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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:34pm +03

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played the significance of these drone strikes but in return they rushed to urge the international community to stand by them in condemning the attacks in a bid to stop us from carrying more strikes this shows the moment a cruise missile hit airport when starr who things have labeled it a strategic enemy target one of $300.00 they plan to bomb several saudi airports have been targeted in the past year including the king international airport in the capital riyadh it's part of a grand plan by the rebel group it's a skill a ship is tensions have risen between iran the u.s. and its gulf allies. every day we have a goal and we will not rush to bumble the targets to bomb the talk is that we think we must bomb and a specific time we will threaten them if they threaten us and we will close their airports as they close our airports and close their ports as they close down saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin responded on state media we supported all if
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it's to reach a political solution to the yemeni crisis but unfortunately the hooty militia would rather work for the iranian agenda and iran's space interests over yemen and its people. the us saudi arabia and its allies have consistently blamed iran for the yemeni crisis critics temper the connection to tehran the situation in yemen has its own internal sources of conflict in tension you know if you run hypothetically wouldn't exist there would still be a problem within yemen with respect to the who these their demands for recognition representation and distribution of resources to who things are making those demands increasingly clear whether they're firing iranian made weapons or not they are at saudi infrastructure shelob ellis. are still ahead on. border security to stop venezuelans entering the us. another wave extension for
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iraq but many are worried over its energy supply when the u.s. finally calls time on trade with them. the web and sunsets bank account time and. hello again welcome back to your international weather forecast across europe we're still looking at some very active weather here along a cold front you see the clouds right there from the baltics all the way down well this is where we're going to be seeing the activity today and into tomorrow as well now we still have some very warm temperatures out here towards the east and some cool ones back towards the west and with that with the instability on the front that's where we're going to be seeing those thunderstorms today as well as into tomorrow so the front lines up down here across eastern europe and then down towards the south notice the rain across the front as well to the south though
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temperatures are still into the low thirty's a break across germany where you are into the mid twenty's but that's only going to last one day those temperatures are on their way up as well berlin here on monday 27 degrees for you there vienna though we do expect to see some clouds in your forecast with a temperature of 24 well here across the northern part of africa not too much in terms of weather we do have some clouds down here across parts of libya as well as into algeria now or the next few days we could see those clouds maybe with a few showers expression along the northern coast of africa right there in terms of temperature though we are looking at benghazi at 30 and then down the nile we're going to be seeing cairo at $36.00 degrees us one of $42.00 in khartoum at $39.00 to greece there. the web sponsored by qatar airways talked to al-jazeera. we asked problems of the signs of the instability is corruption we listen. who are pushing the united states and president trump into
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conflict we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. hello again you're watching al-jazeera reminder of our top stories this hour protesters are filling hong kong streets despite the chief executive decision to suspend an unpopular extradition bill demonstrators say they wanted her minutely scrapped. crew members of one of the vessels that suffered an explosion in the gulf
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of oman have now arrived arrived in dubai saudi arabia has joined the u.s. and u.k. in blaming iran for the explosions iran denies any involvement. saudi jets have hit targets in the yemeni capital sana'a after hooty rebels attacked 2 saudi airports hooty spokesman says drones carrying explosives targeted saudi u.a.e. coalition military hangars and control an airport and the abhay airport was attacked for the 3rd time in a week. sudan's former president ahmed bashir could be brought before a court as early as next week the chief prosecutor says bashir will be referred for trial unless he files an appeal in the next few days the former leader is facing corruption charges he was deposed by the military in april after weeks of protests against his 30 year rule and his government. the deputy head of sudan's military council denies reports the transitional council is not willing to sit down and talk
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to opposition leaders pushing for a civilian run government an economy that there are good luck in that it was you know who on anyone who tells you that we ended transitional military council are refusing to negotiate is line we are the ones who want to resume the talks but bees and your conditions we get our power from you and you only there's no other one we can count on but you let me say it again we're not rejecting the resumption of negotiations is the other side hundreds of sudanese x. factor units have protested in london calling for sudan's military council to stand aside there demanding governments including saudi arabia end their support of sudan's leadership after more than $100.00 were reportedly killed in a crackdown on a rally in khartoum that the reports. well this is the 1st stage of a protest has brought hundreds of sudanese nationals onto the streets of london hey we're outside the united arab emirates embassy that's one of the governments but
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the protesters accuse of propping up the military rulers in the hard to miss a lot of anger but there's also a lot of solidarity being expressed they fear coming out of they have all gone now because they feel no one has anything they fear of being killed by so many pains they will make here and maybe i think capitals on the last day of number one if you're a young saudi arabia are donating to see the 1000000 dollar bill that our military counsel hunt who gentile onto the django he undoubtedly shouts and these are the people now standing against the will of the people. who during the process we got the news that the chief prosecutor in sudan had announced for the president bush who was just on trial basis were big opening games dozens of other former government officials so we took the chance to ask some people here what they
