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no explosives but split open to release the infected insects which would then pass on the diseases to the local population so this is the joan jones promise it is i'd like to speak bombs they put some insects. i mean this 34 kinds of insects. c c in a separate projection room mari is given a private screening of what north korea claims is new skill shot in 1952. the footage appears to show masses of insects crawling on snow covered ground beside the bomb casings a highly unusual phenomenon. and also logic in you. can children that doesn't even know any. and all sounds i think that i didn't notice
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and i thought i don't know. but i can have any do you think i want out you know the rest of this but humans from which country were these insects were dropped by american pilots or placed here by north korean propagandists. is this evidence of a war crime or is america claims merely crude propaganda you don't eat you want you to meet. him and so they call it common density care are cut out a machine will kill me i wished he was going to show his things that are serving us sekai no. court orders let the national. committees and commissions that you know. some of his in a campaign that new so you must and then no hoga you're a quick start their. cause had attained for your discharge.
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the. dawn of a pyongyang. at 7 am government sirens wake the city summoning its people to begin a new day's work. mari massa tucker is leaving pyongyang and heading out into north korea's rural hinterland in search of people who claim to have witnessed and survived germ warfare. but the very nature of this country means that he is completely reliant on the p.r. nyang government to provide his transport and to put forward his interviewees. on the outskirts of. a village 45 kilometers east of pyongyang 2 elderly farmers are
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waiting to meet him. you can chan been an toxic loss their fathers during the war both claim that an american plane dropped a german bomb close to the village. then you would say go. you know do your. job. your 100. percent over you must go to her call it global kill you bitch i don't need to bully. has another. borehole in the. danny in view limited to going to. you now when you. mind you're making a very probably 27 tomorrow night. with your mate during the
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war captured american pilots made filmed confessions in which they admitted dropping bombs filled with infected insects on north korean villages might never be clean. i mean not many not. only will they didn't see any or don't don't you donna you're wrong medicine or you're giving me my thoughts go give him and he predator sonia. gandhi get it on them and now you. to be there when i am or and there could. be. and then when. i have eyes in the arm of. i'm going
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to do what is in the. it's here to polaris had a new human the day here in monotone that i thought. many asses to me me. isn't that i'm the 2nd guy in one goalie i live in the one i want to put in to pay your money to walk there and. i guess you might say oh now we're not going and doing god's will. in their filmed confessions the american air force officers expressed apparently genuine remorse for their actions can i go back and take my family and them alive or. how can i tell them me thanks but i am a criminal and i love you man. but when they returned home at the end of the war they all retracted their confessions. so where does the truth lie for professor
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mori at least the north korean witnesses are the more convincing there are thousands of. them in a code of mess and it's gonna. kill me is on static kill any time of the. night but this is also when you can lay things. yeah i believe i'm a judge in sox terminal kinetic and you talk. as often as not over to him not in any court. mores mission is taking him deeper into north korea's a rural hinterland and into the areas most heavily bombed during the war. will be a matter on village in the east of the country he meets jake young stock in $152.00
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he was in his final year at school how. can we get to that in the whole building down from hong kong you knew reasonable water. to think and when are you going to do but you keep getting. up to meet the guy and the thought of it but now. there's a. apologizing to the. camera mounted to the needs of the road in a death he can turn in order that i can not again. in march 952 this peaceful rural area was heavily bombed by the us air force. by then the war ground to a stalemate and. american military chiefs had already dropped thousands of tons of napalm and were considering a nuclear strike. but the people of maton village
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claimed to have been the victims of a very different weapon my own. he go below could that mean he told me would he. think. you could put in their. food they may kiss me good luck incidents. on it would whom you would in their. room you will lose haven't they so. you didn't book me can you tell me you don't have or do need to get the why will you take it in the. young core. to get to me that i. don't already know somebody this. could be home since you. according to the villages within days
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many of them fell sick and began to die the symptoms apparently consistent with bubonic plague a disease with no recent history in korea. they're already killing your old one. also one of the people who eat a lot. more to 100 more normal for parking people from people who didn't know what part of what i thought would hold on i'm sure as hell don't last long. they're going to come true though. i'm going to law. there's all. the time to work through. who want to rule we're not talking about right awful. special car to question. what. they we're going just saying so i can send that here yet they still have.
