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part 2 on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera. out of there i mean this is a new life in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the family of mohammed morsi says that egypt's government denied their request to bury him in his hometown of 3 died including. president morsi isolation treatment might actually amount to torture rights groups are demanding an investigation into more of these prison conditions which they blame for killing him slowly plus. i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong hong kong as lida says sorry for trying
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to rush through controversial changes to extradition rules. fleeing persecution ethnic minorities leaving china to struggle to navigate through a reluctant government in kazakhstan. with the sports is the former head of the european football michel platini is taken in for questioning by police over the awarding of the 2022 world cup. so that egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi has been buried at a cemetery in car as the day after he died in court these pictures were taken there by security forces kept journalists away from the burial service morsi son says they also refused to allow his father to be buried in his hometown. takes us
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through reaction to his death which rights groups blame on years the pool prison conditions. a death that human rights activists have called tragic but predictable and what former egyptian president mohamed morsy supporters say is a model 17 june $2900.00 morsi appeared in court for a trial on charges of espionage he asked a judge if you could speak during the session in what is now his final address morsi demanded a special tribunal and better trial conditions the public prosecutors say the 67 year old man collapsed and died in a defendant's cage. unless all of us a little help them you know how medical source has revealed the details of the medical condition of mohamed morsi who died monday afternoon due to a surprise heart attack during a court session for the espionage case the source added that we're seeing had continued to receive medical care and that there was no neglect to his medical
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condition in and out of prison. but human rights groups say egyptian authorities ignored multiple warnings about morsy untimely death because of inhumane prison conditions that he was singled out for mistreatment. in the 1st 4 years of his detention you have exactly who. he was held in solitary confinement for nearly the entire time it was mention he never received the medical care that he asked for he was not allowed to have the food and medicine provided by his family that virtually all other prisoners in egypt are able to access last year a panel of british politicians and lawyers said treatment in prison was so bad that it could amount to torture. a project that if you didn't get the appropriate medical treatment he may very well have a promise for us out of our torture is
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a crime of universal jurisdiction and we found that the responsibility for that would sit all the way up the egyptian chain of. i'm on the highway are the more they are worth a lot of i am and the man who sits at the top of the chain of command is egypt's current leader preston uphill for the c.c. the former army chief ousted morsi in a military coup in 2013 and since then has locked up thousands of people as political prisoners this is the outcome that the egyptian government guys wanted for years or morsi and also for other brotherhood leaders like. they don't want necessarily to execute people because of. the execution it would create but they want. there now calls for an international investigation into morsi steffen court while his life in prison seemed entirely north by the world priyanka gupta disease. aurore challenge looks know at the rise and fall of morsi in the
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crushing of the muslim brotherhood. mohammed morsi sailed into the presidency of egypt on the winds of a people's revolution demanding change in 2012 he became egypt's 1st ever democratically elected president the 1st civilian to hold the office morsi was born in 1901 he spent his adult life 1st as an engineering professor then as a member of parliament and a political prisoner the egyptian revolution in 2011 set the stage for morsi to reach the pinnacle of power from the start of his critics accused him of placing his allegiance with the muslim brotherhood and not the country morsi made a point of repeatedly promising to be a president for all egyptians his opponents however claim he tried to consolidate his power by giving himself or thorazine above the judiciary and dominating the governments with muslim brotherhood members. morsi said his actions were to combat
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counter revolutionary forces led by the so-called deep state. it wanted to kill egypt's nascent democracy those forces included members of the military as well as regional powers namely the u.a.e. and saudi arabia who were vehemently opposed to the arab spring in june 2030 in scenes reminiscent of the revolution huge crowds of egyptians filled square calling for their president to step down it was a culmination of the rebel campaign a movement which was born a few months prior and was later revealed to being supported by abu dhabi morsi supporters took to the streets to which emboldened him and he refused to step down instead he made an offer of national reconciliation including forming a new government of technocrats that offer was rejected by the army which days later deposed him ending egypt's historic but brief experiment with democracy stripped of the title of president morsi swiftly became
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a political prisoner once again he was ultimately tried and sentenced to death for allegedly working with foreign armed groups and crossing a mass jailbreak when guards or killed. numerous human rights groups as well as british parliamentarians and his family complained of intentional medical neglect and warns that morsi is imprisonment conditions would lead to his death if not improved to the end he was defiant rejecting the court's authority and insisting he was the legitimate president of egypt elected by the people. or mohamed morsi his death has again brought attention to the hostage of political prisoners in egypt human rights watch estimates there are thousands in custody including writers artists and human rights defenders alongside muslim brotherhood activists rights groups say detainees are routinely tortured with beatings electric shocks and even rate more than a thousands are on death row and dozens have been executed form ahead of the muslim
