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of cultures across the world so no matter how you take it al-jazeera will bring you the news and current affairs the much of. al-jazeera. 0. well i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi dies during a court hearing state t.v. says he had a heart attack. and human rights groups in the muslim brotherhood blame egypt's government for morsi. and the u.s. releases new images it says implicates iran into oil tanker explosions and it's now sending more troops to the middle east also.
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playing persecution the ethnic minority struggling to find sanctuary outside of china. egypt's 1st democratically elected president has died after collapsing in court while on trial on espionage charges gyptian state t.v. says mohamed morsi had a heart attack the 67 year old muslim brotherhood leader had been in prison since 2013 when he was toppled after less than a year in office and a statement the muslim brotherhood says that held president abdel fatah has government responsible for what it calls the planned criminal killing of morsy the son says he gyptian authorities have refused permission for morsi to be buried at the family plot human rights activists say more his medical condition was ignored by egyptian authorities and harsh conditions in solitary confinement could have led to a premature death explains. a death that human rights activists have called tragic
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but predictable and what former egyptian president mohamed morsy supporters say is a model 17 june $29000.00 morsi appeared in court for a trial on charges of espionage he asked a judge if you could speak to him the session in what is now his final address morsi demanded a special tribunal and better trial conditions the public prosecutors say the 67 year old man collapsed and died in a defendant's cage. unless all of us a little help the via a medical source has revealed the details of the medical condition of mohamed morsi who died monday afternoon due to a surprise heart attack during a court session for the espionage case the source added that morsi had continued to receive medical care and that there was no neglect to his medical condition in and out of prison. but human rights groups say egyptian authorities ignored multiple
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warnings about morsy untimely death because of inhumane prison conditions that he was singled out for mistreatment. in the 1st 4 years of his detention you had exactly who family was he was held in solitary confinement for nearly the entire time he was tension he never received the medical care that he asked for he was not allowed to have the food and medicine provided by his family that virtually all other prisoners in egypt are able to access last year a panel of british politicians and lawyers said treatment in prison was so bad that it could amount to torture. a predicts that if you didn't get the appropriate medical treatment he may very well have a promise for us out of our torture is a crime of universal jurisdiction and we found that the responsibility for that would sit all the way up the egyptian chain of. come on now here are the more they
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are worth a lot of air and the man who sits at the top of the chain of command is egypt's current leader preston uphill for the c.c. the former army chief ousted morsi in a military coup in 2013 and since then has locked up thousands of people as political prisoners this is the outcome that the egyptian government kinds wanted for years morsi and also for other brotherhood leaders like mommy. they don't want necessarily to execute people because of. the execution it would create but they want. there now calls for an international investigation into morsi steffen court while his life in prison seemed entirely nor by the one priyanka gupta disease. or a challenge looks at the rise and fall of mohamed morsi me mohamed morsi sailed into the presidency of egypt on the winds of
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a people's revolution demanding change in 2012 he became egypt's 1st ever democratically elected president the 1st civilian to hold the office morsi was born in 1901 he spent his adult life 1st as an engineering professor then as a member of parliament and a political prisoner the egyptian revolution in 2011 set the stage for morsi to reach the pinnacle of power from the start of his critics accused him of placing his allegiance with the muslim brotherhood and not the country morsi made a point of repeatedly promising to be a president for all egyptians his opponents however claim he tried to consolidate his power by giving himself for thought see above the judiciary and dominating the governments with muslim brotherhood members. morsi said his actions were to combat counter revolutionary forces led by the so-called deep state that wanted to kill egypt's nascent to. crecy those forces included members of the military as well as
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regional powers namely the u.a.e. and saudi arabia who were vehemently opposed to the arab spring and june 23rd seen in scenes reminiscent of the revolution huge crowds of egyptians filled square calling for their president to step down it was a culmination of the rebel campaign a movement which was born a few months prior and was later revealed to being supported by abu dhabi morsi supporters took to the streets to which emboldened him and he refused to step down instead he made an offer of national reconciliation including forming a new government of technocrats that offer was rejected by the army which days later deposed him ending egypt's historic but brief experiment with democracy stripped of the title of president morsi swiftly became a political prisoner once again he was ultimately tried and sentenced to death for allegedly working with foreign groups and crossing
