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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 17, 2019 10:00pm-10:34pm +03

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new york. al-jazeera. egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi dies in court after 6 years in prison. although i maryam namazie in london you're with al-jazeera also coming up on the program iran says in 10 days time it will pass the limits of enriched uranium it's allowed to stockpile under the nuclear deal. and the student who became the face of hong kong's democracy movement is freed from prison and adds his voice to the calls for leader carry law to.
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egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi has died during a court session in cairo the public prosecutor said he collapsed in the defendant's cage shortly after addressing the court the 67 year old muslim brotherhood leader has been in prison since 2013 when he was toppled from power after less than a year his death was announced on egyptian state television which said he was in court over his alleged contact with the palestinian group hamas. toshiro mohamed morsi mohamed morsi died today while attending a session in his trial on espionage charges during the session he was granted permission to address the judge after the session was adjourned the former president blacked out and then died his body was taken to a hospital and get it. laura bowden manny looks back now at the rise and fall of mohamed morsi. mohamed morsi sailed into the presidency of
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egypt with the winds of the people's revolution demanding change. in 2012 he became egypt's 1st democratically elected president and the 1st civilian to hold office morsi was born in 1951 he spent his adult life 1st as an engineering professor then as a member of parliament and a political prisoner. the egyptian revolution in 2011 set the stage for morsi to reach the pinnacle of power. a year after egyptians overthrew longtime dictator hosni mubarak morsi took the oath of office to replace him. from the start secular egyptians were suspicious that morsi is really the agents who continue to be with the muslim brotherhood similarly larry. i swear to god i will protect this republic's democracy and i will
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protect the constitution and rule of law and i will safeguard the interests of the egyptian people and the safety and sovereignty of egypt. morsi promised to be a president for all egyptians instead critics say he tried to consolidate his power by giving himself authority above the judiciary and dominating the government with muslim brotherhood members. morse's opposition refused to be silenced in june 2013 in scenes reminiscent of the revolution millions of egyptians fill to the square calling for the president to step down morsi refused and often national reconciliation days later the army to post have ending egypt's historic but brief experiment with democracy. and. i would like to pay my respects to our martyrs and those who were injured in our
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revolution if it wasn't for their blood we would not have this revolution and we would not have home. stripped of the title of president morsi swiftly became a political prisoner once again he was ultimately tried and sentenced to death for allegedly working with foreign armed groups and plotting a mass jailbreak point guards were killed to the end morsi was defiant rejecting the court's authority and insisting he was the it just meant president of egypt elected by the people. well the rights group amnesty international is now calling for a fair transparent and comprehensive egyptian investigation into marcy's death sarah leah whitson is executive director of the middle east and africa division at human rights watch she says that morsi was denied medical treatment he needed jaring his detention. he never received the medical care that he asked for he
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was not allowed to have the food and medicine provided by his family that virtually all other prisoners in egypt are able to access. and he repeatedly asked the court begged the court pleaded to court every time he appeared before a judge for specialized medical treatment to be taken to a hospital facility to be taken to a medical facility where he could receive adequate care of course he had a long history of diabetes he was a regular consumer of insulin he had to purchase insulin from. a money his family provided and his requests were never eat it. well al jazeera is banned from egypt but our correspondent has covered the country extensively and joins us now from doha jamal what more are we learning about the circumstances surrounding morsi morsi is death. very little because as you mentioned not only are we banned
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from reporting in egypt and we have our colleague mahmoud hussein still in prison in egypt but source of other news outlets and there is very little transparency in what is described by many human rights organizations as some sort of police state there and therefore we only have what is given to us by state media what's interesting is so look at how the state media has reported its or even the clip that we played earlier where it was announced on state t.v. that their former president had allegedly died in an alleged court hearing today there fused to put his picture up the news itself didn't make the headlines in state t.v. and was only actually announced through a half an hour bullets and where it was preceded by visits news or visits of president for tougher c.c. to better russo of all countries are not necessarily the most strategic of foreign visits the fact about war seem to be more newsworthy is indicative of the attempt by the regime to try and wipe away the century this one your democratic process
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which they view morsi as a symbol of so in terms of the information we're going to get very little there was that statement made by the public prosecutor's office that they will be investigating further that they've also for copies of the close circuit cameras that were present at the place in which he is said to have died but the question is did he really die today did he die in another place how could an announcement like this be made without being present in the country all those who maybe no egypt well would maybe put some sort of question on the veracity of those statements but what's more important is what led us through this point 6 years of in central sorry intentional medical neglect the solitary confinement the condition of political prisoners and the fact that i'm from morsi. doesn't necessarily have symbolized the muslim brotherhood in so much as he symbolizes the free will of the people as expressed in the country's only ever democratically held. presidential elections in it's history and it says in vats the people will be making an assessment of what
