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tv   Marriage Divorce in Morocco  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2019 4:00am-5:01am +03

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apparently. a failure in the inter connection there with the power grid in argentina is what generated this failure we just heard a press conference from the energy secretary here that explained that there is still an investigation into finding out what exactly happened he also said that their failure is that happen all the time but that they never end up in this told total collapse of the electricity grid and that's why he asked the companies involved to give and carry out a report in order to have precise information into what caused this enormous and massive blackout not only in argentina but also in other parts of the region here i'm going to go to any idea theresa how long it's going to take for everyone to get that power block. well the secretary of energy he said there already restored around 60 percent of the great around the country and they hoping that by the end of this sunday all of the power is going to be back up in argentina of course this is
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a very big challenge and what's making things even more difficult is that it's been raining nonstop not only in one of the site as you can see right behind me but also in northeastern argentina where that dam is located where and that's one of the investigations that is ongoing whether climate could be related into what went wrong in the energy secretary said that there's still this investigation ongoing that they're not sure of what could have cost something like this and as i said before argentina has been struggling with an enormous energy deficit in the past years we have seen before the government of mali so much he took office there were power cuts constantly and this administration has been investing in renewable energy and other types of investments in different in different parts of the country in order to get that electric grid in the country back in order it's a big challenge and the energy secretary was just reporting nobody was expecting something like this it was
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a massive and they want to know exactly what went wrong to do so with the latest there from way desirous thank you. a still ahead so on the program rescuers in syria say they're being targeted by government and russian warplanes. and the candidates become next u.k. prime minister go head to head in a televised debate but with one notable name missing. heller the hot area of europe is getting smaller and we've been we've been seeing atlantic churching from the west indies produce some pretty big thunderstorms recently this is the hope of through slightly colder air i say it's cold the temperatures are going to be 23 in berlin 27 in warsaw by sunday but of course we were in the thirty's couple days ago and that cooler stuff is spreading science
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from the czech republic and into austria leaving a good part of ukraine and owner countries the south in the thirty's still it's warming up in nice contrast further west and it looks dry and sunny from the south coast of spain up to the east coast of england well mostly anyway still the potential for some big thunderstorms in switzerland to clear over the alps and of course is not a great represent showers in the still hot air south of austria and down towards the tip of greece and certainly we've seen circulation showers in turkey for the last week or so they're going to continue or they're not widespread the difference in the weather across the mediterranean it's remaining drive-in there is a fair amount of cloud taking the sun out of the skies it's only $28.00 in tunis eastern $21.00 robot and that's despite the almost. constant sun shines on shore breeze the hot weather is terrible it's just inland in libya.
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they wanted 43000000000 pounds worth of the. and that was 6000000000 in. there is no and they more because there's always a small caliber of people. really really good business. in essence we're united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. again undermined at the top stories on al-jazeera protest organizers say nearly 2000000 people have taken part in the latest demonstration in hong kong despite the
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suspension of a controversial extradition bill they won't lead to carry to step down. at least 160 people have been killed in a week of ethnic violence in eastern democratic republic of congo around 40 villages were destroyed in the fighting in a turi province. and power is slowly being restored across argentina uruguay panic y. and brazil after a massive blackout that affected tens of millions of people. the wife of israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has been fined $15000.00 after he found guilty of misusing state funds sora netanyahu was charged with fraud last year after allegedly spending $100000.00 of state money at high end restaurants but she took a plea bargain and admits to a lesser charge binyamin netanyahu is also facing charges in a separate corruption case. well he's been in the occupied golan heights where he
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and his cabinet have officially inaugurated a new settlements named trump heights in honor of the u.s. president in march donald trump change decades of u.s. policy to officially recognize the golan heights as israeli territory the inauguration comes as netanyahu begins campaigning for september's election which will be the 2nd this year are a force that has more now from west jerusalem. well opposition parties have been pointing out that benjamin netanyahu transitional government ahead of september's election doesn't have the or thorazine to actually and act a new settlement in the occupied golan heights but that hasn't stopped benjamin netanyahu he's taken his cabinet up there for what he called a festive cabinet meeting which was attended unusually you have to say by the us ambassador david friedman all this coming on the same day that his wife sarra had to be convicted in jerusalem of
