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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2019 7:00am-7:34am +03

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the situation here is tense they have a community accuses the government of not protecting them they've been protesting against the violence calling for more to be done to stop the killings. the current situation is the responsibility of the national government it must deploy more troops on the ground to fight against the militias in order to stabilize the situation the violence has forced thousands of people to flee their homes seeking refuge elsewhere on friday and saturday alone more than 6000 displaced people arrived at this camp in bunia many living in difficult conditions with the bare minimum. i wonder if we have an authority or president in this country even after the elections and the new president people are still dying like animals. and the 2 camps set up here are already at full capacity. we've been complaining to the authorities and partnership of the displaced people started arriving at this camp
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so we can organize how to assist them properly but nothing has happened now there are more people than the cup come hold and the living conditions where people are. eatery is one of the largest provinces in democratic republic of congo it has large diamonds and gold reserves the fight for control of the area is fueling the violence and a longstanding dispute between the ham a cattle herders and lendu farmers tens of thousands of congolese have been killed in the cycle of reprisal attacks and camps like this are becoming a permanent home for many really mohammed al jazeera. tanzania has issued an abode a following the 1st deaths from the virus in neighboring uganda outbreak has killed over 1400 people in the democratic republic of congo and 2 people who cross the border into canada died last week tanzania has not been touched yet but the health minister said he wanted the alert he wants to alert the public to stop the spread of the epidemic. 34 people have been killed by gunmen in northern nigeria in an
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attack late on friday but he say criminal gangs on motorbikes have been targeting remote villages in some far state stealing cattle and kidnapping people for ransom they say the attack is hiding in force ordering the state. to the head saddam's former president tomorrow bashir appears in public for the 1st time since he was ousted from office in april. also the candidates to become the next u.k. prime minister go head to head in a televised debate with one notable name missing. hello the cloud has been around of new south wales and southern cuisine distil there as a circulation there has been some rain out of it and it's certainly changed things in sydney with that circulation offshore it's going to be not
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a very warm day on monday about 15 degrees it will feel better i think in melbourne because of the sunshine and probably much the same in adelaide hobart in the west in tasmania is going to turn clearly and then wet and temperature drops sydney's got a better tuesday but melbourne not so not much has changed in perth 60 or 70 degrees in the sunshine has been forecast now across the tasman sea when the weather's been coming down from the north we've seen a lot recently it's been surprisingly warm but it's more of a southerly push at the moment so levon degrees in wellington probably cross churches a bit colder rain or snow or tight in the north on these mostly sunny side you know can you got 14 degrees as you can see little real change temperature wise on tuesday but there is rather more in the way of sunshine which reflects what's happening directly but a long way to your north in japan despite the fact the circulation bringing rain to some parts of our current it looks like for most places cloudy on the west coast warm and sunny further inland tokyo at 26.
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welcome back a look at the headlines protest organizers say nearly 2000000 people have taken part in the latest demonstration in hong kong this despite the suspension of a controversial extradition bill that they also want to carry them to step down. power is slowly being restored across argentina uruguay and paraguayan after a massive blackout that affected tens of millions of people and at least 160 people have been killed in a week of ethnic violence in eastern democratic republic of congo around 14 villages were destroyed in the fighting in a teary province. sudan's former president has appeared in public for the 1st time since he was ousted from office in april morrow bashir was taken from prison hard to into a prosecutor's office as part of a corruption investigation meanwhile tension is building again between the governing military council and protesters demanding a transfer of power. has more. this is sudan's
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unpopular. is the commander of the rapid support forces they were made up of fighters from the gen joe we. who were accused of killing tens of thousands of people in the darfur region. they have been accused of opening fire on civilians during the dismantling of the sitting in front of the military school to . earlier this month. also known as head miti faces growing calls to resign and face justice. but the man seems determined to stay in power has been holding rallies like this one in the capital over the last few days where one of them we are prepared to hand over power the protesters say they want a government of technocrats that's fine with us we want the same thing but here's the problem the protesters are in favor of an unelected parliament to eradicate the
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military council. how miti told the crown that the perpetrators of the crackdown will be executed but many accuse hannity himself along with the had of the military council of the violence. on the streets the protesters remain defiant. i don't think you'll be just investigation if it's the military council investigating i'm one of the victims no one came to ask me anything criminals must not be the same people investigating the attack many sudanese say they are angry with the military council yes it a man is a rebel leader who had been in exile he returned to sudan after the military deposed longtime leader. hoping to be part of the new a political process but he was arrested and deported to neighboring south sudan after the crackdown on the sit in now he darts the military wants to hand over
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power to civilians it is sudanese people who with the military. is a product of the revolution it is not the one with the revolutions border is not 0 they have behind border who are civilian great big government as the crisis drags on sudan's former leader or model bashir appeared in public for the 1st time since he was overthrown has been questioned by an anti corruption prosecutor. many sudanese blamed bashir his top aides military and intelligence officers or embezzling money and killing civilians during his 3 decades in office the us e.u. and the african union have sent voice to sudan to mediate they are concerned the impasse could lead to more violence and uncertainty. the wife of israel's prime minister has been fined $15000.00 after being found
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guilty of misusing state funds to dine out in top restaurants meanwhile benjamin netanyahu was in the occupied golan heights integrating a new israeli settlement it's been named trump heights in honor of the u.s. president after he recognized israeli sovereignty over the territory sorry force that reports now from west jerusalem in the early evening sunshine news really prime minister the us ambassador unveiled what would harvey been a secret in gold in front of the you know the rated trump heights of prime's new settlement in the occupied golan heights for now at least it's just a sign but for benjamin netanyahu an important symbol. the golan was and will always be an integral part of our country the golan is israeli it's important to stress this again and again we are not strangers in the go along we are here due to our national votes which have been the payoff for thousands of years. it was a frank you to the u.s.
