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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 14, 2019 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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u.s. pressure on iran continues and escalates iran and neither has. said in the past that if they're not able to. other countries should not be able to do so yes so we have facts like that you also have the fact that what i was going to just jump in there what do you mean by that to have them if i could just jump in and united states let me just jump in what do you mean by that 1st point about the iran has said that they would be interested in in closing the strait of hormuz you suggesting that this could be an attack that has been orchestrated by the iranian government to enable that to happen. what i'm suggesting is that we have hunted extinct facts we have some facts that in the past this they don't indeed have talked about closing this up for most because of the economic pressures we have the fact that they have said that if then i think others for them to be able to do so you also have the fact that that is not interested in
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a military confrontation with the united states you also know that iran is trying to go around the sanctions that the u.s. has imposed on iran and japan historically has been a customer of iran or one of the major buyers of you know you don't own energy so the other fact that i think you have to look at is the idea of targeting japanese tank here when the japanese prime minister is visiting with the iranian president. so there are conflicting conflict in fact that we have to look at and it's not a black and white situation it's not. acceptable to accept the u.s. accusation because the facts that contradict what the u.s. government says and the other hand we have a history of allegations and statements that is coming from the iranian leadership that is not happy that comic terrorism that is coming from the united states right now ok so if they are ready you know the writing that is denying these accusations
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didn't is if they really got to deny him his accusation might that be those within iran i mean you could make the case for iranian hardliners to stage such an attack could need. you know at the end of the day. making process and you don't find that a city is done to the national security council and so it would not be possible for hard liners or soft liners to have their own foreign policy if a decision is made to attack tankers it has to come from iraq's national security council and the president of iran is the head of that council so i know based on what i know you cannot have different foreign policies coming from from the same but. it is that he great to get your perspective this is thanks very much indeed. but the most elaborate on the news hour including julian assange and his battle against extradition to the u.s.
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heads to court in london. and al jazeera special reports on the migrants making a secret journey across the border from central america into mexico. we got support coming up to well number 4 just to raise rising to the top in the end you're out of the usa but talk to woods in the wings so i will have more a little bit later. a military spokesman is warning civilians to stay away from airports in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. mohammed. says radar systems have been targets in saudi arabia's port he added that he's the operations towards airports and military sites will continue as long as the war in yemen goes on it's a novel approach genesee believes attacks on saudi arabia's airports are a way to get attention from the international community. i believe this step was taken after 40 years of the war on yemen and i believe now it's time
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for the airlines those w.'s in so deep that as they still butin after the saudis started the war against them and i think it's time because if there is any civilian civilian casualty in the coming days or coming weeks this means that analyzed take the responsibility so we gotta get take that as a possibility because actually it's not i mean saudi arabia cannot just bomb yemen airport while the airport still open and this is exactly what the yemeni government on forces here in sanaa saying that an airport and i for an eye and if they close our airports we will close all that. hong kong government support for the proposed law to allow extraditions to mainland china may be wavering an advisor to the hong kong leader. full discussion of the bill which has to happen before it can be put to a final vote shouldn't continue given the opposition all this week has seen hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets in ongoing protests with another
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demonstration expected on sunday protestors have said they remain committed to preventing the government from bringing the bill into law robert roy has more now from hong kong. the comments have come from bernard chan the senior member of hong kong government and a senior advisor to carry land the chief executive in a radio program friday morning where he said that in the light of the violent scenes around the legislative council it's impossible for hong kong maybe parliament to discuss further this controversial extradition bill that maybe there should be a delay to allow for further consultation he says officially the line from the hong kong government is that this bill has to be passed it is necessary and that while there has been a temporary delay since wednesday when proceedings were brought to such a violent and the. government has said that it's not going to back track but this
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may be a hint of a more conciliatory tone from the government as far as the protesters are concerned though they will keep up their opposition promising to bring out as many people as came out last sunday in opposition to this bill possibly as many as a 1000000 people again on the streets of hong kong. don't know where the military gentle leaders are admitting they ordered the dispersal of the sit in protests in khartoum which led to the killing of dozens of demonstrators protesters managed to get round the internet blackout to release new video of last week's crackdown. giunta spokesman expressed regret for the deaths and wounding of hundreds of protesters sits in which last week's increase pressure for the overthrow of the president bashir sudan's military is once again blaming protests screams for the breakdown in talks on the transition to civilian rule. making for up. what is delaying the negotiations is a false understanding for a civilian led government and this is something that even you in the media have
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been wrong in identifying we are not classified as civilians because we were military clothes they're all screaming civilian civilian in my view civilian is the thirty's is the ruling is the task which we agreed on after we agreed that government ministers and the legislative council would be civilian led they are still screaming civilian civilian but they said the military will only work in the sovereign council the declaration for freedom and change said they agreed to 95 percent and there was a disagreement over 5 percent to 5 percent all those blessed souls were lost that 5 percent was how many civilians and how many military would be in the sovereign council and who would lead we believe the majority should be military and the leadership should be military they believed otherwise we insist that the military is the sole guarantor for peace and stability in the transitional phase. the man accused of the mosque shootings in new zealand has pleaded not guilty to the murder of 51 worshipers under tell us now has this report from christians.
