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tv   Off The Rails A Journey Through Japan  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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hopefully it will. give a. kind. to have weekend. i start micus up the sorting came from. it's my father to the phone i'm going. to skip the other room does he feel it's all me and qaeda how much does i wish to hear us or be missin critz your mom if the buggy was to meet lete big kid is being how has he been integrated up do need to look at his a c. on main course i am. at he thinks he's lavish he needs naming. names. going to pay
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all of the mug ok don't look at this group is about it but i'll call him to of a fish but it says dish in the nice dish equate this dish about a 2 piece came calling these. the west county bad ok he doesn't i was little enough in my. house to buy this fish. through the shit he had this michigan made a move going down and. this bit links i thing i think i have to see anything else i just get at it again now. only last outmanned. as every misstep in the house denies that's that's the trick and it went through and i think.
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this is because there was. a move to go it will spin to call it will smith said. and everybody applauded and don't want to fight back loads of fun and. that's in the case and i'm not. on the other side just to find out and then andy is and this consumed. and this kind of mind. and the degree of people i didn't
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pick those days to be able i didn't think. it's not us not the love of a lot of. more of the content out 8. on a computer exactly it's got fish that's about to break free of course you're. going to as a goodish. now getting really close to all of these. really do a lot of or get in there in the. music i love. i just go god of all fish in the moment in the place you know. because you're doing winter going fast. really well you know the migration you know the money. that he killed and hundreds. of rooms are going to sit tight just spewing
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those but those good sized it does to feed into the. flesh to keep. it over for. us to cope with. as man you're both good. who's think. this is this big which. i don't know her book value for kids or the numbers of the kinds of very differently obviously but you can help you need to take and certain kinds of people for the obvious still beat on the show you. and please our biggest and discommode by far that's more of a bad job of it get him a little going to get help means it is often to criticize us than it's common sense when they're in the room then the stuff that doesn't because often doesn't suspect who are. only going to come over to play sell the seat the sources for to
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keep those licensed people of all ferments you got to disney world might have come but since it's. the mind to do evil because evil did so to get pled guilty not been there and ever read up on yeah good form. with carefully. it is was you got it. right that. you know modest from fiction. and with feeling in that it soon. i mean in my. in their childhood i would feel this didn't. he as you've been in the michonne here i need company that i was in but i've been through as did a few that this is sure it's good they're good as a for me. this
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is good cause and. this is 90 should nothing by now to combine. those myths that may be seen as you know they did. issue in the statement of a man issue not. mine and that's one mirror of this is good no problems. does it or meander non-paid for her from time to have gone used to do we need new families married i mean. into girls tend you can it would seem to me and shifting in moving to new wouldn't have to be to see it sends you in brooklyn the homeless and self to suharto on his arm even though in all that living under
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a swiss of suits who came to stay you know pushed out you seem to get these students from a humanoid goodson to begin with disabilities in fact as you indicated they would seem to sit in for pretty good food on bones you see flames means neutral. and in response to see it doing the see it in view move in complete beat on the. bus to school listen going do you know when the miracle to its boom boom boom is when you get off the sunni engineers and so you can use a small and easy quick take you know this is premium russian remember so good to keep the radius neutral or new. he did give us a brief quote. if you not feel if all are not i think that i don't. actually funny get only 50 got in the business
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of work with eric if he. asked that i think it's in the media each free money i'll agree it is that if if there is one really freaked out if you have decent will accept it and. let it go. through. some. well you couldn't. what division. though i. don't know ok. ok.
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listed above me in the job done yeah yeah. mircea nancy they're all sides you know joe down until you're my from getting your dog and child laughter 2 months. after i don't want to go and invest in your money yeah in an interview on the view you know. everything give you the this is good. call. in show live on t.v. i was. in shown for months maybe 3 months of the show come through here. this is got the. i phone for parking oh yeah. on off. i think the yeah.
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yeah. although. i'm am protesting. just to here come. what the book i say. was good i watched you. but it doesn't was going to steam. this is. right idea i mean you're. i think i. can. i don't need anything on. a christian out.
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can you show me been in africa. no need to deceive me i'm going against it is no good but it's written so wrong my mission is disgusting. and then when you go with radiation kind of human open id like me has. this is. just. absolutely. then man in our fit nation men i came to. meet once an interesting man at present i leave. my name here house floor narnia he. just got government tax event done i decided to shoot in our current exceeds some by speed now. my living it does i guess he had his mates here.
