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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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talkers. hello there the miserable june continues for some of us in europe in the northwest will be down there this area of low pressure for a while now is borders rain rain and more rain and there's more still to come so wet and cool here at the moment in the eastern parts of europe though it's very very different the temperatures are already very high many of us seeing the temperatures over 30 degrees we are seeing more thunderstorms as it gradually running their way eastward some of these are fairly violent in nature and have a fair amount of hail in with them as well but even after those move through the temperatures bams back up so it's still staying hot for the east whereas in the west it's generally speaking a lot cooler for the other side of the mediterranean there's been quite a few showers here recently and we are seeing a bit more cloud at the moment that's not its way eastwards out of parts of out
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geria and towards tunisia so richard is the temperatures will drop thanks to more cloud and the old shower there as we head through saturday 31 degrees will just be our maximum on a saturday the further towards the south we've got our rash of showers over the central belt of africa some of them a very heavy all gradually rumbling their way towards the west over parts ago born and up through cameroon and into areas that's where we're seeing some of the sharpest of those showers that we plenty will for friday and saturday to.
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but again you're watching i just need a reminder of the top stories this hour the u.s. has released a video it is claiming shows iranian revolutionary guards removing what it calls an unexploded mine from the hall of one of the of the japanese own one of the ships says his crew witnessed flying objects moments before. iran calls accusations by the u.s. alarming it also says it is in charge of security in the strait of hormuz and the ships were among the 1st to rescue crew from the damaged because. the rebels in
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yemen say they've attacked an airport over the border in saudi arabia for the 2nd time this week saudi commandos defense systems into said 5 drones targeting. it's near the town of. about 100 kilometers from the yemeni border. the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting in geneva to decide whether to declare the latest outbreak of the a bone a virus a global health emergency nearly 1400 people have now died in the democratic republic of congo since august and 2 in neighboring uganda had only transfer is live for us from the ugandan capital kampala so. how do you how worried are you gagnon's about the spread of ebola. were people there trying to take for course gender's health ministry says that it is confident that
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it does contain the latest here in uganda they say for there is no indication it is spreading did manage to as it is unfair to the one family that is a general in the deep sea you've got a had been getting health workers for a while got these and they stopped briefly or the masons have resumed their talk you say is just a chance in case there is another for the tide to remain on high alert. where a hospital in which is where the 5 year old boy in his grandmother died. both had recently attended a funeral in neighboring democratic republic of congo with the boy's grandfather. to the virus. after the burial. nationals. an agreement was made between the 2 governments to repatriate them the district surrounding the hospital is on alert and government has banned public gatherings in
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a district as the minister of health tries to control. the virus. and. ugandan doctors to other patients are being kept in isolation in the latest outbreak. from the east and. the outbreak has called 1400 congolese and infected 2000 just over 500 have been treated to contain the spread has been hampered by militia attacks on treatment centers and hostility towards medical teams in the. capital kampala.
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uganda. following. doctors and. they've also helped. in other countries in west africa and emergency vaccination campaign is being set up. number of over 700 frontline has another one. in. front. of the. ring. is spreading to the world health organization and emergency committee is planned on friday to determine whether the. she become an international public health
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emergency. those people who are treated badly and they are the they are one of them a man who has had the ugandans are to say that while they were repatriated back to the day they were congolese now and be it's believed that with them who are thought to have been sick. from the d.r. while they work and back because it was believed the bigger they are better help with the over there but it's raised a question if they were sick how were they to leave the country where were the checks and part of the reason is because the borders in the region it's easier for people to walk in countries because there are no secure exit at the border post and people are going to help workers that it isn't up at border patrol and border in between country parties that biz break it to more countries. now events in the gulf i expected to come up at the meeting of the shanghai
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cooperation organization asian leaders are in kyrgyzstan for the 2nd day of their summit regional security as well as the trade war between china and the united states are the talking points robin farseer walkway is in the capital bishkek so robin tell us more about this summit and what we are expecting. i think the biggest deal right now for everyone who is at this summit is the issue of donald trump and the united states and the way it's acting towards other countries with the shanghai cooperation organization we have these member states who are current concerned see clearly china and india and russia because of this standoff with the u.s. we know about the trade war now that affecting chinese imports into the united states and also trumps recent comments about lifting the special status or removing
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the special status that it has with indian trade with these a big concerns and also of course what's been happening in the middle east with the attacks on those 2 oil tankers and the united states accusing iran of responsibility for that something which the iran is because you have the figures you do know it but here at least i think these members are able to close ranks and speak collectively about their concerns we know that russia and china heating thing amphetamine putin will have by that rules later they've already talked about the dominance of the international system again a reference to the united states earlier there was a bilateral between aging thing and president rouhani iran has observer status of the c.e.o. and again it seems a very clear message i think to the u.s. in which heating things they said that. there would be a steady development of ties between iran and china no matter how the
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situation changes a very clear reference there i think to the concerns they have about iran's status with the u.s. and iran seeking opportunities now to expand its relationships eastwards knowing that its issues its relationship with european union for instance is in jeopardy given that lifting given the ending of the trade to the nuclear story the nuclear deal that the united states had with the with iran iran now it's looking for opportunities eastwards and very keen to become a member of the shanghai cooperation organization which by the mere putin also supports. robin thank you. a military gentle leaders in sudan are missing they ordered the dispersal of the sit in protest in hard to know which led to the killing of dozens of demonstrators protesters managed to get round an internet blackout to release new video of last week's crackdown on army h.q.
