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they can respond to the continuing boredom and from the saudi new eco nation on yemen particularly the capital sanaa yes i mean for the last 40 years yemeni government and i has been has been calling the international community that the u.n. and human rights group at least. there are tens of thousands of yemeni civilians most of them are injured either by saudi airstrike or are sick are serious injury and they need. medical. care outside yemen but still saudi arabia is not allowing even those injured people i mean. here in sanaa they are not asking to. to let military personnel go out and to sanaa they just want it for humanitarian mean and they believe that the international community actually has been ignored in the closure of. other airports in yemen they ignored the blue kate ignored the
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total catastrophe that's happening in yemen and they believe this step was taken after 4 years of. war on yemen and they believe now it's time for the airlines those w.'s in saudi airport as they stop using sana airport after the saudis started the war against them and i think it's time because if there is any civilian civilian car casualty in the coming days or coming weeks this means that airlines take the responsibility so get a get take that as well as ability because actually is not i mean the saudi arabia cannot just bomb yemen airport while the airport still open and this is exactly what the yemeni government forces here in sanaa are saying that an airport and i for an eye and if they close our airports we will close all the ports. what do you say to those who argue that you know if one side is far into guns they should take responsibility for any one for any civilians that are being hit and you know just
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putting out a warning saying saying we're coming after this is doesn't absolve them of responsibility what do you say to that i mean i mean i know this exactly even if someone fired in the gun is the one who takes responsibility but seems to be after 40 years of so defied in the gun killing yemenis using american and u.k. france weapons it seems to me that the ultimate bet in any responsibility i mean that's why here in sanaa they came to this decision but at least they're the focus is on are they have not. targeted any like residential area they have a targeted market or schools or. funerals they still try to take out the airport they they targeted it that. they thought it today they have thought if. they gave this to him in court so they tried to disable. the airport.
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i mean without any civilian casualty but if this airport still will be allowed in and if. not this. this warning i believe that they are the one who takes responsibility because as they talk there so can i just warning just when it closes and i will they try to jump in here from hussein because our time is limited i just i just want to clarify this this warning that was put out to the media by the. spokesman. are they going to do next are they saying that they're going after airports in the united arab emirates as well as saudi arabia. yes they they said the coalition like a united arab emirates was targeted i believe when he had an have a go it's as well. and i say that it's become a legitimate target as opposed to all airports in those 2 country who are the backbone of this already back coalition in yemen has become a target all right hussein and thanks very much talked. hour still ahead on the
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world health organization calls an emergency meeting about an hour breaking new ganda as a 3rd person dies this week. however after yet more heavy rain soloway see i think you probably have a day off the whitest tops the clouds which indicate the biggest on storms drifted away in a down towards western java to counter a particular she's there in the forecast with a dark green center still rounded north still a ways in stretching up towards the philippines including luzon which is where you might expect to find the rain because rather less of a sumatra. exactly free from the risk of big thunderstorms but the concentration rays further north and specially in thailand with still the test of big showers
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dotted around from anywhere in indonesia westwards to be honest now dropping size to australia in the picture here has been a pretty stormy one recently not quite so much now that the sun shines a light on the return of slightly high temperatures for example in adelaide in melbourne you should see sunshine today 15 degrees in both out later now been slightly better in sydney nothing like as good in iraq tasmania's had a bad time of it recently though it does look at least dry on saturday and sunday coming into person to western australia the next band of cloud in representing gets another frontal system is on its way on sunday 16 degrees for you in the sunshine too late in the day and i don't think this will bring very much rain with it unfortunately. is the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled. through remarkable risking their
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lives to help the disabled to afghanistan on al-jazeera. i mean this is different not just whether someone is going for someone who's very rich but there's going to be an interest i think it's how you approach an individual and often it is a certain way of doing it to conscious bods an intention story in fly out. hello again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. has released video it claims shows men on an iranian military boat removing an unexploded mine from the hollow of an oil tanker and the japanese owner of one of the ships doubts it was damaged by