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a mass jailbreak when guards or killed. numerous human rights groups as well as british parliamentarians and his family complained of intentional medical neglect and warns that morsi is imprisonment conditions would lead to his death if not improved to the end he was defiant rejecting the court's authority and insisting he was the legitimate president of egypt elected by the people. of a muslim brotherhood has told al jazeera that their security forces will bury morsi in cairo late at night denying him a proper funeral lecithin on that has really only home has in place of course this is a sad day not only for the muslim brothers but also for the egyptian people and for his family and for arabs and muslims and especially for the palestinian people who witnessed how most he stood with them in the war there's no doubt that history will remember it as a day morsi was martyred after he was killed by the military coup he said well you
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know lawrence is a professor of political science and international affairs at george washington university joins us live from washington d.c. thank you very much so. the way mohamed morsi and his family are being treated even in death what message is the current egyptian government trying to set. well it's very clear message of rejection of authoritarian control of the muslim brotherhood of the former president of his family of his colleagues the message is relenting and very clear that they do not tolerate any kind of dissent and it's important to point out that morsy was defiant he was defiant as president and he was defiant in prison and so this in part led to the circumstances that he found himself in that said the regime in place now refused medical care for a chronically diabetic man who had a heart condition as
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a connection to that someone who had liver disease and kept him in solitary confinement 23 hours a day which according to un guidelines amounts to torture for years and refused family visits and food and everything else so you know whether or not they murdered him they certainly were criminally negligent and violated basic standards of how to detain prisoners violating his human rights and and the denials coming out now are not very convincing so when you talk about those denials right this is a this is a former president and a former head of state who was elected would you expect to to hear the science human rights groups would you expect to hear other nations other heads of states to call this out to ask for some sort of an investigation into what happened. i think so i think egypt to
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a large degree has been falling out of favor with western nations the u.s. several times in the last few years has cut egyptian assistance only route to restore most of it but on human rights grounds i think patience is wearing a little bit thin with egypt with the with saudi arabia followed in the killing and so i would expect some condemnation from western governments but obviously. that's only bare so much fruit because obviously his regime is the one in place and that's the one that western governments have to deal with so most of the criticism will come from the press i mean human rights groups so when you know we were just talking about how mohamed morsi was treated and prison if he was treated that way what does that say about how other thousands of other political prisoners are treated and egyptian prisons and jails. why i think there's 2 sides to that story on the other hand morsi was refused to many things that others are permitted
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so in egypt as in many other parts of the world when the family visits they can bring you food they can bring you medicine and this happens in egypt but it didn't happen for morsi and he was singled out a number of other ways that said overall the conditions in egyptian prisons are quite bad we have tens of thousands of people imprisoned either directly on political grounds or or indirectly because there are more or less prisoners of conscience including much of the leadership and rank and file of the muslim brotherhood and that will continue to be a harsh circumstances of detention for these gentlemen that don't see any improvements coming so far this regime has been generally resistant to any kind of criticism generally when they've made concessions to the american government it had to do with dual nationals american citizens in detention that sort of thing certainly they made a few concessions regarding reporters went with that pressure was put on but
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overall the regime has been staunchly defensive and authoritarian and ruthless at times and i don't expect that to change anytime soon i am lawrence thank you for your insight and joining us from washington appreciate it. now in november 2017 mohamed morsi spoke about the conditions of his imprisonment he said he had no access to lawyers or medical treatment the since the 20th of september i've been in prison and i've been isolated there glassman is in front of me i tried to speak to the court about different problems but the court decided not to hear or see me after so many days when they turned on the lights it was very painful i can't see the court except in shadows sometimes ahead of witnesses and sometimes i don't but i'm speaking very clearly i've got a lot to say to the court i haven't seen a doctor and i haven't seen my lawyers have
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a right to be seen and to be present i am in a very very bad situation if you treat me in this way i am having morsi i'm extremely worried about egypt. i'm adar was minister of planning and international cooperation during the last 2 months of orse his presidency he says his death is a criminal act. the 1st reaction is that we are. facing a complete. action of murder this is a necessary nation a crime that must be dealt this way and. a lot of people over the world have been warning against this for a long time we have members of the british parliament headed by sir tristram blunt . who tried to have a committee visit to mostly to examine his health conditions after reports of visits to rating health sure that the team will never allow a proper funeral for dr morsi i'm sure they will not allow any any kind of
