture somewhere to alomari but if jellyfish are going to make it on to dinner plates across the world the public will have to. try. this food that you can find the some of the things that people are looking now so not low calorie snack and also a good taste all the ingredients are for the food to be appreciated by the cast.
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i feel privileged to try telling fish this has given me a taste of what the future might hold if we all get on board and find this new food then we might have a chance of progressing the damage we have done to our. food pioneers around the world a planning the diets of the future. globally over a quarter of ice free land is used for grazing animals. causing enormous habitat damage. as a californian company may have a solution. the impossible. a soit based meat substitutes that looks and tastes just like the real thing. meanwhile in
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israel scientists the farming mediterranean fruit flies as a source of protein. using 99 percent less land and emitting just $170.00 of the greenhouse gases generated when raising regular life stuff. and in you see. and produces a making insects more palatable to western tastes by coating them in chocolate it's . time is running out to halt the food industries environmental destruction the challenge for us all is wherever possible to eat with the planet in mind and to choose our menus wisely to help prevent the decline of our natural.
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bottles in cameroons rivers. on england's street. plastic is everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing boats. and bubble gum wellington boots what more can be done with this plague of polymers . earthrise reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera. the tuesday name of the futuristic bullet train that 1st drew me to japan almost 2 decades ago trains augur effect the kind of things that occurring around it
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japan is aging the birth rate is falling and the lines and losing money having experienced both the rule railway and high speed i hope the one will not be neglected to the other off the rails a journey through japan on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this last night of the flag though people often say this struggling to make ransom notes and just want a better life from around the world as agassi has been offered to those who rebel against the government of an equal except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. as governments fail to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people in power. ways technological endeavors to counter humanity's pollutants against the risks of
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further meddling with the environment to ever feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious. klein attackers on al-jazeera. iranian t.v. shows a tank a blaze in the gulf of oman after reports 2 vessels were attacked forcing both crews to abandon ship. i strongly condemn any attack against civilian vessels and the united nations secretary-general expresses alarm over the suspected attacks and says the world cannot afford a major confrontation in the gulf. when
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i'm come on santa maria this is the world news from al-jazeera a 3rd person has died of it all in uganda raising concerns about the virus spreading from neighboring democratic republic of congo and the u.k. boris johnson wins a 1st round vote to lead the conservative party putting the brakes of hardline in pole position to be britain's next prime minister. so the u.n. is warning the world cannot afford a confrontation in the gulf and terraces comments come after to oil tankers were damaged and their crews forced to abandon ship in the gulf of right now it's still not clear exactly what happened but what we know is that the operator of the ships one of the ships the frontal tale says there was a fire on board both vessels were damaged apparently by explosions in this area
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here close to the strait of hormuz one of the world's busiest shipping routes one of the ships is on the tow the other one hasn't moved but all the crew have been rescued and we've got these pictures this comes from iranian television this is video apparently of that ship the mention the front of carrying 23 crude. picked up its oil in abu dhabi and was then heading for taiwan now which the taiwan's state oil company says it's believed the ship was hit by a torpedo the other tanker is called the courageous and according to its manager the ship was carrying methanol it suffered how damaged it was heading from saudi arabia and then heading over to singapore the distress calls come a month after another 4 tankers were attacked off the u.a.e. coast and the port of gera as a result world prices have risen more than 4 percent in the past few hours while iran's foreign minister zarif began the response as he was on twitter saying reported attacks on japan related tankers occurred while prime minister shinzo of it was meeting i thought of how many for expensive and friendly talk suspicious
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doesn't begin to describe what likely transpired this morning iran's proposed regional dialogue forum is imperative well a spokesman for the saudi led coalition fighting hooty rebels in yemen says he thinks the tanker incident is connected to last year's attacks in the red sea i think it is a major escalation if we look to be in the clear than announced by the iranian regime. lately about how they will close the. borders 3 if we look to what's happening in the bubble meant to and also in the southern. route see how the. 3 thing the line of seas and the international trade and we could nick those 2 we can say yes they are connected and there is a huge. of course that is a solution by the. here's the team covering this one at this hour kimberly how kids
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at the white house and will be with her shortly starting the u.n. headquarters in new york mike hanna what has been said there. well there was a previously scheduled meeting of the u.n. security council discussing cooperation between the league of arab nations and the u.n. it was addressed by the u.n. secretary general who began his remarks with the warning that blame must not be apportioned before full details of this incident are no. i strongly condemned any attack against civilian vessels facts must be established and responsibilities clarified and they've that is something the world cannot afford is a major confrontation in the gulf region well these sentiments were echoed by the russian ambassador saying that no blame should be apportioned before full details are discovered the meeting was also addressed by the secretary general of the arab
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league of nations who had this to say. not our not unhealthy or men or god doesn't in these dangerous developments must compel the security council to act against those responsible to maintain the security and stability of the region mr president some parties in the region are trying to instigate fires in our region and we must be aware of that. the meeting was chaired by the foreign minister of kuwait kuwait his the chair of the security council for this month later on in the day there will be an unexpected meeting called by the united states to discuss this latest crisis thank you from mike hanna at the u.n. we go to kimberly how have at the white house i think we're actually waiting to hear from president trumpet some point ken lay but what have others had to say so far. yeah in the meantime his press secretary sara sanders has told reporters that the president is aware of the reports of attacks on ships in the gulf of oman the u.s.
