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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2019 1:00am-1:33am +03

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an authority or president in this country even after the elections and the new president people are still dying like animals. and the 2 camps set up here already at full capacity. we've been complaining to the authorities and patna since the displaced people started arriving at this camp so we can organize how to assist them properly but nothing has happened now there are more people than the cup come hold and living conditions where people. eatery is one of the largest provinces in democratic republic of congo it has large diamonds and gold reserves the fight for control of the area is fueling the violence and a longstanding dispute between the hemet cattle herders and lendu farmers tens of thousands of congolese have been killed in the cycle of reprisal attacks and camps like this are becoming a pattern and home for many really mohammed al jazeera. in the news ahead why the rising tension between the u.s. and iran as many people in iraq worried about their energy supplies and burn houses
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thousands displaced dozens killed are 2 different ways of life are dividing communities in mali. hello again it's good to have you back what we're looking at some flooding here across parts of china and there's been an ongoing issue because it is that time of season where we see the maya by a front across that area heavy rain is on the increase again now we did see a break in the rain but we are here towards the east where we had seen some nice sunny days but the rain is starting to increase a little bit more towards the east here in the central parts this is where the biggest flood threat is going to be over the next few days as well as down along the southern coast for hong kong though it is going to be a rainy day here on tuesday with attempt a few of $31.00 degrees well across india of course we had been watching our cycle
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own has been fairly erratic in the path but it is expected to make a turn more towards the north in the northeast we could even be seeing a landfall as a tropical storm affecting some of these rain showers in the clouds had been in the arabian sea but the clouds of ash extended all the way over here towards oman forecast looks like this as we go towards monday possibly a limb fall here with some clouds coming in but temperatures across the region as well as rain is some good news there we don't expect to see the winds too heavy at times but here across central india we are going to see the rain pushing in up towards new delhi though your temperatures are coming down to about $37.00 degrees and kolkata it is still going to be sunny few with a temperature of $38.00. let me take itto things like no place. wild west rain. until the strongest cost a system most skilled. nation comes to traffic
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in stadiums that are. discover our newest destination defeat the women's world cup it's $29.00 t. . stories for you here on al-jazeera this hour there has been a major show of force in hong kong where an estimated 2000000 people came out to express their anger over a proposed extradition battle chief executive kerry suspended the bill but the protesters want it scrapped politically. electricity is slowly being restored across 4 south american countries after
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a massive blackout millions of people across argentina uruguay paraguayan and brazil were all affected by a system failure in argentina. or a new finding between ethnic groups in democratic republic of congo has killed at least 160 people in the 40 villages were destroyed more than 100000 people forced to flee in the eastern province of each story and that's just in the past week. the wife of israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been ordered to pay $15000.00 after being found guilty of misusing state funds sarah netanyahu had been charged with fraud last year after allegedly spending 100000 dollars of state money on lavish meals but she took a plea bargain and admitted to lesser charges and husband is also facing charges in a separate corruption case just as he begins campaigning for a 2nd israeli election later this year. also the israeli cabinet has approved an illegal settlement in the occupied golan heights that will be named after u.s.
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president donald trump the settlement will be called trump heights in march the u.s. president changed decades of u.s. policy to officially recognize the occupied golan heights as israeli territory more . more on both those stories with ari forces. well opposition parties have been pointing out that benjamin netanyahu transitional government ahead of september's election doesn't have the or thorazine to actually and act a new settlement in the occupied golan heights but that hasn't stopped benjamin netanyahu he's taken his cabinet up there for what he called a festive cabinet meeting which was attended unusually you have to say by the us ambassador david friedman and then after that meeting at which the new name trump heights for this settlement was confirmed there was an unveiling ceremony where the 2 men took the the veil off a large sign in
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a very trumpy in font and trump in color spelling out trump heights in the occupied golan heights benjamin netanyahu saying that this cemented the long claim the jews had to the area talking about synagogues dating back thousands of years saying that it always had been and always would be israeli territory and thanking donald trump for recognizing israel's claim at the height of the last election campaign on march 25th israel's claim to the occupied golan heights all this coming on the same day that his wife sarra had to be convicted in jerusalem of a corruption case she pled guilty to making the best of somebody else's mistake in in using public funds to have lavish takeout meals
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cooked by some of jerusalem's best chefs at the same time as the prime minister's residence was employing a chef of its own so that was against the rules she is due to pay back or least be fined some $15000.00 u.s. dollars of course the bigger question now confronts benjamin netanyahu he has 3 corruption cases of his own attempts to try to secure immunity and secure. a change in the laws which would have prevented the israeli supreme court from overturning any immunity all of that was really put aside by the fact that he was unable to cement a coalition after the last election he's now called new elections or had the israeli parliament call new elections for september the 17th all of the stuff that's been going on in the golan today very much part of his efforts to try to get reelected and also appeal to his friend in the white house donald trump. people in northwest nigeria say they had no protection when gunmen attacked villages killing 34 people
