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but. the family of mohamed morsy says egypt's government denied their request to bury him in his hometown after he died in court. forms a woman you're watching others are alive my headquarters here in doha also coming up russia asks the u.s. to drop what it calls a washington's provocative plans to deploy more troops to the middle east also. i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong hong kong leaders are sorry for trying to rush through controversial changes to extradition laws and 300000 people forced to flee ethnic conflict in the democratic republic of congo.
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welcome to the program egypt only democratically elected president mohammed morsi has been buried at a cemetery in cairo a day after he died in court these pictures were taken near byers acuity forces kept journalists away from the burial service morsy son says they also refused to allow his father to be buried in his hometown takes us through reaction to his death which rights groups blame on years of poor prison conditions. a death that human rights activists have called tragic but predictable and what former egyptian president mohamed morsy supporters say is a model 17 june $29000.00 morsi appeared in court for a trial on charges of espionage he asked a judge if you could speak during the session in what is now his final address
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morsi demanded a special tribunal and better trial conditions the public prosecutors say the 67 year old man collapsed and died in a defendant's cage. unless all of us a little help the via a medical source has revealed the details of the medical condition of mohamed morsi who died monday afternoon due to a surprise heart attack during a court session for the espionage case the source added that we're seeing had continued to receive medical care and that there was no neglect to his medical condition in and out of prison. but human rights groups say egyptian authorities ignored multiple warnings about morsy untimely death because of inhumane prison conditions that he was singled out for mistreatment. in the 1st 4 years of his detention you had exactly 2 family visits he was held in solitary confinement for nearly the entire time it was mention he never received the medical care that he
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asked for he was not allowed to have the food and medicine provided by his family that virtually all other prisoners in egypt are able to access last year a panel of british politicians and lawyers said treatment in prison was so bad that it could amount to torture. a predicts that if you didn't get the appropriate medical treatment he may very well have a promise from a course for us out of. torture is a crime of universal jurisdiction and we found that the responsibility for that would sit all the way up the egyptian chain of. i'm on the head of them or a lot of they are and the man who sits at the top of the chain of command is egypt's current leader preston uphill for sisi the former army chief ousted morsy in a military coup in 2013 and since then has locked up thousands of people as political prisoners this is the outcome that the egyptian government kinds wanted for years
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for morsi and also for other brotherhood leaders like mine are going to be are. they don't want necessarily to execute people because of. the execution it will create what they want. there now calls for an international investigation into morsi steffen court while his life in prison seemed entirely noid by the world cup the disease. in morse's death has again brought attention to the harsh treatment of political prisoners in egypt human rights watch estimates there are thousands in custody including writers journalists artists and human rights defenders alongside muslim brotherhood activists rights groups say detainees are routinely tortured with beatings electric shocks and even rape more than a 1000 are on death row and dozens of been executed the former head of the muslim brotherhood mohammed 100 died of cancer in 2017 at the age of 89 rights groups
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say that he was held in solitary confinement and denied medical treatment is saying very me is amnesty's egypt research and he says there needs to be an independent investigation into most of his treatment and is death. we knows that for 6 years around 6 years it's been getting stones out anyone that was outside world here is only doing 6 years he only managed to see his family for 3 times for a total isn't 2 hours i was not allowed to communicate with his lawyers not huge it was his family even when he went to try a new script to not gloss kaiju or use not be able to get used clarified any danger in the course of the trial on medical negligence we are we it's a strange sort is of not provided him was that adequate medical care as he was a had diabetes and according to his family and where he had trained twice it's not clear yet that this that was exists denial of medical care was negligence on
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purpose and that is why you are calling for independent and impartial investigation into his conditions of detention and his ability to receive medical care during that time there are standards and how to conduct or search instigation we find that what is external source decided so far was just to a point or 2 as about the office of proper security responsible words investigations of this one were to not just satisfy his he scraped area equals sort of what we have seen from the statement is that he had appointed or spock risk it appoints the supreme state's googe prescription to look in some other bodies are not independent mosques around turkey holding funeral press for mohamed morsi and some consider has moved to stumble. where if i think more than islam will ever very similar place for the gathering then have professional neighborhood got to be in
