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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2019 11:00am-11:34am +03

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there needs to be a full transparent investigation into these killing but a spokesman says terrorists doesn't have the author already to launch it himself james bays has more from the united nations special rapporteur agnes kalama says she's not happy with the progress of the saudi investigation she says one of the best courses of action would be through the u.n. secretary general and tonio get terrorists to set up a criminal investigation that's not going to happen just listen to his official spokes person the secretary general as we've been saying does not have the power or the authority to launch criminal investigations without a mandate from a competent into a governmental body. the special rough water is an eminent legal expert the secretary general is not a lawyer there are other lawyers who agree with her he has the power to do this what is i sing this is his no one doubts.
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credentials this is from our. this is the secretary its position this is the secretary general's basis based on what the legal advice can be see the legal advice if there is legal annoys you as you know whether in any institution advice between a secretary person's lawyer. and that person is not going to be shared this is our position based on the charter the secretary general ban is basing his decision not to act on this the u.n. charter the governing document of this organization but nowhere in here does it say anything about his powers to set up investigations it's relevant not just in this case the secretary general has said there should be an investigation into the recent tanker attacks in the gulf but again he says he doesn't have the power to set one up. looks at the sequence of events leading up to. murder. 8 months off to jamal khashoggi entered the saudi consulates in istanbul never to
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be seen again more chilling details of what's happened to the journalists have been revealed on wednesday the united nations special repertory tossed with investigating casualties murder released her reports in its quotes from recordings she heard 1st hand provided by turkish intelligence extracts that are truly gruesome according to the reports on september 28th 4 days before she was murdered a security attache stationed other consulates telephoned my home a trip and adviser at the royal courts of qom prince mohammed bin salim on. the security official ji who visited the consulate earlier that they will indeed return on october 2nd yes we are all shocked we just spoke i said how are you there isn't anything official but it's known that he is one of the people salt later that same day the saudi consul general himself some of the tavi spoke to another individual known only as a head of state security called me and they have an assignment they need
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a person from your protocol for a special and a top secret mission the assignment is security related over the next 3 days at least 2 consular staff travel to riyadh to be briefed on the mission before returning back to resemble they were joined separately by the rest of the hit squad headed by my head of the trip according to the recordings and as reported by the u.n. official on tuesday october 2nd 2018 at one or 2 pm local time just minutes before she entered the consulate mr motorboats heard speaking to chief forensic dr. will it be possible to put the trunk in a bag. no 2 having to basically odds he hopes it will be an easy job joints will be separated it is not a problem the body is heavy 1st i cut on the ground if we take plastic bags and cut it into pieces it will be finished we wrapped each of them leather bags according
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to the reports there is a reference made to cutting skin but no detail is given a few minutes pass and the trip is heard all skink has the sacrificial animal arrived a voice replies he's arrived at 1 15 pm as seen in c.c.t.v. footage she enters the consulate's by himself after leaving his phones with his fiance who waits for him outside once inside he appears to have been met by someone he knows who he also about the whereabouts of the consul general whose office he's then taken to according to the recordings the conversation with jamal official she 1st focuses on his return to saudi arabia we will have to take you back there is an order from interpol interpol requested you be sent back we are coming to get you. there is no case against me i've notified some people outside and they're waiting for me the driver is waiting for me send a message to your son which son what should i say to my son you will type a message let's rehearse show us what should i say see you soon i can't say
