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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 15, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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but i think it closed down because of the came and it was the way the reals and we couldn't keep having the rail so the whole thing completely got destroyed basic right. i remember riding the local tack ichigo railway from here deep into the mountains where the trains used to sort of basically stay in their sidings before they go out from here to talk to cheat on the local railway but it's completely gone i mean there's nothing left of it basically and you would almost not know it existed if you didn't know it had been here it's really quite sad. we're sitting here in a railway carriage from the tac it she hero way but it stuck in a cafe it's never going to move again do you feel sad about. what i feel they're going to mixed feeling of course i feel a little bit sad because it's not running in war but now at the same time it's kept
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here as it was if you were transported back today to your childhood on the ticket you know right away what can you tell us about what you were seeing and hearing the sounds and smell and sight to paint us a picture while yeah maybe i think of my shoes and stand on the seat and see you know who's coming ok or there's very crowded and the conductor. comes and check the ticket. the smell is kind of. thing. greece i could feel the shake of the engine. and it's kind of a. curve it's open the windows sometimes you can hear the voice in summer time i could hear the announcement and yeah the next one you know.
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i always had like a really deep voice yeah. you know walk on the platform i felt kind of stable. and relieve it in a sense and here we are. you made it yeah. you know not. as if. that was a little when you thought you did. but it. was good to do it but it is over. mr tommy tucker invites me to speak to students in one of the classes where i used
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to teach english i'm sorry for a crash in your english class. well it's great i was teaching here 15 years ago as an l.t. in high school how old were you at 1997 to 99. 00. great so you were born just as i arrived. that's not that's that's depressing to hear takes the train sometimes on the weekend on holiday if anybody take the train. has anybody been on the bullet train the shinkansen. he doesn't write here about him no he hasn't reached me as i could yet maybe maybe. maybe one day you will have your own bullet train coming to me as i to not be ok in particular so this is the one place called japan by rail. tunnel she moved me home.
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why are you laughing. and the very nice. i see you've been talking about a monkey falling from a tree. i'm wondering what that's about. and then the more i thought about the problem the more difficult it was for me to solve it. last i gave up no that's not that's not the culture of going back day somebody must like the opposite of this phrase though that you must always carry on never give up because you can always create your dream. nice to me. super super super super super bowl. super bowl super super bowl food. model.
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see how hard. i travel to walk in central japan where i've heard about a railway line that was on the brink of closure until they came up with a unique solution to their financial was a cat. 11 a business card with. the symbol of the railway the cat on it just. such although. i must buy. can you tell us about why this cat is so important to you other some kids you know not number 2 that's not up. to your eyes it's a. it's a month. first. time a charm has helped revitalize the railway by bringing in tourists from japan and
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across asia tamar is more than just a cat she's a marketing phenomenon. but tamar is ill a new station master can't need tama number 2 is being groomed to replace her so we haven't seen the can't yet but can you. show me where your cat is and. this. right here ok. i don't. need on my tongue. i think like for a minute some of you know it at some point yes or no the time incident was not used to getting the cats out using. the warning at all you know not running around not going to be discovered so. you know i'm going up but it's over this and i miss. how much i'm going to.
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the nearby oil gal railway is another local line under threat and here again train tourism seems to be the answer this time instead of a cat the steam locomotive is the main attraction akira sure i a former executive at the oil gal railway has been campaigning to preserve both the steam locomotive and the local line on which it runs for more than 40 years. i 1st met mr wright 10 years ago when writing my book how are you doing how old are you now. and he t it's wrong we will reach 90 do you remember meeting. not. to know more they were not there at all except to dream but. don't touch me among our men and sing with him on the skin of this game or the fundamental.
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thing about him. if i take you up young paysite my. mind is a man in me that no thanks much. thanks to my. cock . you cannot in the muslim take what you need most with their own hands and just go. in as much as you can tell by the kennel simple snoozed and that's much no one talking and no car that. was only a couple there's no consul you can run in the room and the milk left the. basket. some. in. the water some not in it.