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the music on the play again with us no. no no no no it's not up. so you are going to know that i put you on with us now that i. but to sustain this sense one isn't. but mari knows that testimony from north korean citizens will not be enough to convince a skeptical world that the united states used germ warfare in korea says your higher stuff so i just saying no choice are a honey he i going to need in a creditable dollar he joins. us. in fact within months of the allegations being made the north koreans did invite an international commission to visit the country . composed of scientists from france italy sweden the soviet union and brazil and led by a distinguished if left leaning british embryologist it toured the affected areas interviewed the sick and the dying and carried out
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a detailed analysis of their infections. the commission's $600.00 page report included results of post-mortems on the victims these identified plague typhoid cholera and anthrax. it concluded the germ warfare had been deployed exactly as the north koreans claimed but despite its wealth of scientific evidence it was dismissed by america as communist this information. moment excellent doesn't have anything i got changed and as you know i had. no. dice in going to. the. whole lot of things what are you doing. today at the 38th parallel career remains divided north and south korea remain technically at war every hour
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of every day the border guards square up to each other across the symbolic dividing line under the constant gaze of american forces. but tucker's search for information about biological warfare in korea will take him far away from this disputed border. harbin northeastern china. in the 1930 s. and 1940 s. japan occupied this part of china. inside these brick buildings a division of the imperial japanese army unit 731 carried out grotesque human experiments as a result japan became the 1st country ever to perfect the technology of biological warfare.
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said early. on. fade in. color to mean. the trash the japanese experiments exposed to the living. victims insects or shellfish infected with plague anthrax and cholera while weapons experts created unique bombs to deliver these pathogens to their target during world war 2 japan dropped thousands of these bombs throughout northern china infecting towns and villages with plague cholera anthrax and typhoid. there for.
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the bottle that they don't already unit 731 was run by japanese scientists and led by general sharon. despite clear evidence that unit 731 used biological warfare on such an industrial scale after the war now the shira she nor the leaders of his germ weapons team was ever prosecuted for war crimes in their forty's they are what they say you'll saw on the air. doing. that it would do this on all their. we are the. ball where a dollar bill keys are for. me and they end all hurt all weather for so. the techniques and the germs used by unit 731 match exactly the details of north korea's claims of american biological warfare and today chinese officials at least
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a convinced that there was a link between the 2 may be your wording and there was. show you all the details. yet the un would aid that should. just. for professor morey the narrative he has heard amid the ruins of unit 731 is deeply shocked. when i get older snails or they can i you know or she don't know as a young man as in japan come later when us now. who hunted us there. by. some your kind us had some english continuous. but i see. no. nonsense and i
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know from. some of them one of. the says ones i saw last fall it's not a particle to knock on their knee so no it's another thing. how could he she escaped justice. did america really use his pioneering technology to wage biological warfare in korea. or were the convincingly detailed confessions of american air force pilots actually extract it under communist pressure. the truth may lie in another country thousands of miles from here. i'm counting the cost india has lost that crowd as the bass is growing if they get caught i mean where did all go wrong for lo these so fill up dirt with landslide election victory plus no longer the world's garbage can china disrupted the
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multi-billion dollar global waste industry counting the costs on al-jazeera. they wanted 43000000 homes with a weapon that was 6000000000 in commission. there's no hope of any more because there's always a small cobbles people for really really good business. in essence we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function more shadow on al-jazeera. capturing a moment in time. snapshots of other lives. other stories. provided attempts into someone else's work. inspiring documentaries from impassioned filmmakers i'm at the front lines i feel like i know it i have the data to prove. witness on
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al-jazeera the strength of al jazeera is that because we have such an expensive knack for people would come to us and actually shared information with the al-jazeera team and truck up that. hello i'm maryam namazie in london a quick look at headlines protest organizers in hong kong say nearly 2000000 people have taken part in the latest demonstration against a controversial extradition bill even though the bill itself has been suspended the majority will blackshirts in protest of the police's violent response to a similar demonstration on wednesday demonstrators are demanding the resignation of the territories leader carry lam seems that. all of this is irritating with the
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kind of mob rule despite having older people and children joining the march your cannot simply every day get out there and demand that the government be changed the idea of having an extradition treaty with china after 20 years is not unreasonable at least 160 people have been killed in a week of ethnic violence the democratic republic of congo around 40 villages were destroyed in the fighting in a teary province which forced more than $100000.00 people to flee the lendu and humor ethnic groups have been fighting each other for generations power is slowly being restored across 4 south american countries after a massive blackout tens of millions of people across argentina uruguay paraguay and brazil have been affected public transport water supplies and internet services were down in parts of all 4 nations argentina's government has ordered an investigation into the fate of the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu has been fined $15000.00 after being found guilty of misusing state funds sorry netanyahu was charged with fraud last year after allegedly spending $100000.00 of state money at high end restaurants. syrian civil defense units say russian and syrian warplanes have been attacking them while they're trying to rescue civilians and the last remaining rebel held area turkish and syrian government forces have exchanged fire off toward turkey has called a deliberate attack on its forces. and candidates vying to become the next u.k. prime minister of clashed over how to strike a deal to leave the e.u. but the favorite to take over as leader of the conservative party boris johnson did not take part in the televised debate. what brings you up to date with all of our top stories i'll have more for you in the news hour though that's coming up at 2100 g.m.t. in about half an hour's time now rewind continues.
