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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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well. it's messy enough for about an hour looking. into one of my neighbors who hadn't stayed on my business for at cns knew about it and she. was. one changes to the man down our proposed in 2000 and led to widespread protests from those opposed to any change from those wanting equal rights for both sexes both in marriage and divorce . was. well thought learn. about the rights that it a little it's unclear you know would be. the in the now that it is needed most must have better fit now how long had the. bits of queen elizabeth's nish 30th seen with i did it in a missionary will have to. lift it off from what i already yeah you know the one
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little while just to feel. certain is no little such as this is the. start of the timing bad the matter can fly melt your heart can finish the medical hunt said just love. to sell. the montage. and no i'm glad to see that at some level at the bottom or in into can only be had they. have let you out of that. recovery medically fit cheney and i.v. having worked a total asshole how he hurt feel more a jab. at the didn't mean. it was a different what do i think. and. yeah i would. have to be happy here.
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where they're at some of the well that's out there it's about a man who had an attack that somehow had the so we're ahead at. any one had no way what our man had that think he he ne. ne's that c.n.n. . and this william shatner campaign is the way and where the antenna can be set in cologne little bow. by laughter. l'acadie and i since they were in a precious and are absolutely must not have the enough. yet is yes why the increase sam nonselective because the way for. very. little have seen with the when he any more had. only had the slightly he and me. in 2012 and the tory is case it drew attention to a new poll in the law. i mean
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a finale came under pressure to marry the man who'd recently raped her it was a way for the family to salvage some pride and for her rapist to escape punishment this was allowed to at the time under the moroccan penal code but i mena took her own life. was those of. us of the. law. and working among a lot lot lot of. those of. his wish. to be heard. jerry met with. above not really has very much. and there you can leave the. set of hope someone homicide phillida if you
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can imagine. a cabal at the lead you can. be there were a lot of suburb in 1000 or not concern of of me or you're not. and so. they were home of the woman who was real doc severinsen. one of the law that is the matter is you and me you will be had about that was it a bit but yet you would be as a mother i was about that would you we are the mother that he had little to do with you have and you can we did you did to us and as i go you know i don't know luckily amateur. allusion am a talent but through. the classic. version steroid she had she. had the. machines didn't see the.
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case shocked morocco i mean a suicide led to protests against the law the had allowed this kind of tragedy to happen. the law was changed in 24 teens but not before other women has suffered by marrying the men who had raped them. along. the way. in their own doing. in rural morocco marriages can still be arranged by the family. was 15 when she was married to an older moroccan man who'd settled in spain he seemed like a good prospect at the time. marrying too young it's a problem the family code has tried gradually to address it was to be voted in amman and who started. going to was a shift on with. the live. of
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the of. most in with. you do a study of. just about half was done with. the hand of a student. and i think she to maybe about that over the. last of us meetings. there was a mountain michael had a difficult message and i went and did. my fun and good. and. has a tough ascent you don't have. a need for truth you believe it was reassuring disunion
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what you know these seem. to me it's our shot of some don't even come started i'm out but this has. had the lamb head of the mother ship will get us all so if it was you know how to play with him she wouldn't. go. near the city on main getting shipped in and she was going to live with him and she suffered quite as. much in order to call a man a few. you very kindly and he felt a name cruel and. even from head to. head if the emotion there can and i want to say that we're lucky enough that i learned what. one had let us and we are awfully. good all day yet has shot. look at this come what a car there's
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a kind of lean not they sit there and. so they're all energy and fishy en became our soul that's mother son our lady that what he said is now going. in the mower to. do you need. to. be him. for really the only girl. it's the work. that's been. called the. it's. the worst possible out war should i not on the war then see it know you or they would then know look below associate a few more says joe was a lady a work but
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a lot of thing. they're not possibility of a lot in. iraq he. an admitted surface and then it sort of sefton his or spotless and all that come out 1st and you know it's no meant yes. it wasn't it. didn't look so good another look and then not the. book said in. the courts see a lot of cases to do with the non-registration of marriages here a 14 year old girl has married a man who's left her but her marriage was never registered so she has few legal rights. which is that you are in
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a facility you. never know your buck. but. tell me some believability legitimacy. do you think you would cut that difficult a little bit from devoted to the book to the. if you. don't want to look at the moment they do you think. they would there of paul or at the met if i b m it's too thick will bad be to hair you then at a ted and the car the other for the and you do not and yet. fail joe is a. nokia and i've had it in a lot of what was there were a handler can only in 11 that you were taught in. g how to stop like if you're ethical 1st and if i live better i let you mocking and none are.