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47. not so good no nothing really. i'm a good spot on the fundamental i'm not going to. posit you are you i want to see my family you know you want i need my family while you were. little good news. you see it suddenly book raising your muscles how do you mean it's moving that's what i look at that i don't know hopeless and you know would you come on also ask that mile mile mile of our. government to do was when you look at what he was. writing of us walk. on the view . and said give this over this will surely it will all the the whole of what the.
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toll is. you know the military that the which all all the way up and i mean it will be unique. yeah. and i. still see. you susan both of. yeah i can. and i just decided that they will do it in if and when you would like to administer that what i want well what i did because was that i overhauls of all that you saw here a member in this with. and if you follow up on that they have since gone home one of the whole way down the aisle few of them might. point point was.
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good. if you would know that. if you're out of. one fear and not have one and it into your own mind off you how did it even when it was too good to measure that that you were there to feel what you want in the world you want to leave you lose even with the world of. illusion a move of the moment before the one of one american my other than. her original. charlotte and her vividly there for what that walker what i love of other. in the middle. east. of the. freeway. through the mesh but also you know.
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this way we'll probably. wait this out from senor view and if you want to let in the long story with my friend these people were all in their own. myths and told me to. give people in somewhat easier in syria what got into inland. afterward doubt gives this was a signal electricity that just is in support that i am and my friend. finish. every day every day. to be one to view this morning good afternoon i'm go outside is this here here and this. nothing is that nothing nothing in give. with that in the court in the cold
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what but what are for me and for my friend this very dark. his bitter noble host but no nor. needed to see me to court you know not offer a thing 50 to 59 days for me i am 59 i'm 59 days. quit. what. brazil a bastion of economic development and a key player can a shifting global order a country that's become an increasingly attractive destination for african migrant
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workers viewfinder in latin america follows an angolan migrants who turns to music once his brazilian dream encounters hardship and racism open arms and closed doors on al-jazeera. news is happening faster than ever before from different places from different people and you need to be part of that you need to be able to reach people wherever they are and that means being across all social media platforms this is where our audience lives as well as in front of a t.v. they're on the smartphone they're on the tablet they're on the computer. about the way al-jazeera is a fall into a true media network. in morocco unregistered and under-age marriages have caused problems especially for women and children i've been trying for years to get my daughter legally recognised by her father pressure from lobby groups has led to changes to the modelling of the family code giving
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women greater rights in marriage while keeping the family at heart now the divorce rate has increased a lot mainly with up to patients made by wives. al-jazeera world. holland has i'm speaking with the headlines on agility u.s. president has dismissed iran's denial that it had anything to do with the tanker explosions in the gulf of oman on thursday it has released a video to back up its claims but germany says it's inconclusive earlier iran's president has said ronnie accuse the u.s. of taking an aggressive approach towards his country the u.n. secretary general says the truth about what happened must be established donald
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trump called iran and nation of terror who are being very tough on sanctions. when i came into office they were a absolute terrorist nation of terror and they've changed a lot in so many pros that i can tell you they were unstoppable and now they are in deep deep trouble and they've been called it a very strong terms and we want to get them back to the table if they want to go iraqi armory when they are growing threats between the u.s. and iran are likely to dominate talks at a security and economic forum of asian leaders representatives from more than 30 countries are meeting in tajikistan leaders from china russia and iran are among them saudi state media is reporting airstrikes by the saudi u.a.e. led coalition have hit yemeni targets according to the roof or they struck rebel hooty military targets an air defense systems in the capital it son. hong kong's
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pro beijing government leader is meeting legislators to talk about the extradition bill that sent thousands of protesters onto the streets pressure has been building on chief executive kerry lamb to throw out the proposal it would allow criminal suspects to be sent to the chinese mainland for trial you know that emergency meeting with her advisers late on friday hundreds of thousands of people are expected to protest again on sunday against the law the world health organization has stopped short of calling the spread of ebola an international emergency with 1400 people have died of the virus in the democratic republic of congo since august fears are growing could spread to uganda after 2 people died there this week a protesters in brazil continued their demonstrations into friday night with unions observing a 24 hour strike they're angry about a hosel to lift the pension age the government says the changes are necessary to stop the country sliding into recession those are the headlines.
