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quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy time has done what no other country has. al-jazeera. fully back to bill in doha this is a news hour on al-jazeera coming up in the next 60 minutes warning mahmoud morsi thousands remember egypt's only democratically elected president while the u.n. human rights office calls for an independent investigation into his death. valley i'm felicity fall in london with the latest from europe including the bottle to become prime minister boris johnson searches ahead in the race to become britain's next leader. peter what with all the school has records of broken at the
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cricket world cup by the big it's in posts better move to this news and. thank you for joining as the united nations is demanding an independent investigation into the death of egypt's only democratically elected president mohammed morsi has been buried at a cemetery in cairo a day after he died in court age 67 these pictures were taken nearby as security forces kept journalists away from the barrios set is now morsi was forced from power in 2013 in a military coup and had been in jail ever since the u.n. human rights office says any inquiry into his death should examine how he was treated while in prison a spokesman said president mohammed morsy was in the custody of the gyptian authorities at the time of his death the stay. he is responsible for ensuring he
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was treated humanely and that is right to life and health were respected he goes on to say that any sudden death in custody must be followed by a prompt impartial thorough and transparent investigation carried out by an independent body to clarify the cause of death and says his father wasn't allowed to be buried in his hometown but more is still gathered in his home province of shop here to pay their respects hundreds of residents prayed i made tight security in a village at those cries were just some of the thousands of people throughout the middle east who have been remembering morsi with funeral prayers turkey's president or shep tiber to want attended a ceremony at a mosque in istanbul where he voiced concern about how morsi died simcoe still glory for some a stumble. this is a special food rule service for egypt's former president mohamed morsy hundreds of
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people gathered in a stumble spot of moscow to honor his life and straka. future sins here the rain gree. i was something changing egypt after him and. we never forget him because he was acutely to show us why people here believe despite the loss of a leader the revolution will continue history shows that the leaders is recreated their leaders is walking another leaders will continue or. the words are millions. in the capital ankara hundreds gathered outside the egyptian embassy in protest one with talk is opposition leader criticized the charges morsi had faced and said the former leader should have been buried with presidential honors earlier to say mosques like this one held prayers for deposed president mohamed morsi tricky soft religious body had called for the nationwide special service many
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people here took part to remember the tips in leaders and protest against his treatment while in prison former politicians and more says cabinets believe the egyptian government's neglect of more so while in prison led to his death they had a mind of their force the force of the surrender and acknowledge the regime otherwise they would kill or so they waited for years you know killing him through a slow process of medical negligence or they would provide again basic health care having an independent international transparent investigation on the circumstances of these that. this is the least the international community should do after a very year or so many years of negligence yeah of the good video stores for taking care of any. turkeys present treasure typepad john attended one of the special prayers in istanbul he said there are doubts about this case and blamed egyptian
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president dr fatah hull city for moshe's death and that of other dissidents. when i'm sure i do not believe that morsi is death is a natural one such cowards that they are they did not hand over mohammed morsi is body to his family baton has spoken out strongly against each of stupid 1013 military coup that toppled morsi especially after turkey's own failed military coup nearly 3 years ago because all of al-jazeera stumble the former egyptian leader has also been honored in pakistan has more from islamabad. protocol gets done. by the untimely. really brilliant. he came down in march of 2030 in the company. of those. hard within a few months from. today the message going out of
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town and particularly. if you're in order to prevent if you'll regret it. and what flimsy across the board including your son and other country would come out. on for the egyptian president mohamed morsi it should be remembered that the. progress down there in one of the muslim brotherhood they have very close ideological. and they have been. better for what they call. the doctor more. but reaction from other governments particularly in the west has been largely muted when asked about it the u.s. state department spokeswoman morgan ortega said only that they saw the death was reported the united kingdom was issued has issued no official comment germany too
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is quiet about morsy staff and they has been no statement from the french. in other world news hundreds of thousands of people have been forced from their homes in the democratic republic of congo by fighting between tribal groups nearly 200 people have been killed in the past week in the ne ne to a province the un says a mass movement of people is complicating the tracing and treatment of patients at risk of ebola a warning alexia ryan's report contains disturbing images. ringback the killing was indiscriminate babies and young children from the hema ethnic group among the hundreds of victims hacked to death with machetes in the eastern province of the turi and democratic republic of congo the survivors say the attackers were from the tribe renewed fighting between him a casual herders and lendu farmers has forced thousands of people to leave their homes over the past week and move to camps like this.