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a mine and says his crew witnessed flying objects before an explosion 2 ships were damaged by explosions in the gulf of oman on thursday. iran's foreign minister has called the u.s. claims sabotage diplomacy and a conference in kyrgyzstan iranian president hassan rouhani told leaders the u.s. is pursuing an aggressive stance that threatens global stability. our hong kong government support for a proposed law to allow extraditions to mainland china may be wavering and advisor to hong kong leader kerry lamb says for more discussion of the bill which has to happen before it can go to a final vote shouldn't continue given the opposition this we can see more than a 1000000 people take to the streets in ongoing protests with another demonstration expected on sunday protestors have said they remain committed to preventing the government from bringing the bill into law right mcbride has more from hong kong. the comments have come from bernard chan a senior member of hong kong's government and
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a senior advisor to kerry land the chief executive in a radio program friday morning where he said that in the lights of the violent scenes around the legislative council it's impossible for hong kong's maybe parliament to discuss further this controversial extradition bill that maybe there should be a delay to allow for further consultation he says officially the line from the hong kong government is that this bill has to be passed it is necessary and that while there has been a temporary delay since wednesday when proceeding. were brought to such are violent and the government has said that it's not going to backtrack but this may be a hint of a more conciliatory tone from the government as far as the protesters are concerned though they will keep up their opposition promising to bring out as many people as came out last sunday in opposition to this bill possibly as many as
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a 1000000 people again on the streets of hong kong. and police in thailand say they have enough evidence to charge the crew of a boat carrying rahane their migrants from myanmar with people trafficking $65.00 people were found on an island in southern thailand on tuesday after the boat had engine failure it was bound for malaysia where many have tried to escape to recent escape to recently in what police fear is a new campaign by people smugglers 3 quarters of a 1000000 fled me and maher 2 years ago during the military crackdown against the muslim minority when he has more from bangkok. this boat came ashore on an island off the coast of southern province in southern thailand the boat developed engine trouble and crashed on to rocks as it was on route to malaysia further south where more than 20000 have been given shelter in the last few years after fleeing violence and persecution in rakhine state in western me and so in this particular
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case the police have charged the thai skipper of the boat and 5 crew members from me and man with assisting illegal immigrants entering thailand and it seems they will also be charged with human trafficking because the police have already said that there is enough evidence to do so this is of course all driven by desperation in many cases the rich in your pay relatively large sums of money to get on board these boats often run by trafficking rings the promise is that they will be given security and shelter possibly even citizenship in another country if they make the journey the reality can be very different they can be sold into slavery they can wind up being killed in 2015 there were many graves of rigging you discovered on either side of the thai malaysia border or they can be abandoned if the thais find them in the ocean they are often towed back out to sea so they can continue their journey further south if they come ashore in thailand it can be very difficult for
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them thailand does not recognize the rights of refugees or asylum seekers so it seems likely that the 65 men women and children will be spending quite some time in immigration detention centers while they wait for possibly transfer to another country. another member of the same family has died of the virus in the democratic republic of congo he's the brother of the 5 year old who died of the virus in neighboring uganda along with his grandmother her husband also died in the d.r. scene the world health organization is holding an emergency meeting on whether to declare a global health emergency tassel reports from uganda's capital kampala. where a hospital in which is where the 5 year old boy in his grandmother died both had recently attended a funeral in neighboring democratic republic of congo with the boy's grandfather coming to the virus. after the burial other relatives accompany them to uganda most
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nationals who were sent back on thursday after an agreement was made between the 2 governments to repatriate them the district surrounding the hospital is on alert began and government has banned public gatherings in the district as the minister of health tries to control the spread of the virus causes internal bleeding and. ugandan doctors say 2 other patients are being kept in isolation in the latest outbreak. from the east and. the outbreak has killed 1400 congolese and infected 2000 just over 500 have been treated to contain the spread have been hampered by militia attacks on treatment centers and hostility towards medical teams in the bustling markets and uganda's capital kampala concerns are growing. about you know. i think.
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this is. just. preemptive measures are being imposed ugandans are being urged to wash their hands with soap following previous outbreaks and the doctors and nurses are experienced in dealing with patients they've also help contain outbreaks. in other countries in west africa and emergency vaccination campaign is being set up. on the frontline in number of people over 700 frontline another one. in the city and so on friday. all the front line. ring vaccination.
