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so ok also if he's refusing the government refusing but what do you think needs to be done to ease the tensions when you've got 2 groups competing for the same learned what can you do. you go man could it maybe stick you know sense so we go we'll have a. security in august and he's you know mickey get in you know for us i did it by mistake it's really giving me and did not want me into a little funny shop and that is not that is happening. granted 1st you get in you need skills the ad to be awful you need to clean you spoke he didn't want 6 more people you lose your job people have to meet responsible also if you're lucky if you go to jeeps have to be medium as well as you to clean out of course the opposite you only have to be blunt to buy a capital crime believe me now coming to
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a collapse we appreciate your perspective on this thanks very much for cya so you are joining us from lagos in nigeria and. mexico's immigration chief has resigned as the government says it will tighten security at the dozens of border crossings as part of efforts to stem the flow of migrants into the united states footage filmed by al-jazeera shows the convoys of trucks carrying migrants to little known border town between guatemala and mexico for security and people smuggling operations have turned the area into a crossing point for thousands john holeman has more now from mexico city. after a report that showed convoys of trucks heading through most nights from a very specific area of the guatemala mexico border and those trucks controlled by people smugglers taking hundreds of central americans through mexico to the u.s. border we asked president lopez all over a daughter of mexico why that had been happening for what locals told us was more
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than a year and why the government seemed not to have noticed or done anything to stop it this was his response. we have identified 68 border crossing points and in all of them there is going to be vigilance that's what i can tell you it's a plan to have control on the border so not really a clear answer there but president lopez obrador saying that in $68.00 border crossing point security is going to be increased we're already seeing that across the country mexico is really on the pressure from the united states to curb the amount of central american migrants coming from honduras el salvador guatemala fleeing poverty and violence that ending up on the u.s. border to the north and it's say said already that if mexico doesn't do that there would be terrorists mexico as a verted that threat for now but the government said from the u.s. that in a month and a half if it doesn't see concrete results and those results will be judged by
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president trump then there will be further actions. well the u.s. government says border patrol agents and detention centers are overwhelmed with more than 140000 lichens crossing the southern border last month now evidence has surfaced that some migrants are being held outdoors in the summer heat without access to basic services how did your customer reports from el paso texas. 3 months ago the u.s. government kept migrants who had recently crossed the border locked under a bridge that makeshift camp closed after public outcry but in recent weeks and new one has appeared no longer under the shaded bridge that glared under public scrutiny but rather hidden from sight under the glare of the sun i'm going to use the phrase concentration camp these photos were taken by neil rosen dorf a government professor who says he discovered the camp after walking through an unlocked gate and they were all busy men in their twenty's and thirty's were able
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to scrounge for themselves. or sheets. pieces. that. just concocted together in order to provide themselves with a little bit of shade the area is not accessible to the public the government wouldn't allow journalists in either all you can see from here are the tops of the tan tarps beneath them people hidden from sight al-jazeera secretly shot video shows the camp through the slats of a nearby pedestrian bridge thousands of people walk past each day most unaware of the migrants who are just outside earshot they have been in there for about a month 30 days and more that they have not washed once they have not been given any access to facilities at all the entire time that they were in there a government spokesman did not answer questions about the camps condition and
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number of detainees but said in a statement during the current crisis u.s. border patrol has had to take extraordinary. 3 measures to ensure the safety of our agents and those in our custody as such and to avoid severe overcrowding of u.s. border patrol temporary holding facilities every available space which provides both freedom of movement safety and security for those in our custody are used as necessary what we are seeing the systemic by a lay sions of human rights in the past i would argue there are just some bad apples some bad 18 so but officers that were just mistreating people today the mistreatment has become part of the systemic strategic. problem the ngo border network for human rights says it's never before encountered such widespread abuse and neglect at u.s. border facilities and government inspectors themselves have documented dangerous
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overcrowding the conditions have contributed to illnesses and deaths and continue to deteriorate heidi joe castro al-jazeera el paso texas. some news from that moldova where they can take it government has resigned and to get past trouble triggered by an election that failed to give a clear majority to any party the democratic party has stepped down to make way for a new coalition government but not before calling it illegal and demanding a new election are still ahead here on al-jazeera. south america's biggest football competition gets underway in brazil saga it's all the action in sport. for 30 years the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one on one east meets the remarkable people risking their lives to help the disabled in blue to afghanistan
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on al-jazeera. i'll jews here. where ever you. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided glimpse into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers and the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove it. witness on al-jazeera.
