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indeed is something that they've done. that what they might be in the process of doing is raising the pressure and i think they've intelligently surmised that president trump is in a tight political situation he does not want a war with iran he doesn't want major escalation with iran he does not want any disruption to oil flows or any rise in oil prices he's at the beginning of a very difficult election campaign in the united states so simply by sort of rattling those sabers and shaking sort of the security of oil flows through the gulf that impacts has already impacted oil prices they've certainly gotten president trumps attention however as we saw with prime minister shinzo attempts to begin a mediation effort right now those efforts are not bearing fruit. right in that case those efforts are not bearing fruit and there doesn't appear to be
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a mechanism for deescalation so how close can you get to an armed conflict without actually having one can we expect to see a steady stream of attacks on ships and tankas in the gulf around the strait of hormuz to the point where it does disrupt shipping. well i think there is a chance for a deescalation i think that's what president trump and prime minister shinzo be discussed in tokyo but after president trump returned to the united states his administration slapped new sanctions on iran on the petro chemical industry which is an extremely important industry for iran and that was after he had met with prime minister shinzo been missed this job he was planning for his mediation trip to iran so i think that step kind of ruined that phase of attempted mediation i think president trump and the iranians do have a narrow common interest and that is in avoiding war both iran and trump do not
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want to war they do not want a major military escalation but iran does want some relief that is something that president might be able to do by offering friendly countries like japan like taiwan and south korea and and india and greece and italy by extending their waivers which is something he could do as a gesture to allies that might also ease the tension ves of iran i'm not sure if that was what prime minister was was wanting to pose but there is a possibility for deescalation not easy if that doesn't work yes i think we're in for a long period of troubles in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. in the gulf that might lead to escalations might lead to u.s. attacks on iranian bases on the iranian coast if there is another attack like this it might be one of the 1st steps we might see might be a u.s.
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decision to provide naval escorts for commercial shipping in the gulf thank you very much full sail and president of the middle east is joining us now from washington. well in all the developments a military spokesman for yemen's hoofy rebel group is warning civilians to stay away from airports in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. rebels have already targeted saudi arabia is near the border with yemen. who feel operations on airports and military sites will continue as long as the war in yemen goes on another who's the military official has told al jazeera that it's retaliation against previous saudi attacks. the drone operation of the airport is a strategic talk it's resulted in the complete destruction of the radar system that meets the navigation of commercial flights will be terminated such a move puts king solomon and his regime in a difficult position this is why the army spokesperson warns international flights of passengers from getting close to saudi airports are talks in saudi airports or
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revenge for say to you eat attacks on our airports we have already carried out attacks on our economic harbors and we retaliate by attacking seaports and vital economic facilities. well as much more still ahead on this news hour a bill of our expeditions from hong kong to china might be losing political support after days of protests will be live in mexico as the president promises tighter security at dozens of border crossings to combat the flow of migrants to the u.s. and later in sport the toronto raptors made history with their 1st ever n.b.a. title i have the details and. the world health organization has decided not to declare an international public health emergency over the outbreak in the democratic republic of congo nearly 1400 people have died there since august in the 2nd west outbreak in history it comes amid concerns the virus may have spread to uganda where 2 people have died after
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visiting the d.l.c. . from kampala. so. when this victim was buried and uganda. the disease days. on ugandan soil they had crossed from neighboring democratic republic of congo we. killed by the disease i suspect sounds as my was leading us. to us. this was c.b.s. and assists they would advise us. content with nearly 100 people on. the deceased come. back they. did request that.
