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tv   Renga For The West  Al Jazeera  June 18, 2019 6:32am-7:01am +03

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at the straits of hormuz we will preserve its security and as long as the islamic republic's oil is exported the all of the others will be securely exported so if we decide to block the straits of hormuz we'll do it in a way that even a drop of oil won't pass the strait. so a side bomb as of target is a crowd watching a football match on television in northeastern nigeria killing at least 30 people to obama's decimated devices in the village of qana officials say at least 40 other people were injured. answer dongs protested as they're calling for more rallies as a tense standoff continues with the military jet into they want an investigation into the violent dispersant of the atherton demonstration in khartoum earlier this month well those are the headlines the news continues here after what.
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it what makes you happy it's. my future i. knew what is it what is is. a registered nurse with the. ok so you've already sort of done a project like this right where you talk about what you want to do. so you want to be a nurse in seattle and drive a jeep and coach soccer. and you. would you say this is a dream. toys
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when. i do they saw my talent. they know. it was a. dumb idea. yes. america is the great. is the. contrary which i adore.
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remember. it was how we were standing around with a soft landing officer i. think guys economies were taking driver's ed class money for science and. somehow the conversation got around in effect or some rancher had donated some grass fed beef to them and i was kind of surprised at their reaction was having lukewarm you know me. me me of that stuff and it didn't seem to really love it. so we asked him what he really like and
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it's an old variant good god yes i'm very young i don't. you i'm so you've done this a lot every day you know i mean you just live with naïve. and moaning at the morning yeah 5 o'clock am we go to the gate. after do not ride on i want you to do our body yeah i'll be kids rested by noon most middle of the stock all the kids. look close every time i'm every family my steed needs and i. did exactly that with. happy new year to you. right there yeah.
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oh my gosh. i feel intimidated. and need to be here. when i look at. this.
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yeah now when i mumble i know man when i mumble i know what dog that is our not. but i do but then i would bitch if i mean yeah. well saw him and all and i did this big thing in. the womb.
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i've boast. of. i feel like. oh. 2 2.
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bitch. yeah i mean come along boss was a big day and the very wonderful day busy for me because i did something with fish and all my man. there's still my world within a matter. of many people right now of me. and of. being about my own. and they know about me but all my my my family my fondest. the columbus day they know many in by and. says i mrs and many people with the emphasis on me. and they saw my talent.
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the longest make you want to just make you feel like you want to. write. this cd it really is we get in my mind i say i'm going to. theory. that same. night. but that. night. that.
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in a war torn city you know iraq a magic documents the stories of the survivors recording best hopes and dreams for a peaceful future after american troops withdrawal. but the conflict is far from over. he turns the camera on himself when i so take control and his family off forced to flee no where to hide a witness documentary on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the lack of post foreign services with detailed coverage this last night of the bag no people often say this struggling to make landslides and just want a better life from around the world and. misty has been offered to those who rebel
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against the government open except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes. more than 10 years after the global financial crisis you've taken home more than 480000000 dollars your company is now bankrupt our economy is in the state of crisis i have a very interesting question this is where millions lost their homes in the us alone who's held responsible i will be fabulously wealthy and i will be in christ for thanks to lower the many who still looms on al-jazeera. one of the really special things about working for al-jazeera is that even as a camera woman i get to have so much employed in contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else would be what it is you know it's very challenging we believe that to be because you have a lot of people that are deployed on political issues really are we the people we live to tell the real story it's all just men being used to do the work journalism
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we don't feel included work. across the globe. egypt's 1st democratically elected president mohammed morsy during a court hearing state t.v. says he had a heart attack human rights groups and the muslim brotherhood to blame egypt's government for more. color i missed in this is al-jazeera live from doha also coming up the u.s. releases new images it says implicates iran into oil tanker explosions and it's now sending more troops to the middle east and. fleeing persecution the ethnic lines.


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