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gathering for the people for an event like that they will never allow him to be buried properly in his his home village which will be definitely out of their control. my expectation is that they were they will try to bury quietly that he won't area where only his family will be present maybe they they won't even allow it 70 m. in this is. they can do anything but i don't think they will let they will allow any occasion where a lot of people could be gathering for a funeral and a major event like that. for me is an associate professor of political science at long island university and author of egypt any contradictions of liberalism she says a lack of international reaction is telling. what we have heard out of the united nations the united states the european leaders is silence and so the question is why is there not a call for the independent investigation of the death every world leader at the
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hands of another now a few months ago on this very program when i when i was asked about well president micron has said that you know egyptian human rights violations will need to be accounted for well then why still france still selling great amounts of arms to egypt more so than any other western nation why does president trump here in the united states continue to say c.c. is doing a great job even in terms of the war on terror he's failing and so the question is if western nations continue to see stability in the region through the iron handed fist what we're asking ourselves is this really reality he's failing in the war on terror he's failing in terms of domestic stability and this the leader's death of a world leader in a prison indicates that the democratic aspirations of egyptians and arabs in general are not only lost but are no longer part of the agenda of the west towards the middle east are testers in new york in istanbul have demonstrated to show their anger over morsi apollo's calls for the muslim brotherhood for egyptians living abroad to march in front of embassies and condemn they call the killing mosques in
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turkey will hold funeral prayers for mohamed morsi on tuesday president edge of type word one has his own personal tribute. in our eyes mohammed morsi is a martyr who lost his life while he fought for the cause he believed history will never forget the tyrants who put him in prison threaten them with the death penalty and caused his massive we formed a close friendship with him before he was elected as president and preserved that afterwards morsi who was put on trial by a court established by the code ministration and simply asked him to death gave his last breath in a courtroom and this is a symbol of the cruelty inflicted upon him and his people for years. a mere katara shake to maintain harmony all funny has tweeted we have received with deep sadness the news about the sudden death of former president dr mohamed morsi i said my sincere condolences to his family and to the egyptian people hartson is the head of the egyptian revolutionary council which was the main organization advocating for
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morsi to be reinstated as president he says more of his condition had deteriorated over the years he was in solitary confinement he suffered from diabetes he lost sight in one ali and we made this public through the press conferences that we held as the egyptian revolutionary council alongside with other human rights organizations and lawyers it's something human rights watch has pointed to we sent letters and met with policymakers and with agencies of the united nations there was sympathy but very little action on the part of the international community but more importantly no response from the egyptian regime which we hold responsible for what's happened to dr morsi responsibility goes to the highest level of the state to see himself to the security forces and the judiciary that is an all move the military they are all responsible for what's happening to political dissidents and today to egypt's 1st democratically 1st democratically elected president. more
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ahead of the news hour including on how the latest on a triple suicide attack and northeast nigeria and staying under the radar how surveillance savvy protesters in hong kong are hiding their digital footprints and $2000000.00 fans at the streets of toronto peter we'll have the latest on the n.b.a. title celebration. that is sending about $1000.00 additional troops to the middle east pentagon says it's in response to iran's hostile behavior announcement comes just hours after the u.s. military released new pictures that it says shows iranian revolutionary guards are moving an unexploded mine from a japanese owned vessel it was one of the 2 oil tankers where there was an explosion last week and the call of oman castro has more from washington d.c. . the announcement came from the u.s.
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acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan in which he said about $1000.00 additional u.s. troops are going to the middle east now he cited recent iranian attacks which he says validates the reliable credible intelligence the u.s. has received on hostile behavior by iranian forces and their proxy groups these additional $1000.00 u.s. troops is an escalation beyond the $1500.00 that were already heading toward that region in recent months accompanied by u.s. warships now on the diplomatic front the white house responding to your ron's announcement earlier in the day that he would soon be in breach of the 2050 nuclear accord said that there was a need for greater international pressure as the u.s. forges on work with its maximum pressure campaign against iran since withdrawing from that nuclear chord last year and u.s.
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secretary of state has said that all options remain on the table including military responses but as far as the u.s. congress goes that response to run has been much more measured a declaration of war would require congressional approval and it and it is notable in this announcement from the pentagon that these $1000.00 additional u.s. troops will serve defensive purposes only that the u.s. does not seek conflict with iran regardless congress is is preparing to debate how to make clear to the president that he cannot go to war without iran with iran without congressional approval that debate expected to happen this week or next. month all as the author and editor of grey zone project dot com an online news website dedicated to original investigative journalism and analysis he joins us live from washington d.c. max thank you very much so. about a 1000 additional troops to the middle east how would you characterize. this latest