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brotherhood mohammed. died of cancer in 2017 at the age of 89 rights groups say he was held in solitary confinement and was denied medical treatment while hussein bomi is misty's egypt researcher and he joins us on skype from tunis welcome to the program there were those who were predicting as we've been hearing this would happen unless we have had morsi receive the medical treatment that he needed and it did happen. yes i mean obviously if someone does not receive sinister medical treatment sapient it will die it means news about best of mohamed morsi are quite shocking we knows that for 6 years around 6 years it's been stows out any contact was the outside world he has gone 6 years he only managed to see $7043.00 times for a total isn't 2 hours i was not allowed to communicate with his lawyers that it was
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his family even when he went to try a new script in the last cage where he's not able to get used clair county to get insurance of course as. medical nations we are waits as a string so it does not provide him was that adequate medical care as he was a baby does and according to his family and lawyers he had fainted twice it's not clear yet that is that was exists united medical care was negligence on purpose and that is why you are voting for independent and impartial investigation into his conditions of detention and he's going to see to receive medical care at time ok so you're calling for an investigation but what confidence would you have as to how transparent impartial and indeed thora that investigation would be. so it depends on the wizards this interest. to mr sanders and was there are standards in how to conduct such investigations we find that what has been
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a source decided so far was just to a point or 2 as about losses or skitters on school boards investigations of this one were seen to not just sets fighters he's crazy to equals so what we're seeing from the statement is that he had appointed or spock risked their propensity to scream states gets prescription to you conservator at bull's bodies are not independent. as to the following story since it was just an ins listen to me at meetings and next to it was cute there are those sort of these and you can tweet will be complicit in this or complicit in said mistreatment amounted to torture of mohamed morsi so this is about these it's not that does not satisfy script with me says for example will not be able to get system used and without fear of retaliation to such a swipe as a new scanning been already failing that he would need to get into some stations
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and. are relieved every time a thanks very much indeed for that hussein by me egypt recession i thought. well there have been protests on the opposite sides of the world off towards his death people in new york voiced their anger about the way he was treated since being forced from power demonstrations to in turkey's largest city of istanbul the muslim brotherhood is being called on egyptian is living abroad to march in front of egyptian embassies and consulates and mosques around turkey holding funeral press for the have morsi this tuesday president reza typewrite about has paid his own personal tribute. symbolism is that in our eyes mohamed morsi is a monster who lost his life while he fought for the cause he believed history will never forget the tyrants who put him in prison threatened him with the death penalty and caused his mosaddegh we formed a close friendship with him before he was elected as president and preserved that afterwards morsi who was put on trial by
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a court established by the code administration and sentenced him to death gave his last breath in the courtroom and this is a symbol of the cruelty inflicted upon him and his people for years. and it's free now to see him closer to a correspondent whose life was in istanbul and seen the man president to and wasting no time in making his position clear about his death. yes he has been very clear about this position regarding what happens in morsi spamming it up in a i'll sing in 2013 and he made it very clear yesterday that he supports an response and he said that morsi actually a march here at the moment a martyr and beat also with the size the west and communities for turning a blind eye to what happened in egypt that morsi and his friends were kept in jail for 5 years thousands of people were in jail 5 years he has been very clear about
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that so there are some other reactions among 4840 members like that 44 percent and actually because they said that even the original. need to present their government is a freedom we're seeing. forces you know that's why they buried him very early in the morning right now we are in a stumble spazzing most of them very small the place for protests and reactions and you're not getting a last night that is racist by the way made that there's the absence the funerals are. for. mohamed morsi it's today of course true and right now a funeral and absence of minerals of artists are taught in the late hours in the late 14th street there will be and other events that it is that will be organized by the n.g.o.s here 1st and our daughters will say expected to attend that absence
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of $400.00 nursing. 2 soon tell us more about the president being say being said in absentia across turkey. egypt think this is very important for turkey because turkey is a conference with that has been through a lot of military coups since it was a stoppage in and 1923 even hooman times and witnessed some things as well for recess a safe and scolding the whole thing got quite members which were because when christians act on was a mayor of istanbul in the late ninety's it was tied to the fire and back then the military said that the boy actually inside the. turkish domenici for old for evidence whether cruel and movies and you must prison for a couple of months and he was banned from all the states and when he asked that
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when and francis about this fighting was to and then he became prime minister it was back that's i am 2006 and the ruling up party went through a process of being shot down and the military there was more focused at that time they they were plants banned aragon again from politics and in 2016 fly 15 went through and through it stemmed from the trail about which close to 200. 50 lives to distance my eyes and finally. in civil society to turn these peoples to the against the senator's record that's why there are 2. he's a bit sensitive about that and sometimes the opposition i kiss is the government being sold to the government or someone that isn't so much a morsi cabinet but this is the situation in turkey people are against the it because that's why many people see that the moment we see was the 1st elected. position egypt that's like this wanted them off let's put aside for me.
