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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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dirty little secret. 0. hello i missed in this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes iran plans to increase uranium enrichment as it further scales back compliance with the new kid deal. executive should. pressure builds on hong kong's leader as a popular democracy activist leaves jail and joins in mass protests. how the easy availability of guns has allowed ethnic rivals to turn on each other and one of the wilds poorest nations will be live from mali. and promises of change in what was
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one of the world's most poor pressed countries we ask of respect has started late is delivering on the reformist agenda but our role with all the support including our 1st story murray did champion america's woodland when told us 3 shots but. we begin with developments from iran where it's atomic energy organization says it plans to increase you rein in richmond that held a news conference in the city of iraq. the countdown has started in 10 days' time on june 27th we will exceed the 300 kilogram limit of enrich uranium allowed under the nuclear deal after dark we will continue to increase the speed of production drastically so let's take
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a closer look at the 2050 nuclear deal that was signed between iran the u.s. u.k. france china russia germany and the european union that gave sanctions relief to tehran in exchange for limiting its nuclear program and allowing inspectors in but that agreement began to fall apart after president ronald pulled out last year and reimposed sanctions the european union has been trying to keep the pact alive by urging countries to continue trading with iran despite strong u.s. objections president hassan rouhani has issued a deadline if other world powers don't protect it from u.s. sanctions then tehran will continue pulling back from the deal that deadline expires on july 7th. while our correspondent also jabari joins us live now from tehran also we've been hearing today it's mentioned initially how some honeys 60 day deadline july 7th but now we're hearing that they'll potentially breach the deal on the 27th of this month.
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yes that's correct according to the spokesperson we heard from just a short while ago he said that at the current level that iran is enriching its uranium they will exceed this 300 kilogram limits set by the nuclear deal of 2050 now this is one of the major points within the agreement the other is that iran is not allowed to have over 130 tons of heavy water inside the country at any given time according to the spokesperson that also will be exceeded within the next 2 and a half months though he said that iran is looking at selling the access stockpile of heavy water and that's something that has done in the past under the obama administration the americans purchased some of the heavy water just to keep the level lower for the iranians inside the country so there's really a push now for the iranians to try and get the european countries to come to
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we appear to have lost our correspondent they will be bringing her back just as soon as we can do so technical difficulties but now let's speak to. actually earlier we spoke to. a visiting fellow at the brookings doha center and he says tehran's plans to increase uranium enrichment is part of a strategy to put pressure on europe to stand by the new kid deal. this is more symbolic than substantial because iran is not going to commit to any violation but this is a signal primarily to europe to put more efforts in providing iran with economic benefits and. instead as they announce are not going to break the agreement there are going to go as far as possible to the threshold because when they break the agreement they will lose european support and for now this is not
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the iranian strategy to completely you know go for clear violation and break of the brain it still is very difficult because what is lacking is obviously european political will to stand up to the entire design of sanctions by the united states and the compliance regime this time around with the u.s. sanctions on iran is quite heavy or that it was it used to be the case so it's very difficult for the europeans to deliver what the iranians want on the other hand we have the prime minister of japan's visit to tehran and the iranian supreme leader actually rejected this kind of mediation offer so you know the situation remains quite tense and what we would hope for is that those kind of actions will signal to a lot of international players that diplomacy should be the way forward but for now unfortunately we don't see much hopeful signs to hong kong now where
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a well known member of the pro-democracy movement there has been freed from prison joshua long is vowing to join mass protests against a controversial extradition though the government is now shelved demonstrators say they want it dropped altogether reports from hong kong. after 6 weeks in jail joshua will emerge to face the media the political activist served time to his role in the occupy protests in 24. again on hearing the news of sunday's mass rally in hong kong he only had frank's praise for millions of hong kong people joined the demonstration and protests were in the hospital which is show the spirit and dignity of hong kong people. on sunday 2000000 people marched in the streets against a controversial extradition law the government plans to introduce in hong kong critics argue it would allow china to extradite political opponents and activists to the mine land to face trial the city's chief executive kerri lam has suspended