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kidnapping cut it short take off your jacket how could this happen in an embassy i will not write anything cut it short i will not write anything type it mr jamal hurry up help us so that we can help you because at the end we will take you back to saudi arabia and if you don't help us you know what will happen at the end that this issue find a good end after this has shocked you notices a towel he asks are you going to give me drugs to which he is told he will be anesthetized what happens next are believed to be the last moments of jamal official she's life or at least his consciousness before his body is ultimately dismembered did he sleep someone is heard asking he raises his head says another voice keep pushing push here don't remove your hand push it is the order that's given the u.n. reports or seize fish or she could have been injected with a sedative and then suffocated using a plastic bag there was mention of
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a rope by the 15 man hit squad but it couldn't be established if one was used sounds of movement and heavy panting could be heard in the remainder of the recordings as well as the sound of past exceeds being used to rap turkish intelligence is that it's recording show that's a soul was used just minutes after at 1 39 pm but the un special rapporteur on to the legation could not make out the sources of the sounds that they heard according to the reports only 45 minutes of audio recordings were made available to the un's investigator it's believed turkish intelligence has another 6 hours and 15 minutes or your evidence that spans several days. last week crown prince mohammed bin some man who is widely believed to have given the order to kill jamal khashoggi stated that the case of the murdered journalist was now closed but 8 months on the world is still demanding on servers and seeking accountability with each new revelation about the bloody nature of how she was murdered is
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a reminder that the saudi crown prince cannot simply this story. including. university attack of 2015. drawing their way to a brighter future how art is being used to help underprivileged children in india. in sport new zealand see off south africa and. the cricket world cup has the action a little later. the 1st chinese leaders on his way to north korea the 1st visit by a chinese president in 14 years he'll be holding talks with kim jong il the leaders are expected to focus on denuclearization as well as economic issues. from beijing
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so the 1st trip since 2005 what more can you tell us about why she is visiting north korea now. well yes this is a visit all about timing isn't it president xi jinping who became leader of this country more than 6 years ago has waited until now to make a visit to the north korean capital of course is to predisposes hu jintao and jiang zemin both made visits to north korea china of course is extremely important to north korea because north korea receives just about everything it needs for its survival from china president xi jinping is a man who's been traveling a lot for a lot in june he was in russia last week with president vladimir putin now he's gone about to sit down and have face to face talks with the north korean leader and then of course a week from now he'll leave he'll be meeting president donald trump on the sidelines of the g. 20 summit in osaka president xi jinping is in north korea really for 2 reasons he's
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concerned that the talks over the north's nuclear program remain stalled he also wants to discuss economic issues and i think his message to the north korean leader is going to be this give up your nuclear arsenal and we can help you develop your economy this is going to be a visit that is going to be playing very big on state t.v. here in china already we've been seeing pictures of the streets of pyongyang festooned with the chinese and north korean flags and this is also being called a state visit that's important because it makes north korea feel like a real country but let's find out more about what lies ahead for the chinese leader in north korea. president xi jinping has spent part of this month in the company of leaders keen to toast friendship with him among them russia's president vladimir putin who feted she with a surprise birthday party when he turned 66 last week and she can be assured of
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another warm reception in north korea he's been once before in 2008 when he was a vice president but this will be the 1st visit by a chinese head of state in 14 years and it will provide one important message says this analyst i personally don't think the united states or president trump can achieve any meaningful thing involving the denuclearization issue on the korean peninsula we doubt. major contribution by china. as china's relations with the united states worsen juta their continuing trade war she's forging new alliances with other leaders who've fallen out with the u.s. president she has met the north korean leader kim jong un 4 times in the past 15 months the last occasion in january shortly before kim's summit in hanoi with donald trump where they failed to agree on a nuclear disarmament deal a few weeks later trade talks between u.s.
