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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2019 3:00am-3:34am +03

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evidence for that yeah actually i think kimberly said this earlier today there's that feeling amongst some that they're they're watching an old movie here from 2002 leading into the iraq war of 2003 with questionable intelligence took the u.s. into conflict i mean i don't want to jump the gun at all but there is that familiar feeling isn't that. there is that feeling and frankly it's not just going back to 2003 in terms of earlier confrontations with iran but even more recently in terms of the behavior of this administration itself i mean you know you . find listening to the secretary of state discuss or base his allegations on. assessment yet this is this is the same secretary of state and the same administration at that turned down and despised assessments by the intelligence agencies of the united states just a few months back with regards to the murder for example so if the intelligence
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community says this one cannot be trusted with is with its assessment. of the it why should it be trusted now all of a sudden. this. assessment and with the secretary of state claiming that this is a u. s. government assessment or decision again that choice of words here is somewhat misleading. always good talking to you thank you for joining us logic and funny little to get them all in bashar a senior political analyst. in london maybe now and we can go back to the arab league we heard from james buys a little bit about that before and as i said this sort of very cute language about well it's a large muslim country which is causing problems here. but it's a very obvious situations and it. by the way this echoes the
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way but as than c.c. of egypt spoke during the arab league he did talk about the crisis in the gulf and the middle east and he did not mention iran even once in his speech so there is a certain sense that while a number of a lot of countries especially those allied with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates would like to blame iran some like in egypt and a good number of the arab league members don't want to rush to war or direct conflict with iran i think a lot of people understand when it comes to the nuclear agreement it wasn't iran doc walked away and running on it it was the united states and so in a spot as the escalation is concerned certainly the arab league and the arab countries are not able to confront iran but they have done in their lives in their latest summit in the gulf and in their up summit was outsource their conflict with iran to the united states and that's a huge sin because america the trump administration have
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a completely different calculus when it comes to iran than those of the arab countries neighboring iran but be that as it may now the arab league and the arab world can only look observe from the sidelines as the united states and iran decide the future of the gulf and not just the arab countries or the neighbors mowing but i mean we've heard from germany today saying the video is inconclusive russia is saying everyone needs to just hold back until we've got more information the u.s. must have to see at some point that not everyone is going to jump on the bandwagon that they are pushing as it were. absolutely and even if and even if they did see that iran is responsible they're not going to push for war against iran because everyone understands that iran did not walk away from the nuclear deal and everyone has warn everyone has warned that if this happens that there will be
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a solution because in the end of the day iran is not going to accept to be crippled economically its people starving its oil completely its all exports completely frozen because a new american president showed up on the scene and decided so so look i'm going to ask you just to step back now from everything that we've heard today about evidence and evidence and growing videos of sorts of war and think with me for a 2nd the follow it's going to have to be either the united states or one of its proxies that get at this at that or iran and one of its proxies now if the united states and one of its proxies did not carry the attack they know that iran did it. and if the line did not carry the attack it knows that so dearie be united arab emirates with a green light from the united states or the united states and one of its proxies have but this is the situation now who has the most to benefits they not that
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states thinks the things as they are meaning crippling iran economically does the job and that selling weapons to a whole host of countries in the region is even a sweetener to the new situation iran on the other hand is completely paralyzed by the situation is completely at the disadvantage because it has lost all the advantages of a deal that it signed and now it has none of the sweeteners from it specially of the economic level and it cannot export its oil so who has the most to gain from a new sort of upping the ante of an escalation in the gulf region i think it's i think it's the one regardless of the evidence so what i'm saying is the following this is going to continue to escalate mark my word on it this will continue to escalate the proxy war between iran and their nonsense had been going on for 40
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years secretary pompei it says unprovoked well we all know this is not to special ed not the last 2 years especially not the last year certainly the threat administration has moved more than provoked iran by walking away from the nuclear deal and impose sanctions on iran that is mon bashar a senior political analyst in london thank you marwan and just as he's been speaking as well we're hearing from the u.k. foreign office in fact the u.k. foreign secretary who says that no other state or non-state actor could plausibly have been responsible for the attacks on the tankers in the gulf and a man other than iran it is almost certain that a branch of the iranian military attacked those ships and says these attacks build on a pattern of destabilize. iranian behavior and pose a serious danger to the region so the us line being backed up pretty much to the letter by the british foreign secretary who now calls on iran to urgently cease all forms of destabilizing activity we'll have more on that story to come of costs and