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the alert is spreading to the world health organization and emergency committee is planned on friday to determine whether. ganda she become an international public health emergency. sudan's a ruling military council admits it ordered the dispersal of the sit in protest outside army headquarters new video of the violence in khartoum on june 3rd has just been released and internet blackout is in place the operation to clear the protesters resulted in dozens of deaths hundreds. and mexico's delayed sending national guard troops to its southern border and till the end of the month an official overseeing the force told al jazeera an increased military presence is still weeks away it's one of the conditions of a deal with the u.s. to stop migrants trying to cross over from central america the deal was also true
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stops threatened tariffs on all mexican goods. and mexico's interior minister says she doesn't know how so many people are getting past border security or to keep our casinos despite all in only though it's a massive amount of people i don't know where they go through how 144000 people pass through our country. or the man accused of the mosque shootings in new zealand has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 51 worshippers andrew thomas reports from christchurch. a a a $51.00 people were killed 2 mosques on march the 15th on friday the man accused of the shootings pleaded not guilty to murder brenton tarrant's lawyer said his client also pleaded not guilty to 40 charges of attempted murder and one that engaging in a terrorist act tyrant seen here when he was 1st in court the day after the attacks appeared via video link from where he's being held in oakland he stayed silent but
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often grinned or smirked at one point he winked at his camera more than a 100 family members of victims and people who were shot but survived were in court to see him for them it was difficult everyone it's. my little bit of a joyride say. his lawyer is not a guilty that make me that after more of it and you should 9 times in the al normal yeah and there you were seeing the man accused of doing that so yeah i'm strong what is new zealand they say stay strong and we are we are. stronger than him and then he's down to the weakest link he is going to be a loser in will win in march yama not be invited al-jazeera to his father's funeral on friday he came to see the man accused of killing him can get angry you just have to take they did it come in i work in the day after
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leaving the father loved one when i have family looking to dinner but others are angry we lost our beloved part of our. clearly very very upset thing it's very upsetting. and. i really need to have this penalty this is the only way that won't happen new zealand abolished the death penalty in 989 and hasn't executed anyone for more than 50 years but tarrant does face life in prison if convicted trials in new zealand normally start within a year of an arrest but the judge said that would not be possible with this one given the complexity of this case and the amount of evidence it won't be until next
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may that brunson time to strikes and that trial could last as long as 3 months under thomas al-jazeera christchurch. adama trumps looking for a new white house press secretary of u.s. president announcing sarah sanders is leaving at the end of the month she said it's been the honor of a lifetime to serve him but he's going home to spend more time with her 3 children . as always there's lots more on our web site c.n.n. dot com log on any time. all right let's get a round up now of our top stories the u.s. has released video it claims shows men on an iranian military boat removing an unexploded mine from the hull of an oil tanker but the japanese owner of one of the ships doubts it was damaged by a mine and says his crew witness flying objects before an explosion 2 ships were
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damaged by explosions in the gulf of oman on thursday the holes and more than to the crew is saying that it was hit by flying object they're saying that something came flying to put a bomb on the side of the boat is something we are not considering you look at iran's foreign minister has called the u.s. claims sabotage diplomacy and at a conference in kyrgyzstan iranian president hassan rouhani told leaders the u.s. is pursuing an aggressive stance that threatens global stability that's the government of the united states over the last 2 years is using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over all the norms and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world the military spokesman is warning civilians to stay away from airports in saudi arabia and the united arab emirates how much they will hate he says radar systems have been targeted at saudi arabia's airport he added operations towards airports and military sites would continue as
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long as the war in yemen continues. hong kong government support for a proposed law that would allow extraditions to mainland china may be wavering a key adviser to hong kong leader kerry lamb says for more discussion the bill shouldn't continue given the opposition this week a scene hundreds of thousands take to the streets in protest with another expected on sunday demonstrators have said they remain committed to preventing the government from bringing the bill into law sudan's ruling military council admits it all of the dispersal of a sit in protest outside army headquarters new video of the violence in khartoum on june 3rd has just been released an internet blackout is in place the operation to clear the protesters resulted in dozens of deaths hundreds wounded those are the headlines you're up to date right now on al-jazeera it's one i want to east. 8 years after the fall of gadhafi
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who is still raging in libya but it's not just a domestic showdown outside powers are involved to the axis of evil. this so are these and. talks to al-jazeera. it's a. day 6 days a week which. is fast and furious but it's not because all machines that they are building it's bodies one. at a time. to see the red cross' defeated center in afghanistan has been flying for people with disabilities victims of. accidents.