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in the. drug that. they have been around 2000 cases. with $1400.00 dates the world health organization . this is not an international emergency it will. break emergency in the democratic republic of congo. and the region but it does not meet all the 3 criteria for republicans to emergency i mean national concern one easy challenge is uganda's porous border with the d r c
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some people enter the country without passing through areas we screening is taking place it's not very easy to determine how many people are really important we've this particular pass on because when the family came in they were very open about this situation and what they had been doing in vieira c. health officials say there is no evidence it is splitting wood in uganda ebola is not new in uganda in the last 1000 years there had been 5 weeks the last in 22. and is the repairing for the worst health officials have been vaccinated and trained to deal quickly with any outbreak would to date this week uganda is on high alert for al-jazeera company. the u.s. government has border patrol agents and detention centers are overwhelmed with more than 140000 migrants crossing the southern border last month now evidence a surface that some like went to being held outdoors in the summer heat without
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access to basic services i did your castro reports from el paso texas. 3 months ago the u.s. government kept migrants who had recently crossed the border locked under a bridge the makeshift camp closed after public outcry but in recent weeks and new one has appeared no longer under the shaded bridge that glared under public scrutiny but rather hidden from sight under the glare of the sun or used for his concentration these photos were taken by neil rosen dorf a government professor who says he discovered the camp after walking through an unlocked gate. in the twenty's and thirty's were able to scrounge for themselves. pieces. that. just concocted together in order to provide themselves with a little bit of shade the area is not accessible to the public the government
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wouldn't allow journalists and either all you can see from here are the tops of the tan tarps beneath them people hidden from sight al-jazeera secretly shot video shows the camp through the slats of a nearby pedestrian bridge thousands of people walk past each day most unaware of the migrants who are just outside earshot they have been in there for about 8 months 30 days and more that they have not washed once they have not been given any access to washing facilities at all the entire time that they were in there a government spokesman did not answer questions about the camp's condition and number of detainees but said in a statement during the current crisis u.s. border patrol has had to take extraordinary measures to ensure the safety of our agents and those in our custody as such and to avoid severe overcrowding of u.s. border patrol temporary holding facilities every available space which provides
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both freedom of movement safety and security for those in our custody are used as necessary what we are seeing the systemic by ole shows of human rights in the past would argue that we were just some bad apples some bad 8 and so by the officers that were us mistreating people today the mistreatment has become part of the systemic strategic. problem the ngo border network for human rights says it's never before encountered such widespread abuse and neglect at u.s. border facilities and government inspectors themselves have documented dangerous overcrowding the conditions have contributed to illnesses and deaths and continue to deteriorate. heidi cho castro al-jazeera el paso texas meanwhile mexico says it will tighten security at dozens of border crossings as part of efforts to stem the flow of migrants into america footage filmed by
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al-jazeera shows convoys of trucks carrying migrants to a little known border town between guatemala and mexico low security and people smuggling operations have turned the area into a crossing point for thousands well john heilemann joins us live now from mexico city and clearly the government there is facing pressure to take these sorts of measures and john you had the opportunity to ask the mexican president about this exactly so the report that we filmed as you so as you say shows colm voice of trucks heading of the border from guatemala to metz going to very specific point and taking hundreds of central american migrants most nights well i asked the president about that and it's a very sensitive moment right now for the u.s. and mexico because basically the u.s. has given me it's proof a month and a half to really clamp down on migration of ways it's going to take more measures
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against the country so at the moment it's what everyone's talking about and i asked the president why in the more than a year that locals say that part of guatemala mexico border that this has been happening has the government not really even noticed this or done anything about it this was his response. a little. we have identified $68.00 border crossing points and in all of them there is going to be vigilance that's what i can tell you it's a plan to have control on the border. so we didn't really answer a question but he did say that they were going to get tough from those border crossing points also saying that it's going to send 66000 members of the newly formed national guard to the southern border there's some skepticism i have to say here about that if that will be members of the new force whether that will be armed forces that perhaps already there on the border just given a new uniform or a new on that we have seen that happen when we've reported on the national guard in