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plenty of other news the crisis in darfur for example which is actually taking center stage at the u.n. after more than a dozen people were killed in least 100 homes but. we're also going to take you to a little known mexican border town transformed into a major hot spot for thousands of migrants trying to cross into the u.s. and support justin rose setting the pace at the u.s. open and you'll be here with the latest from the gulf 3rd major tournament of the year. the hong kong government may be wavering in its support for a new law to allow extraditions to mainland china another mass demonstration on sunday is planned to stop the bill from becoming law an advisor to the government leader kerry lamb says that just those should stop discussing the bill because of the level of opposition more from rob mcbride who's been at a protest site in hong kong. this is an event that's been organized by
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a group called simply the mothers that until a week or so ago didn't exist but it's very much in keeping with the spirit of the movement that's been sweeping through hong kong it is spontaneous what's more it's impassioned with speak up to speak or talk about their opposition to this controversial extradition treaty gives an idea of the read the opposition it's not just the political prisoners be they moderate softball radical it's not just the students but it's a whole breadth of hong kong society that's good up against this controversial law that resulted in a 1000000 people taking to the streets last sunday and that has as simply stunned the hong kong government has been all kinds of rumors circulating that carry land the chief executive was about to make a statement possibly that there might be some kind of climb down in the offing that doesn't seem as though it's going to take place now but there had been
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interestingly a statement from a senior government divides that maybe the government should delay pushing this bill through the legislative council. certainly the government seems to be stunned by the strength of opposition i got may see this coming when you can use up to a 1000000 people taking to the streets again on sunday. the world health organization has declared the latest poll the outbreak in democratic republic of congo a public health emergency however it says the outbreak is not yet a dangerous international situation a virus has been confirmed in uganda after a family entered the country from. the w.h.o. says the international community has failed to help with much needed urgent funding to contain the virus. and it's warm its neighbors to step up their own preparedness . at risk countries should improve their preparedness for detecting and managing exported cases as uganda has done this week
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cross border screening in the democratic opponent republic of congo should continue and its quality improved and sustained. w.h.o. should closely monitor and publish progress on prepared innes in the neighboring countries of the d.r. c we'll talk more with the director in a moment 1st this report from uganda how to answer in kampala. the recent update from uganda's ministry of how is that among thursday there were 3 people in isolation 2 of them tested negative on friday one person was still in isolation tests are still being carried out on that individual it's believed 78 people came into direct contact with that family they came from the d.r.s. the into uganda those people are being closely monitored to make sure they haven't
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cts the virus the ministry also say that on thursday 5 people were sent back to the d.r. c purely because they were small by the sea government and the ugandan government that because the drought a drug is being tested out currently in the d.r. he was beat up with the family to go back to their home country to get on that treatment unfortunately one child from the family has since passed away now uganda's government is telling people that even though they seem to have contained the situation for now people must still be alert the borders us to the poorest cases that people are increasing in the d r c and as long as people can still manage to walk in and out of both countries without being properly screened at some point there is still a danger that it could be another outbreak if people on here. and with us so on scott now from control so we've got. much of the world health organization's director from africa thank you so much for your time i'm interested in the semantics here to define what is
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a public health emergency and what is an international situation was the w.h.r. not escalate to this at this point. yes the director general convened. an emergency committee of independent global experts to reflect on the level of risk the threat if you like and danger for wide international spread of this ebola outbreak certainly we had already indicated that there is a risk of a high risk of international spread more locally so these neighboring countries in . canada which now has a couple of cases and we had classified 2 levels of risk process countries and a 2nd level of country but so it was so to be at risk at a reasonable level but not internationally on a wide scale i don't believe that is the difference for the congo itself this is a public health emergency certainly which is gauging the government and partners at
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a huge level and even absorbing capacities from dealing with other health problems that in itself is a big problem for the country ok tell us about dealing with it without with about preparedness about supplies we heard from a member of the w.h.o. earlier who was saying there is a concern about there not being enough aids and funding for fighting a ball or. yes certainly we had working with the government and the partners who are supporting this response defined a plan and. level of budget as it had a need for this plan so we observe that there remains gaps not only for funding the response within the democratic republic of the congo but also for funding the preparedness activities that we have been supporting in a number of surrounding countries so it is very urgent that this funding be made