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and chinese negotiators broke down president xi is confronting a number of urgent problems right now street protests in hong kong the unresolved trade dispute with the united states and the stalled nuclear diplomacy on the korean peninsula it is likely to be the latter that will feature prominently in his discussions in pyongyang. commentators say china's leader is worried the stalemate is creating a dangerous vacuum china does not want this thing to escalate and happen our nuclear arms race throughout asia that would be extremely dangerous for the area and also for the world. if she is able to help revive the nuclear disarmament talks that might be enough to buy him some goodwill in his shed your meeting with president trump next weekend but analysts warn if those talks falter then china could decide to soften the united nations sanctions it's been enforcing
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against its neighbor. china and north korea remain allies with a long history for weeks now chinese state t.v. has been glorifying china's role in the korean war when the people's liberation army fought on the north side against u.s. forces in a war that started almost 70 years ago. well daryn there's another reason why this visit is happening now because this is the 70th anniversary of the founding of diplomatic relations between china and north korea and of course a year after that chinese forces joined north korean soldiers in fighting the united states on the korean peninsula we heard another reminder really of why china wants to prevent north korea being squeezed any more economically both russia and china are planning to block a new effort by the u.n. security council to sanction north korea for apparently breaching more sanctions in
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this case the petroleum it receives from russia and china all right adrian thank you for that update from beijing let's take the song with mason ritchie he's a professor of international relations at hancock university foreign studies he's joining us from seoul hi there mason good to have you with us on al-jazeera so ahead of his visit she jumping penned a rare extremely rare front page opinion piece in north korea's official newspaper talking about the 2 countries irreplaceable bonded he also offered a grand plan for regional stability is he calls what do you read into that it's. well in the 1st place i think that china is very interested in restoring relations with north korea they've not been very good shape for the last couple of years so the visit by she to north korea. a long article in the notion moon is i think an example of you beginning to take the steps and in the 2nd
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place obviously they are very interested in beijing in a successful conclusion to denuclearization negotiations they are concerned about the fact that they are stalled out and they are concerned that if they continue to stall and eventually we see a diplomatic break down the there will be a return to 2017 style tensions which is the opposite of the regional stability that china would like to see so i think we can imagine she will be pushing kim to take a positive approach to deeper ization negotiations with the u.s. to make an offer through working level or summit level negotiations that. would be an offer that the u.s. could consider. her a little bit like what happens in north korea would she be looking to take that information and pass it on to donald trump ahead of their expected meeting at the
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g. 20 summit in japan next week. yeah i would expect actually that there will be some messaging that will come from she to trump. about what it is that she and kim discuss i think the whole be taking kim's temperature a little bit and we will be willing to pass that information on to trump you know he has his own agenda there too obviously you know he wants to perhaps spin this in a way that will also redound positively to the u.s. china trade war and china's position in that but i think we can expect that you know he will take some of the information from his meetings with him and pass it on to trump or indeed yes i think that's the case ok we thank you very much for speaking to us from seoul still had on the al-jazeera news hour of lot of as well as opposition leader as some of his representatives are accused of corruption. and in sport the tennis wins class for the 1st time will tell you who came out on top
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of. the wedding sponsored by qatar. hello there we're still seeing a lot of heavy downpours every parts of china the rains are usually at this time of year but they have been particularly heavy over the southeastern corner you can see yet more showers which have been with us just over the past 12 hours but i think for the next couple of days it's going to be further north where we see the wettest of the weather around shanghai and all the way towards the west towards chengdu i think that's where we're going to see the heaviest downpours and with is now the risk of seeing more in the way of flooding a bit further towards the south and for many of us here there's some sunshine and some showers most of those showers are in the western parts of our map here over parts of sumatra and stretching all the way up towards me and ma and me and ma is
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still seeing some heavy rain it has been raining very heavily here over the past few weeks and the rains here have to be causing us a few problems by now but further towards the north and we've been watching quite a few showers over parts of north western india thanks to the remains of a cycle and this still giving us one or 2 showers at the moment but i think for the next few days it's going to be further south where we see the west the weather so across that western coast and also around the eastern coast i think we'll see some shop showers here as well another place it's looking rather soggy as across parts of bangladesh but at the moment the monsoon is strangely quiet. the weather sponsored by the time ways capturing a moment in time. snapshots of our lives. other stories. providing attempts into someone else's work.
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top stories on al-jazeera. an extrajudicial killing for which saudi arabia is responsible a report calls for an international investigation into the responsibility of saudi officials. including. saudi arabia's minister of state for foreign affairs has rejected the report. as it's full of baseless allegations on contradictions. xi jinping is on his way to north korea the 1st visit by a chinese president in 14 years holding talks with. the leaders are expected to focus on. as well as economic issues. international arrest warrants have been issued for 4 months charged with murdering $298.00 people aboard malaysia airlines flight m.h. 17
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a trial will be held next year in the netherlands but it's unlikely any of the suspects will be there stuff reports. nearly 5 years after flight m h 17 was brought down there are suspects arrest warrants and a trial date much to the relief of the relatives of those who died it was fear that was going to be impossible to bring anyone to justice as the plane came down in a war zone in eastern ukraine where investigators couldn't access the crash site. the 3 russian suspects sergey dubin ski eagle get in and pull out of all retired russian military and intelligence officers who investigators say had high ranking positions in the separatist army in eastern ukraine. one of the forgotten for votes for the following suspects are prosecuted for causing the crash of a match 17 leading to the death of all people on board punishable under section 168 of the dutch criminal code and 2nd murdering 298 passengers of flight m.h.