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debate on the legislation but that's not enough to calm the growing public opposition in hong kong what hong kong people are small is huge poggioli where draw the extradition laws are men and i hope people get aware that now there's a new white after that and umbrella movement. on arrival at the city's parliament received a hero's welcome. where hundreds of protesters continued to hold for which kerry nam has apologized to the people in the wake of sunday's protests but the organizers of the demonstration sorry i don't plan to give in just yet what we need is not a media talking we need action when will we withdraw we need real apology. and that is why i believe that until we see real apology will withdraw is done to protest
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will not will not be extradition though may be suspended but kerry lamb has said no deadline for when the debate was in the city's parliament the next major rally in hong kong is on july 1st marking the handover of the former british territory to china and 997 these protesters will be using that gathering to keep the pressure on syria caught out as they are hong kong. well the chinese government has reiterated its support for hong kong. neda the foreign ministry is again warning against what it calls foreign interference. as to whether there are foreign interventions to what's happening in hong kong i believe we have seen a lot of facts in the past days ever since the hong kong government announced that it would make amendments to the extradition law in february many foreign governments and politicians have been making inflammatory statements on the issue. correspondent adrian brown has more from beijing. well publicly china's leaders continue to offer support to carry hong kong's embattled leader but privately say
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some analysts are beginning to have serious doubts as to whether she should remain in office beyond one term these analysts also say that you know china's leaders have been left angry and also embarrassed not just by the fact that the police used tear gas and rubber bullets against student demonstrators in june of all months but also by the fact that more than $2000000.00 people took part in sunday's demonstration a reflection of just how people are feeling in hong kong right now and of course a lot of that anger is directed not just at the hong kong government but also at the central government there's no doubt the president xi jinping does not need another distraction right now especially as he's preparing for his meeting that's judah happen on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit in osaka with president donald trump and also chinese leaders now believe that the trumpet ministration is attempting to draw a line between the the hong kong protests and also the current trade dispute between china and the united states and president xi jinping does not want to give
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president from another stick with which to hit china which is why i say analysts he's been pushing for hong kong's leaders to show maximum tolerance in the face of protests the could yet continue now going back to our top story iran's atomic energy organization saying it plans to increase uranium enrichment now we can speak to moustapha ha session who is a political analyst and editor in chief at the fires news agency and he joins us now live from tehran the start or so we've heard and one view that these threats are symbolic rather than substantial how do you view them should join the world be bracing for a breach of the deal in 10 days time. well as a matter of fact this is no breach of the nuclear deal only iran has been entitled under the nuclear deal paragraph 26 to draw up a number of its undertakings if it comes up with the idea or it's proved to
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iran not anybody else but iran this is a decision at iran's this hour and according to the i.a.e.a. a 2 paragraph $26.00 nuclear deal that if. the promises that has been made to iran they are if they are not manned then iran is entitled to go for some modifications and iran has decided to start those modifications that accidentally have fallen prey to the united states recent sanctions because the us has imposed sanctions on iran nuclear cooperation with the iranian these 2 areas of stockpiling behavior was there. as well as receiving yellowcake in return for exporting was. stockpiled beyond 300 kilograms so iran. has done these 2 modifications in line with its major strategy the strategy is what we just started
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a couple of months ago is reciprocating the costs that the u.s. hostile actions on iran and europeans inaction with regard to the promises they made on their nuclear deal have inflicted on iran if iran should be the only one to sustain the costs that's the new strategy and this is just the start and i believe the europeans have come to realize that iran is very much serious that's why you are witnessing visits by foreign delegations to tehran specially from europe they are coming to tehran to discuss this further and this stuff to talk us through iran's current capability when it comes to increasing enrichment of uranium and the results is in the technology in place for that to happen so quickly. well iran has already mastered all parts of this area of high tech from
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mining from you know production of yellowcake to the production of nuclear fuel in rods in plates to dumping nuclear waste as well as to enriching uranium to any purity level that's needed as a matter of fact. statements made by the spokesman of iran's atomic energy organization today. implied that the next move by iran would be enhancing purity level of its enrichment activities to 5 or 20 percent to me my assessment say that it would be iran would be starting with enriching uranium to 5 percent to fuel their power plant but a 2nd one which was rather you know what it was. it went unnoticed was busy the fact that iran has done the redesigning of iraq heavy water reactor according
