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we in the united states have privatized the ultimate public function your shadow on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. that i welcome to. come up the next 60 minutes the family of mohamed morsi say egypt's government denied their request to bury him in his hometown of 3 died and called. president morsi isolation and treatment might actually amount to torture. rights groups say morsi was killed slowly by poor prison conditions but governments particularly in the west are largely silent also ahead. i offer my most sincere apology. hong kong's neda says sorry for proposing extradition changes that
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set off massive protests but won't quit. and 300000 people forced to flee conflict to the democratic republic of congo further complicating the fight against abandon. all your sports is the former head of european football michel platini it's questioned by french police to the awarding of the 2022 world cup. so egypt says only democratically elected president mohamed morsi has been buried at a cemetery in cars a day after he died in court these pitches were taken by a security forces kept journalists away from the burial service morsi son says they also refused to allow his father to be buried in his hometown. takes is 3 reaction to his death which rights groups blamed on the is of poor prison conditions. a
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death that human rights activists have called tragic but predictable and what former egyptian president mohamed morsy supporters say is a model 17 june $29000.00 morsi appeared in court for a trial on charges of espionage he asked a judge if you could speak during the session in what is now his final address morsi demanded a special tribunal and better trial conditions the public prosecutors say the 67 year old man collapsed and died in a defendant's cage. unless all of us a little help the via my medical source has revealed the details of the medical condition of mohamed morsi who died monday afternoon due to a surprise heart attack during a court session for the espionage case the source added that morsi had continued to receive medical care and that there was no neglect to his medical condition in and out of prison. but human rights groups say egyptian authorities ignored multiple
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warnings about morsi untimely death because of inhumane prison conditions that he was singled out for mistreatments. in the 1st 4 years of his detention you had exactly 2 family visits he was held in solitary confinement for nearly the entire time it was mention he never received the medical care that he asked for he was not allowed to have the food and medicine provided by his family that virtually all other prisoners in egypt are able to access last year a panel of british politicians and lawyers said treatment in prison was so bad that it could amount to torture 3 projects that if you didn't get the appropriate medical treatment he may very well have a premature death and of course rise out of us water torture is a crime of universal jurisdiction and we found that the responsibility for that
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would sit all the way up the egyptian chain of. come on the here are the more they are worth a lot of ideas and the man who sits at the top of the chain of command is egypt's current leader preston uphill for the c.c. the former army chief ousted morsi in a military coup in 2013 and since then has locked up thousands of people as political prisoners this is the outcome that the egyptian government kinds wanted for years or morsi and also other brotherhood leaders like. they don't want necessarily to execute people because of. the execution it would create what they want. there now calls for an international investigation into morsi steffen court while his life in prison seemed entirely nor by the world priyanka gupta. what mattered most is was brief and divisive challenge looks at the right and for. me mohamed morsi sailed into the presidency of egypt on
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the wins of a people's revolution demanding change in 2012 he became egypt's 1st ever democratically elected president the 1st civilian to hold the office morsi was born in 1951 he spent his adult life 1st as an engineering professor then as a member of parliament and a political prisoner the egyptian revolution in 2011 set the stage for morsi to reach the pinnacle of power from the start his critics accused him of placing his allegiance with the muslim brotherhood and not the country morsi made a point of repeatedly promising to be a president for all egyptians his opponents however claim he tried to consolidate his power by giving himself or thorazine above the judiciary and dominating the governments with muslim brotherhood members. morsi said his actions were to combat counter revolutionary forces led by the so-called deep state. it wanted to kill
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egypt's nascent democracy those forces included members of the military as well as regional powers namely the u.a.e. and saudi arabia who were vehemently opposed to the arab spring and june 23rd seen in scenes reminiscent of the revolution huge crowds of egyptians filled square calling for their president to step down it was a culmination of the tower of rebel campaign a movement which was born a few months prior and was later revealed to have been supported by abu dhabi morsi supporters took to the streets to which emboldened him and he refused to step down instead he made an offer of national reconciliation including forming a new government of technocrats that offer was rejected by the army which days later deposed him ending egypt's historic brief experiment with democracy stripped of the title of president morsi swiftly became a political prisoner once again he was ultimately tried and sentenced to death for
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allegedly working with foreign armed groups and crossing a mass jailbreak when guards were killed numerous human rights groups as well as british parliamentarians and his family complained of intentional medical neglect and warns that morsi is imprisonment conditions would lead to his death if not improved to the end he was defiant rejecting the court's or thorough and insisting he was the legitimate president of egypt elected by the people. death is being mourned by many around the world. holding funeral prayers in his honor president. and in jordan's capital amman people have expressed sadness about morphy's death offering condolences to his family and supporters is also anger at the way morsi was treated in prison. he was the 1st democratically elected president in the history of egypt to the ballot box not through coups and chaos he was elected