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to them thanks very much indeed to see him because he only reporting there from istanbul. the mossad ahead on this news hour including if you're migrants caught in the middle of war and poverty in yemen and now returning home. and in sport defending champions chile hits a top 4 against japan the corporate america is details. at the u.n. food agency is warning it will start to suspend food aid to see control there is all v.m. in this week the world food program says if you think rebels are not letting them do their job accusing them of diverting aid from those who need it most it claims that he's for not sticking to previous agreements which includes a system to ensure fat distribution after extensive dialogue again i wrote to
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the authorities asking not for words but i honor the agreements you've signed if we do not receive these assurances then we will begin a phase suspension of food assistance most likely towards the end of this week the humanitarian situation in yemen is dire and despite the image suffering of the 20000000 yemenis who do not have enough to eat we continue to face fierce resistance to simply just do our job to keep people alive. hundreds of ethiopian migrants have returned home from yemen as part of a u.n. reports ration program the international organization for migration says thousands more are waiting to leave held in a football stadium in the port city of aden toward me while. they left ethiopia for what they hoped would be a life changing opportunity abroad to earn money to support their families now back in the capital addis ababa these migrants say they're disappointed and angry they
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were sold a lie in. the smuggler told me that if i went to saudi arabia i'd earn $270.00 a month that was wrong i have a wife and 8 children who expected a lot from me my wife will be upset because i've come back with nothing. in the southern yemeni port city of aden up to 3000 others it will say registered for the un fallen tree returned program pushed by who and poverty in the horn of africa many chose yemen because of its close location hoping to cross into wealthier stable gulf countries in search of better living conditions. but now that dream is over but as they prepared to leave aden others are still arriving. this group's journey started in djibouti and took 5 hours as a rough seas they say they enjoy appalling treatment at the hands of people traffickers. we came by ship there were 20 of us we were so frightened the
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conditions on the boat were terrible the people smugglers took away 4 of our women my problem is i badly need to find work. for years of who has pushed yemen which was already one of the poorest arab states to the brink of famine despite this the u.n. estimates more than 12000 people take the dangerous sea journey from the horn of africa to yemen every month once they arrive they're often kept in poor conditions in detention centers and face systematic deep. many though are undeterred by the risks. or the development we know about the war but our problems at home forced us to leave we've tried to bypass series where there's fighting we've not been harmed in so far we've been able to move about freely. most who arrive in a didn't stay in a suburb called here a facility basic made syeed earns money washing cars.
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the problems in my country resemble those in yemen if my country was safe i'd have stayed there there's work in my country but the wages are low. migrants returning to add a savable say they're relieved to be home but they're also worried about the future aware that many of the problems that drove them to leave ethiopia in the 1st place still exist victoria gate and be al jazeera. yemen since the rebels say they've launched another drone attack on ports in the south of saudi arabia it is the 6th time the airport has been targeted since wednesday heats of war and they'll continue attacking saudi airports in retaliation for the kingdom's actions inside yemen let's speak knowledgeably how it all adds up who joins us live from yemen's capital sanaa and tell us more about what you know. according to the. military spokesperson you have syria he mentioned the report of. has been
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ports out of service and now that the. they have carried out told don't of this day over 3. drawings in which they have targeted the innovation system in previous times also they have completed the attacks on the airports also on the on the runway they have or they have also completed what these say all the attacks that made sure busy that this airport will not work again so is the message on also the spokesperson of the military over the whole of these mentioned that they will give more details and also videos that will show how the carried out such operations. according to them. these operations are being carried out by the whole of these events to the saudi arabia's own yemen's infrastructure and especially the airports as well moreover most of the ports of yemen have been
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destroyed especially the sun our international airport which is still under the saudi ban no flights no commercial flights are allowed to come to some of our international ports hovey say that there are more than 200000 patients who are in need to travel outside the man in order to be treated out side over that. 25. 225000 patients have died because they have not been given the right to travel abroad. so this is where it is related to the humanitarian side and also related to. these attempts to continue their. era strikes in order to force riyadh as we say for syria and its war on yemen. thanks very much indeed for that update. the to carry law was offered what she
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calls her most sincere apology for the way inertia dition bill has been handled she's under pressure from protesters who organized large demonstrations they opposed oppose moves to allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china says she heard the protesters demands loud and clear but is refusing to resign fellow citizens during a large scale public perceptions over the past 2 sundays people have expressed in a peaceful and rational men their concerns about the fugitive offenders ordinance and this satisfaction and this appointment with the government especially me for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong. let's join sarah clarke who is in hong kong for is the 3rd full day the carolinas try to time this down is going to succeed this time.