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came during the day on monday we were in the fields we started to run towards our homes which. some people were burned alive and. people with machetes and we don't even know what they did with the bodies that's why we fled here. the lendu and he may have been fighting each other for generations tains of thousands died between 19092003 they communities a separated from each other it's the latest violence was sparked by an attack on 4 lendu merchants in the hema area. i didn't come here voluntarily but a group of people from the hills massacred and burned their villages we had no weapons so we couldn't do anything but watch our villages burn and our people die i lost a lot of members of my family survivors of last week's attack on the village of being protected by soldiers from the congolese army still i say they're terrified and
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want to leave the area if they can find a way around the linda rebels who have blocked the surrounding roads brian al jazeera. well as speak to. a spokesperson for the united nations high commissioner for refugees u.n.h.c.r. has via skype from geneva thank you very much for your time sir violence in the east of the d.r. c. is sadly not new but what's healing this latest flare up but we understand that this is the and old rivalry between the 2 communities we saw in 2000 and only 2000. that there was the last round of the wildness and attacks of brazil attacks that a kind of displaced were 350000 since this june the beginning of this june there have been or 300000 desperate people that have been affected and displaced in administrative units of sees it to deprogram and people have
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been coming in that horrifying tales of orleans has been unleashed a guinness them here the fear is that. of the province of a tory province what exactly are the congolese authorities the united nations even doing to ensure that that doesn't happen. of you understand that there is a military operations in those affected parts of the province and yes out of the 5 administrative units of the province aspected because of this intercommunal wireless between the 2 groups be are trying to support the displaced who have come in really dire situation let's not forget that the tory province is already a complex picture of displacement and you will next to go to the province in north kivu v. just started at the end of may helping 100000 people now you have received in the
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last 2 weeks at least on average daily around 22000 people and access is difficult insecurity continues so they're. trying to get a clearer picture but those who haven't lived in places like the capital of or and other locations that we have access we are trying to support them and stepping forward to help the local can. how exactly are you supporting these people who fled their homes what sort of assistance and they getting. the un refugee agency is helping the local authorities to get them shelter or food everything is needed the situation is dire and also in this situation very we have thousands of thousands of other who have been displeased prior to this violence and attacks let's not forget that they are see as around 4500000 internally displaced people resources and funding are not available but in that day it makes also in security times hampers
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our busy efforts at this time so $100000.00 being displaced within 2 weeks is a conservative estimate the month number could be much higher thank you so much for taking the time to speak to us and giving a picture of what's happening in the northeast of the. spokesperson for the u.n. refugee agency joining us now live from geneva. saying africa and gunmen have killed at least $41.00 people in separate attacks in central mali the attacks on monday evening happened in 2 villages in the same area where ethnic violence has surged in recent months the victims said to be mostly ethnic doggoned hundreds of people from the deal gone and for many communities have been killed in fighting over access to land and water plenty more ahead on this al-jazeera news hour including what russia says about the united states' decision to deploy more troops to the middle east last systemic and structural failure is a un report turns
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a spotlight on its own conduct in myanmar and in sport the tour de france champion suffers a setback ahead of the big race be to have the details coming out. to . the race to become britain's next prime minister has been whittled down to 5 people here's felicity barr with more from my european you sent to felicity. yes the u.k.'s ruling conservative party has just held another round of votes to pick their next leader who will then of course replace to resume a as prime minister and these are the 5 who are still battling it out the front running pro bracks m.p. boris johnson has surged ahead yet again winning 126 votes foreign secretary jeremy hunt is next with 46 environment secretary michael gove has 41 votes international development secretary voiced year it has $37.00 and the home secretary such
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a java just scraping through with the bare minimum of $33.00 votes with me now is out of sarah's need parker to look at this in a little bit more detail so boris johnson as expected still the front runner but it's going to be very interesting to see how he performs in his 1st televised debate later so it's seemingly no stopping boris johnson he has increased his lead he's now 80 votes ahead of the person that came 2nd jeremy hunt the foreign secretary but one weathers questions really now whether this whole thing this whole process should continue but of course there are procedures there are protocols to follow as well and as you said this all important t.v. debate is coming up those in charge of boys johnson's public appearances to be making sure that he hasn't put a foot wrong or tall so far one can assume that he's been closely briefed on how to prepare for the assault exactly what to say but of course anything goes we know
