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activists we are. give us back our data and i just say you know. the only thing these corrupt politicians will understand is that quake at the ballot box. light on plans but heavy on attacks donald trump launches his bed for another term in the white house. comes around when you're watching al jazeera live one headquarters here in doha also coming up a much awaited u.n. report is to be released into the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi will examine everything we know so far. also we hear from a young survivor of massacres that have killed hundreds of people and wiped out villages in central mali. and 70000000 people worldwide to the unprecedented number
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of souls to flee conflict and persecution. welcome to the program all those stories coming up but we begin in iraq where these 2 people have been injured by a rocket targeting the headquarters of several foreign oil companies the rocket came down south of bands right assigned to exxon mobil shell and other energy giants operate iraq's government says oil exports haven't been interrupted in june has the latest from baghdad. according to iraqi security officials a katyusha rocket landed in a compound which is in the vicinity of foreign oil companies and also the iraqi oil drilling company in basra we are told by security officials that at least 2 iraqi employees of the iraqi oil drilling company have been injured as a result we've also been told that exxon mobil which is one of the foreign oil
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companies which is how it is in that area has decided to evacuate 20 employees as a result of this attack also we're told that oil production in that area has not been affected by this attack now all of this coming at a time of course of increased tensions between the u.s. and iran both major allies of iraq and also coming at a time when it is perceived here that there are more attacks that are targeting what are thought to be foreign interests in the country in the last several weeks you had numerous times when rockets or mortars were fired close to areas that are housing u.s. troops there are about $5200.00 u.s. troops remaining in iraq also just in may there was a mortar attack in the green zone that mortar landing that rocket landing in an area close to the u.s. embassy and also in may you had u.s. secretary of state mike pompei who made an unannounced visit to iraq to speak to officials here about what he claimed to be increased threats toward american
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interests in iraq now iraq has been really at the epicenter of a flurry of diplomatic activity of late just in the past several weeks you had of course that aforementioned visit of u.s. secretary of state. you also had the visit of the foreign minister of germany the foreign minister of oman and today the emir of kuwait. the dad to discuss with his counterparts this is a state visit high on the agenda will be talking about how to deescalate these unprecedented tensions in the region. for the hustle rouhani says scaling back his country's commitments into the 2015 nuclear deal is the minimum he's taking rising tensions with the u.s. meanwhile his defense minister rejects allegations that iran is prepared to turn to oil because in the gulf in the last week dosage of already has the latest. for the 1st time the reigning in defense minister has spoken publicly about the incidents that took place in the gulf of oman on june 13th after
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a weekly cabinet meeting iranian defense minister amir hatami said that we categorically deny and strongly condemn the accusations made against their arms armed forces about the tanker incidents now interestingly enough for the 1st time the defense minister is painting a different picture of what actually took place on that morning of june 13th in the gulf of oman he says that the when the iranian forces got close to the tankers to help the sailors on board told them that another boat was there to help them before the iranians arrived so that according to the defense minister it means that the americans arrived before the iranians and that what they claim that there is a recorded clip is not really showing the iranians coming to help this is a very interesting development in the dispute that has been going on about who is responsible for these attacks the iranians say they're not taking the blame for this they have nothing to do with it but the americans are saying they have evidence now these the evidence that they provided is being disputed by the
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iranians in other developments the according to the spokesman for iran's atomic energy organization that line that's been set by president hassan rouhani for the europeans to come back with a response to what the iranians say has been economic war that's been waged on them since the americans withdrew from the nuclear deal that that will no longer be extended that was never an option so on june july 7th the europeans have to respond to the iranians and their demands under the agreements for the time being all the recent tension that's been escalating in this region between the united states and iran the iranians say that's because of the americans withdrawal from the nuclear agreement. well the un special rapporteur is due to release her long awaited report into the murder of saudi journalists shot you later on wednesday in early findings like this says the killing of the saudi consulate in istanbul last october was
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premeditated. as well. he was killed 9 months ago his murder and the whereabouts of his body remain a mystery. but the gruesome descriptions from an audiotape turkish shared with world leaders caused an international outcry and calls for the perpetrators to be brought to justice it all started on october the 2nd when washington post columnist . entered the saudi consulate in istanbul to retrieve documents for his upcoming wedding this is the moment he entered the building a few minutes later he was killed by a hit squad sent from saudi arabia. the murder strained relations between turkey and saudi arabia turkish officials accuse the kingdom of stalling the investigation and undermining efforts to find out what happened inside the consulate.
