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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2019 8:00am-8:34am +03

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what was a blatant attack on press freedom and the execution of a journalist who was only trying to do his job what about the pressure on the united states because all eyes now could be on the trump administration it's no secret really that the u.s. has prioritized security and economic interests in relations with saudi arabia do you expect anything substantial to come out of the at the white house and what can organizations like yours do to pressure the u.s. well i think you're right i don't expect a tremendous amount coming in the short term from the white house you're right and fact of the white house is looking more at security concerns but i think that there is an opportunity for members of congress to weigh in and they can then pressure the white house to act in this case because if the white house does that do anything the saudis would think that what they did was was normal and what they think what they did was justifiable it is it's incredibly important
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that everyone from even as high as the crown prince be held responsible for the execution of jamal conservate in fact i met jamal a few years ago and i still have his card so i think for jamal and certainly for what we've seen happening in saudi arabia with other journalists who have been arrested and still in prison i think something should be done so that they can be released and jamal his his death will not be in vain do you think this all has an impact on saudi arabia because the immediate response at least from of them to bear the saudi arabian minister of state for foreign affairs is kind of dismissive of the report saying it was full of baseless allegations and unclear contradictions. well it's not surprise what foreign minister said because you would expect him
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certainly speaking for the leadership of saudi arabia and and if you read the report and or follow reports from. istanbul from turkey and others saudi arabia clearly clearly violated international law and it's clear that they. they literally hacked mr could show you to death and that should not be allowed to stand the international community whether it's the u.s. congress or at some point u.s. administration should hold those responsible for what happened to mr. bush. to account for what for what happened in that consulate in istanbul john yearwood we thank you very much for joining us from florida well the u.s. state department says it's looking closely at the report and that it supports kalam
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mars mission to investigate extra judicial summary or arbitrary executions cassar has more from washington. well the statement from the u.s. state department that was just released said that the saudi government should continue to ascertain all the facts and hold those responsible for the murder accountable and that if additional facts come to light the u.s. will consider further measures what's left out of this though is the international of knowledge meant of this trial happening in saudi arabia as lacking transparency the 11 defendants are not even named and so it's unclear exactly how these additional facts would come to light and that has led to frustration which is a continuation of what members of congress have been expressing since the cia concluded that n.b.s. ordered the killing of jamal khashoggi senator lindsey graham who is a supporter of donald trump has broken with the president on this issue. well
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here's where i'm at a lot of this is classified i've been briefed by the agencies involved there's 0 doubt moment and this was orchestrated by the n.b.a.'s inner circle approved by him done with his knowledge and it's part of the way he does business. and in december senator graham was among those who pushed through a senate resolution that named m.b.'s as responsible for the killing of jamal khashoggi but as far as sanctions go no tangible consequences have been suffered by m.p.'s or saudi arabia over the killing of jamal khashoggi with trump so far still mum in response to the u.n. reports continuing with the defense of saudi arabia as an important u.s. ally and the relationship based on commerce and military strategy between the 2 nations too valuable in the view of the administration to jeopardize over the
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killing of this journalist. well the u.n. secretary general agrees there needs to be a full transparent investigation into these killing but his spokesman says the terrorist doesn't have the all 42 a long shot himself james may's has more from the un special rapporteur agnes kalama says she's not happy with the progress of the saudi investigation she says one of the best courses of action would be through the u.n. secretary general and tonio good terrorist to set up a criminal investigation that's not going to happen though just listen to his official spokes person the secretary general as we've been saying does not have the power or the authority to launch criminal investigations without a mandate from a competent into a governmental body. the special ruffle to is an eminent legal expert the secretary general is not a lawyer there are other lawyers who agree with her he has the power to do this what is i sing this is his no one doubts.
