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calling it illegal and demanding a new election. leaders from more than 30 asian countries are interjected stand for a summit to discuss economic and security cooperation it is one of the rare international events that sees iran the gulf countries and israel gathering together in one place bernard smith reports now from the capital to show. looks spotless an army of workers has been drafted in to give the capital a facelift for the biggest international event it's ever hosted the conference on interaction and confidence building measures in asia watching over the work from seemingly every street corner is the man who has ruled the central asian republics for 26 years by law all media must refer to him as the founder of peace a national unity leader of the nation president of the republic of to g q stan is excellent see i don't molly rama rahman has used the threat of terrorism to justify new laws that allow widespread monitoring of citizens and the outlawing of the main
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opposition islamic party and the government says some of the 900 tajiks who went to fight for i saw in iraq and syria are returning so regional security is one of the main focuses for this meeting as you know i've done is that it is a concern of many countries in asia even neighboring countries of course would be interested in having peace incentives capability in order to provide this security peace and stability in their neighboring areas in the asia and beyond that there are also opportunities for private meetings between delegates on the sidelines it's often where the most frank discussions happen among the 30 governments represented here are delegates from israel and palestine as well as teams from egypt bahrain the u.a.e. and catarrh and it's rare these days that these people would find themselves in the same room at the same time because we have. been told if any of them we need to
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privately also notable by their absence is saudi arabia and as notable is that iran is sending its president assad rouhani tajikistan's capital is studded with grand official buildings and monuments commissioned by the president and financed and built by china premier caesium ping will be at the conference as part of an official visit to. china's investment contributes to stabilisation of the region and the dismantling of negative forces such as terrorism and extremism here i think china is seriously supporting to jiko stan. china has a military presence in the east of the country and has been given concessions to extract minerals in return for loans but in what is the poorest of the former soviet central asian republics china doesn't tell terje christan what to spend the money on bernard smith al-jazeera a touchy keystone international court of justice has rejected a request by the united arab emirates to seek immediate measures against cattle in
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a dispute over alleged discrimination the hearing on friday was part of a wider legal battle between the 2 countries arising out of the blockade and posed by the u.a.e. and 3 other arab nations the u.a.e. had argued that doha is aggravating tensions by blocking access to an emirate government site that allows expelled casseroles to apply for visas. near a paris has awarded only citizenship to a certain activist losing in a world in recognition of her advocacy for human rights law is among a group of female activists arrested last year in saudi arabia for campaigning to end the ban on women driving inside the kingdom. iraq's vast oil wealth once paid for some of the best health services anywhere in the middle east but decades of conflict and political unrest have contributed to what the government admits is a crisis in hospitals as charles stratford reports things are particularly bad in the province of the oil rich southern region where people have long complained of
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government intellect. could there was diagnosed with leukemia 11 months ago. she is 4 years old. her father brings her to this government cancer hospital in basra for chemotherapy treatment but the drugs needed to keep her along it are often in short supply and. we don't know whether she will get better i'm very afraid because i see many children who come to this hospital dying of cancer the number of chemotherapy sessions varies each month but sometimes we have to delay coming because there is no bed available. around 70 children are being treated for cancer in buses children's hospital. experts say pollution from surrounding oilfields is one of the reasons why basra has the highest rate of cancer in iraq iraq used to have some of the best hospitals and
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medical expertise in the middle east but decades of war conflict and political instability means those days are long gone the situation at this cancer hospital is so bad that doctors here say they have to rely on cash donations to buy up to 75 percent of the chemotherapy medicine they need every month. patients a health services are particularly bad in southern iraq basra is the largest oil producing region in the country but there's little sign of petro dollars spending at hospitals like this one. people in basra have along the complaint of neglect of what they say is corruption and financial mismanagement by the federal government in baghdad protests to set fire to the provincial council building during demonstrations last year at least 30 people were killed during the on the rest against the lack of services doctors say they often provide the basic needs.