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made about. that i think it was the catalyst they even public doesn't see what was the you saw that in front of me yes that's because this is like the never do anything to the machine no. see if you're a new c.b.s. like c.b.s. action you're going to get a seat. when after passing by the egyptian embassy the protesters have now ended up outside the embassy of saudi arabia another country that they calling on to stop supporting those in power and a call to a while back home there's a crackdown on protests these people see it as their responsibility to carry on what they're calling their revolution. actually bab says it was behind 2 attacks that have killed at least 11 people and injured 25 others in somalia's capital one car bomb exploded close to the presidential palace in mogadishu in
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a separate incident another went off near a checkpoint leading to the airport killing 2 people inside the u.s. has granted iraq a 3 month waiver extension to buy electricity from iran but after that sanctions against countries doing business with iran will go into effect iraqis rely on iran for vital energy supplies but in the summer months that's not enough as charles strafford reports from. hussein roddy starts the generator he helped build using an old engine. it supplies electricity to families in this poor neighborhood of bus or so. there are hundreds of generators like this one across the city because daily power cuts often last for hours. we provide electricity to the poor it comes on for an hour then it's all for 5 the children really suffer in the summer heat we are so tired inside i have nothing joyful in my life it's all been misery the government has forgotten us. iraq cannot
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meet its own electricity needs even a city like basra which because of its huge oil wealth could be one of the richest cities in the world of aust amounts of the electricity comes from close by across the border in neighboring iran the us has increased sanctions on iran in recent months and this could seriously affect neighboring iraq which depends on iran for its power supply. iraq relies hugely on iran for this vital resource and a decrease in that power supply could cripple the local economy further we so angry demonstrations over the lack of services in bus for last year the situation hasn't improved since then like the house america's just extended a sanction waiver for iraq so it can keep buying iranian electricity and gas for another 3 months the us is trying to help iraq be less dependent on its neighbor
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for fuel as a means of increasing its pressure on iran energy joint x. and mobile recently signed a $53000000000.00 deal with the iraqi government to develop 2 southern oil fields it's hoped that project will also help iraq be more self-sufficient in gas needed to few electricity power plants considering the potential boil wealth of basra the poverty and lack of general services is shocking piles of rubbish lined the streets there are open drains buildings long ago fell into disrepair even with the help of iran there isn't enough electricity being distributed here. to a city that people like hussein say has suffered years of government and it looked . up at al-jazeera basra. health officials in pakistan southern sindh province are struggling to treat a number of people who tested positive for hiv most of them are children the world health organization says there isn't enough drugs to treat all the cases laura bird
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manlier for. imtiaz ali and his family live in the tiny remote town of project darrell it got wild attention 2 months ago when medical experts found multiple cases of hiv mostly in children the ali family know this pain too well of the 6 children only one hasn't contracted the virus 2 of them died. my wife and i 8 hiv negative but sadly 5 of our children contracted hiv and 2 of them died recently now i am more worried about my other kids as there is no proper treatment available here and i can't afford to take them to any good hospitals doctors were baffled when they found many parents had tested negative to the virus but their children positive. authorities trace this back to a local doctor. there the qs him of infected patients with the virus through
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contaminated syringes he denies these allegations and the investigation continues. screening centers were quickly established including the district capital larkana but the findings were worrying from just over 20000 people screened more than 750 people have been diagnosed with hiv 80 percent of a children. the unfavored this is. true and. blood banks are filling unscreened. says is not enough antiretroviral treatment stopped in pakistan only hoffer the new patients are being treated the illness also carries a social stigma the clinic has set up counseling sessions for women too afraid to
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be screened worried if they've contract the disease out calls from the community the ladies mostly they are coming the door nor the town hall at every has happened if someone is positive there isn't is this 3rd order of every miss we want to give their own assertions to them in order here. not to not deteriorate never was a deficiency there's also concern if the government doesn't act quickly the virus could lead to aids an illness that is far more difficult to treat. back in russia darrow imtiaz ali spends what time he can with his children but it's a battle to keep that temperatures down a common side effect of hiv all the more difficult during the school teaching some among us nor about the manly al-jazeera. the hit movie of this week's sydney film festival is provoking debate in australia on race is the final quarter tells the story of a true champion sportsman who was booed by crowds angry thomas reports from sydney
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. listened to the blue. for more than 3 years at the end of his playing career australian rules football star adam goodes was booed every time he touched the ball he's doing. he's watching it. with a new film it's explicit about why racism inside the stella. continue to stay in sydney swans player adam goodes was an aussie rules legend but i match in 2013 indigenous australian did something that upsets many fans a 13 year old girl in the crowd shouted something racist at him and he pointed her out here he. called me and i. saw the 1st time a 40 feel a bit referred to as a monk you know and i. it was it was shattering good's became