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that these debates do well for some they impact negatively on others boris johnson though really has to prove that he will continue to be the man capable of being the prime minister going forward but we know he's by gaffes before will he make them again and it's going to be interesting to see him up against this man not many people outside of britain even in britain really know who he is but he's emotionally as the sort of somewhat surprise contender why he's been described as a rising star from the start regarded as something of a political outsider but is now. done incredibly well advancing ahead of such a job he had a very well known popular figure home secretary of course he's done particularly well probably for 2 reasons firstly his presence on social media has absolutely been outstanding he's been all over twitter even inviting members of the public to come and debate him in parks here in london for instance also secondly in the 1st t.v. debates he did very well in communicating his ideas he set himself up as something of a political moderate compared to the others he's the only one that isn't advocating
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a hard breck's it on october 31st saying that it would be a fairytale to imagine that the u.k. is ready for that any time soon and i think it's plain talking has done him very well indeed the question now as the suggested though is whether boris johnson can do as well and keep rory stewart at bay can be interesting on how you can be monitoring that debate thank you. now 15 years after the last flight of the concorde there are plans to build new supersonic passenger jets and with advanced technology engineers say they could be cheaper and cleaner that's how to reports from the paris at shea. blake szell is preparing to bring back supersonic flight to the aviation world at the paris air show his company launched a project for a plane that could fly twice the speed of sound 50 years after concorde was designed with wind tunnels flight rules and drafting paper we now have carbon fiber
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composite vacherot and amex and new engines that allow supersonic flight to be accessible to tens of millions of people and a way that's economically and environmentally sustainable the companies raised more than $100000000.00 to build a $55.00 c. to plane that aide says would be affordable and produce ciro carbon emissions they hope to have a prototype flying by 2020 it's not the only supersonic aircraft project a number of u.s. startups airlines and even nasa are in the race but commercial aviation has been hit before it's been more than 15 years since the british french concorde stopped flying it was a feat of engineering it could only fly over the sea it supersonic speeds though because of the very noisy sonic boom and despite his popularity it never broke even financially challenges all the computer world has changed his concorde. environment restrictions noice thing around airports have
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a much stricter so how does that fit in on the other hand compensate structures materials see if the modeling engine technology they've all improved. it could be interesting to see how it turns out if supersonic travel becomes a reality again the 7 and a half hour flight between paris new york would be hard and a new generation of people could experience travelling through the sky at breathtaking speed it's all just 0 paris and that's it for me on the team in london let's go back to doha and to fully felicity thank you very much russia's foreign ministry has warned the us against deploying more troops to the middle east conning them or provide. if washington is planning to send iran a 1000 additional troops to the region amid rising tension with iran hours before making that announcement the pentagon released pictures that it says show elite iranian troops removing an unexploded mine from one of the 2 oil tankers hits by
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explosions last week and a televised speech iran's president hassan rouhani insisted his country had nothing to do with what happened to the tank as and he accused the us of trying to stir up conflict. american efforts in the region to cut our relations with the world and isolate iran have all been unsuccessful if certain companies in some countries don't want to cooperate with us because of us pressure we condemn america for this we don't want war with any nation those facing us are a group of politicians with a little experience u.s. secretary of state michael says washington has continued to have dialogue with tehran despite the growing tensions between the 2 countries we have been engaged in many messages even this this moment right here communicating to iran that we are there to deter aggression present trump does not want war and we will continue to communicate that message while doing the things that are necessary to protect american interests in the region. and the u.s.
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secretary of state has stop saudi arabia from being added to a list of countries that recruit child soldiers mychal bell's decision goes against a state department recommendation based on news reports and rights groups assessments claiming the kingdom hired sudanese children to fight for the u.s. backed coalition in yemen foreign militaries on the list are banned from receiving u.s. aid training and weapons. hundreds of ethiopian migrants have returned home from yemen as part of a un repatriation program the international organization for migration says thousands more are waiting to leave held in a football stadium in the port city of aid in b. has more. they left ethiopia for what they hoped would be a life changing opportunity abroad to earn money to support their families now back in the capital addis ababa these migrants say they're disappointed and angry they were sold a lie. the smuggler told me that if i went to saudi arabia i'd earn
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$270.00 a month that was wrong i have a wife and 8 children who expected a lot from me my wife would be upset because i've come back with nothing. in the southern yemeni port city of aden up to 3000 others have also registered for the un fallen tree return program pushed by rule and poverty in the horn of africa many chose yemen because of its close location hoping to cross into wealthier stable gulf countries in search of better living conditions. for now that dream is over but as they prepare to leave aden others are still arriving. this group's journey started in djibouti and took 5 hours over rough seas they say they in jude appalling treatment at the hands of people traffickers. we came by ship there were 20 of us we were so frightened the conditions on the boat were terrible the people smugglers took away for by women. my problem is i badly need to find work.
