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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2019 6:00am-6:34am +03

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elections there's been reports that the main figure happened in the northeastern dar them the border between part of y. and argentina. and interconnection there apparently is this cost this problem however there was a made by the secretary of energy where he was basically saying that there's going to be an investigation that there was a failure but that for years happen all the time and the end never end up in this massive blackout that affected most of the region and that's why he has given the companies around 15 days to initiate an investigation and fulfill a report and that if there is a need in order to do away with demand and initiate and continue with the whole process then the government will do what's correct us not forget argentina has had an energy deficit for many many years when nobody saw markets across office he said that fighting it was one of his priorities and that's why the government has invested heavily on energy in this country not only in renewable energy but also in other projects all around the country and that's why they're saying that this
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massive power cut is a surprise for the government well in other developments guatemalans have been voting for a new president 19 people a vying to succeed president jimmy morales no candidate is expected to win an outright majority meaning the poll could result in a runoff the issues of gang violence and policy of dominated the campaigning on one of the top candidates was earlier barred from running juta allegations of corruption mexican authorities say 791 migrants have been found packed into 4 cargo trucks in the gulf coast state of vera cruz they were taken to a migration facility in the drivers of the trucks were arrested officials were forced to break the lock on the door of one of of one called the truck and help the migrants down people are routinely transported through mexico impact trucks mexico is now of course under pressure from the u.s. to reduce the number of people crossing its southern border. and with the news hour live from london there is much more to bring you will be visiting
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a makeshift camp where victims from both sides have come to escape the latest outbreak of ethnic violence in mali. saddam's former president a lot of the share appears in public for the 1st time since he was ousted from office in april and then in sports a switch for salary as chelsea's manager leaves the club after just one season in charge. at least 160 people have been killed in a week of ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo around 40 villages were destroyed in the fighting in a teary province which forced more than 100000 people to flee the lendu and hema ethnic groups have been fighting each other for generations with tens of thousands dying in clashes between 10092003 their communities are separated from each other it's the latest violence was sparked by an attack on 4 merchants in the him
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a zone where there has gained exclusive access to one of the villages that was attacked for him that mohammed explains. this is what's left of mokpo village in bunia in the north east of democratic republic of congo fighters attacked overnight looting and burning several houses at least 40 villages and more than $100.00 houses were destroyed in violence between the lendu and hemet tribes and the militias this week members of the hammer community say then do assailants came to their homes armed with machetes members of the lendu tribe now occupy these villages community leaders say lend you rebels blocks roads as a way to control the area pull your group of them are we ready to live in peace with our him and neighbors despite many youth in our community who have lost their minds and committed unfortunate actions we call in our youth to come back and live in peace with everyone. the government is. calling for calm. we are aware of the
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killings that have taken place against civilians in this area the only message for you as victims is that we must investigate and make sure those responsible will be punished un peacekeepers and congolese armed forces have deployed teams to assess the situation they've also strengthened their presence in the area by setting up 3 temporary military bases but the congolese army has been unable to control the rebel groups its soldiers and police have been attacked some killed while trying to stop the tribal fighting some rebels also targeted a u.n. helicopter. the situation here is tense they have a community accuses the government of not protecting them they've been protesting against the violence calling for more to be done to stop the killings. the current situation is a responsibility of the national government it must deploy more troops on the ground to fight against the militias in order to stabilize the situation the violence has forced thousands of people to feed their homes seeking refuge
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elsewhere on friday and saturday alone more than 6000 displaced people arrived at this camp in bunia many living in difficult conditions with the bare minimum. i wonder if we have an authority or president in this country even after the elections and the new president people are still dying like animals. and the 2 camps set up here already at full capacity. we've been complaining to the authorities and patna since the displaced people started arriving at this camp so we can organize how to assist them properly but nothing has happened now there are more people than the cup come hold and living conditions where people aren't. eatery is one of the largest provinces in democratic republic of congo it has large diamonds and gold reserves the fight for control of the area is fueling the violence and a longstanding dispute between the hemet cattle herders and lendu farmers tens of thousands of congolese have been killed in the cycle of reprisal attacks and camps
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like this are becoming a permanent home for many really mohammed al jazeera. authorities in tanzania have issued a bolo following the 1st deaths from the virus in neighboring uganda virus's killed over 1400 people in the democratic republic of congo and 2 people who cross the border into uganda died last week tanzania has not been touched yet but the health minister vested he wanted to alert the public to stop the spread of the epidemic 34 people have been killed by gunmen in northern nigeria in an attack late on friday police say criminal gangs on motorbikes have been targeting remote villages in zamfara state stealing cattle and kidnapping people for ransom they say the attackers are hiding in forest ordering the state well ahmed interest was in the area just a few weeks ago and brings us more now from the capital abuja. in fact the conflict in some for a state started way back as far back as 2009 and it's been like this