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we have we had the the apology that she issued by a government statement on sunday today his 1st horse i should say tuesday here in hong kong is her 1st apology on camera or certainly to the public she was criticized for being cowardly by not facing the public on camera until now over today she issued a sincere public apology she said she misjudged the situation she misjudged the fury and the anger on the streets of hong kong when we saw the 2000000 people march on the weekend she said she would shoulder up most of the blame for this she said she understands the feeling of the public just stands the passion of the people in hong kong but she shares that that passion she's also said that she will widely consult the various different groups about the future of the forward moving to this particular extradition bill forward so certainly today has been a public personal sincere apology but what the protesters have wanted that's one particular item that they want to but they also want her to resign and i want this
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bill scrapped and that hasn't happened today so precious is obviously responding to this and we've heard from a couple of groups already about what they want with a criteria for the future of this bill and the future of her kerry lamb so what about the future of this legislation and what is going to happen. we just had 2 groups respond to one of these civil human rights front that the group that organize these 2 mass rallies over the last 2 weekends as i mentioned 2000000 people on sunday a 1000000 on the sunday before they're not happy they said none of their demands have been met they said she didn't step down and she says that the now so they're going to make the democrats tomorrow and of the democrats are the pro-democracy nor macon's in hong kong's parliament they're going to discuss their way for but they've always said that if they're demands are not met by tuesday they will escalate the protest action of course today kerry lamb has held this prescott. that's she's issued her sincere apology trying to diffuse that but they will release the action plan soon as for the protesters but they want the charges on
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those protests is the right charges and the various charges on the protesters from wednesday's bottle is that what that dropped again that what that bill withdrawn and then what the chief executive to resign in a couple of weeks we have another big rally here that marks july 1st which is the handover of this form of british territory to china that's always an anniversary that's marked here in hong kong and no doubt the message from these protests is about the extradition bill that will be heard loud and clear at that particular rally but other protests are going anywhere anywhere same thanks very much sir talk about a few moments we'll have the weather with steph but still ahead here on al-jazeera staying under the radar how surveillance savvy protesters in home call the hiding in the digital footprint. we'll explore coming up to canada's prime minister is one of 2000000 toronto raptors friends who turned out to welcome him the u n b h and.
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the web sponsored by the time. hello there is the rainy season in southeastern china at the moment and that season is certainly living up to its name we've had weeks of very heavy rain we're seeing quite a bit of flooding as well these pictures are from the ching province you see the amount of rain we've had there that man was right up to his armpits in that weather we've had quite a number of rescues as well thanks to all that rain and it hasn't finished with this yet this is what's happened over the past 12 hours you can see this whole swathe of clouds over the southeastern parts and it's continued to give us very heavy downpours up towards the northeast 50 millimeters then as you track that line further south you see 60 then over 100 nearly 150 millimeters there and even into the northern parts of vietnam that rain is falling very heavily as we head through the next day or so i think it's going to be this eastern part of our map where we
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see the wettest of the weather so just to the south of shanghai really does look very very wet there that's where i'm expecting reports of flooding to come from in the next few days now if we head across towards india you see this very dark red here where we're seeing some very high temperatures quite a heat wave here and it has proved deadly and it's all because the monsoon is so delayed it should be over this region by now but you can see we've got mostly clear skies the rains well away to the south. when. the timely. it's my privilege to name al jazeera english the broadcaster of the year the country has a fight each other that we've been told that we can't tell yet this is the largest demonstration that's been held by director g.'s since over 700 miles wide here some of the nicest most of the front here or they think that they could be plastic here . al-jazeera english crowds recipients of the new york crystal's broadcast of the
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year lord of the say. i've always been fascinated by space but the story of the space race isn't just about the man who risked their lives to travel into the unknown but the ones who held those lives in their. grandfather and his colleagues who worked on the space suits they designed the space suits on 011 was his triumph. and the patrick he designed space suits but his legacy putting man on the moon on al-jazeera. and again you're watching i deserve a reminder of our top stories it's
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a gypsy only democratically elected president mohamed morsi has been buried at a cemetery in cairo the day after he died in court security forces kept journalists away from the burial site. edition of state t.v. says mohammed morsi had a heart attack he had been in prison since 2013 when he was toppled by the military after less than a year in power. home calls me to carry law has offered what she calls her most sincere apology for the way an extradition bill has been handled she's calling for unity in order to bring hope to. called hundreds of thousands protesting. while those protests are largely being coordinated through social media demonstrators using technology to spread word about their actions and many of them have also learned how to cover their digital tracks from abroad has more now from hong kong. mostly young and technologically savvy these protesters are experts at using social