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legally i feel sorry for the egyptian people egyptian people are known as a free nation educated and free but i feel sorry for them. i feel very sad for his death he was the 1st elected president i couldn't sleep last night after i heard the news he was treated badly they tortured him and humiliated him we feel sad and we pay our condolences to his family to the egyptian people and to his supporters the people in new york also voiced their anger about the way morsi was treated since being forced from power and they gathered in times square some with yellow placards which are symbols of support for the muslim brotherhood well leaders in turkey in malaysia and in ca to pay tribute to mohamed morsi the reaction from other governments particularly in the west has been largely muted but also about the state department spokeswoman morgan will tell us it said only that they saw that the death was reported the united kingdom has issued no official
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comment at all germany too is quiet about morsy is death and there has been no statement from the french either well let's take this on now with me is opera who's a professor of political science at kuwait's university was a cover of welcome to the program thank you this lack of reaction from the west are you surprised. not really it's. that has been many lack of reaction over many issues. violence. towards. nations of human rights across. the west is that there are other priorities for the show being remembered most it was a pivotal figure of his time was near and you think there would be something you would think but to me the most important reaction is the one coming from human rights watch coming from human rights organizations i think that's where it matters
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most it seems to me that the west is feeling issues and so many tests when it comes to human rights and when it comes to people said that that many asian you're right i mean there are un institutions and human rights watch as you say who are talking about this and saying how wrong it has been but they say these things they've been saying them for many years but nobody seems to listen. well the people of the region do listen they have a pulse the people of the region and the people of egypt understand more than anybody else what has happened this death of president morsi reflects full negligence when it comes to the way he was jailed and the conditions he was living under in jail. this requires an investigation into what has happened that i think his death the way it happened with haunt the government and the political system the regime in egypt for a long time to come. down the line how it will come about has how will it come to
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hold it will come back the way so many other issues do have an impact this is a former president he was elected the 1st to be elected in a long history of egypt he was thrown out there rested in a coup and there was. a big issue of violations that came as a result of that particular change. he should not have been treated this way there should have been some sort of a reconciled before that there must have been a way out leaving him in jail in such a condition for 6 years with limited medical attention who is to blame isn't it the system is that there is deemed isn't it the president's right it's interesting as we're just hearing now that the u.n. is demanding a full inquiry and full investigation into what is has screwed including his time in the treatment within prison so that's your view is a good thing well i would say that we will see more reactions within the coming few
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days as time goes by this is could be a turning point regarding the state of human rights and the state of jails in egypt interesting as far as the lack of reaction from the west as we speak is that because they want to stir up a geo political story. they would just rather prefer the status quo to be maintained like oh you know what i mean when you say there's other progress we will need to ask the west you know why this muted reaction why in so many different places from from palestine to to other places in the region to human rights to even the situation today over iran and sanctions after the nuclear deal what i saw is so weak even in front of this rise of the rights and the attitude of president trump after all he brought the new atmosphere to the west that is more his your money but yet much more lacking in content and in the ability
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to implement mean was so that's one side of things but on the other side you have dictators still falling for you the situation in sudan the situation in algeria the people are still unhappy and making their voices heard and it's having an effect exactly i mean what started in 211 with the people demanding respect demanding to be representation demanding their rights demanding justice demanding economic incentives and a better life and kind of transparency in the system and accountability is still today it's still the same there is eames did not learn from the lessons of 211 did not reform did not change did not go into issues that really mattered for the citizen and what we see today with egypt tells me that the system in egypt has not learned the lesson of 211 that makes me predict that there will be other rounds and that's not the end of history should we go from saving towards you thanks very much
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indeed thank you. well the rest of the day's news is still ahead. including me i think minorities struggling to find sanctuary outside of china. what should a russia has had to say about the united states' decision to deploy more troops to the middle east. and in sports defending champions chile top form against japan and the corporate america those details coming up in. hong kong's me to carry was offered what she calls her most sincere apology for the way an extradition bill has been handled she's under pressure from protesters who vulcanized large demonstrations. to allow suspects to be extradited to mainland china says she had the protesters demands loud and clear but is refusing to resign