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taught to. be shared the truth. future with them. as the symbol of. choice. salahadin who should everybody feel. how will it be a took me a. minute a lot of little to sort it all to 0 ish had a talk or. what has started as a little let's see. only him. allude i them i wish i went to a little way as i do whatever to buy them so it was said and it was so was she mary . sutton and i was so at 5. so i ended my wood with a facade the day you know we're going to fuck you then the what's i what i could not serve with sucky than the i need you why do we really got hold of the quantum
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what they know what they will marry school teacher had the whole form and what the . president. sort of. consoler come out of your. own well when the. other should have been freedom of the. well heard the word. is the word for. it would come said no way it mean. for
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you it head it to the wind when i'm to what it was always a half or 3 times and over. again by the. finessing mike and one thing for some looked at our own thought at the back to the horror of the so did the half comes and i watch. what ends outlash said no as well as alice will add on the throw . another at them to help. them determine if so we just met their current upset if i do. their work but i was they were very. concerned. i like that. better word. can be one of them is with
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a kind of. sad. kind of mood for thoughts or listening the whole world is sort of a sort of self account on what is accel mean then when the what successful men what in the sea a lady there but oh. well no with him in the sun or call or hey you know on the field in the service hey you know how you do. where joey don't reckon not. some remote areas of morocco can appear to have been almost abandoned by any form of government presence. there were a few bad. leader kim. but . she had. to serve you.
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did serve you. if you're an enemy. and. i wanted him to have tickets. to see. you know what to say that we. should. talk. to fattouh marriage but he was never registered so her daughter now has no birth certificate or proof of parenthood.
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and what's. the color of. the doubt it. has a father as i said how that in then. let me take itto thanks like no please. while the brain. underneath the strongest of all steps down most skilled. nation comes to pass that in stadiums that are included.
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discover how a news destination defeat the women's world cup france 2019 the 30 is the red cross has provided a lifeline for afghanistan's physically disabled one i want to meet through remarkable people risking their lives to help the disabled in war torn afghanistan on al-jazeera. true confession smart or not a big clean up for many but not all right cynical example of communist propaganda and i wanted to put it in the paper in my career i want to walk bear on how i want to do it i was told in 2010 al-jazeera access to north korea to investigate be on ledged use of biological warfare by the us during the korean war rewind revisits dirty little secrets on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this last night of
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the flag though people talk to say this struggling to make ransom notes and just want a better life from around the world and obviously has been offered to those who rebel against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. i don't know how the top stories here on al-jazeera a day off to hong kong suspended a controversial extradition bill thousands of demonstrators have filled the streets these are live pictures now roads filled with people dressed in black it's inside a protest the protesters say the chief executive kerry lamb's decision to hold off on the proposal is not good enough they want it scrapped and they want to step down they're opposed to the bill which would have allowed people who are wanted for certain crimes to be extradited to mainland china the wife of israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu has been ordered to pay $15000.00 off been found guilty of misusing state funds sarah netanyahu admitted to the charges under a plea bargain she was charged with fraud last year after allegedly spending $100000.00 of state money on lavish meals husband faces charges in a corruption case the prime minister begins campaigning for a 2nd election in israel this yet a new israeli settlements in the occupied golan heights could be named after a u.s. president donald trump israel's cabinet is expected to consider calling the community trump heights at a meeting today in march the u.s. president parted from decades of u.s. policy to officially recognize the golden heights as israeli territory saudi jets have hit to keep positions in the yemeni capital sana after who think rebels attacked 2 saudi airports spokesman says that drones carrying explosives targeted
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the design and airports. to peru the peru has deployed right police to the northern border to stop an influx of migrants from venezuela only venezuelans holding a passport and a humanitarian visa are being allowed in the new requirements came into effect on saturday 10000 venezuelans and to prove a day earlier before the new rules were meant. that document is very very valuable not so much because of how much it cost from venezuela to peru but it's also the journey the path the taste on your feet the night so that not having a home to sleep it's all worth it libya's un recognised prime minister is offering a road map for peace to end the 5 year civil war fires all surat she's proposing a 3 step process to end fighting with border police for after the recent weeks forces loyal to you have to have been trying to seize the capital tripoli from the internationally recognized government. headlines here next we have assembled.
