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and changes that would allow people to be sent to mainland china for trial and she didn't bring is planning to visit north korea this week the 1st such trip by a chinese president in 14 years he accepted an invitation from north korea's leader kim jong un back in january yemen's who the rebels say they've targeted a saudi airport with a drone for the 4th time since wednesday riyadh has not confirmed the attack on the airport close to the yemeni border the u.s. has issued a security alert after recent bombings in saudi arabia the american consulate in jeddah sent out the warning after 2 car bombings on june 7th several people were injured the advisory also urged u.s. citizens to use extreme caution because of the recent missile and drone attacks near the yemeni border those are the headlines the news continues here after talk to al jazeera to stay with us. i'm counting the cost and has lost its crown as the bass is growing big economy where it all goes wrong for modi
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so soon after his landslide election victory no longer the world's garbage can china disrupted the multi-billion dollar global way fame to. counting the costs on al-jazeera. to. see. albania was hoping to be asked to start european union membership talks this month but that now seems unlikely to happen either you leaders want to see a country with stable democratic institutions but in the past week president has cancelled local elections that were scheduled for the end of the month because the opposition democratic party refuses to take part in them making matters worse the ruling socialist party has questions president met the constitutional authority to change the date there's no constitutional court to rule on the matter because it's
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judges finances a being investigated and they also suspended so albania presents a picture of anything but a stable democratic state which is a precondition for membership today on talk to al-jazeera the president of the met . mr president thank you for talking to. thank you very much for. into a showing to me come to the situation in the albanian today is described as a constitutional crisis. the constitution describes albania as a parliamentary republic which means that you are elected by parliament and. while you enjoy the trust of parliament parliament has the power to remove and replace you with a large majority as long as the constitutional court also ratify is parliament's decision but it may only do so if you have committed and agreed
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just silly unconstitutional act in parliaments opinion so do you think that you have committed such an act and do you think that parliament has indeed become such a process of replacing you is that what we saw in the censure motion brought to the floor of the parliament. yeah i want to assure you that i don't want to make use of this interview to talk about the parliament. and about its responsibilities. but it is very clear according to bill bennett of course the constitution that when the parliament can dismiss of the president and it's very clear when the president is doing a very grave. constitutional violation. which also should
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be verified later from the constitutional court so i have to let you know that. in the article. in the constitution of the republic awful by now that has been violated from the president of the republic and i want to assure you that. the. constitutional order for by now is based on political pluralism and free and fair elections and what the president has them is exactly. showing his commitment. to to put attacked. political pluralism in the country and also to get on t.v. free and fair elections for all citizens of. albania because i was going to
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have voting for 45 years during the communist regime but everyone knows that there is a big difference between the elections and the voting as you know last month millions of europeans went to the polls to elect a new european parliament albania has had trouble elect. deciding when to elect 61 mayors. dany of ready to join the european union. albanians. the citizens of this country. they have been married the even earlier to join to you. but. in the coming hours and in the coming days the political leadership of the country is going to be tested
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if it has the right maturity. not to be an obstacle for the spirit. of the albanian citizens because here more than i did 5 percent of the albedo so. eager to go into the european union and with my your decision i wanted to give time to leaders to reflect. to calm down. and to create the conditions for a reasonable dialogue that demonstrates maturity. first of all towards our citizens here but also to our so your opinion him that this country yes is ready to make a major step ahead. or rights but again going back to the constitutional issue the argument against you being expressed by the government is that you do not
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have the right to cancel an election. i am not talking about. political. speculations. i showed you that this is a very solid. constitutional decision. the only. authority supreme authority is the constitutional court which. can. go on this. decree but what i want to assure you it's this is waste of time what they are discussing and what they are debating because these ikari was published in official newspaper and according to our constitution and legislation from that moment it is obligation of every state to show central or local to implement it. all right but politically speaking prime minister says i am not going to go back to
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the dialogue with the opposition to find a consensual date for an election they had a chance to register they decided to abstain and i'm going to stick to what we originally agreed to before the president what what is the solution to this are you going to recognize the result of the local elections if they happen now after this decree. was signed in came into force there is no formal and legal date for the elections about 30 of you about this claim of the but i mean is that i'm a i want to let you know that. this president of. postponing good journal local elections in the country was created for the 1st time in 20062007 when he was the opposition leader and
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mayor of tehran and they wanted an additional document. to be. included in this technical process in order to participate in the elections and that time for the. very 1st time we had the such president which later also was repeated in different cases so this is not something you know of course this is not something normal because when everything is going. well. there is no reason to take a such. decision and. i hope that our prime minister is going to be more aware about the. ruling principle that the government bears greater responsibility for the whole country not only for its
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supporters or. militants and i hope that living up to this response by us responsibility and reflecting girl so we're not in the best interest of the country but we recognise the results if the government holds this election. there are no elections on 30 of these the could be has been published in the official newspaper and this is now legation of everyone to implemented so there are 2 sharply distinct interpretations of the constitution which the constitutional court would have to adjudicate there is no constitutional court because it's judges are undergoing ethical review and well being vetted yes there is only. one supreme.
