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an indian government has approved a contentious pipeline expansion project to deliver oil to the pacific coast for shipping overseas it sets the stage for a new legal battles with conservationists and indigenous people people ahead of elections later this year the pipeline was 1st supposed in 2016 but a judge ordered the government to take another look after a significant opposition the trans mountain pipeline has been in operation for more than 65 years we approved the twinning of that pipeline so running a single additional pipe alongside the one that's already there this project has the potential to create thousands of solid middle class jobs for canadians people in b.c. alberta and right across the country would have more opportunities to earn a good living. boris johnson is leading the race within the ruling conservative party to become britain's prime minister the pro breaks a terrorist promising to leave the e.u. in october come what may need for aka reports on the contenders later as t.v.
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debates raise our hands how if there isn't aren't you really like to ask who was at times a copy of voices and opinions but all of these contenders say they'll do well the outgoing prime minister fails to do deliver breaks it we got here we can hear you this is the 2nd t.v. debate between leadership hopefuls in 3 days. 5 m.p.'s made the latest cut to become britain's next prime minister after a 2nd vote by conservative m.p.'s on tuesday boris johnson $126.00 leading the pack by a large margin is arch greg city airports johnson really out of the limelight he was absent from the 1st t.v. debate on sunday preferring to make his debate debut against this pared down group of rivals we must come out on the 31st of october because otherwise i'm afraid we face a catastrophic loss of confidence in politics we've already kicked the can down the
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road twice and i think the british people are getting fairly fed up with johnson's promise to negotiate a new brics a deal with the e.u. but insists the u.k. will leave the bloc come what may on october 31st this uncompromising stances made him popular with those who want a clean break from brussels. 80 votes behind johnson is the foreign secretary jeremy hunt described as a continuity to reason may not leaving the e.u. he said could be the end of the conservative party but he advocates working with the e.u. to negotiate a good departure deal. environment secretary michael gove remains in 3rd place and in 4th international development secretary rory stewart has made surprising gains he's the only candidate rejecting a new deal breaks it or if you believe in those 31st of october if you're leaving no deal on the table please will someone tell me how you are going to do it against
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the consent of parliament there is a secret knockout ballot every day this week until thursday by then the hope is will know who the final contenders are it's then down to the members of the conservative party to make better choices for ballots only 4 weeks after that we have an idea of who the next prime minister will be whether that is will only have a massive impact on bracks it but on british politics going ahead for many months if not years to come. a successor to to resume a hasn't even been chosen but there's already talk about whether an early general election is likely to go as johnson's promise to take the country out of the e.u. without a deal has led to predictions of a slap election soon after the new prime minister takes office if it comes down to a crunch a vote many conservatives believe johnson's the only candidate that can avoid a crushing defeat in the polls that barca al-jazeera westminster. germany has been
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forced to rethink plans for a new highway toll after the top court ruled it would discriminate against foreign drivers outsiders face an annual fee of up to $145.00 while those with cars registered in germany get a tax reduction the european court of justice for all the toll would have reached us. climate experts have release an image showing the rapid ice melt in greenland with a sled dogs appearing to walk on water they were on their way to refer to trees trees measuring equipment in the north west so the island scientists say it's unusual but not unprecedented for this time of year. on the ball.
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time for sports has one hopefully thank you very much another day and yet another new signing has officially been presented ryle madrid this time it was a french sprint phone on monday to stand next to florentino perez the defender who is joint family of 4 for $54000000.00 as one of 5 players to arrive at madrid this summer a long wave ed and has a look at all that stored rigo and they had a 1000000 town looking to rebuild after a disappointing season which saw them finish with 90 trophies and finish 19 points behind league winners bosler. it's an honor to be at this club the greatest club in
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the world thank you to the president for your trust and thanks to the club come a madrid. we didn't. even need a strictly it is again a great day for this club we welcome a player who's been named the best left fullback in the french league for the last 2 seasons a man and a football player who knows what it's like to fight adversity to come gays dreams now we welcome ferland mendieta real madrid of problems for the his brazil at the america often go all the stronger with venezuela the home side actually had the ball in the net 3 times in salvador but on 2 of those occasions a video assistant referee of volcanoes venezuela's rescue controversy number one this is effort rolled out for offside even then with just 3 minutes to go fill a pick a team here looked like he'd got a late winner for the hard but once again the valar intervened this time roberto for me no a judge to have handled the ball in the no draw means brazil
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a draw in their follow game against peru to qualify for the water far. controversy but does any other gaming group play between 3 and believe you heard from him back from a goal down to win 31 at the american are in the level of 4 points of brazil we have an inferior goal difference. qatar getting ready for that 2nd game against colombia the agent cup champions have one point after a fantastic comeback from 2 goals down to draw with paraguayan current felix sanchez says the spirit in account is good. this group of players is very strong very united they've known each other for years and have a very clear goal to challenge the 2022 world cup and to represent qatar it's a very good level so the country can feel proud of them doing what they like and in a great competition they are enjoying the experience to improve to grow and to compete. r.k.
