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across the world. so no matter where you call home al-jazeera will bring in the news and current affairs that matter to you. al-jazeera. well focus is not to enter into a blame game or given responsibility for a collapse of a deal that might come our focus is to keep the agreement in place. the e.u. says iran is currently compliant with the nuclear deal but tehran is warning valid warps last. i'm fully back to watching al-jazeera live from doha also ahead. it's
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a must for caroline to step back and to withdraw the evil lot. just out of prison hong kong democracy activist salazar jazeera is joining the fight against extradition changes. at least 30 people were killed by suicide bombers in northeastern nigeria and how the easy availability of guns has allowed ethnic rivals to turn on each other in one of the world's poorest nations where reports from central mali. but we begin with breaking news from egypt this hour where according to state television former president mahmoud warsi has died during a court session he was the 1st democratically elected president of egypt and was ousted in a military coup in july of 2013 more see as we said was ousted in 2013 he
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was asked said by the current president abdel fatah sisi and since december 23rd morsy had been in jail on a wire to egypt government critics have described as politically motivated charges again breaking news out of egypt where state television is reporting that the former president egypt's 1st democratically elected president wanted morsi has died during a session in court we'll have more on this breaking news story including reactions of course as and when we have more in the meantime let's move on to iran. where the president says time is running out for european leaders to save the $25000.00 nuclear deal that's after iran's atomic energy organization announced it would breach the radium stockpile limits set under the agreement within 10 days dosage of the reports from tehran a theatrical build up for a final warning to the european signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement the
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message delivered by the spokesman for iran's atomic energy agency that time is running out then i. will mortician my countdown has started in 10 days time on june 27th we will exceed the 300 kilogram limit of enriched uranium allowed under the nuclear deal after that we will continue to increase the speed of production drastically. and there's a nuclear deal iran is allowed to have 300 kilograms of 3.67 percent enriched uranium at any given time inside the country anything in excess of that amount must be sold internationally but since the united states withdrew from the deal a may of last year it has also introduced restrictions on purchasing any material from iran's nuclear program which means iran stockpile will continue to increase. early last month president hassan rouhani announced tehran will stop exporting its
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excess uranium and heavy water for a 60 day period during which time it wants the remaining signatories of the deal to honor their obligations as they announce are not going to break the agreement so there are going to go as far as possible to the threshold because when they break the agreement they will lose european support and for now this is not the iranian strategy to completely you know go for clear violation and break of the agreement. a number of high ranking foreign officials have been visiting tehran in an effort to save this deal including a rare visit by japanese prime minister shinzo who told iran's supreme leader that he had brought a letter from president donald trump but ayatollah ali khamenei said trump did not deserve a response harmony who has alternate authority in iran says the government will not negotiate any further iran maintains it has kept up its end of the deal 15 reports
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produced by the international atomic energy agency have concluded that iran is complying with the nuclear agreement iran says the future of this nuclear deal is now in the hands of the 3 main european signatories france britain and germany and president rouhani has warned that the stability and security of the entire region is at stake but many analysts say that without the united states it's difficult to see how this deal to work or such a pari else's syrup to iran. returning to our breaking news story n.d. gyptian state television is reporting this hour that egypt's former president mohamed morsi has a die during a court session today in cairo morsi was the 1st democratically elected president of egypt he was ousted 2013 by a military coup that was led by the current president of egypt. since december of
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2013 wanted morsi had been in jail on what egypt and government critics have described as politically motivated charges we understand that he fainted according to egyptian state television after a court session today and he died afterwards let's speak to him at harpos director of the of the arab center of research and analysis at the arab center in washington thank you very much for joining us what's your reaction 1st to this breaking news story. yes thank you while the time for. he was the egyptian president he was elected free they. serve the president of course it was not as effective as he should have been the muslim brotherhood not as effective as the been governing the country but his laws. mother good mother good thing called for egypt considering what it is going through today. he had been on trial on