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for a very very long time however the last 4 years of seeing a spike in the number of attacks and the number of casualty figures because of these frequent attacks between the cattle herders and of course the local farming community now the problem as escalated to such a level that that are criminal gangs who have also come in and take an adventist advantage of the situation and this criminal gangs and are only limited to the nigerian side of the border that are foreigners as we were told by officials who have come in to them for a state and also being part and parcel of this problem an official told al jazeera a few weeks ago that there are more than 48 cams 8 major cams and 4034 major smaller camps in some forest it alone so the whole problem actually is partly the problem of climate change is partly responsible for this crisis more and more cattle herders are moving in words or inland as the area in the north or the area
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north becomes dry and dry and so they move their cattle and as a result of movement of these cattle the sort of drive their cattle is through farmlands they're full of these we spoke to say that these farm lands have been expanded into grazing areas and cattle routes or for cattle for migration purposes and through that stage set the stage of conflict between the 2 sides and now the conflict has moved from the north depart into the central part of nigeria and into the south west where we've seen in the last 2 years hundreds of people have been killed. vigils been held in mali's capital after a series of attacks between rival ethnic groups the international criminal court is investigating allegations of crimes against humanity and mali's president is on the increasing pressure to deliver on his promise of peace because hack brings us one hour from. they've come to this open air slaughter house to escape death
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still vivid is the smell of burnt flesh. on the lost his father. it doggone lost his son. they said i'm a light in front of my eyes. accuse full on the sinful ollie's blame dawns each community accusing the other for the killings that attacks on their villages. along with the harm done to them we can never go home it's not safe anymore. this is what is left of barry's home full only say doggone hunters were behind the attack last sunday hundreds of dawn died in what appears to be retaliatory killings while the international criminal court investigates what may constitute crimes against humanity hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing this center of mali turning this meat market into a makeshift camp. do golems and full on these have come to the capital bamako not
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just to escape the violence but to be closer to a government that has failed to protect them in their villages and they hope that here. can deliver on its promise to bring back peace to my. wants unity and yes despite the support of $20000.00 u.n. and foreign troops the president seems unable to bring the country together. he's facing mounting protests with calls for his resignation including from the influential cleric. leading the demonstrations. the president is my friend but i will continue to denounce his governance people from the north the armed groups the people fighting against each other we're all volume's we need to promote dialogue bring an end to the violence that's turning into a senseless war. it is a country in crisis deeply divided with each community mourning their dead.
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to break the cycle of revenge nicholas hawk al-jazeera. well now to sit down the former president has appeared in public for the 1st time since he was ousted from office in april bashir was taken from prison and hard to a prosecutor's office as part of a corruption investigation meanwhile tension is building again between the governing military council and protesters demanding a transfer of power. this is sudan's most unpopular man. then that below is the commander of the rapid support forces they were made up of fighters from the notorious gen joe weed militia who were accused of killing tens of thousands of people in the darfur region they have been accused of opening fire on civilians during the dismantling of the sitting in front of the
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military school to. earlier this month the glow also known as hammett faces growing calls to resign and face justice. but the man seems determined to stay in power has been holding rallies like this one in the capital over the last few days where one in a few good arm we are prepared to hand over power the protesters say they want a government of technocrats that's fine with us we want the same thing but here's the problem the protesters are in favor of an unelected parliament to eradicate the military council. how miti told the crown that the perpetrators of the crackdown will be executed but many accuse hannity himself along with the had of the military council of rating the violence. on the streets the protesters remain defiant. i don't think you'll be just investigation if it's the military
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council investigating i'm one of the victims no one came to ask me anything criminals must not be the same people investigating the attack many sudanese say they are angry with the military council yes it a man is a rebel leader who had been in exile he returned to sudan after the military deposed longtime leader. hoping to be part of any a political process but he was arrested and deported to neighboring south sudan after the crackdown on the sit in now he darts the military wants to hand over power to civilians it is sudanese people who win the revolutions in military council is a product of the revolution it is not the one with the revolutions border is not 0 they have behind border who are civilian. government as a crisis drags on sudan's former leader or model bashir appeared in public for the 1st time since he was overthrown has been questioned by an anti corruption
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prosecutor. many sudanese blamed bashir his top aides military and intelligence officers were embezzling money and killing civilians during his 3 decades in office . the u.s. e.u. and the african union have sent all voice to sudan to mediate they are concerned. could lead to more violence and certainty. the wife of israel's prime minister has been fined $15000.00 after being found guilty of misusing state funds to dine out in top restaurants meanwhile benjamin netanyahu was in the occupied golan heights integrating a new israeli settlement it's been named trump heights in honor of the u.s. president after he recognized israeli sovereignty over the territory how a force that reports now from leicester so i'm. in the early evening sunshine the israeli prime minister and the u.s.
