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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2019 3:00am-3:33am +03

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chester's the government to proceed with its controversial extradition and in sport a key player in real madrid's effort to rebuild their squad officially signs on at the. sudanese state t.v. has been reporting in the last hour that president bashir has been charged with corruption but she was ousted from power in a military coup in april triggered by weeks of protests over price hikes prosecutors say they completed their investigation into the former leader before charging him we have got with us now senior lecturer in lord kiel university and an analyst on africa joining us on skype from quito in the u.k. always nice to talk to you what's your initial reaction to this charge on corruption what will that specifically be about. well i think this is a. this is
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a similar. significant time. to turn around and. countable might think. you really need. transition to one way or another with the question of what to do with. this question. and it just is under. how do. you have. running the country. and how.
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if you were you to. and. so i think it makes a bit difficult and i understand politically they are trying to. respond to the demands of trying to present themselves to the real change and trying to create a break but that. doesn't really because when you're talking about. just. to have. and i don't think the military. and. regardless of the people involved the military generals or potential conflict of interest. just the fact that's really in a position right now to be holding. court cases you know for prosecutors to be doing this because there are so many other problems for the country to sort about so much instability in the country already. absolutely i think. that.
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is if. you mean. time consuming pauses and or so i think. that there is probably one too. you know that. when they come to them they bring into. you know your former you know. any you have so many people. it just it's. just so this is really more. the military in general trying to present the.
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picture unfortunately but it's always a pleasure talking to you thank you. i think we're going to look at now. on the outskirts of libya's capital. actually i'm going to interrupt that. speaking in washington about the instance in the gulf the attacks that occurred in the gulf of oman today this is. intelligence the weapons the level of expertise needed to execute the operation. and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication this is only the latest in a series of attacks instigated by the islamic republic of iran and it's. against american and allied interests. and they should be understood the context of 40
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years of unprovoked aggression against freedom loving nations on april 22nd iran promised the world that it would interrupt the flow of oil through the strait of hormuz it is now working to execute on that promise in early may the revolutionary guard corps attempted the covert deployment of modified dows capable of launching missiles on may 12th or an attack for commercial ships near the strait of hormuz on may 14th iran backed surrogates attack by armed drones struck 2 cities going for an oil pipelines in the saudi arabia on may 19th a rocket landed near the u.s. embassy in baghdad on may 31st a car bomb in afghanistan would have 4 u.s. service members killed 4 afghan civilians and wounded bystanders yesterday iranian surrogates for the missile decided to strike in the arrivals terminal of an
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international airport injuring $26.00 people. taken as a whole these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security a plane assault on the freedom of navigation and an unacceptable campaign of escalating tension by iran prime minister abbott made a trip story trip to iran to ask the regime to deescalate and enter into talks iran's supreme leader rejected prime minister aves diplomacy today by saying he has no response to president trump and will not answer the supreme leader's government that insulted japan by attacking a japanese on the tanker just outside of iranian waters threatening the lives of the entire crew creating a maritime emergency iran's foreign minister today responded to these attacks he said sardonically quote suspicious doesn't begin to describe what likely
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transpired this morning and of quote foreign minister zarif may think this is funny but no one else in the world the us. iran is lashing out because the regime wants our successful maximum pressure campaign lifted. no economic sanctions entitle the islamic republic to attack innocent civilians disrupt global oil markets and engage in nuclear blackmail the international community condemns iran's assault on the freedom of navigation and the targeting of innocent civilians today have instructed our un ambassador jonathan cohen to raise around attacks in the u.n. security council meeting later this afternoon our policy remains an economic and diplomatic effort to bring around back to the negotiating table at the right time to encourage a comprehensive deal that addresses the broad range of threats threats today apparent for all the world to see to peace and security around should
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made diplomacy with this bill mostly not with terror bloodshed and extortion the united states will defend its forces interests and stand with our partners and allies to safeguard global commerce and regional stability and we call upon all nations threatened by around provocative acts to join us in that endeavor thank you . sectors that might pump they are not taking any questions there at the state department saying excuse me that he does believe all that is the u.s. is assessment that iran was responsible for the attacks on ships in the gulf today rather than jordan is our state department correspondent she's been listening highroads absolutely no surprise to hear mike pompei are saying that but he also seems quite unequivocal about it while everyone else is sort of hanging back and waiting for some more facts. well that's precisely what the secretary of state did
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not provide the actual evidence beyond suggesting that it would be the iranian military capabilities to carry out such attacks on civilian vessels in the strait of hormuz and certainly that is something that everyone is asking for what is the potential evidence how do you it's provenance who made it who supplied it how did it get into the strait of hormuz it's that kind of raw information that will perhaps bolster the u.s. his case but certainly it is worth noting that the secretary of state mike pompei o said that what happens now is that there needs to be very robust closed door discussions which could be happening at the u.n. security council later on thursday and once again an appeal to the authorities in iran to engage with the united states indigos c.-h. and there was no real there was no direct military threat i should say but
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certainly the tone of my palm pales comments were very very dissatisfied with what has happened earlier on thursday in the strait of hormuz if nothing else was known at this point it just wretch's up the pressure even more we know that tensions are high in the gulf already and this just kind of adds fuel to the fire from the perspective of the likes of the u.s. and israel who say that iran is the you know the source of all the oil in the region almost. it does zoom this tension there had seen to have been a bit of ebbing in the tension between washington and tehran certainly there was the concern that perhaps japan in its efforts to act as an interlocutor between the 2 capitals perhaps might have misstepped because of its own commitment to trying to import iranian oil but certainly there is this sense once again that the tensions and that the potential for some sort of conflict between the u.s.