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marriage in the family and divorce in morocco as in some other arab countries is governed by a family code in morocco it's called the new doll and. it's existed for several decades but has been updated in recent years in order to give women and sometimes men more rights particularly when a marriage has problems. here to mother that's the name of. adults area. only adults hey listen the culture that the comma or the want to confer can and usually that good and even to will be will at 1st to many that cannot be adequate and all medical sesame has a reality but. the money and i'm getting it and there's so much. work
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cut to leader t. . last i didn't consider mostly in america going to that area i'm a celeb and some had for. the has. a. new rock a situation is difficult she married a moroccan man living in spain when she was 14 but he's now left her her divorce is however perfectly legal. in just one year the special. and i'm sure i had not i'm sure. the of the rest of us already. but i never got a must see you just missed it as a. laugh doesn't do this is that. what i luckily. were into who.
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he. was you. imagine and now. the locked up stuff you're doing well looky loo. understand that it's. well you know the only. way he'd like pollock there was time starts to look at this about us and he went to india and i'm concerned i want to look and i think is i'm going to give a shit jima many what i did my whole lives in as well hello. and the 1st said it was always you or your castle was with the law or your castle. it's a hole in the. well in the whole of the offenses for for the year a lot of so there are in them and i. know what i am and know hell. or.
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hell bad. now if. you could be taught. this much to. look there's also one of the i would have. at one time divorce was largely in the hands of the husband the changes to the madonna have introduced different types of divorce including for irreconcilable differences at this called divorce. was a version 100 metres of the. saw from an.
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eye to business are as. much to me in a quick. order that i would have. had. no either. that or mr little shit pot lead. to any. level of public lands globe are full of the lucky living hell it is so you are far more credibility. than this with a little fatter shipley movie. c.m.l. a lot to be tolerably millar's the dialogue can be heard in a more or says here sort of a free version version. with the cut out. to the moral cupboards. and most of it subtly chicago asia. will have one new question and that illusion or
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a little hell we had not meant to as one. not that i feel it was a result of the end often. then as. in any broken marriage in the world the division of property in assets is usually contentious. out under the knowledge that i. went to great lengths to modify his house to suit his wife but is now deeply unhappy about the fallout from his divorce. following riled up from star trek do that and i mean really. getting to know about the new year i mean for that of the.
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3rd. what i love food or software which can feel different. didn't know not. darth vader theory the stimulus. tested yearly and lost their health a stock minute long military goods here to walk around. the earth have an idea of health. and how the rising another. 3rd knee. where i'm from but the result he. can't move. to had the time he. can wish to marry me can you grow up you know have the russia
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libya title the ringer for him can you feel human that you made me the one i'd even say can be. personal to me are sort of fear has it but i was really that when you get the image when you to many look at say yeah sure look at the. last one was there either mohammed justina or for that. separation for irreconcilable differences has increased the divorce rate in morocco. this has put pressure on the courts to make decisions about assets but also on financial support for women and children. i don't want. or no social kind we go through that would have been blown.