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a a $51.00 people killed 2 mosques on march the 15th on friday the man accused of the shootings pleaded not guilty to murder brenton tarrant's lawyer said his client also pleaded not guilty to 40 charges of attempted murder and one of engaging in a terrorist act tyrant seen here when he was 1st in court the day after the attacks appeared via video link from where he's being held in oakland he stayed silent but often grinned or smoked at one point he winked at his camera more than a 100 family members of victims and people who were shot but survived wearing cool to see him for them it was difficult everyone. when you see the smiley face of the joyride say. his lawyers say he's not a guilty that makes me the after more upset and you shall not going times yeah in
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the al normal yeah and there you were seeing the man accused of doing that so yeah i'm strong what in new zealand they say stay strong and we are stronger than him yeah he's down to the weakest link he is going to be a loser in we will win in march yama not be invited al-jazeera to his father's funeral on friday he came to see the man accused of killing him can get angry he didn't have. a day did it come in i work in the day after leaving the father loved one when i have family look any day now but others are angry we lost our. beloved part of our. clearly very very upsetting it's very upsetting. and. i really
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need to have this penalty this is the only way that won't happen new zealand abolished the death penalty in 989 and hasn't executed anyone for more than 50 years but tarrant does face life in prison if convicted trials in new zealand normally start within a year of an arrest but the judge said that would not be possible with this one given the complexity of this case and the amount of evidence it won't be until next may that brunson tyrant is tried and that trial could last as long as 3 months under thomas al-jazeera christchurch. survivors relatives of the victims of the east bombings in sri lanka have celebrated mass for the 1st time inside one of the churches that was attacked 3 churches and 3 hotels were targeted in the a pro-tax leaving more than 250 people dead. roman catholic worshippers celebrate mass in the nearly reopened st anthony's church
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almost 2 months before it was torn apart by a bomb explosion some are still overcome with emotion. we're dying and i lost my sustain low in the explosion we are alive but she's no longer with us. they never told me that she had died i was in hospital and i only found out when i went home. worshippers pacts in tanzania church the easter sunday service the 1st of 7 suicide bombers launched his attack here. panic and chaos ensued. within minutes similar scenes at 2 other churches in 3 hotels at least 250 people were killed and hundreds injured a local muslim group that's been linked to eisele has been blamed the attacks. in
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the parent reprisal mobs destroyed muslim businesses and homes killing at least one person. the isa bombings had consequences in an already fragile political establishment earlier this month all 9 muslim misses in sri lanka is government and to governance resigned it was in solidarity with a politician accused of having links to a hardline muslim group cabinet ministers and state ministers and deputy ministers have taken a decision today to resign from all of illusion. and request a government to expedite any inquiry against anyone among us and bring it to a conclusion sri lanka's president matter paliser sena has fired the chief national intelligence after he suggests that the president was forewarned about the bombings and fails to act a panel of politicians investigating the atrocities has heard how repeated warnings
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were received including one minutes before the explosions security forces say the threat of more attacks has been contained but this church is taking no risks nor about a manly al-jazeera. but it may well have the weather the role and also had on the al-jazeera news out sink without trace the art exhibition depicting the desperate journeys of migrants trying to reach europe. we'll be live from uganda where the death of 2 people from a bowler as the government taking precautionary measures. the west and sponsored by cattle alway's. hell of yesterday on the iraq coast this was the view pounding seas from
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a psycho still lives at sea has never made landfall and he's good but it hasn't necessarily gone away it's still circulating this massive cloud here the rain that's been thrown off it which could have meant $2.00 to $300.00 bases so far good report is only $100.00 so this is all relatively good news this is out of our just on the coast of goodyear not now the cyclon still exists this is values sustained winds give it the equivalent of a hearken category 2 but it's drifting slowly west woods still churning up the sea still throwing rain and of course big waves because to gujarat now its movement is interesting it may well into 3 days time turn round it come right back at the coast of india close to the junction with pakistan that is not a certainty but it is a possibility of course sitting out there is rather destructive the incoming monsoon trough is right no way down the western side of indian art but further east it is sort of no there it should be of course is not as