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to the nuclear agreement but it has also you know completed the origin of designing again and it has the needed instruments according to mr kemel when the what he said about the pipes pipes that iran has for chase in this period and they can now that they have 2 options either bringing back reactor the heart of the reactor the same way that it was before the old one of the old or bringing into operation a new area and reactor the difference is the amount of plutonium that they produce the older one produced 10 times more plutonium. compared with this redesigned version. now i believe that was a cue. to the westerners that maybe the next 2 modifications to be announced on
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july the 7th would be you know in hand saying european levels of iran's enrichment activities as well as. you know bringing back into operation the old calandra of iraq heavy water reactor mistah a political analyst and editor in chief at news agency speaking to us there from tehran thanks for being with us on out as there are plenty more ahead on this news hour including they fled war droughts and natural disasters now thousands of afghan refugees are being sent home. and in sports cars are shakes things up but the creeper america action from their fight back against paraguay coming up. now yemen's truthy rebels say they've targeted a saudi airport with a drone for the 4th time since wednesday riyadh has not confirmed the attack on
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airport close to the yemeni border on saturday a military spokesman for the who thiis warned people to stay away from airports in saudi arabia and the united arab emirates muhammad has more from santa. how things have once again at. ports in r.c. a province for the 4th time in a week. is likely to target the. oil station the gas station the roof ules of the. airplanes especially as the saudi arabia's authorities have now nst in the previous attack in the 3rd attack that we have intercepted the messiah that was going to attack the gas station so far we can't give me no more details about the what they have targeted this time but the the how with the seems adamant continue their attacks on international airports in order to what they described to put more pressure on riyadh to left its
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ban on the sun our international airport which has been. such sage for nearly 3 years. civilians are not allowed to use this process we are all they are only forced to use the far away airports and say you own and aden which makes it difficult for patients also the attacks have become dangerous for civilians in saudi territories personally that the the whole these have announced that the will continue their attacks on their saudi international airports until the fulfill their demands the yemenis in general have also been suffering from the saudi arrest strikes on the yemeni territories so both civilians from both countries are now become under the risk of being attacked by these retaliatory operations
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from both sides hopefully that the the many who are saudi arabia will support the agreement which war which was signed in. last year the. peace deal would can to contribute achieving and realizing the comparative peace agreements especially when forcing both warring sides to return back to the negotiating table to resolve their differences peacefully at least 30 people have been killed in an attack in northeastern nigeria 2 suicide bomber set off a device that left dozens of others injured in the conduit the area well ahmed idris our correspondent is live from nigeria's capital a bridge or ahmed this was an attack not far from my degree the regional capital what else do we know. well basically the attack happened when. people mostly young people gathered around television sets
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watching apparently a football match then 3 suicide bombers targeted them a female and a male detonated their devices and the 3rd device didn't go off so the female person carrying that device was arrested and the device finally disarmed by the security forces so that's exactly what's happening but no none of the major boko haram fuck shoes in the northeast of nigeria has claimed responsibility for this attack but a lot of people believe that it could be the shekel faction because it's known of target just civilians over the past 9 or 10 years since this insurgency started the factions that is allied to i swap or the islamic state in west africa probably it's normally targets military and other government installations and facilities in the northeast they have also been known to have targeted civilians but not on a large scale so
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a lot of people believe that this particular attack that happened last night was actually the work of because she echoed the longtime leader of boko haram faction that took over when mohammed is of its founder was killed by the nigerian security forces. on that address there with that update from a bridge in nigeria thank you aunt well nearly 100 people were killed in a village in mali a week ago part of an escalating conflict between farmers and herders that's again raised concerns about the rising role of groups and the availability of guns which is allowed ethnic rivals to easily access weapons malcolm webb now joins us live from bhaumik ahmadis capital thousands of attacks have continued since last week's massacre what's the latest. since that massacre of nearly $100.00 people a week ago we heard more reports of small attacks including reports yesterday of attacks on some villages belonging to the philosophy ethnic group which just
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reports of a handful of people killed it's impossible to verify these because they're in remote areas quite far from towns where there's no mobile phone signal so it's very difficult to get information but these low level tit for tat attacks are common not been going on throughout the for the last 2 or 3 years often following a larger attack when a livestock has been taken and then militia will go to seek their animals all of which are marked to try and recover them because of course it's these animals that many people depend on for their survival in areas which are nearly desert for for much of the year and the full army are many of them there are no magic herders they've for hundreds of years been traversing this region seeking pastures for their cattle and in many ways their way of life hasn't changed for a long time but because of the conflicts in this region just within the last few years some things have changed a lot and now they find themselves caught up in this escalating into communal