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moment then just to come in for the c. ters who initially appeared here you may have seen you know this is actually. if you can persuade lucy. this is mentioned in. one from just 2 minutes that is it is possible is that there was actually this. if you go up there is to tell you who would. thank you like new option to talk to me it's also interesting that this is something into nothing i was reading today to see and. go to make you feel you can even going back to him even to get this to rethink in. this team intention from time.
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off to now. often for next often for you was in full volume it's images that have shown through in the often to no one in. 2000000 that i was not going to start giving. sr i did what islam could call themselves goodness then give it the us one is really. one security guard got a gun a slowdown in europe by big government 6000000 good. 6000000 good comes. out of. it dalia. didn't learn in grade not in the church below i was i was. not knowing the kids yet then.
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as he did i never hear so very much your back if you know these guys you know you. yes or you know if you work from. the field you know the producer of hunger and. getting caught is yes it. is a very. silly thing i did notice the. management actually. registered it is like you said it was. it's about the sex with us even not least of it for here bishop or demi fagan up she will not yet learned. here in the whole fia. it's all turned out and these people put us to see our vision just want. to get this. done. if it's real so.
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it's not it was a mix and back to a soap mist different in from can i was in freddy in but right in her done from but i was not see. this. on the clinic. and kick as insurance if i don't for only a few hours when i still feel better about it and put up in a house on. yeah see it see it is from feel feel you haven't. seen him yet you didn't put an end to it being president yeah on the other agents are now. going to us on his report in love and see. if you don't respond
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at best and main course the initial because just. as the you did a google does. misunderstood. i've been all around james you have been out there he is beautiful this is beautiful so if this is more most beauty give it to you live yeah yeah yeah. for a lot of people. i think he puts a lot out here i think the time. already for the party over time i bet it. all and what have you travelled much around to me then where have you been james. what cities have you been to.
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my mission to have 2 goals i know that with vary from. the mother of the people why digital of. the city yeah why do. we have not truth does. the government after me chose this city for us all like. because we have asylum here. oh. i don't know if there's things like that in the open because there's so many different people already know the program. is also from pakistan or india i'm hocking b. and my mum yeah. was born in australia our government is trying to stop asylum seekers altogether at the moment they are just turning the ships back around but it's so much people it's going to be honest review yeah and now they've
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just want to stop every one go. out. why. oh i'll tell you. anyone want to go. you have quite. the. main jameel i'm expecting. any you know. university is horrible and and travel is more important. thank you. busy i washed it and assuming it's the beloved. my dear good to have you and i seem i did more now yeah oh yeah ok. good night i didn't need to look up a bit. and you know.
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keep that this guy don't need soon sureness on. that susan could look the conflict out of the unfinished. mr bruce i'm. burned through views and i'm just not. one to return stories there's. these new so on. if there is no thing. we have learned through. the years. 1000000 similes been mistreating. and so i.
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need easy. enough blow. while get conned. if you don't make. it. so. you've gone too far as. i now know. from your doing the last ones about you slipped off a lot. of 095 to $10.00 kissed. you had 3000 feet deep in mono and then the distance. it engine periodically to oppose.
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it was very nice to make it into you was indeed seem. the norm school didn't get beat trying to come. through the body. senators and maybe miss. the only. sympathy from just me when you go. through this he says meet the internet instancing see him in this country house i was playing golf.