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it had the. they've had they can barely ever do that zoe's look at look. look where i was how did you make here you know. and no usual what that my year. didn't the fucker. call that or had the ability or had a clue but a close thought out very little caught up his of the talk there to 30 from god. how could anyone come along this is. a little of the other you got a master's number on my street real. good here that we are a great. deal. you do little. or no i mean to tell you that. i have to far
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respect publicly to. be miss mathilda more as you have covered a young but he was. kind of a high note on military rather. than a sort of the he would when i let me attempt traded. that as i said they should and the british studied afia so they'll call that's what the feds need for tickets. to the us our battle a new house is some sort of government source i may feel. ill at ease had come in earlier they are your ally to lead this it's going to have you must so and to court and to a demon must wonder 7 if it's likely that it'll be in the lives of us and many where and head hector maine with machines that we let fresh air they're fresh air and very and fit they had the muscle how it was up so little shikaki the back to
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the buttery macculloch more assist some more subtle law so will the helmet. in. even more asserts. a more can be. i'm a father slow. mutes moon the. moon was written as it has been with a world. that's a measure this laid me up that i have had in the mobile or the us. if she met you and let's you can and to say it could have to cough it so had the whole set up a car busied meant to beat me at all so i can't tell though what i have is to college to marry one of 7 of them. in morocco there is now a network of s.o.'s centers for women including in the capital but. they provide a refuge for female victims of domestic violence and campaigning for greater
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protection of women in abusive relationships a little to see in. working and what liquor moves to not liking lawns and so much that new york gets battle. went on muttering. and my mom has. thought imagine that it has been this supposed to pay allowances for her and their 3 children but she has to seek advice from a judge about his refusal to pay and even less. letter travis had to tell. her to move closer. to her feet as it and this. little one of this little. piece of wonderful movement a long life and a work a dog doesn't though the. minimum buy can shut her. limb of
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the mcmanaman have storm or dismiss on pointed out that there was. some good that wanted to be there was or wasn't and they should be and only. covering. their can configure 1000. being necessary at all followed by the. will of the human on top of them in the difficult so willing to work on the. he. never thought. he meant. what the hell you. just up. mcgregor will never can that be a movie how. you came to hurt us. and want to miss that event and every hormone does a have a hug or like
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a limp and defied yet let me work on the ways you boys and that's also how queer no one has got there and. that always. will was it myself nothing like had not and no not bad as where the meat globe events ever happened to liddy it's also maybe. your archives also unhappy about the monkey amounted she receives from her ex-husband for her and her daughter . not looked out on him in the old. update and. when did that some surf closer to show 30 or so slow but that's worth a lot but i well that's a mustache. enemy a poodle i hadn't thought of as was your more serum. the more soup you can only do
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the entire with the alley he encounters in all those up. well i can walk no one no matter what's on it is. even more certain. element because. well and there you lead with iraq talk about the welcome to a well in welcome. but shouting we're likely. to live branch. with payments from x. husband son ongoing problem changes to the madonna have included a government fund to help divorced women. though one or 2 elements need improving. then. as we move the world saw her or she will rule the world hears a lot of us and look at a couple of how the sun dogma cannot allow more to lockhart's meaningful smaller barriers mary or. her from the different battle to. learn how
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letters are always of home and play sort of a world where my level of other love for a faith or out what's facing the it is a fair shot still kind of what i want so it's the basis of that if i feel that. sort of bit of it that's the n.l.m. was so zen many a horse it's very they had this. from the 2nd but this definition that. lisha look it had to have some. legs africa. and then the last of them would rats and. so much thought so they filed by. jamie. and i was so well merely.