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a vocal anti-racism campaigner australia's government awarded him the title of australian of the year but the abuse and booing just got worse goods his treatment from the sports pages to the front pages many accused him of being overly sensitive but others said that not recognising the bully was in reaction to kids is anti racism activism was itself racist in a country with a history of white supremacy were aboriginal people were only recognised as citizens in the late 1960 s. the final quarter makes uncomfortable viewing i think a straight here has always had a difficulty talking about rice and when this happened it really highlighted help challenging this was we came up with every excuse we possibly could as to why adam goodes was being booed but we were. and prepared to actually on the fact that racism was involved the film has become the hit this week city film festival and
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another film which includes new interviews with goods is due to premiere at the melbourne film festival in august on the it wasn't just adam goodes the footballer he was the head of the angry averaging. more through one man and 2 films australians are confronting what many call the country's casual racism andrew thomas al-jazeera sydney. it is interior minister has allowed 10 migrants to leave a rescue boat after its crew found them on a raft on the mediterranean sea the group which includes 2 pregnant women were brought to the southern island of lampedusa a dozens of other migrants remain on the german ship. u.s. president donald trump has accused the new york times of treason after a reported the united states is increasing cyber attacks on russia the article quotes former and serving government officials who say the u.s. hacked the russian power grid report says as part of a cyber campaign partly in retaliation for alleged interference in the 2800 midterm
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elections peru has deployed riot police to guard its northern border to stop an influx of migrants from venezuela only venezuelans who hold a passport and humanitarian visa can now enter the country the new requires came into effect on saturday a military official says around 10000 venezuelans entered peru on friday rushing to get in before the new rules were implemented. but i'm me that document is very very valuable not so much because of how much it cost and venezuela to peru it's also the journey the path of days on your feet the nights without eating and not having a home to sleep it's all worth it. all right let's get a roundup of the top stories on al-jazeera protesters are filling hong kong streets despite the chief executives decision to suspend the unpopular extradition deal
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those law would allow suspects to be taken from hong kong to mainland china for trial demonstrators say they want it permanently scrapped. crew members from one of the vessels rocked by an explosion in the gulf of oman on thursday have now arrived in dubai saudi arabia has joined the u.s. and u.k. in blaming iran for the blasts it denies involvement saudi jets have hit targets in the yemeni capital sana'a after hooty rebels attacked 2 saudi airports who the spokesman says drones carrying explosives targeted saudi u.a.e. coalition military hangars and control rooms of jews and airports and the abhay airport sudan's former president our money bashir could be brought before a court as early as next week the chief prosecutor says bashir will be referred for trial unless he files an appeal in the next few days the former leader is facing corruption charges he was deposed by the military in april after weeks of protests
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against his 30 year rule in his government. the deputy head of sudan's military council denies reports military leaders are not willing to talk to the opposition that's pushing for a civilian run government and that there are good luck in that it was you know who on anyone who tells you there we ended transitional military council are refusing to negotiate is line we are the ones who want to resume the talks but bees on your conditions. we get our power from you and you only there's no other one we can count on but let me say it again we're not rejecting the resumption of negotiations is the other side. and u.s. president donald trump has accused the new york times of treason are 2 reported the united states is increasing cyber attacks on russia the article quotes former and serving government officials who say the u.s. hacked the russian power grid those are the headlines talk to his next.
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i'm counting the cost and dia has lost its crown as the bass is growing big economy where it all goes wrong for modi so soon after his landslide election victory no longer the world far fetched and china disrupted the multi-billion dollar global way famed history counting the costs on al-jazeera. to. see. albania was hoping to be asked to start european union membership talks this month but that now seems unlikely to happen leaders want to see a country with stable democratic institutions but in the past week president has canceled local elections that were scheduled for the end of the month because the opposition democratic party refuses to take part in them making matters worse the ruling socialist party has questions president met the constitutional authority to
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change the date there's no constitutional court to rule on the matter because it's judges finances a being investigated and they also suspended so albania presents a picture of anything but a stable democratic state which is a precondition for membership today on talk to al-jazeera the president of the met . mr president thank you for talking to. thank you very much for. into a showing to me come to the situation and now being here today is described as a constitutional crisis. the constitution describes albania as a parliamentary republic which means that you are elected by parliament and while you enjoy the trust of parliament parliament has the power to remove and replace you with a large majority as long as the constitutional court also ratify is parliament's
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decision but it may only do so if you have committed and agreed just silly unconstitutional act in parliaments opinion so do you think that you have committed such an act and do you think that parliament has indeed become such a process of replacing you is that what we saw in the censure motion brought to the floor of the parliament. i want to assure you all that i don't want to make use of this interview to talk about the parliament. and about its responsibilities. but that is very clear according to bill bennett of course it's a constitution that when the parliament can dismiss the president and it's very clear when the president is doing
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a very grave. constitutional violation. which also should be verified later from the constitutional court so i have to let you know that it is in the article in the constitution of the republic awful benno that has been violated from the president of the republic and i want to assure you that. the. constitutional order for by now is based on political pluralism and free and fair elections and what the president has that is exactly. showing his commitment. to to put attacked. political pluralism in the country and also to get on t.v.