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the proverb that ali mentions in class he got a better very canny steer bench my son had for my face all quite match he had no one cheer t.v. happen when she. talks and passes me via how yes i did mansions into life. a godless family not. at all a similar you know to sure toward the state of. what he needs to to see. me. if harvey here is so devoted to troll fun these are going to have a greater good. if a great lover. says constantly from me. this is cunts knife only if can find folks on. this based on good meds
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versus 13. i list the last 3 years in the last year markets him in by severe danger and rescue probably in his right eye list what. advice you could sort. guns. are just 2 guns. things because he. she didn't. need. 6 more if we're. going to see who. was defeated in the results in the people's home who really meant he did not have we can't he would do
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it all over. the economy did to complicity in this deal then what was it you think going through the whole thing this forcing company direction didn't want any to any growth in this fleet until it from africa. go i right by syria. know both of their urgent journey. i think of the always in high family it's here you. know how it is because most we
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go big. we are very. ok. no. one funny good image don't play you want only know force an option it is karma. in how the world you my you can watch. in this year. but i think he made me do. whatever me or our king was sort of other but you know no one or. not all john are. well funny but. i feel homey well. mahtani. although vernon
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close. you're there on air i'm yeah. up on your wall in. what let me hold your. weapon you hold what i me who are. very set a lot on his jaw oughtn't to have done what i've been i mean j did or is a lot on don't do that i want. to know more about what any one son on whether. it. is for sure as it. is to mention dizzy the man's length and to promote mention him because it's instantly mine so. if you're running d.s. to. look me here. so is well and awfully pretty. good for you before and it's gotten so used. to stuff for
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men so it was of. course we knew all. that we didn't seem real very. good is not a word. it gave me 1st so much more than a. matter of you had to grin i'm so interested we. used to get. every 3 1st number over the top to be. good and the only. people to. come. over what it was you know china believe this school now. we're going to need to he. going to convert. into one and you must be. going to invest going on. a. he did.
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a good job. by tying amy to study mug enough when he got on the vault to bundanoon the wood. one day. to know we are inside and he leaked. the. north so that's what this. is your district is. this. your office i'll just put it on. gun so this is the this is. this restaurant. is it pretty. and i have to. go. so i'm up here you have a regular job she deal. wasn't just looking up.
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and. visited you must think you know who do. you find her who had highest face this is frank. no no you don't do it right there you don't get. john shit oh. you. shouldn't. have done this to you couldn't you know this from. yeah you know how cruel it does you can see just a whole cool cool. yeah yeah yeahs can you. threatened me as i think about the fact that my 1st play out it took me from out a kind of. yes push we don't get a flu shot yeah. i think that. given
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that yes. it is stuff isn't that it didn't have. to also. go still some bush didn't. look a certain number. to. me. well look at. life. like. oh that. was. just the 1st this was going back did i know was that guy out.
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in english you're. the only. candidate. in the. show margaret gates jr. come after me and it gets. it's their fruit yeah. yeah it's their group. i says i'm going to you know democrats and does not us versus them media but i didn't. know. we were going to. inflict this. political affairs is. no. exception to market harvest fish might get in via so early and end up and end up station.
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is and there was a time i just don't over intention it don't feel. in. our favor here i was asking for doesn't matter if you left on us connect. in young people only going to. finish if you're going to guess work and health if d.d. image problem. or what you are not and most important test snowflakes. i was. did the congress get. your polar bears out of your last point i will mention getting to the end of its 1st we ask if we have to focus on india's economy to see if that's really. invented in our. man office need to finish the up enough to. do did or didn't we called it off
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this far just look at going off super so i guess we're done. this. despite. the ultimately. this is the same course. quote. for the near post come 1st and spastic. this minute plus you can look up and you will fail even gene amendments and this is for those in the go. 00 british. journalist way to the city to us about basically the stinky versus an open debate this is. your game. dangerous to cool chivas estimated to get after it is getting us 1st b.b.
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and still even now the thing is to really understand you know the kind that the city was not. in the world of. but the. machine off. i love the law father does he get asked about this who would be indian i just say how can you without this is going to think he should be just to ben's like cindy sheehan. the boy. thought. was. the boy was 6 a her own was with was a in the either the to
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louis the it was the boy was the iraq was 6 of the e was. a her.
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capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's one. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera. you responding 6 continents across the. aisle to serious correspondents living during the story state. of what. appeared. to be the lesser scale. we're at the borders of the rajneesh town for palestinian bread i'll just see right through didn't world news.