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the one meal still going that sort of us without the somebody who did that or had they would be huge and looking for miss that a. nice consume the crystal bed cannot force mess with the back of her nestle that say they are she to make you less than a head shot in beer open the schmitz they need to she has a. concession and losers italia. and him has made a. sitting member the song sheet in my brain as a sign. of disgust men belong to keep being waged by. which new
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place can i tell you carson you that she we can see them and that which i needs tessa being. one of the articles added to the madonna is a kind of a prenuptial agreement it's a contract or a listing a couple's assets before they marry to protect them if they divorce. is just a no and i'm wired that it's a must see feathers what he let. the man and the mets and max is a war. mathematics of all the heads up lizzie o'leary me man. any event can't and marco left. a new body behind they want us the belief you have become very messy there may be. a little kind of little how can you say if eboni or them would want or strong one. be. the she
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made the hill the bits a near corner lol. really came out. of them where you had. a thought of what's. man as of. yet. well i can feel good while. the hidden. mad. modeled on. this going to put another curfews in that little right. there out there saying all of the local but i mean one of the. they want out this is the new issue of. what
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are the stores in our world. like what i mean is the did this. happen so i wish to look at the. how limited it gets minister. and yet if we had a welcome we would have a hot lead in the film or tell a cut subject of his so was up to the had to act and walked into a little tension but a desire wish teddy will cut this he has with the to be made the most i have a can but i feel. that. not. physically and different. than i managed. to. deal.
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kind of deal with. this in a you know the way the addition and also the idea of senate. well it made it to the beer. leaked according to the the c.s.i. romeo and the medical. need. to debut the field and then it just kind of a lot about him so what danny. needs was a lot of stuff it took them christian killed us you will know. cancun chung has an. animal. in the. world it's a. 10.
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0. 0. and now. be the be no you. were lays out. how we. understood him. and saved him the decision. democrat when a commission in and then that was set in. winter for. it is a vision with the one internet. not in michigan infant school monday lady accompanied her to magic an album.
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called india and deal with the top college has a key one of them. not because your coin elastics asms get a good mother no other comment seems like the government. says she looks middle class. never married and what. would one of those. for him do when a debit machine medevacked say well it could mean. a way of criminally immoral so that's visits were certainly. not the one of the didn't know usual for the. 2 or more.
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minutes. one of the others wounded. in the mission. of the one of the. stalls at the. mother who died some more door in. the wall at the door and stand near bashir whom and then you know alan are shot for a doctor one as you were for walking the thoughts. we all still marry. her frogs a lot of them yeah when i came. to work at the warrior house of the. al-jazeera world i meet some extraordinary women. who are making things happen that
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way. following their daily struggle to survive. for their families to thrive. egypt's women street silent as on al-jazeera. the web that sponsored by qatar airways. hello again welcome back to international
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weather forecast what we are going to see plenty of rain over the next few days here across parts of as and montevideo notice the clouds are here streaming in across that region now the rain showers are going to be heavy at times we think so for one is out of here on sunday 16 degrees with some cool showers in the area really expanding by the time we get to monday to the north though fairly dry and sunny rio de janeiro $26.00 degrees cincy on a nice day few at $28.00 degrees there well we're also going to see some very heavy rain across parts of the bahamas over the next few days now those rain showers are going to be heavy at times we're talking thunderstorms here not only for the bahamas maybe even southern florida in the florida keys as well so nasa freeport we're going to see temperatures into the low thirty's but the rain really expands temp has come down slightly across much of that area over here towards the east it is looking quite nice fairly quiet for the tropical season here in june but we are going to see central domingo with the tempter there of $32.00 degrees and then very quickly here across parts of the united states it is going to be a flood risk over the next few days a lot of rain from the ohio river valley all the way down here through texas now
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this is an area that is already saturated so we're going to watch in the flood risk increase for dallas it is going to be a rainy day at 30 degrees but atlanta it is going to be 30 but plenty of sun in your forecast. the weather sponsored cattle and lays there making millions per month offshore accounts something taxes i was little. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis millions of dollars and it's like the greatest job that you could ever imagine getting without putting any of your old capitalist who was in the store and drove millions of workers into unemployment i said. we need to maybe find the interest in the man who stole the world coming soon. big stories generate thousands of headlines with different angles from different perspectives. that's just a longstanding international. finally separate the spin from the facts