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credentials this is from our. this is the secretary its position this is the secretary general's basis based on what the legal advice can be see the legal advice if there is legal annoys you as you know whether in any institution advice between a secretary person's lawyer. and that person is not going to be shared this is. our position based on the charter the secretary general ban is basing his decision not to act on this the u.n. charter the governing document of this organization but nowhere in here does it say anything about his powers to set up investigations it's relevant not just in this case the secretary general has said there should be an investigation into the recent tanker attacks in the gulf but again he says he doesn't have the power to set one up to marshal ya looks at the sequence of events leading up to. the murder
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. eights months off to jamal khashoggi and to the saudi consulates in istanbul never to be seen again more chilling details of what's happened to the journalists have been revealed on wednesday the united nations special repertory tossed with investigating casualties murder released her reports in its quotes from recordings she heard firsthand provided by turkish intelligence extracts that are truly gruesome according to the reports on september 28th 4 days before she was murdered a security attache stationed at the consulates telephoned my head of the trip and advisor at the royal courts of qom prince mohammed bin salim on the trip the security official ji who visited the consulate earlier that day will indeed return on october 2nd yes we are all shocked we just spoke i said how are you there isn't anything official but it's known that he is one of the people salt later that same day the saudi consul general himself some of the tavi spoke to another individual
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known only as a head of state security called me and they have an assignment they need a person from your protocol for a special in a top secret mission the assignment is security related over the next 3 days at least 2 consular staff travel to riyadh to be briefed on the mission before returning back to resemble they were joined separately by the rest of the hit squad headed by my head of the trip according to the recordings and as reported by the u.n. official on tuesday october 2nd 2018 at one or 2 pm local time just minutes before she entered the consulate mr motorboats heard speaking to chief forensic dr. will it be possible to put the trunk in a bag. no 2 having to basically odds he hopes it will be an easy job joints will be separated it is not a problem the body is heavy 1st a cut on the ground if we take plastic bags and cut it into pieces it will be
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finished with a wrapped each of them leather bags according to the reports there is a reference made to cutting skin but no detail is given a few minutes pass and the trip is heard all skink has the sacrificial animal arrived a voice replies he's arrived at 1 15 pm as seen in c.c.t.v. footage she enters the consulates by himself after leaving his phones with his fiance who waits for him outside once inside he appears to have been met by someone he knows who he also about the whereabouts of the consul general whose office he's then taken to according to the recordings the conversation with jamal official she 1st focuses on his return to saudi arabia we will have to take you back there is an order from interpol interpol requested you be sent back we are coming to get you. there is no case against me i've notified some people outside and they're waiting for me the driver is waiting for me send a message to your son which son what should i say to my son you will type
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a message let's rehearse show us what should i say see you soon i can't say kidnapping cut it short take off your jacket how could this happen in an embassy i will not write anything cut it short i will not write anything type it mr jamal hurry up help us so that we can help you because at the end we will take you back to saudi arabia and if you don't help us you know what will happen at the end that this issue find a good end after this has shocked you notices a towel he asks are you going to give me drugs to which he is told he will be anesthetized what happens next are believed to be the last moments of jamal official she is life or at least his consciousness before his body is ultimately dismembered did he sleep someone is heard asking he raises his head says another voice keep pushing push here don't remove your hand push it is the order that's given the u.n. reports or seize fish or she could have been injected with
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a sedative and then suffocated using a plastic bag there was mention of a rope by the 15 man hit squad but it couldn't be established if one was used sounds of movement and heavy panting could be heard in the remainder of the recordings as well as the sound of past exceeds being used to rap turkish intelligence is that its recordings show that's a soul was used just minutes after at 1 39 pm but the u.n. special up or toronto delegation could not make out the sources of the sounds that they heard according to the reports only 45 minutes of audio recordings were made available to the un's investigator it's believed turkish intelligence has another 6 hours and 15 minutes of all your evidence that spans several days. last week crown prince mohammed bin some man who is widely believed to have given the order to kill jamal khashoggi stated that the case of the murdered journalist was now closed but 8 months on the world is still demanding on servers and seeking accountability with
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each new revelation about the bloody nature of how she was murdered is a reminder that the saudi crown prince cannot simply this story. plenty more ahead on the al-jazeera including a call for justice. put on trial over the death. for the 1st time in 14 years a chinese president will travel to north korea. in support new zealand sea off south africa biting finish at the cricket world cup peter has the action a little later. but 1st the emir of kuwait has made his 1st state visit to iraq since forces invaded the gulf state in 1900. visited baghdad is being seen as an attempt to
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tension in the gulf iraq has close ties with iran and the united states called for wisdom and reason to avoid any confrontation. reports from baghdad. kuwait's the mayor shifts. arrived in baghdad earlier on wednesday for his 1st state visit to iraq and he was greeted with great fanfare when he arrived at the airport he was received by it off the prime minister out of that i've been one of the he was subsequently taken to the palace he met with various officials here including it off the president but him saw to him now we knew before the visit took place that things that were going to be discussed were things such as the bilateral relationship between that off and kuwait also ways of trying to improve the relationship between both countries but clearly at the top of the agenda of things to be discussed was the rising regional tension and the tensions that are escalating also between the u.s. and iran there at all because felt increasingly squeezed between those 2 biggest
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allies iran and the united states and it off has really been at the epicenter of a flurry of diplomatic activity as of late in may you had u.s. secretary of state mike pompei all making a surprise visit to write off in which he discussed with officials the fact that america was claiming that american interests and personnel were under threat by iran also in the last few weeks you had a visit by the foreign minister of germany and the foreign minister of a month just in the last several days now in those visits you had been discussing also ways of trying to deescalate the tensions that are going on right now but of course with the arrival of the emir of kuwait who is considered to be one of the most highly respected diplomats in the region it was clear that at the top of the agenda what was going to be discussed most importantly was ways of trying to figure out how to deescalate these tensions between the u.s.