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a gentle spokesman expressed regret for the deaths and the wounding of hundreds of protesters in a city in which lasted for weeks increase pressure for the overthrow of a president on one of bashir and sudan's military has again blamed protest groups for the breakdown in talks on a transition to civilian rule. there's room for gap. what is delaying the negotiations is the false understanding for civilian led government that this is something that even you in the media have been wrong in identifying what we are not classified as civilians because we were military close they're all screaming civilian civilian in my view civilian is the thirty's is the ruling is the task which we agreed on after we agreed the government ministers and the legislative council would be civilian led they are still screaming civilian civilian they said the military will only work in the sovereign council the declaration for freedom and change said they agreed to 95 percent and there was
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a disagreement over 5 percent or 5 percent all those blessed souls were lost that 5 percent was how many civilians and how many military would be in the sovereign council and who would lead we believe the majority should be military and the leadership should be military they believed otherwise we insist that the military is the sole guarantor for peace and stability in the transitional phase. warning of a growing humanitarian crisis in bosnia herzegovina as it struggles to cope with an influx of refugees the bosnian red cross says thousands of migrants are sleeping rough in several northern cities they're stranded after being turned back at the croatian border many migrants from the middle east and north africa been trying to reach western europe through bosnia after other european countries closed their borders and the man accused of murdering 51 people in new zealand mosque attacks has appeared in court by video link and denied all charges brenton talent is facing
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51 counts of murder and 40 of attempted murder of the 20 shootings in christ church about 18 family members and victims were in court to watch terence lawyer enter the not guilty pleas. police in thailand say they have enough evidence to charge the captain and crew of a boat with people trafficking after they were caught trying to smuggle muslims from the animal but was carrying more than 60 men women and children and when it was discovered shipwrecked of thailand southern islands officials fear the group may be part of the new wave of trying to reach malaysia hundreds of thousands fled me and after a crackdown in 2017 when he has more from bangkok. this boat came ashore on an island off the coast of southern province in southern thailand the boat developed engine trouble and crashed on to rocks as it was on route to malaysia further south where more than 20000 have been given shelter in the last few years
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after fleeing violence and persecution in rakhine state in western me and so in this particular case the police have charged the thai skipper of the boat and 5 crew members from me and ma with assisting illegal immigrants entering thailand and it seems they will also be charged with human trafficking because the police have already said that there is enough evidence to do so this is of course all driven by desperation in many cases the rich in your pay relatively large sums of money to get on board these boats often run by trafficking rings the promise is that they will be given security and shelter possibly even citizenship in another country if they make the journey the reality can be very different they can be sold into slavery they can wind up being killed in 2015 there were many graves of ripping you discovered on either side of the thai malaysia border or they can be abandoned if
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the thais find them in the ocean they are often towed back out to sea so they can continue their journey further south if they come ashore in thailand it can be very difficult for them thailand does not recognize the rights of refugees or asylum seekers so it seems likely that the 65 men women and children will be spending quite some time in immigration detention centers while they wait for possibly transfer to another country. a press for peace are being set in the mountains of northern me n. ma it's 8 years since a ceasefire collapsed between the catchin independence army and myanmar government forces the resumption in fighting since then has forced many from their homes. in a camp for internally displaced people in catchin state they pray for an end to the fighting has blighted the lives of successive generations. we're struggling