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as. the patients keep coming. one on one east meets the remarkable people risking their lives to help the disabled in war torn afghanistan. sunday morning in the afghan capital kabul. it's the start of the working week. and the busiest day at the red cross is both a putin and physical rehabilitation center. hundreds of patients have come for treatment some have traveled for days risking landmines and taliban checkpoints to get sleep. inside physiotherapist karim
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cho is doing her best to calm the newest patients to say they know because the quote unquote off that. 6 year old you surf hasn't walked for months ever since he was injured in a houston run car crash they all that became i now got made. they all the behavior. they attended the my now gone. by all of them using. his grandmother says he's already been through several painful surgeries he's now terrified of doctors know all about her cargo whatever. the bitch got in either the one other boss my mother and others out the top of having a lock on. because i never will while ohio called i that he's a ducky. you know that. it's kareem is job to
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help you save from new york again but it won't be easy. i was going to him out there that are already there was i'm other than are these are mother these i want his legs are a mangled mess but she's more worried about the scars she can't see the child is very sad because. the other child is they walk and they it and i ply but he's always that thing on the wheelchair. things maybe you know i walk. home. despite his injuries yousif is very lucky outside remains his 16 year old. who'd lost his leg in the same accident. he knew so for waiting for a bus home from the market when a speeding car plowed into them when he came in you know i was in a room. the driver tried to break but the car started flipping us over 1000000
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use of was hit and went flying into the ditch i'm awkward to all of them marge is on the look of. i was pulled below the car and my leg went under the wheel steering yonder with the car going down the clara pose. the question when i tried to pull it i saw blood pouring out it was everywhere all over my clothes i started screaming my leg humping my leg. is translate was completely separate but his worst fee is what feeds you so if i use a beer when i was a kid use of was in the children's hospital and he went into a coma for 6 days the exam there was only a 5 percent chance that he'd survive it. are you i was crying a lot for you sign out or no i thought he was definitely gonna. my family started
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to bring me pictures of him every day to prove that he was still alive 3 acuminata . ever since there is trouble hasn't taken his eyes off his nephew on. august. use of small souls are so weak that he's going to need leg braces to help him stand. people get. the see the but only got your cheek are going to be a watch and they'll be among those on the ballot. recount band over and over and over. to. istra the recovery is going to be even tougher he needs a whole new priest that equal a. brother moment only older brother or her brother the governor going to. have the ability.
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or. how about more more more on her show her that i don't want women or much america to buy the come out of. my father god to give him a walker what about a van we're going to be around us very fast right. now where you surf and it's rather head higher but the work for these technicians is just beginning. over the next few days they will painstakingly mold the new leg braces and christie says for the boys devices that will change their lives. in the 30 years that this program has been operation in afghanistan they have made nearly 200000 artificial limbs and treated almost 180000 disabled patients. will be on i must say the only place they can get help is here at this
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red cross center but i haven't seen another place that provides this kind of research. nobody knows how my life changing this. better than karimov. my daughter there made that claim i've had this leg for about 20 years i've never asked for a new one because i'm used to that. a patient surprised when you tell them that you have a prosthetic leg what him up when my legs are covered and nobody notices anything when i show them my leg that totally surprised by that they don't believe that was an artificial leg that they can walk normally mark for them but then i show them i tell them see my leg is artificial but i still come here and work out how they. first came to the red cross as a 13 year old patient at the time kabul was engulfed in
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a deadly civil war she was shot in the leg 4 times while walking home from her grandmother's house as a minute. when i regained consciousness my leg felt very light i tried to feel it but i realized it had been cut off the sugar will be here and when a woman becomes disabled she becomes invisible people think she can't do anything while at work it was hard for me to accept the situation. i couldn't accept that i could have killed myself on the hope she would. instead the red cross offered to train her as a physiotherapist when she finished high school that was almost 25 years ago since then she has helped thousands of patients just like. them because i'm disabled myself i understand their situation and i mean whatever they're going
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through i've already been through it. really how. do you. make them. the same to has a policy of hiring people with some kind of disability just like their patients some of the staff have been crippled by in the says like polio many like a victims of the country's relentless war. for as long as i can remember that has been fighting in afghanistan and it will never end. the day by day the number of our patients is growing it's because of the war landmines and suicide attacks. are not. even by afghanistan's grim standard the
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situation here is becoming increasingly deadly a record number of civilians were killed and injured last year in attacks by the taliban isis and pro-government forces some of the most brutal violence has accrued right here in kabul. with incidents like rockets and bombs on. we've seen a lot of these horrible incidents it's been hard but we've gotten used to it. through good old the taliban has allowed to stay open. a month after they took power the taliban came to our center they visit at the mail and. they were satisfied with our work and we carried on without problems.