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and iran now by the time that the emir had left that not many details had trickled out we know that he met with these officials we know that it was discussed how to try to how to try to increase the trade relationship between both countries how to try to increase bilateral relationship also that it was a. us ways of trying to deescalate the tensions but as far as how they are going to try to do that how they're going to try to effect that we're just not sure yet but it is expected that in the days to come we will be getting more details about efforts by both kuwait and iraq to try to the escalate these mounting tensions meanwhile a top french diplomat emmanuelle has arrived in iran for talks of tension builds between washington and tehran they who has been pushing back against u.s. efforts to isolate iran and is trying to keep a 2050 nuclear deal alive and the u.s. special envoy to iran is heading to the gulf region brian hook will hold meetings in several countries including saudi arabia the united arab emirates and wait he'll
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be sharing intelligence on perceived threats from iran it follows the u.s. government's announcement that it's sending an extra $1000.00 troops to the middle east president trump and secretary pompei i have expressed very clearly our willingness to negotiate with iran when the time is right no one should be uncertain about our desire for peace or our readiness to normalize relations should we reach a comprehensive deal we have put the possibility of a much brighter future on the table for the iranian people hillary mann leverett is a former white house national security official and co-author of going to america must accept the islamic republic of iran she's joining us from washington d.c. thanks very much for being with us once again on the al-jazeera news saying ryan will be heading to the gulf what message will he be carrying to. well it's very interesting his initial intention for his trip to the gulf was to go to bahrain and
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neighboring countries as part of jared cushion great grand arab israeli peace plan but now that neither the israelis nor the palestinians have been invited to bahrain for this conference brian hooks agenda has changed somewhat the seriousness of his travel here in washington is it's not perceived very seriously brian hook is someone who is looked at as really a mouthpiece for the administration but not someone who actually speaks for the administration in fact last year when the french president will call and came for a visit to see president trump and to argue for the americans to stay in the iran nuclear deal president across such a trump you know we're making progress with brian hook on a number of issues dealing with iran so that the united states the u.s. grievances can be addressed and president trump it's almost a joke here in washington said well who is brian hook and why does he matter so why
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do you think he has been that shows and to take this trip on that only to the gulf but then he goes on to meets european allies of the u.s. . well i think even though he is not he himself is not perceived with great seriousness and he himself is not caring in my understanding anything of real substance there has been a decision from the very top from president trump from what i understand to keep this strategy very focused on iran that president trump doesn't see it quite right now to make the bigger better deal that he's promised but he does see it on the horizon and he wants to keep as much out there as possible and so that seems somewhat contradictory sometimes because it comes out in a very assertive aggressive militaristic rhetoric and even actions on the part of the united states but on the other hand you know you're now seeing many different messages from many different voices in the administration talking about having some
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sort of comprehensive deal with iran some grand bargain some kind of peaceful reconciliation yeah and it's just part of a strategy to keep as much out there as possible you know you raise a good point hilary because the reports coming out of the u.s. in fact seem to suggest that trump has in private at least he's pushing his representatives to walk back their tough talk on iran and and reiterate that the united states is not interested in any military confrontation with iran if that's true if these reports are true what do you make of the change in tone and particularly why now considering just a few days ago also the secretary of states said that everything was on the table when it comes to iran including military action. yes i mean president trump from from the very beginning from when he campaigned in 2016 has had 2 messages about iran one is that he thought that the deal that obama struck was terrible not
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because the deal itself was so bad that president obama really was so bad and that he trump was so such a great deal maker he could make such a bigger better deal and the way he was going to do that was to get extremely tough with iran extremely aggressive and militaristic but at the same time hold out more or more of a you know what what would be in it for iran there could be more business opportunity with the united states there could be normalization there could be a comprehensive deal things that president obama actually didn't even offer iran so you've had these 2 messages come out of president trump himself and he has tried to play his own advisors to use them when it's convenient you someone hard line like ambassador john bolton his national security adviser to really put forward a hardline approach or even might pompei who is also a hawk on iran but then he himself trump himself to come out with conciliatory tones and messages and so this strategy as i've seen it from 2016 has been pretty