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called for an international investigation that was rejected by a. u.n. investigator and special report. has investigated the case. was denied access to the saudi consulate but her team listened to an audiotape detailing kashyap says why not moments really interesting will be if she doesn't name people and it's the same as the 5 people apparently on trial at risk of their lives in saudi arabia or the few names of those and so i think the alternative is named people that it will in some way implicate the state as a body and that's much more difficult to tie down to a criminal charge it becomes it is much more diffuse and less for the activist or for turkey to grab hold of maybe maybe he did they did not make that assessment the
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trump administration made a few statements denouncing the murder of hostility but states short of taking action but $22.00 bipartisan members of the senate called for an investigation into how. the cia believe calm principal. ordered the assassination if there isn't and same in regarding the killing it's going to put more pressure on the trucking ministration overall but it's not necessarily going to make them decide to cut ties in terms of military funding to saudi arabia it will help feed in to the pressure from congress in particular and congress is likely to use that as an argument for cutting future weapon sales to saudi arabia 500 trump is trying to bypass. congressional approval for an $8000000000.00 arms sale to saudi arabia the move was widely criticised by the congress after initially denying any involvement in this murder saudi arabia acknowledged the journalist was killed
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after a fight broke out with the people he met at the consulate saudi arabia's narrative about how she has it changed over time from denial to acknowledging the journalists murder was premeditated but turkey and the un inquiry team are still trying to figure out what exactly happened on october 2nd and if the order to kill them. came from the highest authorities here we are about i'll just is the board let's head to asia pacific no opposition politicians in hong kong are pushing for a vote of no confidence against the city's leader kerry lamb a day after she apologized for trying to rush through changes to the extradition law that members of the legislative council are meeting for the 1st time since huge protests forced the government to suspend the bill demonstrators say they'll keep flooding the streets until the extradition changes are scrapped altogether and learn resigns. not all trumpeters lost his campaign to be reelected as u.s.
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president in a speech to his supporters trump attacked his political opponents and doubled down on his 2016 election promises al-jazeera is white house correspondent kimberly how kit was at the rally in orlando in the state of florida. some started lining up at the rain and heat more than a day to advance just to attend donald trump's official 2020 presidential campaign kickoff most for exactly what you'd expect to find at a truck rally whites older conservative voters but there were a lot of exceptions like jessica newberry i'm 100 percent strong supporter and yes i'm a lesbian and yes i have biracial kids. it's conducive to making money the people want to live. for free i think he's going to win the presidency or get reelected richard. pryor. support between democrats and republicans is almost an even split in florida the state will be critical if
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trump hopes to capture the white house again in 2020 i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a 2nd term as president and. the campaign's efforts to register independent voters are more sophisticated than a 2016 trumps also counting on his advantage as the incumbent we've really done it and we've rebuilt our military are still in the process we take good care of our vets we've cut the hell out of regulations you know i've cut more regulations then any president in the history of our country regardless of the leg of their tour the whole show worrying signs like if the election were held today against former democratic vice president joe biden trump would lose and despite a strong economy trumps approval rating is at just 44 percent much of the country loathes his policies and continues to protest his rallies that is
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a la the fake news back there that's. trump is also under investigation by democrats energized by their takeover of the house of representatives last year . still among trump's supporters none of that seems to matter donald trump is counting was $40000.00. election day is still more than 16 months away that's why donald trump is traveling to miami for a high dollar fundraiser the minimum price of admission 1st $100000.00 can really get challenges here on earth orlando well that's coming up but still ahead here on out is there are calls for an investigation into the death of egypt's former president mohamed morsy in court as long as pay their respect in his hometown.