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but in afghanistan nothing is guaranteed. days into our visit we hear about a disturbing development the taliban have just announced their spring offensive against the afghan government and the military so what this means is that we're likely to see a lot more attacks but they're also saying here that the red cross will no longer be protected this is a really serious problem for the star and the patients at the center. it's not long before the news spreads are going to be more than just the removal of the murray river in the center is. in the women's department crema is also briefing they get you michel almost and i was going to. give them something on anything but the. closer they know the things that my reason for them to bother to listen to them not to cut a long. enough that. you guys worried at all about your safety i mean one
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we don't need all of us to. realize that a mom of the. 100 it might listen closely that it was. one of the shots that was. one of the stars he is seaman faced i'm struggling to understand why the taliban would ban the work of a humanitarian organization especially one that helps disabled afghans. it's too risky for us to ask the taliban in person so we called a spokesman you recently revoke the security guarantees for the red cross why did the taliban decide to do that. says the red cross has failed to deliver the medicine and services it had promised
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the red cross says they can't respond because they're still negotiating with the taliban. what we do know is that the organization supports clinics across afghanistan in areas where it's difficult to access any of the health care most of the people that work at the red cross and certainly all of the patients are afghans including members of the taliban and your families are you hurting your own people by taking this step. but just weeks after this phone call the taliban did attack an american aid organization in kabul killing at least 5 people all of them afghans. back at the red cross there's no sign of things flowing down the need is simply too
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great. afghanistan has one of the highest rates of disability in the world last year a record 12000 people sought help from the several rehabilitation centers across the country. people like isra and you say if you can't afford private treatment. you're on top of egypt had you went to. the office you know. there was ok. it's a big day for the boys they're about to try on the new devices for the 1st time. they pretty excited and they're not the only ones. this little boy has just been given his you lick and you can hardly white losers.
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it's not long before the technician arrives with its rest for stacy be sure enough she will you know if you don't like it in the name out of the book we're not the devil. even now he can't help but tease his nephew getting the family i want. but it's not all fun and games physiotherapists shook realize iraq wants is struck that this is just the food stamp. to flick a milk wire me push are gone now kids thought i may have turned over that on they've got all your meter john and i in a shack or more home in a minute as much as a kid nell brought up on a shuttle we couldn't be sure have been taught but on the thought of going to be getting on it's not only the rehabilitation of a missing limb we have to support him psychologically we have to change his mind.
