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tv   Inside Story 2019 Ep 169  Al Jazeera  June 19, 2019 2:32pm-3:02pm +03

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it's a shock here to pay their respects hundreds prayed while surrounded by tight security in a village people throughout the middle east have also been remembering president morsi politicians into nazir held a prayer for him despite concerns that could be seen as a political gesture elections are being held there later in the year hundreds of people gathered to remember him in libya's capital tripoli. well in turkey the president attended prayers and raised concerns about how morsi died and in casula has more learned from istanbul. this is a special financial service for egypt's former president mohamed morsy hundreds of people gathered in a stumbles far to moscow to honor his life and struck of. busy egyptians here already agree. i was something changed in egypt after his death and we're not to forget him because he was a good leader show us oh yeah people here believe despite the loss of
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a leader the revolution will continue history shows that i am not a leader this is a group created and their leaders is walking around other leaders will continue or muslim but of the worlds of the world are millions. in the capital ankara hundreds gathered outside the egyptian embassy in protest. to talk is opposition leader criticized the charges morsi had faced and said the former leader should have been buried with the presidential honors earlier to say mosques like this one held prayers for deposed president mohamed morsy took a soft religious body had called for the nationwide special service many people here took part to remember the tips in leaders and protests against his treatment while in prison former politicians and most his cabinet believe the egyptian government's neglect of more so while in prison led to his death they had their mind either the cause of the surrender and the knowledge that otherwise they were
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killed or so they waited for years you know killing him through a slow process of medical negligence what i would write again basic healthcare having dependents international transparent investigation on the circumstances of these that. this is the least the international community should do after the very years so many years. they can this is. of their could it is schools for taking care of. turkeys present treasure typepad john attended one of the special prayers in istanbul he said there are doubts about this case and blamed egyptian president dr fattah how $64.00 morse's death and that of other dissidents. i do not believe that morsi is death is a natural one such cowards that they are they did not hand over mohammed morsi is body to his family baton has spoken out strongly against each of stupid 1013
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military coup that toppled morsi especially after turkey's own failed military coup nearly 3 years ago see an m.p.'s all of al-jazeera stumbled. still ahead here on al-jazeera much awaited un report to be released into the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi will examine everything we know so. the west and sponsored by qatar. hello today's warnings are in serbia this is warnings of wondering thunderstorms might produce brief flooding anywhere in eastern europe could have been subject to this as well the hot weather is talking to the west and sort of pushing the hot weather out of the way again is this cold front across the bay of biscay in northern spain so passes a 25 as your example 30 in southern france we see 3132 recently so this is
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generally fairly warm up as far north as probably denmark beyond that you can see the line of green which is rain rather than thunderstorms these are thunderstorms there are some pretty heavy downpours in turkey recently there repeatable for the next 2 days slow moving big downpours and you can see the potential exists elsewhere in eastern europe passes down to 20 in london or search 20 on thursday so fresh air behind if you like 22 this mass is probably going to be sundry as well expect some fireworks in the skies in switzerland and that is all quiet although there are showers as fast as the tip of italy the clouds you might see in north africa is doing no more than just being a bit of cloud inland term she's a high forty's 43 down us one but around the coast with no more than 30 or 31 for the most part. the weather is sponsored by cattle and always.
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changing society by tackling women socially she is. in its last episode soapbox discovers the drama behind the scenes as it reduces day facing the mothers of disabled children and confronts social stigmas by broadcasting the well. child. disease you. talk about you're watching officer of the whole robin a reminder of our top stories at least 2 people have been injured after a rocket not far from the headquarters of several foreign oil companies in the southern iraqi city of basra
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a 2 iraqi workers were injured paul trump has officially begun his 2020 presidential reelection campaign he launched a fiery attack on his political opponents and the media as he vowed to keep america great. opposition politicians in hong kong are pushing for a vote of no confidence against the city to carry land a day after she apologized for trying to rush through changes to the extradition law the proposals have been shelved after massive protests. the un special rapporteur is due to release a long awaited report into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi late on wednesday and early findings that the scoutmaster of the killing at the saudi consular office in istanbul last october was premeditated. as well. he was killed 9 months ago his murder and the whereabouts of his body remain a mystery. but the gruesome descriptions from an audiotape turkish shared with world leaders caused an international outcry and calls for the perpetrators to be
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brought to justice it all started on october the 2nd when washington post columnist . and the saudi consulate in istanbul to retrieve documents for his upcoming wedding this is the moment he entered the building a few minutes later he was killed by a hit squad sent from saudi arabia the murder strained relations between turkey and saudi arabia turkish officials accuse the kingdom of stalling the investigation and undermining efforts to find out what happened inside the consulate. called for an international investigation that was rejected by a riyadh u.n. investigator and special report or. has investigated the case. was denied access to the saudi consulate but her team listened to an audiotape
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detailing. why not moments really interesting will be if she doesn't name people and it's the same as the 5 people apparently on trial at risk of their lives in saudi arabia or whether she names others and so i think the alternative just named people that it will in some way implicate the state as a body and that's much more difficult to tie down to a criminal charge it becomes it is much more diffuse and less for the activist or for turkey to grab hold of maybe maybe he did they did not make that assessment the trump administration made a few statements denouncing the murder of hostility but states short of taking action but $22.00 bipartisan members of the senate called for an investigation into how. the cia believe calm principal. ordered the assassination
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if there isn't and same in regarding the killing it's going to put more pressure on the trucking ministration overall but it's not necessarily going to make them decide to cut ties in terms of military funding to saudi arabia it will help feed in to the pressure from congress in particular and congress is likely to use that as an argument for cutting future weapon sales to saudi arabia 500 trump is trying to bypass congressional approval for an $8000000000.00 arms sale to saudi arabia the move was widely criticized by the congress after initially denying any involvement in this murder saudi arabia. knowledged the journalist was killed after a fight broke out with the people he met of the consulate saudi arabia's narrative about how she has it changed over time from denial to acknowledging the journalist's murder was premeditated but turkey and the u.n. inquiry team are still trying to figure out what exactly happened on october 2nd
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and if the order to kill them. came from the highest authorities here we are about al-jazeera islam board well the u.s. secretary of state has prevented saudi arabia from being added to the list of countries that recruits child soldiers his own department said the kingdom should be added for allegedly using sudanese children to fight in yemen can strike has more from washington d.c. . al-jazeera has been reporting on child soldiers operating in yemen since the beginning of that country's civil war 4 years ago and our recent exclusive video shows evidence of them being recruited by saudi arabia desperately poor under-age fighters lured by promises of money to defend the saudi border against who the rebels never use their weapons not a gun or rifle you know him because he told us we'd be working in a kitchen and making 3000 soldiers. and now researchers from the u.s.