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70. investigators say they won't ask for extradition because the constitution in russia and ukraine doesn't allow that but it will request both governments to hand over the summons to the suspects to go get in one of the suspects the nice and the enforcement and sas who won't testify in court immediately after his name and the names of 3 artists were released in the netherlands state media here in russia told the findings nonsense russia has always denied any involvement in downing the plane despite investigators finding that the folks anti aircraft missile came from the 53rd and here mark my salary gate base in force in the west of russia. the downing of age 17 was the most deadly single incident in the war between ukrainian government forces and russian backed separatists which still continues to this day
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up to 298 people on board 196 came from the netherlands many of them going on a holiday in southeast asia at least sealing frédéric hawks on through seoul and greece and his girlfriend daisy were on board says she is relieved that someone is being held accountable it's a start but here i am and i'm satisfied just today you're listening to blame someone personally so you mysa put it on the nat'l and has taken diplomatic measures again. it's russia for not helping with the investigation i think it's discussed they deny everything they don't cooperate nothing investigators say did next step is to find a change of command of those who ordered the book mistrial to be moved into eastern ukraine from russia they are not optimistic any of the suspects will it turn to trial in march next year step fasten al jazeera moscow yemen's houthi rebels say they fired a cruise missile at
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a power station in saudi arabia province there's been no confirmation from riyadh it's the latest in a series of strikes by the hopis on saudi cities in the past 2 weeks they've warned they'll keep up their attacks in retaliation for the kingdom's actions inside yemen where senators will hold a number of votes end up walking the sale of weapons to saudi arabia later on thursday democrat bob menendez launched the move after president arnold trump's emergency declaration aimed at approving the sails without congressional approval there will also be votes on separate proposals to hold saudi arabia accountable for human rights violations including the murder of john. a top french diplomat emanuel born has arrived in iran for talks as tension builds between washington and tehran. has been pushing back against u.s. efforts to isolate iran and is trying to keep a 2050 nuclear deal alive and the u.s. special envoy to iran is heading to the gulf region ryan herco hold meetings in
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several countries including saudi arabia the united arab emirates and kuwait will share intelligence on perceived threats from iran the u.s. government's already announced that sending an extra $1000.00 troops to the middle east president trump and secretary pompei i have expressed very clearly our willingness to negotiate with iran when the time is right. no one should be uncertain about our desire for peace or our readiness to normalize relations should we reach a comprehensive deal we have put the possibility of a much brighter future on the table for the iranian people hilary my lover it is a former white house national security official she says donald trump appears convinced his tough line on iran could yield positive results president trump from from the very beginning from when he campaigned in 2016 has had 2 messages about iran one is that he thought that the deal that obama struck was terrible not
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because the deal itself was so bad that president obama really was so bad and that he trump was so such a great deal maker he could make such a bigger better deal and the way he was going to do that was to get extremely tough with iran extremely aggressive and militaristic but at the same time hold out more and more of a you know what what would be in it for iran there could be more business opportunity with the united states there could be normalization there could be a comprehensive deal things that president obama actually didn't even offer iran so you've had these 2 messages come out of president trump himself and he has tried to play his own advisers to use them when it's convenient use someone hard line like ambassador john bolton his national security adviser to really put forward a hard line approach or even mike pompei who's also a hawk on iran turkey as president it's only democratically elected president mohamed morsi who was killed to tell you bird on once the egyptian government to
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face an international court over more says death the former president died in a cairo whoring the hearing on espionage charges earlier this week rights groups say his poor treatment in prison contributed to his death. so dawn's relatives protest leaders to return to negotiations without preconditions protesters have rejected that call a nighttime demonstrations demanding civilian rule are continuing across the country to reports. the familiar chant to protest is fill the night once again signaling that's a dance revolution is far from over yet young women and men are making they really known to the military gentile god. they think the ruling generals are not serious about handing over power to civilians why did we have the