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move by the u.s. . what's the message the u.s. is sending that it intends to escalate it every step possible these 1000 troops are actually complementing 10000 troops that were authorized along with patriot missile batteries last month and what the u.s. is doing is stepping up its maximum pressure strategy in a show of force that's part of a 2 year long undeclared war on iran that includes what iranian foreign minister zarif has it correctly called financial terrorism and at this point iran feels cornered it is taking its own measures to respond and i think we're in an extremely dangerous scenario where a conflict could break out something that extreme elements in the trump administration might actually be excited for so if this why do you think that a an escalation is more likely than they're actually being some sort of renegotiation of the nuclear deal you think it will lead me to stop there do you
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think that that's the case. well 1st of all. the you know trump administration is claiming that this is in response to iran's plan to enrich its nuclear stockpile after it broke the nuclear agreement and violated the agreement that it had been agreed upon at the u.n. security council which was completely unprecedented the europeans failed to do business and surrendered to secondary sanctions so again iran feels cornered i think an incident that occurred in 1988 where iran flight 655 a civilian airliner was downed by a u.s. naval that vessel after that vessel had been exchanging fire with iranian vessels is really instructive here and really shows how far and dangerous things could get if this scenario for grasses and it appears that the u.s. is accusing iran of various acts of war that appear baseless to me and whoever was responsible for those tanker attacks in the gulf of oman has successfully disrupted
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historic talks between japan and iran as well as that that could have deescalated the situation in kyrgyzstan ok so you're saying it's baseless and obviously the u.s. is presenting this because they say that this this is the proof and again that that's a that's a big if but let's just say that iran actually did do what the u.s. is accusing them why would they have done that what would you see their end game being for doing this because it's not unheard of for them to have to accept that. absolutely and what iran would be doing in that scenario is showing the u.s. that it can disrupt the flow of oil throughout the world that it can meet out harsh consequences and that it will respond to this campaign of maximum pressure and i think it is likely that iran if it hasn't already responded will respond to brutal sanctions tromp implementing a sabotage team on iran hashing out plans to sabotage iran's electricity grid
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stoking tensions inside iran through the people's army k. this fanatical group which is actually put trumps national security advisor john bolton on its payroll and i think there's no way to deny that the trump administration has embarked on a strategy of regime change which iran will never accept and that's why i think it's such a dangerous scenario right now all right paul we appreciate your insight i very much thank you. prime minister says time is running out for european leaders to save the 2015 nuclear deal that's after iran's atomic energy organization announced it would breach uranium stockpile limit set under the agreement within 10 days or sent of our i reports from tehran. a theatrical build up for a final warning to the european signatories of the 2015 nuclear agreement the message delivered by the spokesman for iran's atomic energy agency that time is
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running out then i. will mortician my countdown has started in 10 days time on june 27 we will exceed the 300 kilogram limit of enrich uranium allowed under the nuclear deal off the dots we will continue to increase the speed of production drastically. oh. and there's a nuclear deal iran is allowed to have 300 kilograms of 3.67 percent enriched uranium at any given time inside the country. anything in excess of that amount must be sold internationally but since the united states withdrew from the deal a may of last year it has also introduced restrictions on purchasing any material from iran's nuclear program which means iran's stockpile will continue to increase . early last month president hassan rouhani announced tehran will stop exporting its excess uranium and heavy water for
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a 60 day period during which time it wants the remaining signatories of the deal to honor their obligations as they announce are not going to break the agreement there are going to go as far as possible to the threshold because when they break the agreement they will lose european support and for now this is not the iranian strategy to completely you know go for clear violation and break of the agreement a number of high ranking foreign officials have been visiting to iran in an effort to save this deal including a rare visit by japanese prime minister shinzo who told iran's supreme leader that he had brought a letter from president donald trump. but ayatollah ali khamenei said trump did not deserve a response how many who has alternate authority in iran says the government will not negotiate any further. iran maintains it has kept up its end of the deal 15
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reports produced by the international atomic energy agency have concluded that tehran is complying with the nuclear agreement iran says the future of this nuclear deal is now in the hands of the 3 main european signatories france britain and germany and president rouhani has warned that the stability and security of the entire region is at stake but many analysts say that without the united states it's difficult to see how this deal can work for such a party al-jazeera to iran the united nations says the war in yemen is becoming even more violent with 250000 people displaced this year alone yet on what margaret this war into frangela the u.n. led peace initiative is under threat a saudi coalition asked them battling who the rebels for 4 years who it says are supported by iran and if james bay supports from the u.n. the security council heard that peace efforts in yemen are still stalled special envoy martin griffiths is struggling to push forward an agreement to redeploy