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a number of charges since $24.00 teen what effect and they'd been various reports of course that he had been tortured in jail what we action will they be in egypt do you think to this news today. well it's definitely not going to be. very soothing news for a whole lot of people to believe. in him and. he was able to do was able to. people. it's really ironic that he would. showing up at court which is. it has been has been. it was tortured circumstances of that definitely. need to be looked into but at the same time is passing is not necessarily very good news for the regime not very good
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news for presidency see considering. morsi has been in jail because. see see. 2030 he was the 1st democratically elected president of egypt the charges against morsi the state prosecutors had accused him of helping more than $20000.00 prisoners escaped detention and killing also state security personnel tell us more about the charges against him and where they fabricated charges as many of you know human rights activists and government creates some disquiet. well considering the telling how they dip in government. and any opposition figure or any any of position activists. you can only surmise that these. charges but yet at the same time there have been a mistake
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a mistake during morse's rule than. morsi and there and his followers the. other opposition figures and other opposition people. the proper way but yet at the same time it's very very hard for the egyptian government itself to accuse morsi or anybody else for being responsible for the loss of these or or for really the legal activities considering what they dip in government today and the sisi regime is doing with the egyptian people we do know that the egyptian jails that they housed at least $60000.00 activists and people who oppose the military regime so it's very hard for for those chips in government to read the be criticizing morsi a while that is doing worse things he was the leader of course of the muslim
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brotherhood before he was toppled in 2030 what impact what effect is his death going to have on the movement in egypt. well. the movement had been suppressed in egypt obviously it's not everybody not all believe it or not all the activists within the movement have been sidelined but they have been suppressed they have been they have gone underground. he wasn't necessarily. the man behind the movement in other words he was a member of the movement he wasn't necessarily the ideologue of the movement he belonged like everybody else as a matter of fact he was the very very moderate kind of figure within the movement so now the i believe that the movement has since won the 13 has gone on to develop new leadership although underground other than the c.c.
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and the people who also were jailed at the same time but he was. the movement lives on and we can we can state them in egypt before he was toppled by the military in 2013 they had been mass protests in egypt against monica morsi small what was what we see. being blamed for what. the grievances against his leadership if you will. well for one thing i mean this is the biggest mistake that the muslim brotherhood and he himself as the leader of egypt at the time did was that they were not quite ready for war another was they were not quite ready for a democratic for all they showed some of our returning tendencies they neglected to. cooperate with other opposition forces although a lot of opposition figures were ready to cooperate with them in
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a way the muslim brotherhood because it wanted to really they all by itself and and for itself they lost all kinds of popular support and the popular support then materialized by the way these are not popular support materialized not only against the. muslim brotherhood but also for what appears to be any need for for the order in other words people of the time that was way way too much disruption of their daily lives their political daily lives and obviously the military the egyptian military did not like what the muslim brotherhood were doing and sidelining in the military officers and sidelining the institution from being the most important factor in the political system so they organized the. masses to go and demonstrate against
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the against the president but at the same time he and his group were just were responsible for creating. these conditions we also don't want to forget that his presence as head of egypt as the leader of egypt also sent bad messages to the arab world and specifically to 2 states in the gulf that did not. the feel that the brotherhood should be in control of an arab country especially as important as it is. so they they also their own ways of helping out. making sure that. the brotherhood do not continue to be built of looking to help the military concert as a matter of minutes to top of. the amount of harm from the arab center in washington thank you for joining us is coming up to $1615.00 g.m.t.