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november 2009 and the president of the united states issues a stern warning to north korea over its nuclear program. north korea behaves in a provocative fashion. then is willing to return to talks. talks for a while and then leaves the talks seeking further concessions and there is never actually any progress on the core issues. while in pyongyang north korean officials insist that talk about nuclear weapons depends on resolution of the 58 year old claims that america used to biological warfare in the korean war and. be. your own egypt so you money
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could be would be. good to you didn't know who were not. true. and none really wouldn't. go prague order in which young call. and. but while professor morey's inquiries continue in north korea the search for the truth about whether america did use biological weapons there moves halfway around the world. in the u.s. national archives just outside washington d.c. 2 documents reveal a disturbing relationship between america and she is she the mastermind behind japan's biological warfare program unit 731. they show that after the war the american military intelligence shielded the leaders of unit 731 from war crimes
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trials in return for their expertise in advancing america's then embryonic germ warfare plants information procured will have the greatest value in future development of the u.s. b.w. program so we decided that we're going to trade in sort of of deal. we trade issues non-prosecution for his cigarettes which he smuggle out arm and so the deal is made the trunks of of raw data arrive and in a sense we've sold our souls because we need to know that they were able to develop weapons that were capable of killing hundreds of thousands of people these once top secret documents reveal that to speed its program the united states paid ishi and his top germ warfare scientists handsomely for their cooperation they were assisted by direct payments payments in kind food miscellaneous gift items entertained.
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from 1947 behind this security fence at fort dietrich in maryland the u.s. army began work to expand issues use of insects to deliver bubonic plague anthrax cholera and typhus not very far from any. we're in historic frederick maryland biological warfare laboratories. we're working on delivery systems from planes and from missiles and from other paratus of both fleas but primarily mosquitoes it was a very active program a well funded program a program in which we in fact were testing some of these delivery systems cloud or biological warfare agent can be generated so successful was fort dietrich in perfecting the technology of biological warfare that in the late 1951 as american
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forces were bogged down in korea the u.s. joint chiefs of staff issued a top secret order to begin testing germ weapons on the battlefield large scale field tests should be conducted to determine the effectiveness of specific b.w. agents under operational conditions. you know the time america was fighting only one moon korea if the order by the joint chiefs of staff was a bait and it was only one battlefield where biological weapons could be tested. and video testimony given as he was dying by a japanese technician who worked to unit 731 suggests that these trials may have been actively assisted by the original masterminds of biological warfare 0 percent or 000 day he's only. oh.