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the. crown brahma down on this hill these fellows of time i see. this right how would you feel you give away clothes it. hurts my good next but it's impossible to avoid more faith in possible to avoid closing yes because. money there's a scene with. joyce here is the. right to give her the main. trains are just reflecting upon the kind of things that are occurring
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around it you are losing your population your rule local economy is not doing well it is not the train that you must 1st look at it is the overall environment that surrounds the train connections tom he called 20 good she is a special advisor to japanese prime minister shinzo ab a train lovers especially nostalgic certainly about the last lines about the greater perspective i think is the one that one must look at in the ninety's in the last decade or so it seems that japan has lost its way a bit when it comes to innovation and innovative technology that's right that's right that's one of the greatest anxieties and concerns for many and the deflationary environment it's almost like. you're going through a slow death process your self-esteem your self if it is see yourself have gone
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down so it's very much important for you to boost the collective psyche especially the among the young people in order for them to become innovative. it's 1964 and japan receives a huge post-war boost with the launch of the shinkansen. one has. no the. terro is she makes history by driving the 1st bullet train from osaka to tokyo he breaks the high speed world record and it's proof that japan is back on the world stage 70 june in this. new home. more. than saving the assassin. towards ascension in the high single you home. to. the shuttle in
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japan national railways was under pressure from the government to keep the top speed to well under 200 kilometers an hour. less than 31 but. $200.00 looking on. monday. march. the up on the way. to more moderate in the said i. consent. keith i hear the forum on your home. she will i've always wanted to try my hand at driving a bullet train and the opportunity comes with a simulator at a japan railway's museum this is the author this is the xo back all the way ok.
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they were all. is there an emergency stop button in the bin the butchery. there is no emergency stop in the simulator so we start this on speed. as it was released. because being on camera the. brake brakes are going to break no sorry because. i was i. took a. place very realistic this is not going to do this now is this ok you have to brake slowly brake slowly yeah there's stuff that prays that where we can affect me if i can i'll try to stop. it's all going to make it the least the very phrase the. latter made it to the finish i can't believe it was so close that marks out of 10 for my performance 1010 out of 10 or 8 out of 16 out of 16 of us in the.
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effort and that's ok for a 1st time i guess ok thank you very much thank you it's driving a high speed train could soon become a thing of the past japan is already building the next generation by its speed trains the maglev this magnetically levitating driverless train runs on a cushion of air at speeds of over 500 kilometers an hour and will shorten the journey time between tokyo and osaka from 2 and a half hours to just one hour. travelling to times. oh yeah. this is. true. now we've switched me and you can feel the difference that you thought change my russian. the speed. of fire and the calm.
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there's that top speed i. want. to double the speed of the bullet for a. racing. car. please . come back for. 2 seconds to get out this is. as amazing as the maglev is impressive and innovative technology but it's a far cry from the adventure and sense of journey i felt traveling around japan by train and i wonder if investing in ultra high speed driverless trains linking megacities is really what japan as a whole needs as its rural railway lines a closing. we were on the this book train there the scroll news blog top of the
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bullet train entrance to the carriage started flashing the time of the station master cat in key she station in like a number turns out died. in the tower don't just go. to work around the. corner was another straw in my. school but i knew one day you yes yes see you know all nobody else could. do was on. your own was not money doesn't it to send up on the good old true woman also mcguigan are you looking you with joy. thank you. and. after decades of being programmed with instructions data hungry computers can out on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior. artificial
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intelligence. movement. and decide on our future the big picture decodes the world according to ai and exposes the bias inside the machine to on al-jazeera. they wanted $43000000000.00 with a weapon that was $6000000000.00 pounds in commission. there is no hope of any more because there's always a small hole of people for really really good mistakes. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fighting each other that we've been told that we can still hear this is the largest demonstration that's been to hell i will direct you g.'s since over 700000
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of the live near the summit our largest losers on the planet oh dear all they think of the copy plus the. al-jazeera english proud recipient of the new crystals broadcast of the year award of the sylvia running. 11 o'clock in the hall the top stories here on al-jazeera and hong kong's plans for a controversial new extradition law are being suspended now after a week of mass protests and the threat of more territories chief executive that's kerry lamb says legislators have considered widespread public opposition to the proposal that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china large crowds gathered outside the legislative council on wednesday in force to say but people spoke. i feel deep sorrow and regret that the deficiencies in our work