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because of the war we're still on the run and love as id pays we can provide our children with a good education bet's just a dream. catchin is the most notably state in myanmar bordering china it's home to around one and a half 1000000 people including 100000 living in 140 camps where the government imposes restrictions on food health care shelter and sanitation they're playing in kenya mall but limited i've been here for 8 years and so many things have changed when i 1st arrived things are very tough they still are but we've learned to adapt . fighting fled after a ceasefire between the catch an independent me and the me i'm a military collapsed 8 years ago the conflict 1st began in 1962 when the military took control of the area which is rich in resources such as gold amber timber and. peace talks have stalled over who control them in the future because the priority
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for us is to build on our already strong policies it's very important that we should on our property and not have them in my government take over our natural resources. leader and sense you cheney has called on the catch an independent me to sign a national cease fire agreement brokered 4 years ago but mistrust between the 2 sides remains high and many here doubt they'll see peace in their lifetime. victoria gay to be out is there now donald trump's looking for a new white house press secretary the u.s. president announced sarah sanders is leaving at the end of the month she said it's been the honor of a lifetime to serve him but he's going home to spend more time with her 3 children she's had some well documented arguments with reporters who question her credibility as she defended her boss a mexico has delayed the sending national guard troops to its southern border until the end of the month an official overseeing the force told al jazeera an increased
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military presence is still weeks away it's one of the conditions of a deal with the u.s. to stop migrants trying to cross over from central america the deal was struck to stop threatened tariffs on all mexican goods mexico's interior minister says she doesn't know how so many people are getting past border security to keep orcas in the spider all in only though it's a massive amount of people i don't know where they go through how 144000 people pass through our country. it is going to round up now other top stories the u.s. has released a video it says shows iranian revolutionary guards removing an unexploded mine from the hull of one of the tankers the japanese owner of one of the ships says his crew saw flying objects moments before earlier u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei are blamed iran for the incident saying quote these unprovoked attacks present a clear threat to international peace and security holes and more than a good the crew is saying that it was hit by flying object they're saying that something came flying to put a bomb on the side of the boat is something we are not considering what. iran calls the accusations by the u.s. alarming it also says it is in charge of security in the strait of hormuz and their ships were among the 1st to rescue crew from the damaged tankers the rebels in yemen say they've attacked an airport over the border in saudi arabia for the 2nd time this week saudi commanders say air defense systems intercepted 5 drones targeting our airports events in the gulf are expected to be discussed at the meeting of the shanghai cooperation organization asian leaders in kyrgyzstan for the 2nd day of their summit regional security as well as the trade war between
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china and the u.s. our other talking points police in thailand say they have enough evidence to charge the captain and crew of a boat with people trafficking after they were called trying to smuggle rangar muslims from myanmar the boat was carrying more than 60 men women and children when it was discovered shipwrecked off thailand's southern islands officials fear the group may be part of the new wave of reindeer trying to reach malaysia. the leaders of the military genter in sudan are admitting that they issued orders to disperse the sit in protest in khartoum which led to the killing of dozens of demonstrators protesters managed to get rounded internet blackout to release new video of last week's crackdown at army headquarters agenta spokesman expressed regret for the deaths and wounding of hundreds of protests those are the headlines we're back in half an hour right now on al-jazeera it's inside story.
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al jazeera. and for us. the growing tension in the gulf to oil tankers or attack to the strait of hormuz becomes us who are increasing their attacks on saudi arabia can this tension be contained or could it spiral out of control this is inside story.