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ambassador unveiled what had hardly been a secret in golden font they you know be rated trump heights a planned new settlement in the occupied golan heights and now at least it's just a sign but for benjamin netanyahu an important symbol of. the golan was and will always be an integral part of our country the golan is israeli it's important to stress this again and again we are not strangers in the golan we are here due to our national vote which have been deep here for thousands of years. it was a fank you to the u.s. president to to fishley recognized israel's claim on the golan heights seized from syria in 1967 and considered occupied territory under international law at the height of the israeli election campaign in late march america's ambassador to israel who sat in on the cabinet noted so far only one place in israel had been named after a sitting president the one who recognized the new jewish government in $148.00 president trump will be honored to be america that small cadre of heroes of
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israeli heroes of harry truman and battle trump i think they belong together and i think they or they will always be known as the 2 greatest presidents for the state of israel and i might be a little biased if i would say i think mine is just a little bit better is really opposition parties are calling this event a publicist on saying netanyahu is interim government can't legally create the new settlement that will have to wait until after september's elections that unprecedented 2nd vote in a year follows netanyahu speedier to form a coalition government last month and the likely impact of that election on donald trump's long delayed peace plan is now becoming clearer on sunday israel confirmed that it would be attending the u.s. led economic workshop in bahrain the trumps regional envoy jason green but also said that the release of the political part of the plan might well be affected by israel's election but netanyahu the election is bound up with his own legal fate he
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faces 3 pending charges for corruption failing to form a government has hurt his chances of passing immunity legislation ahead of his 1st indictment hearing in early october. on sunday his wife sarra was ordered to pay $15000.00 u.s. dollars after being convicted of benefiting from a mistake in a case involving the use of public money to purchase meals for her family. taking public funds in a significant amount throughout several years against the rules and struction is a criminal offense that carries conviction and concrete financial punishment but it's benjamin netanyahu own pending cases would present by far the bigger threat to his position electioneering is under way and as of a netanyahu the stakes are high kerry force that al-jazeera westerners. and almost a lad for you in the program rescuers in syria say they're being targeted by government and russian warplanes and candidates to become the next u.k. prime minister go head to head in the 1st televised debate with one noticeable name
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missing. i lay welling's him on just the way the biggest game in cricket played the right i ended up but pakistan. hello the hot area of europe is getting smaller now we've been seeing atlantic churching from the west indies produce some pretty big thunderstorms recently this is the hook of the colder and i say it's cold the temperatures are going to be 23 in berlin 27 in warsaw by sunday but of course we're in the thirty's couple days ago and that cooler stuff is spreading science from the czech republic and into austria leaving a good part of ukraine and all are countries the south in the thirty's still it's warming up in nice contrast further west and it looks dry and sunny from the south
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coast of spain up to the east coast of england well mostly anyway still the potential for some big thunderstorms in switzerland to clear over the alps and of course is not a great represents showers in the still hot south of austria and down towards the tip of greece and certainly we've seen circulation of showers in turkey for the last week or so they're going to continue or they're not widespread. the difference in the weather across the med trains its remaining driving there is a fair amount of cloud taking the sun out of the sky so it's a new $28.00 into mrs tomorrow $21.00 robot and that's despite the almost constant sun shines north shore breeze the hot weather is to run but it's just inland in libya. examining the headline scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make on past any changes unflinching journalism i am told to leave toward complete in
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a certain absolutely sharing personal stories with a global audience we simply can make the sacrifice is what i want to see explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera. this is a dialogue reading about it for not often staying at on international media and on t.v. why should we stop in this conversation with skepticism because there's a lot of it on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are a small community without any network just each help join the global conversation announces iraq all they want to do is start the debate the same kind of debate that we have here in st.