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fear then then on just the event thing in the middle east then within the company of thieves and little babies an absentee plane or a prayer for the alpha president mohamed morsi and a call was made by turkey for predators by developed in the face direct great to have sympathy for. rules that's doing the maid say across 13 almost the smart people have gathered here. and there are at this event journalists who have been residing in turkey since their offspring began in early 2010 people are here to give us support for mercy's cause their prisons are gone as expected to attend the 2nd absent a funeral that is going to be held in the same place here in the later hours around 14 she today along with n.g.o.s and other political dissidents of the egyptian egypt prisons are going has been very vocal about morsi is that the
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process that he has been through being in jail the executions ongoing in egypt he also last night criticized the western committee for turning a blind eye to the executions in egypt and he said that. there has been elected by the will of egyptian people is a march for democracy and what has been ongoing in egypt is to democracy. the yemenis who the rebels say they. have post in the south of saudi arabia it's the 6th time the ports been talked at since wednesday to hear these of wall about continue attacking saudi airports in retaliation for the kingdom's actions inside. this update from yemen's capital. these operations are being carried out by the whole of these events to the saudi arabia's only yemen's infrastructure and especially the airports as well moreover most of the airports of yemen have been destroyed especially the sun our international airport which is still under the
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saudi ban no flights no commercial flights are allowed to come to some international airport hovey say that there are more than 200000 patients who are in need to travel outside in order to be treated side over that 25000 patients have died because they have not been given the right to travel abroad. so this is where it is related to the humanitarian side and also related to the whole thing is that to continue their. era strikes in order to force riyadh as we say for syria and its war on yemen russia's foreign ministry has warned the u.s. against deploying more troops to the middle east calling the move provocative washington is planning to send around a 1000 additional troops to the region amid rising tension with iran hours before
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making that announcement the pentagon released pictures that it says show elite iranian troops removing an unexploded mine from one of 2 of the oil tankers hit by explosions last week so our correspondent is following events for say in moscow so the words of caution from the from moscow to the u.s. and yet words of caution also from russia to iran to try and stay within the j. c.p.o. a. yes exactly it was very clear of course that russia still sad is that the united states state is the provocateur here in the situation in iran and that just doing what they called provocative actions by the united states the tensions are on the rise in the region but also at the same time put in spokesman explained that president putin had a meeting with president rouhani last week in bishkek in the during a meeting in kyrgyzstan where he actually asked for an assurance of president
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rouhani that iran will stick to the iran deal and he sat that that's what the iranian president said that they will stick to the deal also words of caution not only from russia but also from china to iran to stick with the deal but at the same time i said the deputy foreign minister ripped off actually also said that he is very concerned about the steps by iran to produce more iranian but also said that he can understand that iran is taking these kinds of steps looking at the sanctions that they are facing but basically russia and china positioning themselves of course in this situation as as a speech makers as mediators urging for calm also said that if the u.s. wants to prove it doesn't want war then it should not send additional troops to the region he says just show to us that you don't want war and they were for pretty strong words but adopted to foreign minister here in moscow would be interesting to
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see what washington makes of those words once and it wakes up later in the day for the moment step thanks very much. let's move to asia pacific the home calls leader kerry has offered what she calls her most sincere apology for the way extradition bill was handled she's under pressure from protesters who've organised large demonstrations they oppose moves to allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china so she heard the protesters demands loud and clear but is refusing to resign . fellow citizens during a large scale public perceptions over the past 2 sundays people have expressed in a peaceful and rational men their concerns about the fugitive offenders ordinance and this satisfaction and this appointment with the government especially me for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong
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or pro-democracy members of hong kong legislative council so carolyn's apology came too little too late they reiterated calls for her to step down saying home goals people no longer trust. every lamb is actually presenting to the rest of the world that her administration it's going to be a lame duck and ministration because she would have a very hard line governing hong kong from now on she acknowledged herself that it's all a question of trust and. confidence in her administration which have become completely non existent because our clock has the latest from the whole goal. it's her 1st apology on camera and certainly to the public she was criticized for being cowardly by not facing the public on camera until now over today she issued a sincere public apology she said she misjudged the situation she misjudged the