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writes all about the women's world cup now i know all about a great day only when staying in japan are doing battle to finish top of their grouping and leading at the moment i've already qualified for the knockout stage japan trial by 2 points because of their disappointed against underdogs argentina in their opening game. we still know them is the japan that one will cooks you know you said that they got their love inexperienced players but they've got a lot of players still who have won the world cup who have been to heinz who have won a lot of trophies you know there are a lot of world class players in and we know that and we have the most respect for japan but the former head of the european football michel platini insists he's done nothing wrong after lengthy questioning by french anticorruption investigators he was quizzed all day and finally emerged in the early hours of wednesday morning it's all part of the ongoing inquiry into the awarding of the 2022 world cup team he was head of u.i. for 18 years agone voted for qatar to host the tournament he was banned from
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football following the 2015 feet for corruption scandal. like this also that he still might come in the city to listen it was long but given the number of questions it could only be long they ask me questions on euro 2016 the russian world can't use the count of world cup perry st germain 3 for so lots and lots and lots of things so i replied to all of that as my lawyer said i don't know why i'm here but hey i replied to all the questions now with all of that on the horizon the world's top tennis players are continuing their preparations at grass courts automats walk across the u.k. the french open champion ashley barty won her 1st match since lifting her maiden grand slam title the australian beat down a vet each in straight sets at the earlier classic. is in the looking to go top of the cricket world cup table they'll do that if they beat south africa at edgbaston in south africa kerry batting 1st i won 16 over for
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40 arts. well the bus went on sorry will struggle to match what england captain morgan did on tuesday he fired $140.00 out of just $71.00 balls including 17 sixes as an individual record for a one day game and help england from afghanistan by 150 runs to take them top of the table. always been a setback for india with their opening batsman shikhar dhawan ruled out of the tournament he shrugged his thumb in the win against australia or thought of france champion thomas says he is all ok after crashing in the tour of switzerland the came down during tuesday's 4th stage and needed hospital treatment thomas pulled out of the race but he is cleared to defend his tour de france title next month and it comes just a few days after his fellow team chris froome suffered a season ending. starting with the injury theme or major league baseball star suffered a rather well on usual mishap during training and keeping our eye on the nationals
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batter much. clearly practice not always making perfect in this case he ended up with a broken nose for his trouble and it looks like he will this is things this guy who gets the philadelphia phillies that is or has bought that are more likely to follow a whole thank you very much for that and the paris air show is showing off all sorts of new technology including a successor to concorde supersonic passenger planes revolutionized air travel 50 years ago but breaking the sound barrier broke the bank natascha back on reports. blake szell is preparing to bring back supersonic flight to the aviation world at the paris air show his company launched a project for a plane the could fly twice the speed of sound 50 years after concorde was designed with wind tunnel slide rules and drafting paper we now have carbon fiber composite vacherot and amex and new engines that allow supersonic flight to be accessible to tens of millions of people and a way that's economically and environmentally sustainable the companies raised more
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than $100000000.00 to build a $55.00 c. to plane that aide says would be affordable and produce ciro carbon emissions they hope to have a prototype flying by 2020 it's not the only supersonic aircraft project a number of u.s. startups airlines and even nasa are in the race but commercial aviation has been hit before it's been more than 15 years since the british french concorde stopped flying it was a feat of engineering it could only fly over the sea it supersonic speeds though because of the very noisy sonic boom and despite his popularity it never broke even financially challenges all that the computer world has changed as concorde. environment restrictions noice thing around airports have a much stricter so how does that fit in on the other hand compensate structures materials see if the modeling engine technology they've all improved so this could
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be interesting to see how it turns out it's supersonic travel becomes a reality again the 7 and a half hour flight between paris new york would be hard and a new generation of people could experience travelling through the sky at breathtaking speed with al-jazeera paris. that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera do stay with us we've got plenty more world news coming after the break . monitored truck quantify i'm value missing data being the new car pull up on your data your identity is a commodity and you have to understand where i'm from when it come from ah so you think it's time to reclaim our cyber so should i have to put in them with something that can all be sold we are creators we are oculus we are rebel geeks give us back
