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tv   Edi Rama  Al Jazeera  June 16, 2019 10:32pm-11:01pm +03

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effect neighboring iraq which depends on iran for its promise apply. iraq relies hugely on iran for this vital resource and a decrease in that power supply could cripple the local economy further we saw angry demonstrations over the lack of services in basra last year the situation hasn't improved since then. america's just extended a sanction waiver for iraq so it can keep buying iranian electricity and gas for another 3 months the us is trying to help iraq be less dependent on its neighbor for fuel as a means of increasing its pressure on iran energy giant exxon mobil recently signed a $53000000000.00 deal with the iraqi government to develop 2 southern oil fields it's hoped that project will also help iraq be more self-sufficient in gas needed to few electricity power plants considering the potential boil wealth of basra the
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poverty and lack of general services is shocking piles of rubbish lined the streets that are open drains buildings long ago fell into disrepair even with the help of iran there isn't enough electricity being distributed here to a city that people like hussein say has suffered years of government elect. basra. peru has deployed riot police to guard is no the border to stop an influx of migrants from venezuela only venezuelans holding a passport and a humanitarian visa being allowed in the new requirements into effect on saturday and military officials says around 10000 venezuelans into peru a day earlier rushing to get in before the new rules went into effect. san francisco has become the latest city in the united states to stop stalls refusing payments in cash shoppers say the shift to only accept digital payments is good for business but some say refusing cash is discriminatory it was on the explains.
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this coffee shop in new jersey might have a distinctly retro vibe. but when owner travis clifton grew tired of the daily grind of dealing with cash he decided it was one blast from the past that needed a modern solution going cashless the big reasons well. you don't have to count the cash you don't have to reconcile the cash i don't have to put pressure on library system a show that the tables match up which means they can focus on given the customer the best service he became one of a growing number of store owners across the u.s. reeks of using to accept cash customers instead paying by cards or through their cell phones but the move to digitize payments ended up being a short lived is a morning express so this year new jersey state legislature banned stores from refusing cash and over the state line new york city's council is also considering
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banning cashless stores following the footsteps of philadelphia and san francisco. but critics say digital only payments discriminate against the poor listen to this statistic the us government says there are 8000000 families in the us they don't even have a bank account or a credit card and another 20 $4000000.00 families that are under banked which means they might have a checking or savings account but rely on cash to survive. people like barbara vasquez who has a learning disability and closed her bank account after getting hit with high fees she experienced 1st hand the humiliation of being refused service when trying to buy a $4.00 ice cream with cash it was. absolutely modifying. especially since there was eyes on me and then there was
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a line behind me one of the groups pushing to stop no cash stores is the retail action project its director rachel of forest says that without action the move to ditch dollar bills could spread to half of all stores in the u.s. in the next 10 years the key word there is access that yes this is all part of the expansion of the digital age but there's a huge population of people who don't have access to digitizing their lives in that way the battle over cashless stores is not over until then your dollars are still good just not everywhere i see gabriel is on al-jazeera new york. still ahead here on al-jazeera they've got support coming up so i will explain what paul. is taking on similar rest is that also hinting at a move. play
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. they wanted 43000000 pounds with a weapon that was 6000000000 pounds in commission. play there is no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and active as president of ukraine when people need to be high there were days of thank you both work for my joints closer they all went to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports the iran has teams on the ground to bring you more reward winning documentaries what's motion goals be achieved. and tonight on air. and online.