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for years of who has pushed yemen which was already one of the poorest arab states to the brink of famine despite this the u.n. estimates more than 12000 people take the dangerous sea journey from the horn of africa to yemen every month once they arrive they're often kept in poor conditions in detention centers and face systematic deportation many undeterred by the risks. we know about the war but our problems at home forced us to leave we've tried to bypass series where there's fighting we've not been harmed in so far we've been able to move about freely and. most who arrive in a didn't stay in a suburb called here are facilities all basic made saeed earns money washing cars. the problems in my country resemble those in yemen if my country was safe i'd have
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stayed there there's work in my country but the wages are low migrants returning to add a suburb say they're relieved to be home but they're also worried about the future aware that many of the problems that drove them to leave it here in the 1st place still exist victoria gate and be al jazeera. according kenya has postponed delivering verdicts over the 2015 attack on gary say university the horse aspects face life in prison for the killing of 140 people most of them students they will now learn their fate on wednesday the armed. response ability for the time christian students targeted and killed a 5th student suspects rather was acquitted for lack of evidence. i had on his. time in office gets ready to launch his re-election campaign.
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struggling to find outside of china and questioned by police. under review peter has more coming up in sports. hello the turkey still catching a few showers and some of them have turned out to be rather heavy you can see the latest ones that we've seen they've also been pushing their way up through azerbaijan and into armenia and gradually into the southern parts of russia as well and it's this region again where we're likely to see the majority of the showers as we head through the next few days away from that it's just getting pretty hot now as you'd expect at this time if you say baghdad 40 degrees will be our maximum temperature terror on up at $35.00 and kabul around $31.00 here in doha it's even hotter than that and it's also pretty windy and those winds all going to stick
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around as we head through the next couple of days so a temperature of 45 i think for wednesday maybe not quite as hot for thursday but still a hot blustery day for the south a bit more cloud and certainly a lot more humidity will be around the coast of oman so muscat probably no high then around to $3435.00 degrees further towards the south of this and also a great deal of wet weather across the southern parts of africa at the moment we are seeing the winds gradually push a few areas of cloud on shore around the coast of mozambique and they could just give us one or 2 showers we could also see one or 2 around the coast of madagascar as well but away from there so actually fine and dry a good deal of cloud is likely over the southern parts there as we head through wednesday. freezing winds and rugged terrain and the time seemed impossible. but for afghan traders who braved the will concur into all that it's no choice. combating the
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impossible to sell their goods in isolated areas. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here important are very frustrated because the lack of post storm services with detailed coverage this last month of the bag-o. people's thoughts and say this struggling to make hanson it's just wants a better life from around the world and agnes she has been offered it to those who rebel against the government. except those involved in human rights abuses a war crimes.
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you're watching the news on al-jazeera are a reminder of our top stories turkey's president has shipped typewriter one has told worshippers in the sample that mohammed morsi didn't die naturally egypt's only democratically elected president was buried at a cemetery in cairo a day after he died in court the united nations is demanding an investigation into his death. hundreds of thousands of people in the democratic republic of congo have been dispraise due to increase fighting more than 200 people have been killed in the past week and dozens of villages destroyed in tribal conflicts in ne ne to a province and former london mayor boris johnson has topped the 2nd round of phones in the u.k. conservative party's contest to replace prime minister theresa may 4 other
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candidates remain with another vote scheduled later this week. a u.s. president said to officially launches reelection campaign in the coming hours he will hold a rally in florida a state that was crucial to his victory in 2016 and will be again next year if he hopes to retain the white house committee how could explains why from orlando. meet up voter 2020 u.s. presidential candidates will want to win over radio journalist william dia's is latino undecided and most importantly lives in florida the crown jewel in american politics republicans they are doing an excellent job in florida. they do serve. and you know what a moderate democrat he says republicans are simply more engaged he is came to the united states 30 years ago from venice wella despite president trump's hardline
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immigration policies he is considering voting for trump but he'll need to do more to support those suffering in venezuela more from their adoring. when truck visits orlando on tuesday to officially kick off his campaign it's voters like d.s. hill need to convince trump's record over the past 2 years will be front and center i will build a great great wall trump's biggest $26.00 promise to build a wall along the southern border to stop illegal immigration has proven to be a challenge he was unable to secure funding from congress so he declared an emergency to start construction that's being challenged in the courts a recurring theme throughout his 1st 2 and a half years as his opposition uses legal means to oppose some of his biggest policies those challenges included his travel ban on people from 5 muslim majority countries and although it faced widespread opposition initially trump managed to