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fellow citizens during a large scale public perceptions over the past 2 sundays people have expressed in a peaceful and rational men their concerns about the fugitive offenders ordinance and satisfaction and this appointment with the government especially me for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong. well there will no member of hong kong's pro-democracy movement joshua wallace says the fight against proposed changes to the extradition law is far from over no matter how president xi jinping caroline tried to ignore the requests from people outside as the voice from home considered more and more rarely action of protest will happen soon hong kong people will continue our fight even charon and our repressed rally and action is the way out and withdraws defining our protest and
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riots and continue we were urged to withdraw the extradition law at the same time the only way out is carol i'm sure that's done it's time for her to enjoy her retired life and her political career well let's get the latest now from sarah clarke and hope. it's her 1st apology on camera or certainly to the public she was criticized for being cowardly by not facing the public on camera until now over today she issued a sincere public apology she said she misjudged the situation she misjudged the fury and the anger on the streets of hong kong when we saw 2000000 people march on the weekend she said she was showed up most of the blame for this she said she understands the feeling of the public just as the passion of the people in hong kong but she shares that that passion she's also said that she will widely consult the various different groups about the future of the forward moving in this particular extradition go forward so certainly today has been a public personal sincere apology but what the protesters have wanted that one
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particular item that they want to but they also want her to resign and i want this bill scrapped and that hasn't happened today so precious is obviously responding to this and we've heard from a couple of groups already they're not happy they said none of their demands have been met they said she didn't step down and she says that the now so they're going to meet the democrats tomorrow and other democrats are the pro-democracy nor macon's in hong kong parliament they going to discuss their wife or but they've always said that if their demands are not met by thursday they will escalate the protest action in a couple of weeks we have another big rally here that marks july 1st which is the handover of this former british territory to china that's always an anniversary it's marked here in hong kong and no doubt the message from these protests is about the extradition bill that will be heard loud and clear at that particular rally going democrats republic of congo have killed a chinese national of the colby soldier monday in greece violence has led to the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people from the northeast and tourie
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province fighting between tribal groups has increased over the past week killing nearly 200 people dozens of villages have been destroyed. in kampala in neighboring uganda with more on those who have been displaced. the number of people displaced has increased significantly according to the united nations is now 300000 people displaced since. nearly 200 people have been killed. in a conflict is really difficult to get information on the ground because of the conflict and tension there and confusion there but the local governor says that he thinks so far more than 30 villages have been burnt and destroyed he said a lot of the roads in the area are being blocked by various militia groups some of them a while equipped and well armed that makes it very difficult for the congolese army and the united nations to go in a citizen to ation prevent the conflict and help anyone who needs assistance the government says people in the area trying to leave for the own safety and cross into neighboring uganda they try to do that at night because they feel that's when
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they want to detected by these various militia groups they've got 2 options they can use the road which takes a couple of hours or they can cross lake albert by boat about a 4 hour trip began in government an aid workers say they are on standby here in uganda top anyone who crosses over and is assistance you know to. more troops to the middle east before making the announcement the. elite iranian troops removing exploded mine from one of the 2 or explosions last week. the u.s. military says these newly released photos taken from a navy helicopter show members of iran's revolutionary guard removing an unexploded mine from the side of a japanese oil tanker there'd been an earlier explosion on that tanker and another ship last week in the gulf of oman iran denies involvement but on monday night the pentagon announced it was sending approximately $1000.00 additional troops to the
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middle east by and large when you look at the overall side of u.s. military forces are small measure it's designed to send a message but it's also designed to notch this is nowhere near what you need for an invasion or a war in a statement u.s. acting secretary of defense patrick shanahan said the united states does not seek conflict with iran the action today is being taken to ensure the safety and welfare of our military personnel working throughout the region and to protect our national interests the u.s. relationship with iran has deteriorated rapidly since president trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear treaty citing iran's engagement in this whole development and supporting proxy armies since that the us has imposed and ever tightening news of economic sanctions on iran washington calls it a campaign of maximum pressure but leaders have been promoting another term maximum