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and iran has somehow increased that does not mean however that here in washington that there is any real sense of a need to engage militarily against iran and we have seen a bipartisan concern about these tensions in recent weeks and so the question is whether the secretary immediate focus on renewed discussions among world leaders at the u.n. security council will be enough to try to move through this latest incident thank you for that. jordan in washington. now public gatherings have been banned in the district of uganda where 2 people have died of the bowl of virus victims recently cross the border from democratic republic of congo where the latest outbreak has killed an infected thousands the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting on friday to discuss these developments mohammad has the details. where
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a hospital in western uganda is where the 5 year old boy then his grandmother died from. both had recently arrived with other family members from neighboring democratic republic of congo where the boy's grandfather also succumbed to the virus ugandan doctors say patients are being kept in isolation in prayer or other people who had contacts with the family are being monitored the district surrounding the hospital is on alert the government has banned public gatherings in district as the ministry of health tries to control the spread of ebola the virus causes internal bleeding and is often fatal. the latest outbreak of ebola in uganda spread from the east in d.r. c. the outbreak there last year has killed 1400 congolese and infected 2000 just over 500 have been treated efforts to contain the spread have been hampered by militia attacks on treatment centers and hostility towards medical teams. in the bustling
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markets of uganda scapel kampala. just leaving that report. a news conference from the military transitional council in sudan by. zenda liberian declared openly what came in the 1st statement. that if you have a ready available government presented to. us and we would. the cleric the following day this is what general lama said then when general. the current president he came in accordance with the desire of the people and the population and he was with the youth who called upon and brand came from the military industry to sion in response to the people's voice and they use force
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we declare that we seek to have a reconciliation to everybody. and this is insofar as the transitional. authority. is concerned because the solution is by conciliation and therefore from day one we have. made every effort by 4 men from the time we formed the military council we made sure that cancellation unsensitive forces of. freedom and change was the force that. agreed upon by everybody. they organized and led the movement. we declared. that we recognize the forces of freedom and change as a force to be reckoned with and also at the same time we did not ignore other political
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forces and this was declared and we said that the forces of change and freedom and change does not represent the. larger majority of this country and it does not represent all parties or the majority of them but they do have their influence because of their leadership of the movement and the because of their influence on the street and therefore we agreed that we would well work with them and not to ignore other political forces whether. we are going to education as women or youth or sophy's because we seek conciliation. we started. negotiations with our brothers in the forces of freedom and changes your forward. in a number of meetings. we negotiated with them.
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but. they also had waltz negotiate in other demands and desires and they declared that the formation of the council which was at the time 10 members they said that 3 of the members. to belong to the national. the national congress and they were in full allegiance of the previous regime the generals. deny begin and i'll tell you general police they mentioned. openly that if they're if if in their resignation to be. an agreement to in the interest of the country they would not object to resign and. then they
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presented their resignations and the resignations were accepted all this in the conviction from us that in the transitional military council we work on the. achievement of the and fulfillment of the people's. demands everything that will be in the interest of this country we are happy to provide our 3 colleagues resigned despite the fact that. we only know about them that they are dear. brothers and faithful soldiers even at the time chilled to period when they were in the transitional. we did not know about them what was a pledge by the forces of freedom and change so. our
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respect to them a tribute to them continued with the forces of freedom and change. and with the continuities of. negotiations you could see that within the one. day negotiating sessions we thought that it was going to be a core deal and. in good terms however outside the picture was drawn differently that was very strange escalation which he did not go with the spirit of the negotiation it was not consistent with what we had that agreed or what we were reaching in each and every session. we. acted consistently with each other when the.