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available currently teams in goma but with the government and partners updating the strategic response plan so this is a break including the humanitarian component and we very much hope that this time the donors of the more forthcoming with the resources that are needed to support every bus response you genuinely feel dr that the outbreak can be contained and i know that's a very broad way of saying it containing something this big is obviously very difficult and one of our earlier guests today was telling us about there being just me so many elements to trying to contain it do you believe that it can be limited and dealt with and that it won't become an international emergency. yes ok so we are advised i just like to say at the beginning of this outbreak before we understood the depth of the complexities we were estimating this is something that will be over in a few months we have come to learn however that the context is extremely complex
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that not only is this highly populated place with intense population movement but these also an ongoing conflict and a chronic political crisis in which the local population feels quite abundant so we've encountered a level of community resistance and essentially rejection of this response and also . violent attacks part of the conflict that had been an unanticipated so we very much see now in the next phase a stronger political engagement on the international front being very new coordination mechanism being set up with a special representative of the un secretary-general leading that part of the response there's going to be a stronger security element to support the operations and we are revising the way of working with an emphasis on engaging with communities so we have to understand
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that it will take longer than originally anticipated however we still believe and we believe as advised by the emergency cooking committee that it can be contained in that it will need all of these elements it will need a multifaceted response not a simple public health response as had initially been thought but we anticipate that it will eventually be contained and perhaps also there needs to be some more trust again a guest who we spoke to earlier on al jazeera was saying there is there is mistrust of central governments there is mistrust even of some of the health workers you know fears that they're actually the ones bringing a bowler into the into the area how do you combat that. yes i think the best thing is to speak with people in the community and not only speak at them speak to them through people that they feel they trust we also need as i said political engagement on both sides of the political divide in this country so
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that the right messages are being carried by the by people including politicians that the community trusts and that goes as well for the health workers there's been a great deal of misinformation about this impala. well a problem in the in the for various reasons by the area's parties i believe was starting to see a dialogue that we hope will lead to a meeting of minds around the importance of being a joined up and consistent in sending the right message to people and very importantly in listening to them yet it won't have their fears their suspicions and their resentments and manning responds that response to all of that one of the most important elements is we have heard from the community to care about their health beyond able to make sure that people basic health care children with malaria don't die children get even ised against communicable diseases and for this committee to
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be shown that it just can't about not only by the government but also by the international community i don't spend the time for you so we really do thank you for your time doctor much more at a from the world health organization. thank you. in the news ahead here on al-jazeera i was around in iraq as canadian basketball fans which is a big 1st for their country and is along with the sports a little bit later. however there are still some spectacular thunderstorms around the southern cocoa sis parts of eastern turkey attempt is going to quite high now and it has to generate these big storms they come and go by day of course that during saturday they'll still be a few in the round not media possibly georgia it looks like by this time iran will
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be dry even around the southern caspian tera not to $35.00 baghdad down the plane up to 45 it's drawing nigh for weeks on end as you know it is back as far as the eastern coast of the mediterranean to as i say turkey will see some showers generated so they will talk about really except for the strength of the wind to the temperatures which are always going to be about 40 the breeze in the night is a lighter one by status about the raven into this clyde this massive cloud of a man and possibly just touching bits of the yemen it's not be no more than cloud i suspect he's thrown up because of the action of the incoming muncy i was associated tropical cyclone but it produced a pretty cloudy picture all the way down towards. the horn of africa. south of it though it's driving most of central draw at this time the year a few showers will crush the coast of north beach otherwise it's a matter of daytime sunshine sunshine a nighttime chill. stories
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generate found sense of headlines with different angles from different perspectives out of the sun just stand up with international border is finally over separate the spin from the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reporting of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera we know the culture we know the problems that affect this part of the world very very well and that is something that we're trying to take to the rest of the world we have gone to places and reported on a story that it might take an international network for months to be able to do it united nations peacekeepers have to blow it i'm tired no. yard challenging the
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voices were challenging companies are going to places where nobody else is going. real news on here at al-jazeera and these are our top stories the u.n. secretary general says the truth must be established into thursday's tanker explosions in the gulf of oman on tonio terrace with the arab league chief who was blaming iran just to reverse its course of action. the u.s. has released a video it claims shows iranian revolutionary guards removing an unexploded mine from the hollow of one of the tank that's the japanese owner of one of the ships says his crew witnessed flying objects just moments before. the world health