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forces in the main port of data a deal that was done more than 6 months ago and now he faces new precious the council has recently expressed concern at reassess collating violence across yemen and the attacks on civilian infrastructure in southern saudi arabia i must echo these concerns including the recent drone attacks on the court i have repeatedly warned that war can take pieces of the table and in the context of wider regional tensions the risks to the to the political process have never looked will stop russia's ambassador then made a thinly veiled attack on recent u.s. statements. look at portugal we underscore the artificially stoking tensions and the accusations are hardly conducive to an impartial international investigation on
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the contrary they politicize and erode trust in such a process. the security council heard that for the people of yemen things a very grim and it's getting worse yemen is getting more violent not less the conflict is getting worse not better. fighting this year is displaced more than 250000 people the number of incidents killing or injuring children more than tripled between the last quarter of last year and the 1st quarter of this year add to that the risk of an environmental disaster the u.n. is warning that there is a tanker in a very bad condition anchored in the port of who date or it could rupture it has on board 1100000 barrels worth of oil which could pollute the in tar red sea coastline james bone. at the united nations still ahead on al-jazeera and more restrictions on venezuelans and colombians trying to cross the border in the hope of
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a better life and sport bangladesh produce some big heading at the cricket world cup fever has already at. the wedding sponsored by qatar airways. hello there they have a downpours are continuing across parts of china recently it's been the southern and central parts where we've seen the worst of the weather and you can still see some bright white areas of cloud here on our charts this is where we've already seen some heavy downpours and a fair amount of flooding so it looks like they could well be more still to come on cheese day there shares of pushing further north which they say looks like shanghai will be fairly wet at times and that what weather will stick around as we head through wednesday to some of the south it looks a bit dry air force across many parts of vietnam hanoi you may just catch the old shower they have this was the south and for the southeastern parts of asia there's
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plenty of cloud our satellite picture from the northern parts of borneo all the way up through parts of cambodia and across towards thailand the meum are there's a lot of cloud on a lot of very heavy downpours may and mar has seen a lot of rain over the last week or so now and it's likely to be causing us problems. even as we head through cheers day and into wednesday as well if we had up towards the northwest we're still what the remains of our tropical cycle i mean this this blob of cloud here for the moment though it looks like it should stay away from land an issue fizzle out before actually makes landfall so force here that should just be a little bit more in the way of plow perhaps but the heaviest showers that need to be around the western coast staying what if a choose day on wednesday to. the weather sponsored. ways it's my privilege to name al-jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fight each other that we've been told that we can still hear this is the largest demonstration that's been held to refugees since over $700.00 for
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a beer summit or america's most of the fun for you or they think the big bucks the . 008. recipient of the new system is called comes to. the city. i've always been fascinated by space but the story of the space race isn't just about the man who risked their lives to travel into the unknown but the ones who held those lives in their. grandfather and his colleagues who worked on the space suits they design the space suits apollo 11 was his triumph . and the perfectly designed space suits for his legacy putting man on the moon on al-jazeera.
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watching al-jazeera let's make out the top stories right now on egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohamed morsi has collapsed and died while. appearing in court gyptian state t.v. says a 67 year old muslim brotherhood leader suffered a heart attack and the muslim brotherhood said in a statement that it helped the current president and. his government responsible for what they call the planned criminal killing of morsi and his son says egyptian authorities have refused permission for morsy to be buried and the family plot. says it's appalling an extra $1000.00 troops to the middle east in response to what it calls iran's hostile behavior earlier the u.s. military released new pictures purporting to show iranian revolutionary guards removing an unexploded mine from a japanese owned tanker. iran's military has denied involvement in the explosions
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on oil tankers in the gulf of oman last week and its chief of staff says it is if it decided to block the strait of hormuz it could do so the straits a vital gateway for the global oil industry and tensions have been rising there over a series of attacks on tankers in the region so. as long as no one causes problems for the security of the straits of hormuz we will preserve its security and as long as the islamic republic is exported the only others will be securely exported so if we decide to block the straits of hormuz we'll do it in a way that even a drop of oil well past the street. place in hong kong have changed their position on mass protests against a controversial extradition bill no longer referring to them broadly as riots more now from sarah clarke who joins us live from hong kong so her place held a press conference last night changing their wording the characterization of what actually happened what are they saying now what does this mean.