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if you're joining us on al-jazeera we are covering breaking news this hour out of egypt to a state television is reporting that the former president to mohammed morsi has died today during a court session morsy was the 1st democratically president democratically elected president of egypt who was ousted in a military coup in july 23rd teen let's now speak to timothy countess who is from the taria institute for middle east policy joins us on the line from cairo timothy 1st of all are we hearing anything more about the circumstances of want of morsi is death on egypt state television. it's a very early summer storm co-ops in the court over there are making a statement before the court. stuart but we don't really have to work on it but i'm aware of course. there were some reports suggesting that he fainted as you say after
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a court session and died afterwards can you just remind us of who mohamed morsi was and what was he in court for precisely. so he was elected president of egypt in june of 2012. the muslim brotherhood candidate and he was found sitting. in july 3rd 2013 certain one year in office there was a lot of controversy surrounding the practice of extra constitutional things that there was a lot of pushback against. the military and security apparatus to mobilize the population to demand his. his removal. and following that there was a very violent crackdown on the brotherhood. strength in egypt we could dramatically their leadership is mostly either in prison in exile or number 2 who
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are also killed. and so mark this very brief moment which. had a civilian president that the egyptians elected. and. committee they've been many reports over the years since his arrest that he was very difficult conditions in prison that he'd been tortured. how do you think his news of his death will be received by egyptians by the people of egypt. i think i think it really depends on their political outlook so some people will probably be happy to hear it other people in egypt will i think be shocked certainly his supporters will be very much very upset by these i mean the brotherhood supporters have been demanding his reinstatement as they see him as the diligent president of the country and they're going to be a lot of mixed reactions in egypt as are not in agreement about the legacy of morsi
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and so i don't think you can. reduce it to one particular response. as you said i mean he was al fayed by the military. led by by the current president of egypt abdel fatah the in july of 2013 what in effect what impact do you think his death the news of his death is going to have on the c.c. government is this going to be a very bad thing for the p.c. government i honestly don't suspect that it will have a major impact on the government. i think that the season very effectively consolidating power and. that this would have any kind of real cause any sort of rupture is. more or less non-existent i think this is. something that the egyptians have kind of whether or not they support sisi or morsi or neither i don't think many people expected morsi to come 3 ever leave prison so there wasn't much
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expectation. on that and from them towards morsi you talked about is mixed legacy what you see is his makes legacy as far as egypt sjambok concerned but what about we in the bank he was the leader of the muslim brotherhood what legacy do you think he left on the movement and regionally also. what legacy does mostly leave in the movement yes. well i think that i mean i think that's complicated. even to the leadership but he was not actually somebody who was really setting the agenda for the organization for most of his time because more than before serving in the brotherhood. he wasn't really looked to as kind of the visionary he was and he was a he was a back up on the kind of shots which. would separate us from doing so because he had a recent criminal conviction. so i think that the impact that morsi has is more as a symbol of. muslim brotherhood that they. attempt to attempt
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to participate in democracy and achieve power through those days has been unjustly prevented and in their view he's kind of a warning about the risk dealing with establishment security apparatus and former regime. actors which is something the brotherhood has in the process a history of compromising with a time. attempting to l'abri what we've just had some reaction from the turkish president to ship type i don't want to miss the saying that mohamed morsi has died as a martyr after 6 years of detention in egypt and of course reactions will continue to come in but let's talk a bit more about his legacy within egypt they were mass protests before his ouster by the military in july of 2013 what did the gyptian i mean he it was after all democratically elected by christians he's rule lasted for
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a year what do egypt and see say went wrong with him what did they blame him for why were they mass protests by of his removal by the military. well they believe that he. but the ones who are opposed to him believe that it's his power that he focused on selling only towards him and members of the brotherhood in powerful positions within the regime. also had concerns about the blessing of the structure . it was a lot of friends of the electric grid which is not actually his fault but it was something that was causing the frustration. there was also made a constitutional declaration that comes up about this the supreme court that raised a lot of concerns that he wasn't committed to rule by law. there were a lot of criticism the constitution that he introduced. and also he included it as governor of looks or member of the amount of the mail which was responsible for the murder. of dozens of tourists but i do know that there was