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my it doesn't take being conned the only. one who is this isn't those who is alive . and she's on governors on board that does our doors are new. to us is our nature to the. according to north korea america began dropping bombs filled with infected insects in january 952 near the end of the korean winter. in support it cites what it claims is contemporary newsreel footage showing scientists examining insects surrounding the remains of bombs on snow covered ground it's like a bomb casing from a standard leaflet bomb that was used to deliver pamphlets and that sort of information we showed this film to entomologist and biological warfare expert professor geoffrey lockwood it's really difficult to say what that is there's
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there's no scale so i can't tell what the size of those insights are given that appears to be snow i would guess that of the big it could be something like stone flies crawling around on the snout but for professor lockwood the problem is not with the insects the bombs or the snow it's with the veracity of the film itself it has to be almost certain that what we're seeing here is a a recreate of what the koreans saw or claimed to have seen the possibility of getting a camera film crew to an area where insects at this sort of density have been dispersed in time to actually film that converges on 0 so what we're seeing is is what they said they saw and this is probably as close as they can come to that does that necessarily mean that it didn't happen no it doesn't it doesn't mean that it didn't happen it's simply that this is not evidence that it did happen so this is is is i would gather this is their attempt to simulate the sorts of things that
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they that they saw in $152.00 united states representatives took to the floor of the united nations it is no exaggeration to say. that that problem group is run now from the world. they denounced the north korean evidence as a clumsy fake and a lie. but in doing so they told their own lies undermining the credibility of all american denials of biological warfare some of the denial was just absurd almost laughable when when for instance one particular u.s. official says we did not have any development of insight vector disease research in the united states at that time it's simply an absurd bald faced deception it's a lie working up to functions against chemical biological and radiological warfare is the responsibility of the army chemical corps were insects dropped over north
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korea and parts of china my sense is that there were incidents that involved. probably quite limited. but very very important u.s. testing biological materials and how will the issue ever be laid to rest once for all i don't know of the issue will be later i mean our debate is where the smoking gun with with with definitive testimony from a u.s. official who was involved in the program and can say yes we did it. the key to the mystery may lie with the american at force offices who originally confessed to dropping bombs. very few are still alive today. but we tracked down one of the survivors to this peaceful senior citizens community
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near houston texas. kenneth enoch is 85 years old today he enjoys a comfortable retirement sharing wartime memories with his wife barbara these are supposed to be bombs over here is that right those are balmy survey and i think it says if this man is hungry give him food. but from 1950 onward left tenant kenneth enoch was another gates on u.s. air force b. $26.00 bombing missions over north korea all but one or 2 most of missions we threw at night our favorite target was trains we were in and i trained you know but sometimes the one would almost hit the engine. and actually if we drop net napalm on the engine you know to try and discourage them i guess it was the you could feel old napalm go off on january the 13th 952 after 53 night bombing missions the next plane was shot down and he bailed out over north
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korean territory and landed and the parachute spilled and i found a corner of a rice paddy. and it was snowy there were quite a bit of snow on the ground and i saw a dark bar over there on the corner and so i thought well that's a good place for me to be but in less than an hour kenneth minogue was captured by north korean and chinese soldiers it was the morning of this 27th birthday they marched me down a house and i had a place to sit. and they had a guard there and they handed me a piece of paper in english. said. don't worry about it and all that we're going to send and anyway you know they don't want to trouble for awhile least but anyway. so i was. left in and would be held captive in north korea for the next 20 months but what happened to him and what he did during
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his time as a prisoner of you would prove to be one of the most bitterly disputed pieces of evidence in the allegations of american biological warfare. that. there. was. no. there. on april the 1st 952 kenneth you know committed detailed confession that he had taken part in a series of biological warfare missions. on film and over 8 closely written pages left hannity not described his biological weapons instructions. or the techniques of dropping germ bombs that they have. never read but. they and the code word assigned to log them on his return very. boring. ordinary.
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in all 36 american air force officers made written or filmed confessions of dropping germ bombs while in captivity. but when they were sent back home at the end of the war the us department of defense woman them that they could be brought before courts martial to face treason charges subsequently in response to identical questions each officer made a carefully worded retraction just released films lay bare the shocking truth behind communist charges of germ warfare in korea and the so-called confessions of captured u.s. airmen each retraction was filmed by military cameras and handed to television news reel companies with the unit it is. going to. but you have been there but the basic germ warfare bombing over not very good care to make
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a statement regarding the. if left in and kenneth enoch's retraction was typical. movie were recording interviews. were forced upon me that johnny. said that due to my for humor due to my confession which was absolutely. in my confession i would now be branded by the people of the world as in fact a war criminal you describe the method used by the time that. you get your statement. yesterday they used both physical and mental pressure they put me around. me attention for a long period. forced me to sit at attention. finally i could see
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that there was no alternative insanity or death they they threaten me and threaten me again that i should never leave alive if i didn't cooperate but nearly 60 years later kenneth enoch now denies he was ill treated by his captors what imagines he is from these very brutal thoughts no no no no no. no no no. but here i lay one time they had me and i didn't the stay in the same place all the time and i can't recall one particular thing but. maybe maybe they wanted to move somebody else you know how whatever they do so i got transferred to another building another house not home and it was cold and the so my room wasn't quite as big but it was it was all i needed you know.