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welcome to the program i'm adrian finnegan attacks on oil tankers in the gulf and cruise missiles fired on saudi arabia tensions been building up in the gulf region over the past month part of it has to do with the war in yemen we'll get to that later but 1st the 2 tankers which were damaged in the gulf of oman on thursday the taiwan state oil company believes that one vessel was hit by a torpedo one was heading from abu dhabi in the united arab emirates to taiwan the other from saudi arabia to singapore it happened near the key strait of hormuz which links the middle east oil producers to the rest of the world thursday's incident isn't the 1st almost a month ago 4 tankers were attacked off the coast the u.s. is accused iran of quote almost certainly being behind the attacks iran has dismissed the accusations well iran and saudi arabia have always been in disputes over the war in yemen the kingdom is still battling who. the fighters who seized
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parts of yemen including the capital sanaa in 2014 who thiis of repeatedly hit targets inside saudi arabia the latest attack on wednesday on alba airports injuring dozens of people saudi arabia blames iran for supporting the who theories and threatening the region security iran denies those accusations al-jazeera is alexy o'brian has a report on the latest escalation in yemen. these pictures aside to show the damage where flights were disrupted for several hours saudi state t.v. says the airport was back up and running soon after the attack carried out by hooty rebels in neighboring yemen the head of the saudi immorality coalition that's fighting the rebels called it a terrorist attack on a civilian target which could be considered a war crime the whole thing is targeting civilians on purpose on the blindly they
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want to put to. a player a week of the player a dirty player in the region because you know targeting civilian targets is very bad. but the who these insist they have the right to defend themselves saying by launched a cruise missile after years of bombings by the coalition and an air and sea blockade that tempted aid access. we've identified 300 enemy strategic targets every day we have a goal and we will not rush to bomb all the targets today we carried out how threat and promise. the hoose they say they heads and disable the airports taua the stepped up missile and drawing attacks across the border in recent weeks and have made advances on strategic locations inside saudi arabia they can target easily a lot of headquarters you know airports important bases military bases so
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basically that is a changing dynamic of the this kind of growing war in yemen saudi arabia has been at war with the who sees in yemen since 2015 the kingdom accuses iran of arming the rebels which iran denies the u.s. says the attack is another attempt by tehran to destabilize the region these provocative actions mark a new evolution in the threat around poses to the region to our partners and to our own national security. the conflicts already caused the deaths of tens of thousands of people the u.n. spokesman says he's deeply concerned we urge all parties to prevent any further such further incidents which risk escalating the current situation pose a serious threat to the national and regional security and undermine the un led political process. but the saudis are already promising stern action with the who are reporting bombing in civilian areas and al jazeera.
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by let's bring in our guests for today's discussion joining us from the capital of yemen is nasser out of being a yemeni journalist and filmmaker from lancaster university simon mabel and who is a senior lecturer in international studies at the university and from london we're joined by a model dean who's a political analyst and author gentlemen good to have you with us let's start with you simon. incidents in the gulf of oman who myself been behind what happened and what would their motive be. i think there's a range of different possibilities at play here and that's part of the issue there's a great deal of rhetoric involved there's a huge number of accusations allegations about guilty parties i think if you listen to the rhetoric coming out of riyadh out of up with that be there be the suggestion that iran or reigning in actors are behind it and that's obviously part of
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a broader escalation in tensions across the gulf and part of a broader escalation in tensions between iran and the united states so i think we need to contextualize yes it is an incredibly worrying incident but it's part of a broader set of geo political maneuverings that there are a consequence of widespread escalation across the region and across the international community ok i'm still no clear assignment as to as to who might have been behind it there and what the motive would have been for this attack well that's part of the problem we don't exactly know who is behind it i mean it could have been the iranians it could have been a false flag operation what we don't know who is behind it directly and as a consequence we don't know exactly what their motives are but what it seems to me is that it's a consequence of these broader tensions these broader escalations and that would seem to suggest if we accept that that is true that it's
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a consequence of these factors then the attack is either a response to the tensions or an attempt to increase tensions and either way it's a worrying sign i think for regional security and regional stability in that of the algebra in london why would iran or anyone under its influence undertake such a brazen action when tension is so high in the region right under the noses of the us task force. always if there are one uniform the section of the american sections economy sections against iranian regime oversee it is biting really really hard on the people inside of iran of our movement that after saying they are not happy with the regime and and and their jia the regime is still careless about the people so furthermore they want to find anyway which is close to the war solution why because they believe that they can make the inside side of your eye and to make them behind
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their government which is what's happened this morning where later to us have been yesterday when they fired missiles or coarseness out so there. must have been last month there with 4 ships so obviously all of this is a logical you're related to the iranian regime because they are useful from this in fact i am going to so you're saying that iran would intentionally escalate the tension push towards further towards military action. and risk a war. it just right because it seems to me you know the logic lee they pushed her that way because there are many ways to come on this kind of lead to solve any problem but for the iranian regime sectarian book they have a sectarian bloodshed and then the out of the lord so obviously they don't want to put back they don't want to withdraw from for our country under their control so this is not so without by peaceful at least by