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just accept it has to be really for the future she has treated thousands of patients like is struck he tells him the secret to his recovery is his mind why he should work beautifully could knock her off and i mean to me to me for making as much of a robot because the. mom must be quite accustomed. to her point out of what sort of wonderful music and money you make out of the beginning i am a shack 0.0 point autists by human goodness for that this meeting is in the given that this make. it nice one i'm with the 1st pallone maker the middle opponent the middle of the pit the hottest one is in the hospital for lack of any 24 cutting that this is his mo tooth it's a choice that sugar love faced himself he's ago when he was just 17 he stepped on
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a land mine my group was born to my face was born i left my leg. there was nothing to say if there was no flash it would piss shoe on their blood i lost my my hope ali thought i was not very violent to be too alive anymore because i was seeing very dark my future very dark he says the only thing that saved him was this job and the chance to help patients like is all that you make me. me want to get. off fighting it but. when i came to the prophecy for a job completing my life change. i can be a man i come out of my normal life i can be a normal person. and it gives me hope that i can live to forget different as it will completely if i'm the my family sometimes they forget i'm a visible which i'm happy because they should not come see them as
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a visible people they should consider me table. this resilience is what he's trying to pass on to instruct it to flaca me got a poisonous offer get it. passed on. to trying to motivate a traumatised 6 year old is another matter of fact i'm told i'm i'm a bit. after not using his legs for 6 months use if he's struggling to stand that alone or. karim is patient yourself as nobody really. land. at the bottom. but no rational what use of says she keeps pushing him.
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he has to use his legs to make them strong again. ok that you. know off. i suppose the force of the shot i am by size of them with. it's been a tough 1st day. getting used to this new reality isn't easy especially for. just a few months ago he was a confident teenager and a champion wrestler. but then his father died of cancer and a month later he lost his leg in the accident but. our life has changed a lot. we've become poor we've lost the head of our family to go on i used to go out with my friends in the moment i was the strongest amongst them and
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. now i'm the weakest moments of life for them it makes me feel so bad he was one of the rugby. cricket i think about what i'll do in the future will i be a burden will i work as a laborer pushing a wheelbarrow back because i can't even push a wheelbarrow. instead of worrying about school or his next wrestling match is from now worries about his family. i want to work to feed my family all of them and i don't want to baghdad anyone for help we have the so it's very difficult one i'm fed up with my life. is stronger doesn't talk to his family about any of this instead he focuses on
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helping you so if you're going on one. of the of the other hand are going to be hard to match across one of those be really going to have them on the most to get what you know what you're going to get. is strong has brought his nephews and nieces to the park as a trees it's a welcome distraction for everyone of good bargain about the usef has changed a lot most of what he used to play with older kids but he thought anymore he's become quiet and he cries a lot. he asked me why can't i walk why can't you take me out on this point where you can learn. the hard to find what i'm really. good you would want to go out on i want to give the. use of is still young so his chances of a full recovery a good but israel says his own future is going to be very different to wash.
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a man on the other day this guy came up and sort of to learn are you a cripple. the one as long clinician i can get my old life back but you'll all started your life. i'll continue my education and get a job that's a. day off today i watch a strike come to the orthopedic santa and practice house a war. it's a slow painful process to get that i've seen 30000 where it doesn't mean just looking yes to make very sure it's there but more than what it is now if you've noticed but for neighbor to leave you noticed in. cairo is the italian physiotherapist who has run the center for 30 years he and should work hand in hand
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to make sure the days on the right path. resemble the blanket with him. but no matter how difficult it is there are others here who are much worse off than is struck. he says seeing big progress and spies here to work harder. next door you surf is also struggling. never oh. yes look i want my grandfather. but after almost a week of practice both the boys are getting stronger and faster so this recession was very good. for them giving wrigley. gimmickry here it is. finding the day has come when they can take the new prosthetic and leg braces home . make
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a name of. a hot adding other they get the whole back after him. by the acts of. yourself it was maybe some of that mission. that we see that i may face as any hole boy thought nobody thought when i gave us the one of. these how many people might well that's what they said. that was with it most. but it was. basketball. is also getting some parsing advice from should have been is in the get the modem want it on over to us you know that out of columbia one boy i did i wanted to get us to look at more cool market machine should call our wants to join the send his wheelchair basketball team and apply for the red cross' education program it's not only the mark of salary working with
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a.c.s. who i feel that i am helping the people is like me i help at least clear for 5 people i've changed at least one of them their life to be. like that in the future so that is why i stayed longer with atheists here and i live my life which are. across town istra and use of family is waiting for them everyone is curious about the prosthesis. or he lost. to me. or all the. usaf is also thrilled with his braces although not for the reason you'd imagine. he was one of the lads. who. want to see these cousins play and tease each other you'd never guess how
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much they've been through. poverty pain and the death of a family member. the future is still very much on certain but now at least there's hope. business updates to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates to you by qatar airways going places together. this is al-jazeera. this is the news on live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the u.s. releases a grainy video and blames iran for what it calls a tax on to oil tycoon iran dismisses it as sabotage diplomacy. iran's president has heads out of the u.s.
