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tv   Afghanistan The Healers  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2019 12:32pm-1:01pm +03

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plants absorb carbon so the greenhouse but it's the gas is fertilizer. and since it started spraying crop production has increased by 10 percent. the quicker the process can turn a profit the more likely it is to spread round the world. even in frosty switzerland there's a real sense of urgency about limiting global warming. i came here for the mountains to climb to ski and in the alps you could see very early signs of climate change and of course clay shores are disappearing like we want to stop that if with and without climate change but the speed of disappearance is shocking. patrick hofstetter from the world wildlife fund took us out to see the disappearing
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place in. the alps a bore me more than twice as fast as the rest of europe over some of it was unprecedented drought. yeah that's really special for us to farmers don't know disintegration yet. the grass stopped growing state there is a shortage in feed so they actually started to slaughter their cows much earlier. after this really dry summer i can feel a renewed sense of urgency especially also calls to farmers now and really accept that they are directly affected by it. 3 hours from superrich we come to what used to be the start of the giant major rochdale i.c.u. . to be full of us the threat. at 150 years place
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they came. all the way to. all the way to the station area. since then it's retreated by 3 kilometers. and 600 meters of that in just the past decade. they were doing this ancient place here is expected to disappear entirely with another lifetime. so are all the places in switzerland recently protections by end of the century most of them build disappear completely on the few will remain in the very top of mountains. the changing climate is already pushing the qana mean. many ski fields are now bare until after christmas. this is the situation we face in the last 10 years since i got laid translator and they have to do
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a lot of establishing to prepare or drop down here or slopes. even at higher altitude ski resorts are laying giant insulation sheets over places to preserve snow. from may to october more or less they cover it like that and they remove it in october and start to ski again. covering glaciers with blankets trying to stop the building while it's actually just slowing down the process so it's not a solution it's. to fight the symptoms of climate change. mean. he has been doing to engineering now for many many decades in actually burning so much fossil fuel and altering the climate by humankind that we have to look now in a similar scaling to solutions to that problem. oh.
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as we are here some believe the real added to climate change is 20 kilometers up there at our next stop we're meeting scientists who don't want to put blankets on glaciers they want to blanket the atmosphere. in the hallowed halls of harvard university researches i'm looking at just how practical and dangerous geo engineering they say here we have one of the big pieces of test equipment that we use to work in preparation for putting instruments into the stratosphere engineering professor frank is preparing for the 1st test mission later this year. ok and so he can put instruments into the vacuum tank and then we can simulate the stratospheric pressure so you have a 20 kilometers. belt use a high altitude balloon to scatter the sun reflecting aerosols across the upper
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atmosphere. right now they're fine tuning equipment to measure the effect. without the spice race in a way it does on a much smaller scale. they fly up into the stratosphere high above us the white board theory is that tons of tiny sulfur particles delivered by specially modified planes would lower the earth's temperature would result in cooling the planet. it's what happened naturally in 991 after the philippines mount pinatubo but i know . and this gas then reacts in the stratosphere with accidents and turns into a soft you're right acid for the few years after mount pinatubo the temperature was noticeably lower and it cooled down the planet that was one effect that he got from the bible to agree it was it. it's probably the range of about half
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a degree celsius. trouble is a quick fix like that could have no side effects and what was also apparent after mount pinatubo and other volcanic eruption is that these particles in the end reduce the amount of ozone in the stratosphere so you know we've been trying to do a lot to actually fix the boat on land and here you now have the idea of introducing something that could destroy it again. and it's not just those risks the bank this project controversial it's the fear held by many of the scientists themselves that just the suggestion of a magic bullet gives governments an excuse to keep pumping up a missions. so good you've been running the numbers on this i mean is it economically feasible part of the problem is just how much cheaper this geo engineering would be than switching to renewable see if anything it is too cheap economist durnovo there is the project's executive director it's so cheap that
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we're talking about single digit billions of dollars to potentially influence entire planet's climate and now if i was running a fossil fuel corporation i'll be thinking great this can solve the problem and we can keep digging up coal and frankly that's the problem right so i guess you might consider that the vested interest mode in fact be very interested in something like this as you know yet another excuse not to cut c 2 emissions. very often compare stratospheric ginger into painkillers this does not fix the problem right it does nothing about c o 2 1st of all. we're just reducing symptoms and then human nature can kick in and say well you know it's hard to deal with changing the energy infrastructure which is very true it's a huge problem so in the end any decision will always have to be based on imperfect knowledge to have. like this is playing god. it is there's
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a huge amount of hubris in this idea of saying wow oh we've caused a problem let's fix the problem and i know how to do this we're going to do this and we know exactly what's going to happen to the whole planet yes it has a lot of that is actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious . these can provide us possibilities whatever geo engineering can achieve the i.p.c.c. says the most carbon intensive fuel should still be phased out by 2050 at our next stop we'll see how the industry is fighting back to the juice it's a mission to 40 percent. boost it is a city built on carbon. mining fossil fuels is as much a part of texan culture as raising cattle or roots good.