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fury and the anger on the streets of hong kong when we saw 2000000 people march on the weekend she said she would show that most of the blame for this she said she understands the feeling of the public just as the passion of the people in hong kong but she shares that that passion she's also said that she will widely consult the various different groups about the future of the forward moving in this particular extradition go forward certainly today has been a public personal sincere apology but what the protesters have wanted that one particular item that they want to but they also want her to resign and i want this bill scrapped and that hasn't happened today so a protest is obviously responding to this and we've heard from a couple of groups already they're not happy they said none of their demands have been met they said she didn't step down and she says that the now so they're going to meet the democrats tomorrow and other democrats on the pro-democracy nor macon's in hong kong parliament they're going to discuss their wife or but they've always said that if their demands are not met by thursday they will escalate the protest
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action in a couple of weeks we have another big rally here that marks july 1st which is the handover of this former british territory to china that's always an anniversary it's marked here in hong kong and no doubt the message from these protests is about the extradition bill will be heard loud and clear at that particular rally so a clock that well still ahead here on al-jazeera we look at donald trump's time in office as he gets ready to launch his reelection campaign to stay with us. hello there there's a lot of dry weather across the northern parts of asia at the moment the heavier rain is largely staying to. the south of us is working its way out of china just skirting the southern parts of japan here then looks like that system will just push further south woods as we head through the day on wednesday so for japan there will still be a large amount of cloud one or 2 showers but it will be the persistent and heavy
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rain that it would have been otherwise towards the west it's largely a lot quieter here weather wise it looks like it should be dry forcing beijing but the temperature is a certainty rising by the time we get to thursday will be right about $57.00 degrees of a further towards the south and in the east we've got the wettest of the weather at the moment and that looks like it's going to stick around as we head through wednesday and into thursday and on thursday we'll see more rain push up towards wu han that the south coast will see a good deal of cloud and there's always the chance of one or 2 showers around hong kong and if the south would still and we've got a few showers for us in the philippines but there is more showers towards the west we'll see plenty of them over parts of borneo and across towards the modern further north for samia ma it's still raining very heavily and it will be for wednesday and thursday as well so that is likely to be more of a problem with flooding here is in the southern parts of our map where there's more in the way of drawing weather looks like it should be fine forcing java just off to a $31.00.
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base is a dialogue reading about it for months and seeing it on international media and on t.v. why should we stop this conversation with skepticism because there's a lot of it online everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community without the let's work just each hope join the global conversation on ours is iraq all they want to do is start to think the same kind of debate that we have here in the street. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera means a whole rahman
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a reminder of our top stories egypt's only democratically elected president mohammed morsi has been buried at a cemetery in cairo today after a diving court security forces kept journalists away from the burial service egyptian state television says morsi had a heart attack he'd been in prison since 2013 when he was toppled by the military. russia's foreign ministry has warned the u.s. against its plans to send $1000.00 additional troops to the middle east calling the move provocative the pentagon has released pictures that it says show elite iranian troops removing an unexploded mine from one of the oil tankers hit by explosions last week and hong kong's lead to carry has offered what she calls her most sincere apology for the way an extradition bill has been handled she's calling for unity in order to bring hope to hong kong hundreds of thousands have been protesting. geopolitical tensions and trade wars are all hanging in the air in the
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international paris air show in france turkey's own stealth fighter jet dubbed the turkish fighter was on display it comes as the u.s. blocked turkey from purchasing american f. 35 fighter jets into disputed ankara's plans to buy a russian air defense system. natasha but our correspondent who's forest borgia's just northeast of paris and how significant is the timing of the launch of the new fighter jet project. well it is significant in that it comes just as the united states is threatening to expel turkey from its f. $35.00 fighter jet projects now the united states is unhappy turkey has decided to buy missile defense system from russia the united states is worried about that closeness with russia and also says that that missile defense system would be incompatible with the f. $35.00 and therefore poses
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a security risk well turkey is going to head and launch their own fighter jet you can see it behind me they say that is simply a fighter jet that's going to replace their aging f. 16 fighter jet planes they say that it will be flying by 2025 and perhaps will be in full service by 2028 but some experts here with our say show say it will be quite a challenge to have it up and running by then because even with the f. 35 there were so many technical difficulties and issues issues to come to to take care of it is very difficult to have this kind of technologically advanced plane flying in such a short space of time and of course there are repercussions for turkey if they are expelled from the u.s. or $35.00 program. well turkey is infested a $1000000000.00 in the f. $35.00 jet program turkey is a member of nato that's why it's in this program with the united states say it is building components for the f. 35 its pilots who are being trained to fly it and it was expecting his delivery