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welcome back a look at the headlines this hour protest organizers say nearly 2000000 people have taken part in the latest demonstration in hong kong despite the suspension of a controversial extradition bill they want lead to carry law to step down. power is slowly being restored across argentina uruguay paraguayan and brazil after a massive blackout that affected tens of millions of people and at least $160.00 people have been killed in a week of ethnic violence in the eastern democratic republic of congo. around 40 villages were destroyed in the fighting in a teary province. well another stories we're following technicians syrian government forces have exchanged fire in province after what is called a deliberate attack on its forces at least 15 civilians were killed there on
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saturday as russian and syrian forces advanced on the last rebel held region in the country under chapelle reports. these rescue workers are calling on those inside to make themselves known the reply. help us for god's sake a boy is found under the rubble by the white helmets who later shared this image telling the world he survived more than a dozen others were not so lucky killed in airstrikes frosted live on saturday syrian civil defense units say russian and syrian warplanes have been attacking them while they're trying to rescue civilians. hundreds have been killed in the province over the last 6 weeks in what's been designated a deescalation zone. hours after russia announced its latest ceasefire in it last week turkey announced syrian forces shelled one of its observation posts. injuring
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3 soldiers turkey warned damascus that it would respond to any attacks and sent reinforcements into the country on sunday turkey said its forces were attacked again for a 2nd time in 3 days and it responded with heavy weapons with turkish troops apparently coming under attack by the syrian government that's backed by russia an area that was supposed to see a decrease in fighting is becoming increasingly unstable and chapelle al jazeera. now the u.s. democratic chair of the house intelligence committee says that even though the president donald trump says he does not want war with iran there are others within the administration that appear to be on the cost in his wishes also of war in this let's feature kristen salumi she joins us live now from washington and christina isn't surprising that democrats would be criticizing president trump but do we have hair. a questioning of the assessment that iran is behind the recent tanker attacks
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in the gulf. you know we really haven't heard much questioning at all from democrats about the belief that iran is behind these attacks even though the owner of the japanese ship that was hits has raised some contradictions to the u.s. version of events he says the tanker was hit by a projectile as opposed to a mine now remember democrats have been critical of the president for his failure to believe u.s. intelligence on issues around surrounding iran and also the saudi crown prince's involvement in the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi for another example but adam schiff who's the chairman of the house intelligence committee has said that in his view it's clear that iran is behind the attack but he does question the administration's handling of the situation in particular the secretary of state and
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the national security adviser certainly the president has said that he doesn't want war but nonetheless his people and i don't know what this is pump aoe or bolton or both seem to be taking actions to undercut that mission to stay out of warfare at a time when the president sent a message apparently through the japanese prime minister of an interest in going back to the table to negotiate bolton was announcing new sanctions on iran now is that an effort to scuttle the president's effort to initiate a dialogue it certainly seems to have that effect. but i think the the whole idea that somehow through this pressure campaign we were going to force around to complete chile and say ok we'll come back to the table give up everything was naive dangerously naive in the 1st place and this is what our allies are reacting to so both the democrats and the republicans by and large is standing behind this intelligence assessment but what are they doing to convince allies.