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authority that can no such decree which he's the constitutional court and which is not functional for the moment as you rightly mentioned and everyone knows that the president of the republic has that every effort for a long time to avoid the such a situation but this is not any more important and now in these conditions this. the creek cannot be contested from any court in the country and of course it is. the creek which. i have signed in front of the albanian citizens taking all the responsibility for that and i'm sure that. i have them. the best to avoid this. further escalation of the conflict between the government and the opposition and to give to
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both sides the possibility to calm down to reflect and to enter soon in dialogue for the best interests of all the bells and in particular. in these days before these 2 very important positions are going to be taken from the member countries of the european union about the european future of the of it now let's talk about the domestic political aspects of your decree for a moment. you have as you say expressed in that to create the desire to see no threats to public security and no threats to democratic stability you've asked the 2 sides to come together under your aegis but so far the socialist party has not done so some of the smaller opposition parties have met with you and that seems to be the beginning of a dialogue but we have no. indication that it will in compass the main players
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quite the opposite the socialist led government says that it's going to proceed with the election and the democratic opposition says something rather cryptic but certainly not conciliatory mr basher on thursday said that he calls upon citizens to do whatever european citizens are forced to do when they're faced with the prospects of an effective could you tell which is which is how he describes the gov the government of iran the so are you concerned that your decree doesn't seem to have had the desired effect i am. very determined. to do my best. for. creating. the necessary conditions for by looking for a viable solution. because this is.
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very important not only for. the stability of the country and the democratic. of our citizens but this is very important for the european church or of. albania and with holding elections without opposition. this is completely an investment against the european should serve this country which is a national goal of all obey nelson no matter of. party affiliation and. also i'm realistic. that after these poor 5 miles of. confrontation as you have also fall and. reported the solution cannot in 2 days and 3 days but i'm not hopeless that also means that i will come back here and. other. leaders
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we. conclude. agreement on the solution which will help the country. not only to avoid to avoid the these divisive a climate but also which will help contrary to demonstrate to. european union and to all a part of. that i maturity and that this is a country which is improving the democratic standards and not downgrading let's talk about the european aspects of you want to create to cancel and postpone these elections you have said that you want to safeguard the copenhagen criteria of holding free and fair elections of guaranteeing democratic institutions function
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properly with the greatest possible participation of the persons concerned. and on the 9th of june you issued the decree in which you stated these things very clearly on the 10th of june prime minister rama went to brussels and met with the president of the european commission he said that i am in favor that these elections should take place on june the 30th if not this would harm the european perspective of albania mr you has a completely different interpretation of what is in the interests of your european perspective to you how do you explain that. president you. he's also. a great friend of mine and he's a great democrat but i'm sure that he was not reported that. this election so 1st you have to know. practically or substantially were voting and
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not elections because. they were. elections without the opposition i'm sure that he has not been fully aware about. in this frame i see what you are saying is a very correct but we know very well that now this is not anymore. but it's possible of the commission because a commission has made a positive accommodation for a way now now this decision is going to be taken that. the political level and the messages have been clear that the elections without opposition do not help the european. progress awful but now it does seem however that regardless albania will not receive an invitation this month to start membership talks with the european union. how do you think this is going to be received in albanian
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society and what do you think is going to be the political impact i steal the prey. that. obama is going to open the negotiations. as soon as possible hopefully with a smile both with north. but it's very important in the coming hours it's very important in the coming days that we show maturity to overcome this. crisis and this is the only way that obey now to. have a better chances for a. positive a disease in june or in september. this is now not the most. important but this one is possible but if the crisis is. going to.