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and various other factors have stirred up substantial controversies and a spilt in society following the relatively calm periods of the past 2 years this appointing many people we will adopt the most sincere and humble attitude just sapped criticisms and make improvements so that we can continue to connect with the people off hong kong iran's president hassan rouhani says his country will continue to pull back from its nuclear deal commitments and as others haven't been making progress on the issue he was speaking at a summit in 2 g. christan where heads of more than 30 countries are discussing economic and security challenges in the asian region vaccination campaigns for measles and other diseases have been suspended in the city of bunia in the democratic republic of congo the city borders uganda the ministry of health says 5 new cases of
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a bone were found in bunia health services say they will prioritize the bola vaccine until it's eradicated but on friday the world health organization decided not to declare an international public health emergency. thousands of protesters have gathered in the algerian capital for the 17th week in a row this time to celebrate the arrest of a fishelson linked to the ousted president of the u.k. and several former officials and business men of being taken into custody as part of a corruption case protesters are demanding the removal of what they call the clan and . princesses in brazil kept their promise to hold a 24 hour strike can continue demonstrations into friday nights they're angry about a proposal to raise the retirement age the government says the changes are needed to stop the country from sliding into a recession you have to date with the headlines got more news coming up right off the outer correspondent.
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the. the the. i said one line from. oh yes it's like a fiend from. the the even to sound off the train all trains my to toe to toe to toe this was always ready people to feel was like music
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for me it's like going in a theater it's a continuous flow which moves itself. the. the the the the really. been a long time could skin so is a swiss monk who showed me the holy mountain of course son 10 years ago so how long is it from here to the temple how you can speak about time in the paradise this is cocoa how could y'all didn't you take the train we did not invent a. cable car this is called. bridge to the planet dies do you take the train a lot when you when you leave. only take the train our mind self it's like a train that everything passes it stops when you think oh it should not be days
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straight always should be that way we are traveling all this body and then reason your body and the next body we are always stumbling what you can't know but then you think in japan there's a this too much focus on high speed and getting there 1st and fine. that's what you're saying there's nothing wrong nothing wrong with high speed trains you know for me let's say. the technology it's incredible i have to take the train i have to take the al plane and so on so why shall i not enjoy it when i use it. which employs he from this one i guess one is good as your temple yeah day very nice people ignore it as your temple surely what are you talking each temple is good each temple is bad but sometimes that's beyond value is the only we always in life we try to make contrasts and comparisons but you should give it up this makes the suffering in the world it will
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not change immediately. i love my lesson more than 200 sounds and stuporous are here present they don't know exactly maybe 300000 small and weeks until. this says nothing kind to go wrong its. even the local railway has its own memorial here on the corner sun roof fusion of not sure of them and you'll see even the manmade things are turns from through the nature it has a sense of attorney is going on he's going on is going on.
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you know we're going to return now to something we talked and i get oh not go. get it did come out you're going to not scream i said the morning that they're going to they're going to be on that she goes up so she got. into my. world city in the world. and this time i knew then going on sam myself ok you had heard. about it makes you think i know you don't wish dead i know tandoori. you know stick a function for how does it feel how does the exact thing that happened i started important question just think time thought it can fax you comito is a writer who explores the history of punctuality and the japanese railways can you paint a picture of how significant the impact of the railway has been for japanese society
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. take up do you know short of the at the what that might be going you know in the market not known but a great sound that. you know kind that they're they're already for you or they're not on the day that damper on their book you'll give them. their food isn't like yeah can you calculate it for the bill i 2nd the next for you i know you go out to do the we know. they're from the hive you made it through your doctor who one minute i thought you know you count on that that you've been a myth. train. i mean i just think that i mean time i don't know. that i didn't only homeless. dog on the thought that i think i'm often not nice and that.
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i mean they are there. at the but the. but. when there is going to be for everything and you know. and. i think i have. a crucial element to this just in time culture is the timetable a monthly publication that includes every train line in the country one man who knows the challenge of creating this complex book is the timetable editor. number one claim one colonel. simply as your other one of your.