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well secretary of state mike pompei o speaking to u.s. media earlier on sunday said that he's been calling lots of allies in particular asian allies as 80 percent of the oil that comes through the strait of hormuz ends up in that region so china indonesia japan south korea these are countries that they're really leaning on right now to accept the u.s. version of events and get on board adam schiff says the fact that they're struggling shows just how isolated the united states has become democrats have been critical of the president of course for withdrawing from the nuclear deal with iran than 2000 the 2015 nuclear deal they say that and re imposing sanctions on iran have just heightened tensions with the region and really they say some of them say they have brought us to this point thank you very much a latest reaction to that from washington kristen salumi there thank you kristen
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well the u.s. has given iraq a 3 month waiver extension to keep buying electricity from iran after that sanctions against countries doing business with to iran will go into effect iraqis rely on iran for vital energy supplies but in the summer months that's not enough as china strafford now reports from the city of basra. to say reality starts the generator he hopes will using the old age. which supports electricity to families in this poor will be a bit of both so. there are hundreds of generators like this one across the city because daily coach of the last hours. we provide electricity to the poor it comes on for a lower than it's awful for the children really suffer in the summer heat we are so tired inside nothing joyful in my life it's all being misery the government has forgotten us. iraq cannot meet its own electricity needs even
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a city like basra which because of its huge oil wealth could be one of the richest cities in the world of aust amounts of electricity comes from close by across the border in neighboring iran the us has increased sanctions on iran in recent months and this could seriously affect neighboring iraq which depends on iran for its power supply nothing in math can get out of iraq relies hugely on iran for this vital resource and a decrease in that power supply could cripple the local economy further we so angry demonstrations over the lack of services in bus for last year the situation hasn't improved since then like the house america's just extended a sanction waiver for iraq so it can keep buying iranian electricity and gas for another 3 months the us is trying to help iraq be less dependent on its neighbor for fuel as a means of increasing its pressure on iran energy joint x.
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and mobile recently signed a $53000000000.00 deal with the iraqi government to develop 2 southern oil fields it's hoped that project will also help iraq be more self-sufficient in gas needed to few electricity power plants considering the potential boil wealth of basra the poverty and lack of general services is shocking piles of rubbish lined the streets there are open drains buildings long ago fell into disrepair even with the help of iran there isn't enough electricity being distributed here. to a city that people see and say has suffered use of go and blurt. that al-jazeera. well to turkey now the 2 contenders to be istanbul may have taken part in a debate a week before the election run rerun the former prime minister banally older in an opposition c.h.p.
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cans it. debated the future of istanbul in a live televised debate it was declared mayor of the city after the march poll but then a rerun was ordered following a complaint from the ruling ak party over irregularities and violations of electoral law so for more on this in i'm kristie lu joins us live now from istanbul and tell us and what has the reaction been to this televised debate how closely have people been watching it. well it was very interesting for the turkish people because this was the this was the 1st time that 2 political figures came together and faced off during a live debate showing in turkey in the last 17 years mainly since the ruling duck party came to power before that that was a tradition political rivals in general before general elections or mayoral elections used to meet up at t.v.
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shows and discuss matters but as i sat it was it is the 1st in 17 years and people expected that 222 candidates to contend and will have the chance to ask the necessary questions to each other because the election that took place on march 31st if it were was controversial because the opposition candidate who won the election with 14000 votes claims that. this is a mistreat their votes have been the election has been taken away from their hands on the other hand the ruling party as you said claimed that there are irregularities that's why every run is the way for democracy on the other side opposition says this is not democracy however and during this debate show we how witness that to may 2 may or old candidates have the potential for a respectful and democratic debate however when you look at the 1st reactions from
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on the social media and on national t.v. channels right now people are criticizing that besides this positive influence about democracy the candidates didn't put much on the table. to be able to discuss about the future of istanbul if somebody is a city of 16000000 population and it has 10500000 votes electorates i mean and this 14000 votes of difference which was the. the advantage of the opposition candidate extremism or the seems to be a small number however that is this fight this margin the margin is tight it was one of vote counts in a stumble right now in skin to make a difference but however as i said when we look at the social media reactions and the another speaking on t.v. right now it seems like this debate sure will not change much about the preference that about the choice of its stumble electorate during the election that is going
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to take place on june 20th 3 however president claimed 2 days ago that this debate will shed a light. on this week just this week before the election but probably we will we will need to see more more in the campaigning period until saturday whether this margin is going to change on be on the advantage of the ruling party candidate children or the advantage of their position candidates been a criminal model thank you so much there in istanbul now to another televised debate candidates vying to become the next u.k. prime minister of clashed over how to strike a deal to leave the european union breaks it of course dominated the discussion as the contenders went head to head in their 1st debate but the favorite to take over as leader of the conservative party skipped the event and hayward has more now from central london. in the end it was
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a show without its leading with no sign of boris johnson the front runner in the u.k. leadership contest his absence at this 1st.


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