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consistent remarkably for president trump to have people who can actually push a militaristic approach but then he trump himself can come in on his you know we would say on his white horse to save the day with his grand bargain and his great deal ok hillary mann leverett we thank you very much for joining us from washington . news hour. in the race to. prime minister. for the 1st time. a little later. hello there it's still rather unsettled for some of us across north america at the moment in the east it really has been very soggy over the past weeks and that has
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brought a fair amount of flooding the latest system is trying to put away from the east coast now but where we come down behind it there's still going to be plenty of heavy showers around so they could be more in the way of flooding this system will eventually clear away as we head through friday and then we'll have something of a break just a couple of showers around here but i think the weather will go downhill again as we head through saturday and into sunday further west is looking largely drawing for many of us here seattle will also be fairly warm with a top temperature of $21.00 degrees a bit further towards the south we've got plenty of showers as usual through parts of mexico and all the way down through costa rica and panama we're also expecting quite a few showers over his band yoda and there could be a few showers for the east as well for some of the smaller islands including forus in simonton a bit further towards the south of course there's been a lot of heavy rain for some of us in argentina and through year ago i recently but all of that has now created a way instead of just getting quite chilly for someone as always with
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a top temperature just of 13 degrees but it is warm up towards the west santiago even with a bit of cloud should get to 18 degrees for the temperatures will dip for friday. after decades of being programmed with instructions data from greek computers and now now on their own identifying pumpkins and predicting human behavior. artificial intelligence could monitor ombudsman. and decide which are the big picture. of the world according to a i think exposes the bias inside the machine to on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks local communities here importing are very frustrated because the. services with coverage. of the people who.
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say this struggling to make ends meet and just wants a better life from around the world has been offered to those who read. those. rights if you are a war crime. stories on the al-jazeera news hour. with saudi arabia. a report calls for. the responsibility of saudi officials. including. saudi arabia.
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to the report. baseless allegations. the u.s. special envoy to iran is heading to the gulf. between washington and. intelligence with several countries including saudi arabia. iran. yemen's houthi rebels say they fire crews most all out of power station in saudi arabia province there's been no confirmation from riyadh it's the latest in a series of strikes by the whole of these on saudi cities in the past 2 weeks they've warned they'll keep up their attacks in retaliation for the kingdom's actions inside yemen. turkey's president says egypt's only democratically elected president mohamed morsy was killed. once the egyptian government to face an international court over most of these death the former president died in
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a cairo court during a hearing on espionage charges earlier this week rights groups say his poor treatment in prison contributed to his death international arrest warrants have been issued for 4 man charged with murdering $298.00 people aboard malaysia airlines flight m.h. 17 a trial will be held next year in the netherlands but it's unlikely any of the suspects will be there subclass the reports nearly 5 years after flight m h 70 was brought down there are suspects arrest warrants and a trial date much to do relief of the relatives of those who died it was feared it was going to be impossible to bring anyone to justice as the plane came down in the war zone in eastern ukraine where investigators couldn't access the crash site. the 3 russian suspects sergey dubin ski eagle get in and pull out of all retired russian military and intelligence officers who investigators say had high ranking
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positions in the separatist army in eastern ukraine grades one of the forgotten for votes for the following suspects are prosecuted for causing the crash of a match 17 leading to the death of all people on board punishable under section 168 of the dutch criminal code and 2nd murdering 298 passengers of flight m.h. 70. investigators say they won't ask for extradition because the constitution in russia and ukraine doesn't allow that but it will request both governments to hand over the summons to the suspects to go get in one of the suspects denies any involvement and says he won't testify in court immediately after his name and the names of 3 artists were released in the netherlands state media here in russia called the findings nonsense russia has always denied any involvement in downing the plane despite investigators finding that the book anti aircraft missile came