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it happened overnight in the northwestern state of some fara hudson hundreds of died in the region this year in violence blamed on a conflict over land between cattle herders and farmers and the drifts but the details now from. in fact the conflict in some for a state started way back as far back as 2009 and it's been like this for a very very long time however the last 4 years have seen a spike in the number of attacks and the number of casualty figures because of these frequent attacks between the cattle herders and of course the local farming community now the problem as escalated to such a level that there are criminal gangs who have also come in and take an adventist advantage of the situation and this criminal gangs and are only limited to the nigerian side of the border that are foreigners as we were told by officials who have come into them for a state and also being part and parcel of this problem an official told al jazeera
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a few weeks ago that there are more than 48 cams 8 major cams and 4034 major smaller camps in some forested alone so the whole problem actually is partly the problem of climate change is partly responsible for this crisis more and more cattle herders are moving in words or inland as the area in the north or the area north becomes dry and dry and so they move their cattle and as a result of movement of these cattle they sort of drive their cutters through farmlands they follow news we spoke to say that these farm lands have been expanded into grazing areas and cattle routes or for cattle for migration purposes and through that stage set the stage of conflict between the 2 sides and now the conflict has moved from the arab north depart into the central part of nigeria and into the south west where we've seen in the last 2 years hundreds of people have been killed. also got mali dealing with fighting between farmers and herders in
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fact a vigil was held in the capital after a series of attacks international criminal court is now looking at allegations of crimes against humanity minus president under increasing pressure to deliver on his promise for peace well from bamako with english stock. they've come to this open air slaughter house to escape death still vivid is the smell of burnt flesh. baria full on the lost his father window doggoned lost his son. they said i'm a light in front of my eyes going accuse fall on the sinful on these blamed doggone see each community accusing the other for the killings in attacks on their villages along with no harm done to them we can never go home it's not safe anymore. this is what is left of barry's home full only say doggone hunters were behind the attack
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last sunday hundreds of dawn died in what appears to be retaliatory killings while the international criminal court investigates what may constitute crimes against humanity hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing the center of mali turning this meat market into a makeshift count. and fall on these have come to the capital bamako not just to escape the violence but to be closer to a government that has failed to protect them in their villages and they hope that here. can deliver on its promise to bring back peace to my. time the i. want unity and yes despite the support of $20000.00 u.n. in foreign troops the president seems unable to bring the country together. he's facing mounting protests with calls for his resignation including from the influential cleric. leading the demonstrations mr assad will feel who will be
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gentle see the president as my friend but i will continue to denounce his governance people from the north the armed groups the people fighting against each other we're all mali and we need to promote dialogue bring an end to the violence that's turning into a senseless war. it is a country in crisis deeply divided with each community mourning their dead i think people to break this cycle over avenge nicholas hark al-jazeera bamako iran assert to announce on monday the next steps it plans to take to scale back its compliance with a 2050 nuclear deal on saturday president hassan rouhani renewed an ultimatum that his country would continue scaling back its commitments unless other world powers did more to protect it from u.s. sanctions teheran stops complying with some elements back in may that was after the u.s. withdrew from the nuclear pact and reintroduced sanctions now the u.s.
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has granted iraq a 3 month waiver extension to buy electricity from iran but after that sanctions against countries doing business with terror and will go into effect iraqis are rely on terror and for vital energy supplies but in the summer months if that's not enough charles strafford reports from bastra. hussein radi starts the generator he helped build using an old engine. which supplies electricity to families in this poor neighborhood of bus or so. there are hundreds of generators like this one across the city because daily our culture often last for hours. we provide electricity to the poor it comes on for an hour then it's off for 5 children really suffer in the summer heat we are so tired inside i have nothing joyful in my life it's all been misery the government has forgotten us. iraq cannot meet its own electricity needs even
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a city like basra which because of its huge oil wealth could be one of the richest cities in the world of aust amounts of electricity comes from close by across the border in neighboring iran the us has increased sanctions on iran in recent months and this could seriously affect neighboring iraq which depends on iran for its power supply. iraq relies hugely on iran for this vital resource and a decrease in that power supply could cripple the local economy further we so angry demonstrations over the lack of services in bus for last year the situation hasn't improved since then like the house america's just extended a sanction waiver for iraq so it can keep buying iranian electricity and gas for another 3 months the us is trying to help iraq be less dependent on its neighbor for fuel as a means of increasing its pressure on iran energy giant exxon mobil recently signed