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a military solution otherwise you know you cannot for the iranian regime they do we give that any kind of the clash it is for their site for the american though obviously they don't but if there is attack from your american side for the want for the people which is there not by those without a bit the other no than there is not in mind the you have an attack for the iranian because they are. so far up to the control of 4 arab quantities they believe that they cannot withdraw by been peaceful right so in the end of the day so must be clash otherwise they don't do them just they think they attach these things and you know of attack can attack them to see how read the reaction from the western side plus from the gulf side ok now saturday what he what do you make of what you heard just who do you think is responsible for thursday's attacks in the gulf to yemen's hooty rebels have the ability. to attack vessels in the gulf and
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would they. well. for the attacks in in the job of. we in yemen do not care about these things at all we don't care because we have been and the bombings and the saudi him are at the bombings for 5 years. saudis and emeritus have been killing and destroying yemen mess mesler silly so we don't care who is now who is now attacking him. in the gulf because we are a very busy we are very briefly okey abiud with our 3 cities with the water crimes being committed they denied by saudis and emeritus on yemenis so what we what we can say now what they can answer if you ask me is who.
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how could you or how would you defend yourselves and i would have the time that we would defend ourselves because yemenis would defend ourselves because now after 5 years of. killing and destroying and blockading that country and the v.a. and stuff and the stuff and the starving that be been so we are now yemenis are defending themselves now by doing the same in the saudi arabia and in united out of . saudi arabia or rather the hoodies admitted responsibility for the missile attack on airports on wednesday but a spokesman warned that there would be further voted cama surprises in coming days why not the incidents in the gulf of oman on thursday as perhaps one of
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those surprises to to ratchet up the tension to focus attention on what's happening in yemen. yes thank you very much for this for this course and yes yemenis would not attack anyone oh him and his would attack the one who attacks them so now yes yemenis declare declare leave that they have 300 targets inside the mainland of saudi arabia and inside the mainland of united arab emirates not in iran not in the in their money see not in any any other places so we yemenis and i would or would. this is our breaking right now to hear from the iranian president hassan rouhani who is speaking at the shanghai cooperation council meeting in assessing zation regional. letters and. just coming to pick
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a few iran believes that today the international community more than ever is facing the problem of unilateralism has been challenged by the program of unilateral ism and also problems on complications of today's world specifically terrorism extremism and narcotics smuggling. calls for. lateralus on which is a neat. c.p.o. was a dip was an important achievement of multilateral diplomacy which proved. that if there is the right political will. you can we can dissolve any problem instead of sanctions or war we can use. dialogue and do consultation and we can reach conclusions. this time of your pick
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of iran. acknowledging that there are worth 15. reports. has been acknowledged that we have been standing up to our commitments but unfortunately the united states unilaterally pulled out of this agreement. and even other parties. have been threatened by the united states. so that $2231.00 of the united nations. which calls for normal trade relationships with iran. they're also encouraged to. go public if you don't within the capacity of yes it. is requesting. their remaining members of the remaining parties of. implementor put in force their commitments. within the framework of the economic
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interests for all parties their stomach to pull it off iran is a country with. exceptional geographical location and a certain geographical location when it comes to energy resources and mineral resources we already rich country. we are at the intersection of trade corridos between the east and the west and the north under south. these. specifications and addition to our sustainable new sources and educated k. the reds have provided numerous opportunities for the business community of the private sector than the members of chiang i cooperation organization. utilizing these opportunities and resources can pave the way for economic expansion economic growth in the member nations. the government of the stomach republic of
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iran is ready. to provide all facilities for economic activities of the citizens and companies and the governments of the members of a c.e.o. in iran. and conclusion i would like to take this a paternity to once again express my gratitude for the hospitality of our great host. to prosperity and well being for the people of kyrgyzstan and wish for the peace future of this organization mr putin i wish you success as well thank you very much but if you're just joining us we've been listening to a speech there from iran's president hassan rouhani he's been speaking at the summit of the shanghai cooperation capital in the capital of kyrgyzstan
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not surprisingly recent events around the gulf of oman have been dominating he spoke about the u.s. took aim at the united states saying that u.s. actions present a serious threat to stability in the middle east we have dosage of bari standing by for us live from tehran so as are saying not surprisingly what happened the day before came up in that in those comments from. again placing the blame as expected on the united states. yes certainly he is adamant that iran has had nothing to do with yesterday's incidents in the gulf of oman the reigning president also reiterated iran's