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from the 53rd and the pair mark misaki gate based in force in the west of russia. the downing of age 17 was the most deadly single incident in the war between ukrainian government forces and russian backed separatists which still continues to this day up to 298 people on board 196 came from the netherlands many of them going on a holiday in southeast asia least ceiling frédéric hawks on through seoul and greece and his girlfriend daisy were on board says she is relieved that someone is being held accountable it's a start i'm not i'm satisfied with today your wish to claim someone personally so you misapply to. the nat'l ns has taken diplomatic measures again. russia for not helping with the investigation i think is his custom they deny everything they don't cooperate nothing investigators say their next step is to find the chain of
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command of those who ordered the book mistrial to be moved into eastern ukraine from russia they are not optimistic any of the suspects will it turn to trial in march next year step fasten al-jazeera. 3 men have been found guilty of an armed. university and 2015 the men were convicted of conspiracy to commit the attack longing to somali based on group al-shabaab afghan soil has more. this is a case that many kenyans have been closely watching for several years the attack on a university in greece a northeastern kenya in 2015 shots many 149 people mostly students were killed when 4 gunmen stormed in at dawn indiscriminately shooting in and attack the 2 hours to contain officials have called it one of the country's worst terrorist acts that duncan started shooting from outside then stormed into the room and short
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of them for 2 hours chief magistrate francis and i recounted the evidence that was presented to him by the prosecution the students were non-printing with some screaming and harrowing testimonies from those who survived. 3 of the defendants chose to take a plea of silence and i'm satisfied and to find the 1st 2nd and 5th accused persons who were members of the group whose members carried out of the attack up one of the reason was to call in sick and to reprove 2015. sahal d.d. hussein was high of acquitted with a magistrate finding no clear connection between him the 3 quark used and the 4 gunmen who were killed at the university and carissa it's been a lengthy trial and in the judgement that lasted 2 hours the chief magistrate concluded that the prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt to 3 of the accused are guilty sentencing date has been set for next month and the prosecutors are saying they're going to seek for the maximum penalty which is life imprisonment
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but some of the survivors we spoke to say that all this still doesn't give them much peace i have 2 children but university a son and i don't talk about the son iraq yesterday subway. was by the grace of god i didn't use the 2 of them. and what happened their son called the very area at 5 30 in the morning and he told me mom pray for last time you started putting all bow to software you couldn't count on because i spotted claiming some kenyans have accused the government of failing to protect the students even after receiving intelligence reports ahead of the incident and taking too long to bring in an elite squads to contain the situation for good we had our entire military machinery or armored personnel carriers on or punks and everything else around the place and we had the saying give us the girls with. this ruling is significant it's
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a fast involving a major incident of this type in the country and set a precedence to other such cases including one where gunmen attacked a hotel complex in r o b in january killing 21 people catherine saw al-jazeera nairobi. 17 people have been killed and. so province the defense minister says an armed group carried out an attack on the village of bel air heads overnight on tuesday he says the group targeted civilians. for the 1st time in more than a decade china's president will travel to north korea for a state visit she jumping will arrive on thursday just days before his planned meeting with the u.s. president donald trump adrian brown has more from beijing. president xi jinping has spent part of this month in the company of leaders keen to toast friendship with him among them russia's president vladimir putin who feted she with
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a surprise birthday party when he turned 66 last week and she can be assured of another warm reception in north korea he's been once before in 2008 when he was a vice president but this will be the 1st visit by a chinese head of state in 14 years and it will provide one important message says this analyst i personally don't think the united states or president trump can achieve any meaningful thing involving the denuclearization issue on the korean peninsula we doubt major contribution by china. as china's relations with the united states worsen due to their continuing trade war she's forging new alliances with other leaders who've fallen out with the u.s. president she has met the north korean leader kim jong un 4 times in the past 15 months the last occasion in january shortly before kim summit in hanoi with donald trump.


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