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a corruption case she pled guilty to making the best of somebody else's mistake in a in using public funds to have lavish takeout meals cooked by some of jerusalem's best chefs at the same time as the prime minister's residence was employing a chef of its own so that was against the rules she is due to pay back or least be fined some $15000.00 u.s. dollars of course the bigger question now confronts benjamin netanyahu he has 3 corruption cases of his own attempts to try to secure immunity and secure a change in the laws which would have prevented the israeli supreme court from overturning any immunity all of that was really put aside by the fact that he was unable to cement a coalition after the last election he's now called new elections or had the israeli parliament call new elections as a term of the 17th all of the stuff that's been going on in the golan today very
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much part of his efforts to try to get reelected and also appeal to his friend in the white house donald trump. turkish and syrian government forces have exchanged fire in a live profit to what turkey has called a deliberate attack on its forces at least 15 civilians were killed that all saturday as russian and syrian forces a vols the last rebel held region in the country under schapelle has the latest. theory was. these rescue workers are calling on those inside to make themselves known the reply. help process for godsake a boy is found under the rubble by the white helmets who later shared this image telling the world he survived more than a dozen others were not so lucky killed in airstrikes crossed it live on saturday syrian civil defense units a russian and syrian warplanes have been attacking them while they're trying to
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rescue civilians. hundreds have been killed in the province over the last 6 weeks in what's been designated a deescalation zone. hours after russia announced its latest ceasefire in its lead last week turkey announced syrian forces shelled one of its observation posts near zawiya injuring 3 soldiers turkey warned damascus that it would respond to any attacks and sent reinforcements into the country on sunday turkey said its forces were attacked again for a 2nd time in 3 days and it responded with heavy weapons with turkish troops apparently coming under attack by the syrian government that's backed by russia an area that was supposed to see a decrease in fighting is becoming increasingly unstable and chapelle al jazeera. the u.s. democratic chair of the house intelligence committee says that even though president trump says he doesn't want a war with iran others in his administration on the cussing the president's wishes
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speaking on c.b.s.'s face the nation out of shift pointed the finger at secretary of state might pay 0 on national security adviser john bolton certainly the president has said that he doesn't want war but nonetheless his people and i don't know what this is pompei or bolton or both seem to be taking actions to undercut that mission to stay out of warfare at a time when the president sent a message apparently through the japanese prime minister of an interest in going back to the table to negotiate bolton was announcing new sanctions on iran now is that an effort to scuttle the president's effort to initiate a dialogue it certainly seems to have that effect. but i think the the whole idea that somehow through this pressure campaign we were going to force around to compare chile and say ok we'll come back to the table give up everything was naive dangerously naive in the 1st place and this is what our allies are reacting to to
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you talking now where the 2 contenders to be istanbul mera taking part in a debate a week before the election rerun the former prime minister the rim opposition c.h.p. candidates acrimony all debating the future of istanbul in a live televised debates was declared mayor of the city off of the last poll bus a rerun was awarded after complaints from the ruling ak policy over irregularities and violations of election law well for more now cynical sciatica join us live from istanbul a sit in how has the debate been going. well until now the debate is fierce the rivals are. asking questions to each other and the moderator asking tough questions but of course as you can imagine since the 1st election which was held on march 31st has been the knowledge and both sides have their own excuses they accuse each other they question each other for the main
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opposition side since they is since the candidate a criminal the one on march 31st with the tight margin of 14000 wards in a 10000000 electorate city is stumble they believe that they they have been mistreated because of the supreme election boards the citizens and all the election on the other hand i've been a leo that i'm the candidate of the ruling of 43 he says that the routes were stolen and so that's why the in order to clear all the by us all the shadows over their action in the election is being green used but they are asking tough questions the 1st round is over we're expecting in the pool both candidates to reveal their projections and new projects regarding what it is stumbles feature a city which horse at least $15000000.00. in turkey when was the election actually taking place. the election is going to take place
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next saturday which is june 20th 3 and the 1st for the 1st election was on march 31st but i must say that 2 candid both of the candidates are tired because they have been campaigning for a long time and the 10 in their. tension is high on both of them and in general intricate the last week even the last 2 days prior to the election date is very important everything is changeable and because even in the presidential election last year that took place last june it was 50 to 50 in a stumble so this is a very small margin to win for both sides and they will be working very hard until next saturday sort of in istanbul thank you. and candidates vying to become the next u.k. prime minister have clashed over how to strike a deal to leave the european union bracks it's dominated discussion as the