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all right let's 2nd up then sport and sun thank you very much nic well one of the world's biggest sporting rivalries is taking place at the cricket world cup right now india's match with pakistan was delayed by a rainfall round an hour in manchester but they're back on now at old trafford hit $140.00 for india who are currently $315.00 at full 5 off to $48.00 overs. correspondent lee weddings is there for us live 1st of all this is his biggest game and just how important is it. this is undoubtedly the biggest guy in cricket and i have to wait for it because into
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a pakistan i replied you know these big you buy a world cup much as always particularly significant between the things you don't play as cricket logic of the tension between the countries a bunch of unlucky enough to get tickets around $25000.00 is like a golden ticket for about $700000.00 applied around the globe and to actually be out to get in and support that so i always find looking at it is a fairly uniform split but slightly more indian prime slightly insults your bottle guide for them i'm sorry so many people that you're going to tell us all best but i think the word for india are looking very strong so find this not do you think they'll make it. they're looking strong in this much and i look in strong in the tone of the thing about india is a good start to the film and as i don't have to witness much of course i desperately want to win it by looking on a poll so what's the semifinals and challenge so when there's trying to figure out how do we pay for the actual point in this huge much or actually more important in
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a why to pakistan by raiding the suffering the fates have had a washout as well the weather is threatening so let's say we don't get a result pakistan are going to suffer even more than india because i want to get their hands on the $2.00 india's total looks imposing so if there was a dull hold of pakistan to we're going to struggle to chinese start the thing about pakistan of course as you know it's always every time you write them off but i do have a surprise when i was in the champions trophy fun and so years ago it was a lot of cricket after this much money you've been following the sentiment since they won and do you think has it been a success so far. this guy is always a success is shared it's a naked anticipated as great a vibrant colorful ah to say yes high security but it's been a big deal outside of that i think cricket has problems if you look at this country and england as it will at the same tools to children because people are saying it's
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not on free to air television children you just know we're not watching it the highlights on after midnight on free to air television so this much will be passing a lot of them pointing to the only nation in that kind of position the weather is affecting things as well so i do think that this tone is in danger of not really going to the places. they went in july for manchester thank you very much for that . football's world governing body fever has told the saudi arabian about satellite broadcast are upset to stop illegally distributing constant from the qatari channel be in sports in a statement fifa said be out unauthorized transmissions of the fifo women's world cup 21000 are made available by way of our upset satellite frequencies or is therefore seeking the corporation of arab sat in the dressing of the misuse of feet as intellectual property or 2 days ago a french court ruled in being
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a favor in their case against arab that tells you have confirmed the manager. is leaving the club to take over your ventas sorry joins the italian champions after just one season in england he led chelsea to a 3rd place finish in the premier league and the european league title manchester united star. has given a clear suggestion yet that hill be leavin the club the french will come when no speaking at a sponsors event in japan which included the use of his skills to beat a wall made up of sumo wrestlers while costs united 112000000 dollars 3 years ago but his contentment at the club became very public last season and he's been linked with a move to real madrid or former club you've sent. you know it's tokyo. and all thinking is world for me you know i've been here for 3 years in manchester it's
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been doing great and there is some good moments by moment i think for me. to be to be here in time. to have the chinese somewhere else. i'm determined to do this dog training so it's. argentina messi suffered an upset and their opening game of the corporate america against colombia argentina wasted plenty of opportunities take the lead in the match and sell the deal in messi was guilty of squandering his chances and they were made to pay a raja mightiness firing a terrific opening goal midway through the 2nd half of the test for goalkeeper with that one call me a it went on to wrap up a 2 nil when thanks to the 2nd mates in the game from divans. this was colombia's 1st victory over argentina and 12 years in saturday's other game crew finished call
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us. make their debut in the copa america on sunday the asian cup champ his it will face par gwion the iconic american on stadium in rio were invited to join the tournament america's gary woodland will take a one shot lead going into the final round of the u.s. open in pebble beach california with and a was on fire in the round he finished with a 2 on the $69.00 to get to 11 under for the term and to ask the games for his 1st major title 2013 champion justin rose birdie to at the 18th hole to finish just one shot so the back mosse is a champion tiger woods continues to struggle he's now 11 shots off the pace. stick to myself you know my go out and stick to my game plan hopefully get off to a good start and attack even tacking from now the fairway to the golf course it's from an up it's not as receptive it was early in the week so it'll be tough so
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hopefully go out to control myself and stay with it. buck said tyson fury is one step closer to regaining the world heavyweight title with a win over tom was while he was dressed to impress on the big occasion making quite a grand entrance before his fight in las vegas fury poor on an impressive display making quick work of the german winning with a 2nd round stoppage the british boxer is targeting a rematch with w.b.c. title holder the wild are off to their controversial draw in december. all the eyes of the tokyo 2020 lympics have opened the latest venue ahead of the games will take place at the sea forest waterway the center which will also stage canoeing as events it was officially launched with the boat race between cruz from oxford and cambridge it's one of 8 new venues being built in the city for next year's elim pics and paralympics and that's it for me nick sort of thanks very much