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a $53000000000.00 deal with the iraqi government to develop to southern oil fields it's hoped that project will also help iraq be more self-sufficient in gas needed to few electricity power plants considering the potential boil wealth of basra the poverty and lack of general services is shocking piles of rubbish lined the streets there are open drains buildings long ago fell into disrepair even with the help of iran there isn't enough electricity being distributed here to a city that people like hussein say has suffered years of government neglect. that al-jazeera basra. well to marlon's picking a new president 19 people are vying for the top job to succeed president jimmy morales none of them expected those are when an outright majority that means the poll will likely result in a runoff gang violence and poverty are the main issues that have dominated the
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campaigning there. funny racism in australia is in the spotlight on the big screen this week's festival the final quarter tells the story of adam goodes a top footballer who faced discrimination on and off the field but dared to speak out against it and to thomas reports from sydney. listened to the group. for more than 3 years at the end of his playing career australian rules football star adam goodes was booed every time he touched the ball he's doing. he's watching. a new film is explicit about why racism and so on the stand up. to the stand sydney swans player adam goodes was an aussie rules legend but a match in 2013 indigenous australian did something that upsets many fans a 13 year old girl in the crowd shouted something racist at him and he pointed her
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out here he. called me and. the 1st time out of the 4 it was a monkey and i. it was it was shattering goods became a vocal anti-racism campaigner australia's government awarded him the title of australian of the year but the abuse and booing just got worse goods his treatment from the sports pages to the front pages many accused him of being overly sensitive but others said that not recognising the bully was in reaction to goods anti-racism activism was itself racist in a country with a history of white supremacy were aboriginal people were only recognised as citizens in the late 1960 s. the final quarter makes uncomfortable viewing i think a straight has always had a difficulty talking about rice and when this happened it really highlighted help challenging this was we came up with every excuse we possibly could as to why that
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. good's was being booed but we weren't prepared to actually on the fact that racism was involved the film has become the hit this week city film festival and another film which includes new interviews with goods is due to premiere at the melbourne film festival in august on the it wasn't just adam goodes the footballer he was the angry had to reach. through one man and 2 films australians are confronting what many call the country's casual racism andrew thomas al jazeera sydney. it's one of the headlines now on al-jazeera there has been a major show of force in hong kong where an estimated 2000000 people came out to express their anger over a proposed extradition bill chief executive kerry did suspend the bill but protesters want it scrapped altogether power is slowly being restored across 4
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south american countries after a massive blackout millions of people across argentina uruguay paraguayan and brazil have all been affected energy companies are frantically working to bring the power back everything from traffic lights to train services and shops were without electricity. renewed fighting between ethnic groups in democratic republic of congo has killed at least 160 people nearly 40 villages were destroyed and more than 100000 people in the eastern province of eternity have been forced to flee in the past week. the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been ordered to pay $15000.00 after being found guilty of misusing state funds sarah netanyahu had been charged with fraud last year after allegedly spending 100000 dollars of state money on lavish meals but she took a plea bargain and admitted to lesser charges her husband is also facing charges in
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a separate corruption case just as he begins campaigning for a 2nd israeli election later this year. israeli cabinet has also approved an illegal settlement in the occupied golan heights that will be named after president donald trump it'll be called trump heights in march the u.s. leader changed decades of his country's policy to officially recognize the occupied golan heights as israeli territory and people in northwest nigeria say they have no protection when gunmen attacked villages killing 34 people the attack happened overnight in the northwestern state of some fara hundreds of people have died in the region this year in violence blamed on the conflict over land between cattle herders and farmers the group boko haram and other religious fighters also operate in the area and sudan's ousted leader ahmed el bashir has been brought to the public prosecutor's office after he was charged with corruption he appeared for the 1st time since he was overthrown as he was driven from a prison in khartoum reports say the shia will also be charged with illegal
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possession of foreign currency those are your headlines on al-jazeera one of one is does next. it's a fact that the engine house a day 6 days a week to work here is financed and furious but it's not because all machines that they've building it's bodies one can see that it can them at a time. just says he used the red cross' defeated center in afghanistan has been
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a lifeline for people with disabilities victims of a strike this accidents and congenital illness but no matter how many limbs they make the patients keep coming. one on one east meets the remarkable people risking their lives to help the disabled in war torn afghanistan . sunday morning in the afghan capital kabul. it's the start of the working week. and the busiest day at the red cross is also puting and physical rehabilitation center. hundreds of patients have come for treatment some have
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traveled for days risking landmines and taliban checkpoints to get to. the other the inside physiotherapist karim. is doing her best to calm the newest patients to say they know because the quote unquote off that. 6 year old you serve hasn't walked for months ever since he was injured in a houston run car crash they all the by him i now got made. they all the behave the. way it ended up on the my neck and. by all of them using it. his grandmother says he's already been through several painful surgeries he's now terrified of doctors know all about her cargo whatever. the bitch got in either the one other boss my mother and others out the top of having a lock on. because i never look well higher cause i doubt he's