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let's get straight on those boards on thank you very much and nick wallace south america's biggest football competition copa america is underway in brazil and the host got their campaign off to winning start they beat bolivia 3 nil on paulo on friday. off as spectacular opening ceremony it took the samba boys a while to get things going on with star striker any amount missing due to injury fast losing their patience and were booing at their own team but no neymar no problem after the break it was the 50 put timeo into the right to the rescue the barcelona forward squiring from the panel to spot a few minutes later he added another one with
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a brilliant header to double their advantage just a few minutes from time everton came off the bench. seal the win for brazil. w.c. i think the 1st 20 minutes were very good but then as we could not score the players started to make mistakes and they started to be more nervous because they wanted to school at the interval i spoke with them and told them that we controlled the game that we needed more quality having the ball we needed more connection to recover and in the 2nd half things changed argentina play the 1st match of the tournament on saturday against columbia argentina legend diego maradona has stepped down from his latest coaching job due to health concerns the 986 world cup winner is leaving his role at mexican club there are those who say najla so he can have operations on his shoulder and need a 2nd tier team reached to play off finals during maradona's 9 months in charge
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america's gary woodland holds a 2 shot lead after the 2nd round of golf u.s. open in pebble beach california woodland who is still looking for his 1st major title fired a bogey free round of 65 to move to 9 on the pa a snatch leader from justin rose meanwhile it wasn't a good day for the masters champion tiger woods who finished his round with back to back bogeys and is non shots off the pace as he chases the 16th major title. you know i've been in this position before i was in the you know last year in august belle reve and you know it didn't come out where i wanted to but i learned a lot from that i learned a lot i don't have to be perfect with my ball striking because i have other things i can pick me up and that's that's been a huge confidence boost for me no one i don't have to play perfect and i can still contend and still have a good chance to win. australia's
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cricketers have made a slow start after being put into battle bus sri lanka the oval in london after 20 overs they've reached 93 for one david one of the wicket to fall such as this other games the south africa take on afghanistan all the anticipation is building across the cricket world for sunday's match between rivals that india and pakistan is not being ideal preparation for either side are going into the game pakistan were forced to train indoors at old trafford imagist india's game on thursday against new zealand was abandoned the due to the wet weather focused on were beaten by australia in their last group match and are needing a victory to keep alive any realistic hopes of qualifying for the semifinals. while the and spacious building back home as well because of the tensions between the 2 nations they don't face it to the outside of the major tournaments while fans
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in islamabad have seen their side move the last 2 matches against their biggest rivals. i have wore the side when. we were very excited when we watched all the matches in the previous world cup which australia won we are happy because our actual competition is with india with a rivalry as with india and hopefully they will be defeated. while the global audience for the match is expected to be around $1000000000.00 people the cricket academy in delhi will be skipping practice on sunday to watch the game indian fans are still smarting after losing the final of the champions trophy to pakistan in 2017. dollars of water to be able to cook it has been a source of entertainment and enjoyment for people of both nations so when one team loses the other remains under a lot of pressure in the next match because of that pressure india pakistan she's always so intent was. heavyweight boxer tyson fury is hoping to impress u.s.
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fans as he returns to the ring and last vegas on such a british fighter was twice knocked down during his controversial draw was the answer while learned some cheery weight in add 119 q no 0 for his bottle with germany's thomas watson and will have a big advantage of 12 kilograms on his opponents if your it comes through this challenge his set for a rematch with the american and another shot at the world title. that's nice paul for we'll have more later on but for now nick sort of thanks very much we'll see you later and finally before we go hundreds of women across switzerland been running for equality they took to the streets over what they say is an unacceptably slow pace in improving women's rights that it's what's the 2nd national strike of its kind the last time was 28 years ago back then there were no females at all in the swiss government women in switzerland still around 20 percent less than men.