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you got talking out of it i thought i saw you know this how does it feel to be the keeper of this timetable widely considered to be the bible of the railway system and for railway fans. for the most. there are. not a single tacl to one if you know about it. and i hung up the swings can you tell us from your timetable when is the next cian consent to come by. because. they're. going to say and go to the depo it's not in the timetable of fortunately. for them and they could actually. do all we could have to cook your posts.
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how does it feel to see a doctor yellowed. initiatives and. more lucky it isn't there. some of them with us to go to. see our thing not to do anything else. at all. musical to do tonight on us dr yellow a special bullet train that checks for problems on the track has taken on an almost mythical status in japan and shows how for some the love of the railways borders on obsession. so i'm waiting for super bells who's famous in japan for his ability to recreate railway sounds and he's a pop musician rapper in his own right and he's coming here to perform in
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a collaboration with mr mcconnell who's studio we're in and they're both big railway founders. some of you know there's a lot of love thank you so much. yeah
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during those i will say. this on the whole. she did tell you stumbled over it all but i want to save up as do i smuggled. so i got all the list she goes. so.
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in the evening i meet up with super bells at the keyhole bar for a live performance of a train where they were trained by well you're not trained and you're welcome inside this train like a 2nd and gourmet canned food which is a contradiction to what was going to go. over the question if you know i thought my head. turned to a good voice to look good to see my smile my muskie on a muscle you. can see who's on the field and. i know it's going to get by as much and put some of that country looks. like reading for the railfan the king have come in for a beer and maybe a bit of a. risk roll through the 2008 november timetable just to read if the old times oh yes i'll come out in the car. when you know the whole hour and all special
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guests got the call i must say oh superbad is this is it you may not group it well that's what. new new new new do you junior has. moved on to. look you. who are. you. sure. it's.
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yuko kimura also known as screen idol is a t.v. personality who dresses like a railway conductor she's invited me to meet at a railway themed is one of the most bizarre moments like a cross-section of different cultures the japanese entertainment industry meets trains. there we're going to see on the table it's going to be like. 5050. have you wondering. if you're there with the what's your message is i don't think it's going to get the money or the cool and i'm going to come where you know you are in the mine and then when i saw the latest news you know this was. the. tension the mocking the no no you just you know it's not a sound that got or how i might think. this is
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that a given i. cannot walk into the school when i don't see how the who does it does it is. this so because again they're fine even. more so. it's good that. the law does live in the me on the one of the good thought or the good of the same needs or something that's declared and this is what. i know not disliking nor come amid this current who said oh yes so there's always old. thinking of the it is so this is actually doing every trade everything i mention she's ready to. have you on you know my mother because she their core to settle down they are busy also tied up on this and then they got up also got this house get through to them it was on is it they want it the most they're. there to do the one or several dozen. and while this is all that without beginning in number of
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local full height there was a car you know from the daiichi militant underscore right here on the kind of look to the law a little here meticulous i can muster you know i don't know if it took us. fascination with the railway goes well beyond pop culture interest in trains also permeates modern japanese literature one of japan's best known novelists economy sets one of his recent novels that shinjuku station in tokyo. camorra gives guided tours of the platform for more economy fans i want to mention i got multiple. associates and he claimed that according. to their dancing got their. dancing wasn't that. they want to see why they put on this at all
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what i think you are slowing them finalist i devalue what i call thought their pull . on all sorts of the shit out of them they said that i'm looking to fill it up and from this angle to the focus and not going out to sea. on all the time just going up and just got a. look i thought this must get out the. people to come not that. difficult to find out if i want to go to the cinema not go for the whole lot if they could you know you could pull the plug on the front companies and i'll dance at the mall you know on the 9th or this and little pick up you know .
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this is the 1st time we're going north of tokyo one is often seen as somewhat of a back trip to paris much more rural a new territory. some high rise buildings in tokyo many. poets' matsuo basho called this journey the narrow road to the deep north an area known for its beautiful but dangerous natural environment and a place still struggling to reconstruct following the 2011 earthquake and tsunami which wiped out communities towns and railway lines. will summon shima moto was driving a local train on the sanriku railway the day the earth quake struck.