5:35 am
well this is a big win for the protests is this is been one of the key demands number one has been the extradition bill be withdrawn number to carry land resign and number 3 to recategorize. protests i should say not to be talked about as a right. because a riot simply means hefty or heavier penalties for those people who are charged during that particular protest so instead the police commissioner last night said he will not categorize anything that happened after $330.00 on wednesday as a riot instead he said there were a minority of people who will be charged with related offenses so far $32.00 protesters were arrested on that day 5 were charged with rioting related charges and there were 10 charged with crimes so this is a big win for those protesters who again as i mentioned didn't want wednesday's protest. a riot simply because of those heavier fines and jail sentences attached to those charges and kerry has not spoken publicly since saturday do we
5:36 am
expect to hear from her from carrying them today. we know the executive council meetings today canceled we know that the legislative council meetings are also canceled but every choose to carry land does hold a media briefing by city updates on the wake of hades this should happen this morning we haven't had any confirmation as yet whether or not she will do that briefing there are some rumors or suggestions that she may do something a softer noon as you mentioned she's now got a public apology on sunday that was bar a stipend on saturday was her last appearance when she did that press conference stating that the bill would be suspended or put on hold for now but last night we had about a 1000 people marched to her office which is all my right hand side this is the at the entrance to her office and this is a calling for greater communication now as i mentioned before there are 3 demands withdrawal of the extradition bill carey lamb to resign and for this the protests
5:37 am
and winds that not to be titled a ride so the protesters have had one win so far all right sir clark live for us in hong kong thank you. and the protests have been coronated through social media mentors who use technology to spread word about their actions and many of them have also learned how to cover their digital tracks robin bryant has more from hong kong . mostly young and technologically savvy these protesters are experts at using social media to organize themselves but they're also aware the tech tools they're using can be used to trace them. eunice is a college student who took part in wednesday's mass protest that ended in violence since then she's being careful to stay digitally dark deleting messages and chats from her phone afraid that police could use them against her they tried to help in her life on sunday will know what the next step of the city's and what the last
5:38 am
step of the other people is what they feel are teenagers like other protesters when she travels she doesn't use her travel swipe card which is linked to the individual owner instead buying single journey tickets activists using popular messaging apps like telegram careful to a raise their conversation straight afterwards and turn off the tracking functions on their phones it's fueled the debate here about what you can say online in a society that allows free expression in hong kong as elsewhere it's a crime to incite someone to violence but what happens if you simply encourage others to join a protest that then becomes violent anyone who attended and talks about it online is potentially in trouble and always have to understand for us technologist that nothing is absolutely secure. in especially if you are facing
5:39 am
a very technically savvy police force and so on they awarded to state they need to you have to be careful stella another student knows that her worried parents persuaded her not to attend wednesday's protest. so she worked from home on her device and helped by putting different groups in touch with each other although again yes i'm scared but it won't stop me from doing it there are more important things than that there are people struggling on the front line and i feel like i owe it to. she like many opponents to this controversial law seemingly prepared to make a stand and take risks they wouldn't have taken before mcbride al-jazeera hong kong xi jinping is planning to visit north korea this weekend what could be the 1st such trip by a chinese president and 14 years except that an invitation from north korea's leader kim jong un enchanted wherry to nuclearization talks between cam and us
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president donald trump had been stalled since their fail summit at hanoi and february china's been accused of holding more than a 1000000 muslims including ethnic cause x. and so-called reeducation camps and. province rights groups in kazakhstan have been trying to help locate and reunite in the visuals with family members but as forest iraq reports and authorities have been reluctant to help. here in the kazakh city of our messy muslims from different communities worship freely together they feel safe from china's so-called reeducation camps across the border probably. more than a 1000000 muslims mostly week is but also the ethnic minorities are reportedly being held there in mass detention camps near the border with the central asian republics china says the allegations of this information. ethnic.
5:41 am
told al-jazeera she was separated from her daughter and held for nearly 2 years. there are a lot of kazakhs. whose backs everyone gets jailed except for the chinese and from the. doctor they hit us on the head with electric batons our body shake if we spend more than 2 minutes on the toilet they hit us i was shackles and was beaten for 15 straight months. china's government has released some ethnic kazakhs but those with chinese passports have no guarantee of asylum in kazakstan compared to china because it is relative haven for religious freedom but when it comes to human rights abuses in synch. because i call thirty's have tended to remain silent how could i look but.
5:42 am
has been lately that police have put pressure on minority rights groups who document and assist ethnic kazakhs escaping xinjiang. in march because a police raided the offices of a to a human rights geo and the rest of its direct acidic. he's accused of calling for war against china and its policies. because its worry about the jag and chinese influence in the region protests in 2016 against lords that would have allowed chinese to purchase land with a lower years. this is china is closely watching what is happening in kazakhstan and is concerned about increasing anti chinese moods because like nationalism could become more radical that's why because it and chinese authorities are cooperating on this. and as long as this cooperation last xinjiang is if the minorities be not get the protection here that they need. al-jazeera.