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media to organize themselves but they're also aware the tech tools they're using can be used to trace them. eunice is a college student who took part in wednesday's mass protest that ended in violence since then she's being careful to stay digitally dark deleting messages and chats from her phone afraid that police could use them against her they try to have in her life they know. a lot of the other people as they feel are teenagers like other protesters when she travels she doesn't use her travels swipe card which is linked to the individual owner instead buying single journey tickets activists using popular messaging apps like telegram careful to a raise their conversations straight afterwards and turn off the tracking functions on their phones it's fueled the debate here about what you can say online in
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a society that allows free expression in hong kong as elsewhere it's a crime to incite someone to violence but what happens if you simply encourage others to join a protest that then becomes violent anyone who attended and talks about it online is potentially in trouble and always have to understand for us technologists that nothing is absolutely secure. in especially if you are facing a very technically savvy police force and so on they awarded tuesday they need to you have to be careful stella another student knows that her worried parents persuaded her not to attend wednesday's protest so she worked from home on her device and helped by putting different groups in touch with each other although again yes i'm scared but he wants me from doing it there were important things and that there are people struggling on the front line and i feel like i owe it to. she
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like many opponents to this controversial law seemingly prepared to make a stand and take risks they wouldn't have taken before mcbride al-jazeera hong kong . russia has the united states to drop what it calls washington's provocative plans to deploy more troops to the middle east or risk war with iran the us said it's sending about $1000.00 extra troops in response to what it described as iran's hostile behavior and the u.s. military has released new pictures that it says shows iranian troops removing an unexploded mine from a japanese vessel it was one of the 2 tankers hit by an explosion last week iran denies involvement. china has been accused of holding more than a 1000000 muslims including ethnic kurds and kazakhs and its so-called reeducation camps and changing province rights groups in kazakhstan have been trying to help locate and reunite individuals with family members a problem for say walker has more now from almaty.
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here in the kazakh city of our mattie muslims from different communities worship freely together they feel safe from china's so-called reeducation camps across the border probably. more than a 1000000 muslims mostly week is but also the ethnic minorities are reportedly being held there in mass detention camps near the border with the central asian republics china says the allegations of disintegration. ethnic. told al-jazeera she was separated from her daughter and held for nearly 2 years. there are a lot of kazakhs. whose backs everyone gets jailed except for the chinese on the day. they hit us on the head with electric batons our body shake if we spend more than 2 minutes on the toilet they hit us i was shackles and was beaten
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for 15 straight months. china's government has released some ethnic kazakhs but those with chinese passports have no guarantee of asylum in kazakstan compared to china because it is relative haven for religious freedom but when it comes to human rights abuses in synch. because i called thirty's have tended to remain silent how could i lack belief. has been lately police have put pressure on minority rights groups who document and assist ethnic kazakhs escaping xinjiang. in march police raided the offices of. a human rights in geo and arrested its director sytycd. he's accused of calling for war against china and its policies. many catholics worry about xinjiang and chinese influence in the region protests in
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2016 against lord's that would have allowed chinese to purchase farmland with the largest years. china is closely watching what is happening in kazakhstan and is concerned about increasing anti chinese moods because like nationalism could become more radical that's why because i can and chinese authorities are cooperating on this. and as long as this cooperation last xinjiang is if the minorities be not get the protection here that they need. al-jazeera no matter what let's bring out of it to go who is a vice president of the center for china and globalization joins us live from beijing as we go welcome to the program tell us more 1st of all about what it is that china is so concerned about what's going on inside kazakhstan. no i think right now the overall situation in central asia is stable the war of the
1:37 pm
conflict in afghanistan still continues which creates negative impact on its neighboring countries and spill over into other central asian countries and also into china's cian jump province in particular from the chinese perspective maintaining peace and stability and promoting development in these central asian countries as well as between china and these countries is of crucial importance and regional cooperation is absolutely necessary and china believes that by promoting development project is a better way to fight against terrorism extremism and separatism for example and i think china's philosophy is to have as many friends as possible and respect each other as countries and as peoples and corporate in building our infrastructure
1:38 pm