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our data and i just see it up. across the united states indigenous families are searching for their loved ones for relatives of people who go missing finding closure is often impossible people are meeting here to raise money for the search efforts of the young woman advocates and family members have started to raise awareness about the high rates of violence that disproportionately impact indigenous communities most tribal police departments are understaffed and under resourced another factor is that tribes don't have jurisdiction over non-native americans for all crimes there but a lot of concerns that the federal agencies don't respond that they don't take these crimes seriously a lack of evidence is the main reason federal officials are declining to prosecute crimes on reservations that should be the end of the discussion. there should be then a ok let's see well i'm wrong in this case why the is no evidence or why the evidence
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isn't but nothing and make sure that doesn't happen again. coulter's beaten on polling stations still 12 european politicians on trial for their role in a referendum on catalan independence their political opponents in the prosecutor's seat for a case that traces crucial questions about democracy and self-determination. but is the outcome already decided by a hostile spanish state. the. justice or vengeance on. the exit of mr cashel he was a killing by the state u.n. investigators find saudi arabia responsible for measuring journalists. and says there is credible evidence linking kron prince mohammed bin solomon to the pie.
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you're watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for. the head 3 russians and ukrainians are charged with murder over the shooting down of m.h. 17 which killed almost $300.00 people. in iraq for the 1st state visit since the 1st gulf war at a time of rising tension in the region and a moment of silence in hong kong's legislature for the death of a protester as the city's leader carrier is facing a no confidence motion. the responsibility for the murder of saudi journalist jamal khashoggi is clear and an international investigation is needed
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a report released by un special rapporteur. describes the death inside the turkish consulate in istanbul last october as an extrajudicial killing for which saudi arabia is culpable she calls for further investigation of the individual responsibility of saudi officials at the highest level including crown prince mohammed bin salman the report also details taped conversations about body disposal in the moments before arrival at the consulate agnes connemara says the killing is an international crime with universal jurisdiction and she urges a criminal inquiry by the united nations i spoke exclusively to agnes connemara and asked her about what she heard on the audio recordings. the recordings needs to be interpreted they do not tell a very straightforward story. what was done to ease body i cannot deduct from the sounds i have heard i can infer from the sound that something was done
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based on the technique or. knowledge of the various people i have consulted it is well possible that mr cashel game was 1st put. first injected with something and then that he was actually asphyxiated weezer plastic bag this is the possibility the nature and the extent of the dismemberment of these bodied these i cannot comment upon its not possible allow me to add one thing when at his 1st as a recording is concerned that i have when mr cashel loses consciousness there is not even some of the people that are there in the room attempting to take care of him the 10000 to rescue him attempting to do something that to me points to the fact that the notion that there is an
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accident that the next event happened that doesn't quite match what i have heard there is nor tempt to to do something and there is no scream so or. any expression of of fear over what's happening do you think that there is anyone today who knows where the remains of jamal khashoggi are or yes absolutely and who think that people that were in the room the people that disposed of the body. do you know if they are there where 15 individuals involved in that mission. do you think the saudi leadership knows where the remains are i don't know i mean ninoy love between b. i will just make a guess sarah so i really don't want to argue to suggest this is not something i have tried to or determine ok you'll be presenting this column are this report i
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understand on june 26th to the u.n. human rights council which saudi arabia is a member of what do you think is going to happen what do you hope will happen now that you've released this report you know my report makes a friend of recommendations including to saudi arabia as a special rapporteur i am committed to establishing constructive relationship preserve the governments that i work with i have attempted to work with saudi arabia for the last 6 months they have not shown any interest in doing so or my reporting crowds around every commendations including with regard to the ongoing trial including with regard to said the saudi arabia should take to demonstrate non repetition which is a from them and tall dimension of their responsibilities given that they have established that the responsibility of the state is involved there is goal live to
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hashem side the saudi consulate in his son bor how are the turkish authorities viewing list reported by the un investigator hashem will this push them to now take the step of officially demanding an international investigation into the murder of tomorrow. one of the turkish government is pleased with the findings of the inquiry with the foreign minister. joshi over saying that his strongly endorsers the findings of the final report made by the special for sure and also the call for the perpetrators to be prosecuted remains to be see what would be the next step of the government but this is definitely going to provide them with more ammunition to push ahead for more pressure on the saudi government to deliver more details about what happened here. of this consulate in