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will be the impact will the demise of mohamed morsi his health demise and alternately his death or murders many will be describing it will pave the way for those forces the military rule to look for in a new. true mobilize around them together or maybe one that is more further encompassing or will they true be buried with him paving the way for a new movement to be born or will it just not be a watershed moment and things will continue as they have been over the past few years all of that will be interesting to see but it is significant to note that in the death of mohamed morsi it is not just that figure in his persona but it is what he represents what has essentially died thank you for now shall join us well international reaction to morsi is death as. the emir of qatar to eat it his
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condolences to marci's family and also techies president. called him a brother who became president through democratic means he also criticized egypt's current president. saying that he set democracy aside by taking power in a coup and is responsible for executing thousands of egyptians all joining me now in the studio is al-jazeera senior political analyst marwan bashar and marwan morsi in his lifetime saw egypt's 1st and only free and fair elections which made him the 1st democratically elected president only to then see a rapid change in his fortunes he was forced from power and then this extensive crackdown on the muslim brotherhood. what sort of legacy does he leave behind domestically within egypt this was a young experiment in democracy and it had its ups and downs. and because the new government did not get away it did not get rid of the or bureaucracy and it
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was an easy thing to do it alone of the military i think the so-called deep state meaning the bureaucracy of the previous dictatorship remained attend remained close by and was dollar some degree sympathising the new experience the new experiment but also the muslim brotherhood were not capable throughout it to maintain the consensus that everyone hoped that they would from the early days of the arab spring in egypt that's why a good number of the political parties of the time the left's the whatever unofficial coalition that was for the arab spring and joined the opposition now of course all of them ended up either dead in prison or in exile by. the fact the has sisi that carried the against mohamed morsi now during that very short office i think i remember from my visits to egypt egypt enjoyed more freedoms
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at the time and there were no political prisoners like we see today there were there was more oppression like we see today people are more or less lived a certain ease if you will and a certain debate and dialogue in the public square that we haven't seen before or after and yet we have seen perhaps not just in egypt but right across the region the muslim brotherhood and perhaps it isn't isn't being dealt a very serious blow. in a country like the u.a.e. and saudi giving them this this terrorist designation has the muslim brotherhood been squeezed out of the political space in the in the region to the point where be very difficult for them to achieve what they have done in the past in egypt well i mean they have been repressed a number of times from the 1950 s. onward but they always succeeded to reemerge there's no. about the 1st time around the blow was huge because they were in office and then they were. deposed from
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office and then tens of thousands of political prisoners end up it egyptian jails and other places within the region but yet today it looks them brotherhood autor in represented in parliament in kuwait in jordan and and in other places and remain to be an important factor and i think there will remain the question today for us and not enough far as the death of. president of former president morsi is that how much this would be a catalyst for perhaps another outburst or another organizational sort to emerge it's doubtful because the blow has been the source of fear but of course we will never know what we do know is that mohamed morsi the way he lived and the way he died will enter the history books and this will be a symbolic moment in egyptian history on the shower thank you there's more still ahead for you on the program the united nations francis is spend today to yemen
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accusing the his event bills of diverting supplies and villages and towns in india as the ongoing drought sends millions in search of course while they wait a month soon rains. hello there it's still super hot for many of us across europe most of us are seeing the whole weather but not so in the northwest where still the swirling every year of cloud that's given a sim heavy rain we've even seen some flooding across parts of the british isles and there's more clouds still to come back out and rain is ensuring the temperatures stay lower than they might do so $21.00 degrees will just be the maximum in london but $28.00 in paris and as iraq as well even spain is warmed up now we're up to around 30 in madrid and for the eastern parts of europe also very
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very warm here but in that hot weather we are seeing some thunderstorms develop and some of them could turn out to be a little bit lively that we with us again as we head through the day on wednesday for the other side of the mediterranean there's plenty of sunshine here it's hot in cairo at the moment 38 degrees will be our maximum for this was the west it's more bearable for similar battle top temperature only getting to around 21 or 22 degrees as we head through tuesday and wednesday for the central belt of africa where there's more showers here and some of them a pretty heavy we're seeing them rumble their way towards the west all the way from uganda there further westwards and all the way across towards get born and cameroon doesn't like cameroon's going to see the majority of those showers as we head through tuesday but even further west along this coast we can expect some downpours . after decades of being programmed with instructions data from greek computers can own their own identifying problems and predicting human behavior.