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a ducky. you know that. it's kareem is job to help you save from new york again but it won't be easy. i was going to him out there that are already there was i'm other than are we are these are mother these i want his legs are a mangled mess but she's more worried about the scars she can't see the child is very sad because. the other child is they walk and they it and i ply but he's always that thing on the wheelchair. things maybe you know i walk. home. despite his injuries yousif is very lucky outside we meet his 16 year old isra who'd lost his leg in the same accident. he knew so for waiting for a bus home from the market when
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a speeding car plowed into them when he came when you know i was in an open or the driver tried to break but the car started flipping years over was use of was hit and went flying into the ditch i'm awkward to all of them marge is on the look of. i was pulled below the car and my leg went under the wheel steering ya know with the car going down the clara pose. the question when i tried to pull it i saw blood pouring out it was everywhere all over my clothes i started screaming my leg humping my leg. is translate was completely severed but his worst fee is what feeds you so if i use a beer when i was a kid use of was in the children's hospital from and he went into a coma for 6 days the exam there was only a 5 percent chance that he'd survive my. are you i was crying
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a lot for you sign out or no i thought he was definitely gonna. my family started to bring me pictures of him every day to prove that he was still alive 3 atmananda . ever since there is trial hasn't taken his eyes off his nephew on. august. use of small souls are so weak that he's going to need leg braces to help him stand guys that are the same people get. to see that only got your cheek i got to be a watch until the arm around i was on the ballot. recount band over and over and over to walk back to. the recovery is going to be even tougher he needs a whole new priest that he can wake the. brother moment only older brother or
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her brother the governor going. to be dealing with her. or. how about more more more on her show her the power of women or much america by the amount of. my father god to give him a walker what about a van we're going to be around us very fast right. now where you surf and it's rather head higher but the work for these technicians is just beginning. over the next few days they will painstakingly mold the new leg braces and christie says for the boys devices that will change their lives. in the sushi years that this program has been operating in afghanistan they have made nearly 200000 artificial limbs and treated almost 180000
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disabled patients. will be on i must say the only place they can get help is here at this red cross center but i haven't seen another place that provides this kind of research. nobody knows how my life changing. this work is better than kareem up. there made that claim i've had this leg for about 20 years i've never asked for a new one because i'm used to that. a patient surprised when you tell them that you have a prosthetic leg what him up why when my legs are covered and nobody notices anything when i show them my leg that totally surprised by that they don't believe that was an artificial leg that they can walk normally after them informing them but then i show them i tell them see my leg is artificial but i still come here and work out
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how they. first came to the red cross as a 13 year old patient at the time kabul was engulfed in a deadly civil war she was shot in the leg 4 times while walking home from her grandmother's house as a 1000000 and. when i regained consciousness my leg felt very light i tried to feel it but i realized it had been cut off the sugar will be here and that's when a woman becomes disabled she becomes invisible people think she can't do anything while at work it was hard for me to accept this situation. i couldn't accept that i could have killed myself on the whole she would. instead the red cross offered to train her as a physio therapist when she finished high school that was almost 25 years ago since then she has helped thousands of patients just like her. because i'm
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disabled myself i understand their situation but i mean whatever they're going through i've already been through it. i only have. to do. the center has a policy of hiring people with some kind of disability just like their patients some of the stuff have been crippled by in the says like polio many like a victims of the country's relentless war. for as long as i can remember that has been fighting in afghanistan and it will never end. the day by day the number of our patients is growing it's because of the war landmine attacks. ready you.
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want to turn around. even by afghanistan's grim standard the situation here is becoming increasingly deadly a record number of civilians were killed and injured last year in attacks by the taliban isis and government forces some of the most brutal violence has accrued right here in kabul. with incidents like rockets and bombs on. we've seen a lot of these horrible incidents it's been hot but we've gotten used to. hold the taliban has allowed cross to stay open. a month after they took power the taliban came to our center they visit at the mail and. they were
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satisfied with our work and we carried on without problems. but in afghanistan nothing is guaranteed. days into our visit we hear about a disturbing development the taliban have just announced a spring offensive against the afghan government in the military so what this means is that we're likely to see a lot more attacks but they're also saying here that the red cross will no longer be protected this is a really serious problem for the star and the patients at the center. it's not long before the news spreads very real world of those who crossed over into the murray river that is. in the women's department crema is also briefing they get you michel almost and i would turn if. i gave them. one anything but the.
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closer they don't think that the body to listen will have not done that for a long. time left. you guys worried at all about your safety i mean mom you don't even understand. that i'm all mother. to the husband but he must listen closely that it was. one of the shots that was. one of the stars he is seaman faced i'm struggling to understand why the taliban would ban the work of a humanitarian organization especially one that helps disabled afghans. it's too risky for us to ask the taliban in person so we called a spokesman you recently revoke the security guarantees for the red cross.


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