connectivity projects as much as we can therefore for the 2 countries you mentioned they are very importantly connected to the whole eurasia and connectivity projects ok were you able to make it i knew well enough as more of the projects are linking to the rest of religion but you're not making many friends with u.n. organizations with human rights watch the organization for world peace it's report 10 days ago said that since 2014 the chinese state isn't gauging the systematic repression of 11000000 strong muslim weaker populations enjoying manifested as mass detention reeducation programs and pervasive state surveillance and they're not the only one saying it all away. well 1st of all i think your assessment is by as prejudicial if not alone is not referred to as an integrated into assessment secondly i understand it's an assessment in 2018 from the un human rights committee saying that they have credible reports of the detention of up to
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$2000000.00 we get another muslim minorities in political indoctrination calves and listen the the secretary general of the united nations in charge of human rights affairs recently paid a visit to xing jarl together with many high ranking diplomats of many countries based in beijing for example as well as to really coming from foreign countries and they've done their inspection of the situation over there they came up with their own conclusions please listen to that side of the story busy it is headed by the highest level of out of the united nations organization and why don't you look at what they report rather than look at some other associations for example which probably have an ulterior motive as to what exactly is happening inching jaar one thing for the record and i think i have full responsibility in saying that people in china does not want to have anything to do with terrorism extremism and
1:40 pm
separatism the chinese nation and the chinese people like me will be fully united to fight against terrorism that's the bottom line that whatever you report about cannot deviate from this overwhelming challenge that the chinese nation is faced with that is to maintain stability and make sure every one of the chinese people live in safety and security but to go thank you very much. when the border crossings between venezuela and colombia reopened it came as a relief for venezuelans desperate to cross over and get food medicine and other things they can't find at home but as i was on the reports an increase in police numbers means the journey now carries even greater risks for those without the right papers. colombian police on the move since been a swell announced the reopening of legal crossings in the border city of hundreds of policemen have been tasked with cracking down on venezuelans using illegal paths
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to enter into full on. officers dismantle dozens of improvised bridges over the river dividing the 2 countries when our cat in the field here you can see what's left of the makeshift could also. get the built. thousands use these paths during the 4 months in which business well i shut the border off and having to pay a fee to criminal gangs to cross. will be good for them you know tory fees had so far turned a blind documented business where lance but not anymore these men were caught in the country without proper documents and will be deported. i came here hoping to be able to work and send money back to venezuela things a very difficult back home i have 3 kids and my wife to take care of everything security has been heightened on the legal bridges as well in response to the venezuelan government announced that it will also start to require migration cards
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for colombians travelling to venezuela. but vanish when migration out very few here and there is one believe every church telling us off camera that we just fell flat from necessary to issue the card just not work yet and then you require man. who has become a lifeline for up to 40000 been a swell and cross in search of affordable basic food items and medicine on a daily basis. at least 4000000 have left been for good in recent years. for the moment the crossings remain open just to pedestrians trailers there have been a swell and government laid across the bridge just to block them remain in place creating long queues but it's an improvement. to get us out i said i had to cross on the path of many times and it was very dangerous very scary now with the bridge open even with the container still in place i created a bottleneck but despite it all things are much better
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a small consolation for the 10s of thousands need this border to remain open to survive as the crisis in the country sees no end in sight alison and. to kenya now where a court is set to deliver a verdict for suspects charged in the 2015 attack on agree so university the 4 men face life in prison for the killing of 148 people most of them students some of the survivors say the attackers initially killed indiscriminately but later released muslim students a 5th suspect was acquitted for lack of evidence let's speak now to. former deputy speaker of the kenya national assembly and joins us live now from nairobi mr lim welcome to the program and as we wait for the sentence 1st and foremost this is about justice for the victims. yes indeed it is justice for the victims and it's i believe the courts are going to
1:44 pm
be time in this in their pretty much in the tradition of this country in which console based their information there the judgments of the rulings on the evidence that's going to be available we have a we have a fairly elaborate justice system in the country so it's important for justice to be found for the victims of that brutal attack a little so important to get that i people who actually committed or cut it out of the the heinous act itself what lessons do you think the government has learned since the go to throw attack happened. i'm not sure if we're learning any lessons from the from the get his attack of the most important lesson is that on the morning this thing happened we know that the whole mark or the the time for these terrorists as we informed the system to move in with the speed because they will keep on killing indiscriminately until because
1:45 pm