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but they came in because it was so cold they came with. a pot full of charcoal you know. and they put it in the room to keep me warm the 2nd reason flight left tendency not gay from making his confession was mental pressure also forced to read their propaganda. make favorable comment on it that is there there are russian publications and so on on communism today once again his story changes try and talk to let you. know if you want to be that really hurts. that. they had already and. i don't think so for dockery they had all kind of books or if you want to go i guess and if you bought one you did like you know just over here so why then did he
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make such a detailed confession today he claims that it was a deliberate deception there was false they false and anything else i could think of he says that he booby trapped the document giving his fellow crew members the names of american cartoon characters there was a fellow named dick tracy dick tracy you know dick tracy over there yeah richard tracy what. you know and i was going to put a junior in there to you know if we're doing a trick. you tell you only does this make you always like. yeah but they were there i wanted them to be recognizable. so i if i get tracy and june or 11 greater that you know you can't put too many people on one of them or it's worse or it would have been a real dandy probably would have had a president from where. the difficulty with this story is that many of the dates
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and places detailed in kennedy knox confession have since been confirmed as accurate. the only mention of anything approaching a cartoon character is a passing reference to his gunnery officer sergeant tracy. and then nearly 60 years on kenneth enoch seems to make at least a partial admission that the united states did deploy bacteriological weapons 1st of all i think you have to understand what what these. key biological warfare or whatever or car is a pretty big deal and it's health what you've got specialists and evil doctors and all of that nonsense but but there's the people who deal and they're don't have to go high and so as for a sweet deal for them you know but they send you send it when you nevertheless he
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still denies that he personally played any part in the affair i thought what you were as you know going nowhere the same errors fly you know i was just a. passenger. official records of bombing raids over north korea held in the u.s. national archives one way to clear up the confusion about kenneth enoch's confession and subsequent retraction would be to examine the flight logs for his missions over korea. but they were removed from the files by the u.s. air force on march the 23rd 19522 months after he was captured and one week before he made his written confession. and after the war the u.s. military imposed a top secret classification on all documents relating to biological warfare in the far east. many of the flight records for korea have never been released.
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you saw you know the danger. it is never come up with a lot going on in a committee someone you. wish is used in the. old order new car i know a lot of fun out there it's the helmet if you use a sage brush that developed in the last. pull not nicholas until now they go and he's headed to the court and i says no juanita just look around. washington remembers the korean war very differently to pyongyang. the united states still on as its military men and women as heroes who fought on behalf of the free world to hold back the march of international communism and yet when we asked
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both the department of defense and the state department for filmed interviews to discuss the allegations of america's biological warfare program both refused. they also declined to respond to 10 specific questions about north korea's claims. instead a government spokesperson issued a 2 line statement describing the allegations as baseless and the dissin from a campaign that refuses to die. one thing is clear. until those allegations are laid to rest. and america's innocence or culpability is established beyond doubt perhaps by an independent inquiry. one of the most enduring cold mysteries. continue to hold its relationship. with the world's most secretive state.
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dirty little secrets from 2010 a persuasive story but one that has been consistently denied by every american administration for more than 60 years in north korea though this story contributes to a profound suspicion at the united states and its intentions and southeast asia i'm joined now from u.k. by professor hazel smith a korea expert from london school of oriental and african studies professor thank you so much for joining us so if all of this happened with you know deadly insects biological weapons if all this happened it was more than 60 years ago but having said that is this still a very real live issue for north koreans now the truth is about the korean war is that it was a very dirty war on all sides there atrocities by the north koreans by the south koreans there were many many people killed and many many orphans and many maimed
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so the whole of the war full remains controversial but sickly for north koreans and for south koreans because they've still got family members that are split since not 53 once when the war ended there's been no communication between the 2 sides so the issues about. alleged germ warfare a part and parcel of the discourse which takes place in north korea this is a controversial topic at the time in the 1950 s. remains controversial now there's still no smoking gun evidence this to took place but it forms part of the official discourse it doesn't however form part of the day to day discussions of north koreans i lived and worked in north korea for 2 years all over the country not so different settings in farms and hospitals and. clinics and. talked to lots and lots of different people it was never raised once
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as an issue with me not even in passing where some other issues were race of course things like the fact that there were so many men killed in the 1950 s. in the war that there were disproportionate amounts of women left alive today for a brief moment there is a slight deescalation but obviously the tension is still there how do you see things playing out on the korean peninsula well there are different objectives the north koreans want to preserve regime security which for them means both territorial defense for prevention of military intervention from the outside but also security for the current government and for those in power it saw what happened in iraq to saddam hussein and in libya to gadhafi and their argument is that if those countries had maintained nuclear weapons program or
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similar sorts of programs they wouldn't have been vulnerable to invasion from the united states and others although what's encouraging is with south korea and north korea after all the hearts of the matter on the korean peninsula at least talking to each other now in 2018 in a way that they haven't been for 2. 3 years there are some diplomatic channels which will at least at this stage allow for talks on more sensitive issues but there is a long long way to go before we can see an end to these conflicts thank you professor hazel smith for joining us and that is it from us to check out the rewind page at al-jazeera dot com for more films from the series irish al carrie thank you for joining us.