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mistaking i will take over to her sister where she. is seen. from this time. and this. congress today because india. got out of the saying from all this and that a lot of. the kind of want to hide. and this and not in the last day or 2 and i mean the hearts of the knew that they were. going to get innocent. tomato to me. to sing i didas it took exxon or you gentlemen to get it and get it. into a notice you'll have to let it go get some of the what you have said what i do for them but. i squat about another.
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2 months and you know whom are doing something. wrong and together like that it is just end up with you and if you got caught in this call has got to if you took one look. a lot of her friends were here as was the station in. this. economy muscle. and i mean you know body. parts of the sound recoup were completely destroyed and rebuilding it was a crucial symbol of recovery for the region. of oregon but they're going to let us settle down. but despite all the reconstruction including massive and controversial seawalls many other rail lines have been left abandoned.
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not that far down this way you hit the coastline and i remember writing about it being the most spectacular journey you could almost find anywhere in the country to be able to ride the rails within 2 meters of the water's edge japan ryo has said that it will reopen this line in 2018 minutes covered in we there's bits of track lying around. it's rusting away. i'm not talking vince a baseline is something that anybody wants to invest money in reopening. i leave the north behind and head back to tokyo on my way to walk a yama to attend the funeral of thomas chan the stationmaster cat. my dog
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nurse the court here i am the leader of. the feel or. look at the crowds of people who have gathered in front of this train say don't feel up to much you will notice that something i'm going to talk to you once you move was a manner that makes me think that such a. thing now did nothing happen is gone i don't care it's still not enough. we just reminded me she station wuky hammer and i'm smack in the behind of the people but going to be so many people in the station there is a perfect. several 1000 people including the national media attend tammas funeral with messages sent from across japan. how much a is
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a symbol of peace and see if you still mind but can the working yama electric railway continue to flourish under a new cat station must it makes you know who could head of the railway is up to mystic at that much on the go i mean to go to new york then the whole dozen all possibly human there you go she said and you're done. i just didn't know that but i said i want to sing that they you know and. if your story is a monday of you and interfere ok. ok though. i don't know i'm open of it it would be easy to conclude that tema chance of death is somehow a metaphor for the state of the railway in japan today with so many lines struggling to survive and so much being invested in an ultra high speed future linking megacities 2 but leaving much of the rest of the country behind the truth is as ever more complex. japan is a country where people
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a passionate about their railway and a fighting to preserve it for themselves and for future generations having experienced both the rule railway and high speed i hope that is japan makes decisions about its future the one will not be neglected for the other. night on the galactic railroad is a well known short story by japanese author kenji me as. it's a lyrical metaphor for our journey through life. joyous voices resound it throughout the train and from far off in the cold distance of space came the sound of a trumpet blowing. and then the glass flute blew and the train began moving and a silver mist obscured the scene so they could see no more. i've
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always been fascinated by space but the story of the space race isn't just about the man who risked their lives to travel into the unknown but the ones who held those lives in that. the grandfather and his colleagues worked on the space suits they designed the space suits apollo 11 was his triumph. and the perfectly designed space suits his legacy putting man on the moon on al-jazeera.
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the web sponsored by cateye always. hello again welcome back to international weather forecast for here across parts of paraguay and europe way over the next few days we are looking at a flooding situation all dealing with this band of clouds right here now in this area we could typically see in the next 48 hours anywhere between 100 to pos 175 millimeters of rainfall across much of this area and as you notice this doesn't really leave this location so a lot of the rains could be falling in the same location here for what is it is it is going to be a rainy day at 16 degrees and also rainy up here towards the pas with a chilly 12 degrees for you well cross parts of the caribbean it is still a very quiet hurricane season across the region we are in the middle of june here
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the 1st month of the hurricane season and we're looking at most a cloudy conditions across much of the area not a lot of rain out here towards the east but plenty of rain here across parts of the southern area of central america that will continue over the next few days but notice the rain to the north as we get towards sunday very heavy rain across parts of cuba as well as into the bahamas as well where across much of the united states we are looking at some very heavy rain across much of the northeast in the next couple of days the storm system is going to bring some very heavy rain across parts come back ontario as well as across much of the great lakes but down towards the south it is going to be warm with elana attempt of $29.00. the weather. time and lays. bare bones vehicles harvesting every pick you take every click you make collecting everything to all the waves most of. the 1st time to watch the what. we blame the victims think is the 1st civilian.