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hello there we're seeing yet more showers a ripoff of techie they really have been quite stubborn recently they've just stuck around for days and we're seeing a few more just creep up on the satellite picture those showers are also pushing through parts of azerbaijan and into our media so quite a few showers around a more still to come as we head through the day on saturday to the south of all of that though it is looking fine enjoy and hot for most of us now baghdad up at $45.00 force in tehran will be at $36.00 and kumble at 30 a bit further towards the south and here in doha it's a very hot some recently have been pretty windy as well shouldn't be as windy as we head through the next few days but certainly staying hot at least it's a dry heat for us it's not made for the south there is more in the way of cloud around thanks to the injection of moisture brought in by all tropical cyclic. so more in the way of cloud in just the outside chance of one or 2 from the storms
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a bit further towards the south lots of showers here in the eastern parts of mozambique in a couple for the eastern parts of madagascar as well but away from the east coast is generally looking a lot brighter even antananarivo should get away with a fine day and for the west it should also be fine for most of us here to see 22 should be the maximum temperature in been talk on saturday and as you have for the south force in cape town it's not too cool at the moment temperature is up at 18. stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives on the sun just a long standoff with international borders is finally over separate the speed from the facts the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reporting of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with
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the listening post on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where ever you. hong kong prepares for an announcement on the future of the planned extradition more than sport mass protesters legislators have been meeting for the past few hours. on housing think of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the heads of state from iran to russia and china meet intent to discuss regional security well
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the tanker incidents in the gulf dominate talks. growing calls to find out exactly who's responsible the u.n. weighs in over the incident in the gulf of oman. and thousands of brazilians take to the streets to protest the president's pension reforms. hello in recent days parts of hong kong have been brought to a standstill over a controversial plan to enact a new law allowing extraditions to mainland china chief executive kerry lamb had defended the proposal with a final reading of the bill originally set for next week but continued protests have put pressure on the government and there's now a disagreement over whether to fast track or suspend further discussion
3:50 pm
scott hyla is live for us in hong kong so scott we are expecting to hear from kerry lamb at any moment and the expectation if the local media reports are to be believed is that this extradition bill will be shelved for now. pozen that is what we're hearing yes and that press conference is supposed to start imminently probably the next couple of minutes here at the legislative council building in central hong kong we know that kerry lamb was meeting with probe aging members of the latest of council earlier today scheduled this press conference for 3 pm local time here and again that's now so we're expecting to hear from her straight away and as you mentioned housing this is something that's been very very controversial here and you know we saw a week ago on sunday a 1000000 people came out to the streets marched against this extradition proposed extradition law and then on wednesday we saw protests kind of escalate here and for the legislative council building got
3:51 pm
a little bit violent there and then now this seems to be the next chapter in the story if you will we'll be hearing from kerry lamb the executive director here of hong kong the head of the lead legislative council where this will go next and as you mentioned has a local media are saying that this will probably be delayed not that they're going to suspend but they're going to probably delay the next hearing for this bill the next process for this proposed legislation that's we're hearing so far right now has them indeed gotten as we're talking to you that we're just looking at the live pictures of kerry lamb smote kate a moment ago just leaving on the way to that news conference and this is of course a story that's generated huge amounts of international interest over the last few days with those protests as you say filling the streets of hong kong something we haven't seen there in almost 20 years gives you an idea of just the palpable sense of anger that people feel they have over this law and just just give us
3:52 pm
a sense of what what is it about it that. that the people are vehemently opposed to . right and it's been described to me as an issue that has polarized the city's about 7000000 people when you when you think about it that march a week ago just under a week ago one in 7 people in hong kong came out to the streets and marched against this extradition bill yes it's specifically about what this bill particularly means and that is that they're going they want to change legislation so that people suspects criminal suspects can be extradited to china mainland china but other places as well that is something most of these pro-democracy protesters see as the further erosion of the identity of hong kong they're very proud most hong kong congers of how they are different from mainland china and that is particular with the judiciary in particular of its independence and its freedom of speech so they
3:53 pm
see this bill and that's why you've seen so much emotion behind this they see this bill as another step another power grab by mainland china by beijing particularly president xi jinping so that is why you've seen so much emotion and so much outcry over this particular bill yes because of what it is and it's also been described to me as. a goal like when you look at previous protests the umbrella movement 5 years ago that was also about beijing's influence and control over over hong kong but with this particular movement now they want something specific and that's something specific is this law they want to kill this law and it sounds like at least for the time being that they've had a bit of a short term gain and that is that it will probably be delayed and again we're just waiting for kerry lamb executive director of hong kong anticipated to make that announcement in the coming minutes awesome and indeed scott and for those who are opposed to these sanctions it isn't just in an issue of civil liberties is it it's