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successfully implement it it also helps that he appointed 2 justices to the country's highest court as a candidate trump promised voters america 1st policies he made good on that pledge and angered u.s. allies and now saying he would withdraw the united states from the paris climate accord and pull out of the 2015 agreement to limit iran's nuclear program still the u.s. economy remains steady even as trump has picked fights with china mexico and europe accusing them of unfair trading practices expect to boast about a strong u.s. economy and historically low unemployment even among voters of color despite persistent criticism trauma's policies hurt minority voters. we know that florida is a state that's becoming increasingly brown and i think that's a that's a state where he's going to have to address that issue another problem for donald
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trump trying to convince voters to look past at least 15 investigations in 3 states looking into trump's business charity and campaign and even with the muller report behind him democrats in congress are still investigating generating problematic headlines for a president trying to win reelection can really help get al jazeera orlando and president trump has announced that he will not nominate acting defense secretary patrick shanahan to hold the position in a permanent capacity shanahan became acting defense secretary when his boss james mattis resigned at the end of 2018 is your placement is army secretary mark spit that speech was in jordan in washington d.c. for a strong saying it was china who withdrew his nomination do we know why. well it's because of incidents of domestic violence in his family in the last decade this is information that was not made available to the senate armed services
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committee when it was considering shanahan for his previous job that of a deputy defense secretary and certainly the message was sent from congress that because this had not come up there were going to be difficult questions about whether shanahan could continue to lead the pentagon at a time when the agency itself when the military itself is dealing with endemic issues involving domestic violence sexual assault sexual harassment and rape this is also a situation where the incidents in question went back to 292010 but they were quite violent and it's not even clear whether the president himself donald trump was aware of these incidents in these cases it is alleged in one that shanahan might have been a perpetrator but in the more serious case it involved his now ex-wife and one of his sons who was charged with beating her with a baseball bat the u.s.
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military ross has operated without a defense secretary since december shanahan was in an acting capacity of course is that likely to change anytime soon who's still in the running for the job. well that's a very good question because donald trump had suggested that he was going to send nomination papers for patrick shanahan to the senate for confirmation as the next defense secretary we have heard now from officials on capitol hill who are saying that while they welcome michael espy as the acting defense secretary they want the president to send over a permanent nominee as quickly as possible so that the pentagon has a leader who is acting not just temporarily but actually has all of the full authority is that come with holding that cabinet position this also comes at a time when there is very real concern about the ongoing tensions between the
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united states and iran and there are those both republican and democratic who are questioning whether the trumpet ministration is perhaps navigating a difficult course in part because patrick shanahan did not have a permanent seat at the table and if the u.s. were to be contemplating perhaps some sort of military action against iran should it be doing so while it still does not have permanent people in charge at the pentagon so it's not clear who's going to get the permanent nod there's not been any suggestion at least in the last hour that michael us b. would be getting that nomination but certainly there is already a call from the members of the u.s. congress from the president to send over a permanent name so that person can go through the confirmation process as quickly as possible thank you very much ross was in jordan by force in washington d.c. at present has promised to begin removing millions of undocumented immigrants who ended the u.s.
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illegally the announcement was time to coincide with the launch of his re-election campaign later this tuesday critics say the deportations are not new and what effects those already facing removal want a 1000000 people have been issued final deportation orders by federal charges remain in the u.s. hard in vice president for programs and policy at refugees international he says the immigration department does not have the capacity to remove such a large number of people. given the number of people who have received these orders it's can be quite complicated to execute and be to even look at the possibility that you're going to do so in a way that's going to be humane many of these people are probably have children who are born in the united states some who may be you know citizens and the people you're talking about something back would disrupt social fabric would render families apart in general the policy would be very very difficult and inhumane to implement and there's very little to suggest that the flows from central america or