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restraint you have seen that already in the last days we have called for the maximum restraint i think back to a particular wisdom have been the words of secretary general of the united nations but that is when he says that the world cannot afford another crisis especially in an area like that iran's decision to increase your radio production has led some in the u.s. to hughes tehran of nuclear blackmail washington flexing its military might only add to the tension and the fear of confrontation heidi joe castro al-jazeera washington well in a televised speech iran's president hassan rouhani insisted his country had nothing to do with what happened to the time because the u.s. is just trying to stir up conflict. american efforts in the region to cut our relations with the world and isolate iran have all been unsuccessful if certain companies in some countries don't want to cooperate with us because of us pressure
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we condemn america for this we don't want war with any nation those facing us are a group of politicians with a little experience well meanwhile russia is warning the us not to deploy more troops to the middle east describing the move provocative let's put this up with a new study that tell us more about russia's response. well words are for straight here also in moscow but also a very strong message to the united states from the deputy foreign minister ripped off to sad that if the u.s. is really serious not wanting any war in the middle east then they should not send any additional troops he basically said to the united states prove that you really don't want any war but and at the same time meanwhile president putin has also met with president rouhani last week at a summit in kyrgyzstan and also has actually put some pressure on iran saying that
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iran should comply with the nuclear deal and according to put in spokesman person or hand he said that iran wants to comply with this deal but the deputy foreign minister also said that he is concerned about the increased production of enriched uranium by iran but he also understands that the country is taking d.s. steps but he says he doesn't support it so basically russia but also china are calling on iran to comply with the deal but also calling on the european nations to come together and look for a solution also so you run can actually export oil again and use the money for its own resources so basically russia and china are trying to play a mediating peace making role here to make sure that the tensions in the middle east are not going any higher so what is russia's game plan here. well russia and iran have become quite close allies because of the war in syria
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russia and iran are basically fighting on the same side on the government side in syria as well so the of course russia wants this this commitment to iran to to continue s. while but also wants to play this this peacemaker this mediator in the world and showing to the world that the united states basically is at the wrong side of history here and it's increasingly becoming isolated that's basically the game plan that russia is playing right now or i'd start thanks very much steverson the reporting now geopolitical tensions and trade wars are all in the frame at the international person show in france turkey's own stealth fighter jet dubbed the turkish fighter was on display it comes as the u.s. blocked to turkey from purchasing american f. $35.00 fighter jets in dispute over increased plans to buy a russian defense system donald trump has given turkey until the end of july to pull out of the deal with russia but i said butler is at the show in the bush just
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northeast of curse. well the turkish made fighter jet that's been launched air at the paris air show is designed to replace turkey's aging fleet of f. 16 s now the manufacturer says that will be in the skies by 2025 and in full service by 2028 but the launch i hear is very interesting indeed in terms of timing because it comes just as the united states has threatened to expel turkey from its f. 35 fighter jet program turkey is part of our program it's a nato member it has been building components for it is invested a $1000000000.00 and is also expecting $100.00 f. $35.00 jets but ankara has infuriated washington by buying a russian missile defense system that washington's not pleased about us and they also say that that missile defense system is simply incompatible with having the f. $35.00 for security reasons well all this of course has made the relationship between the united states and turkey which is already very strained over many
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issues including those of foreign policy even more tense. a mixed bag in europe that yes but if we look at the as always it's not really mix so much as wet now there's always is somewhere we don't really cover very often in the weather partly because of its remote location but also because it's generally nice it's sunny it's warm it doesn't get too cold in winter and it doesn't get too hot in summer however just over the last day or so we've had some thunderstorms that have made it pretty wet here in fact this is the video that we currently see and you can see the water absolutely rushing down the hillside there and it has flooded many homes the streets and it's also pulled down some trees as well so clearly things have been a little bit out of the ordinary there now fortunately the rain there has passed but instead we're now seeing this weather system work its way through parts of spain of the fronts and up through the u.k. and this is a little root that's been pretty wet in cool over the last week or so where is the rest of europe has been really very warm sunny in fact it's been pretty hot for
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many of us now this weather system here. is actually going to make a bit more headway so all of that hot weather that's been over europe for quite some time is finally being chased down the way hope for now though still some thunderstorms around so many of us but this weather system will continue its journey eastwards as we head through the next few days now it's making quite slow progress but by the time it makes its way across us we will see those temperatures drop however it's also going to bring some or all the thunder reactivity as well and it will stay cold force in the northwest nick starr thanks very much among the stories coming up here in our desire to look at the risks for venezuelans crossing the border into colombia hoping to get basic supplies. donald trump's time in office as he gets ready to launch his reelection campaign. i do support kind of its prime minister is one of 2000000 thrown into raptures found he turned out to welcome home the n.b.a. champ.