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we're facing a crisis in so many levels become provide chemotherapy fast enough it's not always available it's expensive and getting it involves a lot of bureaucratic red tape we also need more trained medical staff. the regional government says federal government leaders in baghdad must do more is having with there hasn't been enough financial support from the federal government for many years this year we were allocated 2.8 percent of the federal budget and that's nowhere near enough and we need a better share of the revenues or things won't improve. in the hospital is a mural called the tree of life showing photos of children who were treated here and survived the government in baghdad which in recent years has struggled to cope with the battle against eisel has promised to do more to help. doctors say that if it doesn't then many more cancer victims like fatima will die strafford
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al-jazeera basra still to come here on the news for you the sports news can be a basketball fans but it's a 1st for canada and he's here with her story on the other side of the break. as governments tale to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people in power ways technological endeavors to counter humanity's pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment do you ever feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious. klein attackers on al-jazeera. brazil a bastion of economic development and a key player in a shifting global order a country that's become an increasingly attractive destination for african migrant
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workers viewfinder in latin america follows an angolan migration who turns to music once his brazilian dream encounters hardship and racism open arms and closed doors on al-jazeera. lead. time for sports with andy. thank you very much host nation england have taken a big step towards a place in the semifinals of the cricket world cup they beat the west indies by 8 wickets in their latest group game for the windies it's a 2nd loss in 4 matches batting 1st chris gayle just one of the big names to
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misfire for them is that same time champions bowled out for 212 injuries to captain owen move in an opener jason or the only set but ready for england in southampton in their absence joe root has stepping up to school unbeaten century his 2nd of the tour and. england hitting their victory targets with more than 16 overs to spare. or teams played for the once in the group stage at this world cup the top 4 progressing into the semifinals that when moving england up to 2nd in the table on saturday afghanistan to take on south africa and defending champions australia will played sri lanka. outs her on her wraps as of become the 1st canadian seem to win an n.b.a. championship a sealed victory in game 6 of the finals it's and the recent hostile dominance of the golden state warriors for race reports it all sets the stage for another steph curry and the golden state warriors were never going to give up their n.b.a. crown easily despite being 32 down to the raptors 3 i'm
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a star forward co i learned. the warriors wanting to say goodbye to their fans in oakland with one last win before the team moved to some francisco i was just shy and i was thank you want to thank the golden state had lost yet another player to injury when clay thompson went off in the 3rd but i think cameron stopped pascal c. account showed no mercy as he wrong footed drayman agree with billy to eliminate the swipe green by all my sets up a late victory for the warriors when he scrambled the ball to carry the 2 reports up i was thinking about the man who has made 3 points is his trademark couldn't drain it as the clock ticked down i've told i so it's a technical file was it was left to leonard to to create history for canada but also i know this year was letters make you sealing the 1st title in history for the only n.b.a. team outside the united states to take was told i was right but no one was granted
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creating his own history as the finals most valuable player. you know arduous caps driving you know push and you know i may go with the trophy but everybody deserves it is a dream is a dream and and if it was amazing to be able to realize their dreams golden state's meanwhile taste defeat for only the 2nd time and their run of fife strike finals was really proud of the way that we fought to the end and this foggy runs been been awesome but definitely because of everybody things is gonna endos. vs no it's more. i don't hear the best team of the past 5 years we'll try again next season but they'll have to come up the new kings of the n.b.a. the toronto raptors of canada paul reese al-jazeera
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was with the scenes 4000 kilometers away and surround sort of the biggest sporting achievement this city seen since the blue jays won but it's about world series baseball titles in the early ninety's a victory parade will take place in the city on monday. anyone of reach the last 16 of the women's football world cup the 2015 semifinalist beating argentina one nil jodi taylor scoring the only goal of the game just past the hour mark england's upcoming game against japan will decide who finishes top of their group will japan be scotland c one of the other group d. game a 2nd straight loss for the scots you know only have a slim chance of progressing it's silly have made sure of their place in the last 16 with a 5 no whenever jamaica in group c. usa forward carli lloyd says she did feel sympathy for its holland's goalkeeper or her side were beating them 3rd scene in their 1st group game boys scored the final goal in that record breaking when the defending champions have faced some criticism for their rather enthusiastic celebrations after every goal but the 2 time world
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player of the year says she did say time out to console her rival. i didn't know if she really understood what i said i didn't know she understood english but it was really cool and i think that's what you know the sport is all about and in the wins and losses you know i think characters a true testament in the sport and it was it was cool and you know i just hope that they continue to put their head up and continue to fly and just keep going on. now a french court has found that arab center the saudi arabian based satellite provider is illegally distributing footage from the cats are channel b. in sports b. and is the official rights holder for the women's world cup of so for every game has been shown illegally on the pirate network b. out q. and a statement being said this latest legal ruling in front shows that even if we are illegally denied access to justice in saudi arabia we will use every means
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possible to hold a out q. and r. of such to account for their daily theft of rights holders intellectual property diego maradona has stepped down from his coaching job due to health concerns the 986 world cup winner is leaving his role of mexican club their autos the center lower so he can have operations on his shoulder and meet the 2nd city reach to play a final string the 58 year old 9 month stay at the club ok but it's only sport for now more later. darren missive from 3 g. i will see you very soon. 8 years after the fall of gadhafi more is still raging in libya but it's not just a domestic showdown outside powers are involved to squawk about the axis of evil. this is over these and. talks to al-jazeera.