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the misinformation from the journalism protesters complain about the under reporting of police violence the sensationalizing of the demonstrations with the listening post on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. television on a cloud this is a news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes demonstrations continue into the night tens of thousands of people jammed the streets of hong kong despite the government's decision to suspend an unpopular extradition bill. destruction
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tactics this is why if it's found guilty of misusing state funds benjamin netanyahu holds a cabinet meeting in the occupied golan heights. homes burned to the ground thousands displaced and dozens killed how 2 different ways of life are dividing communities in mali and install cricket rivalries are a new. head to head at the cricket world cup. so that we begin this news hour in hong kong where the streets are filled with protesters a day after the government suspended a controversial extradition bill rhodes being packed with people dressed in black a sign of protests they want the proposed bill scrapped entirely in for hong kong's chief executive carry law. the law change would allow people who wanted for certain crimes to be extradited to mainland china all right let's get
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a picture of what's happening in the city now it's going to highlight joins us live from hong kong what's happening scott. well nick right now we're at the end of where that march and all those thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of people are coming to now we know that the streets are still full you know victoria park was the beginning of this march we know that the last people have left victoria park as you can see from from pictures there are so many people still on the streets there making their way here to the legislative council building behind me and there's a large gathering that has been growing steadily over the last several hours behind me where there's a state set up by the organizers of this protest we hear there even big screen televisions there so a lot of things going on here but still a lot more people to come out we know we can hear from from where we're standing on the roads or some chanting and things going on but something that just came across in the last half hour a written statement from from carrie lamb and she has apologized to the people of hong kong accept all criticism and what will work to improve and serve the public
9:51 pm
now this is similar to something she said over the last couple of days she said that her government had made some missteps in communicating what this extradition proposed extradition bill was all about but this is the 1st time we're really seeing this this term of apology and again this is a written statement that's been issued by the government here in hong kong over just the last half hour but rob mcbride takes a look back at how this day has unfolded so far. if the hong kong government thought its last minute backdown would keep more people at home this was hong kong zaza. protesters filled the length of the route of the march and spilled over into adjoining streets ah well before the shades will start time the crowds began forming at the starting point they say hong kong's freedoms within china are being further eroded and a calling on the chief executive kerry lam to quit and we will not stop until we get true democracy in hong kong because even in parallel with that doll the system
9:52 pm
is still unfair we do not have through the month a real we do not have a election most protesters will black to show their anger towards lam and the hong kong police and many carried white flowers in memory of a man who fell to his death the night before the march while putting up a protest banner. the incident adding to a sense of bitterness towards a government they say doesn't listen to them i don't think i'm alone in the sense that at least we have the staying out does carry a lamb support your city. do face of course or sit here that's our biggest star in the world it may be have a joke with everything so i think the government is better now. this is the 2nd major march in as many weeks protesting against a controversial extradition bill the government has been trying to introduce
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critics say it would allow china to extradite political opponents to face summary trial in mainland courts protesters want that bill withdrawn altogether. and they're also angry at the way the police dealt with last week's occupation of streets around the local legislative council building the organizers have made this not just about the extradition bill but also a protest against what they say was the excessive use of force by police in breaking up what was largely a peaceful demonstration last wednesday some of the most violent scenes on hong kong streets in years kerry lamb has promised to consult closely with hong kong people over the proposed legislation and insists she his their voices today it must be difficult not to hear them. from the bride al-jazeera hong kong. so the scots and the caroline has come out with this statement is it likely to