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contenders went head to head in their 1st televised debates but the favorite to take over as leader of the conservative party was missing morris johnson who won the last round of votes to replace tories or make did not take part some of his rival candidates have accused him of avoiding media scrutiny of more on this we're joined now by mo hussain he's a former u.k. government advisor nice to see me thanks for coming in was forced on some wise to avoid taking part in this particular debate do you think i think. overall he was and i don't think over time it really works because you know becoming the leader or becoming the prime minister is not in title meant it's still you still need to go out and talk about your ideas on the questions and least be scrutinised for it as you work for a minister who was very good at stepping into debates who stepped into the prime minister a few years ago i think looking back that was good for amber but probably less good for the prime minister. i do understand the logic though sometimes there is
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a calculation to be made boris is the front runner he has got the most and he's by a very very wide margin and this is not a general election so this is m.p.'s and conservative party members and again he's polling very well with them so i think the calculation that his team will have made is you know sometimes boris his worst enemies actually boris himself he's always wanted gaffe away you so. it's not a good look i think they probably thought let's take that on the chin and let's keep keep our powder dry. in case something does go wrong so in the kind of way the world i think it makes some sense but actually outside and to people watching having an empty podium it's not a good look you know it really is an take a look at the debate as a whole and the remaining contests. he is the front runner boris johnson did anybody stand out for you in this particular debate is anyone push through to say look i'm different i could take on boris yeah i think i think so i think for me was
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a standout he certainly won the room and his style of really questioning the other candidate really picking our own something that made to seem bit like rhetoric or a bit hollow and pushing that point i think was quite effective. again if it was ready. more people had to say i think he could actually potentially do quite well i think the other candidates there was a bit of people playing to form losses slogans lots of soundbites i still didn't really think anybody stood out in terms of this is the person who could become the challenger because it's very much in our race for who is the other person with boris on the final ballot and i still being you know jeremy hunt did well but he still looked like a foreign secretary i think such a job it showed a bit more passion than maybe we seen more recently michael gove's very worldly her . dominic rob i think was probably the one who everybody try to attack the most
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store he starts from a lower base but again none of this was a game changer in the win any major mistakes but there wasn't like wow factor which is why i think you would be looking for for let's get to see you get your analysis of that debate thank you completely. now hundreds of protesters have been rallying in moscow angry about the 5 day arrest of an investigative journalist even got enough was freed earlier this week after the government admitted there was no evidence against him the reporter had been detained on drug dealing charges sunday's run it was authorized by the kremlin an unsanctioned demonstration on wednesday led to the arrest of board of $500.00 people including the opposition politician alexina valley. that you are going to show i would like justice to always triumph people should come to rallies like this one we are only save these journalists through rallies if we had been silent he would have stayed in jail. pope francis has to
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a central italy where many people are still struggling 3 years after devastating earthquakes the pope wore a white safety helmet as he laid flowers inside a damaged cathedral in the town of camerino which was hit by a string of quakes in june 26th seen people are still not allowed into the town center as work continues to stabilize the buildings and france will declare a state of natural disaster after heavy rain and hail storms struck the country's southeast video social media shows the moment a vehicle was caught in a storm and giant hailstones smashed the windshield of german tourists was killed by a falling tree of the outside wall region and at least 10 people have been injured elsewhere. i don't mind the top stories on al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of people have again been demonstrating on the streets of hong kong despite the suspension of
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a controversial extradition bill the majority wore black shirts as a protest at the police's violent response to a similar demonstration on wednesday they want to carry lamb to step down. from beijing so i don't know that they were terribly impressed. and. one cardinal said in china is not able to handle the situation correctly be difficult at least 160 people have been killed in a week of ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo around 40 villages were destroyed in the fighting in a teary province which forced more than $100000.00 people to flee the lendu and henna ethnic groups have been fighting each other for generations power is slowly being restored across 4 south american countries after a massive blackout tens of millions of people across argentina uruguay part of why