this is this are people who have they have come to see say what you call attackers they don't intend to live the plane is a life so they will try and extract the maximum damage but it took us 11 hours for us to send me and the right team in there and the team you mobilize them within within 18 minutes so why it took the government such a long period of time to react. oh to take the the appropriate action in itself is questionable you don't understand what we have is in some parts of the world we have made of other problems probably it's the government did not do it enough i don't think we learnt a lesson from it we didn't learn a lot of a lesson from that one we didn't learn in the subsequent 20 and get to and what was essentially a terrorist attack by 4 people and could have been brought to a very quick end by a commando raid was done into a full military scale and that also cost those
1:46 pm
a lot of lives by the time it came to an end so we still keep on getting terrorist attacks in their part of the world and in the country but i don't think a lot of the lessons for the much of that are going to really help us to make sure that you have that i think televisions and right without any of that there's no there's not a smell just about how you deal with the attacks when they happen and stopping it happening in the 1st place. absolutely i mean that particular young man who was a university student was a law student and his father and the family was talking about the student and they knew he was not up to good but nobody acted on it that the information was available to the intelligence 2 months before that 2 weeks before the actual attack 2 days before the actual attack it's out another was done sometimes it looks like some of that what countries are we we want to be seeing to be there in the front line of terrorist attacks and waiting for that big bong when many people die in the process so that we get the international attention and
1:47 pm
a done all the other companies come to it i don't think we we're using the basic intelligence information that we need to use and we we did that i think we would have done it in the cheapest possible way and i don't think it would have had the problems it had now and that is also happening right now in many parts of the country i mean there was a. police. who had attacked the other day with a lot they were running after criminal al-shabaab guys who came and abducted some 2. guys but we bought my personnel carriers from from jordan we bought them from the chinese we're supposed to have so many of them but you don't see any of them going in action out the door and then you go with an ordinary lead crews which basically does not stop and that's that's how the officers know we've lost 8 officers that i think now and it's a sad thing about it but it's another thing we're going to leave it there we don't take you in the shuttle to space questions we need take we do appreciate a perspective that thanks very much indeed for joining us here in our deserts are
1:48 pm
many thank you. ugandan health officials have started distributing vaccinations to nearly 100 people who may have been exposed to the outbreak began in neighboring democratic republic of congo last year it is one of the worst in history her metaxa reports now from the ugandan city. anyone who may have come in contact with those are 2 people who died in a boiler is be encouraged to get vaccinated it is retired had attended a funeral in democratic republic of congo. health workers hope to see boiler vaccine health put in more deaths in western uganda a public mistrust of health workers in congo has seen more communities here accuse the medical teams are spreading the disease that's why some people say they don't want to seek help from those people in call. here for them they were thinking as if for no as something. you know they are. which is. and
1:49 pm
they could hide for mission that's what i hear the head of the world health organization says efforts to contain the outbreak in democratic republic of congo have been hampered by militia attacks on treatment centers and hostility towards the medical teams so i think the political and security environment is very important otherwise we could have finished it it wouldn't have to contain ones. because in western reality there was outbreak from last year of may to august but it was controlled in 3 months because it was relatively stable. medical scientists are developing more vaccines but the challenge for many here is that a lot more of the research is done abroad welcome with a lot of international partners from the north to do our research and we are shipping talk many african countries now are reducing on shipment or specimens or the watch will be done locally but it will not. slowly but we are moving their identification. of doctors and nurses in uganda arcs. perience in dealing with
1:50 pm
people or patients to help contain outbreaks in west africa between 313 and 2015 uganda's worst people are brainwashed 19 years ago when even 500 people were infected and nearly half the died since then health experts say the country has to be relatively well prepared in containing the virus and use it confirms outbreaks much faster than many other states as the world health organization says although congress ebola outbreak hysteria is it decided not to declare internationally militancy for now but measures are needed to stop it's spreading. and to be uganda. or let's get straight into a support role standing by nic thank you very much some big sports news in the last couple of hours the former head of european football michel platini is being questioned by police over the awarding of the 2022 world cup in qatar for the latest on this let's bring in our sports correspondent leigh wordings who is live in london what do we know. well michel platini of course from
1:51 pm
a victory for vice presidents and the former head of the european football governing body u.a.e. for what we know is he's being held in just outside paris he's been detained there unclear whether he's been arrested because we know he was originally someone there to help place with their inquiries or calling for resilient former interior minister claude johnson and implicated in other financial scandals is also hoping place with their inquiries now the bigger picture is that of course michel platini is banned from all football or was banned for 8 years that's been reduced to 4. in october of this year and that was officially by faith as ethics committee called it disloyal payment from the then face for president of course sepp blatter you'll remember that case well so michel platini can't play any part in football a virulently denies any allegations against him continues to do so whether they're