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a rain on the other side of the bay of bengal for you and me in ma for example in some places in northeast india but that's where the front is going to and it's already 2 weeks late. the weather sponsored by cattle and ways. we're making millions per month off for something taxes i was looking for. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis millions of dollars of it's like the greatest job you could ever imagine getting without putting any of your own capital this was in the eye of the storm and drove millions of workers into unemployed i said. we need immediately find the interest in the man who stole the world coming soon after decades of being programmed with instructions day to hungry computers can now know on their own identifying patterns and predicting human
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behavior. official intelligence can monitor ombudsman. and decide on a future the big picture. of the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine to on al-jazeera. ever get your watch out there are a reminder of our top stories in the united states has released a video it claims shows iranian revolutionary guards removing what it calls an unexploded mine from the hull of one of the tankers but the japanese owner of one of the ships says his crew witnessed flying objects moments before moments before.
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iran calls accusations by the u.s. alarming but also says it's in charge of security in the strait of hormuz and ships were among the 1st to rescue crew from the damaged because. the rebels in yemen say they've attacked an. port-o. over the border in saudi arabia for the 2nd time this week saudi commanders say that defense systems intercepted 5 drones targeting airports it's near the town of a comma smoosh around 100 kilometers from the yemeni border. ok let's return to our top story we can speak now to justin brown kusa research fellow at the role united services institute he's a combat technology specialist and joins us on skype from taken just in your head to try to help us on rubble this video 1st of all this grainy video that has come through from the united states. this boat that's approaching this stricken vessel does it look like the sort of vessel that would conduct an operation like the 1st. sort of the fast attack craft which
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video alongside the stricken tank at least certainly a kind which is known to be used by the iranian republican guards so that much is not particularly disputable so that you don't need a rainy and fast track boat and of course with the amount of activity in the straits at the time wherever the boat then went after that it would contract conceivably to a court right says that the united states is saying that this boat was recovering a mine would 1st would a limpet mine be placed above the water line because that's where they seem to be retrieving this object from if indeed that's what they're doing. so a little mind would typically be placed below the waterline too if the object was to sink a ship although interestingly the 4 tankers which were attacked last week. were very carefully intact to cause symbolic and alarming damage but not actually risk
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sinking ships so if you were taking the opinion that these attacks were the iranians then it would be something which would potentially be a way of trying to reduce the potential damage of these mines to what's right and woods would one ordinarily after an operation retrieve an unexploded limpet mine if that is what it is. so this is i mean this is a key question if if this was the iranians if the attack was the iranians then this would be a very very bold very brazen thing to do to then go out can try and retrieve an unexploded mine in you know in under scrutiny from the u.s. story that was nearby on the other hand of course you could argue that they were keen to pick up an unexploded mine to avoid explicitly eating back to them although
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i think realistically if this was the iranians there will be a not so that incident back to the meeting without the unexploded might be other possibility of course is that it wasn't the iranians in which case the iranians would be very keen to get a sample of the explosives used to be able to you know point to it and say look this isn't one of ours you know it comes from somewhere else so it's always conceivable although it may still be unlikely that the iranians were stopped at this and were determined to recover it so that it you know couldn't disappear and not provide evidence to support their claim that one simple so it's so it's what you say as you said in that video we're seeing we are definitely seeing images of iranian boats but it's not clear what they're doing and they may it may be just part of the rescue effort for all we know. to be other actors in the region that could have orchestrated this attack. but of his time to act is into remission who happened interest in traffic going through the straits of hormuz.