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i am brazil have been affected argentina's pod collapsed early in the morning leaving the entire country without power the wife of israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has been fined $15000.00 after being found guilty of misusing state funds sala netanyahu was charged with fraud last year after allegedly spending $100000.00 of state money at high end restaurants binyamin netanyahu is also facing charges in a separate corruption case. syrian the civil defense units say russian and syrian warplanes have been attacking them while they're trying to rescue civilians in the last remaining rebel held area turkish and syrian government forces have exchanged fire off what turkey has called a deliberate attack on its forces. candidates vying to become the next u.k. prime minister have clashed over how to strike a deal to be the european union at the favorite to take over the conservative party was missing boris johnson he won the 1st round of votes for
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a place to reason i did not take pause in this debate so as the latest headlines talk to al-jazeera is coming next speaking to the albanian prime minister eddie rama to stay with us more nice and healthy now. you're going to see. albania's overarching national goal is to join the european union prime minister doesn't think the country is ready for membership partly because its political institutions are underdeveloped that has been on display in the past week as political parties have disagreed on when to hold local elections nationwide they were scheduled for
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june 30th the opposition democratic party now wants that date pushed back and hasn't fielded mayoral candidates the ruling socialists of roma want to proceed regardless with the candidates they've registered the deadlock has added to skepticism in the european union about whether albania is ready to join today on talk to al-jazeera the prime minister of albania eddie romack. thank you prime minister for talking to today i want to start by asking you about the country's european prospects which is the major political issue facing this country for many years now a few weeks ago the european union held parliamentary elections across the continent and millions of people voted albania wants to join the european union but seems unable to hold you know support elections is albania ready to join the
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european union. no albin is not ready to join european union because. this is still a long way ahead but of course we are ready to start accession talks for which we have already. committed and. delivered based on the commission reports and recommendation to the member states to consider opening accession talks with the albanian and north macedonia. what would albania bring to the european union more and more europeans are asking what does albania have to offer the e.u. . i'm not sure that. the majority of europeans that. deal with political affairs are aware
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that it will be near and the western balkans are surrounded by e.u. borders so we are somehow an organ of the body that is dragging. out of the body but is not. simply fading away but is there so the choice is very simple. let this organ bleed and create. troubles to the whole by the as it happened in the past should have been a reason why 2 world wars started about guns or help this organ to integrate and help the body to get the organ in so. it's not about enlargement is about the completion is about it's about a very important piece of the puzzle because an area as i said within the european union that should not be left as an open space for other
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actors that may not be very keen to. see the european union progress and prosper now you have a very tense political situation inside the country at the moment i want to ask you about your dispute over the constitution with president ileum at that article 92 of the constitution clearly states that the president not you sets the date of elections for the assembly and the organs of local power the local elections of june 30th so why do you feel you have the right to override the president's decision or change of a decision on the date of the next local election. last thing i wish in my in my daily work is 2 and 3 in
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legal disputes because you know legal disputes are always complicated there are always. matter of different opinions and let alone have a legal dispute with you but i should tell you very simply that yes there is. there is a clear indication that the president is the one that. has to set the dates for the elections but there is a frame clear frame. you know we're electoral law. that the president has. a very. different well defined space of maneuver in picking dates and this being said. the constitution and all the constitutions all the worlds where there is a parliamentary republic say that the president can pick
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a date but no one so that the president can undo that so undoing. your own tree is a novelty for the history of parliament to republics but the president in his legal opinion which he delivered on monday 18 pages cites 3 presidents 4 previous presidents overturning what had been an established state in one case for general election and in 2 cases for local elections so it is not without precedent it is without precedent because. when local elections have been have been postponed it has happened. in times when we didn't have the same legal frame and the legal frame has