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as it breaks local communities here in putting are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this past month and the fact that people flock to see this struggling to make plans and it's i just want a better life from around the wilds and agassi has been offered it to those who we value against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses
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a war crime. how do you know what yeah there are a reminder the top stories this and egypt's only democratically elected president mohammed morsi has been buried at the cemetery car a day after he died in court he were rights groups say morsi suffered poor treatment in prison the u.n. is calling for a full investigation. ongoing as me to carry his off it what she calls her most sincere apology for the way he and i should issue a bill that's been home to hundreds of thousands have been protesting over the. russia's foreign ministry says plans by the united states to send $1000.00
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additional troops to the middle east is provocative the pentagon has released pictures that it says show elite rainin troops removing an unexploded mine from one of the oil tankers hit by explosions last week. all right more on our top story and rights groups have accuse egypt's government of brutally abusing its powers to crush critics and opponents human rights watch says security forces act without fear of punishment for example no one has been investigated over the killing of 800 pro morsi demonstrators in 2013 the organization adds that albert tree arrests unfair. trials and torture a commonplace all under the cover of fighting terrorism. recorded more than $1500.00 cases of forced disappearances between 2013 or of 2018 and journalists have been intimidated and imprisoned including al jazeera who say he's been behind bars without charge for more than $900.00 s.
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well human rights watch says the egyptian government's treatment of morsi is indicative of more widespread abuses we believe. that. president morsi isolation and treatment might actually amount to torture i cording to the un convention against torture and according to the basic principles of keeping inmates. different government completely ignored and disregarded i think ceases government have shown. contempt for the basic human needs i think this. president's morsi should actually. bring attention to the state of thousands of prisoners in egypt presidents some of which are even not convicted just sent to prisons on this kind of pretrial detention on able to see judges unable to see their families. and we documented
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before a human rights watch of the many inmates because of the bad detention conditions because because of the lack of sufficient medical care i think this is this should serve as a wake up call for egypt's international allies to actually raise the alarm about the state of human rights in egypt and britain conditions. the un food agency is warning it will start to suspend food aid to who think controlled areas of yemen this week the wall food program says the rebels and not letting them do that job accusing them of diverting aid from those who need it most it blames haiti's for not sticking to a previous agreement which includes a system to ensure fed distribution after extensive dialogue again i wrote to the authorities asking not for words but action on of the agreements you've signed if we do not receive these assurances then we will begin a phase suspension of food assistance most likely towards the end of this week the
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humanitarian situation in yemen is dire and despite the image suffering of the 20000000 yemenis who do not have enough to eat we continue to face fierce resistance to simply just do our job to keep people alive. hundreds of ethiopian migrants have returned home from yemen as part of a un repatriation program international organization for migration says thousands more waiting to leave held in a football stadium in the city of aden rhetorical as. they left ethiopia for what they hoped would be a life changing opportunity abroad to earn money to support their families now back in the capital addis ababa these migrants say they're disappointed and angry they were sold a lie in. the smuggler told me that if i went to saudi arabia i'd earn $270.00 a month that was wrong i have a wife and 8 children who expected
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a lot from me my wife will be upset because i've come back with nothing. in the southern yemeni port city of aden up to 3000 others that will say registered for the u.n. has fallen tree return program pushed by who and poverty in the horn of africa many chose yemen because of its close location hoping to cross into wealthiest stable gulf countries in search of better living conditions. but now that dream is over but as they prepared to leave aden others are still arriving. this group's journey started in djibouti and took 5 hours over rough seas they say they end appalling treatment at the hands of people traffickers. we came by ship there were 20 of us we were so frightened the conditions on the boat were terrible the people smugglers took away 4 of our women my problem is i badly need to find work. for years of who has pushed yemen which was already one of the poorest arab states to
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the brink of famine despite this the u.n. estimates more than 12000 people take the dangerous sea journey from the horn of africa to yemen every month once they arrive there often kept in poor conditions in detention centers and face systematic deportation. many though are undeterred by the risks. or their development we know about the war but our problems at home forced us to leave we've tried to bypass series where there's fighting we've not been harmed in so far we've been able to move about freely. most who arrive in a didn't stay in a suburb called. facilities are basic. money washing cars. the problems in my country resemble those in yemen if my country was safe i'd have stayed there there's work in my country but the wages are low. migrants returning
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to at a suburb are say they're relieved to be home but they're also worried about the future aware that many of the problems that drove them to leave here in the 1st place still exist victoria gate and be al jazeera according kenya has postponed handing down the verdict for suspects charged in the 2015 attack on greasy university before man will no learn their fate on wednesday they face life in prison for the killing of 148 people most of them students some of the survivors say the attackers initially killed indiscriminately but later released muslim students the 1st suspect was acquitted for lack of evidence catherine sawyer was outside the courthouse earlier there where she spoke with one of the victim's mothers. this is an eagerly awaited verdict here in kenya the 4 suspects have been church with a conspiracy to kill students you visit your fish bowls a security officers on that university in gori say not us east in kenya back in 2015 they've also been accused of being part of