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the journey to walk can be a challenge on it. but for some villagers traversing one of the world's most dangerous roads is a risk that comes with the job. we follow the journey of these people as they get to survive. on al-jazeera. the donald trump labels iran a nation of terror claiming it's a tanker explosions in the gulf. hello i'm down in jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. the risk
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has spread to countries outside the region with. the world health organization decides against declaring a global emergency and africa's ebola outbreak. thousands of brazilians are out on the streets to protest against the president's pension reforms. in the us and sufferers of iraq's declining health system the cancer patients desperate for lifesaving drugs. the u.s. president has dismissed iran's denial that it had anything to do with the tanker explosions in the gulf of amman donald trump's called iran a nation of terror but gave no indication of any response to thursday's incident he did terah against blocking the strait of hormuz as oil prices rose and i'd fears of a disruption in supply mama deval reports now from muscat. what or who
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used to believe for the explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. planes iraq and they released this video purporting to show iran a sort of a god's removing an unexploded limpet mine from the japanese old kuta courageous the timestamp according to the americans shows the top and after the vessel scroll had been askew well iran didn't do it and do you know they did it because you saw that load i guess one of the mines didn't explode and it probably got essentially iran written all over it. and you sort of loaded. trying to take the mine off and successfully took mine off the boat and that was exposed. didn't want the evidence left behind i guess they don't know that we have that we could be back in the dark very well. russia and germany say the video is inconclusive and the incident requires further testing. iranian leaders accuse the us of what they call diplomacy against a country speaking at
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a gathering of eurasia leaders in kyrgyzstan iranian president hassan rouhani said the u.s. is pushing an aggressive stance that cannot be tolerated. as the government of the united states over the last 2 years using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over all the norms and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world. and in the war of words the japanese owner of one of the ships has cast doubts on the u.s. claim that mines were used he said the ships a lot of soft flying objects before the explosion this for analysts hard evidence is kept but intentions on the one side or the other are easy to get your on may well one to prove that if squeezed it can hit back by deceptive oil supplies
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through the strait of hormuz the u.s. leaders on the other hand have long shown their desire to punish iran for its alleged nuclear ambitions one analyst says whoever is behind the attack incident has given the u.s. a perfect opportunity but i think it's pretty clear that the united states administration is really rushing to judgment there is quite a bit of cynicism out there are young people who are trying to read the messages from palm bay oh a lot of people think this is possibly a little too convenient given that there are some in washington some in certain countries in the region that want to see the tensions between the u.s. and iran remain really high some of those countries are iran a sunni muslim neighbors saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in addition to israel but there is no telling what a war on iran could cause to the region gulf nations have much to do is if
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a major war breaks out if in the north of the country and could find itself in the crossfire because of its location other nations such as the united arab emirates may well really think before encouraging a conflict that's good and the economy prosper. i mean all the u.n. secretary general has condemned the incident in the gulf of oman and says the truth as to what happened must it must be established diplomatic editor james bays has more now from u.n. headquarters in new york. addressing reporters alongside the arab league secretary general arma double gate antonio good terrorists said remarkably that he had not seen this video released by the pentagon and broadcast around the world he said he believed there should be an independent investigation into the incident but the u.n. is not the rights to launch investigations only the security council can do it and . in relation to that obviously not the right person to answer your question
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he also said that high level mediation was needed but again his hands were tied obviously the the mood offices of the secretary general always available but the office of the secretary general of the mandates on the bodies of the. u.n. can only be exercised with the full agreement of the parties the secretary general seems to be placing limits on his own possible actions and they are limits that are not laid out in the united nations governing document the un charter so why does mr terrorist appear to be so reluctant to get involved i asked his official spokes person can you tell me where in the charter of the limits on his good offices where are the limits in the charter to stop him setting up his own investigation i can't find any secretary general needs a legislative un legislative body to set up an investigation is it because that has