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hello curiously the cloud has cleared the skies from the philippines westwards it was to vietnam and those showers of building over water or over western borders are soon a ways he's in the clear and same is true throughout the arms of the philippines that some more showers will build no type but the knee further west sort of work for example maybe central thailand vietnam not so nor laos and cambodia surprisingly maybe the monsoon rains are being given a bit of a kick after all they are late over india little change in the forecast for fraud except maybe more in sudden vietnam cambodia so the way i see in the dole still potentially went but java and bali draw i enjoy the sunshine there of course it remains humid. in australia things are a little quieter than they were you still see that frontal system leaving tasmania
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which means a behind its road to be good not very warm only just to double figures in melbourne adelaide or even sydney only 14 degrees and townsville is cold again at $22.00 perth remains fairly steady $1617.00 is a little bit warmer come friday rather more cloud developing in western australia but the sun still shines mostly in tasmania new south wales and victoria. freezing winds and rugged terrain and at times seem impossible. but for afghan traders the brave there will kankar a door that is no choice. can batting the impossible to sell their goods and isolated areas so. we follow that daring journeys as they overcome the extremes. risking it all afghanistan on al-jazeera.
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welcome back you're watching after their with me still running a reminder of our top stories at least 2 people have been injured after a rocket struck not far from the headquarters of several foreign oil companies in the southern iraqi city of basra. and a u.n. investigator is due to release her long awaited report into the murder of the saudi journalist of market should she in the next hour and early findings like this column are says the killing inside the saudi consular office in istanbul last october was premeditated. and ultra preservation began his 2020 presidential reelection campaign he launched
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a fiery attack on his political opponents and the media but he vowed to keep america great. a record 70000000 people worldwide have been forced from their homes by war oppression and conflict that's according to a un refugee agency and just to compare that figure is equal to the entire population of thailand now the total includes $26000000.00 who are fleeing their countries and $41000000.00 who are displaced within their own borders the report marks a sharp increase in people fleeing the economic and humanitarian crisis in venezuela where at least 4000000 have left in the past year. is the un hates the high commissioner joins me now live from berlin thank you very much for your time so we don't have valuable it is i mean your report describes this as a worrying increase in terms of 2300000 extra to reach that horrible figure of 70000000 that you're talking about i mean the main causes seem to be the usual suspects don't they wall persecution and conflict.
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indeed this figure and especially this trend that every year sees a higher figure is the symptom is the symbol of a world without peace or rather a world in which making peace has become very very difficult so that continues to be the main cause of force these placement indeed i mean while syria north africa have been a major concern over recent years and certainly the focus of global attention your attention really has moved to the americas where we're seeing more problems in the south of the continent yes indeed the this phenomenon this figure indicates a global issue it's not confined to one region of the other and latin america which for many years would have been considered a relatively stable part of the world now is the theater of if you
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crisis we see people moving from the northern part of central america we see people moving from nicaragua into costa rica and perhaps the biggest movement of all people moving out of venice well aware of the crisis continues not to be resolved into a lot of different neighboring countries indeed your report details for example refugees 25900000 asylum seekers 3500000 internally displaced people 41300000 all important democratic groups and all of seen an increase in the numbers according to your report i mean which of those groups gives you more cause for concern and requires really urgent review or attention from the international community i would say that both the refugees and displaced people need that tension displaced people are particularly difficult to assist because they are often in conflict situations so you have to work through
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all. combat zones the frontlines but what worries me or what needs more attention perhaps i should say is that another statistic that 85 percent up to almost 90 percent of those 70000000 you spoke about are actually not in the rich world they are in countries next to the crisis are and these are usually poor countries middle income countries countries that do not have enough resources to bear this big responsibility alone so we need to focus really on supporting those countries and trying to address the problems there as a matter of urgency before we come to what politicians can do is there any encouraging news from the trends that you'll see any glimmer of hope that things either can or will improve.