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a terrorist organization that the group that is fighting in somalia and that has also carried out a series of attacks here in the country 2 of them have already been convicted of being in the country illegally this charges are pretty much punishable by life imprisonment we've been speaking to some of those who survived that attack on the university as well as relatives who lost their loved ones including agnes where oh who lost her daughter you've been following this trial you're waiting for this judgment do you think. it's going to give you the closure that you need. and don't even know why. because my daughter is gone and gone for good i'll never see her again so. no one comes in. then but it seems there is more justice in this country. because. all those
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innocent children who lost their lives. they come to the government and it is painful to the call that a misogynist. for example the mind kept on calling on to talk to. those who lost their loved ones saying that yes perhaps is going to be some closure but the bitterness and the trauma would truly go away. you know it's a nation's is condemning the use of 3 child bombers in an attack that killed at least 30 people in northern nigeria in the northern nigeria village of can do good on monday at least 40 people were wounded one of the attackers is now in custody fighters from the group boko haram are being blamed but so far no one has claimed responsibility i would address as more from the nigeria's capital of abuja. the attack happened when a group of young men gathered around television sets watching a football match then 2 suicide bombers a male and female detainees at their devices killing instantly at least 20 people
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now and the death toll is mounting overnight and at least 17 other people have been confirmed to be injured in that attack and many medical workers believe that the figure could rise because of severity of the injuries none of the book i'm functioning of so far claimed responsibility but a lot of people including security experts believe that the attack was carried out by the chicago faction the long term leader of boko haram who took over when its founder mohammad yousuf was killed by the security forces in 2009 the group the book faction and it's known to have targeted civilians kidnapping a lot of people including schoolgirls as well as individuals in the northeast and in particular targets civilian population those it consider that mostly as an enemy and as an enemy in its fight against the nigerian state the international the islamic state in west africa probably it's allied groups actually operate in the
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other side of border and stood out though they've been known to have made some incursions in southern parts of borno state however it has made the i swap allied groups of are known to have targeted mainly military facilities military personnel and of course some few civilians in the region china has been accused of holding more than a 1000000 muslims including ethnic and cousins in so-called reeducation camps and changing programs rights groups and in kazakhstan have been trying to help locate and reunite individuals with family members but as robin 1st year walker reports now from a multi cosmic authorities have been reluctant to help. here in the kazakh city of el matty muslims from different communities worship freely together they feel safe from china's so-called reeducation camps across the border in xinjiang province. more than
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a 1000000 muslims mostly week is but also other ethnic minorities are reportedly being held there in mass detention camps near the border with the central asian republics china says the allegations of this information ethnic. told al-jazeera she was separated from her daughter and held for nearly 2 years. there are a lot of kazakhs. whose backs everyone gets jailed except for the chinese and from the. doctor they hit us on the head with electric batons our body shake if we spend more than 2 minutes on the toilet they hit us i was shackles and was beaten for 15 straight months. china's government has released some ethnic kazakhs but those with chinese passports have no guarantee of asylum in kazakstan compared to china because of its
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relative haven religious freedom but when it comes to human rights abuses in xinjiang the cousin called thirty's have tended to remain silent. but. lately police have put pressure on minority rights groups who document and assist ethnic kazakhs escaping xinjiang. in march because a police raided the offices of a to george a human rights in geo and arrested its direct acidic john. he's accused of calling for war against china and its policies. many catholics worry about xinjiang and chinese e. in the region protests in 2016. would have allowed chinese to purchase farmland with the largest years. china is closely watching what is happening in kazakhstan and is concerned about increasing anti chinese moods because like nationalism could become more radical that's why because ike and chinese authorities are cooperating
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on this. and this long it's this cooperation last. minorities be not get the protection here that they need. al-jazeera. when border crossings between venezuela and colombia reopened it came as a relief for venezuelans desperate to cross over and get food medicine and other things that can't find a home but as i listened to reports an increase in police numbers means the journey now carries even greater risks for those without the right papers. colombian police on the move since venezuela announced the reopening of legal crossings in the border city of hundreds of policemen have been tasked with cracking down on venezuelans using illegal paths to enter into full on. officers dismantled dozens of improvised bridges over the river dividing the 2 countries when our in the field
4:44 pm
here you can see what's left of the makeshift could also. get the built. thousands use these paths during the 4 months in which venezuela shut the border off and having to pay a fee to criminal gangs to cross. will be good for the military if he's had so far turned a blind eye on documented business where lands but not anymore these men were caught in the country without proper documents and will be the 4th to. me that i get that i came here hoping to be able to work and seen money back to venezuela things a very difficult back home i have 3 kids and my wife to take care of everything security has been on the legal bridges as well in response the venezuelan government announced it will also start to require migration cards for colombians travelling to venezuela. but vanished when migration out very few here and this is one believe i've read you're telling us off camera that it just fell flat from the