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but these days big energy is trying to sidestep demands to cut production. its response is a much touted technology to cut the carbon footprint. for today we're heading out to texas is the biggest power plant it's a in the year of what the industry likes to coal clean coal. this is paid for no. it's a coal fired generation with a $1000000000.00 absorption into our unit it is that last that after the coal is burned be emissions of pumps through it and solvent collects much of the c o 2 before it hits the atmosphere. it's early days to get excited. the tower captures carbon from just one of the complexes in generating units. what's more it doesn't actually reduce emissions over
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a role. the captured carbon is pumped in liquid form enjoy the oil field. they put c o 2 in the oil fields and you get more oil right as company spokesman david knox explains it breaks up stuff and deposits so they can extract more oil the c o 2 has that energy it bonds with oil and when it launched it makes it slippery and when it's slippery or it comes off of the rock that last bit of oil in there but if you capturing c o 2 but to get more oil out on to actually increasing the amount of c o 2 overall it was if we were increasing the amount of oil that's being used but we don't actually have any impact on the amount of oil that's been used the oil is the same amount being used we're just increasing the domestic production and we don't have to import as much oil from foreign countries. the industry is looking at other options like superheating call that still produces
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nations without. well still since. this unit said the small one in canada are the only ones of cold blood plants using carbon capture the personally. there is such a thing as clean coal but it is only that these to use. the economics are very challenging when will there be another one bill i'm not good at predicting the future but we now know that we can build one on time on budget. the uncertainty hasn't stopped politicians insisting the industry is saying. we have and the war on beautiful will lean coal. even. some time consulted to begin it is skeptical clean coal has been a mirage for very many years it would be wonderful if you could actually have all the benefits of the cheapest fossil fuel and cut the carbon emissions but it turns
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out it's fairly expensive to do on the on the coal fired power plant that is actually takes out some of the energy that you would otherwise produce so it has real cost and of course you also have to store it securely and there's been a lots of conversations about that we've not really seen it running and we certainly haven't seen it running cheaply so again it's one of the things that we should investigate but we're not ready to do it any time soon. back in copenhagen ordinary citizens continue to do their bit for the. doctor alone doubts his compatriots would ever accept the real cost of abandoning fossil fuel. most people are not content to only be able to charge their phones or have have their t.v.'s running or indeed their operating theatres and in hospitals running when the sun is shining and when the sun is not shining the cost from solar
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panels is infinite and likewise with with wind turbines when the wind is. why. it's not true this idea that when the sun's not shining the wind's not blowing we're not getting that energy because when the sun is shining in the wind is blowing you can charge batteries and so the frontier is battery technology. no matter how fast the world switches to renewable energy the age of untested high risk of geo engineering could soon be a bonus. we don't get there by go you're trolling for better or for worse geo engineering is part of the mix going forward because we cannot get to where we need to be by conservation alone. it could be the last throw of the dice to save the planet. after decades of governments ignoring dial warnings simply going green may not be galley power and beauty.