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saying its aggressive stance is a threat to global stability. warn people in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. to stay away from airports as they violence continue cross border military operations . the controversial bill that would allow extradition from hong kong to china maybe losing support off the days of protests. and then school history has been made as the toronto raptors become the new n.b.a. champions the raptors be defending champions golden state warriors in game 6 to win a 1st title for a canadian team. so the accusations flying from both the united states and iran over what was behind explosions on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of the month the u.s. is touting a grainy video as evidence that iran the time the ships are on foreign minister calls it sabotage diplomacy so the u.s.
6:50 pm
military claims that this video shows a revolutionary guard patrol boats and main removing an unexploded mine from one of the tank after the incident on thursday so if your state might pump a who says an attack was carried out an only iran had the weapons and the expertise but now it's later the japanese owner of the ship said he didn't believe that a minor a torpedo were involved he said his ship was not targeted by mind saying that the crew so flying objects before the explosion iran calls washington's accusations the foreign minister javid zarif said the united states immediately jumped to make allegations and said he warned of the sonoran months ago rein in ships were among the 1st to rescue crew from the damaged. well speaking of the gathering of asian leaders in kyrgyzstan the iranian president hassan rouhani said the u.s. is pushing an aggressive stance that cannot be tolerated as the government of the united states over the last 2 years is using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over all the norms
6:51 pm
and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world. mohammed al is standing by in muscat in amman has monitor developments in the iranian capital and we'll talk to those here in just a couple minutes but 1st let's go to rome 1st it will come at that meeting comes down where president rouhani was speaking and robin president rouhani wasted no time in lashing out at the allegations. yes and a very good platform for him to do so here at the shanghai cooperation organization summit because he's effectively among allies accusing the united states of providing a globe offering a global threats to security security and those thoughts or feelings repeated all supported by senior leaders at the summit today including sodomy putin and president he jingping of china early. mr rouhani
6:52 pm
met with pain in bilateral talks on the site of the summit and ping stressed that iraq and china should have closer cooperation going forward regardless of how the circumstances may change for iran reference it looks like to the difficulties that iran now faces challenged by the united states in general having the u.s. withdrawn from the nuclear agreement and also spoke at this summit and he stressed the importance of the nuclear deal and that the u.s. withdrawal from it was the reason for rule the current instability so the president rouhani under pressure from the united states with those allegations of the oil tank attacks but here at least in bishkek he's among allies he's among friends again robin thanks very much indeed that's
6:53 pm
a picture from bishkek let's get the view from tehran now of course what dosage of bari joins us now no one else have iranian officials been say. well as you mentioned we've heard from the iranian foreign minister zarif who says these allegations are absolutely baseless there's no facts to any of them they haven't provided enough evidence to accuse us and what that's the alarming thing and we've also heard from the iranian delegation to the united nations that issued a statement saying the united states must stop what they call war mongering and they categorically deny the claims made by the u.s. government that iran had anything to do with thursday's incidents in the gulf along of course the iranian foreign ministry spokesperson up us mousavi also said that the security of the strait of hormuz is the responsibility of the iranian navy and the revolutionary guard it's a very very important strategic point for the islamic republic
6:54 pm
a 5th of the oil world's oil passes through there on a daily basis over $70000000.00 barrels of oil per day so the security of that area is very important to them and for anybody to carry out this kind of attack is in attack on them in their their work in that area specifically this is something the iranians have denied any involvement in they say the timing of the incident on thursday is very very curious because at the same time the attacks were carried out the iranian foreign minister the president and the visiting japanese prime minister shinzo off they were meeting with iran's supreme leader ayatollah khomeini and the japanese prime minister had a message from u.s. president donald trump and the iranian supreme leader with did not even respond to that message and was not interested at so all these events and they say is an attempt to force iran to come to the negotiating table but it will not make them come that door so that it's very much of the interim let's switch over to muskets mohamed is standing by there in my head we have this this grainy video that the
6:55 pm