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are that's it this news has a secret will be up with a full half hour of news in just 10 minutes for me to talk to i mean it's about you know. we're making millions per month awful thing taxes i was losing. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis millions of dollars a year it's like the greatest job that you could ever imagine getting without putting any of your own capital or best who was in because of the storm and drove
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millions of workers into unemployment i said. we need immediately i mean true the man who stole the world coming soon. as governments tale to cut emissions scientists are proposing drastic measures to save the planet. people in power ways technological endeavors to counter humanity's pollutants against the risks of further meddling with the environment do you ever feel like this is playing god it's actually quite unsettling and quite frankly makes me quite anxious. clyne attack us on our just iraq. that's. bottles in cameroon. on. plastic
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everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing boats. and bubble gum wellington boots what more can be done with this plague of palmas. reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera. we will adopt the most sincere and humble attitude criticisms hong kong's latest suspends work on a controversial extradition more that's led to massive protests demonstrations will go on. a lot and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up iran's president
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threatens to stop complying with its nuclear deal if the signatories don't show what he calls positive signals. the deadly battle for land we look at the conflict between herders and farmers causing a rise in ethnic fighting in west africa. and thousands of brazilians take to the streets to protest the president's pension reform. law hong kong's plans for a new extradition law are being suspended after a week of mass protests and the threat of more the territory's chief executive kerry lamb made. announcement after meeting legislators for several hours she says they considered widespread public opposition to the proposal that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china hundreds of thousands of people protested in large crowds gathered outside the legislative council on wednesday and
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forced a 2nd vote to be postponed i feel deep sorrow and regret that the deficiencies in our work and various other factors have stirred up substantial control facilities and a spilt in society following the relatively calm periods of the past 2 years this appointing many people we will adopt the most sincere and humble attitude to us after criticisms and make improvements so that we can continue to connect with the people off hong kong it's called is live in hong kong scott is this a partial victory then for protesters. yeah i guess you could say a partial victory you know they're all from the goal is to get this bill killed it's something that been fighting for they've also they've come out today as well protest leaders yes obviously killing the bill but also they are calling renewing calls for kerry to resign and they're still going to gary carry out their march on
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sunday so those are the nonsense coming from that side you know we heard that from from kerry is also interesting the ministry of foreign affairs in beijing they put out a statement today supporting kerry lamb and her decision to suspend the bill and that they are kind of a tag line that they usually put out china chinese government in situations like this they said this is an internal chinese matter any foreign governments or entities should not be meddling in hong kong's affairs last china's affairs so that coming out from china today but also during a press conference earlier was this because she said yes it's being delayed it's not being killed this bill but she says they're going to incorporate all points of view when they move forward. also repeated internal deliberations over the last 2 days i now announce that the government has decided to suspend a legislative amendment exercise restocked all communication with all sectors of society do more explanation work and listen to different views of society i
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want to stress that the government is adopting an open mind to heat comprehensively different views in society toss the bill so the hong kong chief executive there making it clear that she will listen to everyone's views on this but the protesters have made it clear that they will not give up their fight until it's removed completely so the question remains where to both sides go from here. we'll have them for sure what's going to happen on sunday are will see thousands of people take to the streets again in hong kong you know the protest leadership said they're going to move forward with that that's something that they plan a couple days ago even before this announcement from kerry lamb that it's going to happen on sunday and they're going to keep calling for this bill to be scrapped and keep calling for her to resign so those are the way that the protest is going to move forward we've also heard from opposition leaders here too in the legislative council they are also not going to give up this fight but on the flip side the
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kerry lamb is saying that they're still going to go forward with this bill obviously they're retooling the way they're going to do it the approach as we heard her say they're going to bring in more points of view she said that she was sad the way things unfold over the past week that there was a miscalculation on their part and how they presented this bill there was some miscommunication so they're not they're going to change the way they communicate this bill but they're not going to scrap it so that continues but then as we'll see tomorrow thousands of people take to the streets so yes again the protesters will also continue with that side you have a want to see what happens with that for them is can hardly lifeless in hong kong. iran's president has said rouhani says his country will continue to pull back from its nuclear deal commitments as others have not been making progress on the issue he was speaking at a summit in istanbul where heads of more than 30 countries discussing economic and security challenges in the asian region burnet smith has more from. iran's