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violence here in mali with the doggone ethnic group who were farmers there we accompanied them for livelihoods herdsman on their journey they were making a walk about 500 kilometers over a course of about 6 months we spoke to them about their way of life let's take a look at that story now. making $200.00 cows walk in the same direction the same time isn't easy. 12 year old by a d. i was a master of the art he belongs to the lonnie ethnic group many of whom are nomadic cattle herders. and hundreds of whom have been killed in growing into communal conflict here in central mali. militia linked to for lonnie herders and farmers are behind a series of attacks in each other's communities in the last 3 years. but for buyers the constant challenge of following rains and finding pastures infused with
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life. changing climate makes it even harder. this new home cost too weak to walk but they can't stop. their work as hard when you don't find enough food for them some of them die so it's not easy. no buyers taking this herd on a 6 month journey about 500 kilometers in search of pastures to keep them fed for the people we've been walking with their cows across west in central africa for centuries historians say rituals that are practiced today are depicted in these paintings which are a 1000 years old some things haven't changed much others have changed drastically. it's with automatic weapons that the militias of the time each other's communities they flooded into the regions into libya's civil war began in
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2011. that fueled the conflict between mali's government and armed groups linked to al-qaeda from the north. then 4 years ago preacher. formed an armed group in central mali called the mentor. this is his video these fighters attacked mali's army the aim to overthrow the government expel the french army and the un peacekeepers and establish rules according to their own interpretation of islamic law. governments accused of arming militias to fight back many believe that to lead to the escalating violence between the 2 communities army is not doing its job. in the center of the mali even. a. proxy war fire and hundreds of thousands of
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people would likely have to keep crossing the south held region. while their communities caught up in a conflict that only seems to get worse. so a lot of people are asking as the massacres and the attacks seem to escalate month by month year on year what is the way forward is a meeting organized in the town of moxy in the central region between the youth associations of the for the ethnic group and the dough going to a group that's going to happen on thursday this week but that's happened before and the youth organizations have put out joint statements pledging peace they don't necessarily represent everyone within their whole communities that might be agreed somewhere in town but in another village far away maybe a radical wing an armed wing a militia don't agree in the attacks in the revenge attacks continue what a lot of people here a lot of observers say is that unless there is a firstly a full implementation of the 2015 bamako peace agreement also some justice for the
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massacres that have happened. and just the general presence of the state illy affected areas where the moment there's very little in terms of public services very little in terms of any kind of infrastructure from the state apart from the presence of the army which is itself accused of atrocities and killings and if less those things are resolved a lot of people think that there's no way that this into communal violence is going to stop anytime soon how does there is nothing web there on the ground for us in mali thank you malcolm. officials from iran afghanistan pakistan and the united nations a meeting in islamabad to talk about how they can better help afghan refugees who are being sent home or about a man who takes a look at the numbers afghan refugees who fled war conflict drought and natural disasters often found themselves in neighboring iran and pakistan more than 2000000 afghans left in the last 6 years 1500000 went to iran
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and nearly half a 1000000 to pakistan but since the beginning of this year more than 2 100000 people have come back from iran about 70000 were deported this year the u.n. agency for migration expects a return of more than half a 1000000 people to afghanistan the u.n. says demand for afghan labor in iran has drastically foreman and that's largely because of political and economic problems and just over 20000 afghans have come back from pakistan the u.n. warns more than a 1000000 may face deportation this year. in 2018 these were recorded as the top 5 regions that africa returned to they included. herat and just kept to carb war and that's despite continued conflict
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and the worst drought in more than a decade let's speak to lawrence hart who is the international organization for migration is chief of mission and special envoy in afghanistan he joins us now on skype from kabul lines as we've just heard these are some pretty huge numbers half a 1000000 return is it from iran tens of thousands from pakistan talk us through the scale of these population events and are there the resources to manage them. well i mean the shoe is as huge as you pointed out the there are very very high numbers and we must also acknowledge the great efforts made by iran and pakistan in hosting such a large number over the years or. large population african population of course for a number of reasons which and in your report highlighted. a lot of people are coming back or being forced back. or a lot of people use iran as