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organization has declared the latest ebola outbreak in democratic republic of congo to be a public health emergency but says the outbreak is not yet a dangerous international situation the virus has been confirmed in uganda after a family entered the country from democratic republic of congo. now u.k. court has ordered wiki leaks founder julian assange to face a full extradition hearing next february more on that story and the rest of the news from europe here as maryam namazie in london. yes that's right come all julian assange is fighting extradition to the united states where he would face charges related to the leaking of government secrets is legal team have branded the case an outrageous and full frontal assault on journalistic rights al-jazeera as jonah hull was at a course in central london. julian assange watched via video link as the date
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was set for his extradition hearing the wiki leaks founder said to be in poor health and serving a 50 week sentence for bail violations would have to wait until february 2020 for a full hearing on the u.s. request this case raises such fundamental questions about freedom of speech we heard in court today it's an outrageous affront to journalistic protections and on that basis we would certainly hope that no journalist or publisher would be extradited said in court the 18 county u.s. department of justice indictment was read out charges including government computer hacking and the soliciting and publishing of classified information they relate to the publication in 2010 of hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. military documents to do with the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the charges the indictment reads relate to a song his alleged role in one of the largest compromises of classified information
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in the history of the united states his supporters of course disagree already with how the report by the united nations special at the time told scott explaining how the long period of time he's been subject to such a logical torture and he's bearing the effects of files he's currently in belmarsh prison we feel for this man pull up putting his he's our own self-interest aside with his work gave this gift of knowledge to the people. or the call that goes up here among supporters all purely innocent is for the u.k. government to step in and block his extradition. to the united states well earlier this week the home secretary sargent job it signed off on that request calling it legitimate saying it was a right but this was on he said you take custody right now and making it clear that the government's position is that this is a decision only now for the cole. in april julian assange was ejected from the ecuadorian embassy where he sought refuge for 7 years following
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a swedish extradition request on charges of rape in 2012 with a court date set and a legal battle ahead is several months away yet from finding out whether he'll have to see us charges you know u.s. court showed how al jazeera london. the international court of justice in the netherlands has rejected a request from the united arab emirates for a media measures against cattle in a dispute over alleged discrimination the hearing is part of a wider legal battle between the arab neighbors being heard by judges in the hague cathouse made a number of claims to the court after the u.a.e. and several other gulf countries imposed a land sea and ad blockade 2 years ago brings us more now from the hague. the court has rejected an application for an emergency injunction known as provisional measures by the u.a.e. on the grounds that qatar was in some way prejudicing a much wider case between the 2 countries now this application for this injunction
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is being rejected the focus goes back to the white a case a case that's focused on whether or not the u.a.e. has violated an all important international convention the convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination during the country's blockade of qatar we are actually extremely pleased of the judgment coming from the court today that recognizes that the true victims of this racial discrimination case are the 3 people and not the government of the u.a.e. according to legal experts it could take many months if not years before we get a result in the full case but in the meantime law. last summer the i.c.j. ruled that the usa had indeed been responsible for racial discrimination against qataris in the blockade and ordered that the u.a.e. allow qatari nationals separated during the blockade to be reunited and the students be allowed to continue their studies without risk of deportation and those categories that need it access to courts and tribunals that was an obligatory order
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by the court will last month the u.a.e. hit back saying that castle was deliberately trying to make it look as if the u.a.e. wasn't following the court's orders and asked for an emergency injunction of their own on a number of different grounds including the belief that cattle herd deliberately in purposefully blocks access to a us a visa site that would allow country nationals to apply for visas and travel potentially back to the us a that's an accusation that the qataris deny saying that the reason why they brought the site was that it posed a cyber security risk a risk of mile where it was a number of the claims made by the u.a.e. claims that have now been rejected by the i.c.j. the reason is whether or not the claims have any validity to them is there really any risk of irreparable harm that justifies emergency measure versus putting off these considerations for the for the later case for the big case qatar and the
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u.a.e. have hired some of the best legal teams in the world but recently the u.a.e. fired its entire team and hired a new one this has been the 1st test of the team's capabilities at the heart of this although it's a bitter political dispute the belief from katsav that its citizens have been prejudiced against the case continues. just want to bring you another story women across waits and happen demonstrating against what they say is the nation's unacceptably so pace to equality. hundreds of protesters joined in rallies across the country this is switzerland 2nd national women strike 28 years after a similar action so half a 1000000 women on the streets in 1991 at the time of that strike there were no women in the swiss government and women in switzerland one too loud to vote until $971.00 and still on average around 20 percent less than men.