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over hundreds of these f. 35 for it to jet so if it is exposed from the program it's obviously a great loss in material terms and also in terms of the skills that it's acquiring through being part of this project is also of course has diplomatic repercussions because it's makes the relationship between the united states and psyche which is already strained over a number of issues particularly in terms of foreign policy well that relationship is even more strained now live with the phenomena of course follow them through the day with you thanks very much and sasha. causing kenya is to deliver a verdict for suspects charge the 2015 the time congress university form and face life in prison for the killing of 148 people most of them students but some of the survivors say the attackers initially killed indiscriminately but later released it was them students a 5th suspect was acquitted for lack of evidence catherine sawyer is in nairobi covering the trial force. this is an eagerly awaited verdict here in kenya the 4
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suspects have been church with a conspiracy to kill students you visit your fish holes a security officers on that university in gori say not us eastern kenya back in 2015 they've also been accused of being part of a terrorist organization that al-shabaab the armed group that is fighting in somalia and that has also carried out a series of attacks here in the country 2 of them have already been convicted of being in the country illegally the chief magistrate is expected to make his ruling this afternoon this charges are pretty much punishable by life imprisonment we've been speaking to some of those who survived that attack on the university in greece as well as relatives who lost their loved ones including agnes where oh oh who lost her daughter you've been following this trial you're waiting for this judgment do you think it's going to give you the closure that you need. and don't
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buy into why most powerful because my daughter is gone and gone for good i'll never see her again circuit court the last known contain. them but it seems there is more justice in this country of. course. for those innocent children who lost their motives. they don't come to the government and it is painful to recall the attempt to mislead you. example is the top of mind kept on calling want to talk to a very somber day for those who survived for those who lost their loved ones saying that yes perhaps is going to be some closure but the bitterness and the trauma would truly go away. we're trying to stay us present all trump will officially launch his reelection campaign well the event will take place in florida
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a state that was crucial to his victory in 2016 will be again if he hopes to retain the white house complete health that explains why from orlando. and. meet up voter 2020 u.s. presidential candidates will want to win over radio journalist william diaz is latino undecided and most importantly lives in florida the crown jewel in american politics republicans they are doing an excellent job in florida and to me they are. and you know what a moderate democrat he says republicans are simply more engaged he is came to the united states 30 years ago from venice wella despite president trump's hardline immigration policies he is considering voting for trump but he'll need to do more to support those suffering in venezuela more from their adoring. when truck visits
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orlando on tuesday to officially kicked off his campaign it's voters like d.s. hill need to convince trump's record over the past 2 years will be front and center i will build a great great wall trump's biggest $26.00 promise to build a wall along the southern border to stop illegal immigration has proven to be a challenge he was unable to secure funding from congress so he declared an emergency to start construction that's being challenged in the courts a recurring theme throughout his 1st 2 and a half years as his opposition uses legal means to oppose some of his biggest policies those challenges included his travel ban on people from 5 muslim majority countries and although it faced widespread opposition initially trump managed to successfully implement it it also helps that he appointed 2 justices to the country's highest court as a candidate trump promised voters america 1st policies he made good on that pledge
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and angered u.s. allies and now saying he would withdraw the united states from the paris climate accord and pull out of the 2015 agreement to limit iran's nuclear program still the u.s. economy remains steady even as trump has picked fights with china mexico and europe accusing them of unfair trading practices expect trump to boast about a strong u.s. economy and historically low unemployment even among voters of color despite persistent criticism trauma's policies hurt minority voters. and we know that florida is a state that's becoming increasingly brown and i think that's a that's a state where he's going to have to address that issue another problem for donald trump trying to convince voters to look past at least 15 investigations into 3 states looking into trump's business charity and campaign and even with the muller report behind him democrats in congress are still investigating generating