1:52 pm
via qatar or anywhere else but he says that he's an innocent man and you're sure that he will be saying that again with this investigation that continues with the french authorities are clearly wrong can you remind us where we stand on the 2022 tournament itself. well with cats out 2022 of course there were lots of investigations that were taking place you know about the f.b.i. involvement of course the swiss attorney general that case was never fully closed to french authorities investigating as well but in all of these instances it's important to point out it's a bit of a misconception that it's in so overall qatar 2022 it's actually about individuals some connected some not when fifo originally awarded the world cup to russia and then the world cup to qatar it was done by an executive committee that was infamous for corruption many of them jailed a lot of the corruption was to do with south america but if you look at the disloyal payment michel platini that was in 2011
1:53 pm
a year after the tournament was awarded to qatar so it's important of course that we always stick to the facts and don't speculate greg softly as i think you can of course prime minister justin trudeau was among the 2000000 rounds iraq to found has found sorry your welcome home the new n.b.a. champions france the celebrations were marred by a huge thing which injured 4 people these pictures were taken just after the shots were fired so of the 4 suffered serious injuries but not life threatening police arrested 3 people. were dealing i'm getting information that we're dealing with a situation that's not far from here this is serious ok so everybody we remain calm do stay here stay together but as you can see the prime minister remained on stage with the raptors team when the shooting occurred since wished the injured a speedy recovery but urge people not to let the shooting take away from the spirit
1:54 pm
of the events. well many took dying off work and missed school to be part of the occasion the raptors of you know into the country after becoming the 1st canadian found chinese to win the n.b.a. title for him to wait a long time for sporting success on this scale the blue jays won the world series in north sea that was in baseball and before that it was 9067 when the maple leafs lifted the stanley cup in the corporate america actually brushed aside japan fall in their 1st game of the ultimate the 2 time defending champions are hoping to make it a hat trick of complex titles on this fall you would not bet against them as they easily beat an admittedly very poor japanese side in sao paolo goals from god and this one from eduardo giving the 2 lions a 2 nil lead they don't get it something that's not just you know what you found to be missing when you go from alexis sanchez this is 1st go for believe months and he made the 32 year old his country's all time leading scorer at the top american
1:55 pm
scientists then provided the system for the 4th that was also scored by voter grass on the score for chile joint top of group think 2 more games on choose are however there have been concern about the children's poor attendances brazil's opening game against bolivia last friday so just over 47000 attend that as well short of the 65 and a whole 1000 capacity at sao paulo's more in the stadium where crowds have been even worse at some of the other governors have a little cut off match against paraguay the iconic american our stadium attracted just about 19000 fans just 13611 turned up to see your and why the says it could all but the worst of all has to be the paltry 11107 people that watch peru play venezuela. well to the women's world cup now it's either one of the surprise packages side of father we're looking to make it 3 wins from 3 a little bit later on victories over jamaica and australia have already got them
1:56 pm
a place in the last 16 but they want to finish top of group c. with a win over brazil italy brazil is a narcotic fixture across the men's and women's game although italy's captain admits she could quite remember back to $99.00 which was the last slot that these 2 met at a walk out of the corner. i was a little girl and i didn't even know that there was a women's national team i was 10 years old and they wasn't the same level of attention that we had today i played with my friends and that's all well it's only our only need a draw to finish top and that could be enough for brazil as well but results kept him out a says i'll take no chances and i'm for all 3 points. i don't like going out to the pitch going for a time i always look for that when regardless of the situation i think our squad is ready for it and we're going for the win. well australia's matilda's are the other team that could progress from a group c. they thought from 2 goals down to beat brazil in their last game but they still file the one goal difference the aussies know they need
1:57 pm
a big win over jamaica who are yet to record a victory or even score in the top. cricket world cup host england are in action right now looking for their 4th when of the tournament a windfall. of the qualifying group as they qualify for the qualifier for the semifinals akali back against afghanistan in manchester are 98 for one of 20 overs so they've been some good catches out the cricket world cup but what about this in major league baseball the l.a. dodgers were up against the chicago cubs in the form of heading out for a foul when it was plucked out of the air by a ball go. not too surprising when i tell you that the ball goal is charlie habits a former california state university softball. that is what will light up over in press row very very thank you that is it for this news sarah will be right up for another half hour of news with its many clocks washing up.
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the family of mohamed morsi says egypt's government denied their request to bury him in his hometown after he died in court. forms a woman you're watching others are alive my headquarters here in doha also coming up russia asks the u.s. to drop what it calls a washington's provocative plans to deploy more troops to the middle east also. i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong hong kong leaders are sorry for trying to rush through controversial changes to extradition laws and through.


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