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that's it from london for now we'll be back a bit later but let's get back to come all in doha like a thank you mary might want to return to our top story now the international reaction to this apparent attack on 2 alternatives in the gulf port britons in london for us now to take us through and i mentioned this a little bit earlier paul but maybe you can give us the details on the statement from the foreign office in the u.k. . yes we've had breaking news in the last hour from the british foreign and commonwealth office the foreign secretary jeremy hunt now remember that the smalling jeremy hunt had come out and said that the starting point for the british point of view was to believe the americans but that the brits were going to make their own sober and careful assessment of the intelligence such as it was that might pompei or outlined yesterday well now the foreign secretary has issued a statement saying that in the british opinion after making that assessment that iran almost certainly was behind the attacks on those 2 oil tankers almost
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certainly being the critical words in the statement from the british foreign office the foreign secretary says he condemns yesterday's attacks on those 2 vessels in targeting civilian shipping international norms have been violated and it's essential that tankers and crew are able to pass through international waters safely we call on iran urgently to cease all forms of destabilizing activity and the u.k. remains in close coordination with international powers to find diplomatic solutions to deescalate the tensions now clearly the context of all of this is where just a week after president trump was here in the u.k. for a state visit there were suddenly questions being asked about the brevity of intelligence that might prompt a outlined this very short video of this rainy and vessel up alongside the tank and many people saying well couldn't this be the iranians simply making that device safe as opposed to removing evidence well the brits tonight coming out in support
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of their american allies thank you for all that up to there paul brennan in london . not migrants hoping to get to the usa using a little known town to get across the border between guatemala and mexico low security and regular people smuggling operations have led to the area becoming a crossing point for thousands on home and joined a perilous journey. you have heard of the caravans thousands of people from central america crossing into and through mexico they've attracted international attention and the anger of president trump. but there are other caravans to these ones a secret but over the last year they've almost certainly carried far more migrants than the ones in the news here they are convoys of trucks which head out from a little guarded border point between guatemala. local say they carry hundreds of
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people and go most nights they controlled by people smugglers each of the charges has paid them thousands of dollars to get to the u.s. border. this one's been cool but it's the exception. is the same from another state police open a truck see the migrants packed inside and wave it on. and this is where it all begins impoverished communities in honduras el salvador and here what the where people like daniel desperate to get to the u.s. . you can come good on the dream that you have a house or a plot of land an education for your children i struggle to my family but i can't give them that future here. 3 months ago he agreed to pay smugglers $3500.00 for himself and his son to take the journey they made their way to the guatemalan border town of. this uncommon shine on the mexican side of the curb points
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where people smugglers squeeze 50 to 70 people into trucks. you can't sit down because your squash together my son started crying because people thought on top of him they covered it up it was tough. they set off from grass she said the towards mexico crossing this wide open border on the way in 3 days of going to and fro we would never ask for documents different smuggling groups take over the route as it goes into the territory moving the migrants from safe house to safe house it's lucrative but it's getting harder off the pressure from president trump it's because governments tighten security along the border week with the mother was a little. while to warn me now there's not a lot of movement they still guy but he's gone down 50 percent it's more discreet.


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