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artificial intelligence could monitor ombudsman. and decide on. the big picture to come to the world according to a.r.u. and exposes the bias inside the machine to on al-jazeera. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera live from london our top story this hour mohamed morsy the 1st democratically elected president of egypt has died he collapsed while addressing a court in the capital cairo where he's been jailed since being ousted by the
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military in 2013. human rights watch says egypt's government failed to give morsi adequate medical care even though his health was reportedly deteriorating. the u.k. conservative m.p. crisp and blunt led a panel commissioned by morsi family to investigate the conditions the former president was being held and now he joins me live from outside the british parliament thank you for taking the time to speak to us and as you were saying last year you led a group of m.p.'s who were calling for access to mohamed morsi following reports that he was denied medical care does his were you surprised to learn of his death. not because we predicted that he didn't get the appropriate medical treatment he may very well have a premature cynical source. i'm
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a senior national has called for an investigation knowing given that the conditions that morsi was being held in fell short of international standards and you said fell short of egypt's own standards and that could well have contributed to his deteriorating health do you realistically see an independent inquiry being carried out. well it's the least he is he was a former president of egypt has been held in conditions that we found on the balance of probability actually was so bad in terms of how degrading they were tough they were for him that they could amounts to. torture torture is a crime of universal jurisdiction and we found that the responsibility for that would sit all the way up the egyptian chain of command so if they have looked after him properly since our report then he would be in egypt's own interest to establish that. did you get any reaction from the government now to your report.
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no i'm afraid we didn't raise obviously for permission to go and make a visit say that we can directly make our own assessment of the conditions he was held in that was declined so we then had to report on the basis of the evidence that we were able to gain and that was obviously from a number of reports from the organizations you've already referred to human rights watch i mean it seems national as well as united states state department along with accounts from family and indeed over say accounts from mohamed morsi himself on the rare occasions he was actually able to say something in court when he was on trial i mean obviously you've been following the case very closely and you said that you were in touch with the family of mom and morsi can you tell us more about the evidence you uncovered and was it revealed specifically about the conditions that he was being held in and the impact that it had on him.