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commitment to the nuclear agreement of 2015 and said that the united states is the one who's backed out of it and that they are the ones that are putting economic pressure on iran the president has also said that in the past few days the reason the tensions have increased in this region is because the united states has chosen to wage this what they call economic terrorism on the islamic republic and its people the reigning president is adamant that iran has helped fight terrorism in the region he mentioned syria and iraq and he said we even helped non muslim brazilians of various towns in those countries so iran is seen as a country that helps its neighbors not one that tries to create divisions and escalate tensions the president also mentioned that iran has a long history and culture one of the oldest cultures in the continent of asia and that they are proud of this heritage and that would never do anything to
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jeopardize the well being and safety of its people in this region so a very strong worded statement from the president at the summit in bishkek so do so what's the sense among people in iran about all this not just the the incident in the in the gulf of oman yesterday but about this ramping up of tensions that we've been seeing between iran and the united states over the last several weeks and the possibility that things could trigger into a bigger conflict perhaps. well as a many people we speak to here just don't believe that that could happen there is a sense that yes things are very tense they are getting worse by the day and there was a lot of diplomatic activity in iran over the past week or so we had the german foreign minister here visiting on monday then we had the japanese prime minister on
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a historic visit his 1st time in the islamic republic where he delivered a message from u.s. president donald trump to iranian supreme leader ayatollah ali harmony and that did not go well at all the supreme leader even refused to respond to the letter that was brought to him he said that president trump is not worth the worthy of a response all these efforts have failed so far but still many of the many regular arrangements here when you ask them what they think they believe that this is a tactic that's been used to put pressure on their country they don't believe that there will be an escalation to a military confrontation is just something that is very very farfetched for them they think that it's just something that's not going to happen in the near future there's also this suggestion coming from iran and we heard it from the tweets from the foreign minister the day before that this was this was carried out by an enemy of iran perhaps the united states in an attempt to discredit the country while the
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japanese prime minister was visiting. yes certainly at the moment when these tankers were attacked in the gulf of oman just east of the strait of hormuz the iranian president the foreign minister and the japanese prime minister were meeting with the supreme leader so the timing is very very interesting and concerning for those officials when they heard of the news the foreign minister said that this is a diplomatic sabotage they're trying to ruin the efforts of any kind of negotiation or an agreement for the iranians with of all power they're trying to sabotage any efforts by the islamic republic to come to some kind of term positive terms with in terms of their nuclear agreement this is something that they've accused the united states after the big withdrew from the agreement last year but one thing to remember is that the crew members that were rescued 44 members that were rescued on
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thursday they were rescued by the iranian navy that were patrolling the strait of hormuz in the gulf of oman in that area the iranian revolutionary guard we've heard that they say they are in command of the strait of hormuz the safety and security of the strait of hormuz is their responsibility so for something like this to happen it reflects poorly on them that they're adamant that they have nothing to do with this that they would never jeopardize their own territory or any means or gains and this is something that is being cooked up to make them look bad and of course many iranians also believe the same thing that this is something that's being painted to look like the rains are yet again behind something that they have categorically denied. all right for the moment in life there in tehran let's turn now to robin forsythia walker who is. at that meeting of the shanghai cooperation which where lee the iranian president has just been speaking and robin this is of
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course. a meeting a series of meetings that what is arranged weeks before so we we had been expecting to hear from the iranian president but what's the reception he's likely to get from the leaders of the other countries there russia in particular. where he's expected to meet with that emir putin shortly and earlier he had a bilateral with president he ching ping and that was significant for these comments from mr king who said that they wanted a steady development of toys no matter how the situation changes you know obviously you have to report to in the lines a little bit there but it's clear that china is expressing its support for continued cooperation with iran regardless of the way in which the united states wants to configure iran at the moment and this is really what china and the other member states within the shanghai cooperation organization are really stressing
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here is that this summit this blog that's meeting today very much wants to consider itself a kind of an instant partnership in opposition or at least to somehow hold back what they see is u.s. interference in other countries they're very concerned of course about the the this this the trade war that donald trump has initiated and also no real concern over the ramping up of tensions in the middle east between the united states and iran iran very much actually wants to be a member of this s e o club at the moment it is just got observer status but i think it will find a few sympathetic is here and. robin thanks for. foresty a walk in the capital of kyrgyzstan where that summit is taking place just been hearing there from iran president rouhani we will have lots more on all of these stories in our next bulleting coming up there in
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a couple of minutes from now it will be live once again to tehran and. for that here on. the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled. through remarkable people risking their lives to help the disabled to an afghanistan on al-jazeera. after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can now know on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence can monitor our movement. and decide future the big picture to come to the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine to
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on al-jazeera.