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president who to fishley recognized israel's claim on the golan heights seized from syria in 1967 and considered occupied territory under international law at the height of the israeli election campaign in late march america's ambassador to israel who sat in on the cabinet noted so far only one place in israel had been named after a sitting president the one who recognized the new jewish government in $148.00 president trump will be honored to be america that small cadre of heroes of israeli heroes of harry truman and battle trump i think they belong together and i think they are they will always be known as the 2 greatest presidents for the state of israel and i might be a little biased if i would say i think mine is just a little bit better is really opposition parties are calling this event a publisher to stop saying netanyahu is interim government can't legally create the new settlement that will have to wait until after september's elections that unprecedented 2nd vote in a year follows netanyahu failure to form
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a coalition government last month and the likely impact of that election on donald trump's long delayed peace plan is now becoming clearer on sunday israel confirmed that it would be attending the u.s. led economic workshop in bahrain but trumps regional envoy jason green that also said that the release of the political part of the plan might well be affected by israel's election for netanyahu the election is bound up with his own legal fate he faces 3 pending charges for corruption failing to form a government has hurt his chances of passing immunity legislation ahead of his 1st indictment hearing in early october. on sunday his wife sarra was ordered to pay $15000.00 u.s. dollars after being convicted of benefiting from a mistake in a case involving the use of public money to purchase meals for her family she has wanted to taking public funding significant amounts throughout several years against the rules and struction is a criminal offense that carries conviction and concrete financial punishment but
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it's benjamin netanyahu own pending cases would present by far the biggest threat to his position electioneering is under way and as of a netanyahu the stakes are high kerry force at al-jazeera west jerusalem turkish and syrian government forces have exchanged fire and province after what turkey has called a deliberate attack on its forces at least 15 civilians were killed there on saturday as russian and syrian forces advance on the last rebel held region in the country after reports. of all. these rescue workers are calling on those inside to make themselves known the reply was. help for god's sake a boy is found under the rubble by the white helmets who later shared this image telling the world he survived more than a dozen others were not so lucky killed in airstrikes frosted live on saturday syrian civil defense units say russian and syrian warplanes have been attacking
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them while they're trying to rescue civilians. hundreds have been killed in the province over the last 6 weeks in what's been designated a deescalation zone. hours after russia announced its latest ceasefire in its lead last week turkey announced syrian forces shelled one of its observation posts that we injuring 3 soldiers turkey warned damascus that it would respond to any attacks and sent reinforcements into the country on sunday turkey said its forces were attacked again for a 2nd time in 3 days and it responded with heavy weapons with turkish troops apparently coming under attack by the syrian government that's backed by russia an area that was supposed to see a decrease in fighting is becoming increasingly unstable and chapelle al jazeera. the us democratic chair of the house intelligence committee says that even though president trump says he does not want war with iran there are all those in his
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administration on the causing his wishes speaking to c.b.s. adam schiff pointing the finger at u.s. secretary of state and the national security adviser certainly the president has said that he doesn't want war but nonetheless his people and i don't know what this is pompei o or bolton or both seem to be taking actions to undercut that to stay out of warfare at this time when the president sent a message apparently through the japanese prime minister of an interest in going back to the table to negotiate bolton was announcing new sanctions on iran now is that an effort to scuttle the president's effort to initiate a dialogue it certainly seemed to have that effect. but i think the the whole idea that somehow through this pressure campaign we were going to force or iran to come and say ok we'll come back to the table give up everything was naive dangerously naive in the 1st place and this is what our allies are reacting to. well candidates