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encourage the protestors to. it might be a slight incursion of what they really want nick and they've said this straight the way through they want her to resign and that's one of the 3 main things they've been saying today in this protest march but then also in previous days leading up to it they want her to resign they want this bill to be withdrawn not just suspended and they want some kind of acknowledgement from the police department from the government here of the excessive force they say was used against the protesters this past week obviously the biggest incident case of that was on wednesday overnight into thursday when a lot of tear gas was fired and rubber bullets were used and they are looking for the government to recognize a police department to recognize what they see was police brutality excessive force by the police forces and what's even interesting more interesting to that is that both the police department and the local government here has characterized what took place on wednesday night as a riot and that did not sit well at all with the protesters nic. all right scott
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thanks very much this got her reporting that and that's enough for sarah clarke who is among the crowds of protesters and she's been talking to some of them. tens of thousands of people are now flowing into this area which is the government headquarters the area around hong kong's parliament this time last week or so around 1000000 people rally in the streets this week we're seeing huge numbers once again now the key criteria the key demands of these protesters a mike and they want to turn now to resign over this extradition bill that also got this extradition bill withdrawn all together i'm joined by one of the it's quite this is because there are you hear. lines muscle cars honking young kid no way out who chased down by a few issues 10 mile walk missed the call live imagine not know if this shows that seat life was a move on morsi and you're not allowed to say why your knee thinking diversified horrible still. just wasn't you know not just me like the rest of you you know and especially the bill is not enough as far as you're concerned you want
9:56 pm
this bill was going to be the. of course be why we're here because you know except the spine shimmied case it's more like hold also for me it's more like a strategy from the get the man that says behind the goal and them way too short to the time new thing was able to shape issues lights will show we need to stop it s. and that's what the challenge and you might notice everyone today is wearing out at these rallies wearing black and holding flowers not this particular protest as much as about the withdrawal of this extradition bill there's also been a lot of criticism about the what some believe is excessive force used by place early this week we had around 150 the size of 2 gas pods that i see people injured so the people wearing black to die was it just pretty much a sign of respect for those people who were injured been arrested earlier much was it was a never mind a time going who's
9:57 pm
a political analyst who advises the chinese government and he believes that beijing's patients could soon within. from beijing side i don't know that they're terribly impressed with kerry land handling of things and the one cardinal sin in china is not to be able to handle the situation correctly so it could be difficult for her to have expressed unconditional. support for her but with this newest round of concessions and and protests i think it will go very difficult on the other hand it seems that the calling situating with the kind of mob rule despite having elderly and people and children joining the march you cannot simply every day get out there and demand that the government be changed the idea of having an extradition treaty with china after 20 years is not unreasonable how you
9:58 pm
get there and what terms are involved i think if you anyone was actually looking at was proposed it was quite mild if you were queues of a crime by the u.s. government that was more than a year you could be extradited to the united states but if you were involved in it with china you could only be done literally for rape murder very very serious crimes crimes that would take more than 7 years in terms of a sentence a possible sentence 30 jets have hit targets in the yemeni capital of sonner of the who the rebels attacked 2 saudi airports riyadh says it said defense systems brought down the drone headed for. yemen's border shola benefits this report. is a single runway regionally airport despite being in saudi arabia this week it is being at the haas of the war in yemen who the rebels have launched multiple attacks
9:59 pm
against the 100 kilometers north of the yemeni border on saturday the group claimed . on strikes against military hang is and control rooms a g.'s an airport and then for the 3rd time this week again airport saudi arabia media says the strike was forward by security forces well i have a. there is a clear contradiction from saudi on american media because they are always downplay the significance of these drone strikes but in return they rush to urge the international community to stand by them in condemning the attacks in a bid to stop us from carrying more strikes this shows the moment a cruise missile hit airport on wednesday who things have labeled it a strategic enemy target one of 300 they plan to bomb several saudi airports have been targeted in the past year including the king her lead international airport in the capital riyadh it's part of a grand plan by the rebel group it's a skill
10:00 pm
a ship is tensions have risen between iran the u.s. and its gulf allies. every day we have a goal and we will not rush to bomb all the targets to bomb the targets that we think we must bomb and a specific time we will threaten them as they threaten us and we will close their airports as they close our airports and close their ports as they closed saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin selman responded on state media we supported all if it's to reach a political solution to the yemeni crisis but unfortunately the hooty militia would rather work for the iranian agenda and iran's base interests over human and its people. the us saudi arabia and its allies have consistently blamed iran for the yemeni crisis critics temper the connection to tehran the situation in yemen has its own internal sources of conflict in tension you know if you run hard .


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