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been has been consolidated exactly to avoid the repetition of the stink and when general elections were postponed 2 years ago. based on the agreement between parties it was only one week within the constitutional and legal frame and it was based on a consensus of all political parties and the then predecessor of our actual president has asked it by written because otherwise he could not do. your immediate reaction to the president's position was that you were going to have him dismissed and what we heard was that thursday's parliamentary debate was going to be a motion for parliament to ask for the president's removal but that didn't happen the resolution you brought instead to censure the president i want to ask you what
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was your constitutional basis for asking for the president's removal the constitution states that the president may be dismissed for serious violations of the constitution do you think that the change of the date was such a serious violation 1st of all to her. was inaccurate and again i have to repeat that. we live in a so far far world of news that there is no more time of fact checking we didn't say that we would start the procedure of impeachment on thursday we just said that yes we will start the procedure of impeachment but there are steps so the 1st step was to to based on our on our law. was to. take
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note of the facts and come out with the resolution of the parliament taking note of the fact the constitution has been breached really violently because you know. how possibly in the world and there were happened before in the world. at least in the part of the world where we have democratic but i meant to republics that once the elections have started once the complaint has started the president can say i'm sorry i have to undo the date it doesn't happen so this is one this is the this is the stunning violation of the constitution the president said that he acted out of concern for public security and democratic stability and your political opponent democratic party leader losing by show yesterday on thursday called upon the citizens of albania
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to act and i shall quote from morsi told me. in a way that european citizens are forced to act when they are faced with the prospects of an effective coup that. it isn't clear what he means by that but it is clear that he means some sort of action are you at all concerned. about what may happen if you proceed with local elections on june 30th and do you think it's responsible to proceed i'm not sure if it's interesting for your audience to entering all these details. but i think that 1st of all the constitution does not allow the president to. use his office for concerns or for imagination because there is very clear.
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the president in our constitution is. is not the. institution that has to deal upon or or things like that so it's ridiculous. on the other hand it's important i think for your audience thank you for given the opportunity to understand what's happening out there now because this is this is you know. where from where everything then unfolds so the world as seen in the last 3 months maybe pictures of. heavy stuff like protesters coming here and throwing molotov. right or sold the building and of course you know it's concerning but when you see it from fire you think that the reason i praise of the people it's not the people it's just. an old and it's quite
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obscure politics of a group of a present for president of the people that have a big concern the have a concern without justice reform and they were concerned with the possibility of opening the negotiations now which would imply start immediately with 2 chapters of justice and then of course would imply there will be no has to shoulder is a state of rule of law and it's not just about being ok in the paper but it's also about having the capacity to indict and convict. you know. big guys. so we are now in a process of vetting of old judges and prosecutors from the old system and. many of them are already kicked off because of not being able to to show to
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prove the legitimacy of their wealth and so we will have the whole system. in place with judges that get out clean and interior from the vatican so after 30 years we'll have a justice system that will be not anymore. you know maneuvered by politicians the last year a pin commission report. cites the need for more progress on high level prosecutions in organized crime particularly drug related crime more high level convictions and indictments. do you think that albania does have a problem with organized crime. of course i think a baby has a problem with organized crime and corruption as every country that is not yet a modern functioning state that's why we are in this process that's why we're not
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members of e.u. or that's why the i'm not pretending that. it's an injustice is that we are not members today we need to prepare we need to modernize and fighting corruption and fighting. organized crime is about very strong willed but it's about very strong institutions and very strong mechanisms and functioning. in every direction this being said. if i turn my had. 5 years and a half ago and. i see from where we come we have done we have done impressively but if i see forward where we want to go and where i aim to bring the country. raise much more to this is part of the problem managing the expectations. then ian's really want to go to europe now and
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many of them leaving we hear as many as $50000.00 a year according to some estimates because in albania salaries rarely brize above $400.00 and they want not only the prosperity but the legal structures and the source of society that they can enjoy in europe how do you explain the fact that despite these years of hard work and reforms albanian per capita g.d.p. remains pretty much stuck at 4 and a half $1000.00 and albanian unemployment even though it's come down a very long way still a 12 percent and 22 percent of the young. listen. how do you explain that. it's earth or a question that last year. in germany there were 100000 crowds crowds and number of european union.