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even in a related sphere i think yes. you know i we we you're quite right to define that figure horrible but let's also put it in perspective we live in a world of 7000000000 people surely we must find we can find ways to address crises in the plural affecting 70000000 out of 7000000000 people so it is possible we have a compact on breakthrough g.'s we are already applying that compact that was approved by the united nations late last year we were applying it in about 15 countries with some initial good concrete results so some progress is happening but if we've picked time any needs attention resources investments and so forth indeed . mr gandhi i mean at the end of the day it's up to the world's politicians and diplomats and it may even save the economist perhaps to find a way to solve this crisis but the world is politically fractured as we've just
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discussed on so many levels i mean one wonders where you start as an agency to make the decision makers see the enormity of the problem that your facing and the problem that they need to deal with the ground level in terms of their policy making and their sort of international connections and friendships which could perhaps solve problems. you're absolutely right and you know we hear politicians i hear politicians every day telling me that refugee flows are a big problem in their country ok if that is true i'm not so sure it is true but they feed that these true it should be a motivation to work together i repeat the work together to try and address the root causes of that displacement because otherwise the problem we continue to be with us and become bigger you know look at the security council you often speak about it in your programs the security council has difficulty finding the necessary
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unity i'm not even saying to address the fundamental issues of peace and security but even the humanitarian consequences of that look at the debate on yemen that the debate on syria so if that unity of intent in the political domain is not found we will not solve the problem of force displacement and then publications will continue to tell me that we have to handle it with great caution because it is politically dangerous for the moment we will leave it there and see what the reaction is to your report on a global level for the moment we're going to thank so much for joining us from berlin sir thank you vito. thank you very much. the victims of into ethnic attacks in mali are demanding better protection to prevent what they call massacre's entire villages have been wiped out in the war between the magic her dozen farmers trying to protect their crops but some survivors have been telling our reporter welcome webb how they are to run for their lives. on
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a society as has she liked life in her village before armed men set it on fire. she's just 7 years old he shot her neighbors and stole cowles she fled with her family a lot of. the walk was very difficult it lasted 5 days we had nothing to eat or drink we carried what we could but the militia found us again and took everything so we arrived here with only the clothes we were wearing. i said and her family are among nearly 50000 people who fled violence here in central mali militia connected to the for lonny and ethnic groups have attacked each other's communities in recent months. people here for lonnie herders now they stay in this camp on the edge of the town of several. they left behind the houses and made of bricks now living in shelters made of dry grass. only the lucky ones were able to bring their livestock
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they depend on for their survival many animals were killed or stolen in the conflict and the animals really need to be taken out there on to the plains to be grazed but it's not saying. conflict in the north and the lack of presence of the government based in the south and then influx of homs have fueled the growing violence in mali center about a 150 felonies were massacred this village 3 months ago. and nearly 100 gone's were massacred in this village last week after the attacks villages at deserted. and the camps for the displaced steadily grow people here need help and. when these people come here they need everything they lost everything it is often people who had to leave quickly and urgently they've left everything behind everything was destroyed the needs are enormous especially those
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of children dozens of children have been killed in the massacres those that survived the attacks and lead to the camps and missed school. children's funders organized classes in tents like this one not just to resume education but also to provide a safe space for those who witnessed her reflect violence. did you guys are all i mean i think with education we can minimize the trauma they come with really atrocious memories but since we started the classes and activities the education games it minimizes. before the conflict finale had as gray's gone the cows for them bought food on the farm and. inside many of the camps 2 groups mix but outside the once peaceful coexistence is falling apart malcolm webb al-jazeera mopti region mali. the un has demanded
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a ferret independent investigation into the death of egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi he never regained consciousness after collapsing in court on monday the u.n. human rights office says the inquiry should examine how he was treated while in prison the statement went on to say as a former president mohamed morsy was in the custody of the egyptian authorities at the time of his death the state is responsible for ensuring he was treated humanely and that is right to life and health were respected and the sudden death in custody must be followed by a prompt impartial thorough and transparent investigation carried out by an independent body to clarify the cause of death the more she was buried in cairo to the government refused to allow a funeral in his hometown was still gathered in morse's native province of shockey to pay their respects surrounded by security forces. people throughout the middle east have been remembering more politicians in tunisia held a prayer for him despite concerns it could be seen as