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free and fair elections for all citizens of for albania because i was going to have voting for 45 years during the communist regime but everyone knows that there is a big difference between the elections and the voting as you know last month millions of europeans went to the polls to elect a new european parliament albania has had trouble elect. deciding when to elect 61 mayors. binny of ready to join the european union. albanians. the citizens of this country. they have been married the even earlier to join to you. but. in the coming hours and in the coming days the political leadership of the country. is going to be tested
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if it has the right maturity. not to be an obstacle for this spirit. of the albanian citizens because they hear more than i do 5 percent of the albedo so. eager to the joint of the european union and with my your decision i wanted to give time to leaders to reflect to calm down. and to create the conditions for a reasonable dialogue that demonstrates maturity. first of all towards our citizens here but also to assume your opinion him that this country yes is ready to make a major step ahead. all right but again going back to the constitutional
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issue the argument against you being expressed by the government is that you do not have the right to cancel an election. i am not talking about. political. speculations. i showed you that this is a very solid. constitutional decision. the only. authority supreme authority is the constitutional court. we. can. go on this sort of. decree but what i want to assure you it's this is waste of time what we are discussing and what they are debating because these ikari was published in official newspaper and according to our constitution and legislation from that moment it is obligation of every city to show central or local to implemented
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all right but politically speaking prime minister says i am not going to go back to the dialogue with the opposition to find a consensual date for an election they had a chance to register they decided to abstain and i'm going to stick to what we originally agreed to before the president what what is the solution to this are you going to recognize the result of the local elections if they happen now after this decree. was signed then came into force there is no formal and legal date for the elections about 30 of you about this claim of the but i mean is that arma i want to let you know that. this president of. postponing good johnno local elections in the
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country was created for the 1st time in 20062007 when he was the opposition leader and mayor of tehran and they wanted an additional document. to be. included in this technical process in order to participate in the elections and that time for the. very 1st time we had the such president which later also was repeated in different cases so this is not something you know of course this is not something normal because when everything is going. well. there is no reason to take a such. decision and. i hope that our prime minister is going to be more aware about the. ruling principle that the government
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bears greater responsibility for the whole country not only for its supporters or. militants and i hope that living up to this response plus responsibility and reflecting girl saw not in the best interests of the country but will you recognise the results if the government holds this election. there are no elections on 30 of these the committee has been published in the official newspaper and this is now legation of everyone to implemented so there are 2 sharply distinct interpretations of the constitution which the constitutional court would have to adjudicate there is no constitutional court because it's judges are undergoing
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ethical review being vetted because there is only. one supreme. of toted that can no such decree which he's the constitutional court and which is not functional for the moment as you rightly mentioned and everyone knows that the president of the republic has that every effort for a long time to avoid the such a situation but this is not any more important and now in these conditions this. the creek cannot be contested from any court in the country and of course it is. the creek which. i have signed in front of the albanian citizens taking all the responsibility for that and i'm sure that. i have them. the best to avoid this. further escalation
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of the conflict between the government and the opposition and to give to both sides the possibility to calm down to reflect and to enter soon in dialogue for the best interests of all the bells and in particular. in these days before these 2 very important positions are going to be taken from the member countries of the european union about the european future of the of it now let's talk about the domestic political aspects of your decree for a moment. you have as you say expressed in that to create the desire to see no threats to public security and no threats to democratic stability you've asked the 2 sides to come together under your aegis but so far the socialist party has not done so some of the smaller opposition parties have met with you and that seems
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to be the beginning of a dialogue but we have no. indication that it will in compass the main players quite the opposite the socialist led government says that it's going to proceed with the election and the democratic opposition says something rather cryptic but certainly not conciliatory mr basher on thursday said that he calls upon citizens to do whatever european citizens are forced to do when they're faced with the prospects of an effective could you tell which is which is how he describes the government of the roma so are you concerned that your decree doesn't seem to have had the desired effect i am. very determined. to do my best. for. creating. the necessary conditions for dialogue and for a viable.


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