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this is this opportunity to understand the theory of the frank way where there. is a we don't leave. the us releases grainy video and blames iran for what it calls attacks on 2 world tankers iran dismisses it all as sabotage diplomacy. hasn't seek it this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran's president lashes out against the u.s. over the recent tensions with washington. the world health organization calls an
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emergency meeting about ebola outbreak in uganda as the 3rd person dies this week. and secretly crossing into mexico will show how central american migrants dodging border security. accusations of flying from both the u.s. and iran over what was behind the explosions on to or oil tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. is touting a grainy video as evidence iran attacked the ships on foreign minister calls it sabotage diplomacy this u.s. military video u.s. military claims rather this video shows a revolutionary guard patrol boats and men removing an unexploded mine from one of the time because after the incident u.s.
4:50 pm
secretary of state mike pump aoe says an attack was carried out and only iran had the weapons and expertise but i. hours later the japanese owner of the ship said he did not believe a mine or torpedo were involved wells and more than the crew is saying that it was hit by flying object they're saying that something came flying to put a bomb on the side of the boat is something we are not considering. iran has called the accusations by the u.s. alarming it also says it is in charge of security in the strait of hormuz and iranian ships were among the 1st to rescue the crew from the damaged tank as iran's foreign minister german's relief has called it sabotage diplomacy by team b. . vall is standing by in muscat but 1st let's talk to door such a body in tehran so. we heard from the iranian the iranian president a little bit earlier speaking at this conference in bishkek which had been a range of weeks before but he wasted no time in taking aim at the united states
4:51 pm
and blaming they're blaming them for these rising tensions that we've seen in the region. yes certainly iranian president hassan rouhani addressed a summit in the pack where he discussed security into region specifically the rise in. the stability that the escalation we've seen that's come from the increase sanctions on iran and that's what the iranians are blaming it on the president has said that the reason why we're in the current climate that we are in the middle east is because of the united states and their policies towards iran the iranians believe that what the united states has done since they withdrew from the nuclear agreement last year they've waged economic terrorism on the islamic republic and its people and they believe that this is an unjust war that's been waged on them and that they are trying to do their best to combat it but it's up to
4:52 pm
the international community to stand up for iran something the authorities here are urging them to do now the iranian president has also said that they will not negotiate with the americans this these pressures that are being put on them will not force them eventually to come to the negotiating table it will have just the opposite effect it will make them only more adamant that they will not give in to these bullying tactics and after thursday's events in the gulf of oman it's very alarming that these events are being blamed on the iranians many of officials have said that it's kind of diplomacy to blame iran immediately without any concrete evidence that the haven't provided solid evidence or any even circumstantial cording to the foreign minister and until these the united states has such evidence they do not have a right to blame iran for these events and has there been any comment in iran specifically about this video that the u.s.