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elsewhere in latin america or any way being deterred by these types of policies or the announcement of these types of policies people who are fleeing violence in central america are fleeing you know gang violence there so they're freaking there's a feeling general based violence they really they're in such circumstances where they're willing to undertake an incredibly arduous and dangerous journey up through mexico into the united states often forcing them into the hands of small groups and such and so the idea that simply u.s. policy on deportations is going to somehow stem those flows there's very little evidence to suggest that that's going to have that kind of impact now on border crossings between venezuela and colombia have reopened it came as a relief for venezuelans desperate to cross over and get food medicine and other things they can't find that help but as alison that i'm here to report an increase in police numbers means that journey now carries even greater risks for those
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without the right papers. colombian police on the move since business will announce the reopening of illegal crossings in the border city of hundreds of policemen have been tasked with cracking down on venezuelans using illegal paths to enter into full on. officers dismantled dozens of improvised bridges over the river dividing the 2 countries when our in the form field here you can see what's left of the makeshift could also. get the built. thousands use these paths during the 4 months in which venezuela shut the border off and having to pay a fee to criminal gangs to cross. will be good for the military if he's had so far turned a blind eye on documented business where lands but not anymore these men were caught in the country without proper documents and will be the poor to. me that i did not i came here hoping to be able to work and seen money back to venezuela things
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a very difficult back home i have 3 kids and my wife to take care of everything security has been under legal bridges as well in response the venezuelan government announced it will also start to require migration cards for colombians travelling to venezuela. but vanish when migration of very few here and there is one believe every church telling us off camera that it just fell flat from the necessary issue of the car just not working yet and the new requirements have been put. to good has become a lifeline for up to 40000 venezuelans who cross in search of affordable basic food items and medicine on a daily basis at least 4000000 have left been this way left for good in recent years i for the moment the crossings remain open just to pedestrians trailers that the venezuelan government laid across the bridge just to block them remain in place creating long queues but it's an improvement. to give us whatever support i had to
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cross on the path many times and it was very dangerous very scary now with the bridge open even with the container still in place i created a bottleneck but despite it all things are much better a small consolation for the 10s of thousands then we need. this border to remain open to survive as the crisis in the country sees no end in sight alison and. victor. hong kong's leader carrier has offered what she calls her most sincere apology for the way an extradition bail has been handled she's under increasing pressure from protesters a war going eyes large demonstrations demanding her resignation rob mcbride reports from hong kong. with anger still festering in spite of a statement apologizing for handling of this controversy hong kong's leader kerry tried saying sorry in person i personally have to show that much of the responsibility this has led to controversies this pillows and societies in
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society. for this i offer my most sincere apology so all people of hong kong the controversial extradition bill has provoked some of the worst scenes of violence involving police and demonstrators in decades and some of the biggest protest marches ever critics say would allow china to extradite political opponents to face summary trial in mainland courts protesters have been demanding the bill be withdrawn and for lamb to quit she did neither but said that suspending work on the bill would effectively kill it at least for now i have announced that we will suspect and the legislative exercise and immediately that afternoon we put a stop to the legislative exercise by informing the legislative council that the bill will no longer proceed to
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a 2nd reading debate but what caroline is offering still falls short of a complete withdrawal of this bill that it seems could be too much of a loss of face for her by association for beijing but that's exactly what her opponents are still demanding an alliance of pro-democracy and student groups are promising to continue their campaign of opposition carry lamb is actually presenting to the rest of the word that ministration it's going to be a lame duck and ministration because she would have a very hot line governing of hong kong from now on after last sunday's unprecedented march by an estimated 2000000 people opposition groups do not want to lose the momentum but possibly using the expanded ranks of activists in more targeted acts of civil disobedience where more people show that determination i
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believe this kind of massive mobilization will just force. government realized that it's time for them to respond on public you need. to in the what seems certain phone call is set for more political turmoil as the government and its opponents continue their battle of wills bright al-jazeera home. systemic and structural failures that c.s.s. meant of the un's own report looking into its failure to stop a crackdown against iraq in myanmar the $36.00 page report says many agencies under the un did not work together to reach a unified strategy because officials could not agree on whether to take a robust public approach or pursue quiet diplomacy with me on mars government the report also blames the 15 member security council for not doing more to stop the attacks more than $700000.00 muslim rohingya were forced syfy to bangladesh after myanmar's military began its crackdown nearly 2 years ago phil robertson is deputy