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istanbul the whereabouts of the remains of the 6 and who gave the final order to kill. turkey has been saying that it has tried its best to cooperate with the turkish with the saudi government but then this saudi arabia was stalling the investigation undermining all sorts of 1st to try to find out more details about the murder was a hustle busy thank you hashem hashem mild paralyzed forests in istanbul in other world news arrest warrants have been issued for 4 suspects in the shooting down of malaysia airlines flight 17 that investigators say 3 russians and one ukrainian national are being charged with murder all 283 passengers and 15 crew were killed when m.h. 17 was shot down over eastern ukraine in july 24th teen it was flying over territory held by a russian backed on group step boss and has more from moscow. well it's quite
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a breakthrough nearly 5 years after the downing of age 17 on july 17th 2014 there are now names there are suspects there are international arrest warrants and there are there is a trial they march 9th 2020 the trial will start against these 4 suspects who are 3 russian former military former intelligence officers and one ukrainian national the 3 russians are believed to be in russia at the moment and the ukrainian is believed to be in ukraine there hasn't been any act extradition order because the russian and ukrainian constitution doesn't allow it but the investigators have said that they want to send. it meant to russia and to ukraine to make sure that the russian government hands over these individuals for questioning and also has ordered these individuals to come to the trial which will start in march 2020 but until now of course the russians have still denied any involvement in the downing
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of made shaphan teen which has of course caused so much loss 2 thirds of the passengers came from the nat'l and they were all mostly all on a holiday to southeast asia the fact that now 4 names have been named and also a trial date has means that is quite a relief for this relatives of the victims who have been waiting for such a long time for some kind of justice the investigators those are they don't expect any of the suspects to be there at the trial but they will still be tried in absentia. iran's defense minister has rejected allegations that tehran is behind the suspected attacks on 2 oil tankers in the gulf of oman last week i mean our tommy disputes a video released by the u.s. navy that it says link see iran to the incident america says a boat seen next to the tanker is iranian owned hatami says the boat was already there when iranian rescue is arrived at the scene and the u.s. navy says it on the cover tried men's. a mine used in the tanker explosions it says
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they are definitely brainy and the navy also released what it says is new video showing the damage caused by the explosions on the time. attack occurring on the more aggressive courageous was a result of the mindset of the linked in mind that was used does bear a striking resemblance to that which has been publicly displayed in the iranian military parades there are distinguishing features and i will let you know that explosive ordnance technicians explosive ordnance disposal technicians. in the u.s. service or all train to identify key identification features which was. indicate what type of ordnance were approaching. there is also jabari has the latest from tehran. for the 1st time publicly the rein in defense minister amir hatami has publicly accounted for what happened on the morning of june 13th in the gulf of oman he says that the version that's been provided to the international
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community by the united states government is not accurate based on the iranians account he said that quote we strongly reject the accusations against iran's armed forces about the tanker incidents and he also stressed that when the iranians arrived on scene system the sailors that were stranded on the vessel that the sailors on board told the rains that another boat was there before them so the iranian defense minister suggesting that there are a naval forces were not the 1st to arrive now meanwhile we've had a briefing from the u.s. naval forces central command in for gerri in the u.a.e. where they've held a briefing about what they found so far the americans about that incident as well they said that the mines that were used in this attack bear a striking resemblance to the uranium mines that have been publicly displayed in military parades now all this while the iranian president has stressed that the deadline for the negotiations for the european signatories of the nuclear agreement
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is fast approaching and they must come back to the iranians with a response because the current situation as it is now is only creating further instability in this region. still ahead on al-jazeera turkey's president hits out i believe gyptian government over the death of its former. we'll have a live reaction from the stumble plus. it's been more than 15 years. from paris to new york in less than 4 hours supersonic jets could be back. whilst quite a few provinces in china recover from recent flooding i think the next for the fall
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is going to be somewhere else to be honest you can't really tell from the cloud on satellite picture but from the forecast model the generation of rain to come is north has to shine.


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