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other parts of the country who have to watch out for that something else that's also happened today is that the head of the migration institute in mexico has resigned now this is someone who in general was perceived as wanting a more humane treatment of migrants and wanted to concentrate on that aspect when tripped when treating central american migrants from honduras guatemala and el salvador passing through mexico many of them escaping poverty or violence and obviously the mexican government pushed in this direction by the united states by president donald trump is going in the direction really of reinforcing the border and less him of that sort of humane treatment of the people passing through so there is sort of those thoughts that that might have contributed to the fact that he's lost his post another thing that seems to be emerging today is that one of the
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country's most popular newspapers reformer say they've got hold of a secret part of the agreement between the united states and mexico and it doesn't really reveal a lot that we don't already know but it speaks about a 3rd safe country a mixed group being a 3rd safe country what that means is that asylum seekers that are heading to the united states from central america and perhaps particularly from guatemala when they get to the united states would be turned down for asylum because it would. be considered that they've already reached a safe country in a riding a mexico now if you've been following our reporting you'll know that mexico is undergoing a period of record violence at the moment sort might seem slightly bizarre that mexico would be considered a safe country but it's definitely something that's been mentioned that seems to be on the table in the next month and a half we'll see if that bears out or not thank you very much with the latest from
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mexico city john holland well there is more still ahead for you on this news hour from london tear gas is fired at protesters in mali they reject the presence of g 5 security forces in the capital a u.k. course old as wiki leaks founder julian assange should face a full actually issued hearing next that dearie and in school hear what this world cup match and has to say about claims her team over celebrated during our last point. hello there it certainly is hot for some of us in europe at the moment in that hot weather it's giving us quite a few thunderstorms we're seeing some particularly everyone's at the moment make their way through parts of france and up into parts of germany loss of heavy downpours out of this thunder lightning and large hail as well these thunderstorms will gradually be pushing their way eastwards as we head through the day on
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saturday and into sunday and that will be dragging down the temperatures for some of us at least but no higher than around $22.00 as we head through sunday but still the risk of a few thundery downpours here towards the west finally beginning to dry out for some of us here and the temperatures will be rising over the next few days as well we have been fairly dismal here over the last couple of weeks so they stay in court for many of us here with warsaw still seeing the temperatures around 30 degrees and still the risk of a few thundery downpours here too from the other side of the mediterranean largely falling to draw a for many of us we all sing a bit more cloud over parts about geria that's drifting its way eastwards over parts of china sea a there as we head through saturday the risk of one or 2 showers out of this but that area of cloud gradually dissolves as we head into the sunday and most of us having a fine day they further towards the south and there's plenty of showers here uganda seeing quite a few in there rattling their way towards the west nigeria is expecting some particularly heavy winds.
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brazil a bastion of economic development and the key player in a shifting global order a country that's become an increasingly attractive destination for african migrant workers you find in latin america growing migrants who turns to music once his brazilian dream encounters hardship and racism open arms and closed doors on al-jazeera. examining the headline scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make one presidential. unflinching journalism i am told to leave toward complete. absolutely sharing personal stories with a global audience we simply make the sacrifice this is what i want to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera.
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welcome back a quick look at the top stories this hour iran has rejected u.s. claims that it was behind 2 tank explosions in the gulf of amman the u.s. released video to back up its claims but germany has also spoken out saying that it's inconclusive the u.k. though says it's almost certain a branch of the iranian military was involved. the world health organization has decided not to declare an international public health emergency over the ebola outbreak in the democratic republic of congo or if is the virus could spread to
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uganda now after 2 people died there this week. yemen's hoofy rebels have warned civilians to stay away from airports in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. the group says it will continue to target airports and military sites as long as the war in yemen goes on. more our top story now thursday's tanker explosions in the gulf of oman gerri northwood is chairman of risk management and security company master and a former royal navy captain he joins me live via skype from hampshire in the u.k. thank you for taking the time to speak to us despite the ratcheting up of tensions that we've seen no one is expecting a full blown conflict between iran and the u.s. any time soon but what we have seen in terms of these tanker explosions in the gulf of oman what does that suggest about the implications of any such conflict.