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states united states cells there are various non-state actor groups terrorist groups ones will turn other it only takes a small boat and little ones are not advanced technology to attack something like this so what we can say for sure is that the iranians were alongside the vessel they were recovering and find or some other unexploded object that appears to have been one of the things used to attack the bustles but whether that means they were the ones who initiate plans at them or they were trying to recover. evidence that they might later be able to use this just wasn't done this is you know question so i had it painted looks quite grim yes there are a lot of questions another one is that there is there are pictures of damage above the water line of one of the vessels and we have heard the japanese owner of one of the ships saying that his crew witness flying objects may minutes before indeed he
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discounted the possibility of a mine what do you make of those comments and what might he be referring to. when flying objects is is a very very loose description. of course there's a huge number of. users of aspens over the straits of hormuz so it could be anything from a small drone up to you know find 2 jets all in one presumes that if he sent 5 final choice rather than at craft he does mean something quite small so one presumes that could be projectiles but it can. if he meant some sort of rockets on or missiles or something projectile then he might well have said projectile rather than flying object some form. and say the damage that we see above the waterline there is those 2 holes in the side of the boat of the ship. looking at those what would be your assessment of what might have caused them i mean the main
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thing to note is that they're quite small warheads whatever they are so those are not enormous entry entry penetration marks they clearly haven't. had a huge amount of explosives behind them so yes it was something like that to ship a silo you would expect a lot more damage on the ship. even if we you know that this eventually hole is quite small you would expect a lot more done if you turn lead to a kind of blown out panels and what have you so i think we can say that they were quite small. weapons wanted or they were where the drone delivered to a limpid mines the fact that there seems to be an unexploded mine on the site won't support the us claim that these were caused by mines. but of course if this was a group. whoever attacking one tankers with mines in a very very symbolic and literally fashion then they might well have hundreds
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alongside. attack boats whatever else in order to record the incident to make sure that there was footage so just because there might have been drones around does not necessarily mean there were mines being used as well yep lot of questions remain but a fascinating a very interesting talking to you i just broke appreciate that very much thank you michael. another person to die from the break in uganda has been buried near the border with the democratic republic of congo family members of the grandmother who died on tuesday gathered in the town of could be the burial team will protective suits to the coffin to rest it's the 2nd deadliest better outbreak in history which spread this week from the sea to uganda more than 1400 people have died since the outbreak was declared in oldest well the weald world health organization is holding an emergency meeting in geneva to discuss whether to declare the next up break of the abode of viruses a global health emergency 91400 people have died in the democratic republic of
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congo since august and 2 in neighboring uganda let's join our correspondent in the capital of come. under is for those. ugandan health ministry anything that. relates to break and that they face there is no indication that he is meeting in uganda in terms of educating the public and the day papers you get like this people are being updated on the progress that being told how to say what i'm. told that money is coming in the european union about $2500000.00 i don't have been told. by breaking the law being 20 tall and the cut yet managed to get people out not wait for his meeting with a well we're going to raise the plate. is get more international attention which
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means more money was going to. meet what you got to doing what on friday of the vaccinating help but. not outbreak in the country remain an island. where a hospital in which is where the 5 year old boy in his grandmother. both had recently attended a funeral in neighboring democratic republic of congo with the boy's grandfather. to the virus. after the burial other relatives accompany them. nationals who were back on thursday after an agreement was made between the 2 governments to repatriate them the district surrounding the hospital is on alert government has banned public gatherings in the district as the minister of health tries to control the spread of the virus causes internal bleeding and. ugandan doctors say 2 other patients are being kept in isolation in the latest outbreak. from the east and
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the outbreak has since killed 1400 congolese and infected 2000 just over 500 have been treated to contain the sprayed had been hampered by militia attacks on treatment centers and hostility towards medical teams in the. capital kampala. i think. this is. not. preemptive measures being imposed. to wash their hands with soap following previous outbreaks in uganda doctors and