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last. the chances would be undermined 40 years not 4 months this is clear why do you say that do you think that the current political confrontation is the chief criterion for being invited to start membership talks the functioning of the market to go secure so. is fundamental for every decision at the high speed to go. levels and as i have underlined the standards of the free and fair elections have been always so decisive full of such decisions o.b.l. was having some problems and concerns also in the past about the. elections and the if we don't want to show. normality and progress now related to. general local elections it will be
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a disaster. there are also other concern as the european member states have expressed in their recorded in the european commission's report particularly a disappointment with the lack of high level convictions of organized criminals and particularly in drug crime and trafficking. doesn't. continue to have a serious problem with organized crime in your view rule of law. and tangible progress in the fight against the organized crime and also corruption. is. fundamental for. going ahead albania has initiated. very important judiciary. reform but there is.
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much more to be down to show more political will to implement it i plea and also to. be more reliable partner with all international partners in fighting this organized crime. so you think that there is still a lot of progress to be made why has it taken so long for the judicial review why has the albanian but then without a constitutional court for 18 months. the lack of course situational court. it's a. big problem for the country. and. it helps. government to. take. additional authority which is not in the constitution
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a full day now. or for that but. anyway i hope that things will be improved in the coming. mounts but now it's important to address this. crisis and to take more time for all the reforms of the required to be payment. and if. albania does not receive an invitation to open membership talks this month do you think that there is going to be the danger of widespread emigration legal or illegal away from this country we're already seeing indications that there are large numbers in the 10s of thousands of albanians who are leaving albania to look for work elsewhere because salaries a low unemployment among adults is 12 percent but among young adults it is 22
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percent very difficult numbers to manage i don't like to describe the war scenario that you're mentioning. i am determined to fight for the best scenario which means that soon we find a solution we show that i maturity. and our citizens. have more confidence for the european future of full benefit and also our partners . are more convinced that we deserve optic off the bush asians as soon as possible . let me go back to what you have identified as the principal obstacle which is the the state the political situation in the country today extremely polarized very confrontational and you seem to be getting dragged into it now whereas you waded
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into these very powerful political currents in order to try and save the system the system seems to be sucking you in prime minister rudd impugns your neutrality in parliament on thursday and said that you have ceased to hold have the right to hold your office because you have effectively become partisan in your position you've effectively back to the position of the democratic party opposition and you have asked for the elections to be postponed the government position is the opposite do you think that you are in danger of losing at least the image of your neutrality in society. that i'm a has no reason to be disappointed with me because the. one of his strongest out a good month when he proposed me as the president the full day now the time we were
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apart or soon the ruling coalition. was exactly that. he couldn't find. someone. that could. war to get on to that i'd say of the opposition. then mr met. one final question with the president does prime minister enjoy your trust and support as head of government in this country. and this. question. is. something good that was. earlier when i have confirmed he met as. prime minister of albania. i was expecting from he may as. staying longer in office. to be more flexible
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and more copper to with the opposition. first of all. because the challenges the country is having go ahead can. be addressed successfully only based on the but old of cooperation and i'm looking forward to see him. to leave behind these devices even rhetoric so that he. feels to match which is not helping build a consensus force for a more of a all inclusive or. polishes of what the country needs to be united mr president thank you for talking to others or thank you thank you.
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i've always been fascinated by space but the story of the space race isn't just about the men who risked their lives to travel into the unknown but the ones who held those lives in their. grandfather and his colleagues who worked on the space suits they designed the space suits for no 11 was his try on more and more. and the perfect he designed space suits but his legacy putting man on the moon on al-jazeera. what we learn. where we get. our. voters beaten and polling stations storms 12 european politicians on trial for their role in a referendum on catalan independence their political opponents in the prosecutor's seat for
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a case that traces crucial questions about democracy and self-determination. but is the outcome already decided by a hostile spanish state. the catalonia trials justice or vengeance on a. al-jazeera . this is the news hour live for my porges in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. of focus is not to enter into a blame game or given responsibility for a collapse of a deal that might come our focus is to keep the agreement in place the e.u. says iran is currently compliant with the nuclear deal but tehran is warning that
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want. it's a must for caroline to step down and to withdraw the evil law just out of prison the hong kong democracy activist tells al-jazeera his knowledge joining the fight against extradition changes also this hour at least 30 people were killed by suicide bombers in northeastern nigeria we'll have a live report and obviously if you go to sports we have a 1st time major golf champion american gary woodland wins the u.s. open by 3 shots at pebble beach. thank you for joining as iran's president says time is running out for european leaders to save the 2050 nuclear deal that's after iran's atomic energy organization announced it would breach uranium stockpile limits set under the agreement within 10 days dosage of barry has a report from tehran a theatrical.


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