5:43 am
at least 6 people including 5 fighters belonging to kurdish forces have been killed in a suicide bomb attack in northeastern syria the explosion happened near a security force headquarters in the kurdish controlled city. commission near the turkish border kurdish held areas had seen a spate of bombings in recent months many claimed by eisel at least 8 people have drowned after a boat carrying migrants sank off the turkish coast. guard says 31 people were rescued from the vessel which sank in the aegean sea off to the coast. it was not immediately clear what caused that vessel to sink. and while a president nicolas maduro is imposing tougher rules for anyone who wants to enter venezuela through colombia thousands have been crossing the border to buy food and medicine caracas reopen the border with plan b. on june 7th 4 months after it was closed president accuse the us of delivering aid
5:44 am
to undermine venezuela's sovereignty elen center up yet he has more from the club on the border with his way. when the cmon believer bridge the main entry point into columbia from venezuela this bridge has been reopened since june 8th after being blocked by them in this one and all tory fees for practically 4 months and now anywhere between 35 to 40000 people are crossing into follow me on a daily basis in search of basic goods such as rice eggs or medicines that are very difficult to find in venice where they were have become way too expensive for these people to buy most of them and go back to an issue where a few 1000 remain to colombia or try to travel to other countries in south america adding to the more than 4000000 venezuelans that have already left their country in the biggest acts in recent years in latin america given the economic
5:45 am
crisis in venezuela and now that the bridges have reopened 3 things are cracking down on illegal crossings that were very dangerous in that people were using also been nice where left had promised to begin asking for new documents for colombians wanting to cross into minnesota that was supposed to start today but it hasn't happened and of any strength he's also said that they would have got rid of the containers blocking these bridges but so far the containers remain in place. power's been restored to most homes in argentina uruguay and paraguay after a massive power outage left nearly 15. 1000000 people without electricity argentine president has promised an inquiry and best gaiters are still trying to find out how it happened. suicide bombers have targeted a crowd watching a football match on television in northeastern nigeria killing at least 30 people 2
5:46 am
bombers detonated devices in the village of qana officials say at least 40 other people were wounded and taken to nearby hospitals there's been no claim of responsibility. more from nigeria's capital abuja. the attack happened when a group of young men gathered around televisions that torching a football match then 2 suicide bombers a male and female detainees to their devices killing instantly at least 20 people now the death toll has mounted overnight and at least 17 other people have been confirmed to be injured in that attack and many medical workers believe that the figure could rise because of severe tear of the injuries none of the book functions are so far claimed responsibility but a lot of people including security experts believe that the attack was carried out by the chicago fluxion the long term leader of boko haram who took over when its founder mohammad yousuf was killed by this killer 2 forces in 2009 the group the book function. of targeting civilians kidnapping
5:47 am
a lot of people including schoolgirls as well as individuals in the northeast and in particular targets civilian population those it considered mostly as an amy and as an enemy in its fight against the nigerian state the international the islamic state in west africa probably allied groups actually operate in the other side of border and stood out though they've been known to of made some incursions in southern parts of borno state however it has made the i swap are like groups of books known to of targeted mainly military facilities military personnel and of course some fuse. if you lived in the region sometimes protests leaders are calling for more rallies as a tense standoff continues with the military jet into a one an investigation into the violent dispersal of their citizens administration encouraged whom earlier this month when the 120 people were killed in the crackdown
5:48 am
on ugandan health officials have started distributing vaccinations for nearly 100 people who may have been exposed to a bola the outbreak started in the democratic republic of congo last year and is one of the worst in history as spread to uganda earlier this month aramis hasa as well from an. anyone who may have come in contact with relatives or to people who died of people or is be encouraged to get vaccinated it should read died had attended a funeral in democratic republic of congo. health workers hope is the goal of vaccine health today in more deaths in western uganda a public mistrust of health workers in congo has seen more communities here accused medical teams are spreading the disease that's why some people say they don't want to seek help from those. here for them they were thinking i was. born i was something. you know they are. witches. and they could hide for
5:49 am
mission that's what i hear the head of the world health organization says efforts to contain the outbreak in democratic republic of congo have been hampered by militia attacks on treatment centers and hostility towards the medical teams so i think the political and security environment is very important otherwise we could have finished it it wouldn't have to contain ones. because in western reality there was outbreak from last year made up to august but it was controlled in 3 months because it was relatively stable. medical scientists are developing more vaccines but the challenge for many here is that a lot more of the research is done abroad welcome with a lot of international partners from the north to do our research and we are shipping talk many african countries now are reducing on shipment or specimens or the water should be done locally but. slowly but we are moving there at that action . and doctors and nurses in uganda are experienced in dealing with people or
5:50 am
patients they help contain outbreaks in west africa between 13 and 26th in uganda is worst of all our bread was 19 years ago when even 500 people were infected and nearly half of the died citizen health experts say the country. we're going to be well prepared in containing the fires and news that confirms outbreaks much faster than many others that as. the world health organization says ebola outbreak is derrius it decided not internationally. but measures on needed to stop it spreading. and to be. coming up in sports shots on the tennis court peter will have all the details oh wow.