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if they want to see the detail to make a proper assessment of our report this is the this is the report we published back in march last year. we hired i was accompanied on the panel by. lord edward folks who is a former minister of justice and u.k. i was a former prisons minister but also important on our panel was dr paul williams who is a medical doctor a labor m.p. in the house of commons who had in his previous time as a g.p. been a specialist for zamboni victims of georgia and from the evidence he was able to obtain here on the balance of probabilities that his medical condition was going to series unless he received from a medical treatment leading to precisely today's are all a tragic outcome crispin brown thank you very much for joining us today. now iran is turning up the pressure over the unraveling of the 2050 nuclear deal
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saying it will break its uranium stockpile limit in the next 10 days under the agreement a stockpile cannot exceed 300 kilograms of low enrich uranium but iran announced last month that it would quadruple its production but it on course to suppress the limit by june 27th the deal also stops the country from enriching its uranium beyond 3.67 percent the iranian atomic agency now says it could boost purity to 20 percent which is just a step away from weapons grade levels a deal with world powers in 2015 was meant to stop iran acquiring nuclear weapons in return for lifting sanctions and breathing life into the economy but that's been steadily stripped away since the u.s. pulled out last may want to new sanctions and sending iran into an economic freefall well iran's president hassan rouhani says that time is running out to save the deal and it's up to europe to come up with a solution dosage of r e reports from tehran a theatrical build up for
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a final warning to the european signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement the message delivered by the spokesman for iran's atomic energy agency that time is running out. the countdown has started in 10 days time on june 27th we will exceed the 300 kilogram limit of enrich uranium allowed under the nuclear deal after that's we will continue to increase the speed of production drastically. under the nuclear deal iran is allowed to have 300 kilograms of 3.67 percent enriched uranium at any given time inside the country. anything in excess of that amount must be sold internationally but since the united states withdrew from the deal a may of last year it has also introduced restrictions on purchasing any material from iran's nuclear program which means iran's stockpile will continue to increase
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. early last month president hassan rouhani announced tehran will stop exporting its excess uranium and heavy water for a 60 day period during which time it wants the remaining signatories of the deal to honor their obligations as they announce are not going to break the agreement there are going to go as far as possible to the threshold because when they break the agreement they will lose european support and for now this is not the iranian strategy to completely go for a clear violation and break of the agreement. a number of high ranking foreign officials have been visiting tehran in an effort to save this deal including a rare visit by japanese prime minister shinzo who told iran's supreme leader that he had brought a letter from president donald trump but ayatollah ali khamenei said trump did not deserve
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a response how many who has alternate authority in iran says the government will not negotiate any further iran maintains it has kept up its end of the deal 15 reports produced by the international atomic energy agency have concluded that tehran is complying with the nuclear agreement iran says the future of this nuclear deal is now in the hands of the 3 main european signatories france britain and germany and president rouhani has warned that the stability and security of the entire region is at stake but many analysts say that without the united states it's difficult to see how this deal can work for such a party al-jazeera to iran. the un food agency is threatening to start suspending food aid to his he controlled areas of yemen this week accusing the rebels of diverting it from those who need it most the u.n. also says the war in yemen is becoming even more violent with $250000.00 people displaced just this year in a briefing to the security council un envoy martin griffiths warned that the
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continued violence is threatening a fragile un led peace initiative a saudi emirate he led coalition has been battling who's the rebels for for his who it says are supported by iran the council has recently expressed concern at re s. collating violence across yemen and of the attacks on civilian infrastructure in the southern saudi arabia i must echo these concerns including the recent drone attacks on the court i have repeatedly warned that war can take pieces of the table and in the context of wider regional tensions the risks to the to the political process have never looked will stop naturally i call for steps to be taken to deescalate tensions for the benefit of the yemeni people as well as for regional security. the student who became the face of hong kong's democracy movement has
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been released from prison vowed to join the mass protests against a controversial extradition bill the government has now suspended demonstrators refusing to give up until it scrapped altogether and lead to carry lamb has resigned reports now from hong kong. after 6 weeks in jail joshua emerged to face the media the political activist served time for his role in the occupy protests in 2014 on hearing the news of sunday's mass rally in hong kong he only had thanks face for millions of hong kong people joined the demonstration and protests were in the hospital which is show the spirit and dignity of hong kong people. on sunday 2000000 people marched in the streets against a controversial extradition law the government plans to introduce in hong kong critics argue it would allow china to extradite political opponents and activists to the mine land to face trial the city's chief executive kerry lam has suspended