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hello the cloud has been around of new south wales and southern cuisine distil there as a circulation there has been some rain out of it and it's certainly changed things in sydney with that circulation offshore it's going to be not a very warm day on monday about 15 degrees it'll feel better i think in melbourne because the sunshine and probably much the same in adelaide hobart in the west in tasmania is going to turn clearly and then wet and temperature drops sydney's got a better tuesday but melbourne not so not much has changed in perth 1617 degrees in the sunshine has been forecast now across the tasman sea when the weather's been coming down from the north we've seen
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a lot recently it's been surprisingly warm but it's more of a southerly push at the moment so levon degrees in wellington probably cross churches a bit colder rain or snow or tight in the south or north and is mostly in sunny side you know can you got 14 degrees as you can see little real change temperature wise on tuesday but there is rather more in the way of sunshine which reflects what's happening directly but a long way to your north in japan despite the fact the circulation bringing rain to some parts of it looks like for most places cloudy on the west coast warm and sunny further inland tokyo at 26. we're making noise for a month off for nothing taxes i was looking for. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis millions of dollars of you dislike the greatest job you could ever imagine getting without putting any of your capital with this who was in
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the store and drove millions of workers into unemployment i said bertram read it to me it would be untrue if the men who stole the world coming soon. 0. hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up. protest organizers say nearly 2000000 people have marched through hong kong where leda carry lamb has apologized for the handling of the extradition bill. is slowly
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restored across argentina uruguay paraguayan and brazil after a massive blackout leaves tens of millions in the dark. fighting between ethnic groups in the democratic republic of congo leaves at least $160.00 dead and around 14 villages destroyed. and as his wife is found guilty of misusing public funds israel's prime minister goes to the occupied golan heights to inaugurate a new settlement honoring donald trump. in sport india beat fierce rivals pakistan of the cricket world cup the tucson champions closing in on a semifinal spots with an 89 when manchester. welcome to the program protest organizers in hong kong say nearly $2000000.00 people have taken part in the latest demonstration against
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a controversial extradition bill even though it's been suspended the majority wore black shirts in protest at the police's response to a similar demonstration on wednesday they want everyone arrested that day to be released without charge in the bill which would allow people arrested in hong kong to be extradited to china to be shelved completely the protesters are also demanding the resignation of hong kong lead to carry lamb well that's despite issuing a public apology on sunday for handling of the exhibition plan well mcbride reports now from hong kong. if the hong kong government thought its last minute backdown would keep more people at home this was hong kong zaza. protesters filled the length of the route of the march and spilled over into adjoining streets ah this is the 2nd major march in his many weeks protesting against
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a controversial extradition bill the government has been trying to introduce critics say it would allow china to extradite political opponents to face summary trial in mainland courts protesters want that bill withdrawn altogether and for hong kong's leader kerry lamb to resign does kerry lamb support your city. do face of course tell us to pick this up because. they may have a joke we haven't oh i think the government is better now they're also angry at the way the police dealt with last week's occupation of streets around the legislative council building which police branded as a riot we had this content that the protest of the young people of this club death a riot and they described this wire to us when it was over the way it was really the police which was exercising brutality carry lamb has promised to consult with
5:52 am
hong kong people about the proposed change but insists it still needed and she has the support of china it seems that hong kong is a cheering with the kind of mob rule despite having elderly and people and children joining a march you cannot simply every day get out there and demand that the government be changed the idea of having an extradition treaty with china after 20 years is not reasonable. but the continuous stream of protesters went on well into the night. this is where the marches come to an end to the government's made office complex and legislative council building thousands of protesters have been streaming away from here to go home but thousands more have been staying on in fact so many have now spilled out onto the main highway completely blocking it. this section of road was the center of the occupy movement 5 years ago when
5:53 am