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a destination country but oftentimes they use it as a transit country to go further afield of turkey and and to europe situation for and that the population is mainly constituted by. individuals while on the pakistani front you have people who have been there for over 30 years of following the soviet invasion of afghanistan and therefore they fled afghanistan and sort refuge in the neighboring country and those are mainly fatman east oftentimes well integrated from low skilled to high skilled labor so the challenge is a huge indeed and they're not just challenges for the rest of these themselves which seem to have for example a recognition of titles at teacher who is a teacher in pakistan and would like to want it would like to come back to
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afghanistan but he or she will need to exercise his profession a private. a private interpret her would be seeking the taxation of the assets he has invested in in pakistan in order to reestablish a business in. afghanistan so those are the main main challenges for the rest of the themselves i think there is also another challenge because of the huge numbers is the host communities and rightly so in your report you. mentioned some of the high areas or. sort of the areas of high return and those are areas where the international community is concentrating but should concentrate even more in making sure that the host communities who bear the brunt of the number of threats and these are able to extend services basic services such as health and education also to reston's and lawrence these hundreds of thousands of people returning to afghanistan but the situation and in terms of
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security in many parts of the country there is still far from stable just how voluntary is this. well there is there is a there is a mixture of course there is an urban ization and a lot of people ready with whom we speak at the borders when they come back we ask them where do you intend to go and a lot of them do indicate. a large city because of security reasons but also because cities are for more opportunities for jobs and and livelihoods so indeed just this security situation is very patchy in afghanistan are not always conducive for return in each and every in each and every province however they should be said that the most destitute. the rest and these will go also to secure areas because they cannot afford the cost of living in a large urban area lawrence hot the international has
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a sense of migrations chief of mission in afghanistan speaking to us there from kabul thanks for being with us now to the airlines thank you good afternoon. well in a few moments we'll have the weather with kevin but still ahead on al-jazeera the boeing crisis and trade tensions cost a shadow over the sea as paris air show will be live and the watching. and in the sport a 1000000000 people tuned in for india against pakistan at the cricket world cup we'll show you the best of the action. the west sponsored by the time i am. here across china we are still dealing with widespread flooding this is the rainy season then it has been particularly hard in the last couple of weeks where we have seen over 60 deaths because of the flooding
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that has been going on i want to take you specifically down here towards the south in the province this is the newest video coming out of the area you can see how the water has been rising across the region causing problems and flooding homes businesses as well as rescues continue to go on in this particular area i want to show the forecast over the next few days because the rain is going to continue we're going to be seeing very heavy rain across much of the region here in northern part in the central part of china scuse me we have seen well over 130 millimeters just in the last 24 hours already on top of saturated ground water levels a very high rivers a very high so any more rain in this region of course it is very easy for flooding to occur rain is going to continue more towards the east as well in the next couple of days that in terms of how much more we're going to be seeing just the next 72 hours well it's going to be easily hitting $250.00 millimeters of rain here across the area we're also going to be watching what is happening down towards myanmar where the rain has been quite heavy as well and across parts of india the
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temperatures are coming down across much of the north rain is coming into play so for new delhi temperatures for you are coming down to about 34 degrees tomorrow. the web sponsored by qatar airways. mexico's most populous so called for a change he survived by tackling women socially shoes don't mean his 1st episode so books discovers the drama behind the scenes as the producers take the hardships facing the mothers of disabled children and confront social stigmas by broadcasting from the well. 0.
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00 s. . we're in for. hello again i'm this tells you $10.00 a reminder of the news this hour the iranian atomic agency says the country will exceed its uranium stockpile limit set by the 2050 nuclear deal in 10 days iran stopped it hearing to some elements of the agreement after the u.s. withdrew last year. at least 30 people have been killed in an attack in
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northeastern nigeria 3 suicide bombers set off a device that left dozens of others injured and the can do gray area no group has claimed responsibility but boko haram. has often carried out suicide bombings in the region. and the face of hong kong's pro-democracy movement has been freed from jail just for one is now joining mass protests against proposed extradition changes that would allow people to be sent to mainland china a trial. now chinese tech giant huawei is blaming the u.s. for a $30000000000.00 drop in revenue over the next 2 years and the panel held at 12 ways headquarters in chen's and founder and c.e.o. rendering phase says sales of that smartphones overseas have already dropped to 40 percent since january last month the u.s. banned american companies from selling technology to huawei accusing the chinese company of stealing trade secrets and threatening cyber security. at the time we didn't think this matter would disrupt a business we did not anticipate it was going to be as severe as it has become