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forces of freedom and change and the. other institutions is so very one and the count the the the cabinet and the legislative council we agreed with them about the responsibilities and authorities of each one of them where grid with them that's the cabinet will be in its entirety civilian. and the selection of the prime minister ministers in negotiations between us and them as a military we will only adhere to the ministry of defense and ministry of interior . so the military transitional council are talking in cuts and we were hoping to hear something perhaps more about the charges brought against former president omar bashir for corruption in fact what we were hearing more about there was to do with the opposition forces for freedom and change and the negotiations with them
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nevertheless we are going to talk to eric reeves our research and specialist on greater sudan joining us from massachusetts and it's nice to see you sir your reaction 1st of all to our bashir being charged with corruption earlier guest was saying to us about how difficult and fraught the whole process might be given the links between him and the transitional council. well that's quite correct and i doubt very much that this will be a no trial because bush here can point to any number of members of her transitional military council and to their crimes and not necessarily just corruption he can point to lieutenant general how messy and what rat sporthorse is home of the sheriff pointed but who on his own has wrought genocidal havoc in daraa for. let's be clear about the mode well the the reason that the
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charge with corruption is because the transitional military council is trying to deflect attention from its own corruption from its own corruption not only negotiations but his participation in the past corrupt practices of the regime in khartoum the more they can deflect blame on to al bashir and declare that they are the new game the more of that it becomes possible for them to imagine creating a permanent military hunta and that is clearly there any everything they have done and sand over the last week has made clear that they have no intention of negotiating in good faith with the civilian representatives and why else would they have arrested one of the most prominent of these representatives of civilians immediately afterwards we if i may. say going for corruption interested me and i see the way you're explaining it there that it's almost
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a deflection but when i think about the other things which. is accused of by no less than the international criminal court you know crimes against humanity war crimes genocide all these issues to do with darfur and yet corruption becomes the issue of the day. well exactly. i'm not saying there hasn't been massive corruption of course there has been 30 years that the number of people who are guilty participating macro action are many and include members of the transitional military council. is that is this really action from a real significant issue the. brutalization of the peripheral regions of sudan or the entire term tenure of shearers presidency laurus in dar who are oars in south kordofan or in blue knots each of the major crimes and the military council is going to have
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nothing to do best occasions nor indeed investigations of the murderous attack a week ago monday in khartoum aside the sitting eric raises talking sit down with us from massachusetts on this news out think you are to appreciate that here's. i want to take you back to an earlier story about the spread of ebola in uganda and democratic republic of congo we've got chris hoffman with us no direct to face to africa with the humanitarian organization world vision he's from nairobi and 1st of all thank you for your patience we've gone through 2 live events where we were going to talk to you and you stayed with us so we do appreciate that to talk about something that is very serious and how well equipped 1st of all is uganda to deal with this sort of thing the worry is that it's coming over the border from a country that has had huge problems with ebola how well equipped is uganda to deal with this and how are you at will vision helping. absolutely so if you were to take
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. you back to south sudan insurers are prepared as uganda by far is more ready than the other countries it's been preparing for many many months actually in the last 10 months to get ready for the potential influx of people from to hersey infected with the response has been quite quick it's also been quite admirable to see how coordinated not only people like me. and our best the u.n. partners and your partners little bit in right now is they're spending most of its time really working with the communities working with leaders as well as other folks that are out there really trying to do stigmatize the issues around it but will be stigmatized issues around her it was where we see a lot of the transmissions happening right now one just was from a better home so we're really working hard with many many partners and our friends in oxford. to make sure the community much as possible if we got them got enough
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money and resources to deal with it i'm sure you can always do with more money and resources but if you're on top of this one. that's right really great question to be honest really 30 percent funded as a whole are people who need it all the money that we require just to prepared things ready we're only 30 percent funded and that's been our homes the last 10 months and what we can see is this spike over the last 3 months in he says i think it's directly related to that we're really out front on what we were getting were not to bring us up to now but not enough to take us forward so we're going to huge shortfall $75000000.00 tell me more about the paypal you're treating and the people you're dealing with they will obviously be scared for what i mean you begin to imagine what it be like to be sort of surrounded by this how do you deal with them how do you try to make them trust you i guess and realize that things can be treated or it can be dealt with to a degree. well this is
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a very complex situation because a lot of the places that are severely impacted are also conflict zones so that militarization treatment could be in places such as rwanda where the military takes the lead can also pose some risks who are good people who are coming in and they're not really ready to engage with different military organizations to seek treatment and what happens is it's not just because we need to go in there as you manage your eye to assist because it's a conflict actually pincers against some of the other things are going on some are acceptance rate we see is decreasing over time and it's something that we're trying to increase now but it's become very difficult with the conflicts in eastern do you see but also because of what we did some of the governments are trying to address that and so we're working with them to make sure that the humanitarian health workers are the front face of the assistance that's been provided to us to welcome those that are indeed there could be affected so that they can be treated and
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assessed chris often from world vision in nairobi thank you for your time and again thank you for staying with us through all that breaking news thank you very much there's been more fighting on the outskirts of libya's capital the warlord khalifa haftar his forces have been battling soldiers from the un recognized government military sources say government forces are advancing on the areas of. what they had r.v. claim to have to warplanes also targeted several locations across tripoli overnight . boris johnson looks like he's on track to become britain's next prime minister after he won the 1st round of the conservative party leadership race more on that now with our in taylor in london he sent. yes that's right kemal a former foreign secretary received the backing of more than a 3rd of conservative m.p.'s there are now 7 candidates vying to take over from prime minister to resign may who stepped down as tory leader last week after failing to deliver bricks it johnson has vowed to take the u.k. out of the e.u.