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study suggests that if there are a continuation of these attacks. both the commercial sector the ship owners themselves need to look at how it. is in their own nations they can take and of course the international community will only need to start taking measures ignoring its navies to we're going to protectionism. and the strait of hormuz we know is a vital waterway for oil and other commodities that flows out of gulf countries to the wider markets what what could we see in terms of oil prices if that straight is if there is even long term disruption or this sort of continuous short term disruption. already seeing some impact here commercially if you can serve insurance across the floor and of course going to impact the whole process should the straits of hormuz be spirited i mean they are teaching straight and shipping don't go through the straits of hormuz but we have been if you remember we
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have been here before with this one back in the days of the iran iraq war in the 1980 s. the iranians harassed shipping. and were very volatile shipping going through the straits of hormuz maybe if we deployed to protect the ships and. the world carried on yes people had to make adjustments there were commercial imperatives commercial impact only on shipping but. the iranians were not able nosed in that particular case to close off the straits of hormuz and there's no reason why they should be able to destroy one of the. so you mentioned that we have seen tensions erupt of the movement of oil tankers in the area before and you mentioned the conflict that we saw in the late eighty's i'm wondering since then have governments or even the private sector taken measures to mitigate that from happening again so to limit the sort of capability of any country to disrupt trade flows through that
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area. i think it's very difficult it's very difficult to say in terms of. international maybes because obviously. since the 98 has been considerable to get it's got some so some some ladies will be less able to deploy and provide protection in perhaps a way they way they gave back in the late eighty's when the private sector when he got in there made huge advances mainly as a result of the somali piracy both in the indian ocean the commercial sector has got used to taking. protective measures so protective measures including the use of our own goals and on goss' to supplement the crew and provide them with additional support so they're all things the private sector can we doing and they're very used to doing that and i think that you do see use of. security and security of the security measures both in the go go on and through the straits of hormuz will
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create it was. well thank you hang on church sharing your thoughts on this story with us gerry northway chairman of risk management company mast joining us that. well now parts of brazil have come to a standstill during a 24 hour nationwide strike to protest against proposed pension reforms demonstrators in brazil's largest city south paolo blocked a major road with burning tires public transport services and also been disrupted around the country the strike was called by trade unions angry of the proposed changes which would see the minimum retirement age raised and workers contributions increased well daniel shaima joins us live now from south paolo how much disruption and paralysis did this cause. well a fair amount of around not just here in sao paolo but right across brazil we were touring around cell power though only this morning and we saw many metro stations
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were closed banks were closed all the schools were operating and as you can see behind me there was a short while ago there were thousands of people blocking which is the main up in the main avenue in sao paolo i meet up at least are coming to an end now but there are number of people representing the major trade unions here in brazil and what they say is really just the beginning of the campaign against these pension reforms there were a 1000000 or so people that demonstration of course were brazil in the middle of may and now you know those are continuing with the actors the derek morton and daniel certainly it seems as though the protests are still going we can see from some the demonstrators there behind you but we've also been seeing some pictures coming to us from rio so this isn't just confined to sao paulo we are certainly seeing protests across the country and i guess that makes it quite difficult for the president also narrow to ignore. oh that's right i mean certainly in
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the rio de janeiro and the major cities in the north of brazil where the bulk of the opposition the stronger opposition to president job also no-doz. resides the support for the opposition workers' party is very strong there although szabo so now he's been in office for 5 and a half months only this was one of the reforms that he promised said was essential to get resilin saving up call me back on track. he really thrives on this kind of conflict so it's unlikely he'll take a great deal of notice but as i said this is just the beginning of a long the campaign people here say this is a fundamental change to their working conditions so that their future living conditions today's are only likely to get big on paper as seems the case there have been a big toe now is another big impact on the up a zillion the going to mean today thank you very much with all the latest from sao paolo down in china. the hong kong government may be wavering in its support for
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a proposed law to allow extraditions to mainland china and adviser to hong kong leader kerry land says politicians should stop discussing the bill because of the level of opposition is facing mounting pressure to abandon the controversial bill after hundreds of thousands took to the streets this week to protest against it another mass demonstration is due to take place on sunday on the right has more from hong kong. this is an event that's been organized by a group called simply the mothers that until a week or so ago didn't exist but it's very much in keeping with the spirit of the movement that's been sweeping through hong kong it is spontaneous what's more it's impacted with speak up to speak or talk about their opposition to this controversial extradition treaty gives an idea of good read the opposition it's not just the political prisoners be they moderate softball radical it's not just the