protesters occupied the streets for weeks calling for greater autonomy within china taking possession on another on precedented day of protest was symbolically important for these mostly young demonstrators after 5 year we don't see that people are getting down but increasingly we are getting to for tat our own freedom and i want to show to the whole world that this is not riots this is a peaceful protest in hong kong driven by anger at both a government and police but also hopeful that keeping alive the quest for greater freedoms within china was the of macbride al-jazeera hong kong. well joe fung was a student leader in town and square in 1989 when the government violently crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators he's currently the president of humanitarian china
5:54 am
and joins us via skype from new jersey and when you see these dramatic scenes unfolding in hong kong of young people and students taking to the streets as many as 2000000 some reports suggest a day what does that tell you about the sentiment in hong kong right now how people are failing. it's beautiful it's touching it's movie me in tears a lot of times and. people are angry that the government is trying to push something that's so on popular you than when the public opinion so obviously against it is the use brutal violence. there is a one person miss cleo who died. yesterday. speaking before the march before last march. so the government has blood in their
5:55 am
hand and now they are apologizing on the superficially with regard to changing the definition for example of the riot they are still persecuting people who are peacefully protesting this is like tim and. 1800 of over again. but that really is no you're just saying that the government had apologized and we know that the bill is going to be suspended which isn't the same as. canceling it and permanently and refusing to go through with it but nonetheless i suppose it does show that the government there has paid some attention to it to public pressure some would say perhaps made a concession. no that no the this isn't definitely not enough said they have blood on their hand. she has to step down. this happened before
5:56 am
in. this article 23 when that was rejected. at that time that is true she executive stepped down i mean that's part of the. pastry ruling on the communist i think you know that's a safe if they follow the least and you know 2000000 people that's that says something about the public opinion there it's. legitimate to the month the stepped down as the chief executive. and what about public opinion in mainland china how aware that will they be of what is happening here and how closely will people be watching this. you know my dissident
5:57 am
friends they are all overjoyed the a so inspired by these some of the travel to hong kong i received a very excited a card from hong kong today he was there is so excited he was there to certain years ago with me on chairman square and of course on traitor that we see a lot of. wonderful positive reactions people are definitely looking for hong kong it's carrying the torch of china's freedom and democracy. of course we don't see this in any public media media in china because it's really censored. in under the surface the choose different story. well thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight with us we do appreciate it joining us there from new jersey joe student leader in town and square
5:58 am
in 1909. will power is slowly being restored across 4 south american countries after a massive blackout tens of millions of people across argentina uruguay paraguayan brazil were left in the dark argentina's power grid collapsed early on sunday leaving the entire country without power public transport water supplies and phone and internet communications were down in parts of all 4 nation's energy companies are frantically working to bring the power back. so it was as if they were in. this what we know is that at 7 most 7 in the morning local time of failure occurred in the close to grid that failure is not abnormal or extraordinary but it is normal that it then caused the total cutoff. you know you have a read on the tsunami i was on my way to eat with a friend but we had to cancel everything there was no subway nothing is working the
5:59 am
lack of power who's making everything so difficult today is father's day but just talked with neighbors and he told me he's some local to me. and terry is a bow brings us more now from what desirous people in argentina woke up this sunday to a massive power that not only affected this country but also neighboring countries like worldwide peril why and brazil most public transport it was affected most stations around the city the capital were also affected there were no traffic lights and that combined with massive rain also complicated plans for people here in the capital when a site is but also in other parts of the region that were preparing to celebrate father's day for example and also 4 provinces were holding local elections there's been reports that the main figure happened in a northeastern darrent dam the border between part of why and argentina there is a dam and interconnection there apparently is the cost this problem however there
6:00 am
was an ounce made by the secretary of energy where he was basically saying that there is going to be an investigation that there was a failure but that for years happened all the time and the end never end up in this massive blackout that affected most of the region and that's why he has given the companies around 15 days to initiate an investigation and fulfill a report and that if there is a need in order to do away with demand and initiate that and continue with the whole process then the government will do what's correct says i forget argentina has had an energy deficit for many many years when nobody saw markets across office he said that fighting it was one of his priorities and that's.


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