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indeed and that is it for this news hour but i will be back in just a couple minutes with a full updates of the day's news so see that. in cameroons with his. plastic is everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing boats. i'm bubblegum wellington boots what more can be done with this plague of palmas. thrived reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera the blowing up in the united states i learned that the 1st amendment is really key to being a good citizen freedom of the challenge is going to be nothing new for men and
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women for the resources that are available but it's an al-jazeera story to me is that we just don't tell you what the soldiers of the story want to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. they wanted for $23000000000.00 with a weapon that was $6000000000.00 pounds in commission. claims there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good mistakes. in assonance we in the united states have privatized the old smoke public function more shadow on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here in putting are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed
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coverage this past month and the fact the people who talk to me say this struggling to make translates i just want a better life from around the world and amnesty has been offered to those fully vetted against the government often called except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. an unprecedented power failure across several latin american countries leaves tens of millions in the dog. this is a lie from joe also coming up hong kong's leader apologizes again for culture bushell a tradition built of the demonstrators jammed the streets to denounce the proposed rule. as his wife is found guilty of misusing state funds israel's prime minister
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holds a controversial couple of meetings in the occupied golan heights. and how he was burned to the ground thousands displaced and thousands killed how 2 different ways of life are dividing communities in mali. so we begin with breaking news into a massive power outage in latin america we know that at least 4 countries hold countries are affected argentina uruguay paraguay and brazil let's speak now to theresa both who joins us live on the line from one is. to reza tell us more about what's happening. well a massive power cut has affected most of argentinian provinces and some parts of the why that was hard to tina's electrical company has reported right now at the
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center of one of sideways. 9 traffic lights are working some trains have also been working but 2 most of the country has been paralyzed not only by this massive electricity outage but also because of enormous storms that's been hitting argentina for the past few days it's raining nonstop and that's why the government is saying and the secretary of energy has just reported that the main problem has happened to add to their deaths to date that hydroelectric dam this is located at northeastern argentina right at the border with find out why and that because of the forms that had affected the dam and that's one of the reasons why most of the country most of argentina but also all white have been left without electricity the government is saying that they're working in order to restore electricity that it may take some hours that they have already managed to restore electricity in some parts of northern argentina and they're working to do the same in the rest of the country. given the time of day that now and i guess what happens in these kind of
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situations oil is unprecedented as far as the whole country is concerned but when there are power outages i suppose and like to see generators kick in hospitals and so forth. well most definitely generated carol in argentina and i said before not only because of the power 9 but also because it's been raining. very strongly in the past few days and that's why that's had generated also chaos in the middle of the city so at least 4 provinces in argentina were supposed to vote in local elections this sunday also it's father's day so this is certainly complicating people's lives hospitals and most of the sources we have spoken to not only in hospitals but in other parts of the city and of the country say that they have generators but of course it all depends on how long this lasts we know that the government already warning people to in a way be very a cold with using water for a d while because water supplies will certainly be affected by by this massive
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power cuts or injuries only were there for the moment thanks very much it were possible still as we were saying also affected the joins us from rio de janeiro in brazil it's extraordinary story daniel what's happening. touch the top but we're hearing though the information from from argentina uruguay really i mean power cuts happen they happen all the time the system is relatively fragile but on this scale of something as big as this i don't think anybody can remember something on this large of ever having happened before affecting millions and millions of people as mentioned before the whole of argentina apart from the very south of argentina that he had built way go province all of europe why for a time although it does seem as though power is being restored to large parts of europe why fairly quickly but really as i say the scale of this this power outage is absolutely huge and i think questions will be asked about why
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a system was not in place to make sure that the connections between the various power stations did not cause an outage on this scale and if so when something like this happens it makes you realize just how much of a modern life is dependent on the supply of the apparently symbols of my mattress to. i mean the only people we've been able to make contact with in argentina have been those who still have some power less left on their mobile phones their landlines it seems around vast parts of the country were down i think notorious was mentioning just now the trains and and some traffic lights are being restored but for a time i think in many ways the fact that this happened 7 o'clock in the morning on a sunday morning in argentina and uruguay probably was the time of the week when it would have had the least in fact people tend to get up fairly late on the sunday some people wake up and not believe in knowing it's happened but it was a huge huge outage and i say the impact lessened by the fact it happened early on