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students but it's a whole breadth of polocrosse society that stood up against this controversial law that resulted in a 1000000 people taking to the streets last sunday and that has as it was done to the hong kong government has got all kinds of rumors circulating that carry lumber chief executive was about to make a statement possibly that there might be some kind of climb down in the offing that doesn't seem as though it's going to take place now but there had been interestingly a statement from a senior government devises that maybe the government should delay pushing this bill through the legislative council. certainly the government seems to be stunned by the strength of opposition may see this coming where you can cut through a 1000000 people taking to the streets again on sunday. will tear gas has been fired at protesters in mali's capital bamako after demonstrations broke out near a military barracks as growing tension of the g 5 secure. forces in place across
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the country. people here are angry at what's called the 5 star held it for cooperation between the government of mali and 4 of its neighbors involves a military working together to fight insurgents throughout the region but people here are angry because the g 5 moved its headquarters to hear bamako mali as capital and they feel that the conflicts being brought to their doorstep that's why they started burning tires and branches in the streets the chief rival headquarters was in further to the north in the center of the country it was attacked there by the separatists and so the headquarters was moved here but it hasn't otherwise been a great deal of violence here in the capital bamako people here feel that the 5 hasn't done anything to help them and now they're being put at risk after all this is still addicted to do we want them to leave because we want them to. kill kitty
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she said to the headquarters of the g 5 just down there the police are protecting them police have been coming up to the protesters in the pickups driving around the neighborhood firing tear gas but each time they pull away protesters we gather some of it throwing stones setting fire to tires and other debris in the road people here on happy with what they see as a totally ineffectual regional cooperation. a u.k. court has ordered wiki leaks founder julian assange to face a full extradition hearing next february a son just fighting extradition to the united states where he would face charges relating to the leaking of government secrets john holl was at the court in central london. watched by video link as the date was sent to his extradition hearing the weekly leaks founder said to be in poor health and serving a 50 week sentence for bail violations. we'll have to wait until february 2020 for
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a full hearing on the u.s. request this case raises such fundamental questions about freedom of speech we heard in court today it's an outrageous affront to journalistic protections and on that basis we would certainly hope that no journalist the publisher would be extradited said in court the 18 county u.s. department of justice indictment was read out charges including government computer hacking and the soliciting and publishing of classified information they relate to the publication in 2010 of hundreds of thousands of secret u.s. military documents to do with the wars in iraq and afghanistan. the charges the indictment reads relate to his songs his alleged role in one of the largest compromises of classified information in the history of the united states his supporters of course disagree already we had a report by the united nations special at the toronto child explaining how the long
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period of time he's been subjected psychological torture and he's bearing the effects of thoughts he's currently in belmarsh prison we feel for this man pull up putting his he's our own self interest aside with his walk gave this gift of knowledge to the people i. want to call the close up here among supporters of truly massages for the u.k. government to step in and block his extradition to the united states well earlier this week the home secretary sergeant job it signed off on that request calling it legitimate saying it was right but mistress on trial is in u.k. custody it now and making it clear that the government's position is that this is a decision only now for the court. in april julian assange was ejected from the ecuadorian embassy where he sought refuge for 7 years following a swedish extradition request on charges of rape in 2012 with a court date set and a legal battle ahead is several months away yet from finding out whether he'll have
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to answer u.s. charges in a u.s. court showdown al-jazeera london. the international court of justice in the netherlands has rejected a request from the united arab emirates for immediate measures against cattle in a dispute over alleged discrimination the hearing is part of a wider legal battle between the arab neighbors being heard by judges in the hague made a number of claims to the court after the u.a.e. and several other gulf countries imposed a land sea and 2 years ago has more now from the hague. the court has rejected an application for an emergency injunction known as provisional measures by the u.a.e. . on the grounds that qatar was in some way prejudicing a much wider case between the 2 countries now this application for this injunction is being rejected the focus goes back to the white a case a case that's focused on whether or not the u.a.e. has violated an all important international convention the convention on the
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elimination of all forms of racial discrimination during the country's blockade of qatar we are actually extremely pleased of the judgment coming from the court today it recognizes that the true victims of this racial discrimination case are the to the people and not the government of the u.a.e. according to legal experts it could take many months if not years before we get a result in the full case but in the meantime last summer the i.c.j. ruled that the u.a.e. had indeed been responsible for racial discrimination against qataris in the blockade and ordered that the u.a.e. allow qatari nationals separated during the blockade to be reunited and the students be allowed to continue their studies without risk of deportation and those categories that need it access to courts and tribunals that was an obligatory order by the court or last month the u.a.e. hit back saying that castle was deliberately trying to make it look as if the u.a.e. wasn't following.


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