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nurses are experienced in dealing with ebola patients they've also help contain outbreaks in sierra leone and other countries in west africa an emergency vaccination campaign is being set up. on the frontline in number of people over 700 frontline health has another one we have vaccinated in the cities and so from friday we shall be. again more. frontline hills. unring the nation for the contents. and emergency committee is planned on friday to determine where to be uganda she become an international public health emergency. a british court has heard requests for julian songs to the united states the wiki leaks founder appeared via video link from the london prison where he's serving
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a 15 week sentence for skipping bail let's go straight to join the live from outside the court in london to the hearing has happened a lot of interest behind you know what happened. here i think as we speak nic in fact the interest is focused on mistress and his lawyer who will come out i think that hearing that city so few moments ago to deliver the news about just presiding has decided that a full extradition hearing will take place in february next year to last about 5 days to decide whether he should be extradited to the united states or not bear in mind of course that decision itself could be appealed by either side leading to eventually another lengthy judicial process so it is at the very least if i told many months before to the innocent will have to any of the charges by the department of justice in the united states. in a u.s. court well he was there via video link as you said because of ill health from belmarsh prison in southeast london ways being held on
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a 58 week bail violations listening to those charges being read out an 18 count indictment issued by the department of justice including charges under the espionage act among those charges soliciting and publishing classified information and compiled. to hack into a government computer all specifically of course related to the publication back in 2010 of hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. military documents related to the wars in iraq and afghanistan published by wiki leaks that mistrusts on to post founded and heads he his team his supporters and wiki leaks all contend that he's just a journalist a publisher who did what any other publisher would have done under the circumstances publishing this leaked material in the public interest of course the u.s. department of justice feels differently here's a quote from the indictment itself it says the charges relate to mr songes alleged
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role in one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the united states or agenda thanks very much for the gentle reporting there from london police in thailand have charged the count and move boats carrying were injured migrants from him with people trafficking 65 people were found on an island in southern thailand on tuesday after the boat had engine failure it was brought in from lazio where many rangers have tried to escape recently police fear people smugglers are exploiting them in a new trafficking campaign. prayers for peace have been said in the mountains of northern maine well it's 8 years since a cease fire clashes between the touch and independence army and meanwhile government forces resumption in fighting since then has force many from their homes toward getting because this. the. in a camp for internally displaced people in catchin state they pray for an end to the fighting that's blighted the lives of successive generations. who knew what we're
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struggling because of the war we're still on the run and love as id pays we can provide our children with a good education that's just a dream. catchin is the most notably state in myanmar bordering china it's home to around one and a half 1000000 people including 100000 living in 140 camps by the myanmar government imposes restrictions on food health care shelter and sanitation they're playing in kenya mall but limited i've been here for 8 years and so many things have changed when i 1st arrived things are very tough they still are but we've learned to adapt. fighting fled after a ceasefire between the catch an independent me and the me i'm a military collapsed 8 years ago the conflict 1st began in 1962 when the military took control of the area which is rich in resources such as gold amber timber and on. peace talks have stalled over who control them in the future would be
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a kind of rally the priority for us is to build on our already strong policies it's very important that we should on our property and not have them in my government take over our natural resources. and sense you cheney has cooled on the catch an independent me to sign a national cease fire agreement brokered 4 years ago 1 but mistrust between the 2 sides remains high and many here doubt they'll see peace in their lifetime victoria gates and be out there. in mexico has decided to delay sending national guard troops to its southern border until the end of the month an official ever seeing the force told out of there an increased military presence is still weeks away as one of the conditions of a deal with the united states to stop migrants trying to cross over from central america the deal was struck to stop threatening tariffs on the mexican goods or mexico's interior minister says she doesn't know how many people are getting passed over security or to keep our casinos despite all in only though it's
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a massive amount of people i don't know where they go through how 144000 people possibly our country.


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