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vying to become the next u.k. prime minister of clashed over how to strike a deal to leave the european union bracks it dominated discussion as the contenders went head to head in a televised debate but the favorites take over as leader of the conservative party skips the event as he would now explains from central london. thanks in the end it was a show without its leading man with no sign of boris johnson the front runner in the u.k. leadership contest his absence at this 1st televised debate collaring lee obviously leaving the rest of the candidates to stay why they should become the next conservative party leader and by default u.k. prime minister and with the opportunity to take a flight at an absent johnson where is boris if his team won't allow him out to debate with 5 pretty friendly colleagues how's he going to fare with $27.00 european countries with the conundrum that is brecht's it and what to do about it of course dominated the debate argued for bracks it right from the beginning i led
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the leave campaign i will deliver bracks it a responsible prime minister would prepare for a new deal and i think if we prepare properly which we haven't done the 3 is that it will actually bring on a deal and that's the best way to end this uncertainty to actually have that deal this leadership contest is an issue of trust and the only one i believe who can be trusted to get us out by the end of october i mean this is in the 1st ballot of this contest boris johnson britain's paul more foreign minister secured a 114 votes from with parties m.p. his nearest rival received just 43 jumps and defended his refusal to take part in the debate by saying he was staying away because the public had had enough of party infighting tourism a got the top job back in 2016 when her final wible withdrew from the leadership race some called it a coronation contenders in this latest battle a determined that won't happen again saying the path won't be cleared for boris
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johnson to get the keys to downing street they are not going to get a different deal we all know that whoever does win will have to do well to reason may fail to do and deliver britain's exit from the e.u. rarely though in conservative leadership contest is the guy. rather chilly when if we were talking about a wider where the public were involved then maybe you know you would see people like what we steward you did with the room today i think he would have a bit more popular support i don't think you has that much support when it comes to party members who are very much quite a big bourses come the perspective leaders will hope they'll have done enough to win more votes ahead of the next ballot on tuesday despite his absence here some still bill the leadership is boris johnson's to win or throw away and he would al-jazeera in them to. pope francis has towards central italy where many people are still struggling 3 years after a devastating earthquakes the pope wore
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a white safety helmet as he laid flowers inside a damaged a feature on the town of camerino which was hit by a string of quakes in june 26th seem people are still not allowed into the town center as work continues to stabilise buildings but francis spoke to residents some of whom are still living in temporary homes all more everything right here al jazeera dot com for all the latest on our top stories comment and analysis that also video on demand and don't forget you can watch us on live streaming 2. quick recap of the headlines before we go protest organizers in hong kong are saying that nearly 2000000 people have taken part in the latest demonstration against a controversial extradition bill even though the bill itself has been suspended majority wore black shirts in protest at the police's violent response to a similar demonstration on wednesday demonstrators are demanding the resignation of
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the territories leader kerry lamb. well power is slowly being restored across 3 south american countries after a massive blackout tens of millions of people across argentina uruguay and paraguayan been affected public transport water supplies and internet services were down in parts of all 3 nations argentina's government has ordered an investigation into the failure. what we know is that at 7 most 7 in the morning local time of year occurred in the close to crude that failure is not normal or extraordinary but it is normal that it then cools the total cotto. at least 160 people have been killed in a week of ethnic violence in the democratic republic of congo around 40 villages were destroyed in fighting in a teary province which forced more than 100000 to flee the lendu and hema ethnic groups have been fighting each other for generations tanzania is issued an ebola
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following the firth debt 1st deaths from the virus in neighboring uganda ebola outbreak has killed more than 1400 people in the democratic republic of congo in 2 people who crossed the border into uganda died last week tanzania's health minister said he wanted to alert the public to stop the virus from spreading the wife of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been fined $15000.00 after being found guilty of misusing state funds sorry netanyahu was charged with fraud last year after allegedly spending $100000.00 of state money at high end restaurants and syrian civil defense units say russian and syrian warplanes have been attacking them while they're trying to rescue civilians and it led turkish and syrian government. they've they've exchanged fire after what turkey is called a deliberate attack on its forces well that brings you up to date with our top stories witness is coming up next but there will be more news from doha after that in about 25 minutes time stay with us.
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