4:45 pm
necessary issue of the car just not working yet and the new requirement. has become a lifeline for up to 40000 been a cross in search of affordable basic food items and made this in on a daily basis at least 4000000 have left venezuela for good in recent years i for the moment the crossings remain open just to pedestrians trailers that the venezuelan government laid across the bridge just to block them remain in place creating long queues but it's an improvement. to get us out i support i had to cross on the path many times and it was very dangerous very scary now with the bridge open even with the container still in place i created a bottleneck but despite it all things are much better a small consolation for the 10s of thousands then we need. this border to remain open to survive as the crises in the country sees no end in sight at least and i'm just here to put the. german prosecutors believe there was
4:46 pm
a far right motive in the murder of a politician. book was shot dead it is home earlier this month he was a member of chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats unit known for his support for refugees police say the 45 year old man they've arrested is linked to hate crimes later on tuesday u.s. president donald trump is expected to officially launch his reelection campaign event is to take place in florida as states that was crucial to his victory in 2016 and will be again next year if he hopes to retain the white house is complete explains why from orlando. meet up voter 2020 u.s. presidential candidates will want to win over radio journalist william diaz is latino undecided and most importantly lives in florida the crown jewel in american politics republicans they are doing an excellent job in florida and
4:47 pm
to me they are. and you know what a moderate democrat he says republicans are simply more engaged he is came to the united states 30 years ago from venice wella despite president trump's hardline immigration policies he is considering voting for trump but he'll need to do more to support those suffering in venezuela more from better adoring. when truck visits orlando on tuesday to officially kicked off his campaign it's voters like d.s. hill need to convince trump's record over the past 2 years will be front and center i will build a great great wall trumps biggest $26.00 promise to build a wall along the southern border to stop illegal immigration has proven to be a challenge he was unable to secure funding from congress so he declared an emergency to start construction that's being challenged in the courts
4:48 pm
a recurring theme throughout his 1st 2 and a half years as his opposition uses legal means to oppose some of his biggest policies those challenges included his travel ban on people from 5 muslim majority countries and although it faced widespread opposition initially trump managed to successfully implement it it also helps that he appointed 2 justices to the country's highest court as a candidate trump promised voters america 1st policies he made good on that pledge and angered u.s. allies and now saying he would withdraw the united states from the paris climate accord and pull out of the 2015 agreement to limit iran's nuclear program still the u.s. economy remains steady even as trump has picked fights with china mexico and europe accusing them of unfair trading practices expect to boast about a strong u.s. economy at historically low unemployment even among voters of color despite
4:49 pm
persistent criticism traumas policies hurt minority voters. we know that florida is a state that's becoming increasingly brown and i think that's a that's a state where he's going to have to address that issue another problem for donald trump trying to convince voters to look past at least 15 investigations into 3 states looking into trump's business charity and campaign and even with the muller report behind him democrats in congress are still investigating generating problematic headlines for a president trying to win re-election can really help get al jazeera orlando for those who are coming up the bull girl who stole the show in the major league baseball. league.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
ok let's get straight on what is wrong thank you very much nic the former head of european football michel platini is being questioned by french police it's part of the ongoing investigation into the awarding of the qatar 2022 world cup platini was head of you a for 8 years and voted for qatar to host the tournament the 63 year old was banned from football following the 2015 feet for corruption scandal his legal team say he's done nothing wrong a sports correspondent welling's has more. what we know is he's being held in just outside paris he's been detained unclear whether he's been arrested because we know he was originally summoned that's how place with inquiries according to. a former
4:52 pm
interior minister joint a man implicated in the financial scandals is also helping place with their inquiries now the bigger picture is that of course michel platini is banned from all football was banned for years that's been reduced to 4. in october of this year and that was officially by faith as ethics committee called it disloyal parliament from the day in favor of president of course blatter you'll remember that case well so michel politically can't play any part in football he vehemently denies any allegations against him continues to do so whether they. cut or anywhere else he says that he's an innocent man and your sure that he'll be saying that again with this investigation that continues with the french authorities kind of is probably the 3rd just intruder was among the 3000000 toronto raptors fans who welcomed home the new n.b.a. champions but the celebrations were more the bara shooting which injured 4 people
4:53 pm
of the 4 suffered serious injuries but not life threatening police arrested 3 people. we're dealing i'm getting information that we're dealing with a situation that's not far from here this is serious ok so everybody please remain calm just stay here stay together as you can see probably if the truth i remained on stage with the raptors team when the shooting occurred since wished the indian a speedy recovery but people don't see that the shooting take away from the spirit of the of. this happened in broad open spaces right now where we had over a 1000000 people that are here we want the witnesses those who are here 99.9 percent of the people here to enjoy the festivities of the raptors many championships we want them to step up and to help us by giving us as much evidence if you have the bodies are they good now and it's $340000000.00 and counting for the dreaded they tried to regain the league title from rivals basilar the spanish giants of introduced brazilian. enjoyed and it has absolutely although each.