4:53 pm
military is touting which they say shows that iranians were involved in these. we have not heard anything official has them yet the grainy black and white footage has been seen and many are doubting its authenticity 1st of all they don't know where this footage came from where whether or not it was actually shot on thursday and also it is not very clear to the iranians who is featured in this footage it's very difficult to make out the people and the boats that are trying to assess this tanker also we have to realize that the strait of hormuz and the security of that area is in the hands of the iranian navy and the revolutionary guards and over. many many ships pass through this passage this this route so it's a very important trade route and this incident highlights how critical things are in that region and the revolutionary guard has said that they take the safety of
4:54 pm
that area very seriously it is their number one priority so for these events to be blamed on them is something very very serious and the iranians are adamant that they have had nothing to do with it and we haven't heard from the mission to the united nations they've issued a statement saying that it is very very alarming that the americans are blaming the iranians for this unfortunate incident and they have had they categorically deny the accusations that they have had anything to do with it all right also thanks for that job already live for us in tehran and how much vol is in now in oman so mohammed what is the latest new york hearing there and in particular the fallout from the release of this u.s. military video. well how the region is waiting impatiently for more to come out from the parties to this conflict we have just had documented by also she said the iranians have denied the americans are still saying
4:55 pm
that the iranians have done it and they are showing the world this video but as the russians commented you know the world needs more classifications and more information from the american side maybe they have to share this video with experts from other countries and give more details about the circumstances of the filming it's grainy it's black and white we don't know what device has been used to film it iranians have denied that they have they have removed those limpet mine is the limpet mines have been talked about very frequently in connection with the iranian is they have been accused of using the same mind as a month ago against those 4 tankers across the the the fall of the shore of jr and now also the accusation is being repeated by the americans they also evoke the history of a war in the gulf and they say the iranian used the same minds in 19878788 during
4:56 pm
the 1st gulf war and the likelihood is high that they are they are using the same tactic again to make sure that iran can do something dangerous if it is provoked and if its interests are threatened the interpretation in the west particularly in the united states and the u.k. is that iran is showing its muscles and showing that it can do something dangerous but the world has to respect their on and it has to be treated as a serious partner to peace and also a serious serious adversity in war but that's their interpretation the iranian side as i said are denying this and they have people on their side like the russians who are saying it's too early to jump to conclusions and this thing has to be investigated before any decisions can be taken depending on what happened. all right mohammed thanks for that mohammed valar for us there in muscat oman so as we mentioned iranian president hassan rouhani addressing world leaders at the shanghai
4:57 pm
cooperation organization he had some strong words for the u.s. over the recent tensions he says that they are pushing an aggressive stance that cannot be tolerated as long as the government of the united states over the last 2 years is using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over all the norms and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world. robin forrest the walker is live for us in bishkek for where that copper at that tech conference has been taking place the shanghai cooperation now what else are you hearing from there and what are the world leaders gathered there have been saying about. what's important to point out about the shanghai cooperation organization is that combined it's
4:58 pm
a big block in terms of a share of global population and g.d.p. and territory and crucially i think president rouhani although we ron is an observer. member is it has observer status what's important is that here president rouhani is among friends because earlier he had a bilateral with president he chimping and he chimping said that china was looking forward to the steady development of toys with iran no matter how the situation changes reports we know. but to me that seems like an expression of very much of support for iran in its hour of need at the moment both russia and china have an opportunity or are seeing an opportunity here to help iran. tilt perhaps eastwards given the problems that it's facing at the moment the the pressure it's under from the united states having withdrawn from the nuclear deal is much harder
4:59 pm
for the iranians to cooperate with the europeans under these circumstances this is an opportunity for iran and it's a good place to be because mr rouhani is among friends right now here in the in the in the capital bishkek of kick start robin thanks very much robin for us the worker in a scare for. the rebels in yemen say they've attacked an airport over the border in saudi arabia for the 2nd time this week saudi commanders say air defense systems intercepted 5 drones targeting. it's near the town of hammersmith shade around 100 kilometers from the yemeni border. the drone attack follows a reported missile strike earlier this week at the saudi government said 26 people were injured when the arrivals hall was hit on wednesday with the fight to say they've targeted several saudi airports this year including. in the capital riyadh
5:00 pm
all right still ahead on al-jazeera when we come back a special report on the migrants making a secret journey across the border from central america into mexico. pleading not guilty to the new zealand mosque shootings the accused gunman smiles as he denies the murder of 51 wash and terrors. the web sponsored by cattle and ways. had i read still hot and stormy in some parts of eastern poland in particular and that's the line to watch it's slow moving which means it can sunder for hours on end as it did. in fact leaving 77 of israel which is a sort of new reference there was storm damage in this part of poland and the has been recently that started years well because this front.


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