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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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it's with us and the administration and donald trump in particular have threatened to plunge the world into the darkness of a nuclear war earth korea's increasing military buildup and testing of missiles now presents an apparent threat to japan and beyond across the pacific as far as the united states president trumps belligerent response and even included the threat of overwhelming military action john yang's rhetoric is equally bellicose and though the regime claims that it needs a nuclear strike capability to deter the threat of u.s. aggression there is history here as well there are north korean still living who have personal experience of american bombing during the korean war nearly 70 years ago back in 2010 people in power travel to north korea to investigate claims that some of those bombs contained not high explosive but biological weapons insects deliberately infected with deadly diseases it's a claim that the u.s. has always deny but filmmaker 10 take had unique access to this extraordinary story
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traveling deep inside the country to talk to men who claim to be survivors and attack that american sis never happened here's dirty little secrets. almost 60 years ago this peaceful lake was the scene of either a terrible crime. or a cynical hoax. each of these old man is either a witness to the crime or a participant in that hoax. what happened or never happened here in 952 is the key to one of the most intractable international disputes today. was the 1st armed confrontation of the cold air. the $946.00 the united states unilaterally. divided korea along the 38th parallel.
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when in 1950 north korean forces backed by the army of communist china crossed the border to unify the country america persuaded the united nations to support military action against what washington saw as the global threat of international come. the fact that workers have invaded korea is a warning that there may be similar act of aggression in other parts of the world over the next 3 bloody years an estimated 2000000 soldiers died while many. at least 2000000 civilians were killed or wounded and millions more were made homeless. but early in 1952 north korea claimed that villages throughout the country were suffering unprecedented outbreaks of bubonic plague anthrax and typhus. it accused the united
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states of bacteriological warfare dropping germ bombs containing insects shellfish and feathers infected with plague as well as anthrax and color. america angrily denied the claim. being just released films lay bare the shocking truth behind communist charges of germ warfare in korea and ever since the germ warfare allegations have been dismissed as communist propaganda from an isolationist rogue state that is broadcast by the communist propaganda machine throughout the world. today north korea is the most impenetrable state on the planet. yes over the past 20 years professor mary mustard taka a leading japanese academic has gradually won the confidence of paean young secretive rulers. held by the i don't call us.
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shows how was i not only saigon order sent as a one of us so they must. now mari has persuaded p.r. nyang to allow our cameras to follow him through his latest visit it is an unprecedented step foreign journalists are routinely banned from entering north korea we will be working under strict control told where and what we can film and accompanied by government officials at all times. yet we will also be taken deep into the heart of this most hidden country to meet men who claim to have witnessed america's use of germ warfare firsthand. in the center of pyongyang the korean army maintains
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a vast museum dedicated to documenting its version of the war with america. inside professor morey examines a room given over to what north korea claims to be direct evidence of germ warfare by the united states including specimen jars filled with flies mosquitoes and fleas all allegedly infected with deadly pathogens is it the has what the disease typhoid cause there are pests like this a heavy disease is injects like a small boy says into the insects and the thoughts inside lead to small drops into the evidence it's not. according to north korea american pilots dropped specially adapted bombs these carried no explosives but split open to release the infected insects which would then pass on the diseases to the local population so this is to
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joan joan long as it is i'd like to speak bombs they put some insects. i mean this 34 kinds of insects. c in a separate projection room mari is given a private screening of what north korea claims is new skill shot in 1952. the footage appears to show masses of insects crawling on snow covered ground beside the bomb casings a highly unusual phenomenon. and also logic in your new. concerto that isn't even any. and all songs i thought i didn't notice and. that there i don't i. i want out you know the rest of us but
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humans from which country where these insects are dropped by american pilots or placed here by north korean propagandists is this evidence of a war crime or is america claims merely crude propaganda you don't want you to meet . him and so they call it one density care or cut out ever she will kill me i wished he was going to show his things that are serving us sekai no . court orders let the national. committees and commissions that you know. some of his in a campaign that do so you must and then know hoga you're a quick start their. cause had attained for your discharge. the. dawn of
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a pyongyang. at 7 am government sirens wake the city summoning its people to begin a new day's work. mori master tucker is leaving pyongyang and heading out into north korea's rural hinterland in search of people who claim to have witnessed and survived germ warfare. but the very nature of this country means that he is completely reliant on the p.r. nyang government to provide his transport and to put forward his interviewees. on the outskirts of one g. a village 45 kilometers east of pyongyang 2 elderly farmers are waiting to meet him . you've been