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by the end of october with or without a deal lawrence the report. jeremy hunt 43 sajid javid 23. for its johnson 114. so it's already seems to be boris johnson's race to lose he received nearly 3 times as many votes as his nearest rival in this 1st round and momentum is now very much with him and. his team has studiously avoided letting johnson do any of this sort of thing for the obvious reason that it hardly looks like a prime minister in waiting. but for all of his ducking of difficult questions about his private life and personality it remains a fact that polling has him as popular with his party but unpopular with very many voters they unlike the m.p.'s seem to want to know how exactly he will renegotiate a deal with the european union when there is effectively no time left to do it i
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think the onus is on the candidates to show that she breaks it because it's all very well saying we'll go for no deal but that may not get through parliament. so you really go she hate it when a moment gets through the years so the moment the kind of not being adequately precise to convince even their own colleagues let alone the membership of the public at large johnson's appeal is partly based on the terror many conservative m.p.'s have that nigel farage is the bracks it policy is so undermining them that if it isn't delivered as soon as possible then the tory party faces destruction. but does johnson do his rivals jeremy hunt the current foreign secretary or michael gove the eloquence environment secretary actually know how to deliver bracks it's any better than to resume a did they've been wrong for 3 years about what the. now
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so they don't stand up to scrutiny i think it's not necessarily intended to stand up to scrutiny i think it's maybe intended to influence the candidates in the leadership debate moving generally towards their direction and competing with each other to be more. yes that consideration seems less important to rank and file conservatives than their belief that only johnson can stop their party from being wiped out johnson may not be a details man but he's certainly not short of rhetorical flourish courage seems to be his by word of course the u.k. can do this one way or the other well if he really thinks he is the man to take the u.k. out of the european union without any sort of trade deal he may find himself hostage to his own fortune. apart from anything else the growing likelihood of johnson as prime minister put enormous pressure on the labor party leader jeremy corbyn to do something to stop the u.k.
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being walked out of the european union without any trade deal and time is not on his side either lawrence leigh al-jazeera london. albania's parliament has passed a motion criticizing the president's attempt to cancel local elections as unconstitutional a resolution passed $100.00 to $7.00 president in a matter argued that the june vote would be undemocratic without the participation of the political opposition who had said they would boycott it the opposition accuses the prime minister and other socialist party politicians of colluding with organized crime groups. of ennius capital tirana what happened today in parliament . well it is as you say a sweeping victory in terms of the number of votes in favor of this censure motion that that is also slightly misleading because the opposition parties have all walked out of parliament they've resigned this seats ever since february so
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essentially this vote is based on mr ramos the prime minister is socialist party m.p.'s and a few opposition party m.p.'s who replaced those who had left because they with their runners up in the vote back in 2007 the last general election nonetheless the result the importance of the political importance of this event is very clear it is prime minister romas attempt to pitch the authority of parliament versus the authority of the presidential office because monday's presidential announcement that the elections should not happen was a great political blow to prime minister rama to the authority of his office and to his prestige as prime minister so he is now using people power the fact that he won the last election he is pressing that home and using it against his political opposition the now absent democratic party and now also the country's president and
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john how does all this affect a regular albanians. well i think albanians don't appear to be very concerned about it. we have seen people taking a relatively relaxed attitude to political events they seem to feel that this level of confrontation is not so unusual there was a very small demonstration outside parliament consisting of about 5 or 6 people who were against president of the democratic party who says cities are asking citizens to be prepared to do what european citizens should do when they are faced with an effective coup d'etat which is what they consider this government is attempting in .


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