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oh and. voters beaten on polling stations storms 12 european politicians on trial for their role in a referendum on catalan independence but their political opponents in the prosecutor's see for a case that traces crucial questions about democracy and self-determination. but is the outcome already decided by a hostile spanish state. the catalonia trials justice or vengeance on a. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed
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coverage this backlog of the flag though people talk to say this struggling to make ransom notes and just want a better life from around the world and agassi has been offered to those who have bet against the government of an equal except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. brazil a bastion of economic development and a key player in a shifting global order a country that's become an increasingly attractive destination for african migrant workers viewfinder in latin america follows an angolan migrant who turns to music once his brazilian dream encounters hardship and racism open arms and closed doors on al jazeera. this is a really fabulous news from one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time
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i get on the chair every time i interview someone will often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well. the u.s. releases a video which shows a rainy and personal removing an unexploded mine from a tonka hit by explosions in the gulf of oman. hello i'm don jordan this is al jazeera live from go on. coming up saddam's military ginger admits it ordered the dispersal of a city outside the army headquarters but blames protesters for the violence and the
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deadlock. the man accused of killing 51 people in the museum last shootings denies the charges. and uganda has public gatherings and tightens border controls after a boat kills a 2nd person. now 1st accusations then claims of evidence of iran's role in explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf of amman on thursday well the u.s. has released a video it says shows the iranian revolutionary guards removing what it calls an unexploded mine from the hull of one of the tankers it comes hours after sector state might pompei or blamed iran for the incident saying quote these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security when iran's foreign minister zarif has hit back at the u.s. in a tweet he says the b. team is moving to a plan b. sabotage diplomacy christian salumi has more now from washington d.c. . u.s.
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central command released not just the video but also some stills and a timeline of events from the u.s. perspective in the hours after the attacks this video they say was taken some 10 hours after the initial distress calls came in from those 2 tankers and some 5 hours after a u.s. naval ship had picked up the $21.00 the sailors who fled that japanese tanker at that time the u.s. says that the military observed and recorded an iranian revolutionary guard ship approaching the whole of the tanker and removing this mine from the tanker to be clear it does not show what happened before the attacks occurred in iran has categorically denied the u.s. allegations that they are behind these attacks the u.s. for its part calls this a threat to international peace and security they say they do not want in the statement from central command they say they do not want to start
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a new conflict in the middle east however they will defend their interests and that includes the right to international commerce and international navigation and there is a 2nd u.s. naval destroyer on route to the region whatever the incident was discussed at a meeting of the u.n. security council as the details from new york proceedings at the u.n. security council were dominated by the news of explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf with them on the station wish to discuss cooperation between the league of arab states and the u.n. but most speakers reacted to events in the gulf including the u.n. secretary general facts must be established and responsibilities gratified. and they for that is something the world cannot afford is a major confrontation in the gulf region. a thinly veiled accusation of responsibility was made by the arab league secretary general. of
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a moderate some parties in the region are trying to instigate fires in our region and we have to be aware of that i mean the russian ambassador insistent that this is a conscious strategy to undermine diplomatic moves aimed at reducing tension in the gulf what gets a little loosely what it will there is a need to come together to achieve one of the most important goals before us today you know launching regional dialogue into the stablish in a security architecture in the persian gulf we're currently according to our view the tensions are artificially fueled and inflamed around iran if you rejected at the u.s. state department where iran was directly accused of responsibility for the attacks this is estimates based on intelligence the weapons used the level of expertise needed to execute the operation recent similar raining attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication. working the acting u.s.