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we've done some preparation it's like a badly damaged airplane we've protected only the core elements like the fuel tank we didn't protect our parts. aircraft safety trade wars and the growing security challenge in the gulf are causing concern at the paris air show french president among those attending one of the industry's biggest events it will likely see more deals for air bus after boeing's troubles with its 737 max aircraft the pain was grounded after 2 fatal crashes within 5 months well boeing's chief financial officer greg smith says his company is doing all it can to ensure passenger safety words simply cannot express the sorow in the sympathy that we feel for the families and the loved ones of those that were lost in these tragic accidents. these accidents from only intensify our efforts to ensure the highest level of safety
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in quality in everything we do. we're committed to learning from this and have teams working 24 hours 7 days a week to ensure that we're meeting the needs and the priorities of our regulators and our customers around the globe. well the correspondent now joins us live from the border just northeast of paris so natasha much of this year's air show seemingly overshadowed by the boeing 737 next crisis what else did boeing get executives have to say. well there were poor for boeing executives at a press conference earlier and all of them were like the executives you just heard there at pains to point out how sorry they are for the loss of those 300 $46.00 people who died in those 2 crashes the lion air crash in october then the ethiopians crash in march they said they were sorry they said for them that safety is of course a top priority and that their concern now is really to try and get the 737 months
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back in the air because there has been grounded by regulators around the world ever since that ethiopian airlines crash they also talked about the need to regain a rebuilt trust but that's going to be really quite challenging because of course one of the issues is that boeing is admitting that it knew the 737 months had a certain amount of problems that perhaps it didn't do everything it should have done to fix those problems although boeing does say that there was no improper conduct in any of its actions now the $73.00 max crashes both hinged on a particular type of software this software was placed in this plane by boeing to make it fly very much like the 737 so that pilots who were trained on the 737 would have to retrain because retraining pilots is extremely costly for airlines so this was really about boeing trying to keep costs down and this is what has led of course to these crashes it says that it is fix this software it is hoping to get this plane flying again but of course that will depend on regulators certifying the
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plane they are going to be extremely cautious but in the meantime what we have is really boeing battling for its reputation. thank you natasha well let's speak to terry who's an aviation safety commentator and former airline pilot and he joins us now on skype from dry in east sussex terry as we've been hearing boeing's been trying to reassure everyone of the safety of the aircraft how successful have they been. well i'm not sure how successful they are with the general public but anyone in the know i think will will be deeply concerned about the background to all this because i think whilst in generally have been making very safe airplanes there is been a long trains now. for driving down costs as a number one priority a lot and i think if you look at the roots of this trying to be with the 737 max
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that's really where it all begins well terry i know that a lot to do with the tragedies with the 7 to 7 that had to do with software but how was that allowed to happen given the heavy regulation in the industry well you say heavy regulation is there. the federal aviation administration in america or is wrong have a far too cozy a relationship with manufacturers and in fact they don't inspect and oversee boeing boeing have their own in house inspectors who are sanctions and lawsuits by the f.a.a. to do it for them so this is not really an ideal arrangement at all and in addition to that of course we all talk about the m. cast system in the software but that these 2 tragedies were also triggered by failure of a sensor now al-jazeera yourselves actually made a program on
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a wing in the prayer about buying using outsourcing contractors based on the lowest price. so i think there's a lot more behind this then just a simple software and one model terry say that people within the industry are cynical about boeing now expecting their competitors like abba's to pick up more industry share. i would have thought so. you know they have got a pretty good record. and so far as the aircraft they're pretty sane they're they're efficient and they haven't had any of these control assists and so yeah i'm going to be logical that airbus will benefit perito is an aviation safety commentator and a former pilot joining us that from ryan east sussex thank you for being with us terry you're welcome. well governments across 3 south american countries are trying to work out what caused a large power failure tens of millions of people across argentina uruguay and
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paraguay were left without electricity argentina's power grid collapsed early on sunday cutting supplies to the entire country by nightfall some areas in the capital was still in the dark where the mergence secret is helping to direct traffic trains water supplies and internet services were affected the government says the power failure was unprecedented. what we know is that at 70 7 in the morning local time the failure occurred in the coastal grid that failure is not abnormal or extraordinary but it is normal in the sense that it calls the total power. now not long ago it was better stan was described as one of the world's most closed countries ruled by a dictatorship 3 years after the death of longtime leader islam karam of his successor is being credited with significant reforms but as steadfast in reports from tashkent critics aren't satisfied yet. a newly opened