3:54 pm
also about the economic cost that this could bring to hong kong and the idea that business executives could somehow be caught up in this and perhaps extradited to mainland china. absolutely you know a lot of the critic criticism is yes particularly what it is the suspects cruel suspects will be could be extradited to beijing but it's also when you look at something that punk callers are very proud of and that's the judiciary system here it's very different than mainland china they are worried pro-democracy protesters critics of this bill are worried that this will be in a rose into that judicial system that they are so proud of your transparent judicial system that it's going to be shifting more to what what the system is like in china it is not transparent there is concern that there could be trumped up charges brought against critics of beijing here in hong kong that way through this new bill they would be able to be extradited to beijing so that is
3:55 pm
a big concern and you know that goes across all walks of life and as you said has a definite business executives look at home calling financial one of the world's biggest financial centers that is a concern when you have this kind of changing of the laws when it comes to a judiciary system that has been very very transparent and well respected around the world. all right for the moment can't hide a lifeless there in hong kong this is a live picture that you're looking at right now of the podium when we are expecting to hear at any moment from the hong kong chief executive kerry lamb and again as has been widely expected and the expectation is that she will shelve this controversial extradition bill for now she's expected to speak in cantonese 1st and then in english and when that begins we will of course be going to so stay with us for that. now onto our other big story in stan leaders from more than 30 countries are discussing economic and security challenges in the asian region that
3:56 pm
summit follows another similar one on friday where tensions between iran and the u.s. took center stage following explosions on 2 tankers in the gulf of oman it's still not known who is responsible for those explosions but the u.s. believes it was iran and even though iran denies that accusation president reiterated a grainy video released by the u.s. central command on thursday is proof of iran's involvement how many reports from moscow. what or who used to believe for the explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. believes iran and they released this video purporting to show iran a sort of a gods removing an unexploded limpet mine from the japanese old kuta courageous the timestamp according to the americans shows it happened after the vessel scraw had been askew well iran didn't do it and do you know they did it because you saw that
3:57 pm
load i guess one of the mines didn't explode and it probably got essentially iran written all over it and you sort of noted trying to take that mind off and successfully took that mind off the boat and that was exposed was a boat that will damn. near didn't want the evidence left behind i just i don't know that we have sigmas that we can detect in the dark that worked very well. russia and germany say the video at least inconclusive and the incident requires further investigation iranian leaders accuse the us of what they call diplomacy against a country. speaking at a gathering of eurasia leaders in kyrgyzstan iranian president hassan rouhani said the u.s. is pushing and the going to see if staffs that come out to be tolerated. as the government of the united states over the last 2 years using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over
3:58 pm
all the norms and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world. and the war of words the japanese owner of one of the ships has cast doubts on the u.s. claim that mines were used he said the ships a lot of soft flying objects before the explosion this for analysts hard evidence is kept but intentions on the one side or the other are easy to get in iran may well one to prove that if squeezed it can hit back by dissipating oil supplies through the strait of hormuz the u.s. leaders on the other hand have long shown their desire to punish iran for its alleged nuclear ambitions one analyst says whoever is behind the attack incident has given the us a perfect opportunity but i think it's pretty clear that the united states administration is really rushing to judgment there is quite a bit of cynicism out there are young people who are trying to read the messages
3:59 pm
from pompeo a lot of people think this is possibly a little too convenient given that there are some in washington some in certain countries in the region that want to see the tensions between the u.s. and iran remain really high some of those countries are iran a sunni muslim neighbors saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in addition to israel but there is no telling what a war on iran could cause to the region gulf nations have much to do is if a major war breaks out if in the north of the country life could find itself in the crossfire because of its location other nations such as the united arab emirates may well really think before encouraging a conflict and the economy prosperity. and disease must come. r.-o. burn a smith joins us live now from the tatic capital d. shan bay where a number of asian leaders have been gathered for
4:00 pm
a conference there and we have heard from one of them iran's leader of course. the president has sent rouhani what's he been saying. while he's been speaking in the last half hour or so and he's again hit out at the u.s. for leaving this nuclear deal and he's quite spoken really some of the strongest terms you've heard him speak about this in recent times no reference to the tanker attacks this week but he has just said that now that our maximum goodwill and strategic patience on the one hand and the u.s. law breaking on the other has been proven to all iran while expressing readiness to engage in any sort of bilateral interaction has decided to cease performing on some of its commitments under the j c p o a now he didn't say exactly what those commitments were but we know already that the u.s. has complained as a q. .


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