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problematic headlines for a president trying to win reelection can really help get al jazeera orlando. gunman in the democratic republic of congo have killed a chinese national and a koli soldier in an ambush on monday increased violence has led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from the north east and to the province financing between tribal groups has increased over the past week killing nearly 200 people and dozens of villages have been destroyed is in kampala in neighboring uganda with more on those who've been displaced. the number of people displaced has increased significantly according to the united nations is now 300000 people displaced since early june nearly 200 people have been killed in ethnic conflict it's really difficult to get information on the ground because of the conflict and tension there and confusion there but the local governor says that he thinks so far more than 30 villages have been burnt and destroyed he said
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a lot of the roads in the area are being blocked by various militia groups some of them are while equipped and well armed that makes it very difficult for the congolese army and the united nations to go in a citizen to ation prevent the conflict and help anyone who needs assistance the government says people in the area trying to leave for the own safety and cross into neighboring uganda they try to do that at night because they feel that's when they won't be detected by these various militia groups they've got 2 options they can use the road which takes a couple of hours or they can cross lake albert by boat is about a 4 hour boat trip the again the government and aid workers say they are on standby here in uganda top anyone who crosses over and is assistance the former head of european football michel platini is being questioned by french police it's part of the ongoing investigation into the awarding of the can't hold 22 world cup team was head of u.s. of 8 years and voted for qatar to host the tournament the 63 year old was banned from football following the 2015 corruption scandal. while staying with sport
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canada's prime minister justin trudeau was among the 2000000 toronto raptors fans who welcomed home the n.b.a. champions but the celebrations were marred by a shooting which ended for people whose pictures were taken just after the shots were fired 2 of the 4 suffered serious injuries but not life threatening police arrested 3 people. we're dealing i'm getting information that we're dealing with a situation that's not far from here this is serious ok so everybody we remain just stay here stay together well as you can see the prime minister trudeau remained on stage with the raptors team when the shooting occurred he said swish the injured a speedy recovery but urge people not to let the shooting take away from the spirit of the event. many took the day off work and missed school to be part of the occasion the raptors have united the country after becoming the 1st canadian franchise to win the n.b.a. title toronto has waited
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a long time for sporting success on this sort of scale baseball's blue jays won the world series in 1903 and before that it was in 167 when the maple leafs lifted ice hockey stanley cup. we're watching all just their arms the whole run with a reminder of our top stories egypt's only democratically elected president mohammed morsy has been buried at a cemetery in cairo a day after he died in court security forces kept journalists away from the burial service egyptian state t.v. says morsi had a heart attack he'd been in prison since 2013 when he was toppled by the military yemen sooty rebels say they've launched another drone attack on airport in the south of saudi arabia is the 6th time the airport's been targeted since wednesday the hoodies of war and they'll continue attacking saudi airports in retaliation for
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the kingdom's actions inside yemen. russia's foreign ministry has ward of the u.s. against its plans to send 1000 additional troops to the middle east calling the move provocative the pentagon has released pictures that it says shows elite iranian troops removing an unexploded mine from one of the oil tankers hit by explosions last week hong kong's leader kerry lamb has offered what she calls her most sincere apology for the way an extradition bill has been handled she's under pressure from protests as you've organized large demonstrations they oppose moves to allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china lam says she heard the protesters demands loud and clear but is refusing to resign. fellow citizens during a large scale public perceptions over the past 2 sundays people have expressed in a peaceful and rational men now their concerns about the fugitive offenders
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ordinance and their this satisfaction and this appointment with the government especially me for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong of course in kenya is that to deliver a verdict for suspects charged in the 2015 attack on gristle university the foreman of face life in prison for the killing of 148 people most of them were students some of the survivors say the attackers and the surely killed indiscriminately but later released muslim students a 5th suspect was acquitted for lack of evidence those were the headlines as more news in half an hour here on al-jazeera but next it's talk to al-jazeera to stay with us.
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see. albania was hoping to be asked to start european union membership talks this month but that now seems unlikely to happen either leaders want to see a country with stable democratic institutions but in the past week president has canceled local elections that were scheduled for the end of the month because the opposition democratic party refuses to take part in them making matters worse the ruling socialist party has questions presidents met the constitutional authority to change the date there's no constitutional court to rule on the matter because it's judges finances a being investigated and they all suspended so albania presents a picture of anything but a stable democrat.


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