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state department have reached a similar conclusion reuters reports the researchers found evidence of saudi arabia trafficking child soldiers from sudan but secretary of state mike bump aoe has refused to add saudi arabia to a list of countries that recruit child soldiers the list is part of a global human trafficking report that the u.s. government compiles annually donald trump has decided to marry the united states to saudi arabia so saudi arabia can do no wrong which includes assassinating and then melting or chopping into pieces a journalist inside a saudi consulate and employing large numbers of child soldiers president trump has leaned heavily on saudi arabia as an economic and military ally refusing to condemn the kingdom for the murder of u.s. based journalist jamal khashoggi the state department did not respond to questions
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about saudi arabia recruiting child soldiers but said in a statement the united states condemns the unlawful recruitment and use of child soldiers we place great importance on ending the practice wherever it occurs some members of congress from both parties have moved to block $8000000.00 in u.s. arms sales to saudi arabia but what's happening in yemen is a humanitarian disaster that has been exacerbated by the very weapons we. giving the saudis in order to fight this conflict in yemen and create untold humanitarian disaster human rights watch says thousands of civilians have been killed in yemen and 14000000 people are at risk of starvation and death there's no accounting of how many deaths are that of child soldiers with the u.s. state department now refusing to acknowledge saudi arabia's role in their fate hi
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peter castro al jazeera washington. systematic and structural failures fancy assessment of the us own report into its failure to stop the crackdown against rangar muslims in me and more the $36.00 pleasure paul says many agencies under the u.n. did not work together to reach of the unified strategy and that's because officials could not agree on whether to take a robust public approach or pursue quiet diplomacy with me and miles government the vote also blames the 15 member security council for not doing more to stop the attacks more than 700000 were forced to flee into bangladesh after mammals military began its crackdown nearly 2 years ago phil robertson is deputy director of the asia division of human rights watch he says the report doesn't go far enough. well if it goes a certain way but really the problem is that they're not naming any names they're not saying who on the u.n. country team or who in new york were responsible for this the problem we have here
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is that this is a report about accountability where no one is held accountable alternately you know everybody blames the system everybody said that there needs to be better coordination there need to be better communication this is almost a parody of discussions about u.n. reform where you know the system is always to blame but no one is in charge of the system well i think that actually it should have been the un resident coordinator the person who is in charge of the u.n. country team in myanmar who presided over this mass and continually downplayed the severity of the crisis i mean she was basically silencing colleagues who wanted to talk up the issues of human rights and an increased warnings about the situation rakhine state instead she's been promoted she's now the u.n. and the court in india so i mean i think once again we see that talk about accountability in the u.n. but really this is a check the box exercise trying to. basically protected myanmar from the kind of
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sanctions it should have faced from the u.n. security council you know there's going to refer all of what happened in rakhine state to the international criminal court but you know trying as blocking that to so i mean trying to is defending crimes against humanity and genocide by the burmese military and unfortunate because they're a permanent member of the u.n. security council they get away with it move or there's tanks and maleo plunging the country deeper into a cycle of ethnic silence nearly 100 people were killed that we go cheering on going cold and welcome when went to mali to reach in to speak to some who fled the violence. on society as has she liked life in have pillaged who armed men set it on fire. she's just 7 years old he shot her neighbors and stole cowles she fled with her family a lot of. the walk was very difficult it lasted 5 days we had nothing to eat or
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drink we carried what we could but the militia found us again and took everything so we arrived here with only the clothes we were wearing. i said and her family are among nearly 50000 people who fled violence here in central mali militia connected to the for lonny and ethnic groups have attacked each other's communities in recent months. people here for lonnie herders now they stay in this camp on the edge of the town of several. they left behind the houses and made of bricks now living in shelters made of dry grass only the lucky ones were able to bring their livestock they depend on for their survival many animals were killed or stolen in the conflict in the animals really to be taken out there on to the plains to be grazed but it's not the same. conflict in the north and the lack of presence of the government based in the south and the influx of arms have fueled the growing
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violence in mali center about 150 felonies were massacred this village 3 months ago and nearly 100 gone's were massacred in this village last week after the attacks villages deserted. and the camps for the displaced steadily grow.


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