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much more ahead of us with registered in german labor offices i explain that portugal has has a quite the same process of a period of reforms and some good results and there are 50000 people leaving. how do you explain that the south of fully is empty. by people leaving to the north and the north is you know in trouble for medical doctors. that are leaving it's it's one of the most excellent systems of health care in europe and still they say you know we're missing but it all doctors. are explaining that this is happening in every country now yes of course. we leave you know in a. big global village it's not there more like it was than or 20 years ago people see much more opportunities and i realize that better better you
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do more you want it's not like you know people that leave. in. total poverty they lose the capacity to have you wouldn't bishops you know but people that started to move out from poverty of course they want to go to have more so it's not something that. there is a magic to fix and i always say you know expectations are the more are the biggest the biggest enemy. of every government that comes with a lot of support but in same time what i think is what we need to do is to not let the new generation the generation of my little kids were little kids to lose but it's also about attracting investments and capital from even your
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neighbors and that seems to be very difficult for albanians to do because it's earned a reputation for being rather very system of governance not a transparent assessment of investments there are high profile cases of investments that didn't happen like club med on the south coast and there's also connection to organized crime in this perception. among albanians we hear many people voicing opinions that. there are so many members of parliament even government ministers who appear to be colluding with organized criminal rings that they seem not to care about the legitimate economy but the illegitimate economy and that the only way to do business in albania is to be in some way illegitimate this is the perception not only of albanians but also of many foreign investors how do you combat that.
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again 3rd time in the interview have to say yes there is always some truth. in this kind of here saying it's the kind of perception but in the same time i realize more and more in the hard way there is no bigger lie than the half truth so. now you you legitimate say what is the truth don't ask me shall one of the biggest companies in the world. d.a.p. trying to dry by playing. other investors that are working in this country and listen from them. if this perception meets with their reality of work.
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secondly albania based on the world bank and my my you know wishful thinking created last year more than half of new jobs in the region. thirdly. we had. the 2nd highest level of point investments in the region last year. so. it's it's a big fight and this perception is also a big problem to fault with but again if i turn the had to 5 years. and a half ago when we were elected. when we entered office and i see it now. we have changed a lot we have done things that nobody imagined before. now
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if i have to see the reality not the perception yes there is a lot of truth in what you say but the good news is that we are fighting like hell every day to improve you face a controversial local election which you have said you are resolved to hold without the participation of the opposition. i want to ask you whether it wouldn't be more responsible to consider. meeting with the president who has invited you along with all the other person is to talk about a consensual date that would be uncontroversial. rather than hold an election that may also contain unpleasant surprises when you see the president when you answer his call as opposing leader 1st of all. we are not in this
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electoral process. alone because we have. excluded the opposition. we are in this letter process a lot because the opposition has self excluded. police recently itself based on its own strategy they have walked out of parliament they have burnt the mandates they've taken the molotov they have transformed themselves in the yellow vests. and the have been gauged in the creation of the image of an image of a brain that is not not the result of people operates but is the result of a set up. now. it seems that the reasonable way would be to say ok guys you look crazy so now we have
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to settle. and let's postpone elections but it's not what will be deserve and it's not what the future is about because if we set the precedent that a party 2 parties 3 parties one side decided to to impose. the disruption and election. terms can be decided upon this eruption and it will have its for many years to come one part of the day another party tomorrow another but it's not about what we are fighting for we are fighting for a state where there is rule of law where politicians are. equal in front of the lowers every citizen and not above the law and the v.n. the elections is not is not made for the politicians to decide is made for the people to decide about the politicians so we have the duty to go to
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the people and the people have the right to judge us escaping this judgement or transforming. these very basic basic. elements of our democratic life it means going in a direction which is not our future. it's a bost prime minister thank you for talking to others are thinking much as.