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journalism university in tashkent one of the signs of change in a country where hundreds of journalists politicians and activists were jailed during the 27 year rule of president islam karimov since he died in 2016 a new wind is blowing in those big he stands with more freedom of speech and dozens of political prisoners released in a well known court case we opened the heart of his complaint 4 years for the release of her brother the scholar and. he was sentenced in 2017 to 11 years in prison human rights groups out treason charges were fabricated this caller has since been moved from prison to a penal colony where we spoke to him on the phone. thanks to our current government the attitude towards me. completely changed i hope the reforms will continue so people can prove their innocence it's not like 2 years ago now we are
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treated as humans. who bad insaan has appealed for his father's release on social media. because it has been called the whose backs bring the openness and reforms and every place and that creates long awful ferry and regime the fact that we hear reports now this is evidence of these changes but some say the old system remains intact except for new faces and a different role. was detained by the security services for online publications critical of the government but he was acquitted after going on trial he says the reform process has stalled. even the reforms to hop implemented in the economy and social life have not been finished only 10 to 15 percent have been completed and then is forgotten there is no systematic change expected reforms of the political system change to the constitution but that's not happened so face showed that most banks are backing president reform process but
1:46 pm
they complain about difficulties such as finding jobs one of the government programs aims to make it easier for people to start their own businesses and to attract foreign investors despite. millett challenges of the reforming process general mood according to the all story our culture the people demonstrate the people of the people or supporting what's going on around more freedom of entrepreneurship more opportunities for them. to run their own business more openness in media and social networking better you are in the villages sphere one of the test of political reforms in those babies time will be parliamentary elections later this year analysts say more political parties should be allowed to participate to make voting free and fair while human rights groups
1:47 pm
have urged the government to release all political prisoners freedom has come within reach and. now his court case has been reopened he hopes he will be released soon step rason al jazeera and now some of the candidates hoping to become britain's next prime minister have faced off in a televised debate there was a notable exception boris johnson who is considered to be the favorite and the hayward explains why from london. thanks in the end it was a show without its leading with no sign of boris johnson the front runner in the u.k. leadership contest his absence at this televised debate collaring lee obviously leaving the rest of the candidates to stay why they should become the next conservative party leader and by default u.k. prime minister and with the opportunity to take a flight at an absent johnson where is boris if his team won't allow him out to debate with 5 pretty friendly colleagues how's he going to fare with $27.00
1:48 pm
european countries with the conundrum that is brecht's it and what to do about it of course dominated the debate argued for bracks it right from the beginning i led the leave campaign i will deliver bracks it a responsible prime minister would prepare for a new deal and i think if we prepare properly which we haven't done the 3 years that it will actually bring on a deal and that's the best way to end this uncertainty to actually have that deal this contest is an issue of trust and the only one i believe who can be trusted to get us out by the end of october i mean this is in the 1st ballot of this contest boris johnson britain's paul more foreign minister secured a $114.00 votes from with parties m.p. his nearest rival receive just 3 johnson defended his refusal to take part in the debate by saying he was staying away because the public had had enough of party infighting tourism a got the top job back in 2016 when her final wife withdrew from the leadership
1:49 pm
race some called it a coronation contenders in this latest battle a determined that won't happen again saying the pathway be cleared for boris johnson to get the keys to downing street they are not going to get a different deal we all know that whoever does when will have to do what a reason may fail to do and deliver britain's exit from the e.u. rarely though in conservative leadership contest is the by. actually when if we were talking about a wide. where the public were involved then maybe you know you would see people like what we steward here did with the wind today i think he would have a bit more popular support i don't think he has done much support when it comes to party members who are very much. the perspective leaders will hope to win more votes ahead of the next ballot on tuesday despite his absence some still feel the leadership is barres johnson's to win throw away and he would
1:50 pm
al-jazeera and on to. still ahead and sports japanese monks pray for a successful rugby world cup. will. begin. with. the bigger. the bigger.
1:51 pm
the bigger. thanks. it's now time for sports a heartwarming story today about the u.s. open golf champion you know you talk about gary we'll get to that in just a moment but he is rather relieved this morning saying i'm glad it's all over holing his 3 shot victory over kept to win the u.s.