4:54 pm
day is the new arrival of the boat about this. in the car park merica chilly brushed aside to japan for nearly an opening game of the whole event the 2 time defending champions are hoping to wear a hat trick of copper titles on this form you would not bet against a very easily beaten admittedly very poor japanese see this game taking place in south howland goals from who garnered want obamacare giving each alliance to only been on a 2 minute something many don't like it fans have been missing recently during the gulf alexy sanchez. first goal is a football for 5 months and it made the 30 year old his country's leading scorer at the corporate america and provided the lifelessness for the 4th will be back after his 2nd son assaulted i saw at the time mills said i don't top. fall 2 more games on jews are harder there have been some concerns about the total poor attendance is
4:55 pm
brazil's very clean game against bolivia last friday so just over $47000.00 attend well short of the 64 and a half 1000 capacity it's our palace bottom beast idea crowds a bit even worse than some of the other guy seems qatar's match against paraguay at the iconic american no attracted just knowing teen 1000 fans just 13611 turned up to see you're a glory ecuador but the worst of all has to be the poultry 11107 people that was to really take on venezuela or to the result now initially a lot of surprise packages sorry for that were looking to make it 3 wins from 3 last night lights or that trees are which american and australian have already guaranteed them a place in the last 16 but they want to finish top of groups the with the win over brazil italy brazil of course that iconic fixture price of course men and women's football italy's captain admits he can't quite remember back to know if you know what you are which is the last find these 2 of that are welcome. because. i
4:56 pm
was a little girl and i didn't even know that there was a women's national team i was 10 years old and they wasn't the same level of attention that we have today i played with my friends and that's all or italy just need a draw to finish top that could be rough for brazil as well but brazil's captain america sorry they'll take no chances are very for all 3. i don't like going out to the pitch going for a time i always look for that when regardless of the situation i think our squad is ready for it and we're going for the win or straight of matilda's are the other team who could progress from group c. very 4 from 2 girls down to beat brazil in their last game but they still throw the one goal difference the all these know they need a big win over jamaica who are yet to win or even score in the top. cricket world cup hosts england have put afghanistan to the saw at old trafford in
4:57 pm
manchester captain arlin morgan fired $148.00 of just $71.00 balls and a total of $300.00 nor the 7 for 6 that included $176.00 is joining best. scoring with 88 in a ploy afghanistan already won down they have seen from 4 others now that have been so good catches the cricket world cup but what about this major league baseball have a look the i don't just we're up against the chicago cubs for the full heading out for a foul when it was plucked out of the f.i.f.o. girl. perhaps not too surprising when i tell you that the full girl's name is tony abbott she's a former california state university will. know about cats also and you're obviously the very sight of hands on this and. the pressure on the same role but you very much for this news i will be back in just a couple of minutes. so you have been an.
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us back our data on just you know. al-jazeera. where ever you are. mexico's money's poppy a soap opera is changing society by tackling women socially she is can't own in its last episode soapbox discovers the drama behind the scene as it reduces state the hotshots facing the mothers of disabled children and the fun social stigmas by
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broadcasting and the well easiest child on nigezie or. the family of mohammed morsi says egypt's government denied their request to bury him in his hometown all 3 died in called. the u.n. calls for an independent investigation into morty's death take in all aspects of his treatment while in custody. you know i mean this is al jazeera life and also coming up. i offer my most sincere apology. hogan's leader says sorry for proposing a contentious extradition changes but pro-democracy activists say the current law should step down.


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