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director of the asia division at human rights watch he says the report doesn't go far enough in terms of who should take responsibility for the failure. well if it goes a certain way but really the problem is that they're not naming any names they're not saying who on the u.n. country team or who in new york were responsible for this the problem we have here is that this is a report about accountability where no one is held accountable alternately you know everybody blames the system everybody says that there needs to be better coordination there need to be better communication this is almost a parody of discussions about u.n. reform where you know the system is always to blame but no one is in charge of the system well i think that actually it should have been the un resident coordinator the person who is in charge of the u.n. country team in myanmar who presided over this mass and continually downplayed the severity of the crisis i mean she was basically silencing colleagues who wanted to
9:44 pm
talk up the issues of human rights and an increased warnings about the situation rakhine state instead she's been promoted she's now the u.n. and the court in india so i mean i think once again we see that talk about accountability in the u.n. but really this is a check the box exercise trying to. basically protected myanmar from the kind of sanctions it should have faced from the u.n. security council you know there should have been refer all of what happened in rakhine state to the international criminal court but you know trying as blocking that to so i mean trying to is defending crimes against humanity and genocide by the burmese military and unfortunate because there are a permanent member of the un security council to get away with it. and china has been accused of holding more than a 1000000 muslims including ethnic care gays and kazakhs in its so-called reeducation camps and change on province wide groups in kazakhstan have been trying to help locate and reunite individuals with family members robin force
9:45 pm
a walker has more from. here in the kazakh city of el monte muslims from different communities worship freely together they feel safe from china's so-called reeducation camps across the border in xinjiang province. more than a 1000000 muslims mostly week is but also other ethnic minorities are reportedly being held there in mass detention camps near the border with the central asian republics china says the allegations of this information ethnic. told al-jazeera she was separated from her daughter and held for nearly 2 years. there are a lot of kazakhs. and whose backs everyone gets jailed except for the chinese. they hit us on the head with electric battens our body shake if we spend more than
9:46 pm
2 minutes on the toilet they hit us i was shackles and was beaten for 15 straight months. china's government has released some ethnic kazakhs but those with chinese passports have no guarantee of asylum in kazakstan compared to china because it is relative haven religious freedom but when it comes to human rights abuses in synch. the kazakh of thirty's have tended to remain silent how to look but. lately police have put pressure on minority rights groups who document and assist ethnic kazakhs escaping xinjiang. in march because a police raided the offices of a to george a human rights in geo and arrested its direct acidic. he's accused of calling for war against china and its policies. many catholics worry about xinjiang
9:47 pm
and chinese influence in the region protests in 2016 against lourdes that would have allowed chinese to purchase farmland with the largest years. and you might be china is closely watching what is happening in kazakhstan and is concerned about increasing anti chinese moods because of nationalism could become more radical that's what it has ak and chinese authorities are cooperating on this. and as long as this cooperation last xinjiang the minorities be not get the protection here that they need. al-jazeera. facebook is a step closer to launching a payment system next year powered by a new digital can see is partnered with $30.00 companies to manage the currency called libra it will be run by a geneva base association that includes the send massa con in pay pal facebook will also launch a digital wallets which will let users buy products to retie from platforms like
9:48 pm
instagram so the system comes into ponce money and $1.00 it will be the digital currency based on bank deposits and government bonds and it will have an exchange rate for converting to traditional money users will hold their county in an online wallet called caliber facebook says transactions will take place using block chain the latest in security and its 2000000000 users will be central to the digital canty success but skeptics say facebook's record on privacy and data should be a concern midsole says an attorney at the electronic frontier foundation he says facebook's currency will be less like bitcoin and more like regular payment systems those book is under more scrutiny from national regulators than probably at any time in its history and it's kind of hard to imagine a field that they could go into that would attract more scrutiny for regulators
9:49 pm
than payments particularly crypto currency is no way to tell whether it will be more or less secure than payment systems that already exist what's interesting is that the defining feature of a crypto currency is that they are decentralized what facebook is announcing today it sounds quite centralized although possibly in the hands of a consortium of companies my guess is this is going to end up looking a lot like existing systems and it's really just going to be a matter of who. takes the transaction fee in the middle or who can use this to leverage other parts of their business such as messaging and advertising and so on next on. tell us why ben watch. football match on a tennis court that and all the sports come to states.