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they wanted for $23000000000.00 with the weaponry that was $6000000000.00 pounds in commission. there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in assonance we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. providing a glimpse into someone else's world. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on al-jazeera in morocco unregistered and under-age marriages have caused
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problems especially for women and children i've been trying for years to get my daughter legally recognised by her father pressure from lobby groups has led to changes to the modelling of the family code giving women greater rights in marriage while keeping the family at heart now the divorce rate has increased a lot mainly with up occasions made by wives. al-jazeera world. being located outside that western centric sphere of influence we're able to bring a different perspective to global events when you peel away the lists a covert military in the financial doll getting to see the people in those words and his policies are affecting see the emotional faces the situation they're living in that's when all the others can identify with the story.
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after decades of being programmed with instructions data angry computers can only on their own identifying patterns and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence can monitor ombudsman. and decide on a future the big picture because the world according to ai exposes the bias inside the machine part 2 on al-jazeera. i maryam namazie and on the just a quick look at the headlines this hour protest organizers in hong kong say 2000000 people have demonstrated against a controversial extradition bill despite its suspension they want it to be dropped completely and are demanding the resignation of the territories leader kerry lamb
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or mcbride reports. if the hong kong government thought its last minute backdown would keep more people at home this was hong kong zaza. protesters filled the length of the route of the march and spilled over into adjoining streets ah this is the 2nd major march in his many weeks protesting against a controversial extradition bill the government has been trying to introduce critics say it would allow china to extradite political opponents to face summary trial in mainland courts protesters want that bill withdrawn altogether and for hong kong's lead to carry lamb to resign does carry lamb support your city. new face of course tell us to pick this up because. they may have a joke we haven't so i think the government is better now they're also angry at
4:50 am
the way the police dealt with last week's occupation of streets around the legislative council building which police branded as a riot we had this content that the protest of the young people of this club death a riot and they described this wire to us when it was over the way it was really the police which was exercising brutality carry lamb has promised to consult with hong kong people about the proposed change but insists it's still needed and she has the support of china it seems that hong kong is a cheering with the kind of mob rule despite having elderly and people and children joining the march you cannot simply every day get out there and demand that the government be changed the idea of having an extradition treaty with china after 20 years is not reasonable. but the continuous stream of protesters went
4:51 am
on well into the night. this is where the marches come to an end at the government's made office complex and legislative council building thousands of protesters have been streaming away from here to go home but thousands more have been staying on in fact so many have now spilled out onto the main highway completely blocking it was. on this section of road was the center of the occupy movement 5 years ago when protesters occupied the streets for weeks pulling for greater role tonally within china taking possession on another on precedented day of protest was symbolically important for these mostly young demonstrators of the 5 year we don't see that people are getting down but increasingly we are getting to know what had our own freedom and i want to show you the whole world that this is
4:52 am
not riots this is a peaceful protest in hong kong driven by anger at both a government and police but also hopeful that keeping alive the quest for greater freedoms within china with the mcbride al-jazeera hong kong. at least 160 people have been killed in a week of ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo around 40 villages were destroyed in fighting in it teary province which forced more than 100000 people to flee the lendu and him ethnic groups have been fighting each other for generations. power is slowly being restored across 4 south american countries after a massive blackout tens of millions of people across argentina uruguay paraguayan brazil have been affected argentina's government has ordered an investigation into the failure and candidates vying to become the next u.k. prime minister of clashed over how to strike a deal to leave the e.u. but the favorite to take over as leader of the conservative party boris johnson did
4:53 am