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a number of things that could raise concerns amongst egyptians there was all suspicions that the he that he was tied to foreign interests to click up to and so all these things kind of combine to create a lot of concern towards his presidency and the number of people even voted for him it up turning out of. committee congress thank you so much for speaking to us and bringing us the 1st reaction there from inside egypt to news of former president mohamed morsy steps i'm sure we'll be speaking to you again throughout the evening here on al-jazeera as we continue to cover this breaking news story it should state television reporting that the former president the 1st democratically elected democratically elected president of egypt wanted morsi has died during a session in court he say to have fainted collapsed in court and then was later pronounced dead let's speak now to omar ashore who is director of security studies at the doha institute for graduate study he joins us now on the line from london on
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our show thank you for being with us we've spoken many times with you about mohamed morsi about the charges against him his detention in egypt what is your 1st reaction to news of his death. it's obvious that tragedy the 1st gyptian civilian president to get selected barely by a 51 percent margin reflected vice versa deorbit it as a predictor of. end up rooting for one year where he actually did not have a lot of hours during the year. members of his. the muslim brothers were actually 5 ministers my members actually from his procreation were about 5 minutes to 35 ministers government and then after that that's top of the military coup and then the military coup with its 3rd of july 22nd and all these days. and then after the foreign here is that likely protesters in the commercial corporate resisters which
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was a very large corporation with very little different orientations hold the largest protestant or 2 sitting august 23rd team that protest gets. more of that demolished which was the worst massacre in egypt's history we were talking about a 100 cities and killed an hour in a 10 hour storming of the protest and then after 6 years of basically charges great most of which are basically farcical in courts where the much kendall quits you know that he dies in prison it's very much a summary all this to we all been attentive to democratization process that ends up in multiple presidents techie's president rochette tiber to one a is saying that morsi died as a martyr after 6 years of detention a this is how he's going to be remembered by egypt seems. concern really would see all of you for your marker or covered or got to determine
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i'm just concerned with the course of the market isolation and how it affected millions and millions of the country and how that country has been suffering from decades of corruption in the question and there was a small window of opportunity to tweak generally to do that than to drive 2015 to get this country 100 or 100000000 citizens to get them out of this tragic cycles of corruption oppression and how this ended in ending the credit more to other divisive gotta fix the hoose is part of the most about is it a divisive it was a. rude remark just vote. with of course this is we feel instead of the cliff which was defeated you type it into the consciousness we are from and to differ on the d.n.c. it actually has never won the majority it always had a large segment of the largest segment by a coalition but never
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a majority. anywhere they like to do as they do that the 2000000 voted for him 12000000 voted against him 2 there are lots of divisions are very clear he is not favored by 1000000 dollar dictions but you're saving millions of dollars and. are in my opinion if you don't need action to get up before you as you would approach the last that. but that but were never meant because that democratization process was never allowed to continue yapping and precisely on that what about his relationship with the egyptian military it was of course the military led by the current president abdel fattah el-sisi who overthrew mohamed morsi in july of 2013 do you think his his death and use of it especially from his supporters would have a negative effect on the gyptian government on presidency. well it will strengthen the. forces against. the presidency
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but i don't think it will. be very. dangerous when the regime is very sorry and it's very solid not because of the coalition to see your constitution the you can see it saw it because it has the overwhelming majority of fire power and control and. it concentrated around the military. experience if you shoot the most well funded institution. and convince security intelligence services so these are really the pillars of our this region and morsi and his. forces were. relatively compared to the. momentary layer in serious or commitment to the operation but how will this affect. on the
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long term i'm not sure about that commitment seems to be with people insofar as very much to question ok thank you so much omar sure for speaking to us and sharing some of your views there on news of mohammed morsi his death egypt's 1st democratically elected president. reported dead today this monday during a court session in cairo we continue to get reactions for you from around the world let's speak tonight there was director of the center for middle east studies at the university of denver is via skype from toronto in canada thank you so much for speaking to us i don't know if you were able to hear our previous guest there who said he was he wasn't clear what impact the news of or wanted more his death would have on the current egyptian government on president because presumably his supporters are going to blame the government for his death he'd been in detention in prison for some 6 years now with reports that had been mistreated had been