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can be our creators. are we are. the engineers. busy or. this is al jazeera. and other on the clock this is the news hour live from doha coming up the next 60 minutes on cause me to suspend a controversial extradition bill off the mass protests but the opposition is calling people back to the streets. iran's president threatens to pull back a commitment to its nuclear deal of other countries to ensure positive signals. the
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battle for life as we take a look at the conflict between herders and farmers in northwestern nigeria. and then for brazil get their complimentary campaign off to winning start this by the absence of their injured son and mom and the host people maybe at. the opening match. so in hong kong the plans for a controversial new extradition laws are being put on hold after weeks of mass protests but opposition groups say the still worried about the government's direction a 1000000 people came out last sunday and protests throughout the week for c. perspire meant the 2nd reading of the bill the territories chief executive kerry held a meeting with pro b.g. legislators for several hours on saturday before announcing the background
9:50 pm
also repeated internal deliberations over the last 2 days i now announce that the government has decided to suspend the legislative amendment exercise restocked all communication with all sectors of society do more explanation work and listen to different views of society. i want to stress that a gunman is adopting an open mind to heat comprehensively different views in society toss the bill but it seems her comments were not enough to satisfy protesters who say they still plan to go ahead with a mass rally on sunday well let's speak now to scott hughley is live for us in hong kong so it's got caroline buying to pressure but it's only a pull isn't and this is about much more now than just one bill it's. absolutely neck and yet this is a pause it's not a killing of this controversial extradition bill obviously that's partially good
9:51 pm
news for these protesters they want to disrupt the process for this bill but obviously they want to kill it so they're not completely celebrating yet and as you mentioned yes there will be another march tomorrow sunday here in hong kong central bank on moving from a park over to here where the seat of government is now why this is such a controversial situation why we've seen such an outcry such polarization here in hong kong it's because yes what the bill says it's where where people can be extradited from hong kong to mainland china but it's also viewed more as a further erosion to the identity of hong kong beijing exerting more power and more control over the territory here so that's why we're seeing such big numbers that's why we're seeing it's a polarisation with the people here in hong kong and as china looks in to hong kong and this this back down what will be the view about what's going on how much of a hand would they have had in trying to get this bill through in the 1st place.
9:52 pm
well they i mean they're part and parcel they're they they're referred to here by the government of hong kong as essential authority so they everything goes through them and they did make a statement today saying that they supported kerry lem's decision to suspend the bill this is an internal matter for china they said that people outside the country don't really need to bother themselves with that essentially how they view this i mean it is any way you look at it it is a walk back because they've suspended the bill but they said publicly that they're supporting her decision to do so but she was meeting with pro beijing lawmakers here so obviously they are in direct direct and constant contact i would imagine with beijing so it would be viewed i'm sure inside as a walk back because that's really what it is but what's important is going to how things are going to move forward again she says the bill suspended not. relieve the time being scott hyla reporting for us that's enough remember. leader of the
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democratic party in hong kong and spent nearly 25 years as a legislator and she says that despite lymes announcement many in home cole will still be unhappy. people want to just kill the bill we don't want it we don't want to sort hanging over our heads and that is what it is that was so i think many people are going to be very dissatisfied it's offend fundamental issues of 2 different systems in hong kong we have the rule of law independent judiciary protection of human rights with a mainland china is complete lawlessness that's right a people feel barry very unsafe if you send somebody back there at the trial you cannot guarantee the president of the get a fair trial so it's not a communication from what she said it's not us of course the protests will continue tomorrow and i don't know how many hundreds of thousands will turn out some may be
9:54 pm
a bit relaxed that have been just not pushing ahead or a boat next week in the legislative perhaps or the matter fact of the matter is they have been negotiating with the mainland authorities but with 20 years about rendition a range friends and got nowhere and so so long as the 2 legal systems are so different so long as you cannot guarantee a person sent back would if their trial it's very difficult to have a deal i don't know is not a communication problem one country 2 systems is really crumbled and so do all our freedoms and the rule of law that's what really very comes up it's not just the spirit but the whole promise of one country 2 systems seem to be slipping away and the one a colonial power grid ted is doing precious little so that's why we have to link to the international community immunity to speak out on our behalf. bring in some