united states has released what's been the reaction to the. well. the world is holding its breath bracing for something to happen next developments on the part of the americans because it is the americans now that are taking the initiative by accusing the iranians of having been behind this incident the attacks yesterday the destroyer bainbridge is approaching that agent and they have already sent an aircraft carrier and about $1500.00 troops to the talks they already have in the region so that that he actually is to come the intentions of the americans have not yet been revealed according to analysts and observers it's a dangerous escalation dangerous expectations because as dr said this is the most one of the most strategic regions in the world because of those oil supplies that are channeled through it and it has seen wars in the past that caused deceptions in
6:56 pm
oil supplies and we have seen the oil prices rising by about 30 percent already so the it's a lot of tension in this region here and everybody is expecting the worst perhaps under us the americans may call you would turn on their accusations the world is waiting for more evidence the russians have said that it's too early to jump to conclusions and to make those accusations the america has its allies here in the region and they are also pushing for more escalation including the saudis there are teased israelis even the british also yesterday they said they did they believe in the american version of events so i mean it's a dangerous escalation but we have yet to see action if the americans are intending to really follow their words and accusations with action are going to have it thanks very much reporting there from muscat where the incident in the gulf of man was discussed at the u.n. security council let's hear now from mike hanna who has a report from new york. proceedings at the u.n.
6:57 pm
security council were dominated by the news of explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf of oman the session wish to discuss cooperation between the league of arab states and the u.n. but most speakers reacted to events in the gulf including the un secretary general facts must be established and responsibilities clarified and they for that is something the world cannot afford is a major confrontation in the gulf region. a thinly veiled accusation of responsibility was made by the arab league secretary general. of the moderate some parties in the region are trying to instigate fires in our region and we have to be aware of that i mean the russian ambassador insistent that there's a conscious strategy to undermine diplomatic moves aimed at reducing tension in the gulf and you know pretty much what it's a little loosely would it would there is a need to come together to achieve one of the most important tools before us today
6:58 pm
you know launching regional dialogue into the stablish in a security architecture in the persian gulf we're currently according to our view of the tensions are artificially fueled and inflamed around iran. if you rejected at the u.s. state department where iran was directly accused of responsibility for the attacks this is estimates based on intelligence the weapons used the level of expertise needed to execute the operation recent similar raining attacks on shipping and the fact that no proxy group operating in the area has the resources and proficiency to act with such a high degree of sophistication working the acting u.s. ambassador to the united nations was asked by the secretary of state to call for an meeting of the security council and law enforcement. it's not just the latest attacks that were in discussion behind closed doors the overarching question is whether all parties to the longstanding dispute with iran are sincere in their publicly stated preference for
6:59 pm
a peaceful diplomatic resolution. iran rejects the u.s. accusation that attacks on shipping lanes are part of its widest strategy in a regional power struggle if so then the question remains who is responsible my kind of al-jazeera united nations is indeed the question remains let's speak to the who's professor world studies at the university of tehran joins us now from turn on the 3 saudi welcome to the program iran as quick to deny as the united states to accuse what's your sense of your sense of what's going on but as you know in the past the iranian leaders have said that the vetting to close this data for moves if u.s. pressure on iran continues and escalates iran then the those have said in the past that if they're not able to sell oil other countries should not be able to do so
7:00 pm
yes so we have facts like that you also have the fact that what i what you heard by going to just jump in there would only go by that to have them if i could just jump in the united states let me just say what do you mean by that 1st point about the iran has said that they would be interested in in the closing the strait of hormuz you suggesting that this could be an attack that has been orchestrated by the iranian government to enable that to happen. what i'm suggesting is that we have hunted extinct facts we have some facts that in the past this the iranian leaders have talked about closing this state up foremost because of the economic pressures we have the fact that they have said that if they're not able to serve others for them be able to do so you also have the fact that iran is not interested in a military confrontation with the united states you also know that iran is trying to go around the sanctions that the u.s. has imposed on iran and japan historically has been.


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