not participate in the televised debate what brings you up to date with the top stories this hour there will be more news a bit later on do stay with us rewind is coming up next. buy for now. hello and welcome to rewind i'm richelle carey. since we launched al jazeera
4:54 am
english back in 2006 our library of award winning documentaries has been growing year by year so here on rewind you decided to revisit some of the most important of those stories once again today rewinding to 2010 and north korea for the past several months or korea's deteriorating relations with the u.s. and the administration and donald trump in particular have threatened to plunge the world into the darkness of a nuclear war earth chris increasing military buildup and testing of missiles now presents an apparent threat to japan and beyond across the pacific as far as the united states president trumps belligerent response that even included the threat of overwhelming military action john yang's rhetoric is equally bellicose and though the regime claims that it needs a nuclear strike capability to deter the threat of u.s. aggression there is history here as well there are north korean still living who have personal experience of american bombing during the korean war nearly 70 years ago back in 2010 people in power travel to north korea to investigate claims that
4:55 am
some of those bombs contained not high explosive but biological weapons insects deliberately infected with deadly diseases it's a claim that the u.s. has always deny but filmmaker 10 tate had unique access to this extraordinary story traveling deep inside the country to talk to men who claim to be survivors an attack that america insists never happened here's dirty little secrets. almost 60 years ago this peaceful lake was the scene of either a terrible crime. or a cynical hoax. each of these own is either a witness to the crime or a participant in that hoax. what happened or never happened here in 9. in 52
4:56 am
is the key to one of the most intractable international disputes today. the korean war was the 1st armed confrontation of the cold. in 1906 the united states unilaterally divided korea along the 38th parallel. when in 1950 north korean forces backed by the army of communist china crossed the border to unify the country america persuaded the united nations to support military action against what washington saw as the global threat of international compact. the fact that the furthest have invaded korea is a warning that there may be similar act of aggression in other parts of the word. over the next 3 bloody years an estimated 2000000 soldiers died while many.
4:57 am
at least 2000000 civilians were killed or wounded and millions more were made homeless. but early in 1952 north korea claimed that villages throughout the country were suffering unprecedented outbreaks of bubonic plague anthrax and typhus. is accused the united states of bacteriological warfare dropping germ bombs containing insects shellfish and feathers infected with plague as well as anthrax and color. america angrily denied the claim. and just released films lay bare the shocking truth behind communist charges of germ warfare in korea and ever since the germ warfare allegations have been dismissed as communist propaganda from an isolationist rogue state that is progress by the communist propaganda machine throughout the world. today north korea is the most impenetrable state on the
4:58 am
planet. yet over the past 20 years professor morey musser taka a leading japanese academic has gradually won the confidence of peon young secretive rulers. hired by the i don't call us. shows how was i not already saigon orders and president of the whole of us so just a moment of that they must. now mari has persuaded p.r. nyang to allow our cameras to follow him through his latest visit it is an unprecedented step foreign journalists are routinely banned from entering north korea we will be working under strict control told where and what we can film and accompanied by government officials at all times. yet we will also be taken deep into the heart of this most hidden country to meet men who claim to have witnessed
4:59 am
america's use of germ warfare firsthand. in the center of pyongyang the korean army maintains a vast museum dedicated to documenting its version of the war with america. inside professor morey examines a room given over to what north korea claims to be direct evidence of germ warfare by the united states including specimen jars filled with flies mosquitoes and fleas all allegedly infected with deadly pathogens is it the has what the disease typhoid cause there are pests like this a heavy disease is injects like a small boy says into the insects and the thoughts inside like this moans and drops
5:00 am
into the evidence it's not. according to north korea american pilots dropped specially adapted bombs these carried no explosives but split open to release the infected insects which would then pass on the diseases to the local population so this is to joan joan long as it is i'd like to speak bombs they put some insects. i mean this 34 kinds of insects. c c in a separate projection room mari is given a private screening of what north korea claims is new skill shot in 1952. the footage appears to show masses of insects crawling on snow covered ground this
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