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tortured what are you initial thoughts about what's going on right now huge. well it's a shocking development and i think fundamentally it is a setback for the prospects of a peaceful political change in egypt and it's going to be a victory i think over the long term for the forces of violence of radical extremism who will point to the story of mohamed morsi as a failed politician who respected the outcome of the ballot box but was prevented from implementing his policies because of the egyptian military backed by the west so the conclusion i think here for many people in egypt is that if you want to bring about political change the only way to do it would be through violent revolution so i think one of the long term consequences here of the story of
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mohamed morsi is that you radical extremist elements in the in egypt and in the arab world are going to interpret this story as an affirmation for their policy of a violent revolution and i think that's going to be one of the you know consequences that we will be seeing in the coming months and years but was it just the military because leading up to his ouster by the military there were mass protests by egyptian civilians against israel and as we heard from our previous guest in the time to 12 elections nearly half of the people who voted voted against them so they with this contend against him so it was an ott. well of course there was but that's what democracy is i respect o'mara sure but i disagree with his you know. assessment that he was you know a divisive figure well of course he was a divisive figure donald trump was a divisive figure that barack obama was
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a defensive figure that's what democracy is all about so yes there were people in the streets protesting but now there's substantial i think evidence that has been produced that the events that led to the ouster of mohamed morsi were an orchestrated coup attempt by the egyptian military backed by saudi arabia and emirates the money so i think these claims that you know you know you know mohamed morsi was somehow this you know someone to be compared with you gyptian military on the same moral and political level as other egyptian actors is simply not sustainable whatever you want to say but the most the muslim brotherhood and they were guilty of many i think mistakes you cannot compare them i think in any equal or fair way with other political actors in the egyptians none of whom respected the ballot box and the basic principles of democracy so i think we need be a little bit balanced here and a little more objective when we make these evaluations what will his death mean for the muslim brotherhoods he was a leader of the muslim brotherhood as the time of his election perhaps not the most
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powerful figure within the movement it has been weakened it's true in in recent years because of the egyptian military what impact do you think is his death going to have on the future of the movement if it has a future. i mean it's a great question are there are deep internal divisions in the muslim brotherhood movement between hardliners and more moderate forces between huge factions and you know elder statesman i suspect the most rational i think interpretation of mohamed morsi his political career and now his tragic death is that hardline forces more radical elements within the movement are going to ascend to the top. and they're going to reach a conclusion that trying to bring about peaceful change through the ballot box it you know ends up in you know a death sentence for you know the leadership of the muslim brotherhood so i don't see this is a you know victory in any way for those people such as myself who would like the
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muslim brotherhood to adopt more liberal and more democratic practices i think the hardliners within the organization are probably going to interpret the circumstances that led to his arrest and now his death in a way that would benefit more hardline into protégé sions of the muslim brotherhood political strategy and platform i suspect that's that that will happen now to me what do you expect the western reaction to be the united states reaction which we know supports the current. government of egypt. what will they make of the us well you know. not too long ago only a few. weeks ago the united states government under donald trump were discussing openly. a plan to label the muslim brotherhood as a terrorist organization and no one with in the trumpet ministration within the republican party is going to bat an eyelash over the death of mohamed morsi i
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suspect privately and internally they're quite gleeful and happy that he has passed from the scene of course the mistake here is thinking that you know mohamed morsi in bodies the entire muslim brotherhood movement. unaware that it does represent the muslim brotherhood movement in egypt does represent a significant you know portion of the of the population in egypt and it's not going to go away just because mohamed morsi has passed i don't see just i don't think that we're the democrats or i don't think more broadly public intellectuals in the united states who have a deep i think anti. muslim specifically anti political islamist orientation are going to issue any statements of condemnation i mean there is you know i think an argument to be made that indirectly the west the united states and europe who have been openly embracing the neo fascist regime of l.c.c. are complicit in the demise and the death of mohamed morsi i mean since the coup in
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2013 the west the united states europe have openly embraced general abdel fattah el-sisi under the bogus argument that he is a c.


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