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debate on the legislation but that's not enough to calm the growing public opposition in hong kong what hong kong people are still is totally with draw the extradition laws. and i hope people get aware that now there's a new fight after that and umbrella movement. on arrival at the city's parliament joshua wong received a hero's welcome. where hundreds of protesters continued to hold for each carried and has apologized to the people in the wake of sunday's protests but the organizers of the demonstration sorry i don't plan to give in justice what we need is not talking we need action when will we withdraw we need a real apology. and that is why i believe that until we see a real apology. will withdraw its done protest will not will not the extradition
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though my be suspended but carry lammas that no deadline for when the fight was in the city's parliament the next major rally in hong kong is on july 1st marking the handover of the former british territory to china and 996 days protesters will be using that gathering to keep the pressure on syria clock i'll just hear of hong kong. almost half of india an area home to more than 500000000 people is struggling with a severe drought has forced many to leave their lands and seek shelter in relief camps as they wait for the monsoon rains for the drought that was already a critical water shortage in the country elizabeth branham reports now from the hardest hit region in maharashtra straight they walk at intense heat sometimes for kilometers in search of water getting down this path has been dangerous and older found at the bottom of this well as a puddle of muddy water we have no rangelands for water we keep getting it from
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whatever source is available if nothing is available we climbed down the well for the drinking water my daughter fell in the well when she went to fetch water a possible rescued her when he heard her scream. asha collects 5 parts of water that's about 100 liters a day for herself and her 4 children the government sends water tankers but ashes says they come only every 4 or 5 days elsewhere and beat farmers have left their land and moved to nearby belief camps where the government provides fodder and water to keep their cattle alive through that i list members and i will decide that there is no water left in the area it used to rain by the 7th of june but there are still signs of rains last year we had a drought situation this year is worse if it doesn't rain again this year we have to leave our village. now not cut them has already spent 4 months at this camp this is the worst drought in maharashtra in 47 years and that's as the country
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suffers its lowest rating for before a monsoon season and more than 6 decades and that lack of rain along with the rising demand for water mismanaged resources and climate change are being blamed for this drought and vajra mentalist than a shiver has been warning about india's water crisis for decades the water famine we're facing is a result. of about 30 years of ill advised by financial institutions and that ill advice on the one hand mind the groundwater diverted river waters destroy the soil moisture but also is the single biggest reason for climate change prime minister the morning has held a meeting on the water crisis and promised to pipe drinking water to every household by 2024 but for those who don't know how they'll survive if the monsoon rains don't come that is a very long way off elizabeth brannon. well there is more on everything
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we're covering including of course our top story al-jazeera dot com is waiting to go. more see the 1st democratically elected president of egypt has died morsi collapse while addressing a court in cairo where he's been jailed since being ousted by the military and 2013 a spokesman for the muslim brotherhood here in london says he was banned from receiving medicine or family visits human rights watch says egypt's government failed to give morsi adequate medical care even though his health was reportedly deteriorating he never received the medical care that he asked or he was not allowed to have the food and medicine provided by his family that virtually all other prisoners in egypt are able to be accessed. and he was
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previously asked look were dragged that were treated for every time he appeared before a judge for specialized medical student to take him to the hospital facility to be taken to a medical facility where or he could receive adequate care of course he had a long history of diabetes he was a regular insulin i he had to purchase insulin from. a money his family provided and his requests were never eat it. well in all the headlines this hour iran says it will break its uranium stockpile limit in the next 10 days breaching a key condition of the 2050 nuclear deal under the agreement to stop cannot exceed 300 kilograms of low enriched uranium but iran an ounce last month that it would quadruple its production putting it on course to surpass the limit by june 27th deal has been steadily on ravening since the u.s. pulled out last may and watching new sanctions and sending iran into economic
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freefall. and the un food agencies threatened to start suspending food aid to see controlled areas of yemen this week accusing the rebels of diverting it from those who need it most the un also says the war in yemen is becoming even more violent with $250000.00 people displaced just this year in a briefing to the security council un envoy martin griffiths warned that the continued violence is threatening a fragile un led peace initiative the saudi coalition has been battling rebels for for years who it says are supported by iran those are the headlines this hour coming up next on al-jazeera it's the strain.
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100 leading africans have written to eritrea president. urging him to embark on political reforms but will it make a difference. make sure to tweet us during the show a.j. stream or you can leave your comments on our live chat and you too could be in the street. it was a peace deal that took many by surprise and july of last year eritrea president. traveled to where he was met with hugs and prime minister. the horn of african nations had fought a war from 19022000 which more than a 1000 people died and had been in a state of cold.


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