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ambassador to the united nations was asked by the secretary of state to call for an unchecked george meeting of the security council and law enforcement effort it's not just the latest attacks that were in discussion behind closed doors the overarching question is whether all parties to the longstanding dispute with iran are sincere in their publicly stated preference for a peaceful diplomatic resolution. iran rejects the u.s. accusation that attacks on shipping lanes are part of its widest strategy in a regional power struggle if so then the question remains who is responsible mike hanna al-jazeera united nations yemen's who the rebels say they've carried out a 2nd attack on an airport in southwestern saudi arabia who they say they've used drones to target the ab port saudi arabia says it's at defenses intercepted 5 drones targeting the airport in the town of homs macheda it's about 100 kilometers from the yemeni border the latest drone strike comes just days after
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a missile hit the port injuring $26.00 civilians several saudi airports have been targeted in the past year including the king khalid international airport and the capital riyadh well william lawrence a professor at the george washington university is elliott school of international affairs he says as peace talks fail the fighting continues. the yemen war and the yemen saudi conflict have their own dynamics yemen had grab some territory in saudi arabia of course these drone attacks are escalating and increasingly targeting civilians and successfully so and increasingly we're seeing that with the failure of the un led negotiation process that both sides are are feeling less constrained let's say by international pressures and escalating towards you know whatever this is going to lead towards and i don't think that they ran eons are controlling entirely what the who these are doing what they're
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targeting i think of course they're aiding in terms of technology and other aspects but seeing what's going on in the straits of hormuz and what's going on with the drone attacks seem to as the same thing as it can be a bit misleading and a bit confusing saddam's ruling military council admits it ordered the dispersal of a city in protest outside the headquarters new pictures of the violence in a cartoon on june the 3rd of just been released on internet blackout is in place the operation to clear the protesters resulted in dozens of deaths and hundreds wounded. on saddam's military has again blamed protest groups for the breakdown in transition to civilian rule. when perhaps. you know what is delaying the negotiations is the false understanding for civilian led government that this is something that even you in the media have been wrong in identifying we are not classified as civilians because we were military clothes they're all screaming civilian civilian in my view civilian is the thirty's is the ruling is the task
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which we agreed on after we agreed that government ministers and the legislative council would be civilian led they are still screaming civilian civilian they said the military will only work in the sovereign council the declaration for freedom and change said they agreed to 95 percent and there was a disagreement over 5 percent 5 percent all those blessed souls were lost that 5 percent was how many civilians and how many military would be in the sovereign council and who would lead we believe the majority should be military and the leadership should be military and they believed otherwise we insist that the military is the sole guarantor for peace and stability in the transitional phase so let's take a look at where things stand in so that there's been a halt in valan sort of protest groups called off the civil disobedience campaign which led to more clashes earlier this week the return to relative calm is largely because of mediation efforts by ethiopia's prime minister and days after our visit a top u.s. diplomat to africa met the head of the transitional military council on thursday he
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has called on the military to withdraw from khartoum and stop attacking civilians and also for an independent investigation into the crackdown on protesters what justice is a former u.s. state department official he says diplomacy becomes more difficult as more foreign players get involved. for henley the general to actually blame the protesters is just an extraordinary thing and it makes it even harder for the leaders of the opposition to agree to terms and to come back to the table if they're being blamed directly after they suffered this massacre so we need not just investigations we need heavy heavy pressure from the u.n. security council from the secretary general a visit would be quite necessary in timely we need heavy heavy pressure put on the t.m.c. now because behind the scenes they've just gotten a giant payoff from their friends around the region over in the gulf and that is
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really what broke this and that makes it all the more difficult for these envoys to have any success at all including with this u.s. state department diplomat there who knows president trump made tomorrow call up the t.m.c. and declare them his friends as they didn't libya so that that could already have happened in fact and we don't even know so it makes it much more difficult to do diplomacy given what's happened right there in khartoum and what's happening in capitals around the world the man accused of a mass killing in attacks on 2 mosques in new zealand has denied murder prosecutors say brenton tarrant who appeared in court by video link from prison shot dead 51 people tried to kill 40 others after thomas reports some question. a a $51.00 people killed 2 mosques on march the 15th on friday the man accused of the shootings pleaded not guilty to murder brenton tarrant's lawyer said his client
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also pleaded not guilty to 40 charges of attempted murder and one living gaging in a terrorist act tarrant seen here when he was 1st in court the day after the attacks appeared via video link from where he's being held in oakland he stayed silent but often grinned or smoked at one point he winked at his camera more than a 100 family members of victims and people who were shot but survived were in court to see him for them it was difficult everyone it's. my little bit of a joyride say. his lawyers say he's not a guilty that make me the after more after it and you shall not going times yeah in the al normal yeah and there you are seeing the man accused of doing that yeah i'm strong what in new zealand they say stay strong and we are stronger than him and in his dull and in the weakest link he is going to be
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a loser in we will win in march yama not be invited al-jazeera to his father's funeral on friday he came to see the man accused of killing him can get angry you just have to take they did it come in i work in the day after leaving the father loved one and i have family look any day now but others are angry we lost our. we love. our. clearly very very upset thing it's very upsetting. and. i really need to have this penalty this is the only way that won't happen new zealand abolished the death penalty nice 99 and hasn't executed anyone for more than 50 years.


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