1:52 pm
open at pebble beach on sunday the 35 year old went into the fall around with a one shot lead at this 30 foot birdie pass on the 18th seeing him finish on 13 on the par overall 3 clear all the 2 time defending champion. if woodland 1st major victory in 30 attempts and he takes home see point $25000000.00. you know i've worked hard my whole life i've been surrounded by amazing people and i always just wanted to be successful i didn't know what it was what i was going to do. so in love with golf and it's transcended to day. or it's all about heart warming story all this is a woodlands victory was followed closely by this young lady seen there in the purple back in january a video. of some sort of special indeed i went viral played a whole during a practice run ahead of the phoenix i put in arizona with good little study i reject the difficult part for my part the pro offered some advice only for the 20
1:53 pm
year old to tell him i worry i've got this positive mindset helped to make the parts and i me a huge huge superstar 5000000 hits so far this video has had since then the 2 has become friends and that was our family enjoying it would lend us our open trial on sunday. to football katsav shaken things up of the corporate america with a dramatic fight back to draw against paraguay the agent cup champions of playing as guests in south america in their 1st game was it really the american are i was looking good one paragraph i went to. the 2nd home but. scored a record 9 goals in the asian cup pool one box cutter. basic point with a scrappy goal from. the right a friendly getting into. quite a bit of a tiring teaching was the final straw for who calls the house the next world cup are still to apply colombia and lino meseems argentina correspondent deborah farmer
1:54 pm
was at the time. so the cup america it's all in the weather and truly under way with winds now for brazil colombia. between venice way there in peru and this game just finished between. why seem to be cruising soon allow for guitar came back with 2 late goals one from the outside of the area another bundled into the next after 77 minutes their 1st time in this tournament invited along with japan to participate with the 10 nations from south america was ill the favorites as they often are playing on their homes territory the current holder. really the biggest winners of this tournament say you are quite it's old and it's just begun but still plenty to play for the brazilians here in general supporting a national team. came here in some numbers very evenly balanced much as i say still to play for still several more weeks of football to go to ends
1:55 pm
here at the magic and out stadium in rio de janeiro. so that's about $1000000000.00 people tuned in to watch india come to be pakistan at the cricket world cup the 2 time champions one part $8586.00 runs the method as the wellington poles. cricket's biggest going india the pakistan. 5 points occasional don't traffic in manchester only $25000.00 were lucky enough to have a golden ticket over 700002 the plight more than a 1000000000 people in total expected to watch the game in india in pakistan and across the globe. after a disappointing start to the world cup pakistan needed the points most but i couldn't make the breakthrough when i put india rings about. rohit sharma showed his class again and completed a fine century that the night the indian contingent. he was eventually helped
1:56 pm
a $140.00 but can't seem fair at kylie continued the push to an imposing title he scored $77.00 other side of a point to running in just total $336.00. the 2 questions in pakistan's reply that i wish to talk it i'm beat the manchester right by last early to shank but a century stand between fuck as a man and barbarism reminded us to never quite watch off pakistan. and so both parts men were dismissed in quick succession and the collapse of wickets and shoot this has been that. live in the world cup and when the rain of arrived india were in complete control of i mean so much to both teams was of course well it's a proud moment for india and we were yet to win the world cup i'm sure we'll get there so. maybe that's why the.
1:57 pm
july 14th back to live picked up one final time 201 night india. n d a were expected to be strong in this tournament i'm going mine on base and with afghanistan their next opponents and a place in the semifinals beckoning for their great rivals pakistan a cricketing miracle looks to be needed if they're going to progress in this world cup play welling's al-jazeera manchester and of course there's a less than $100.00 days to go before the rugby world cup kicks off in japan and the william webb ellis tri fi is about to embark on a tour of the country it was blessed by shinto monks in kyoto if you prefer it successful told it which is being held outside rugby traditional heartlands for the 1st time it kicks off against it on september 20th at the high cycle in russia. thanks for all that said i mean i saw you today for this news outlet to handle being here and i'm.
1:58 pm
in morocco unregistered an under-age marriages have caused problems especially for women and children i've been trying for years to get my daughter legally recognised by have found pressure from lobby groups has led to changes to the modelling of the family code giving women greater rights in marriage while keeping the family at heart now the divorce rate has increased a lot mainly with occupations made by the wife's. al-jazeera world. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's next ball astri seems
1:59 pm
to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to ensure peace and happiness when it became a democracy in 2008 the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow betimes example but how do you measure it many brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. bottles in cameroons rivers. on. plastic everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing boats. and bubble gum wellington then. what can be done with this ploeg of polymers. earthrise reimagining plastic. on our just iraq.
2:00 pm
iran plans to increase iranian enrichment as it further scales back compliance with the nuclear deal. and so when you're watching us there live my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 30 minutes. it's a must for caroline just step back and to withdraw that evil lot of popular democracy activist in hong kong. that are divisive extradition proposal should be withdrawn and.


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