9:55 pm
breaking news now from sudan where the former president i will bashir could be brought before a court within weeks royce's is reporting the chief prosecutor says that the former president will be referred to trial unless he files an appeal in the next 7 days he also said that 41 criminal cases have been opened against members of bashes administration exactly who those members are we don't yet know but of course we will bring you hear the very latest as soon as we have that information so sudan's chief prosecutor saying that former president bashir has one week to file an appeal in his case before he will be referred to trial iran's president hassan rouhani says his country will continue to pull back from its nuclear deal commitments because other countries according to terror on have not been making progress on the issue he was speaking at a summit into stone where heads of more than 30 countries are discussing economic and security challenges in the asian region but it's with has more now from. iran's
9:56 pm
president hassan rouhani has essentially strengthened and reiterated an ultimatum given back in may a 60 day ultimatum that said unless world powers gave iran some relief from u.s. economic sanctions iran would start. and reaching uranium at a higher level again this is all because the united states last year we drew itself unilaterally from this joint agreement that saw iran selling and reducing the enrichment of uranium in return for relief from sanctions the u.s. pulling out about how to really really hurt iran's economy. it's necessary that other countries contribution to the survival of this important agreement with our good will and strategic tolerance on one hand and the united states lawlessness on the other hand it's been proven to everyone in the islamic republic of iran while announcing its readiness for any interaction has decided to reduce its obligations
9:57 pm
under paragraph $26.36 of the plan of action to restore balance huddle on the sidelines of the meeting we saw a lot of near putin time on a lot of the turkish and russian leaders to talk about earlier this week it's a military observation post in northwestern syria was shelled the turks are blaming russian backed syrian forces about the russians they know it was anti assad forces there is a very fragile cease fire in northwestern syria that is being managed by the russians and the turks so a lot of those 2 leaders to try and come to agreement on and also we know that come to them it has meant to be a rainy and president hassan rouhani that's the 1st time they've met since the blockade of the other gulf countries started 2 years ago council now increasing reliance on access to the iranian space on the iranian trade routes because it's cut off from those facilities that it had promised from other gulf countries. the
9:58 pm
u.s. . president has made his view clear but not everybody is ready to join him in blaming iran over the explosions aboard to tank it in the gulf one of the ships is due to arrive in a u.a.e. port later on saturday iran denies involvement and says and several say no one should jump to conclusions reports now from the money come. what or who is to blame for the explosions on board 2 tankers in the gulf of oman the u.s. planes iraq and they released this video purporting to show iran a sort of a gods removing an unexploded limpet mine from the japanese old kuta courageous the timestamp according to the americans shows it happened after the vessels crew had been askew well ron didn't do it and do you know they did it because you saw that load i guess one of the mines didn't explode and it probably got essentially run written all over it and you sort of voted no trying to take the mine off and
9:59 pm
successfully took the mine off the boat and that was exposed that was a boat that will damn. near didn't want the evidence left behind i guess they don't know that we have a signature we can detect in the dark it works very well. russia and germany say the video at least inconclusive and the requires further investigation iranian leaders accuse the us of what they call diplomacy against a country. speaking at a gathering of eurasia leaders in kyrgyzstan iranian president hassan rouhani said the u.s. is pushing and aggressive stance that cannot be tolerated. as the government of the united states over the last 2 years using economic and military capacity and is creating an aggressive approach the united states has stepped over all the norms and regulations of the international community and has created new threats for the region and the world. and in the war of words the japanese owner of one of the
10:00 pm
ships has cast doubts on the u.s. claim that mines were used he said the ships a lot of soft flying objects before the explosion for analysts hard evidence is can't but intentions on the one side or the other are easy to get each year on may well one to prove that if squeezed it can hit back by dissipating oil supplies through the strait of hormuz the u.s. leaders on the other hand have long shown their desire to punish iran for its alleged nuclear ambitions one analyst says whoever is behind the attack incident has given the u.s. a perfect opportunity but i think it's pretty clear that the united states administration is really rushing to judgment there is quite a bit of cynicism out there are among people who are trying to read the messages from palm bay oh a lot of people think this is possibly a little to convene.


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