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president hassan rouhani has essentially strengthened and reiterated an ultimatum given back in may a 60 day ultimatum but said unless world powers gave iran some relief from u.s. economic sanctions iran would start. and reaching uranium at a higher level again this is all because the united states last year with itself you know actually from this joint agreement saw iran selling and reducing the enrichment of uranium in return for relief from sanctions the u.s. pulling out about how really really hurt iran's economy. it's necessary that other countries contribution to the survival of this important agreement with our good will and strategic tolerance on one hand and the united states lawlessness on the other hand it's been proven to everyone in the islamic republic of iran while announcing its readiness for any interaction has decided to reduce its obligations
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under paragraph $26.36 of the plan of action to restore balance huddle on the sidelines of the meeting we saw in time on a lot of the turkish russian leaders to talk about earlier this week a turkish military observation post in northwestern syria was shelled the turks are blaming russian syrian forces about the russians they know it was anti assad forces there is a very fragile ceasefire in northwestern syria that is being managed by the russians and the turks so a lot of those 2 leaders to try and come to agreement on and also we know that. after the mayor has met with the iranian president hassan rouhani that's the 1st time they've met since the blockade of qatar by other gulf countries started 2 years ago cats are now increasing reliance on access to the iranian space under reining in trade routes because it's cut off from those facilities that it had promised from other gulf countries and the u.s.
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president has made his view clear but not everyone is ready to join him in blaming iran over the explosions of board 2 tankers in the gulf of oman one of the ships well arrive in a u.a.e. port later on saturday iran denies involvement and several key powers say no one should jump to conclusions 100 volt reports from the armani captain. what or who is to blame for the explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. blames iran and they released this video purporting to show iran sort of a gods removing an unexploded limpet mine from the japanese old kuta courageous the timestamp according to the americans shows it happened after the vessel scraw had been askew well iran didn't do it and do you know they did it because you saw the load i guess one of the mines didn't explode and it probably got essentially iran written all over it and you sort of voted no trying to take that mind off and
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successfully took that mind off the boat and that was exposed that was a boat that will damn. near didn't want the evidence left behind i guess they don't know that we have a signature we could be perfect in the dark that worked very well russia and germany say the video released inconclusive and the incident requires further investigation iranian leaders accuse the us of what they call diplomacy against the country. speaking at a gathering of eurasia leaders in kyrgyzstan iranian president hassan rouhani said the u.s. is pushing and they going to see if stops that cannot be tolerated. as the government of the united states over the last 2 years using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over all the norms and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world. and the war of words the japanese owner of one of the
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ships has cast doubts on the u.s. claim that mines were used he said the ships a lot of soft flying objects before the explosion this for analysts hard evidence is kept but intentions on the one side or the other are easy to gain your on may well one to prove that if squeezed it can hit back by dissipating oil supplies through the strait of hormuz the u.s. leaders on the other hand have long shown their desire to punish iran for its alleged nuclear ambitions one analyst says whoever is behind the attack incident has given the u.s. a perfect opportunity but i think it's pretty clear that the united states administration is really rushing to judgment there is quite a bit of cynicism out there are young people who are trying to read the messages from pompei oh a lot of people think this is possibly a little too convenient given that there are some in washington some in
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certain countries in the region that want to see the tensions between the u.s. and iran remain really high some of those countries are iran a sunni muslim neighbors saudi arabia and the united arab emirates in addition to israel but there is no telling what a war on iran could cause to the region gulf nations have much to do is if a major war breaks out if in the north of the country and i could find itself in the crossfire because of its location other nations such as the united arab emirates may well let me think before encouraging a conflict not good and the economy prosperity. and disease must come. of francois and nikolay is a former french ambassador to iran he says what's being put forth by the us is inconclusive we're still missing the smoking gun that out of course circumstantial presumptions let's say. if only because the range and of iranian
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officials have repeatedly stated that if they could not export their all oil this would not go without consequences are and we are exactly in this in this state in this situation at the moment but smoking gun or not yet the law still the possibility that if it's a remote depends on everyone's judgment that it could be a false flag operation i don't think the brink of war the moment not yet you know one has to keep in mind in fact that donald trump and president trump wants some kind of agreement.


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