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a sunday morning or a picture from the reporting thanks very much. to hong kong where the chief executive was once again apologize for how her government handled a politically charged legislation the sparked massive protests kerry says she's sorry for causing conflict and disputes roads still packed with people dressed in black and a sign of protest they want the proposed bill scrapped entirely perry lamb also to step down the law change would allow people who are wanted for certain crimes to be extradited to mainland china from abroad reports now from hong kong. if the hong kong government thought its last minute backdown would keep more people at home this was hong kong zaza. protesters filled the length of the route of the march and spilled over into adjoining streets ah well before the shed you will start time the crowds began forming at the starting point they say hong kong's
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freedoms within china are being further eroded and a calling on the chief executive kerry lamb to quit and we will not stop until we get true democracy in hong kong because even in parallel instead down the system is still unfair we do not have through the month a real we do not have a election most protesters will black to show their anger towards lam and the hong kong police and many carried white flowers in memory of a man who fell to his death the night before the march while putting up a protest banner. the incident adding to a sense of bitterness towards a government they say doesn't listen to them i don't think the government listen to us but at least we know we have the staying out does carry a lamb support your city. to face of course our said pick this up because. they may have a joke with every us so i think the government is better now was
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this is the 2nd major march in as many weeks for. testing against a controversial extradition bill the government has been trying to introduce critics say it would allow china to extradite political opponents to face summary trial in mainland courts protesters want that bill withdrawn altogether. and they're also angry at the way the police dealt with last week's occupation of streets around the local legislative council building the organizers have made this not just about the extradition bill but also a protest against what they say was the excessive use of force by police in breaking up what was largely a peaceful demonstration last wednesday some of the most violent scenes on hong kong streets in years kerry lamb has promised to consult more closely with hong kong people over the proposed legislation and insists she his their voices today it
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must be difficult not to hear the. public pride al-jazeera hong kong of scotland joins us live now from hong kong scott we've heard from the government now would have had to say well nick as we heard you know kerry lamb has apologized he said for the inadequacies of her government in dealing with the situation with this proposed extradition bill she says the communication wasn't that good and it should have been have handled better and she apologized to those who voiced their opinions and she said those who voice their opinions in a peaceful way she's heard them and she's going to try to better communicate what she's doing so not what the protesters want they wanted her to resign that didn't happen they wanted the bill to be killed but it's only been suspended and they wanted an apology and a recognition of the police force this past week and that did not happen but at least now there is an acknowledgement there is more acknowledgement i should say
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from the government seat that. this is happened this is been seen by the government and they suspended the bill but again for them it's not over yet they still want to make sure and work toward her resigning and this bill being killed and what about the process itself today sunday we've seen tens of thousands out in the streets. absolutely they're still gathered behind mean it's you know this is the central district of hong kong and the legislative council building is just behind me and there are streets that are still blocked off now after all these marches came to here this was the end point of that march and there's still like a very large highway over here a thoroughfare through the middle of hong kong that is completely blocked off and we just walked over there there are most of the protesters here now you know at all walks of life earlier in the march here they're very young they're students and they're just quite honestly hanging out there eating sandwiches they're sitting around they're listening to music there's also a stage on this side and there's
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a large park in the lot of people have gathered in there but right now and we've asked some of them you know so what you going to do next you know like there hasn't been any they say there hasn't been any formal agenda what they're going to do but right now they're just sitting here in solidarity with what's happened over the last week next all right so thanks very much indeed for her reporting from hong kong. the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been ordered to pay $15000.00 bill to be found guilty of misusing state funds sorry netanyahu admitted to the charges as part of a plea bargain she was charged with fraud last year after allegedly spending $100000.00 of state money on lavish males husband is also facing charges in a corruption case and this all comes with news of a new israeli settlement in the occupied golan heights that will be named after the u.s. president donald trump israel's cabinet is holding a meeting there this hour where it's expected to prove naming the illegal settlement trump heights in march the u.s. president change decades of u.s.
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policy to officially recognize the occupied golan heights is ready territory of more on this that cross to force it to use in west jerusalem and harriet all of these events happening with the backdrop of benjamin netanyahu running for election for the 2nd time as yeah that's right this 2nd election that he didn't want to have it has been forced on him at least he's chosen it as the best option after he failed to form a coalition of the last election on april the 9th and so already the informal campaigning is extremely obviously under way and this is part of that he's gone up to the occupied golan heights with his cabinet for this ceremonial meeting his critics point out the opposition points out that as a transitional government it has no power to actually enact and you settlements in the golan but he's there anyway and he's getting.


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