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a toxic loss their fathers during the war both claim that an american plane dropped a german bomb close to the village. has been preserved you must have call it global q will you be gentle need to bully. has another. bore hole in the. danny in view going to. you now in you. mind you're making a very probably 27 tomorrow night. with your mate during the war captured american pilots made filmed confessions in which they admitted
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dropping bombs filled with infected insects on north korean villages might never be clean. i mean not many not. only will they didn't see or don't don't you donna you're wrong medicine or your. kid i mean my thoughts go came in he. saw me. and the kid didn't hear them and now. to be there when i am or and there could. be. and then when. i have eyes in the arm of. is here getting
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a. new human that i hear in monotone that i thought. many asses to me me. isn't that i'm the 2nd guy in one goalie i love you all i know what to do but in the pay your money to walk there. i guess you might say oh i want to. go ahead and do it was told. in there filmed confessions the american air force officers expressed apparently genuine remorse for their actions how can i go back and take my family and them alive or. i cannot help me think that i am a criminal and i would be mad. but when they returned home at the end of the war they all retracted their confessions so where does the truth lie for professor mori at least the north korean witnesses are the more convincing there are
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thousands on all here i. know them in a code of mess and it's gonna. kokanee is own static kill any time of the. night but this is also one economist's. there were images in stocks terminal kinetic. and you talk. as i was asking that over to him not in any. mores mission is taking him deeper into north korea's a rural hinterland and into the areas most heavily bombed during the war. will be a matter on village in the east of the country he meets cheik young stock in 1982 he was in his final year at school how. can you get to that in the whole building
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down from hong who you knew was in a clean water. tank then going on to go to school but what if you. are to me because i thought of it but now there's a. apologizing to. cammy amanita the need that i would in a death a content in order that i not again. in march 952 this peaceful rural area was heavily bombed by the us air force. by then the war ground to a stalemate and. american military chiefs had already dropped thousands of tons of napalm and were considering a nuclear strike. but the people of mataram village claimed to have been the victims of a very different weapon my own. he
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go below could that mean he told me would he. think. you could put in there. who would make a good look and servants he. calmly i would whom you would thing then there. would be wooers have a case or poem you can book me can you tell me you don't have or do you need to keep the why will you take it in the. long cause. if you get there. then you know i know somebody that. could be home since you. according to the villages within days many of them fell sick and began to die the symptoms apparently consistent with bubonic plague
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a disease with no recent history in korea. already killing your one. also one of the people who got on. board 100 more normal overall parking people who can determine what part of what i thought you would hold on i'm not sure how delightful. you're going to. go. i'm going to law. there's all. the time to work through. who want to rule we're not talking about right awful. special car to crash or. all of that but. they be ok in just signing in the here yet they still have. the music on the play came with us no . no no no no it's not up. so you sure are going to know that i put you on with us
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now that i. i've got to clear the state decides for me isn't about but mari knows that testimony from north korean citizens will not be enough to convince a skeptical world that the united states used germ warfare in korea say your higher stuff so i just saying no choice are a honey he i going to need in a creditable dollar he joins. us. in fact within months of the allegations being made the north koreans did invite an international commission to visit the country . composed of scientists from france italy sweden the soviet union and brazil and led by a distinguished if left leaning british embryologist it toured the affected areas interviewed the sick and the dying and carried out a detailed analysis of their infections. the commission's $600.00 page report included results of post-mortems on the victims these identified plague typhoid
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cholera and anthrax. it concluded the germ warfare had been deployed exactly as the north koreans claimed but despite its wealth of scientific evidence it was dismissed by america as communist this information. moment excellent isn't there and you know i got used to news you know i had a. son she know or. by sending this person. the. whole are talking to what are you doing. today at the 38th parallel korea remains divided north and south korea remain technically at war every hour of every day the border guards square up to each
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other across the symbolic dividing line under the constant gaze of american forces . but because search for information about biological warfare in korea will take him far away from this disputed border. carbon northeastern china. in the 1930 s. and 1940 s. japan occupied this part of china. inside these brick buildings a division of the imperial japanese army units 731 carried out grotesque human experiments as a result japan became the 1st country ever to perfect the technology of biological warfare. agents in this.
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situation and. said early. on the. fate of. color to mean. the trash the japanese experiments exposed to bare living. victims insects or shellfish infected with plague anthrax and cholera while weapons experts created unique bombs to deliver these pathogens to their target during world war 2 japan dropped thousands of these bombs throughout northern china infecting towns and villages with plague.


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