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government has violated assistance and will continue to assess the situation what does that assistance look like what we know already that a in fact a navy aircraft has been conducting surveillance we also know that a guided missile destroyer responded to this incident now the united states is looking at this very carefully they are not in any way under ruling out rather that this could have been an incident where the one of the ships was attacked by an underwater mine or attacked by a projectile so this is being treated as suspicious this is being treated as suspicious by prominent lawmakers as well and get to that in a moment but certainly in washington there is this feeling that the timing is particularly curious given the fact that the japanese leader shinzo abbay was of course in tehran trying to deescalate tensions between the united states and iran and of course he is a friend and ally of donald trump's in fact on top of self just made
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a state visit to japan and seemed to sanction this visit by mr abbay so this is certainly something that has been picked up by lawmakers particularly republican lawmakers in the u.s. senate let me give you a couple of comments that have come in the last couple of hours from senator tom cox cotten a republican he's saying let's not be naive iran's economy is staggering under the u.s. economic sanctions and the ayatollah is are lashing out finger pointing there that is double down on by mitch mcconnell the republican senate leader saying we don't know who is responsible for these latest attacks but it's not an reasonable to suspect an iranian hand in them so again as the united states is investigating some republican lawmakers already coming to their own conclusions and pointing the finger at iran thanks campbell you have to talk to good lawyers who once we hear from the president himself. finally reaction from the iranian capital tehran here's dosage of. iranian president hassan rouhani before departing for his trip to
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made a statement in which he stressed the security of the region is under very severe circumstances and also the intention of the iranians is that they will not be giving in to economic terrorism which is what the u.s. is trying to do earlier at the same time that these attacks took place in the gulf of oman the iranian foreign minister the iranian president and the visiting japanese prime minister all meeting with iran's supreme leader his compound the japanese prime minister shinzo up a just wrapped up his 2 day visit to the islamic republic and he met with the supreme leader and with a very specific goal he was here to the liver a message from u.s. president donald trump and the supreme leader upon finding out what the that there was a message for him so that he's not interested that it's not even worth responding to that the iranians are not going to give in to economic pressure to be bullied into negotiations and that given america's behavior towards iran over the past few
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years there is really no trust there and there is no reason for the iranians to come to the negotiating table only to be disappointed yet again to other news now and small groups of protesters have been sporadically sprouting up in central hong kong but nothing like wednesday when tens of thousands marched against a controversial extradition law about would allow criminal suspects to be sent to mainland china scott hardly has a report now from hong kong. within hours the seeds of fighting between police and protesters outside hong kong seat of government have changed to this. pile of rubbish the legislative council on thursday again postponing debate on the proposed extradition law the spark for the protests. late the day organizers announced another march will be planned for sunday just a week after 1000000 people demonstrated and they've applied to the government for permission for more protests on monday claudia mo is a pro democracy member of the legislative council wednesday's fighting reminds her
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of what happened in tiananmen square in beijing 30 years ago now yesterday's meeting haps we can sell it because she polls show the propane king still just wouldn't dare to enter this building because of the protesting crowds outside so to see how the city has played so polarized we hope the hong kong people will keep on the fight we can take things just lying down and china's government responded to the violence. it was an organized draw at any moves to undermine hong kong's development will be opposed by the majority of hong kong people any civilised society would not allow the sanctity which is violating goals and 7 taj will social stability we will not allow that to happen protest organizers are furious over what they say was police brutality intensifying their demand that the chief executive
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carry land resign and others see the violence as a reason to call on foreign companies to suspend business in hong kong. we believe that old hong kong is and people worldwide witnessing this are angry at the government's response to the protests from police took photos of many people who appeared to be protesters and some were searched the protesters say they'll keep up their efforts and the government says it will push forward with the proposed extradition law with a march and protests planned in the coming days the calm scenes on these hong kong streets could be short lived scott hi there al jazeera own car. public gatherings have been banned in a district of uganda where 2 people have died from the ebola virus both victims recently crossed the border from democratic republic of congo where the latest outbreak there is killed an infected thousands the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting on friday to discuss the developments mohammed has all the details. where a hospital in western uganda is where the 5 year old boy than his grandmother died
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from. both had recently arrived with other family members from neighboring democratic republic of congo where the boy's grandfather also succumbed to the virus ugandan doctors say patients are being kept in isolation in prayer or other people who had contacts with the family are being monitored the district surrounding the hospital is on alert the government has banned public gatherings in district as the ministry of health tries to control the spread of ebola the virus causes internal bleeding and is often fatal. the latest outbreak of ebola in uganda spread from the east in d.r. c. the outbreak there last year has killed 1400 congolese and infected 2000 just over 500 have.


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