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5:52 am
that was partly paid. thank you very much 2000000 people took to the streets of toronto as the raptors celebrated the n.b.a. championship on monday the city came to a standstill as the team held an open top bus parade many took the day off work and missed school to be part of the occasion the raptors have united the country after becoming the 1st canadian franchise to win the n.b.a. title aside babies in the final of the golden state warriors took out a full page adverts in the toronto star newspaper to congratulate the team ahead of the parade the city has waited a long time for a sporting success on the scale baseball's toronto blue jays won the world series in 1903 and before that it was 967 when the toronto maple leafs lifted the
5:53 am
stanley cup. everybody now i believe nobody wanted to work today and i got the 1st 4 hours that i'd. like to have a surprise 30 compared to the criticizing you know what i did the best thing i have is to be my whole life if there is a credible this is my i want the world to me if i am being fair way to close to being done but the event had one sour most people suffered serious but not life threatening injuries of the shots were fired in nathan phillips square where many of the fans had gathered to run said police arrested 2 people in connection with the incidents. bangladesh produced a stunning battle. displayed to beat the west indies in the cricket world cup their target of 322 was the 2nd highest successful run chase in the history of the
5:54 am
tournament despite the early loss of chris gayle the windies posted a very competitive of $321.00 for 8 at once and on monday evan lewis. scored half centuries and shay hope to lead the way with $96100.00 safe within stuff is a rough man each took 3 wickets and bangladesh were to reflect in their reply chuck about her son fired an unbeaten 124 of 99 balls and listened made 94 not out to steer bangladesh home they won by 7 wickets with more than 8 ovals to spare. spain ever reached the knockout stages of the fee for women's world cup for the 1st time a goal a stroll with china on monday was enough to finish in 2nd place in the group china will go through as one of the best 3rd place teams in the tournament germany made it 3 wins out of 3 and topped the group the table achieving that feat for the 5th
5:55 am
consecutive world cup they thumped south africa for no in their final group match. having failed to win a point host france also finished with maximum points in group a windy renard's penalty was the only goal as they beat nigeria the african side will have to wait to see if they'll be one of the best 3rd place sides to progress and norway finished 2nd in their group they were 21 winners over south korea thanks to 2 penalties from caroline hansen and isabel. the koreans have been eliminated from the. new u.s. open golf champion gary woodland has jumped from 25th to 12 in the new world rankings following a 3 shot victory at pebble beach in california on sunday woodland clinched his 1st major in star with the 1st 30 foot birdie putt on the 18th they finished on 13 and that's 3 shots clear of 2 time defending champion brooks kicker the 35 year old takes home $2250000.00 in prize money. andy murray returns to tennis this week
5:56 am
after what he describes as a life changing operation on he's hip the former world number one has been out for 5 months and wants to play singles eventually for noble he's teaming up with spaniard feliciano lopez in the doubles at london's queen's club i don't know how it's going to feel really. for what and how the operation but it's been it's been brilliant completely like life changing for me really but ultimately all you can do is give your best of my best now might not be the same as what it was when i was $25.00 in terms of what that looks like on the tennis court and also maybe it will be and a few months but right now it certainly isn't so i can't i can't be expecting to put in that sort of kind of performance meanwhile a man who is no stranger to coming back from serious injury is 20 time grand slam champion roger federer the swiss is hoping to pick up
5:57 am
a 102nd career singles title at the hell are open in germany this week. the grass court season is extremely short there's not that much i can do to get into it as well other than just have that point for point mentality that the focus needs to be you know crystal clear and that's what i need to have from the from the get go here also open on monday get fees showed some impressive skills on the grass courts against world number 43. in the 1st round no one could blame the furphy from looking so pleased with himself however he didn't have any more tricks up his sleeve as he fell 76 and 6 for these fellow french we. will leave it there for now more sport coming up again later. for me richelle carey for the news hour but there is much more news on the other side of the break keep it here saturday it's at.
5:58 am
examining the head dying scientists are telling us that we have just 12 years to make unpressed any changes unflinching journalism i am told to leave toward complete in a certain absolutely sharing personal stories with a global audience we simply put making sacrifices this is what i want to see
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explore in abundance of world class programming the world is watching on al-jazeera . bottles in cameroons with. plastic is everywhere. but if bottles can be fishing boats. and bubble gum wellington boots what more can be done with this plague of polymers . earthrise reimagining plastic. on al-jazeera also one of our biggest strengths is that we talk to normal everyday people we get them to tell their stories and doing that really reveals the truth people are still gathered outside these gates waiting for any information most of them don't know whether their loved ones are alive or dead or miami really is a price worth 2 worlds meet we can get to washington d.c. 2 hours we can get so on jurists in the rest of central america and about the same
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time but more importantly is where those 2 cultures north and south america beats us to teach it's a very important place for all to do it's a big. egypt's fast democratically elected president mohamed morsi diet during a court hearing state t.v. said he had a heart attack human rights groups and the muslim brotherhood blame egypt's government from one day. and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. releases new images it says implicates iran into oil tanker explosions and it's now sending more troops to the middle east and staying under the radar surveillance of the protestors in hong kong a hiding the.


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