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a political gesture elections are being held in the hundreds of people also gathered to remember him in libya's capital tripoli. and in turkey present where they tend to prayers and raise concerns about how morsi died so has more from istanbul 0000 this is a special funeral service for egypt's former president mohamed morsy hundreds of people gathered in a stumbles farted mosque to honor his life and struck a. egyptians here already agree. i was something since egypt after he died and we're not going to forget him because he was a good leader show us oh yeah people here believe despite the loss of the leader the revolution will continue history shows that i'm not a leader is created and their leader is walking and other leaders will continue or muslim brotherhoods of the world are millions. in the capital ankara
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hundreds gathered outside the egyptian embassy in protest one with talk is opposition leader criticized the charges morsi had faced and said the former leader should have been buried with presidential honors earlier to say mosques like this one held prayers for deposed president mohamed morsi tricky soft religious body had called for the nationwide special service many people here to part to remember the tips in leaders and protest against his treatment while in prison former politicians and most his cabinet believe the egyptian government's neglect of more so while in prison led to his death they had their mind their course of what was it the surrender and the knowledge that it otherwise they would kill for so they waited for years you know killing him through a slow process of medical negligence or that would provide again basic health care having an independent international transparent investigation on the circumstances
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of his that. this is the least the international community should do after very years so many years of negligence. of the good video stores for taking care of any . turkeys present treasure typepad john attended one of the special prayers in istanbul he said there are doubts about this case and blamed egyptian president dr fatah hull city for moshe's death and that of other dissidents. when i'm sure i do not believe that morsi is death is a natural one such cowards that they are they did not hand over mohammed morsi is body to his family that iran has spoken out strongly against ages 2013 military coup that toppled morsi especially after turkey's own failed military coup nearly 3 years ago seen m.p.'s all of al-jazeera stumbled. the climate experts have released an image showing the rapid ice melt in greenland. with sled dogs appearing to walk
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on water they were on their way to retrieve measuring equipment in the northwest of the island scientists say it's unusual but not unprecedented this time of year after a week of warm weather. you want to lodge a 0 with me said the reminder of our top stories at least 2 people have been injured in iraq by a rocket targeting the headquarters of several foreign oil companies the rocket came down south of bannister the site where exxon mobil shell and other energy giants operate iraq's government says oil exports haven't been interrupted the an investigator is due to release her along the way to report into the murder of saudi journalists market should see in the next hour in early findings like this calmer said the killing inside the saudi consular in istanbul last october it was premeditated opposition politicians in hong kong are pushing for
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a vote of no confidence against the city's leader kerry lamb a day after she apologized for trying to rush through changes to the extradition law members of the legislative council are meeting for the 1st time since huge protests forced the government to suspend the bill demonstrators say they'll keep flooding the streets until the extradition changes are scrapped altogether and lam resigns. doldrum personally begun his 2020 presidential reelection campaign he launched a fiery attack on his political opponents and the media and to keep america great. we're going to keep it better than ever before. and that is why did i i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a 2nd. gunman have killed at least 41 people in separate attacks in central mali i think violence associated the area in recent months the victims were mostly ethnic docos hundreds of people from the
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dogan and fulani communities have been killed in fighting over land and water the un is demanding a thorough independent investigation into the death of egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi he never gained consciousness after collapsing on court on monday morsi was buried in cairo after the government refused to allow a funeral in his hometown despite a request from his family but mourners still gathered in more seats home province of shockey to pay their respects surrounded by security forces and you can follow all of those stories on our website sarah dot com more news with ali here in half an hour next on al-jazeera is risking it all afghanistan to stay with us. sri lanka's easter sunday bombings reverberated around the world with religious and ethnic tension rising one o one ace investigates in beit is the new front line in sri lanka on which is iraq .
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this year winter has come to this narrow strip and afghanistan. and there are concordia door the temperature is unseasonably cold minus 15 degrees celsius so so. the high g. and his drive out early winter can be a problem thanks and any moment heavy snow focus is not the only road through. the valley trusting them and their goods for several months. while they still want to know they wor where they could kind of get out let me go 1st to you. and just get off right.
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now 2nd or so i got to get my foot on the front. foot of to get a free. lunch a temperature of. 30 k. have some issue of china.


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