9:50 pm
9:51 pm
can't catch up on sports his speech for you thank you very much captain owen morgan produced an incredible hitting display as host england fired off a record breaking performance at the cricket world cup they thought up to afghanistan at old trafford in manchester jonny bairstow set the ball rolling as he made 90 joe root schooled 88 but when morgan came to the crease the big hitting really got going he fired 148 of just $71.00 balls that included 17 sixes an individual record for a one day international match as was the england team total of 256 and the ball
9:52 pm
dispatched to all corners of the ground as in and posted a massive score of 397 for 6. afghanistan never got close in reply just for our church taking 3 wickets says that our do recede a better now they 50 overs for the 1st time at the tournament but only made $247.00 for 8 england winning by 150 runs and they go top of the group table. defending tour de france champion get out and thomas suffered a big setback ahead of this year's race the welshman crashed during tuesday's 4th stage of the tour of switzerland after a collision with zite both riders were taken to hospital thomas' crash comes just days after a 4 time tour de france champion and fellow team in the us rider chris froome was ruled out of the school's flagship event for him is expected to be out for 6 months after suffering multiple fractures in a crash at the criterion do dolphin
9:53 pm
a $2900.00 for france begins on the 6th of july. the former head of european football michel platini has been questioned by french anticorruption investigators it's part of the ongoing inquiry into the awarding of the 2022 world cup let any who's head of u.s. or for 8 years and voted for cutter to host the tournament the 63 year old was banned from football following the 2015 fee for corruption scandal is legal to say he's done nothing wrong our sports correspondent leigh winnings as more according. to the former interior minister claude giant a man implicated in the financial scandals is also helping place with their inquiries now the bigger picture is that of course michel platini is banned from football or was banned for years that's been reduced to 4. in october of this year and that was officially by faith as ethics committee called it disloyal parliament from the day in favor of president of course sepp blatter you'll remember back
9:54 pm
a swell so michel platini can play any part in football he vehemently denies any allegations against him continues to do so whether they're via qatar or anywhere else and he says that he's an innocent man and you're sure that he will be saying that again with this investigation that continues with the french authorities. to spain's leader now in its $340000000.00 and counting for real madrid as they try to regain the title from rivals barcelona tuesday saw last month course show off their latest edition 18 year old brazilian the road rigo teenage forward was silent for a reported $50300000.00. is the 5th big money signing for real this summer the club have already bought has your bitch mindy this offseason. pick up america chile brushed aside japan for now in their 1st game of the tournament the 2 time defending champions are hoping to win
9:55 pm
a hat trick of couple titles on this form you wouldn't bet against them if they. admitted to very poor japanese team in sao paolo goals from eric. giving the chileans a 2 no lead then on 82 minutes something that man united fans have been missing namely a goal from a lexus and the go ahead it was the 1st goal for 5 months and it made the 30 year old these countries all time leading scorer at the copper america centuries then provided an assist for the 4th school by final score chile for japan no actually go to a top of groups. so the women's world cup where italy are one of the surprise package just so far they'll be looking to make it 3 wins from 3 later victories over japan jamaica beg your pardon and australia have already guaranteed them a last 16 place but they'll be hoping to finish top of group c. with a win over brazil defending champions the usa are preparing for their final group
9:56 pm
match against sweden they've scored 16 goals in their 2 games so far but something more important has impressed defender crystal done at this tournament i am seeing so much more diversity and i think that's really all i hope for is year in year out i think it's always progression progressing in the right direction and. you know especially being a woman of color i always root so much for for the black girls that are doing well and i'm always rooting for it just so much diversity in the sport to continue to grow roger federer has got his grass court season off to a winning start world number 3 was a straight sets win over australia as john moment in his 1st match of the hello open federal is looking for a record extending 10th title at this event. now here's ringback something you don't see every day but a football on the tennis court take a look at this. joe wilford song is playing fellow frenchman benwell player in the hello and 1st round and when you lose your record as did their various well just
9:57 pm
play some football is going quite well up until this poorly executed says this could be oh dear. they not only lost his record record but the match to 6 full $75.00. major league baseball is one place where you often see great catches by outfielders and sometimes some other people too this is the los angeles dodgers against the chicago cubs the ball was heading out for a foul ball when it was plucked out of the ball go. go perhaps not too surprisingly and say here that the ball goalies colley habits a former california state university softball player. could skill most of all for me coming up again later farley peter thank you very much for that that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera from me fully back to the whole team here in doha thank you very much for watching live next to my london essentail with military by i forgot.
9:58 pm
this is a dialogue reading about it for months and staying at it on international media and on t.v. why should we stop this conversation with skepticism because there's a lot of that on my everyone has a voice we are being taken advantage of just because we are small community without any network just each helps join the global conversation on out to 0 all they want to do is start to do the same kind of debates we have your history. when the news breaks the inauguration of comedian and actor as president of ukraine
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when people need to be heard there were days when i get involved in the work with no food for my child go to the all way to sleep with an empty stomach with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentary script was russian goals help me achieve none and lightning moves on air and online. monitored trucks quantified m value list data the pain you are holed up in your data your identity is a commodity and we have to understand where i'm from but i come from outside the us it is time to reclaim our cyber selves i happen to them with something that cannot be sold we are creators we are activists we are rebel geeks give us back our data and i just you know. i really felt liberated as
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a journalist was going to get into the truth was that i would love for this job. the u.n. calls for an independent investigation into the death of mohammed morsi. the forces gather across the middle east on a egypt's only democratically elected president. you're watching al-jazeera live from london and also coming up on. the most sincere apology for the way she handled the extradition bill but protesters still want her resignation. and a glimpse into aviation supersonic future imagination takes flights.


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