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revolution we had the revolution to have a civilian government we will now go back to revolution now the youth are out to change that change the government to have a civilian government the military took over the revolution and the blood of martyrs was wasted therefore we are out here to change that and god willing the military will fall. the protesters have little trust in the military leadership. up to this month's violent crackdown led by a paramilitary group known as rapid support forces dozens of unarmed people were killed hundreds injured and many others alleged sexual assault but sudan's military chantelle wants negotiations to resume that is are worth nearly one now we are removing our call to all political forces and the forces of the declaration of freedom and change and we are saying to them come there is no need to put preconditions for dialogue there is no need to prolong the people suffering there is no government working now in the citizens have been affected a lot in our foreign policy harmed by the lack of government we cannot afford to
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remain without a government any more we do not want things out of control a new could be carried out because of the country's impasse. protest leaders have rejected that call and i demanding accountability and lifting of restrictions. it's. too big. a step forward. to order. meanwhile the african union which is suspended sudan's membership following the june 3rd crackdown is meeting in addison to figure out a way to end the impasse while those diplomatic efforts continue behind closed doors on the streets a major internet blackout and a media protest is keep the pressure on. 3 men
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have been found guilty of carrying out an armed siege on her wrists a university in kenya and 2015 men were charged with conspiracy to commit the attack on belonging to the somali based arm group al-shabaab 2 others were acquitted 148 people mostly students were killed in the attack gunmen opened fire indiscriminately before freeing some muslim students killing others identified as christians 17 people have been killed in burkina faso as soon province the defense minister says an armed group carried out an attack on the village of belly heads overnight on tuesday he says the group targeted civilians a military operation is now under way to secure the area the un human rights chief has a right to vote as well as capital for a 3 day visit as part of her review of the country's ongoing crisis. will meet with president nicolas maduro and opposition leader hijo enduros government released
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dozens of political prisoners ahead of her arrival and allowed a 2nd shipment of aid to be delivered by those supporters who are calling for peaceful protests on friday. there was under growing scrutiny with some of his envoys on the colombian border facing corruption allegations they're accused of stealing funds meant to help military defectors living in colombia. he reports near the run as well and border. more than 1400 members of venezuela's armed forces have fled to colombia this year. heeding the call of opposition leader. to turn their backs on president nicolas maduro. at a time when dog praise their decision is now a way those representatives are being accused of stealing funds intended to help them from crack as way they are called for an investigation. we will not allow any
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mismanagement to tarnish what has been if it have all been aswat little's that's why we immediately sent the information gathered by my ambassador to colombia as attorney general's office to give a thorough explain nation to the country where those ambassador in colombia took their own promptly met with colombia's attorney general requesting a formal investigation. of him as well as governmental tory t's were quick to take advantage of the mishap accusing why daughter of being behind the corruption scheme . his representatives are materially responsible but quite do is the mastermind of the alleged theft is a blow to the opposition that is frequently accused of large scale corruption one of the causes they say for the economic and humanitarian crisis is their business well as endured for years most of the factors have been sheltered tells in the border city of at a cost of more than $10000.00 u.s. dollars per day the bill was split between the united nations and the venezuelan
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opposition which was repeatedly laid to pay in times getting the factors thrown out on the streets i. these defectors were evicted this week from this shelter for protesting for not receiving enough food. but we've been in the situation for almost 5 months now we are not simple migrants we are soldiers he chose the right side of history and we call about the president and we can't be treated this way even if our situation is not as bad as what's happening to the people inside a business where. the scandal comes more than 4 months after one proclaimed himself interim president of venezuela but his efforts to topple so far failed in the current standstill and he tarnished to his movements image could further weaken his chances to achieve a transition in this crisis stricken country in the run. brazil's
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justice minister has appeared before a senate committee to defend himself against accusations he acted unethically while overseeing a major corruption investigation serger morrow is facing calls to resign after a leaked messages allegedly allegedly showed him guiding prosecutors in a case against former president and. he was convicted of bribery last year more denies any improper conduct. what we see here in fact is some sort of criminal invasion from an organized group whose goals are to attack court sentences related to corruption and money laundering or perhaps to create obstacles to investigations taking place investigations that could hurt powerful people or maybe it's just an attack against brazilian institutions the u.s. president's nomination to become washington's new ambassador to the u.n. is facing some tough questions.


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