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that has been that has been the practice for as long as i've been here what does he need to carve out a more powerful role and is he not in effect shirking his response no i don't think he's sure at a time of global crisis he should be leading that i don't and he's finding excuses not to i don't think he's shirking his responsibilities at all the secretary general is clearly putting the ball in the court of the security council but they're already clear indications on this. issued the council is deeply divided if mr good terrorists is waiting for a unified security council to give him permission to get involved he may be waiting a very long time then again he probably already knows that. al-jazeera of the united nations saudi state media are reporting airstrikes against yemeni targets by the saudi u.s. led coalition according to the report the strikes hit military bases and air defense systems in the capital. when earlier
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a military spokesman of the rebel group warn people to stay away from airports in saudi arabia and the u.a.e. who things have targeted saudi arabia or near the yemeni border twice this week riyadh claims it foiled friday's attack but on wednesday missiles hit the arrival terminal injuring dozens of civilians now the world health organization has decided not to declare an international public health emergency over the bone outbreak in the democratic republic of congo nearly 1400 people have died there since august and the 2nd worst outbreak of the disease in history there are concerns the virus may have spread to your gander where 2 people died after visiting the d.r. see our reports now from kampala. so in. that every precaution was made when deflecting with buried in a wisht in uganda her 5 year old grandson also died of a disease gave earlier in what was the case of people on ugandan soil they had crossed from neighboring democratic republic of congo we and other family members
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was killed by the disease my sister. this was my eyes off of. my 5th. she voiced c.d.'s in the seeds and. vandar. it's thought to pay came in contact with nearly 100 people on thursday villagers of the deceased could come from congo back the teams from sea did request that we allowed them to repatriate. the confirmed cases that we are with us in uganda. and there were 2 good reasons for that one is that in the d r a c currently they have. up beauty drug that can be given to patients although the medicine is still on trial but it can be given on compassionate basis. they have
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been around 2000 cases of ebola with 1400 dates the world health organization says although the a ball outbreak be a serious it is not yet an international emergency it was the view of the committee that the outbreak is a health emergency in the democratic republic of congo and the region. but it does not meet the 3 criteria for a public health emergency of international concern. is uganda's porous border with . some people enter the country without passing through areas screening is taking place. very easy to. help officials say there is no evidence.
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and as for the worst health officials have been vaccinated and trained to deal quickly with the outbreak. this week uganda is on high alert. the un security council has held a meeting on its peacekeeping force in the darfur region of sudan the un confirmed the killing of 17 people and the burning of more than 100 houses the earlier this week the u.k. says the un african union mission in darfur must stay in the region responsibility for security not be handed over to. force the. it says removing the peacekeepers would violate existing agreements as well as u.n. rules. testers in brazil have continued their demonstrations into the night unions are observing a 24 hour strike they're angry over a proposal to lift the pension age protests brought parts of brazil to
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a standstill and many walking off the job the government says the changes are necessary to stop the country sliding into a recession done ossama reports now from sao paolo. new trains today. extensive metro system remain closed a show of defiance by the trade unions and inconvenience for many passengers trying to get to work but why yes we just saw numbers of us a shift we called our manager and asked if they could send a car to take us to the office if we don't make it to work they'll be a deduction from our salary tell him what was your money it's important to protest against the pension or home but they should plan something that won't disturb everyone. bankers teachers and all workers also join the industrial action in towns and cities across brazil going something like a bit of a total we're fighting for our futures and for the next generations future we want to retire with dignity job us old you or i don't think we know the government is not sensitive to this kind of protest but we want politicians to hear us anyway.
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roads were blocked here in law as well as in rio de janeiro in cities in the north the strike better observed in some.


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